Big Brother 16: Power of Veto Scenarios In Week 8

The Power of Veto competition will be held later today in the Big Brother 16 house and the HGs are working quickly to regroup after last night’s Battle of the Block caught them off-guard. Now we have the Veto players selected and ready to go with just the Zingbot left to get this party started.

Zach and Donny prepare for the Veto
Zach and Donny prepare for the Veto – Source: CBS

Late last night the HGs gathered and the Veto chip box was brought out. When the Live Feeds returned (get your Free Trial now!) we learned that Christine, Donny, and Victoria would be joining Frankie, Caleb, and Cody in the competition. Derrick was selected by Frankie to host.

With so few options left in the game for players and renom possibilities the HGs were busily figuring out what might happen and who could win the comp.

Since neither Cody or Caleb were the original targets (that was Donny), the guys alliance is anxious to rescue their numbers from potential eviction, but there’s a risk in that move for some of them which will impact the choice to use the Power of Veto.

If either Cody or Caleb win the Veto today then they’ll definitely use it and come down. No brainer.

Should Frankie win the PoV then he just might use it to save Caleb, according to what he told Derrick. Now I’m sure that gave Derrick some panicky thoughts. Frankie said he would renom Victoria in that case and Victoria would be a sitting duck against Cody. That nom pairing would really be one of Derrick’s worst case scenarios (aside from him being up there, of course). Cody and Victoria are Derrick’s major pawns in the game and losing either of them will hurt his master plan.

Christine could pull off another Veto win and if she does then watch for her to save Cody, her snuggle buddy. Same as before, if Cody comes down then I think Frankie will renom Victoria.

Anything is possible, but if Frankie had to name a renom this instant I really do think he’d go for Victoria over trying to shock his alliance with a Derrick renom or even a Zach one. Since Donny and Christine won BotB there are no other options besides those three this week.

The two players that I don’t think would use it are Donny and Victoria. Donny knows Cody and Caleb were part of the plan to get him out and it’d be a dream come true for him to chip away at their numbers by their own hands.

Victoria would be hesitant to use the Veto as well since that would make Derrick vulnerable to the renom. She’s already promised Derrick she wouldn’t use it and I believe her. Victoria needs Derrick and won’t risk him being evicted this week.

Had Derrick remained HoH in this scenario then I’d say Zach was in big danger this week, but with Frankie at the helm of any final decisions on renom I think Zach has a lot better odds of safety.

What do you hope will happen today with the Zingbot themed Veto comp? We’ll have the comp results and spoilers soon so join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates so you never miss another thing!


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  1. Frankie thinking of putting Victoria on the block is a huge waste of his HOH. He should realize that either you play or get played! Last season, Helen waited and waited to evict Amanda all the while, she even helped evict those on her side and see how that one turned out. The same fate will fall on Frankie because Derrick will not hesitate to take him out if he has to! Also, taking Derrick or Cody now, will cripple the alliance of those two and give you the advantage. It amazes me that this late in the game and people are still trying to float all the way to the finals. It is not happening because to reach Final 2—-you have to vote people out including that of your own alliance! That ship has sailed and isn’t coming back.

    • I was thinking Frankie might be telling Derrick he would put up Victoria, but he may put up Derrick. Frankie, want to put Victoria on the block and Derrick said it was a waste of HoH.

  2. getting the biggest threat [of winning] out of the game right now would mean putting up Derrick and voting him out, or the only way to weaken him would be for either Cody or Victoria to be voted out!! Derrick is mentally playing the game while Donny is playing both mentally and physically, and now is the time for Donny to plant that seed big time that derrick will win the whole thing if he is not taken out of the game, I wish derrick would go out and not come back in, but a better guarantee for hayden to come back would be for Victoria to leave Thursday, as usual only time will tell!

    • Fakie was counting jury votes last night and knew that no one that has gone would vote for him. He may just take out Derprick so he can say he took out the biggest threat and Derprick should respect his game. Of course no one but Donny and Zach think they’ll have a returning HG so as long as Zach doesn’t go the house could actually flip. ABOUT TIME!!

      • One can only hope. If Zach and Donny continue to solidify their relationship and then throw in say Hayden from the returning juror we could really begin to see the tides turn.

      • I hope Donny whens Americas Favorite. It would be great because he deserves it and I would love to see Frankie’s reaction. Ever since he’s revealed himself, he’s been acting like everyone needs to cater to him.

