Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 8 Eviction & Returning Jury Live Recap

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the spoiler results for this week’s eviction and HoH competition will be revealed as one HG will be sent to the returning Juror comp and one HG will be crowned HoH.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

We’re about to see Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole return to the Big Brother house as they face off in this four-way battle along with this week’s evicted HG which will likely be Zach.

As for how the next HoH gets decided, that should be interesting since last year this round was an endurance, but we’ve seen none of those in-season yet. Should it be an endurance comp then you’ll need the Live Feeds to watch. Don’t have them yet? Get the Free Trial now!

Big Brother Live Feeds free trial

Join us tonight here for a live recap and discussion of the latest Big Brother show plus you can find us on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates as the game plays out in real-time on the Feeds.

We pick up with Zach going up on the block as a renom but he doesn’t realize he’s been the target for awhile by Frankie. Of course TV-only viewers won’t know that either. Frankie has been itching for nearly two months to get Zach out.

Along with Zach’s Team America troubles, which did not at all contribute to his pending eviction, we see Victoria destroy the pink hat Zach wore all summer long. It was her hat and yes, she destroyed her own belongings. She says it was her most satisfying moment of the season. Hmm.

The HGs learn the Battle of the Block twist is over. No one seems surprised.

Big Brother 16 Week 8 Votes:

  • Derrick votes to evict: Zach
  • Christine votes to evict: Zach
  • Donny votes to evict: Zach
  • That’s enough votes. Zach has been evicted.
  • Caleb votes to evict: Zach
  • Victoria votes to evict: Zach

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Zach Rance has been evicted 5-0. Before Julie can even announce the results Zach stands up on the coffee table and starts tossing candy or Froot Loops at the HGs. Julie is laughing. He comes out to a roaring crowd and has a great interview with Julie. Easily the most energized interview of the season and you can tell she’s enjoying the talk.

Now Zach will face off against Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole to return. We are low on time so I highly doubt we’ll get this returning Juror comp and the HoH comp. The HoH comp will have to spill over to Sunday’s show, but we’ll get the results from the Live Feeds!

Big Brother 16 Week 9 Returning Juror Comp – “Comeback Fight”:

  • Round 1: Everyone got a disc on
  • Round 2: Everyone got a disc again
  • Round 3: Nicole lost a disc
  • Round 4: Only Jocasta got a disc on
  • Round 5: Everyone got a disc. Jocasta leads.
  • Round 6: Nicole, Zach, & Jocasta tied for 1st.
  • Round 7: Nicole wins!

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Nicole Franzel is going back in to the house! Congrats to Nicole.

Just one Head of Household this week as the Battle of the Block competition is done and gone. The game is back to normal now, aside from the whole returning HG and all that!

Time has run out for the HoH comp so if you want to find out who won you can watch the Feeds!

Jump on your Live Feeds NOW or get the Free Trial & watch to find out what happens next!

Big Brother Live Feeds free trial

Don’t stray too far because we’ll have a LOT more Big Brother updates very soon. Friday morning I’ll have an interview with tonight’s evicted HG. Then later on Friday we’ll get the nomination results and the Veto results on Saturday. This is the game that never rests and neither does our coverage!



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    • Hi Capt. I confused is there a football game on where you are. Where I am gratefully no football tonight.

      • No, football is on NFL Network and not CBS New York, which is the feed I get on DirecTV.

  1. Love football but need to know who got evicted who came back from jury and who won hoh

  2. Wtf… there’s a football game on and its no where near over yet the episode is supposed to start soon?!

  3. Alright ! Party time……waiter..aaah round of Patron shots for everybody here please !…’s on me…….thanks

  4. Did you guys see the challenge to get back in? It looks like luck. Praying it’s not Jocasta. I’ll be sick.

  5. and playing the role of Justin Bieber tonight….Frankie….he’s costumed himself AND styled his eyebrows just like the Biebs!

  6. just for the record, every time Frankie opens his mouth i cringe and want to hit the mute button

  7. I wonder if Allison Grodner will let Julie Chen take on her husband’s dare to do that ice bucket challenge (and hopefully donate for ALS research).

  8. A luck-based comp would at least even the odds so I hope Hayden and Zach bring their A-game on.

  9. i don’t know who to route for… part of me feels like it will just be status quo and derrick will turn whoever walks back in…. but, as long as jocosta is not back in, i’ll keep hoping for the best.

