Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 9 Friday Night Highlights

Christine Brecht on Big Brother 16
Christine Brecht on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Friday night offered up the Big Brother 16 nominations and a lot of Donny bashing. Christine hates Donny on a personal level and thinks him evil while Cody can’t wait to physically attack Donny in the Jury house. It’s a great bunch in there!

Booze did find its way in to the house the night before a critical competition as we await the Power of Veto results coming up on Saturday. From the talks we’re hearing there could be a shift, but only if Derrick allows his student to make it. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 22, 2014:

3:52 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Nomination Ceremony. Nicole and Donny are up for eviction.

4:15 PM BBT – HGs are cooking. Frankie tells HGs that he has large testicles, the size of lemons. Frankie takes them out and shows Cody. He says one time it was a medical condition, but he went to the doctor for it.

4:50 PM BBT – Caleb and Derrick discuss super-genius Donny. Caleb says Donny has a very high IQ and theorizes on Donny’s time in the military. (Donny was not in the military.)

5:35 PM BBT – Victoria says she is in a lot of pain for her tooth issue and wants painkillers, but DR has not provided her with any.

7:55 PM BBT – Donny talks to Derrick about his chances of staying. He’s hoping for ideas on how to survive the next eviction. Donny pointing out how Nicole has won HoH several times and even went after Frankie.

8:25 PM BBT – Cody is asking Derrick about the possibility of putting Frankie up if Donny comes down with the Veto. “Big boy moves!” says Derrick in response. Derrick is trying to talk Cody down from the idea, but does say Nicole is more of a social threat than Donny. I think we all know that if Derrick doesn’t okay an idea then Cody will not do it.

10:20 PM BBT – Booze delivery. The HGs receive 2 bottles of wine and a six-pack. The night before a Veto comp? Hmm. Only Cody, Christine, and Victoria get in to the booze.

11:55 PM BBT – HGs noting how swollen Victoria’s face is from her tooth issue. She still has not seen a doctor.

12:15 AM BBT – Cody says he’d vote for Victoria over Donny in a F2 and that he’d put Donny in a choke hold if they’re in the Jury house together.

2:00 AM BBT – HGs discussing what might happen if Victoria has to leave due to her tooth. They think that’d be good for them if she just left and was out of the game.

2:10 AM BBT – Christine saying how much she hates Donny on a personal level and considers him evil. Caleb counters that Donny has played well and won comps.

3:00 AM BBT – Christine, continuing her hate session about Donny, says she’s excited to leave a very nasty goodbye message. She’s relieved that the returning player angle is over so they don’t have to hold back in their goodbye messages. I’m not sure if Christine understands how a Jury Vote works.

I guess the HGs get pretty bored in there, but burning that energy by being so nasty seems like a waste of energy. Maybe Christine will feel better once she gets to Jury. As for Cody’s considerations to renom’ing Frankie, I’d be shocked if it gets too far, but we shall see!

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    • She must be such an unhappy person to be so vile. People who are content with themselves don’t take such pleasure in being so hateful.

      • That’s true, crappy unhappy people shows through their personality! A genuine good person inside doesn’t turn ugly because of a game stragedy

      • Even when she giggles, it doesn’t seem to come from inside. Have you ever heard her “happy laugh”? Most people have a happy laugh. I agree that she is not content with herself and what we are seeing is a darkness, emptiness inside her.

      • She doesn’t appear to care about anyone but herself. Heaven knows, she certainly doesn’t care about her husband.

      • She doesn’t care about her husband, her marriage, her reputation, her “church” or her best friend outside the house, her Pastor’s wife. She made that clear when she announced that her Pastor’s wife shaved her private areas. That was so uncalled for. She is vile. She’s made a fool of herself on national tv. I cannot wait to see her face when Cody votes her out of the house.

    • And she is so worried about what her pastor thinks of her actions w Cody and comments from zingbot. And what did Donny do to Cody? Really? These two. Threatening a choke hold?

      • I think her pastor will be sitting her down when she gets out of there and having to explain to her what it means to be a good Christian before she understands what her pastor really thinks of her

      • Hell after the behavior this rat faced floozy has exhibited all summer the b*tch should be excommunicated!

      • Personally, I think Christine and Cody make last seasons McCranda look like America’s Sweethearts. At least McCranda had game, neither were married and wouldn’t hate on people for no reason.

        McCrae was actually a pretty likeable guy imo, just Amanda…uck. The way Cody’s behavior has changed after dry humping Christine, just goes to show you how the kid is easily influenced. I don’t think Derrick wants Cody ousting Frankie this week if Donny gets Veto. Derrick would know his choir boy would then made a big move, hurting his chances of winning in F2 with him. Derrick would certainly take Vic to the end then.

      • Pastors are people, too. While they can teach, preach and counsel others, they are only responsible for their own actions and words.

      • There are hypocrites everywhere, from parents who say “don’t do as I do, do as I say do”, to people sitting in church pews and even teaching God’s word who go to church to either please others or be seen by others. Hypocrites come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.. professions, homes, churches, politicians, temples and synagogues.. rich and poor and in-between…and people posting things inferring in essence that if a church member is a hypocrite, the pastor has to be inept, pretending to believe such nonsense.

      • I wish someone would shout scriptures over that wall one morning while she’s out in the hammock during her daily bible reading.