    • The reason I feel Donny wouldn’t plant a seed is because he’s damned if does and damned if he doesn’t. Everytime he’s talked game he’s been ridiculed for it. If Donny plead his case to Frankie (a good one BTW) i believe Frankie would take it back to the Alliance. Derrick being the sly dog that he is would get himself out of it. If Derrick were to get out, Frankie will have to be the one to realize it on his own. So do I blame Donny for not trying to build a team? Nope. Everyone that has tried was evicted. (Joey, Brittany, Amber, Nicole, etc).

      • Which is what Donny has observed and now is faced with having to win comps to keep him in the house than form alliances at this stage in the game.

  3. Derrick is lucky he is in a house of less than smart players, his blatant control over the house would’ve been stopped on any other season….Derrick’s not brilliant, he’s an arrogant bossy jerk that constantly gets his own way. His nomination strategy was spineless and designed so he wouldn’t get blood on his hands. Derrick got the “alliance” to agree to drawing names using Skittles. Wasn’t something similar to this done on a previous season? Suddenly when Derrick comes up with this it’s a brilliant idea? Somebody needs to grow some balls and evict this control freak!

    I hope that Donny wins the POV and keeps the nominations the same. Time for Cody to get to steppin – He’s done nothing all summer except dry hump a married woman and ride Derrick’s coattails!

    • Eric stop making things up, “Wasn’t something similar to this done on a previous season?” If you know your BB history then you should know your facts before making wild assumptions to help fuel your hate for “Cops” or in this case Derrick. Dude you need to check your emotions at the door and if you haven’t done your math, in your scenario, if Donny doesn’t use the veto and noms stay the same, Derrick controls the votes to evict Caleb not Cody which is who will be going out that door on Thurs if noms stay the same.

      • Sad, but true…the other HGs will listen to Derrick before they listen to Zach or Donny! It’s Derrick who’s planted seeds as to why Donny should go before Caleb and if Donny won, he wanted Caleb out instead. Sooo glad Donny kept that from playing out this week.

      • I’m glad you see it like I do Joni, and your right it is sad but true cause that’s how I see the scenario being played out if noms stay the same.

      • Frankie will listen to Zach. If Zach can convince Frankie that Derrick is a bigger target, he may think twice.

      • Bottom line the show would be more entertaining with Derrick gone – He controls the entire house/votes – If he were to be evicted the game much actually be interesting and fun to watch again – Watching Derrick steamroll over the other players is a snoozefest

      • I hear ya. It’s been getting quite predictable. Someone needs to get inventive and shake it all up, something Zach tried earlier and failed. I really hope Zach can do it successfully this time now that he’s figured out that it isn’t Frankie who’s been calling the shots! :-)

      • Though it would be more entertaining, the idea of anyone other than Donny winning the game after a Derrick eviction sickens me. Zach, Cody, Christine, and Caleb have all benefited from Derrick doing most of the legwork. Frankie would be a deserving winner but unbelievably insufferable. He would be Andy to the tenth power, plus a legion of brainless Ariana fans to fight his PR battles for him. I’m not even going to pretend that Victoria has a shot at winning this.

        Derrick has put far more effort into his game than any other HG, so much to the point that if he doesn’t win, it’s like Lisa winning over Danielle and Jason or Drew and Cowboy making it to the end over Nakomis and Diane. The best players put in the leg work while the schmucks reap the rewards.

      • I agree. I want him gone. Liked him in the beginning but after a couple weeks he turned into a dictator. And picking skittles for nominations. Give me a break.

      • Caleb needs to go too he is nothing but a stalker and has proven it on this show he was relentless with his obsession with Amber,since she left he has gone from beast mode cowboy to beast mode sissy.

    • I don’t think he is bossy. He doesn’t have to be. These people are basically playing his game for him. The one mistake he may be making, if you can call it a mistake, is that he is allowing others to get the credit for his moves. I wonder if he makes the final two will people recognize he was in control or will they think he floated to the end? Remember, what we see and they see are very different.

      But if Derrick does make it to the end without being discovered I think he deserves consideration for one of the best BB players ever. He has managed to manipulate everyone, including Cody without getting blood on his own hands.

      I agree the people in the house are dumb and that makes it easy for him but I also recognize he is playing the game brilliantly.

