Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 8 Friday Night Highlights

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16
Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

It wouldn’t be Big Brother if things went to plan and so just like that the house was put in a tailspin after their latest Battle of the Block strategy worked about as well as last week’s. So instead of calmly marching on to the next eviction the Houseguests will have to scramble and put together a new approach. Nothing like some good ol’ chaos on Big Brother.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 15, 2014:

4:00 PM BBT – Christine complaining to Victoria how much she hates Donny.

5:10 PM BBT – Cody and Donny alone in the kitchen. Donny is quizzing Cody about the Skittles situation and asks what his color was. Cody says Donny’s color was orange. Earlier Derrick had told Donny the color was red. Donny presses for information about this week’s target. Cody insists it is Victoria.

5:15 PM BBT – Cody complains about how tough it is being nominated. It is Cody’s first nomination. Donny points out it is his fifth.

5:40 PM BBT – Zach announces it is time for the Battle of the Block.

7:13 PM BBT – Feeds return. Donny and Christine won the Battle of the Block despite the guys’ plan to have Christine throw it.

7:35 PM BBT – Derrick congratulates Donny and again sticks to his cover story that Victoria is their target this week.

7:40 PM BBT – Christine asserts that she did try to throw it and didn’t complete a single part of the puzzle. Donny won it on his own.

7:50 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie justifying to themselves why they can’t work with Donny because he doesn’t support Team America like they do.

7:55 PM BBT – Frankie says he’ll save Caleb if he wins the Veto and Victoria will go up in his place. Derrick protests saying that’s a waste to vote out Victoria. (Protecting his pawn.)

8:15 PM BBT – Donny tells Zach he hopes he can win the Veto to keep himself protected. Donny suggesting they could work together.

8:40 PM BBT – Veto players were drawn. HGs confused about what’s going on. Donny, Christine, and Victoria were drawn to compete. Derrick will host.

9:00 PM BBT – Caleb says if there is $10K in the Veto comp he’ll take that instead of Veto because that’s cash in hand.

9:45 PM BBT – Christine discussing that production wouldn’t let her sabotage Donny by hiding the bones she found to keep them from winning.

10:20 PM BBT – Caleb rapping. It’s about as good as you’re thinking it’d be.

11:30 PM BBT – Zach says they should go to bed because the Veto comp wouldn’t be that night. Earlier Zach said production told him the comp would be that night.

12:10 AM BBT – Derrick and Victoria talking game. She promises not to use the Veto if she wins it since that would put Derrick in jeopardy.

12:45 AM BBT – Zach talks game with Donny. Zach asks if Donny will vote to keep him in case he goes up as a renom. Donny promises he will even if the rest don’t. Donny is trying to propose an alliance between too.

1:10 AM BBT – Derrick is discouraged that viewers could be rooting for Donny. HGs heard production cheer for Donny when he won.

2:05 AM BBT – Caleb and Derrick talking about renom scenarios. Derrick is working the evict-Zach scenario again. Caleb thinks that could work and would rather see that than Victoria evicted.

The HGs went on to bed earlier than normal which was a good plan as I’d expect the Zingbot to wake them up bright and early to compete away. Cody and Caleb remain on the Block at this point. Frankie would save Caleb while Christine would probably save Cody. Victoria and Donny would most likely keep noms the same. Lots of scenarios to make Saturday another exciting day!

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  1. Christine’s an idiot trying to throw a comp knowing someone did that and it got her evicted (hello Paola).

    Donny did one of his plant-seedlings again last night on Zach and later Zach told Frankie of the possibility of Derrick winning. I’m crossing fingers a backdoor against Derrick will be in full-swing. These HG’s just can’t seem to get a clue that Derrick, other than having yet to be nominated, is pulling the strings all this time. Frankie should be smart enough when the opportunity presents itself instead of taking out a jury vote in Zach.

    In other news, Derrick had a mini-meltdown, probably due to Donny winning BOB so it must have threw him off and trying to recover his bases by once again revisiting a BD plan against Zach. He’s trying everything he can to avoid being put up. It’d be a dream match up to see Caleb taken off and Cody is sitting next to Derrick on eviction night.

    Plus, I call BS on Frankie and Derrick thinking Donny isn’t doing his best to complete their TA missions. I’m sure deep down inside they know that Team America missions are also causing problems on their own individual games as well but won’t admit it and instead pinpointing the blame to Donny. Such a shame.

