Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 8 Battle Of The Block Results

We have your Big Brother spoilers for this week’s Battle of the Block competition where the latest nominees faced off for a chance to escape eviction.

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

The Nominations Ceremony was held earlier today, get those spoilers here or just keep reading on for all the details, and now we’ve got the results of which HoH remains and who escaped the Block.

I’ve got your Big Brother spoilers below so read on for more.

Big Brother Week 8 Battle of the Block Spoilers:

Donny Thompson after Battle of the Block

  • Donny & Christine won the Battle of the Block!
  • Caleb & Cody remain on the block.
  • Frankie is still the HoH, Derrick was dethroned.

Going in to tonight’s comp the plan was for Christine to throw the comp to keep Donny on the block as this week’s main target. Looks like the plan did not work out!

The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday and the Veto Ceremony arrives on Monday. Keep with us for your latest spoilers all week as this game keeps going crazy!

Want to watch the Live Feeds yourself? Grab the Free Trial right now and see what’s going on inside the BB16 house through the HD cameras and uncensored views of all the action. There’s already been plenty of conflict and drama brewing so you don’t want to miss this fun.



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    • It’s about time we get to party and celebrate. I can not wait for them to cannibalize…I hope neither Cody or Caleb get POV.

      • Me too, but I have one reservation….what if it destroy the chance of the renter the game. Victoria out would work out great. We have Hayden or Nicole back.

      • I would love to have Hayden or Nicole back but if one of the guys gets evicted & comes back in I would think they would also come back ready to go after the other guys. I would like to see Cody evicted before Caleb since that would weaken not only Derrick but also Christine & I feel like there is a stronger chance of Celeb going after the guys before there is a possibility of Cody going after them if he were to stay. One of them going out would lessen Hayden & Nicole’s chances of coming in but I’m ready for change & whoever comes in would have Donny & Victoria to try & work with & hopefully get some numbers on their side (with Zach & Caleb). I just know I want Frankie, Derrick & Christine out!

      • Me too. I want Donny to get drawn and win it and then NOT use it. Ha that would get em! I think he can get Zach on his side and if Hayden comes back – F3. Not that I don’t like Derrick, I think he has played the best game, but I want to see them fight for it. Not get it handed on a platter.

      • When did they draw. I thought BOB was just over and hour ago? They usually don’t draw till Saturday and have it a couple of hours later.

      • Me too. Perfect scenario Donny gets to play in the POV and wins it. Then keeps noms the same. Well part one of my scenario came true, now for part two!

  1. I can see Victoria somehow winning the PoV and using it. Frankie and Zach will not get a much better chance of getting Cody out.

    • I don’t see Cody leaving against Caleb, Victoria, Derrick or Zach.
      I don’t see Victoria using Veto to save Caleb to target Cody either.

    • Agree with that! Good news, though is Frankie will not have a chance in hades to be HOH next time. Doesn’t mean he won’t be in the bed, though.

      • Not if Donny is HOH hopefully! I think the lonely Donny would prefer more solitude than to have Frankie squatting in the HOH room.

      • Would love to see it! Donnie needs those few nights to maybe get some good uninterrupted sleep.

  2. idk about this if caleb or cody win pov Victoria will just go up I doubt Frankie will try to make a big move and plus Frankie is one orf the people who think a Jury House Guest would return, So if pov is used Victoria should go up in her spot, I see a wated hoh for Frankie if pov is used

    • I see not only a wasted HOH but since they’re going back to a single HOH it only screws him next week cause he can’t compete which makes it that much easier to back door him next week especially after how this week will turn up. I see Frankie stirring up a lot of he say she say nonsense that’ll remind the guys that Frankie’s BB shelf life is expired, again just my opinion but it’s how I see it playing out this week since he’s the remaining HOH, whoever he starts scheming and talking to it’s going to report back to Derrick somehow which will be Frankie’s downfall.

    • Frankie keeps saying vic is going up and going home, but i can see silver-tongued derrick convincing him to put up zack and voting him out. No way does derrick want vic out

      • I would love to see Cody and Victoria on the block. Time for Derrick to squirm a little.