      • Cody’s mentality is of a three yr old, he’s like a sponge and absorbs what people tell him, Christine is filling his head with hate for Donny and Cody is absorbing it!

      • I think part of the reason Christine has hatred for Donny is b/c in her eyes, she probably feels as if Donny cannot do anything for her. She doesn’t even want him there. He’s not someone she can flirt with. He’s not on her ‘team’…he is a ‘throwaway’ for her. She can’t get anything out of him or use him for anything, so she doesn’t need him. I also feel that she has hatred for him b/c I think inside she knows that America probably likes him b/c he IS a good guy, I think she saw/sees that but doesn’t necessarily want to admit it to herself. You’re right, her bad attitude is rubbing off on Cody! It’s his own fault though for allowing it to affect him so much!

      • Sounds like you just described the definition of a sociopath?! WOW – Christine is worse than I thought!

      • please tweet to cbs and allison grodner that is behavior is
        unacceptable. hopefully they will expel Cody and consequently donny and
        nicole will be saved. @CBSBigBrother @agrodner22

      • I agree with you Sammie…She must hate herself at times to think or speak that way.

      • Cody becomes more and more unlikable each day – The more he does the bidding of his master Derrick the less attractive he becomes inside and out – The dude is all talk and no action – Cody needs to grow a pair as big as Frankie says his are LMAO!

      • please tweet to cbs and allison grodner that is behavior is unacceptable. hopefully they will expel cody and consequently donny and nicole will be saved. @CBSBigBrother @agrodner22

      • please tweet to cbs and allison grodner that is behavior is
        unacceptable. hopefully they will expel Cody and consequently donny and
        nicole will be saved. @CBSBigBrother @agrodner22

      • please tweet to cbs and allison grodner that is behavior is
        unacceptable. hopefully they will expel Cody and consequently donny &
        nicole will be saved. @CBSBigBrother @agrodner22

    • I think of the shame that Christine’s, Frankie’s, Cody’s, Caleb’s, and even Derrick’s family and friends must feel. I feel sorriest for them.

      (I included Derrick not for his game play, but for some of the shameful personal bashing that he has done.)

      • Especially for each of their poor mothers I am sure they were prob raised better than that. Or at least I hope so

    • Christine must be very bitter that she was screwed over when it came to the genetic lottery – The rat faced floozy revels in being cruel to people – I wonder how her pastor and congregation feel about the evil in her heart – Nasty trashy woman that has no respect for her marriage and husband – Disgusting

      • I agree. With that face and her “career” being serving coffee would depress anyone. Cody will continue to play Derrick’s game and Christine will continue to pet, hump and whatever else she does to stay in the game. Cody should at least leave $10 on the nightstand for her.

      • When you look like Ratine I think you will take whatever you can get – Throw a dog a bone so to speak – Literally and figuratively

  1. I so hope Donny wins power of veto and is safe makes it to next week wins HOH and puts Christine up beside Frankie. Would be even better if she wound up in the jury house before Donny. I know that is a lot of ifs and dreaming but sure would be nice to see

      • You know up until just recently Derrick was the one I wanted out the most. But Christine has slowly been creeping to a very close second over the past little while with the things she’s been saying. That is until I read the things she said last night I would now say she is the one I want to see out the most. Wait then again I’m forgetting about Frankie. I think I would just love to see them all get thrown out.

      • Christine us just another floater, no one would vote for her, she has done nothing but follow what she’s told to do

      • Personally for me, it’s not that I hate Derrick, it’s just he’s had an easy ride thus far. I really want to see him with his back against the wall for once like many of us. I just want Derrick out the house at the moment because I want to see people make moves themselves and not see Donny picked off. Any of the Detonators could go this week and it wouldn’t change a thing I think, except for Derrick. He’s Derrick is the only one everyone in his alliance trusts, so that is a big void if he leaves and many side alliances broken.

    • It’s late but we really need another coup d etat, so both Nicole and donny could be replaced and for sure one from bomb squad or detonators leave, plus we have a choice to pick who we give it to.

  2. They were sinking to BB15 vile last night. The racism wasn’t there but I kept remembering when RatAndy, GM and SpecthePerv were alone in the house spewing hate. I had to turn off the feeds. Oh and Matt you didn’t talk about CrazedCaleb talking/showing about what they did to prisoners in Iraq to hurt them and how he thought it was fun.

    • What are you serious did he actually say he thought it was fun. Is this guy really that clueless

      • Not just spit they also threw feces on them. Not justifying it at all just repeating what I read when the investigated the treatment yrs ago.

      • Well dont forget those are terrorist trying to kill our people, though Caleb shouldn’t talk about it, he’s on TV.

      • Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or any terrorist attack on the US. We invaded and occupied their country. If another country invaded and occupied the US and rounded up and imprisoned US citizens for fighting them would you still call them terrorists?

    • I agree, The feeds are becoming unbearable to watch. Just because you don’t like a need to comment that you want to attack them physically and spew the hate filled words..especially when alot of people are watching. I think Cody has been the one who has disappointed me the most with his treatment of Donny..Donny was trying to make some game moves and now he is getting treated like crap because of it.