    • Frankie and Derrick probably thought that they were the ones coming across as America’s favorite when they were bashing Donny for not wanting to do a mission that America voted for and they were all for it…I don’t blame Donny at all for not wanting to do a mission that may screw up his game. Donny may sit around all day and not say much..but, in that brain of his….he knows exactly what is going on!! I just hate watching him sit around alone all the time…he tries to interact..but, it’s like he feels like they pay no attention to him..which they really don’t and it’s sad to watch. Just keep doing what you are doing, Donny..and we will continue to cheer you on!!!

      • I agree …. I feel so sorry for Donny. No one even tries to get to know him. I know he’s older and doesn’t have the same interests but to say they hate him, that’s just wrong. Last night on BBAD Donny was trying to talk with Caleb …. Caleb didn’t even try. That’s one reason I can somewhat root for Zach, despite his ridiculous antics. At least he’s made an effort to talk with Donny!!

      • I don’t believe that Zach shared the conversation he had with Donny which shows he does trust him and knows where he(Donny) is coming from

      • And Hayden and Nicole too. They were the only three that would actually have a conversation with him. Last night he was laying in bed after the BOTB and he was crying. My heart broke for him.

      • My ideal for this week is Donny to win the Veto, and keep the nominations the same. Then, Caleb or Cody goes home. I prefer that Cody does. Then Nicole wins reentry into the house and She & Donny form an alliance and start picking the rest off one by one!

      • and maybe Zach could Join that alliance too. Sooner or later Zach will realize that he is on the bottom of the list when it comes to alliance safety. He got wind of it when they almost evicted him but i am not sure why he keeps going back to them.

      • That would be almost perfect, it would be better if Hayden came back, because Nicole blindly kept trusting Derrick, no matter how much she talked to Donny and Donny told her what was what, she still trusted Derrick. Hayden would come back fully on Donny’s side, and wouldn’t believe a word coming out of Derrick’s mouth.

      • For the life of me, I don’t get these people who say Donny has no game. He has had more obstacles to overcome than any of the other HGs in each aspect of mental, physical, and emotional gameplay, but he is still there, mind you, and with his dignity intact .The type of loneliness he has endured, the other HGs will never know. It could have possibly driven the younger HGs to self-evict if they had been excluded as Donny has. Other people have the impression it is his fault for not getting on their schedule. That is an opinion that I do not share, but will respect. Even though some of these HGs have ignored Donny to the point of being rude at times,he has always been kind, thoughtful, helpfully reminding them of things( like don’t forget your cup, microphone),always giving positive reinforcement if someone is feeling down. He is the only one that has gotten in the mind of the cool, ever so confident Derrick and I think moreso than we see. Derrick knows Donny has him pegged. He has kept himself from being evicted with his mental and physical play. Admittedly, he is no muscle bound he-man, which means physical comps may be harder for him but he has used everything he has available to win and it is all he has needed. So I say go fly a kite in the lightning (that’ll give you a wake-up call)to the people who say Donny has no gameplay. The rest of us will stand and applaud when he comes out of that house and hopefully that will be later than sooner.

      • He hasn’t done anything game wise. He sleeps while all the HGs are awake, and he hasn’t formed any alliances. He’s basically Victoria with more comp wins.

        Also the only reason he hasn’t created bonds with the other HGs is because he hasn’t tried. This whole ‘loneliness’ thing people are passing around is HIS fault.

        Your justification for him having game is he’s targeting Derrick. Well, everyone has targets. Thus far, Donny hasn’t gone after him when he had the chance. Remember when he was HOH (Caleb and Vic)?

      • You must not be watching the feeds because you have no idea what’s going on. Just because he doesn’t stay up all night he’s not playing the game. Give me a break. And he tries to talk to everyone. They’re rude to him, they walk away in mid conversation and who the heck is he supposed to make an alliance with? Don’t you remember that almost the entire house is in the same alliance. The only one not is Victoria and she’s so far up Derricks butt. He’s won numerous POV’s and BOTB’s. He’s been on the block 5 times and gotten himself off but all that’s not game play? I think you live in fantasy land along with Caleb.

      • Oh I must have forgotten that the game started last week.