  3. idk about this if caleb or cody win pov Victoria will just go up I doubt Frankie will try to make a big move and plus Frankie is one orf the people who think a Jury House Guest would return, So if pov is used Victoria should go up in her spot, I see a wated hoh for Frankie if pov is used

    • Won’t happen, Frankie is too scared, Derrick has him misted and what’s funny about the whole thing is if the roles were reversed it would of been Frankie being back-doored

      • ha sorry dude you are allowed to indulge so indulge away, I hate to be the one to ruin a good dream. Mines to see Frankie fall on a sword of self reflection and suffer from Ego deflation with a result of him exiting BB in tears, again just my BB dream.

      • I’d be down for Frankie to get in one more move before being humiliated… getting rid of Derrick haha.

    • 100% bd Derrick!!!!!! Geezz, after throwing Frankie ,Zach, and Donny under the bus, all 3 open your eyes!! Time for Derrick to go.

  4. @Sherry – do the people in the house know at this point that he has organized every single move in this game and is completely running it? They seem kind of dumb to that fact to me.

    • No they don’t know, only person that suspects Derrick of anything is Donny and I guess by now the people in the jury house.

      • Donny does know, and Hayden on his exit interview knew. Nicole will give the jury house even more info. Change is coming…I hope. I you pay attention to Derrick he is always throwing Shade toward Donny. Don’t let the live show DR fool you. Derrick is not TA. That said neither is Frankie.

      • Exactly..and I get so aggravated when they both talk about Donny for refusing to do a mission..this TA thing has been a bust in my opinion. Donny knows what those two are up to.

      • I think Frankie and Christine see it also. They’re just to afraid of doing anything about it.

    • Kinda dumb.Really dumb.They just can’t think for themselves.If Donny could talk some sense into Christine and Hayden when he comes back(we hope)maybe they could do some damage.

  5. YUCK. I wanted Donny out this week. Too bad Christine is safe too… I guess I want whoever does go out to return next week. I wonder if Christine didn’t even try to throw it or if she did a crappy job of throwing it? They shouldn’t have put her with Donny in the first place–she’s unreliable. Cody would have been a better choice or else Caleb should have had another try at throwing the competition–he successfully threw one earlier in the season and very likely learned from his mistake in failing to throw the BotB when h was paired with Frankie.

    I don’t picture Donny lasting much longer anyway. Just wish he would go before the players I prefer, and that’s not happening this week. I would rather keep any of the others over him.

      • LOL, you have so much free time on your hands that you can make rude little replies to other people? :P

      • Sorry, I was trying to be funny. I wanted you to continue to comment. Some people think like you. I was being silly…IMO throwing a BoB comp when someone else is on the block, you should get a penalty nom. Caleb should not have gone on that reward.

      • That’s cause we love Donny and pay attention. Other people think he’s boring and change cameras. He’s funny as crap if you listen to him.

      • Alex is the one that said the HGs weren’t rude to Donny but rather Donny was the rude standoffish one(referring back to BB16Spoilers:Wk7 evict and HOH live REcap)Take it with a grain of salt. You make funny little cricket noises.

      • You think Donny is rude and standoffish because he doesn’t stay on the other HGs schedule, you said he needed to spend less time sleeping and make more of an effort to hang out with the other houseguests. Now Emma is supposedly rude for,dang, I don’t know what. But it is for sure obvious that your definition of rude and mine are not the same.We disagree, again, I’m still alive.

      • Love it..well said in a nutshell. Thank you, for understanding my Donny crickets. I really, like you KSJB :) you are feisty. I really enjoy your comments and perpective…as well as your opinion. Unfortunately, because it is written word, sometimes people interpret differently…and that is ok. I responded to Alex to try and soften what was thought was an attack of rude.

      • I’m honestly not very feisty. I have two older sisters who have always been the “chosen” ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but to get along you either agree or keep your mouth shut. I kept my mouth shut until about 2 yrs ago. I’m just enjoying a little new-found freedom of choice and opinion. I’m sure we all will be or have been guilty of being rude, but if that is all it takes to be considered rude, bless her soul.

      • Another disadvantage is that since nobody talks game to Donny he really doesn’t know what’s happening around him and who to talk game with.

      • That is a very good point. If he was on “their” schedule it would be no different. They still would not include him. The fact that he has structure is a lesson they would be smart to learn.

  6. can not wipe the smile off my face!!!!!!!!!!!! now if Hayden will come back into the house and him and Donny take over!!