  10. Love Hayden xoxo team Hayden to come back. He knows what is going on. No misting him…get em Hayden lock and load those targets.

      • I hope Donnie wins. Puts Derrick and Frankie up. If Derrick wins veto put Caleb up with Frankie. If Derrick is on the block put him up with Cody. It would be great to see these people have to play for themselves. I am Not sure I have faith in Nicole to make smart moves.

      • Nićole already told Donny she’s going after Derrick and Cody. Playing HOH now so I’m just hoping either Donny or Nicole wins.

  11. Phew. Yeah Nicole, would have rather Hayden but okay with Nicole. Now time to win the hoh. Donny or Nicole must win!

  12. Nicole please play smarter. If you do not team up with Donny I am going to be mad.

  13. Go Nicole and Donny! Win that HOH and put Derrick and Frankie on the hot seats. Time to break apart the Detonators for good!

      • Whoever came back would have been a target. Brendon was sent out the week after by Danielle Donato. Nicole and Donny’s best chance is try and win HOH back to back to get at least, 2 Detonators out then, maybe, they have a chance at least to last longer in the Big Brother House.

  14. Unless Nicole or Donny win HOH, one of them is gone. Bringing people back will always be pointless.

      • They can stay for a little, and even then it’s incredibly unfair to the houseguests who didn’t lose that someone who did gets weeks off then can ruin their game.

        And they can never win it all. No jury can vote for someone who lost the game as the winner. And if they did, it will ruin the entire concept of the game; making the entire thing pointless.

      • I don’t agree. If they can win their way back and make it to the end when they have the biggest target I say they deserve the win.

      • I could never justify choosing someone who lost as the winner. No matter how bad the person next to them is, they didn’t lose. You just should not be able to win if you have already lost.

      • Yes. As much as she sucks, she didn’t lose; which at the end of the day is the one goal that they all have.

      • She doesn’t even know she’s on BB. If you want her to win over Nicole you can’t be much of a fan.

      • If you want someone who lost to be declared the winner, you can’t be much a fan of any game of skill.

      • How is that unfair? Everyone in there can throw a competition, they can’t all lose and get a second chance. They can’t all get weeks off, free from the threat of eviction, only to come back with knowledge from the jury.

        Throwing competitions is a part of the game, losing is not.

      • fortunately you do not make the rules so your post is a moot point,big brother makes the rules and if you don,t like it DON,T WATCH

  15. Bummed Zach lost but at least Nicole will target Frankie and Christine who along with Victoria are the three I don’t want to win the most.

  16. Last year the comp was a dual on, recently and a chance for eviction, was that a bad idea?

  17. Congratulations, Nicole!!!

    That was, by far, the most fair comp this show has ever done. It truly was anyone’s game to win, provided luck was on your side. Now, with any luck, Nicole can follow in Judd’s footsteps and defy the odds of leaving the BB House this week.

  18. Looks like Hayden gave Nicole some parting instructions! Get Derrick, Cody and Christine!!

  19. I have a really strong feeling that we won’t be seeing an endurance HOH competition this week. Production knows Donny, and Nicole for that matter, probably won’t be winning an endurance HOH with Cody and Caleb competing in it.

    I’m guessing it’ll be some sort of mental comp so Donny/Nicole actually have a chance of winning.

  20. How do we even get live feeds for free?

    I see everywhere that CBS is offering 48 hours of free Big Brother live feeds. But how do you get it? I went to their website and tried to get it but they kept asking for my credit card and stuff. Plus there is no option to just purchase a free 48 hour trial. If I enter my credit card I’ll be charged for a month subscription.

    What gives?

    • The way these things typically work is: you give them all your payment info up front, then you get the free trial. Towards the end of the trial, if you decide you don’t want to go ahead with the product, you can cancel your subscription.

  21. Give us feeds CBS! They are not doing anything they have to clear the other comp out.

  22. Donny has to win. I don’t even trust Nicole. Nobody knows how Derrick is the leader. Theyre all so stupid except Donny.