      • Cody saying he wants to choke Donny in the jury house is just pitiful. Cody “says” a lot of things. Like, when he wanted to make a move last time he had power… oh he didn’t follow through though. Cody doesn’t have an original thought. I bet Christine told him he should strangle Donny…Cody doesn’t go through with anything that pops into his head, he is a coward. The fact that Christine is spewing hate like this towards Donny who hasn’t really done anything to her (I know… he commented on her cackle laugh…) is just gross. Christine is a bottom feeder. I am surprised Caleb kind of ‘stuck up’ for Donny, mentioning his wins instead of joining in w/ the bashing. Donny has treated everyone in that house with respect – well more than most of them probably deserve, anyway.

      • Derrick jr. I mean Cody hasn’t done anything to award him anything besides grope a married woman which to most of us I’d hope would find unacceptable.

      • I’m Cody will get the Andy treatment on social media when the season wraps up. Boy, is he in for a lot of hate messages from the a lot of live feeders.

      • Donny has not one anything to Cody, Christine or Derrick. I get why Derrick has said nasty things about Donny. Donny looks Derr right in the eyes when he says things and that makes Derrick nervous. He can not control Donny. Victoria’s over blown hatred for Zach bothers me too. She has cried to Derrick, that Devin and Zach were gonna hurt her. Which never made any sense at all. Victoria needs in on the crazy list after destroying the hat and then trying to antagonize Zach into attacking her. Not sure why DR did not stop her. Her actions were the loudest and most deserving so far. No one was ever after her. No one wanted her. Maybe that’s what really bothered her? I don’t know, she makes no sense. So, she did not want to play and lose veto and she wanted pain pills, so was this tooth attack that left her on the floor, was that real? I don’t have feeds but I have never seen a toothache cause anyone to be on the floor. I have seen people over exaggerate pain in order get pain pills. Anyone see what happened? It is convenient that it happened before veto comp. Not that she would win anyways but maybe could have been given one by Caleb for cash.

      • Cody is a wimp and doesn’t have one thought in his head. He only does what he is told to do. I, too, do not understand this HATRED that they have for Donny. I guess integrity, honesty, sincerity are traits these children have never experienced.

      • I really think BB should change the rules so that even threatening violence towards another player gets you kicked out of the game.

      • I’m going back to look for it now. Late nite/Early morning. They were in the HOH and CrazedCaleb was standing behind Derprick on the couch trying to show everyone but Derprick kept moving out of his reach. So CrazedCaleb showed Derprick where to put his hand–thumb right behind the earlobe and the pinky somewhere by the nose and press hard. I turned away cause just didn’t need to see this stuff.

      • Don’t know if he said anything last night but weeks ago before jury they were talking and somebody asked him what he did. I think you commented on it the.

      • Matt only for you would I go back and wade through that mess. At 3:24:15 BBT it starts. But I also think I caught Derprick slip and say he was a cop but no one in the room caught it. Can you double check for me 3:19:40 BBT. I’d start at 3:19 just to be sure of my times. Derprick saying he wouldn’t do the actual move and hurt NoBalls because he was a cop.

      • I thought about going back and double checking but watching it twice was more than enough for me. And need an unbiased ear.

      • You may not know but there were investigations of the treatment of prisoners in 2005 I think. He wasn’t charged then so it’s probably talk on his part that others did because several were charged. My son was over there then (not at a prison) so I read everything that went on.

      • Just because they didn’t catch/charge him doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. His mom confirmed that he was a prison guard over there.

  3. Christine is the worst “super fan” in the history of Big Brother. Unless her only goal was to make it into the house, not try to win. I also find it quite telling of her personality in general that she only “hates” someone when they’re on the down & outs.

    For me, Cody has been the biggest disappointment. I liked him from day one, hoping for a house guest who was drop dead gorgeous, smart AND entertaining to watch. Sadly, he’s only brought one of those attributes to the table.

      • NoBallsCody never had much brain power. He just seemed smarter when standing next to these other people. He said yesterday if he finds out Donny is not a genius he’ll feel stupid–too little too late. Oh and his IQ is only 92 which makes him below average.

      • How do you know his IQ is only 92?! That’s seriously below average…a “D” student! 80 is borderline retarded, so he’s halfway between retarded & average. Pathetic!

      • Wow! He should be ashamed of such a low IQ and keeping it a secret. If my IQ was that low I’d never tell anyone! Obviously he’s too stupid to realize how shameful that actually is!

      • 92 is slightly below average. 95-110 is average. 70 is the line of mental retardation if I’m not mistaken. I doubt Cody has taken an actual test, so if I had to make a guess, I’d say he’s about 97.

      • Results of a lack of parental control maybe. If I remember correctly, he stated that his parents allowed them to watch anything they wanted when they were young and made it sound like to me they kinda’ had free will.

      • True. He was letting Derrick control his game from the get-go, but he didn’t start acting ugly until the married chick attached herself to him. I think right now he’s exhibiting a big case of the “I’m only 23” immaturity antics..but it’s still disappointing.

    • Devin was drop dead gorgeous (IMO), too. But, a pretty outer wrapping doesn’t necessarily mean something good on the inside.

  4. Speaking of Christine, I just checked the feeds…Donny and Nicole are sleeping in the HN room, Caleb is in the rock room, Derrick, Victoria and Frankie are in the fire room..I think that’s Frankie..he sleeps with that rag tied around his eyes…I don’t see Christine downstairs..wonder where she could be?