  7. I singing the Happy song by Pharrell….I eant this to be the wake up song. I am so exicted Donny is safe. Christine and Donny won BoB! Ahhhh! yes! Cody and Caleb on the block. Love it. Bouns next week Donny can play for HOH…we a have a possibility of Hayden or Nicole coming back into the game next week. Frankie is Toast…He can not play, and only one person will be HOH next week.

  8. This is also good news for Zackattack as Frankie is much less likely to put him up than Derrick. Could Caleb be in trouble? Victoria for sure is now.

    • I would be surprised King Derrick would let his pawn go. The house may go against Derrick for the first time…whoa? If she does go I am thrilled. She has sucked up enough air, ate enough food, bah bye. . Better chance for Hayden or Nicole to renter the game.

      • I would like for Victoria to go..she won’t be able to stand an endurance next week to get back in…Cody or Caleb would. I want Nicole or Hayden to get back in and then team up with Donny.

      • That’s the only reason why I wouldn’t want Cody or Caleb to go. But I still want them gone. So it’s a risk. But they were talking last night if this was to happen they weren’t going to put up Victoria. They would backdoor Zach. But would Frankie really do that? That’s why I want Donny to win and not use it.

  9. Hopefully Caleb goes home this week then, since Frankie and Christine again luck out with the BOB results. I’m pulling for Derrick all the way, and Caleb going seems like what’s best for him.

    And, if he comes back he will just be supper pissed at Frankie

    • Ronnie it’s like you see the game playing out like I am, this screws Frankie for good cause he looses his shield BMC and Derrick saves his boy Cody cause he has all the votes to stay regardless of what Frankie tries to stir up against Cody in attempts to save Caleb, another clean bloodless week for Derrick in the books, now next week is going to be fun to watch cause remember Frankie can’t play in the HOH and no more BOTB or double HOH just 1 HOH and Derrick and everyone else can play in it that’s what I call guaranteed fireworks.

      • Now that I think about it, I believe that Derrick will convince Caleb to actually volunteer to go to jury over Cody so that he can be the one to come back into the house, keeping the alliance in power. He’ll remind him that he’s “beast-mode cowboy” and the best at competitions, and Caleb will likely take the bait.

  10. YAY DONNY! I’m sad for him because it is basically him Vs Detonators, but I guess that is the houses fault for not rallying together and not making more alliances. The only people who really made alliances were members within the Detonators, but never were faithful towards their B and C alliances which props for them.
    Now best case scenario is that Victoria or Donny win the POV, because it would officially cause rifts in the Detonators that would probably draw a line between them. I just hope whoever returns has Donny’s back going forward.

  11. A Victoria for Hayden swap for the final 8 would make this top 8 possibly the strongest ever……..

  12. Poor Derrick [not] might not have his Cody or his Victoria after next vote!! The puppet master is loosing his puppets!!!!!!

    • Not really, still don’t know who’s playing in the Veto and if they’re going to use it. Plus knowing Derrick I can see him cutting Caleb out of the picture knowing it hurts Frankie and then having Frankie take the blow for it without getting any blood on his hands. Remember he has the votes to get Caleb out, HIm, Victoria, Christine, Zach, and even Donny, and only 5 can vote this week, Royal Flush.

  13. It was a poor decision to put Donny up with Christine in the first place. Christine would have been a fine backdoor option, but now she’s safe for the week. And I’ll be surprised if Derrick lets Victoria get evicted this week. She’s too important for his game.

  14. SOO excited!!! I’m glad a good honest player like Donny is safe. He’s the only one currently in the house that realizes that Derrick is the pupeeter in this game and has been starting with the week Devin was evicted. And if they want to get rid of the floaters, Cody (stop kissing Derrick’s butt) and Victoria need to go. And to those who also agree about wanting derrick out, it won’t happen any time soon because unlike Frankie and some of the evicted houseguests, he is quiet about his game and has other people doing his dirty work.

  15. Yea the best ever.I don’t care who goes now.The boys can’t have it their way everytime.Derrick,maybe you should calm your ass down!

  16. Such much for your plan Derrick! I hope Cody goes home, then Victoria, Hayden returns and the real game begins. I agree Derrick is playing a great game but he really haven’t had much of a challenge so far.

    I wonder who is skating by now. Donny has won when it counted. Yay. Donny!