        He can’t form an alliance now because the game’s already settled in. He should have played the game at the start. It’s his fault for not forming alliances when he had the chance. This whole “Donny is lonely” rap is nonsense.

        And yes. He should be staying up with them. Why? Because he’s playing Big Brother.

        Cool. He won comps. Guess what? He still has no allies. Winning comps comes second to social game. Ask Frank, he’ll be happy to oblige.

      • He tried making alliances from day one. Maybe you should of been watching BB and not the Real Housewives.

      • Good one.

        The only alliance he tried to continue with was him and Devin. Outside of that, nothing. And that makes him a good player? Time to pull yourself out from under that rock…

      • Wow coming from someone that admits to not watching the feeds. How do you know what alliances he has tried to make? How do you know what game talk has gone on with him? Oh you don’t know because you don’t watch the feeds. Maybe you should watch before you make such stupid comments about something you know nothing about. You look like a fool.

      • I admitted to not watching the feeds? Weird… Not only do I have the feeds, but I also come here…

        Where’d ya pull that one out?

      • Very well said KSJB. These younger people in the house with Donny think….my bad.. they don’t think, that one day they will be Donny’s age, if they make it to Donny’s age. We are not promised tomorrow, espeically Derrick with the line of work that he’s in. His life is at risk everyday. Not that Donny is old, he’s just in his 40s, but it makes you wonder how are they towards their own parents who are Donny’s age, or close to it. Derrick and Frankie, I’m more disappointed in seeing how they both just lost their grandfathers within days of each other. Karma is a true bi##h that will come back and bite you in the A$$. What goes around will come around for them. And please please please BB gods, let it come around for Donny in this game for him to be the BB16 season winner. GO DONNY.

      • Great comments KSJB. Another reason for the exasperation with Donny in the BB House is that Donny has kept his mouth shut and nobody can take his words out of context or lie about what he’s said yet. Donny wisely refrained with going along with Hayden’s Derrick/Cody alliance and tried to tell H. not to trust them. Hayden didn’t listen and is gone while Donny is still there.
        I’m sure it’s frustrating for Derrick that Donny hasn’t played into his hands yet as everyone else seems to do.

      • And it would be awesome if the one Derrick is frustrated with wins HOH next week and gets Derrick out.

      • I liked Derrick better earlier in the game. Them some of his “techniques” started giving me the heebie-jeebies. I still can not deny that he is good at this game.For my # 1 guy,Donny, to be able to get Derrick out would be amazing .I would cut open a big juicy watermelon,open a half gallon of frozen yogurt, then make a pan full of popcorn cooked the old-fashion way on the stove in a big pan with lots of butter and oil., then add a huge container of homemade sweet tea..and I would eat..a lot….all to celebrate my sweet, humble, country boy. I’m hungry now, but too late for me to eat tonight. UGGH!

      • I know..weird concoction..LOL..things I don’t get to enjoy that much anymore. It would be nice to have that 110 lb cheerleader body from the good old days instead of this almost 140 lb. older version.(that my Dr makes sure to “mention”)just grateful to be alive and be able to indulge in some of my old favorites every now and then.

      • I’m right there with you. I joined the gym last year after I retired just to get some exercise. I know I won’t have that body I had in my 20’s but I’m trying. Lol. As far as cocktails I’ll have one or two occasionally. Can’t drink like I used to. It’s hell getting older. Especially when I still think I’m in my 30’s.

      • Well said. And he’s also gotten himself off the block 5 times! I’d say that’s pretty good game play.

      • There is just too much to mention in these oddly shaped little dull boxes..This great strategically minded man ,our lovely,kind, Donny deserves more than I could ever express alone so, I would like to thank my girl,Lavender for keepin’ it real with those smooth words she uses.Then I want to give a shout-out to my little Foxfire and her wise refrain for Donny. Next lets put our hands together for my pal Cyril for her desire to share my fancy meal in support of our guy Donny.And, we can’t leave out Miss Cheryl who taught us a lot about life and Karma. No negativity allowed in our little box we use to express our deepest thoughts about our man, Donny. All Donny lovers welcome wherever Donny posts are found

    • You’re an idiot if you think that’s a reason not to throw competitions. Someone threw over 25 competitions and it made them the best of all time (Hello, Will Kirby). And Caleb has successfully thrown a competition this year, and tried another, and been fine. Her alliance wants her to throw it, so seeing as she trusts them, it makes sense for her to throw it.