    • Where else would she be its time for her and Cody to do their thing. I don’t think I need to go any further than that it’s too early to think of them….

      • They don’t have a camera on in the HOH room right now, either. Maybe that’s not Frankie, I could be wrong.

      • According to TVGRAPEVINE, Frankie is in the Fire room with Derrick and Victoria and accounts for everyone except Cody and Christine.

      • maybe just maybe… CBS does not want to show Christine in the HOH bed with Cody because her pastor or a church member may be watching the feeds . Why would CBS wanna tarnish Christines reputation as a married woman sleeping with a man who is not her husband??? Then again it may be out of respect for Christines husband.. Poor guy must be in hiding and totally embarrassed by her actions..

      • There is a camera on when HG’s are sleeping in the HOH room 90% of the time..they usually show every room…we all know the situation with those two.why hide it now? I am sure her pastor and whoever else she is so concerned about read social media comments. Christine has tarnished her reputation all by herself..with alot of help from Cody.

      • Christine has no respect for herself, her husband or her marriage – Huge red flag – Her husband should consider filing for divorce – Christine dry humping and giving hand jobs to Cody is in no way advancing her game or getting her closer to the $500k

      • Maybe no camera in the HOH room means what is going on in there they can’t show with out making the feeds x rated

  5. From what I’ve seen on the feeds and again on the show, Donny has been the most polite person of this cast. Christine and Cody: Childish, mean, undeserving of any prize money. How do people end up acting like that? It’s disturbing. And even though I’m tired of it, I just can’t fault Derrick for his game play. He has NOT been a jerk to others. He’s simply playing to win.

    • oh yeah Lets not forget that King Derrick ordered that any HG caught talking to Donny or Nicole in a private setting (closed door) would be beheaded…Derrick is a 2 face jerk….. As a cop Derrick will lie to u and his lips won’t move..

      • Once again, this is game, Derrick doesn’t want anyone getting any funny ideas from Donny and Nicole. Is it a bit possessive and controlling? Yes, but he doesn’t want to risk anything.

        Have to say, seems like you’re just looking for things to hate Derrick for.

      • Question??? There are other post/posters giving Derrick a bad rap but I did not see u commenting on them. Why is it that u chose my post to defend Derrick?? I KNOW HOW THE GAME WORKS BEEN A WATCHER FOR YEARS. And opinions are like assholes in that everybody has one and some people like u could be called one. Go praise Derrick to somebody else cause he does not impress me.

      • Okay, calm down dude, I came across your argument and thought I’d comment on it, it’s an open forum and when you make a post, people are free to reply.

        Calling me an asshole for disagreeing with you is just flat out childish, I never insulted you, I never said anything rude, I engaged in discourse.

        Also, if you want to go under the thought that “opinions are like assholes” as you so eloquently put it, yours is no better than mine.

      • I AGREE JAKE… Derrick is playing the game and trying to cover his own tracks… Hes playing the game…. I dont care for him but if others attempted to play on their own and not be led by him, we might enjoy watching this a lil more

    • I get Derricks game play. I definitely agree that he has not been malicious like others. At least he treats people w/ respect to their faces. He does offer support, words of encouragement etc… (even if it’s not genuine). I do think it’s paranoia that is making him lash out and order people around and keep tighter grips on them. Telling people they can’t talk to donny/nicole is just his tactic…it’s the fault of the others for actually listening to him! They are digging their own graves.

    • Derrick is pretty mindful of the cameras at all times and unlike these other jerks he is always thinking of jury votes.

  6. I don’t think Cody wants Frankie to sleep in the HOH during his reign…Which puts Frankie on the outside “trying” to get in. Hes not privy to all conversations and decision making as he has been in the past weeks…

  7. We are team America, we make the choices on the tasks we get them to put money in their pockets. They want to bash Donnie like that, we as team America need to make a stand and vote for no more missions I’m tired of putting five grand in their pocket then listen to the way they are bullying Donny for trying to play the game. I think Derrick and Frankie forget that.

    • Agree. I am not voting any longer. Derrick and Frankie deserve no more free money at the expense of Donny.

    • It really is sad to see what has happened ever since Donny started talking, way late, but, at least he tried. They should be ashamed.

      • Right. After zingbot bashed his social game he decides to stay up and get to know the others. They are just threatened by him. And it’s ok for Frankie to go from zero to hero by playing the sister card. Who cares about Ariana grande. She has zero to do with the game. All the sudden he’s back in the club. Puke

    • I wish for 1 week America will be able to vote out a houseguest, after all without the fans the show would be canceled. Not this week though.

    • Derrick and Frankie are a bunch of hypocrites – They bash Donny and Zach but they are the ones that are going to be cashing the Team America Checks at the end of the summer – At least Donny has ethics, morals and values

  8. @Jeremy….aren’t they? No one in that house has the balls to even make an interesting move, no less a big one. But once they are sure you are down and out….then they get real brave with the mouths and action. With the exception of DonnyNicole…..this is a mob of bullies….continually kicking who they perceive to be the weakest. I’ve said before….I do not believe the house creates these actions….or changes them…it’s who they are.

    IMO outside the house….