  17. Well this is great news! The only way this gets better is if Zach wins veto tomorrow and saves Caleb. Then you’d have Cody vs Derrick/Victoria which would be an interesting week to be sure.

  18. My heart was breaking for Donny..I am so happy he won all by himself..but when he was laying down in the fire room and tears were streaming down his broke my heart. These guys stayed up half the night plotting his demise and he proved his weight in gold around that house. This older man has won more comps than anyone in the house and he has to fight every single day because everyone wants him out…I am so glad they are scrambling now..I really hope this is not a wasted HOH and Victoria goes Donny needs to win that veto and keep noms the same..the only thing that worries me Caleb or Cody could come back in next week since it is endurance..but, so could Nicole or Hayden and if one of those could get back in and team up with Donny..that would be awesome!!! Way to go, Donny…America loves you!!!!

    • It made me sick that Derrick was up in HOH with Frankie talking trash about Donnie, how he never was really with TA and Donnie was very silent about just winning, that Donnie knows Christine tried to throw the BOB and how Donnie made alliances that didn’t include Frankie and Him all the while Donnie is in Fire room crying BC he knows Derrick just tried to screw him. I think Derrick is freaked cuz he knows Donnie isn’t under his control… I love it!!!!

      • I don’t think Donny has ever had a real alliance. He talked alot with Hayden..a little with Nicole, and so what if he did have a “side alliance” besides TA..he knows he can’t trust those two liars…I don’t think he ever really did have one..I hate the way they all seem to disrespect the guy. He is the competition beast!!! Really hope he wins the Veto.

      • Donny tried to get alliances going after Devin left. He wanted to work with Cody and Zachary as well as Hayden and Nicole but when over half the house is already in an alliance it’s so difficult. Wish there would have been a few less recruits on the show. They would have worked with him.

    • Aw mine did, too. Frankie can’t be HoH next week and Derrick may take the shot if he can. Surviving this week may have bought Donny two weeks safety. Especially if Frankie takes out Victoria. I think Cody’s safe against Caleb-Zach-Victoria-Derrick. If Derrick survives and loses Vic or Cody instead of Zach, he’s got to get revenge on Frankie ASAP.

  19. Lol. So much for your skittles plan. Can’t wait to see the challenge and their faces when Donny won. Tee hee! Wonder if Christine threw the challenge and Donny won on his own or it dawned on her she needed to win BOB?

  20. Whoopee! Finally, a break. Now, that Donny and Christine are safe this week, Derrick lost HOH and now, the Detonators have to eat one of their own. I just hope it does not get wasted on Victoria if someone gets off via
    POV! Now is an excellent time to get rid of Cody or better still, if Caleb gets off, put Derrick on the hot seat! That would create a lot of drama which has been lacking all the past boring weeks. The owe the Big Brother fans a good week full of surprises and drama! Let it be this week!

      • Yeah, it took like half a season to even get a bit of excitement. Hope it is worth it! Make it count. Put Derrick on the hot seat beside Cody.

    • yep yep and takeoff Caleb and put up derrick, make cody and derrick go against each other for safety!!

  21. Donny advising Zack in the SR, “you need to win the Veto for your protection” “Haven’t heard anything, but that’s what I think” lol Boy!, Was he spot on !

      • That is what Donny, Nicole and Hayden should be doing. Take all the info but, keep it to yourself. You cannot trust anyone from the Detonators alliance. Nicole kept telling Cody and Derrick all the info she picked up which put a larger target on her back. They also knew her plans because she told Christine, Cody, Derrick and Caleb. Hell, she told everyone on the Detonators side!

      • Yes, Nicole talked way too, she knows she messed up so if she gets back in next week, she can team up with Donny and start getting some of them out.

      • I love Donny BUT I also would love Nicole to come back in and win it all, BUT she is still too trusting so Hayden come back and work with Donny and Zach and get out derrick, cody, Frankie and Christine!! THEN Donny can take Victoria with him to the final 2 and win all the money!

      • Donny’s method is to Sit, Observe, and Listen. Let’s hope that renders the other HGS..SOL.

    • I definitely see Derrick pushing for a backdoor Zach plan. Hopefully Zach didn’t forget he was very close to going home and his best friend was part of that plan. Derrick is going try to use his mist to save his minions (Cody and Victoria). Donny needs to win the veto and keep the nominations the same.