      • I’m not so sure Derrick is going to make it to the end – Me thinks the producers are going to manipulate the game in a way that the returning player will be someone to expose Derrick’s game play – Furthermore the DR will start planting seeds in other player’s minds as to what Derrick is up to – This is a TV Show not the Olympics – Fairness and honor be damned – Producers are going to stoke the flames and blow up Derrick’s carefully crafted game – They want the show to go out with a bang not a wimper – Mark my words

      • I can only hope so…but they didn’t do that last season, letting Andy get to the final 2 instead of Judd!

      • Yes, but Judd coming back did get Amanda and mccrae gone. So, Derrick has many hurdles yet to come.

      • True, but not if he can just let things go where they may. He’s not yet to figure out it could happen if he just stops trying so hard! :-)

      • It all boils down to his argument speech in front of the Jury. (if he makes it to F2)…and we all know the guy can talk.

      • And talk, and talk and talk. Last night that’s all I watched for a couple of hours was Derrick blah, blah, blah. I finally turned them off.

      • Yes, but while allowing others to take the credit, it is also putting the target on them, not Derrick…exactly his intentions and great strategy.

    • This is the most ridiculous argument out there. Ever stop to think that Derrick is MAKING them look like fools? Did we discredit Dan for running through the competition during his two seasons? Did we look at season 2’s house guests and say they were terrible because Will played them all like fiddles? Of course not. We gave them mad props for getting everyone to do what they (Dan and Will) wanted. If you’re going to use the “oh his cast is awful” argument, you need to use it with every other house guest.

      Derrick getting his alliance to draw Skittles is brilliant. Instead of getting mad at him, they get annoyed with each other for not volunteering to go up. Nobody was even mad at Derrick for not putting up Victoria, someone who isn’t even in their alliance.

      Derrick is playing a great game. He’s gotten his way but makes everyone else think it was their idea.

      People like you are annoying. We get a player in Derrick who is actually playing the game and you want him gone. You’re probably the same dude who doesn’t like floaters either. You can’t want both the floaters and manipulators out of the game.

      • You make some cogent arguments regarding Derrick’s game play and strategy – That being said – I don’t appreciate the personal insults – We are discussing a TV Show – No need to go there – Have a nice weekend

      • Oh gosh I called you annoying. Big deal. You called Derrick arrogant and a jerk, which are both personal attacks LOL!

        Pot meet kettle. Hi kettle. I’m pot.

      • derrick is a game player eric is a poster u insulted a poster there is one hell of a big difference personal attacks on posters not supposed to be allowed

      • Wiggy people like Eric have a myopic view on the game of Big Brother. Only way for him to broaden his horizons is for him to wake up, maybe do some research on the game itself since he has no history knowledge of it from previous seasons and start to appreciate the strategy great players use to try and win the game. Derrick is one of those players but for Eric his hate for “Cops” is what stops him from appreciating the game play he uses and rather see him with a badge and a gun shooting civilians that are unarmed?? In his mind he maybe seeing Derrick as Agent Smith and the BB house as the Matrix, Dude Wake UP, this is not the Matrix.

    • The assertion that Derrick “would’ve been stopped on any other season”..we will never know and don’t really care. ..worthless speculation. This is HIS season and he is playing it for all it is worth and I would say fairly brilliant and he isn’t my #1 guy. Saying his nomination strategy was spineless…no. If you want to be truthfuI, even if you don’t like the guy, IT WAS STRATEGY, and to his favor., very smart strategy. A vast majority of things in the BB house are duplicated in some form or another from past BB seasons Why does that bother you, because it worked in Derrick’s favor? Get a grip, Eric. All you see when you look at Derrick is”COP”, you’ve mad it clear with past posts. Sorry you have had an obvious life-changing experience with a presumably dirty cop. They are everywhere. My hometown has them. There are bad teachers,dirty politicians. I know an Eric who is impotent. Does that mean all are the same? I totally agree with your last paragraph.

      • Beautifully written and 100% factual and correct, now lets hope this information isn’t too much for Eric to comprehend or digest cause he fails to distinguish the difference between Derrick being a “Cop” and him playing the BB “Game”. Let’s give him some time to take this all in cause all of his post have been nothing but redundant rant about a man’s profession and nothing about the game play he uses, see the Facts Eric, Seeeee theeeee Facts.

    • people talk about Victoria being a floater,but Cody is the biggest floater in the house,and Christine needs to stop flirting with the jackass,before her hubby comes to the final broadcast with divorce papers for her cheating butt,she certainly deserves it.I did like Derrick at 1st but now he is a freaking jerk and needs to go.