    Derrick is the voice of reason and major manipulator.
    Zack is nuts but love able.
    Cody is a follower.
    Victoria is a princess.
    Donny could not be a sweeter gentleman.
    Caleb is an idiot, although honest.
    Christine is a skank, thru and thru.
    And Frankie….I can,t think of words to describe him…I’d call him a pig…but do not want to insult the swine world.

    Sorry for the rant….but I am so frustrated with this bunch of dopes.

  9. You left out the part where Caleb and Cody mocked Donny’s disable brother.

    I remember when so many of these people were talking about how Zach’s treatment of people in the house was reprehensible. At least Zach made it fun and you knew he was just joking, this is just ridiculous.

    • I remember this. Extremely disrespectful and offensive. There is absolute no reason to attack someone on this level. They wouldn’t say it to Donny’s brothers face, they sure won’t say it to Donny’s face… but we are supposed to believe that these are ‘real men’…I don’t think so.

      • No Donny said it best “he is playing a game with children”. If you remember kids can be cruel. In kids defense they don’t know better. These are adults and should know better.

    • You forgot to mention Frankie in that conversation calling Donny’s brother magic like he doesn’t exist and that it’s just a trick to make them feel sorry for him. Zach would never stoop this low cause he has a little brother and he knows about Donny’s story.

      • I second that notion all in favor say I, I x All of America or at least the ones who watch BB plus the Canadian ones with me here.

    • What did they say about his brother? I don’t have the live feeds, and have missed hearing about this. Shameful if they did say something about his brother. I have worked with adults with disabilities (mental and physical). It is terrible when people can be so insensitive.

  10. Cody is so kwute, he is going to put Donny in a choke hold. Did he forget that Donny is a genius ex-military super secret agent with a magical brother. Can you imagine the training Donny had to try to physically attack. Dumbarse! That there Cody would be a little whiny baby move.

    These children are so rude and disrespectful. This has gone beyond the game. Donny has been very polite to all of them. I am beginning to dislike Christine immensely, didn’t care for her before but really dislike her now. Besides the emotionally cheating on her husband with Cody, he must be at home thinking about who he married. This female is horrible. How do you “hate” so much and on the innocent. She must be very unhappy inside. Cody is just an idiot and a follower.

    • What’s worse she applied and was approved for “Foster Parenting” by the County she lives in. They need to pull her from that program. At least that is what she claimed a few days ago.

      • Hopefully they are watching. Or someone informs them of her behavior. Can you imagine how she would be to a foster child? She knows the cameras are watching 24/7 yet she freely spews hate. Imagine behind closed doors. No Child deserves that. Ugh, they take the fun out of the game.

      • I’m sure they do cyber background checks now so I don’t think she has much of a chance. Aside from her husband I haven’t seen anything positive regarding Ratine.

      • IF she was already approved, they may not be checking any longer. I’m guessing that they are over worked and underpaid. I’m hoping you’re right and I’m wrong!

      • The more I think about it the more I don’t believe it. Ratine says she and her husband have roommates and I think fostering parents aren’t allowed to have non-relatives living in the house. I could be wrong.

    • Did you hear her rant about Julie calling her out for the BOTB. She goes, I can’t believe she called me out, I hate her guts. I’d love to see her exit interview and Julie ask her that question and have her try and cover it up by saying it was just a joke.

      • She said she hates her guts? I missed that somehow but it doesn’t surprise me. She’s empty heart.

      • Yep, can’t wait till Julie gets to interview her live, like to see what excuse she comes up, maybe something like this, “When your in that house, I let my emotions get the best of me and I don’t really remember saying that but if I did, I’m sorry Julie.”

      • Maybe Julie will have a writer she knows, that is really good at one-liners, to give her a good zing to use that would be appropriate for any excuse Christine comes up with. There are some people on here that are good at that. I love the info you put out there for us non live feeders, Canman. I always read your posts that are on any link I happen to have time to scroll through.

  11. The best scenario I can hope for is Donny or Nicole to win veto to buy them another week, win HOH and do some damage on a big scale before exiting the following week. I had been an admirer of Derrick’s game until the demanding and controlling “talk to Nicole and you’re a traitor” comment to the alliance. Then after re-thinking it and seeing how these lapdog lemmings responded, not once thinking for themselves, I had to sit back and say nice job, Derrick. You know your lemmings well.

  12. I haven’t been posting comments but been reading everything coz I agree on almost everybody here. Christine irks me so much, shame on her for hating donny that much, she’s not likable in anyway, she reminds me of a witch in some movie just can’t recall what title. And for Cody, can’t he be called for what he said, that’s threatening someone and if he said he was going to do it in the jury house, just tells me he already foreseen that he’s going to jury and not in the final 2.

    • The ironic part is that he is threatening physical harm to the person that sat him down and explained that nobody is going to take him to F2

      • And the worse part is, unless he really does get physical, I don’t think production will intervene to stop Cody from wishing physical harm verbally.

      • AFter Derrick gets rid of Donny and Nicole, he can win up against anybody else left in that house and hes knows it… Frankie would be his only competition and i dont think he could beat him…. Its Derricks to lose

    • I think the movie you’re talking about is “Drag me to Hell”.. Christine looks like the witch in the parking lot.

      • Oh yeah that gypsy woman, somebody mentioned before too she looks like the witch in Popeye.