      • He’s already talking to Frankie about the need to protect Cody/Victoria/Caleb. I’m not sure what Frankie is thinking, but Derrick seems to be showing his cards a little bit.

    • Last week Zack and Donny bonded being have nots and on the block together. They are still have nots, so nutruing Donny knows, and I think Zack can figure out. Zack knows he is not safe. Cause they were trying to burn him again putting him on the block…Zack didn’t bite.

    • I don’t think Zach was picked to play. SInce ZIngbot is coming in the morning..they picked players a little bit ago. Checking twitter….Donny was picked to play along with Christine and Victoria.

      • POV Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Donny, Christine and Victoria are playing. Derrick is hosting. Zach was not chosen.

      • Oh they picked already? Maan..Zack could be backdoored then. You think Frankie will do it?

      • Yes, it was just done a few minutes ago. Yep, Zack could be backdoored. Yes, Frankie will do it. Zack has been playing Frankie, the others know and will rat him out…all lah Caleb. Notice Frankie has a new buddy Caleb.

      • Hope not. Think he has to save Beastmode or he’s a goner. Frankie can get a TON of camera and tv time if he either cripples Derrick or makes “the biggest move of the season” of evicting Derrick.

      • No, they haven’t picked the Veto players. I’m sorry, the discussion was if he gets picked and they hoped he does, he needs to win it.

    • No kidding. They were talking about back dooring Zach last night. Sure you can trust your alliance Zach if you go up. We have your back. We’ll stick a knife in it but we have your back.

  22. YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! I can’t wait to see their faces when it all falls apart on them sunday. oh boy. oh boy.

    • I hope not because she is going to take off Cody. That would be a waste. I rather Caleb get off and Derrick put on the hot seat. That would guarantee a strong player is taken out!

  23. Please please let it be Caleb going jury. I don’t think I can stand another one of his stories on BBAD. That said, I am saving a ton of time fast forwarding every time he is on camera!! And Nicole back in the house would be awesome!!

    • I am afraid if Caleb goes out on Thursday, with it being an endurance comp..he has a good shot of winning and getting back in to start the same crap all over again. We need Hayden or Nicole to get back in and team up with Donny.

      • I agree, but I’m hoping that all the slop he has been eating will make Caleb weak…Or that Nicole will find a way to hang on! If not Nicole then Hayden will do.

      • It might be something like when Brendan came back with rolling the basketballs into the hole. Hayden could easily win that kind of a comp.

  24. I am just so excited “skater” beard Donny is safe while side kick floater Cody is on the block (with beast node cowboy). Ha! Second time throwing a comp scenario did not work.ha!

    • She didn’t throw the comp, they actually won it which is why Derrick is dethrowned and Cody and Caleb are still on the block.

      • She did throw it..Donny did all of the work Frankie did last week. That is all she keeps talking about now. She says she hates Donny. She better watch out..BB fans take that kind of stuff seriously when you are picking on someone we really like!!!!

      • IKR! I know you are joking, but some fans do go way over the top when a fave is picked on. Remember the death threats Shelly’s family got when she went against Jeff? That’s was crazy.

      • NO she tried to help Caleb and production made her stop.. They think Donny knows she was trying to lose it..

  25. I want Donny to win veto and NOT use it so they have to eat their own and fight over which one (Caleb/Cody) is going to get the boot out the door. That will make the live feeds worth watching this week. lol

      • And we know Victoria’s not going anywhere os it could be bye bye Cody on this one. Of course, Caleb will be on the losing end if he doesn’t.

      • But, do we want it to be Caleb..he could come right back in next week. That scares me a little!

      • That’s just it, if he gets evicted by his own alliance members over Viki, he’ll know by then that the BS Alliance is done and gone.

      • You have to try and count who has control of the votes, Derrick? or Frankie? and if its voting Caleb out all votes go to Derrick voting out Caleb regardless if he knows the BS Alliance is done.

      • If Caleb returns to the game if he gets evicted on Thursday, we’re not sure if he’ll come in as a hurricane brought upon by that sense of betrayal.

      • Even if he does come back as a hurricane, I guarantee the finger will be pointed at Frankie for him being HOH and already having a history of scheming and throwing people under the bus, BB paranoia at it’s finest and it’s Caleb he’ll eat it up.