    • I agree 100% So tired of hearing how great Derrick is. He over talks everything, and everyone. He always lays out to the others and they just lap it up. He is in a house of idiots. He also touches his mouth/stache when he is uncomfortable saying something What him. If a better group of players were – no if the others were even trying to play- he would be called out for his control freak ways. Telling people to go to bed, Vic and Donny the other day. Dude take a chill pill.

  4. During the end of this morning’s BBAD Cody was sulking in bed to Victoria, of all people, about being on block, and is stressed …. Ha!!

    And, by the end of the telecast, with prompting from Victoria, he gathered up enough strength to get up and out of his bed and walked over to Victoria’s bed where the snuggled and she rubbing his head/hair ….. Hmmm, wait til Christine hears about this …

    • Ugh! Cody is such a cry floater baby. Suck it up and PLAY the game, can’t always hide behind Derrick.

    • She’s not giving him a pity party, though if you noticed when she countered that with, “I’ve been on the block 4 times”! :-)

  5. If noms stay the same, Caleb will most likely leave unless one of Christine, Victoria, or Derrick flip magically. If Caleb goes, hope he sucks in the come-back competition. Best case would be Victoria leaving; it would give Hayden or Nicole the best shot at returning.

    • I don’t know, Caleb has been crappy lately on competitions. He can’t even throw comps, and if the come-back competition has “money” he would choose money instead. lol

  6. giveforward(dot)com has a Donny Thompson fund. In several interviews he talked about using any money he wins to have eye surgery. I hope no matter what happens he can get that surgery done. With what he’s won he still has to pay 2 state taxes–CA and NC plus Fed and since he quit his job to come on BB I want to be sure gets the surgery. I couldn’t give much but any little bit I can do to support him makes me happy.

    • Me too!!! Heck, even Victoria might pull off winning the Veto. She’s won 3 comps so far, one of them a Veto, what most keep forgetting. What has Cody won?? I think Cody needs to go so we don’t have to watch him and Christine getting a bit too cozy anymore! Plus Cody has basically been playing Derrick’s game the whole season.

    • Yes but the comp could be favored for one to win. I think if it’s a mental/physical it would favor Hayden and Nicole. Having said that last year it was endurance. They had all HG competing for HOH with the 4 returning being on one end with a divider between them. Judd won the chance to go back in.

      • I remembered that. It’s funny that the current HGs don’t know about this happening again this year with jury members…so they’re not even talking game with that scenario!!! Remember last year, Julie told all the HGs in the house about that twist. This year she only told the evicted jury HGs this info! Loving that! :-)

    • Ian/BB14 was the guest on a BB site and they were discussing this twist. His guess was America’s Vote instead of comp…who knows?

      • Yeh, I saw that too (about wanting Nicole back, since she knows more now than Hayden did when he left)…but Ian has said a lot of stuff lately that hasn’t panned out (see Judd’s podcast). Guess we just have to stayed tuned.

      • Nope, won’t be a vote because next thursday evected HG will be eligible. So no time for vote. Will be like last year and a endurance comp.

      • I like it last year. Where all of them get to participate in the endurance comp with a chance to become HOH?…that’s awesome.

  7. I’m hoping Donny wins POV and leaves them the same. He wants Caleb gone so I think he would. Good thing for Donny (and bad) is they heard somebody clapping and hollering when Donny won BOB. Now Frankie and Derrick know that America loves Donny. They will think twice about evicting him now.

    • Donny really would like to see Cody gone before Caleb if you listened to him talking to Nicole before she was evicted. He said he would like to split up the two he felt were running the show and he named them, something he normally never talked much about to the rest of the HGs.

      • Yep and last night Donny and Zach were talking about a HG returning. They are the only 2 who think that. But Donny’s original list was Christine, Frankie, Caleb then Cody and Derrick. I think he saw that they were ready to evict Caleb so he has moved him down the list.

      • I missed that convo I guess, but glad those are the two talking about it. That must have been what changed Donny’s game plan! :-)

      • If Donny wins POV expect the DR to give him a little nudge as to Derrick’s true motives – No way will the producers allow Derrick skate to $500k without some type of push back from the other players

    • Except that he and Derrick already agreed the target was Victoria. So it will be interesting to see if Derrick tries to convince Donny to leave the noms the same and explains why he changed his mind about Victoria. Donny is the one person in the house who seems to pick up on things like that. He may start wondering why Derrick lied to him about Victoria. Who knows? Maybe Donny will finally realize Derrick is playing everyone.