      And they will likely never be smart enough to see that Derrick owns this game, because he makes them all think they’re the ones with the ideas; and nobody there is willing to believe that they aren’t as smart as they think they are.

      • I guess I should specify the type of comp: I meant to say BOB. If you’re a nominee and have two chances to save yourself from eviction, then it’s better if you don’t get your hopes up and not throw a comp and actually take part. Throwing a BOB won’t give Christine a guarantee that she’ll be safe, considering she has a sixth of a chance to win veto afterwards. it’s best for her to keep her options open.

        In contrast to Caleb, Christine has no other use to anyone but be a spy to the other side. Now that the other side has all but been obliterated to bits thanks to her, they will gladly put her on a trash bin for she’s no longer worth keeping.

      • Of course throwing comp is a strategy. Not on this one. I agree with you, she’s not smart enough to see that Derrick owns this game. He’s using her. Victoria is his baby now. Christine is NOTHING to him.

      • It’s like people started watching the show last year…. Every great player (Boogie, Will, Dan, Jun, Danielle) all threw comps.

    • Seeing Derrick in the hot seat with Cody would the best possible scenario. That guarantees a strong player gets evicted. More so,
      I like to see Derrick and Cody campaign against each other. That alone is worth the drama. This move too will change the dynamics in the game. Derrick is the glue that holds the Detonators. Strip him off and it falls apart! Then, Frankie, Christine, Zach can all play their own individual games. My fear though is if Caleb or Cody is pulled off—-we get Victoria put on the hot seat and she is the one evicted! Another week wasted as the Detonators remain intact! Victoria is expendable even to Derrick however, Cody or him being evicted is another matter!

    • I 100% agree with everything you said. That would make the entire season to see Derrick and his boyfriend Cody on the block together.

  2. 1:10 AM BBT – Derrick is discouraged that viewers could be rooting for Donny. HGs heard production cheer for Donny when he won.

    That actually made me laugh thinking that production could be that shady and reveal who they root for.

    • I think it was spontaneous for production. Think about it. Everyone else in this house ignores them, curses them, demands things from them and talks trash about them. Donny is always respectful, goes to DR when called, cleans up after himself, etc. Plus production has had to watch what us feeders have–Donny getting more and more depressed sitting alone for hours but keeps doing his best every comp. If you had to deal with this group who would you be rooting for?

      • Matt on another site they said there was a pay if forward for Donny so he could get his eye surgery. It was PLAYTONE 22 but when I Google that I don’t find anything. Have you heard anything about a pay it forward fund for Donny?

      • Don’t they hear the cheers of the audience when a house guest leaves the Big Brother House? I think they do so, could gauge the reaction of the public.
        When Nicole got evicted, there were a lot of cheers for her and those in the house probably heard it too.

      • I don’t have the live feeds, I had no idea the house guests are that disrespectful to production. I would be very grateful in the house, I wouldn’t cop and attitude with the people involved. On the other hand, I wonder what production says to them. I can’t imagine them being unprofessional with everyone but they are making a TV show.

        Also, agree with Donny’s depression. I just noticed it a few days ago. I feel so bad for him. The people who are still there should at least make an effort to make him feel comfortable. I know they are leaving him out of conversations and lying to him all the time. Donny is such a great guy.

      • The other morning DR called both Derprick and Fakie as they were both HOH. Derprick ignored them even after several calls and Fakie yelled he’s a grown ass man and to quit telling him what to do. This is a daily occurence with these fratbrats.

      • You really need to find a new insult for Derrick. Derprick? Really? Grow up. And at least make it creative.

      • Why? Simple straight forward and accurate. Just listen to the way he berates VapidVic for asking why she can’t be in the conversations with the others and then has her apologizing and doing his laundry. The dude is a prick.

      • I commented on that “berating” before. That was not at all necessary and it was also mean, almost to the point of bullying.

    • Can you imagine the camera men and women that have to watch these idiots day in and day out. They have watched him be the gentle man his family raised and watched these hateful (mostly Christine and Frankie) be rude and disgusting to him. I probably would have done the same. Bad thing is they could lose their job because the HG were talking about it.

    • You can’t blame production for having a fav haha. I’m sure if I worked in production, I would eventually pick favorites too.

    • Sometime in excitement you let something slip. I’m sure they didn’t mean for it to come out.