      • No I don’t want him back, but he is not in the detonators, he thinks it’s still BS and he’s part of him. He’s in for rude awaking if Vic wins POV. I know laughable right?

    • I see Caleb going out in that situation, reason why is Derrick has info he can give to Zach letting him know that Caleb was coming after him this week cause he chose not to volunteer for the BOTB which is true and not fabricated and that gives Derrick, Zachs, Victoria’s, Christine’s and even Donny’s vote and as for the jury member coming back, I still have a feeling that Hayden or Nicole can beat Caleb in an endurance comp if it means going back in the house.

  26. You can see the relief on Donny’s smiling face! It made me sad seeing him so sad the other night when he said he was all alone in the game. What is it that the other players fear in him? Honesty and loyalty are my two guesses.

  27. No I’m sorry I suspect what’s going to happen is whoever wins the POV , if it’s not Victoria or Donny will use it and Victoria will go up. There’s not going to be any shakeup, it always works out for these people and this week will be no different. I’m sick to death of Frankie every time I turn on After Dark there he is, they even have the camera on him when he’s sleeping for God’s sake.
    It’s bloody annoying and it’s gotten really old and boring, I really don’t get the fascination with this guy. Well that’s my rant for the day have a good night everyone.

    • You forget, Caleb isn’t in the Detonators. Derrick is controlling that house, he will not let Victoria go up.

      Say goodbye to Caleb if he doesn’t win PoV.

      • I think he will protect Caleb, even more so than Cody. He’s loyal and so easily manipulated. He’s still talk about the Bomb Squad that hasn’t existed for months.

    • They were talking last night on the feeds if this happened they wanted to back door Zach. I think Victoria is safe.

  28. Matthew you got JUST what you talked about this afternoon. Everybody talking about the BOB and what will happen next.

  29. Yeah, Donny lives to fight another day! Fear the beard! And the orange Skittles! Long live Donny and yella Skittles!

  30. BBAD is a bunch of babies whining…cry me a river. Mawhahaha to bad so sad you lost!

  31. If Cody or Caleb go home then one of them can be the 4 player to get back in and if it’s endurance then I think Caleb would have a good chance at getting back in I would really like to see Christine go and Hayden win back in

  32. So what is the plan now? If the veto is used on one of the nominees would Victoria be going home or would it be Caleb/Cody?

    Another question is if Caleb wins the veto and Victoria is the renom, would Derrick keep Victoria or Cody?

  33. As a Donny fan I am happy. As a BB fan, I am happier. I hope Donny and Vic get picked and hope on of them wins the Veto, because it more then likely will not be used. I really hope its Donny, that would just be icing on the cake to this week.

  34. I am almost hoping Derrick wins veto. If he doesn’t use it to save Cody, he has some splainin’ to do. And how will he save Victoria this week if someone else uses the veto. Frankie has no reason not to put her up.

    • He would have to explain to Cody but Victoria would not be a problem. If he saves Cody he loses Victoria because NO WAY is Frankie putting up Zach unless Derrick spreads some lies. Too chancey. I would like to see Zach win it and NOT use it. Even though for jury coming in the best move would be Victoria leaving.

  35. Caleb just said he would trip Donny up and bust his face before he lets Donny win veto. I hope he gets evicted.

  36. Hahaha too bad Derrick your plan didn’t work. Now I hope Donny plays and wins POV and doesn’t use it. Guess you don’t know everything Derrick.

      • That would be perfect but I think Derrick has everyone wrapped around his finger. We need Hayden to come back and take care of Derrick.

      • I know. In her Jeff interview she said she’d go after Christine. I want her gone too though. But I think Hayden may do more damage. But I love Nicole. I’m glad they will compete to come back because I’d be torn on who to vote for.

    • For me the smart move if for Frankie to take Caleb off and put up Derrick. If Frankie has not yet figured out he is disposable he deserves to lose. Donny needs to convince Frankie that he is next if he does not get rid of Derrick now.
      I agree Derrick is the best player in the house – but how is it Donny with no real help has survived this long?- he is doing something right and also seems to be America’s favorite. I do not remember any season where one player was so liked by he views. I do not remember but does BB have a prize for that at the end, or is that Survivor or both?
      Maybe just maybe Christine saw the writing on the wall and worked hard to save Donny – if this is the case she is then on board for a BD of Derrick

    • He’s the best player thus far! He may get evicted but he played the best! We can’t take that away from him.