    • I think the only reason why Frankie is not backdooring Derrick is for the fear of him returning into the game if not then he is an idiot and they may just give King Derrick the cheque

  8. if the noms stay the same Caleb would leave b/c Derrick and Christine would vote to save him and Victoria always votes with Derrick and you only need three this week. Donny and Zach’s votes mean nothing, and if they get rid of Donny next week he can’t come back

  9. This is the first time in a long time I’m pro- Frankie. I really hope he sticks to not nominating Zack. My hope is Nicole comes back and works with Donny and Zack to change this game.

    • yep agree BUT if Nicole comes back she is too easily swayed by people like derrick, Donny Zach and hayden together I think could be the magical alliance come next week!! so I kinda hope Frankie will put up derrick and then convince everybody that he is the biggest threat so vote him out,

      • Disregard other message…re-read it again so my answer is I totally agree to some degree! LOL

      • yes they can as well as Jocosta and this weeks HG that is voted out! one of the ones voted out will play to get back in this week!

  10. I hope Frankie makes a big move an put Derrick on the block next to cody, Derrick has controlled every one in the house except Devin, an maybe Amber, & Brittany, that’s why he wanted to hurry up an get rid of them b/c they used they’re own minds and were good at comps, Devin was a real threat to derricks game that’s why in the first week he wanted devin out, cause he was a physical,& mental threat to derrick an would never let derrick control him like everyone else in the house did. what I don’t get about these house guest is they all hated devin an said he was evil, controlling, unstable, an paranoid, but yet they all let derrick run their whole game, an kept a paranoid unstable zach, and a creepy stalker caleb & a lying actress frankie, and a don’t do nothing cody it just don’t make any sense they all just might as well give the money to derrick, frankie, and cody an stop wasting time, donny is they only one that is playing for himself the other’s are playing for derrick, frankie, and cody they act like derrick is the king of them, just b/c derrick controls them to do what he want’s them to do he should get the top prize, just b/c frankie has lied an has a famous sister he should get the top prize, just b/c cody is derrick’s right hand man an has done nothing in this game he should get the top prize No none of these guy’s should get the top prize or the second prize, ppl who have worked hard at winning comps, and have a good social game without constantly lying, controlling or using ppl should win.

    • Donny has told Zack that he does not want to give anybody but zack or himself any money,so he might just abstain from casting a vote if he goes to jury,if i was on that jury i know i would abstain and have a clear conscience,money or no money and probably tell the producers to shove it if they told me i had to vote,knowing how dishonezt some of these players are.

  11. Donny wins he will keep the nominee the same.

    Christine would use it to save Cody.

    Victoria might use the POV but undoubtedly will not.

    Frankie will use it to save Caleb.

  12. So with all the recent developments between Donny and Zach my question is this. Has Zanny been born? :)

  13. I think we are all giving Frankie to much credit. While he might be good at “winning comps” hes not a smart player. He’s all about people liking him, he will not pull a big move of any kind; hes not that smart of a player.

    • He has won an egg stacking HOH with Cody and questions on the others. No way would I ever call him a competition beast..that title belongs to Donny!!!

      • I wouldn’t say my comment was passively aggressive at all, no. It was pretty actively aggressive.

      • Good grief..can we not say anything on here without someone coming back with stupid comments like yours; I am not a rabid delusional Donny fan, I like the guy and his determination to win when he really needs to!

      • This is the internet. You can’t say ridiculous things like that and get mad when people disagree. If you aren’t able to defend your ideas then they probably should not be shared in the first place. You have disagreed with me numerous times (which is fine. That’s what this site is for) but you cannot get mad when someone in turn disagrees with you.

      • Who says I’m mad? How was my statement ridiculous? .you are right, it is the have your opinion, I have mine. You didn’t need to call me delusional..that title belongs to you.

      • You said, “good grief…. can we not say anything on here without coming back with stupid comments like yours” and that’s pretty mad.