    • I think NoBalls will be hiding at the after party. Ratine’s husband has said he wants a “talk” with NoBalls.

      • Cody will be in a corner making out with his father – I still can’t get that kiss out of my head – Cody will drop Ratine right quick as soon as daddy is back in the picture

      • I tried going back and watching ep 1 to show a friend that kiss and just before it came on it stopped and the screen said This is no longer available. Maybe Daddy didn’t like the feedback.

      • Doesn’t surprise me – The kiss between Cody and his father was more than just a quick peck on the lips – They almost seemed to linger knowing that it could be months before they would be able to lock lips again – The whole thing is disgusting

    • I doubt it. I think that the only way Derrick won’t be int he F2 is if one of the other F3 wins and doesn’t take him along.

  13. Yeah, Caleb is a good dude, I’m convinced now. Might be dumb, cocky, and obsessive at times, but he is a good guy when it comes down to it.

    Christine, Frankie, and Victoria, on the other hand are not. I also have no idea why they and Cody have this hatred for Donny.

    • I do believe Caleb has a good heart, but dang, the man has issues regarding women that need to be addressed. Seriously, I would not want my daughter to date, much less marry a man like Caleb.

    • Maybe coz donny said he’s stupid and according to Cody he graduated from one of the top schools in the country. I bet he only got into it coz he played soccer.

      As much as Caleb don’t want floaters don’t understand why he let’s Victoria float so far in the game too. And shame on Cody if he chooses Victoria to win over donny.

      • Lots of not so smart people graduate from top schools, even those who hold top offices in corporate America and the government. Cody is not saying much.

      • Wow I have been wondering how Cody could get in that school and I think you just hit it. It makes a lot of sense that he got in on an athletic scholarship.

    • Caleb reminds me of the kid in a big family who does stuff to get attention, even if its bad stuff.

    • My opinion of Caleb is that out of the 6 left, he is the most dangerous. He’s an aggressive, narcissistic jerk. His treatment of Amber was deplorable. The things he’s said he’s done outside of the house and the video of him beating an animal to death with a stick and him bragging about it just backs up my opinion. He may be “loyal” to his alliance and he may not be bashing Donny, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good guy.

      • I completely agree with you redroses, people are forgetting what this guy has done before they started bashing Donny, and they forget just yesterday how he, Cody and Frankie were mocking his disabled brother, and if people need more of a reminder then just rewind to the week when he was bragging about the bar story and what he did to the Arab. Hayden reminded everyone of the story and he was appalled at his actions. Just cause he’s not bashing Donny but the other day take shots at his disabled brother who can’t defend himself is no way permissible to call this guy a nice guy at all.

      • Didn’t realize all of that about Caleb. I need to reserve my thoughts on these people until I read all of the info provided. I read where Cody and Frankie were making fun of Donny’s brother, but Caleb, too…..To this day if I ever saw my “children”(adults) make fun of anyone, I would pinch the inside of their upper arm, like I did when they were little if they even thought about acting up. I’d like to get a hold of a few of these “children” in the BB house.

      • Yeah I know, you should see what Evil Dick was saying about it on his twitter and how disgusting he thought it was and the reactions to it, its just sad really that you can stoop that low.

      • I’m not on twitter, but I can imagine. Evil Dick has never had a problem expressing himself.

      • I have heard nothing about an animal being beaten to death by Caleb. I know there was something about a racist comment, but that’s because he is an idiot.

      • He posted a YouTube of him killing a wild hog with a stick. I think he ended up spearing it in the brain. He was so proud. His family took it down about 2 weeks into the season.

      • The video was taken down before the show. But from what I read, Caleb beat a pig to death with a stick, because he forgot his gun. Then he was bragging about it. I’m pretty sure that someone (family/friends/production) told him not to talk about it in the house. It just goes to show how aggressive and heartless he really is.

  14. best move for donny and nicole is to avoid eachother, and throw the other under the bus. to give the allusion they’re not workin together, one comes down off the veto, while they target one of the derricknators.

    • Nope. If they go out they will go out loyal and with class and will probably have a lot of good times together with Hayden at events after BB.

  15. Last season was the season of the racists. This season is the season of the bullies. CBS is giving America good reasons to hate this show. Let’s please get back to the fun that this show used to be. PLEASE!

      • I wasn’t necessarily talking about their snide comments behind their backs, although I do consider making physical threats regardless of when it is said bullying. I’m talking about the in-your-face mean comments and treatment of other house guests. It’s uncalled for. I get that this is a game and I understand trash talking, but these BULLIES have gone far beyond that.

  16. Christine is probably so excited she is finally part of the “kweel krew” now, she wants to fit in so bad, she will be mean to others. She must not have watched enough teen shows and after school specials to see most times those who are bullied come out on top in the end. For Cody, those who are followers usually get left behind (with no money and end up with a lot of flack from others and a guilty conscience).

  17. I don’t understand why some of them hate Donny so much. Has Donny ever talked bad about these HGs? They all seem to think Donny is some other person entirely–that he’s a soldier or a Harvard genius– and they bash him for it.

    And how can they not realize that Donny is the type of character the TV audience generally favours? Have they never watched BB or any reality tv show? They are killing themselves with all the nasty talk about Donny

    • Donny’s this year’s Elissa except Elissa had it worse last year when some of her fellow HG’s just went on a a bashing spree on her family. That’s just sad.