  3. Derprick and Fakie finally saw the light. They realized that Donny is America’s Favorite and they are the bad guys everyone wants out. They talked about this with each other and the other HGs. Plus they remember people screaming We Love You Zach the other night. This isn’t going to change their game but it was a wake up call.

  4. Let me just say Frankie needs to play his OWN game this week. If he goes along and puts Zach up and out he is dead in the water. Zach would probably come back in if it’s a physical comp. Then he would gun for his “best friend” that evicted him. Frankie really just needs to put up Victoria if anyone comes off. (If Victoria wins, things stay the same anyway)

    • Victoria might use it ifshe has an assurance Zach will be put up as a renom. I guess depends if Derrick is able to turn Frankie against Zach.

      Frankie is stupid if he follows Derrick’s bidding and take out Zach.

    • nooo Frankie needs to put up Derrick and show him (evicted or not) that its a game and the best laid plans don’t always go ur way. I have no doubt that the thought is in Frankies mind and I do wish that it would happen. It don’t matter that Derrick could be the returning HG cause that would just make for more excitement …

      • At this point in the game, I would generally agree with you, but with everything that Frankie just pulled after the Double Eviction, he really needs to play it safe, if he takes out Derrick, he turned again and will be left with NO ONE.

      • nooo I don’t think so …but if that happened it would be for the best cause everybody would have to start playing their own game for their self and not somebody else. To date they have all played for Derricks game not their own.

      • Play it safe? He hasn’t been safe. There was already a “backdoor Frankie plan’ in place. He’s lucky he’s still HOH…

  5. Donny is a big threat because he is smart and very very likable, which means he could win this, all the HG’s know this

  6. I hate hearing that BB production keeping HGs from throwing comps. I stopped watching Amazing Race years ago when it appeared AR production had too much input to game’s result. BB production should realize that HG throwing comp is still left on block n takes a chance getting voted out…or just have that comp-throwing stigma riding them for rest of their game.

    • I don’t think BB ever thought there would be an alliance of 8 from the start and throwing comps would be a weekly occurrence. They are getting backlash about the whole Fakie thing and the BS Squad running the house. Its about time they said no you can’t hide something from your BoB partner.

  7. Really happy to see the interactions between Donny and Zach. I’d love to see those 2 work together going forward. I’m fairly certain Frankie wouldn’t put up Zach at this point because he knows Zach would go home and he’d definitely lose his jury vote. Also Victoria seems like an obvious choice for anyone not named Derrick to go up on the block. Really liking where this week appears to be heading for now.

    • If the veto is used I would love to see Fakie make his move on Derprick. That would bring in the ratings for BB which is all they care about anyway.

      • That would certainly make for great night of television Thursday and I’m on board with this. Derrick would probably find a way to get out of it but I would like to see what happens. I definitely think Caleb is gone unless he’s saved. If its Cody vs Caleb (Derrick, Victoria, Christine) would all save Cody. If its Victoria vs Caleb (Derrick, Cody) would save Victoria and probably Derrick would get Cody to convince Christine. Derrick vs Caleb (Cody, Victoria) Would save him and he’d prolly get Christine or maybe even Donny using the TA approach. All that to say Caleb needs to be saved and put up Derrick vs Cody or at least Victoria vs Cody so you weaken Derrick’s posistion.

    • Zach may appear to trust Frankie Derrick & Caleb but in reality he does not…He does what he has to do to stay in the loop. He might be a dingus on the outside but inside he is a “player”. Remember that he did not want to be put as a pawn against Donny this week and he did not want to throw the BOB either.. He knows whats going on…

      • I agree Zach knows what’s going on and is putting on an act for Frankie. My point was Frankie doesn’t know this and would probably not want to nominate and evict his “best buddy” because he knows Zach “has his back” whereas someone like Victoria would not. Zach has really stepped up his game since he found out about all the disloyalty during the DE fallout.

  8. Throwing comps has always been a part of big brother, production interference has always been a part of big brother. It’s just too bad that it’s so obvious that production is changing a tradition just so they can SAVE their “high viewer rating” player.

  9. Well, well, well.. It looks like Derrick’s luck might have finally ran out of gas!!! If he can’t back door Zach and if Caleb doesn’t win the POV, then Caleb will definitely be the one leaving!! No way will Donny, Christine and Victoria choose him over Cody!!!