  23. Well it figures Derrick is so pissed right now. He’s got everyone in the FR saying nobody better go in a room with her with the door closed or I’m calling them out. Give me a break you big ass cry baby. Something is not going your way and you have a temper tantrum. Saying all the lies stopped when she left and now there going to start again. Hahaha you’re the biggest liar. YOU and SKANKIE. I would give anything for Nicole to win HOH and put him and Frankie up. That would make this season worth everything that’s happened.

    • Nicole’s fault is she is too trusting and told the truth. If she was lying then, calling her a liar would be fair. Whatever she said, Derrick said she was lying and everyone else took it as truth!

      • Yep. I sure hope Hayden told her everything he thought was going on. Hope he told her to target Derrick.

    • Well wouldn’t YOU be pissed after you work incredibly hard to get someone evicted only to have them come back in the game only this time with more information?

      Nicole got got the first time around. She simply didn’t play well enough to stay in the game. Period. She got outplayed. But because we need to ‘expect the unexpected’, she gets another chance to come back. It’s like “hey lets reward someone because they weren’t smart enough the first time around.” Derrick outplayed her and now she gets a do-over.

      You’d be pissed too.

      • But returning player is a part of the whole game. This not new, and it could happen to any HG’s. If Derrick was evicted, he’ll be happy there’s this twist.

      • CORRECTION: Derrick has had other HGs playing the game for him….He has not actually played just think about it..

      • So I’ll bet Derrick would feel different if his boyfriend Cody got evicted and came back. Too bad looks like Derrick got got. I hope Nicole or Donny win HOH and put his ass up and he goes. Hahaha

      • It’s all part of the game. It may be a different twist from previous seasons but it is still part of the game. They should have expected it after all some of the houseguests are supposedly super fans

    • I would love to see his game fall apart. He is just being so mean now and all because Donny called him out.

      • Donny called him out? Do you mean he called him out to his face? Or Derek knows he called him out because of Christine and Cody spilling their guts because they can’t think for themselves

      • That is why Derrick is sooo pissed.. Nicole and Donny both know the truth about him and his backstabbing game play He is not in control right now

  24. I’m telling ya’ll – they’re not doing endurance comps so Donny actually has a chance at winning. Why do you think there’s only been ONE endurance comp all season? ONE. And it was the first week. Come on…

    • Even Derrick just alluded to it too.

      Via JokersUpdates -“Derrick says comp won’t be endurance because it wouldn’t suit Donny.”

      They all know they’re getting duped. Once Donny gets evicted, expect an endurance comp.

      • Derrick is just getting his excuse ready for why he didn’t win or if Donny does win if it isn’t an endurance comp

    • i don’t know. I think Donny would have a decent shot at the endurance comp where you are on the ledge and hold onto the bar behind you!

  25. Regarding Nicole, Frankie says “she’s my ?” Then it goes to fish. Calling her the “c” word again? These people are being incredibly nasty right now. Derrick is really pissing me off. A returning player is part of BB. Get over it. Saying the lies have stopped..really? Donny or Nicole must win this HOH..put these jerks in their place. They are getting beyond irritating on these feeds right now.

    • Best part is? Derrick’s putting up the biggest fuss, AND HE WAS THE ONE WHO KEPT WARNING THE OTHERS ABOUT THE RETURNING HG! Can we say hypocritical?

      • Derrick has become an angry, mouthy, threatening man in the last couple of days. At least when talking to the detonators + Caleb. Think maybe his game is feeling just a little bit threatened?

      • That’s true, but he is too easily manipulated. He was for getting Nicole out before. Then she talked him out of it and he went to the guys and ..blink.. he was wanting her out again. Just couldn’t see that changing.

    • I was hoping Zach would come back in till his interview with Julie. I think that Frankie would have developed Zankie for one week. Then the next week Zach would be out again. Where as Nichole has been comparing notes with Hayden,I think she will know what to do.

  26. I love Zach for entertainment, but Nicole is a good hg to return. She’ll team up with Donnie and if one of them win HOH, they’ll put up Frankie and Christine and b/d Derrick….game on!

  27. Sooooo happy…I wanted either Nicole or Hayden to win!!! YES!!! Go Nicole…screw up everyone in that house that you can!!!