      • Guess you missed the part of them making fun of Donny’s brother. More and more I start using the word I used most last season–vile.

      • Really? I was out for the day so I didn’t turn the feeds on.

        This is just sad to the nth power.

      • Yep, I commented about it yesterday really made me sick to my stomach even writing about it. What excuse do they really have for this type of behaviour? Paranoia? Do they think that a simple apology will save their image?

  18. They should gave the hg who made back into house (Nicole) immunity for the week. What’s point fighting get back in house just to go up again?
    Christine disgusting ! I hope when they one by one get evicted the live audience does nothing but boos, no cheers do they get real feel of what America thinks.

    • It depends on who the returning HG is. In past seasons where they’ve allowed players to return to the game (Kaysar, Crazy James, Brendon, Judd, and now Nicole), some of them had the benefit of still having an alliance to return to while others had to gun in on winning the following HOH competition to guarantee safety if he/she found themselves an odd duck against a majority alliance.

      BB Canada’s Gary was voted back into the house a couple of weeks after being sent to jury but was not given immunity either so he had to work his way from there to eventually end up to Final 2. And he was quite the aggressive player who knows when trust the right people and when to stab someone who’s about to stab him firsthand (Emmett).

  19. What will everyone say if Victoria wins the last POV and then wins the 3 part HOH? Could you imagine if she somehow turned the jets on and actually won when it counted and she said her entire strategy was to be perceived as being so completely useless that nobody would take her seriously?

    • She has said that she is playing dumb and that she is really very smart. In this group of shallow, self-centered young people anything is possible except good manners and decent behavior.

  20. Why is everyone being so mean to Donny and Nicole. More so Donny Especially. Donny was not in the military he is the nicest guy currently in the house. Because Hayden is a good guy too. Zach. . eh hes so-so. Admittingly a better person than Christine. Christine is a bitch, truly ugly person inside and out. I hope she goes next. Hate Frankie too but I want Christine Gone now. Can’t we have like Pandora’s box and there’s 25,000 dollars in Pandora’s box but if he takes it he has to redo his choices and even if someone won the power of veto they can’t put the nominees from previous up. THAT would be a dam good one. So frustrated right now. I hope Nicole can survive this week. If not definitely has my vote for Fan Favorite (since Donny already has cash from Team America Missions) I wonder if they stop Team America Missions if one of their team members gets voted out. It should stop.

  21. Well Christine…in a word you’re a cnut and Cody…..wanting to beat up an old man? Your what a chicken expels from it’s behind.

  22. Last night CrazedCaleb added another reason for them to believe Donny either has #1 Medal of Honor or #2 Silver Star or #3 Bronze Star. Why do they believe this? Its the way he folds and puts away his clothes. They seem to think only highly trained and disciplined military personnel wash, fold and put away their clothes. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering what a sty that place is.

    While I’ve been heart broken about how they’ve treated Donny all season now I realize that he’s had to endure that while surrounded by filth. He cleans up after himself, does his laundry every day and you often hear production say Thank You Donny when he’ll pick up the backyard. That man not only deserves the $500k he deserves a I survived BB 16 medal!

    • It’s called structure and obviously it either wasn’t taught or they felt it was a useless tool. I’m not even sure how many could spell or define the word. A little self-discipline would be too much to ask from these shallow young people.

    • I feel bad that Donny has waited all these years to be on big brother and he has been miserable almost from day 1!

  23. What is with Cody threatening to hurt Donny? He has crossed the line with that! If he acts like a jerk in the real world and not the Big Brother House, he might find a bigger jerk ready to give him a beatdown like no other. In other cultures, older people are given respect and if Cody were to visit some asian countries and act like that—-someone might just kill him on the spot! Act like a human being and you will be treated like a human being but, act like an animal and others might be inclined to treat you as one!

    • NoBalls truly thinks he’s treated Donny with respect. And there’s no concern he’s going to go after Donny. He is NoBalls for a reason.

    • please tweet to cbs and allison grodner that is behavior is
      unacceptable. hopefully they will expel Cody & consequently donny and
      nicole will be saved. @CBSBigBrother @agrodner22

  24. Wake up call in the BB house. I tab to the feeds and say Good Morning Donny! Just makes me feel better.

  25. I will say that if Nicole or Donny win POV it will be Christine or Frankie that goes up…Again VICTORIA would be a wasted nom and Cody would blow his HOH..

  26. I know I am not a regular poster on here, and haven’t bothered to sign up with Discus, but had to comment. I don’t have live feeds (wish I had…then again maybe not). Am I completely missing something here? What is the strong dislike for Donny from most of the other houseguests left? Cody wanting to put him in a chokehold? Christine and Victoria saying he is a pervert and hating him? etc, etc. I don’t get it. I know he hasn’t maybe been as social, and worked on trying to form alliances a little too late, but why such hatred??? I get that he’s not a part of their alliance, but their hating on him sickens me. Ugh! I just had to vent.

    • Same here, I had to sign up when I read it coz I can’t take it anymore. But Excuse me Victoria and Christine, donnys girlfriend is way more prettier than you two.