  37. People on live feeds are thinking POV will be tonight because Zingbot nearly passed out last year from the heat. They are sure it’s coming.

    • I hope so. I don’t have to do anything tomorrow so I can stay up late to watch the feeds. Lol

  38. Well TVGN got screwed again, Jeff is on. They should demand a refund from CBS. Happened last Fri and Sat.

  39. Frankie remained HOH, Has Derrick decided on who the renom is? Did he order them to use the Veto?

    • U kidding? Derrick doesn’t want to risk a renom/back door opportunity for Frankie to use on him. Derrick can get the votes to take out Caleb. But Caleb is Frankie’s boy and like any good “dad” (Frankie’s words), he needs to use Veto to save Caleb. If Zach wins Veto the only 2 renom choices are Victoria and Derrick right? And in Derricks words, he (Derrick) should have won BoB. (Derricks comment when he and Frankie were discussing people being unhappy about being nominated…probably intended to use that on Frankie when his BoB team won, per the “plan”, and he B/D’d Frankie – I can hear him saying that.)
      Speaking of the “safe” side, is Cody freaking out, just a little??

    • Has Christine told Frankie that was her intention the whole time because she “heard” that Derrick was going to B/D Frankie? Lol. If Derrick survives this week, does he cut Frankie’s or Christine’s throat first? Donny may have won safety for 2 weeks if Derrick stays and Victoria goes.

  40. I hope Hayden comes back allies himself with Donny and they get Victoria to go with them. 3 v 5 doesnt seem that unmatched.

    • Nope, never happen. She LOVES Derrick and will not go any where. Their best bet is to try Zach Caleb or Cody. All 3 could be swayed, problem is they could be swayed back. They are easily swayed. Zach is the most distrusting of Frankie and Derrick.

      • If Hayden comes back it’ll be Hayden and Donny and I bet Zach joins and stays with them. He knows both Fakie and Derprick have tried to get him out several times. And Zach and Donny had a couple of good talks in the HN room this week. Zach knows he’s not going to go to the end with either Derprick or Fakie.

  41. Enjoyed it all. Going to lay down and watch. Can use the DVR if I fall asleep. T usually what I do while they are sleeping.

  42. Doing my happy dance! Well, ok too tired for that right now, but in my mind I am doing the happy dance! ;)

    • Thinking about it can sometimes be as fulfilling but not nearly as exhausting…according to the dance you do.

  43. OMG THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING EVER. However if a detonator goes home I will be sad cause then they have a chance of comin back, and with the luck my favorite players are having, the detonator will be the one to come back. Hoping Victoria goes.

  44. Donny might end up going down in BB history as having won the most comps WHEN NEEDED to save himself – good for him, take THAT Derrick! I knew Derrick was lying through his teeth when he told Donny that he (Derrick) didn’t plan on nominating him (on BBAD last night).

  45. I’m really not so sure who the “floater” is. There are quite a few people that haven’t won hardly anything and still in the game. I love them all … This is actually the best Season I’ve watched in a long time. Victoria shouldn’t be there (my opinion). She hasn’t won anything. The ONLY reason she won POV (earlier in the Season) was because Caleb took the money over the Veto. I feel if you can’t win ANYTHING then maybe they should be voted out. Again … It’s just a game ~~ A really great Season

  46. Has Donny really been “HOH” (???) My mind is Blank on that one (lol). Sorry Guys … I guess that one slipped my mind.

  47. Frankie is in the HOH with other HGs and hes not making himself the center of attention. Frankie if he can will backdoor Derrick with week… Just set back and watch….Frankie is up to something

    • Derrick won’t want POV used because Caleb gets evicted. But Caleb is Frankie’s boy so he’ll want to save him. If Zach wins POV, the only 2 left to choose from to renom are Derrick and Victoria, right?

  48. I love how when Frankie wins BoB it’s rigged but no one has suggested it now because Donny won. What production only rigs it when someone you don’t like wins? Some people are just sore losers.

    • I’d like to give production the benefit of the doubt because it’s never always certain if a rigging actually took place or it just happens Frankie has the skills to win a comp that requires timing, balance and stamina which is no easy feat for anyone.

      I actually read someone’s post from a BB16 thread in PinoyExchange saying that production must have rigged this week’s BOB to favor Donny which I find BS.