    • I think Derrick is playing the best game, and I don’t want to see him go, but I would love to see him next to Cody. I want to see how he deals with the situation when HE is the one in the hot seat.

  10. If yall call interference by production trying to keep the playing field level for all players then so be it.. But if they made Caleb sIt down when he was gonna help Frankie “lose” then calling out Christine for helping Cody “”win ” was only fair.

  11. If Derrick is getting paranoid with Donny’s status with America.. why doesn’t he try to start working with him? Instead of talking about him behind his back with Frankie and claiming he doesn’t care about Team America, do something else! Although, I wonder if Donny would even want to work with them ha..

    I really would like to see Donny team up with someone in the house. I don’t want to see him lonely anymore and playing through the game solo.

    • Yes I would like to see him and Zach get together and then convince Frankie to work with them. It would be in their best interest and get rid of the so called floaters which I believe is Cody and Victoria. Am I wrong

  12. I’m team Donny all the way he is the only honest person in the game and someone needs to knock Derrick off of his high horse

  13. I just love Donny so much and I don’t like when he’s called a floater. The people who actually were friendly to him are gone and he’s alone in the house, yet he knows more of what’s going on than the other HGs. I do have to give Zach some credit for actually having conversations with Donny. I think Donny will forget the loneliness he felt in the house when he sees how much America loves him. Go Donny!!! Stay strong!!

  14. 4:00 PM BBT – Christine complaining to Victoria how much she hates Donny. oh that is a surprise there. can’t wait til she is gone.

    5:10 PM BBT – Cody and Donny alone in the kitchen. Donny is quizzing Cody about the Skittles situation and asks what his color was. Cody says Donny’s color was orange. Earlier Derrick had told Donny the color was red. Donny presses for information about this week’s target. Cody insists it is Victoria. OOPSIE!!!! well atleast Cody has finally done something!!! ROFLMAO

    5:15 PM BBT – Cody complains about how tough it is being nominated. It is Cody’s first nomination. Donny points out it is his fifth. *snickers*

    7:50 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie justifying to themselves why they can’t work with Donny because he doesn’t support Team America like they do. BS!!!! Donny doesn’t do 1 mission cause it could affect his game and he doesn’t support TA?!?!?! Stankie has done even less than Donny. They have even said they weren’t doing TA any more.

    9:45 PM BBT – Christine discussing that production wouldn’t let her sabotage Donny by hiding the bones she found to keep them from winning. 5 bucks says she is lying as always!! She said she will never throw a comp even if they wanted her to especially if she was on the block, and that is what I was counting on to save Donny!

    1:10 AM BBT – Derrick is discouraged that viewers could be rooting for Donny. HGs heard production cheer for Donny when he won. bwahahahahahahaha be discouraged biotch!!!

    2:05 AM BBT – Caleb and Derrick talking about renom scenarios. Derrick is working the evict-Zach scenario again. Caleb thinks that could work and would rather see that then Victoria evicted. Well that took even less time than I figured it would take Derrick to do, but was expected. We all know Derrick is wanting to keep Victoria as the one to sit next to him at the end. who would you vote for? Derrick who has played a game that could put Will as the 2nd best of all time or Victoria who has done what exactly? cry alot?

  15. I don’t have the live feeds, but reading some comments about Donny and how is depressed makes me sad. The only person who has came to him with an alliance was Devin but that was quickly gone. Nicole never made it official with him either. I don’t even know Donny but I can tell he has the kindest soul ever. He’s a simple guy and I feel the HG use that against him. Donny is so out of his element :/

    • Why didn’t Donny approach anyone for an alliance then? Why is he sleeping when the other houseguests are up and socializing?

      Donny feeling lonely is his own doing.

      • Why don’t you watch the show with your eyes open? He’s a lot older than them so why should he stay up all night. And if you watched then you would know he’s tried to work with people but the entire friggin house is in the same alliance. And he talks to everyone is it his fault people walk away?

      • “He’s a lot older than them so why should he stay up all night”

        They aren’t on a family camping trip; they’re playing Big Brother. That’s why he should be staying up. And I have been watching. Thus far he hasn’t talked game with anyone outside of “sure hope I win veto this week…”

      • Why aren’t you staying up watching the feeds? He is talking game. And thanks for telling me what game they’re playing. Oh when your watching you need to have the volume on. Maybe that’s why you don’t hear him talking game.