  28. Why in the DR does Derrick defend Donny and not want him or Vic nominated. But then he makes it his mission to get Donny out. I thought you were suppose to be honest in the DR

    • He probably wants us, the fans, to think that is the truth, but his gameplay evidently begs to differ..looking to get fan favorite votes maybe.

    • Derrick doesn’t want to look bad. Most people just watch the show, not the feeds or go to blogs. CBS gives him a really good edit.

  29. I’m worried either Nicole or Donny might be left out from playing Veto on Saturday. 1 will be left out and I’m hoping it won’t be one of them.

  30. Probably not an endurance comp because BBAD is on in 30 minutes so Donny or Nicole have better odds I would think.

  31. I so wish Zach had won the comp to go back in. Nicole won’t do much of anything like before, but maybe a little revenge on Christine. Also, Saint Donny lied to Zach tonight by saying he wouldn’t vote for him. I just don’t understand why everybody puts him up on a pedestal. I see things on BBAD and the feeds and he is no different than the rest. They all have negative sides. Also aside from everybody hating on Frankie, why does he seem to be the only one who cooks for the others? In past seasons, they weren’t as lazy as this bunch especially Christine and Victoria.

    • Zach told Donny not to vote for him. He told him to vote with the house. And Nicole already told Donny she’s going after Derrick and Cody.

    • Yes, we do think Donny is a saint. He is not disgusting like the rest of the HGs. He is WAY different.

  32. Playing HOH now. I don’t understand why they’re not showing it on the feeds. Every year they would show the HOH comp after the show aired if the comp wasn’t finished. So why this year haven’t they showed it? They never showed POV or nominations or POV ceremony but we always got to watch HOH comp.

  33. Well what with Nicole coming back and Hayden telling her about Derrick & Cody and Donny telling her what Zach told him about the 6 person alliance and Derrick knowing that Donny has his # I am tempted to say that Derricks game is screwed but don’t wanna jinx Nicole & Donny…

      • I’ll be watching tonight to see what their planning. Usually I clear everything for Friday in case I stay up late to watch the feeds on Thursday. Then I don’t have to get up early. That seems to be the only night they’re worth watching. Except Saturday after they play POV.

      • Neither am I. I just can’t stomach the rudeness and nastiness that is coming from some of these players..Cody has turned out to be a major disappointment. I was thinking earlier about the Brigade. Hayden, Lane and Enzo were very likeable people and never really took their game to that nasty level like Derrick and Co, are doing right now. So disappointed..sounds like it was very very close between Donny and Cody. This season has been so predictable. No blindsides. We knew who was going home every single week. I am bummed and going to bed now..Good Night..fellow BB fans!

    • And no crow will be carrying Victoria off to Never,Never land this week, unless there is possibly a DE.

    • Crap up go Donny and Nicole unless Nicole has safety this week does anyone know if she does

  34. Is there any official word? I can’t be on the feeds right now, and none of the sites are reporting anything official.

    • But the last couple of days Derrick has been very adamant about getting Donny out and rallying the troops to do the same

  35. ohhh ….This may be the week that Frankie gets to meet Julie Chen Derrick and Cody discussed Frankies having to go just the other day…That kinda fell in Derricks

    • I live in a little valley that has a very good echo. I think I’ll go out and shout that very sentence to my hills.

      • Well, I heard 3 dogs, one gun shot and a siren, but what scared me most was the huge crow that swooped down and tried to carry me away…of course I didn’t have my glasses on so it could have been a small bat.

  36. Dam Frankie is claiming HOH room AGAIN!! Have they not figured out that he is waiting for a Pandoras box to pop up and he hopes to be there to claim it.???

  37. Come on production Donny and Nicole need your help. Pandora’s box maybe? DPOV maybe? Anything?

  38. Cody wasn’t HOH for five minutes and Frankie was hugging him and “loving” him. Can’t wait for someone to wise up and send him to meet Julie. There’s Christine touchy-feely with Cody.

  39. Not related but why does Julie wear red so much? And her face looked different to me tonight.The ice challenge was fun. I love The Millers and she was a good sport about it.

  40. I hope pandora’s box is used under Cody’s reign, and if he opens it, he loses the chance to choose who goes up on the block. The decision goes to the returning juror. Nicole. That would turn this one sided game on its toes.

  41. I love Caleb, I think he will go far in life after BB16. Maybe a reality show and definitely an acting career!

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