      • I think they all win fair and square. I just think it’s funny everyone was all over Frankie for winning and now it is all the love for Donny. I like Donny as a person but not really in the game. I have watched this for years and sometimes the favorites win and sometimes they don’t. It’s a game

      • Well, you know people when they are so invested over a player in the game. I had that feeling when I felt utter disappointment over Spencer getting voted out in Survivor Cagayan. But I still love the show though because ultimately payback’s a b!tch for Woo.

  49. I just had a thought…. 1 of the 4 returning houseguests is going to become one of the HOH next week if the double HOH is still in play. Though I have read somewhere that it’s over with.
    I would find it one hell of a twist if the returning houseguest is not only safe that week but is the new HOH for the week as well.
    Ideally we all want Victoria to actually win this POV, Stankie puts up Derrick and everyone votes him out.
    Sadly, with the threat of one of the first 4 jury members coming back. It would be great to send Victoria out, but with Derrick dragging her along. I doubt she will be put up. Derrick is going to work Frankie like a government mule to put up Zach if the veto is used.
    Btw Derrick is playing the best game. I thought it was odd America choose him to be on TA, but was ok with him until he started tossing Donny’s name out there every time to be the pawn or to go home.
    some say Donny is a floater…. how so? he hasn’t switched sides. he has done a couple things for TA. He has pretty much been isolated except for a few random talks he has had with others. He didn’t compromise his game for money. He has won competitions without the help of others, even some trying to get him to lose. He sees through Derrick’s ruse and how he is running the house, which makes him that threat to Derrick. The only reason Derrick is still able to keep controlling the house is because Donny hasn’t blown up his game by mention it to anyone. Why? cause no one really talks to him, let alone talk to him about the game.

    • Julie announced that this is the last week of the dual HOH twist so it will be back to single HOH’s again on Thursday. I hope Donny wins HOH next week and finally shakes up the house. He needs to take out Derrick or he’ll be in danger again next week.

      • I agree with you on that. either Donny, or Nicole or Hayden even Jacosta if she is lucky enough to come back in. God knows she would be on Donny’s side.
        Don’t think Victoria would go up as a renom cause Derrick is trying to keep her until the very end so he has someone to beat. Considering she hasn’t done anything other than get handed one POV by Caleb.

  50. Yay! Soooooo happy for Donny! I hope the nominations stay the same and Nicole comes back into the house!

  51. I predict that Cody will get the POV get taken off the block and Victoria will be put up and evicted and just my opinion even though Nicole’s out I see her winning it all<3

  52. How come no one is complaining about production fixing this and threatening never to watch again?

    • Because they only do so when someone they don’t like wins it. I actually am reading posts in other BB sites where they’re saying it’s rigged for Donny to win. and I’m like, “what the hell people?” Like seriously, just stop.

      I’m sure there’s still those who haven’t gotten over the hand that pushed Helen off from a balance beam last year. lol

  53. Remember guys: this week’s evictee has a chance to get back in the game. Even if Victoria gets evicted, she may get some “magic power” and pull the endurance competition off.

  54. That be funny if Caleb won POV and took himself off the block and Frankie renominates Derrick! Derrick is evicted from the house just like Nicole.

  55. Would be a awesome time to back door Frankie, these people need to start playing there own game, there’s no more 2 HOH winners so its time to get Serious,I think Derrick deserves to win BB, he’s played the best game, him wanting to take Victoria to the end is genius, she has done nothing in this game but primp in the mirror, if goes with Frankie , he could possibly loose.

  56. i didn’t watch the nominations yet. i don’t know with derrick and Frankie hoh. did Cody and clab get put up . ive always said they need to get Donny and Christine out now it may be to late

  57. Spoiler: Frankie won Veto & as of right now Derrick has decided to backdoor Zach. Of course Frankie has obeyed & will use the Veto on Caleb & everyone will vote Zach out. That’s as of right now. Hopefully Frankie makes a big move that’s his own & backdoors Derrick. Wishfull thinking. Fingers crossed. Question: Since when has Derrick become one of the producers of the show?

  58. Well donny did something amazing , not only did he win on his own but he did it against three people working against him. frankie won against two but donny not only had the two but the third his own team mate who not only did not try but actually helped the other team, and cheated for them.
    Christine is really a piece of work, no guts at all.

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