      • Im not staying up watching the feeds because I’m not playing Big Brother. Is that really the best you can come up with? lol

      • So you just admit you’re not watching. So quit making comments when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • I admitted to not staying up all night watching feeds. Are you daft?

        Leads to a better question: Are you seriously staying up untill 5:00am to watch feeds? If you are, you’re a pathetic human being.

      • Not that it’s your business but I just retired after working over 35yrs as a professional in the medical field and whether or not I choose to stay up until 5am watching the feeds is my business. You’re just another troll making comments you know nothing about so you take it to a personal level. Please refrain from commenting until you know what you’re talking about. And since you don’t have an intelligent reply I’m done commenting on your senseless posts. Your the pathetic one. Have a nice life troll.

      • You don’t remember him from last year. He was trolling then as he still is now. I remember he was claiming to be related to Aaryn.

      • So I guess you get to see Donny sleep a lot eh?
        Hey, I’m not passing judgement. I just think watching some dudes play pool and talk about nothing until 5:00am is a gigantic waste of time.

      • thats because every time someone else were to talk game, the detonators would take them out. Anyone who ever thought about starting an alliances was quickly shown the door.

  16. I love how Donny fans are suddenly quiet about how one person shouldn’t be able to win the Battle of the Block on their own and that production interference was involved, completely flip flopping from their outrage last week when Frankie won the Battle of the Block by himself.

    The truth is that Donny AND Frankie won the Battle of the Block fair and square. The fact that one is your favorite and one is not shouldn’t make you so easy to flip flop.

    I also love how any mention of Frankie or Derrick getting Donny out is met with such criticism from commenters on here (They can’t do that! Donny is part of Team America! Where’s my pitch fork!!??!??” yet when Donny says the same thing about Frankie or Derrick it’s suddenly, “Yay! Go Donny! I hope he gets either Derrick or Frankie out!!”.

    Everyone is always talking about poor old lonely Donny and how he never has any alliances. That’s because he goes to be at 8 pm!! He doesn’t even try! I realize my opinion is extremely unpopular, but someone has got to call out the irrationality on these threads.

    • The truth is that Donny is very charming and Derrick and Frankie aren’t. Yes, likability is important in BB and in real life.

    • I know Donny should stay up later but as someone his age you slowly go to bed earlier and earlier unless you are in a business that does not allow it. But Donny should make the effort to stay up.
      Maybe he doesn’t realize what is going on but if he is a fan then he should or maybe it is his game and he thinks ppl won’t think he knows what is going on bc he is so out of the loop? Plus he is NO WHERE NEAR the edge of emotional/physically betraying his girl. IDK maybe things have changed but emotional cheating game playing or not is so not cool. I am so glad that my husband or wife isn’t at home with a list of improprieties waiting to bash my head in. Sorry try t cover it up as much as you want but I do not believe in snuggling, rubbing, sleeping with someone who is married as an act of commitment. Little sister my ass, more like dragging her puppy eyes along. But with Christine I am not sure maybe they are poly amorous?? (her and her husband)

  17. This is all rigged up! Production wouldn’t let Christine throw the comp because they wanted Donny to win it. They are telling the HG what to do. That’s it they lost a viewer and I will show this to my group of over 500 who get together to watch every week. They won’t be happy!!!

    • How do you get 500 people together to watch a TV show? I don’t even know 1 other person who watches this show.

      • Must live in an enormous city or a very small one (pop 500) and have only one tv station?? Kidding of course, don’t ever take a post of mine serious bc it is tv and not so serious!

      • I wish I had people to watch it with! I tried to get people into it, but they didn’t like it :(

    • so are you saying the same about last weeks BoTB? Where Caleb sat out and then when he decided to join back in they didn’t let him? If you watch anything about game shows of which BB is not (bc they couldn’t get away with the crap they do) but similar every show has been rigged since the beginning. To cry about it now, well just don’t. Either get over it or stop watching. If it is good for the goose it is good for the gander! (Frankie/Donnie) Take your pick or take nothing at all.

  18. I think Cody was DQ from an HOH comp in the beginning because he made an error. If it was Frankie or Donny production would have looked the other way, and there’s no more BOB to throw so they’ll have to find another way to keep Donny there

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