        Your statement was ridiculous because you said “He has won an egg stacking HOH with Cody and questions on the others. No way would I ever call him a competition beast..that title belongs to Donny!!!”. Despite the fact that Frankie has won more competitions than Donny, ranging from Q and A, physical, endurance, and strategy competitions, you still say Frankie isn’t a competition beast and Donny is. Not to mention that Frankie won his against the whole house (HoH’s) whereas Donny won most of his against either 5 other people (the veto) or 2 other people (battle of the block, usually against Victoria or Jocasta). You are so irrational that you attempted to create a scenario with special circumstances or rules that made Donny seem like a competition beast but Frankie, who has won more competitions against more competitors, isn’t a competition beast in your eyes.

        Listen. I get it. I love Donny and I think Frankie is playing a dirty game. But you DON’T have to manipulate the facts and give up your ability to reason logically to make Donny look good. He can do that on his own! Stop trading rationality for Donny fandom. You can like Donny AND not leave stupid comments! Give it a try!

      • I KNEW you wouldn’t respond with a rational comment. I KNEW it. How could you, though? What you said was ridiculous. Your credibility is shot.

      • My sarcasm just flows at times…you would bring that side out with anyone..what is wrong with you? I am on here to talk with Cyril, Joni, Brenda, bbadboy, and many others.about one of my favorite shows..I think from now on I am done responding to you…oops, there goes that sarcasm again!! Have a nice life.

      • I think that’s a good idea. If you can’t handle people disagreeing with you then you should either a) stop posting irrational comments or b) stop posting at all. I don’t blame you for not wanting to defend what you wrote.

    • Frankie is nothing but a drama queen and only wants the attention,look at how he primps in the mirror and has to be on camera every second he is in the house i,hate that little pink haired freak

  14. Hope the Veto results come in soon before I have to leave for the concert tonight! :-)

  15. Random but I hope that next season, it is just new HG. What I mean is like no one who is related to previous HG or celebrity or have returning HG. If they’re going to have returning HG, make it an all stars you know?

  16. Strategically they need to get victoria out so that one of the bigger players doesn’t get a chance to come back in.

  17. They weren’t paying attention to Julie on Thursday. Everyone but Zack and Donny think there’s going to be a double evict. Donny please win POV and don’t use it so Zack is safe and Hayden please come back. That threesome for the F3!!

  18. I think Christine is a snake and needs to leave. The guys run the house, and make the house fun. The girls crying is pathetic, and ruins the game. Try playing the game like the guys do, and then maybe you wouldn’t be on the block all the time. Take Christine, Victoria, and Donny out, and Derrick you should be able to win.

  19. I think it is about time someone made a big move or else it seems like everyone is playing Derrick’s game and floating for a win, which is a pipe dream. If Frankie is smart, and he has to replace an hg after veto, it should be Derrick. His excuse will be that he has never been on the block, so it’s only fair he goes up. Derrick will have to put his BB pants and get on up there.

    • Why would Frankie go after Derrick? Derrick is someone Frankie trusts, and vice versa and he is also a huge target that someone else in the house could use their HoH week to get out rather than getting Frankie out. The threats to Frankie’s game are Victoria, Cody, and Christine. “If he was smart” as you say, he’d get one of them out this week.

      • It is quite obvious that Derrick is sitting pretty as the ring leader and he is paving his way to win. Unless Frankie or someone wakes up and smells the coffee, he is the winner. Put the ring leader on the block. This will scare him and who knows the other hgs may think its a good idea to oust him. This would be a great strategy for all or else they may as well hand him the half million. Eliminate the leader and you have people thinking for themselves.

      • That’s a really great point! You’re right. The ring leader is always a threat, no matter whose side they are on, this late in the game.

      • Frankie know that Derrick was in with the Cody and others — setting him up last week before he won Veto.

      • u kidding right…that is so funny my little toe trust my big toe more than those 2 guys ever will…lmmao…

      • why would Frankie have reason to trust Derrick and or Derrick trust Frankie there is no trust when u playing for $500000…

      • You have to admit that Frankie trusts Derrick more than he trusts Donny and Cody and that Derrick trusts Frankie more than Donny and Christine. I’m just saying they each have more pressing enemies to attend to while at the moment their mutual interests align.

  20. I’ve been burned by this season too much. I’m still banking on Victoria getting backdoored on Monday, leading to another three days of zero game talk — unless of course, Derrick comes up with another eleventh-hour switcharoo to get the house to turn on Caleb, though doing so would risk showing his cards.