    • Donny has tried to make/join and alliance since day 1. Devin blew up the DD alliance and ever since then anyone talking with Donny for more than 5 minutes alone has been accused of being in an alliance with him. Its hard to be social when half the house bans anyone from speaking with you.

      Ratine hates him because he told Nic not to trust her. Ratine didn’t like Donny before that but the true hatred came out of that. And now they just feed on each other with their hatred and vile. Even making jokes about Donny’s brother.

  27. I think that more people would understand Caleb better and have some empathy for him if they had ever been to war. I know he may have just been a prison guard, but war is a nasty business and can mess people up mentally as well as physically. No, he is not my favorite and I am not trying to justify his behavior then or now. I am just trying to say that if you experienced war first hand you might have a slightly different point of view. Why is he so loyal to a fault? His alliance is now his “band of brothers.” And why did he do some of the things that he did in Iraq? Some of the prisoners he was guarding were responsible for horrendous crimes. As I said, war is a nasty business .It doesn’t justify some of the things he has said that he did, or has done in the game, but maybe you can understand his behavior a little better.

    • I’m sure his issues run deeper than his military service. And I wish BB did psych evals on potential HGs. Amber’s family were truly worried about his stalking and his constant lies are most likely not the result of being in Iraq but of deep emotional issues.

      • I am sure that you are right about his problems, but I wouldn’t doubt that they were exacerbated by the experience. Are you certain that BB just doesn’t do a lousy job of their screening? If they aren’t doing psych evals they certainly should.

  28. I hate seeing good people like Donny down and sad, he is such a wonderful person inside and out. He played with his true character and didnt lose himself in that house, didnt lie, didnt hate, didnt do anything but ask Jesus to help him on his falling moments. If this guy gets voted out I will NOT WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN, they lost my view and hopefully millions more until production finds away to get him back in the game, pandora box or something DAMMIT!! Donny is so humble they better do something for him, its already not fair 6 against one???

    • please tweet to cbs and allison grodner that is behavior is
      unacceptable. hopefully they will expel Cody and consequently donny and
      nicole will be saved. @CBSBigBrother @agrodner22

  29. Everyone, please tweet to cbs and allison grodner that is behavior is
    unacceptable. hopefully they will expel Cody and consequently donny and
    nicole will be saved. @CBSBigBrother @agrodner22

    • Is this a joke? Is this really the kind of way Donny’s fans want him to win the game?

      • are you serious? i said nothing about wanting donny to win the game. that statement is irrelevant. what i am saying is you don’t threaten people by saying you are going to put them “in a choke hold if they’re in the Jury house”

      • What do you mean you never said you wanted Donny to win? The finale is just a few weeks away and Donny and Nicole managing to survive this week would drastically increase their chances of winning. Are you being coy or are you just clueless? I’m not sure which is more incriminating.

      • Trust me by all them request to Allison to get them expelled… I would say clueless and i would say you are right on point Joe

      • lol, I love that. “I never said I wanted Donny to win! I just said I wanted all of his competitors to lose. Actually, I don’t want them to even lose, I want them to be pulled from the game! No one said anything about helping Donny win!”

    • What behaviour? Saying they think Donny is a bad person? Have I missed something here?

      • They did more then think Donny is a bad person, If you watch the feeds you’ll understand what Ara is referring to as “Behaviour”.

      • cody said that he wants to put donny in a choke hold if they’re in the Jury house together. nobody deserves to be threaten whether directly or indirectly

      • Citing a completely harmless indirect threat like that is a literal slap in the face to real victims of violence. Can you really not see the difference between this specific instance taking place on a tv game show and real violence?

  30. Christine is an idiot i liked her at first but now we see her true colors I just don’t understand why she hates Donny so much he hasn’t done anything to her u think its jealousy of how well he is doing so far in the game on his own but she has to have 5 other people to help her without them she would have already been gone. As far as Cody he is gross everytime u see him on after dark he’s playing or touching his privates. That’s disgusting especially while everyone is watching. I’ll tell u one thing I wouldn’t let him cook my food.

  31. Christine is so messed up. Why does she hate such a nice person? Donny has never said a bad thing about her even when he knew she threw the BoB. This will hurt Donny if he ever finds out. It would hurt any normal human being. And for Cody to say a choke hold?! Wtf?? I hope production called him in and told him he’s not allowed to. These dementors are disgusting! I want them all out!! Just end the season already. Let nicole and Donny share the 500k and call it a year.

  32. At the beginning of the season I admit I thought Cody was attractive. But now his whole attitude and the way he talks about others and threatening with choke holds makes him SO UGLY!

    • I agree. In the beginning of the show I thought he was really hot, but his behavior with Christine and saying the things he does about Donny makes him very unattractive. Jim being so ugly on the inside now makes him ugly on the outside to me as well.

  33. I thought at one point Christine was just playing dirty. Now I realize beyondashadow of a doubt she is shallow hateful person in reality too. She makes Victoria look like Snow Freaking White.

  34. Christine is a jealous and hateful person! I can’t stand that adulteress! Some super fan, she has no clue about how BB works. I think all she cares about is getting in Cody’s pants.

  35. I hope Donny stays. He is the honest, decent, non back stabbing person in that house. I hope Donny wins hoh and puts up 2 detonaters, and back doors another one if one win POV.

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