Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Jury Competition Revealed

We have our first look at tonight’s Big Brother 16 spoilers on how the returning Jury member will be decided. Check out the details below to see the preview picture and read my speculation.

A Houseguest will return on Big Brother 16
A Houseguest will return tonight on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Last season there was one large jumbo endurance competition where all competed together, but that will not be the case this time around. Instead the four Jury HGs will face off in their own competition, but as for what happens to the winner is still not known.

Click the thumbnail below to get the full view:

From what we can see the four evicted HGs will be set up in a simultaneous battle which looks like shuffleboard of sorts. How it works is a guess, but you can see the rings in the center. I’ll speculate they slide markers down their lanes and try to get close to the middle with the chance to knock out others along with getting their own markers knocked out.

I think they could end up with more than one marker since there’s a basket behind them in the mock-up, but that’s another point to consider. This is a mock-up and while they’re usually very close to the finished product it is no guarantee.

Also notice the boxing ring style ropes around the game field. We’ve had “knockout” themed set ups like this before, but that could just be for the hype of the event rather than anything to do with what’s involved in the competition.

This one could really be a toss-up. Would Jocasta coming back get you excited? No? You want Zach or Nicole maybe? Share your thoughts!

Source: CBS



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      • I would die a little inside if we have to hear her say, “Thank you Jesus!” repeatedly for another week wearing those bowties. I am all for people representing their faith and have the right to do so, but damn… Let’s not even think about that horror story… :/

  1. I think now that Nicole and Hayden have had some alone time to discuss a few things it would be fun to have Hayden return to the BB house to put a kink in some of the roomies plans … they would not expect innocent and kind Hayden to be a vindictive guy … Zach is to easily swayed and Nicole would get booted she is to good at comps for the HG to keep around long enough to do any damage

  2. No excitement here if it is Jocasta. I would rather Zach only if he learned his lesson when it comes to Frankie and the others. He forgave Frankie way too easy the last time. Nicole is sweet and can fall under Derrick’s spell. Hay den may play a little harder this time around. Just no bowtie…

  3. seeing that the comp is a luck/skill comp makes me mad a bit, because that means that that joke of a player jocasta has a chance to get back in the house, and that would be a HUGE waste!

  4. Would love to see zack, Hayen or Nicole come back and takeout the puppetmaster DERRICK!!!! Also, where is Pandoras box?

  5. Knowing this isn’t the comp similar to last season, it would be interesting to see how this will play out. Maybe whoever returns to the game also wins HOH or has an advantage in the next HOH competition? Maybe immunity for the next week and not be able to compete in the HOH or Veto competition? Who knows.

    • Immunity for the upcoming week and no chance of HoH the next actually sounds like a great idea! That way theres a chance for them to re intergrate without becoming the easy option

      • I’m saying they can’t compete in Week 9’s HOH and Week 9’s veto, similar to how Allison was immune from eviction when she was voting in by Canada. She didn’t compete in that week’s Veto as far as I can remember.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Whoever returns to the game may become the next HOH or be given immunity for the week. I would love that. Might give them a fighting chance to stay in the game and develop a strategy.

  6. What I am concerned about is the returning house guest not allowed to compete for HOH? If so, then, they will be at a huge disadvantage because odds favor the Detonators to win HOH against poor Donny! If the returning house guest is allowed to compete for HOH after this competition then, it is also problematic because whoever it is might get tired after this competition and then, have to compete again in HOH! What they should have done is have an elimination rounds for the same type of competitions.
    Top 3 from the present house guests play the Winner of the jury house guests for HOH. We will see how it goes. Just do not favor the Detonators like they do not have enough advantages as it is! All we ask it play it fair!

      • Without HOH, that would be useless because poor Donny will get evicted. They need HOH to have power this week to take out the stronger players like Derrick, Frankie and Christine for starters. And Donny getting evicted this week would mean whoever came in and got one week immunity will be the target the following week with no ally inside the Big Brother House. I would rather that incoming house guest and Donny have a chance to compete and win HOH.
        That is their only chance of at least, surviving for a couple of weeks if they are lucky at that!

    • Yeah they might be tired, but dude, they’re getting another chance of winning 500k. Who gives if a rip if they have a disadvantage. They’ve already been evicted and have no business being back in the game, so if they’re tired of at a disadvantage, big whoop.

    • You mean the derrikanators? He has been playing them all quietly just as a sloth, I mean a sleuth would. I am so tired of that team and have been from the start. All they ever do is go behind each others backs and they can not even trust one another, tally ho! Cringe!! Eventually they will pick each other off one by one, hopefully, and then the winners is……deserving!

  7. I would want Hayden to come back because he knows exactly who to get out and he will team up with Donny and they could send someone from the Detonators home. I love Zach but if he comes back I feel like he’ll just get hypnotized by Frankie and the others. And Nicole could possibly make up with Christine like she did before. And Jocasta just won’t be any help at all. So I hope it’s not her. Come On Hayden!!!!

  8. Okay lets take a close look at the picture. What is going on with the 4 chairs and 3 stools? Why chairs AND stools? Any thoughts?

  9. Totally 100% want Zach back in the house…Lofe to see their faces…Zach attach…needs to knock out Frankie for backstabbing him…this week should have not been Zach should have been a big player move like Derrick…SMH…

  10. I so hope Zach wins this comp. to get back into the house. He really is the only person who has reason to come back. He can get back at the HGs for blaming him on being the saboteur, which was totally unfair. Then he can start picking off his enemies one by one beginning with Derrick, then I’m probably going to make alot of people mad when I say that he needs to get Frankie out to. Double eviction night next Thursday, hopefully, and Zach would be the spearheader to get both Derrick and Frankie out next week. Also, kind of off topic, i know that the HG’s aren’t suppose to know what’s going on while they’re playing the game, but I think it would be kind of cool if Julie tells them about the latest craze this summer. The “Ice Bucket Challenge”. And what better time to do it, when all the HG’s will be back tonight. Be nice if they could do it live but probably won’t have time, but they could tape it right after the live show and air it Sunday.

  11. If Zach goes tonight, I’d want him to return to the game – Zach or Nicole. If on the outside chance Cody gets voted out, then I’d vote for Nicole to return.

  12. I think it would hilarious to see Jocasta win this and subsequently become a challenge beast and major strategic player, then go to the end with Victoria and win it, just as a mockery to the remaining houseguests plus it would be entertaining to watch her destroy BS/Detonators, but I doubt that, but you never know, expect the unexpected

  13. WOW! Can’t believe I’m actually excited for this episode to start, probably the first time this season I’ve felt that way.

    • I’m not crazy about this jury comp..skill/luck=possibility that Jocasta could get back in..I don’t even want to think about that!!

      • Don’t you want to see Jocasta speaking in tongues again on live TV after she wins? :D

  14. I wish it was like last year where they compete together for the chance to get in and win HOH. Poor Donny doesn’t stand a chance this week.

  15. If this is based on luck I will be sick if Jocasta comes back. She does not deserve it.

  16. Referring to Nicole..Frankie says “she my ???” then we get fish. Call her the “c” word again? These people are being so ridiculously mean right now. Derrick is cut-throat. Donny or Nicole must win this HOH. The other’s arrogance and nastiness is getting beyond irritating right now.

  17. Hayden kept pushing his own chip off of the table. I am glad that NICOLE won. I wanted Hayden or Nicole to win.

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