    At this point I’m pulling for a Victoria eviction. If Caleb were to get evicted, he’d just win the endurance comp to decide who gets back in the game. Maybe he’d be pissed, but unless Derrick found some crazy way to mist Caleb into going after Zankie for him, I see little shift in the status quo. A Victoria eviction increases the likeliness of Hayden getting back in, and he is a much stronger ally for Donny.

  21. Here’s the scenario I’d like to see. POV isn’t used. Caleb is evicted. Caleb comes back as an angry beast mode. We then see a Caleb/Donny/Zach/Frankie alliance vs. a Derrick/Cody/Christine/Victoria alliance. The same thing could work with Hayden and possibly Nicole, but with Caleb, it’s almost guranteed.

  22. My dream scenario would be for Donny/Victoria to win VETO and NOT use it that way it ensures the guys’ alliance loses a number… hopefully Caleb. I’m tired of that frat house! Getting Victoria out does NOTHING for ANYONE’S game! I still don’t understand the reasoning behind wanting to backdoor her. And if she was up against Caleb and STILL went home? WTF?! Caleb is a HUGE threat! What does Vic do? NOTHING! Keep her there and string her along to F2 for a guaranteed win.

    • I kind of don’t want Caleb to go this week. Imagine if he was evicted then came right back in? We’d be back to this week all over again. If caleb left, he can win a physical comp no problem. but send someone like Derrick or Cody out, then that gives a better chance for Hayden or Nicole to come back.

      • But i HIGHLY doubt Caleb will win the endurance challenge… endurance challenges are historically women’s comps! Or small guys… so it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Caleb to get evicted cuz he is a BIG guys and they NEVER win endurance comps… no matter how big a game they talk :). Caleb won’t win.

  23. It would be better odds for Hayden and Nicole if Victoria left the house this week, though Hayden would probably be the better pick to return to the house than Victoria. The guys might be more willing to give him a second chance over Nicole.

  24. I’d prefere Cody “skate” his way out the door for good! So much for his theory that The Beard skates by. I was not true when he said it & this BotB win just re-affirms that. What a J*****s Cody is!

  25. I think Frankie has forgiven Derrick and Zach for last week; he has to trust someone after all. But maybe they’ll find out that Zach has told Donny everything and we’ll see a BD this week

  26. So, Cody and Celeb, how do those skittles taste? Cody,.I see your skates are still on….Psst saying Donny is skating by. Caleb, oh the delusional beast mode cowboy, I can not wait to hear the excuse why you did not win veto.

  27. Christine and Cody were zinged for their constant touching and rubbing among other things on the show, now she doesn’t want it aired on the CBS show..afraid of what people would think..seriously, Christine, you have many cameras that have been watching what you and Cody do on a daily basis and you are worried about it now?

  28. Why would Frankie want to waste his HOH in getting Victoria out??? There are bigger fish in the house. Which ever (Caleb or Cody) offers Frankie the best deal is the one that stays if he uses the veto..

  29. Okay, it may seem on the surface to put and evict Victoria as a wasted HOH. But, think about this, it will give a better chance for Nicole or Hayden to reenter to game, and Donny will have someone to play the game with.

  30. Frankie won veto. And he wants to use it to put up Victoria. I wish he’d leave the nominations the same. Oh well if Victoria goes she won’t get back in. Better odds for Hayden or Nicole. But if one of them come back I wanted one less detonator in the house.

    • I know..I can’t believe what I am hearing right now. I thought Frankie would take down Caleb and put up’s time to start making the big moves. WTH?

      • Stupid and Derrick will not get off the Donny train please some kind of intervention Please!!!!!!!

      • yep and I am dam tired of him ragging Donny all the time…Donny don’t bother Derrick and does not even speak to him unless it involves game…Dam Derrick find another HG to hound

      • I’m not buying it, and I’m a Derrick fan. I think Frankie is just throwing around the possibility of backdooring Zankie to see where people stand and who he can work with going forward. His real target will be Derrick, and he will make that renom plan public tomorrow night. Either that, or the DR will steer him towards it.

        If Frankie is actually planning to blindside Derrick, I will give the devil his due. If he really does backdoor Zach, I will laugh at the heartbreak of the Zankie fans.

      • we can hope its ruse and Derrick is the target but Frankie cannot chance telling anyone not even Zach It will blow up in his face if he does…Derrick needs to be completely blindsided..

  31. Then he could align with Zack,Cody,Donny and he could get rid of Christine,Victoria and depending on who gets to come back into the game with Caleb and Cody being expendable

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