Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 7 Saturday Highlights

Derrick talks game with Cody & Caleb

Power of Veto days in the Big Brother 16 house have rarely disappointed this season and we weren’t let down this time around either. After a failed Battle of the Block plan two HGs were unexpectedly fighting for their safety while the rest fought to keep those nominations locked down.

Things didn’t calm down any afterwards either as a House Meeting was called and the Detonators alliance was revealed yet again. It’s fully out now, right? Good grief. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds last night in the house.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 9, 2014:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs get their wake-up call. Donny is up and about the house.

11:00 AM BBT – Most of the house back to sleep. Christine and Nicole discussing a F4 idea including Derrick & Cody. Nicole warns Christine to distance herself from Frankie or she may get targeted with him.

11:45 AM BBT – Nicole and Christine have been discussing Frankie’s “big reveal.” Nicole suggests he could get his sister to donate to his charity wants instead of using the game to get it.

1:00 PM BBT – Donny talking with Nicole. He’s warning her about Derrick. Donny is not pleased with how Derrick is playing the game. He likes how Cody has done it better.

1:30 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie are worried how it could look for them to viewers if they vote out their Team America teammate Donny.

3:00 PM BBT – Frankie telling HGs about how he’s a huge star because of his YouTube videos. He has a manager. (Frankie makes $500-$1,000 week on YouTube and has a manager?)

4:45 PM BBT – Have-Not food is revealed. It’s peanut butter & jelly fish. Christine puts Zach & Donny on HN status.

5:00 PM BBT – Zach & Nicole discuss how suspicious it was that this BotB was suddenly a 1-person competition. They question if it was staged since production knew Caleb was throwing it to keep Frankie on the Block.

8:34 PM BBT – Feeds return from Veto comp. Zach has won! It was the OTEV competition.

8:40 PM BBT – Zankie having a talk in HN. Zach tells Frankie it was like he cheated on him by betraying him. Both discuss if they can trust each other. Sounds like they’re mending fences, but it’s tough to be sure if they’re being honest.

9:10 PM BBT – Frankie asks Zach to not listen to anything that Derrick or Cody tell them anymore.

9:30 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick he thinks they should keep Donny. Derrick doesn’t think the other guys will want to keep Donny.

10:15 PM BBT – Zach takes Victoria in to Hive and tells her everything. He completely reveals the Detonators. Victoria is shocked & upset that Derrick has been using and playing her. Victoria warns Zach that he can not trust Frankie. Sounds like he might be heeding her advice.

11:00 PM BBT – Victoria goes to Nicole & says she knows all about Detonators and Derrick. She’s very upset.

11:20 PM BBT – Nicole telling Cody she knows which five are working together & who is on the outs (all non-Detonators). Cody denies working with Frankie anymore.

11:45 PM BBT – Victoria talking with Zach again. She is still stunned by Derrick revelation. Victoria can’t believe she trusted him so much. Says it feels like he cheated on her.

12:05 AM BBT – Nicole gives Cody the heads up that Zach spilled the beans to Victoria. When Cody asks Zach about his talk with Victoria he denies game talk.

12:30 AM BBT – Zach is back at his poetry work. (Take that, Teddy Spanks.) He’s trying to romance Victoria. It’s very funny.

1:15 AM BBT – Zach told Derrick that Nicole took everything he told her over to Victoria. He’s trying to cover his tracks. It won’t work.

1:20 AM BBT – Zach gives up and confirms to Cody that it was him who told Victoria.

1:35 AM BBT – Derrick talking with Cody and Caleb about Zach’s impact on their game by revealing so much information. He’s very concerned.

2:00 AM BBT – Christine & Nicole were watching guys talk in living room. They think they were talking game (they were) so Christine tries to crack open the door to listen, but they hear her & know she’s suspicious of them.

2:20 AM BBT – Derrick pulls Nicole up to the HoH room to discuss what all Zach has been revealing.

2:45 AM BBT – Derrick calling House Meeting. He’s calling out Zach for what he’s been saying. Zach is yelling that everyone should just vote him out. Victoria and Zach going at it.

3:55 AM BBT – Derrick talks with Zach & says they want to get Christine to BD Nicole this week. Caleb & Frankie will work on Christine during their trip on Sunday. (Derrick doesn’t want to risk losing Victoria.)

5:00 AM BBT – Derrick has Victoria in the Hive to do damage control. He’s flipping it on her that she was talking about him behind his back. Dang, like him or not, Derrick is good at this game.

I’ll be shocked if they can get Christine to BD Nicole. They might not fully trust each other, but Nicole is better than nothing to Christine and she’s got to see that. I’m still expecting a Victoria renom instead, but maybe we’ll get a surprise on Monday. Either way, Donny better start working hard to shore up more support.

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  1. Does anyone have this feeling where they don’t really care about how the houseguest are playing and are just watching for the action? That is me until they do the jury member twist again.

  2. Tried to watch bbad last night but couldn’t take all the my sister is famous talk. Everyone isnkissing his butt and the fact that he’s low enough to say its going to charity. That’s too much for me to handle. Had to turn it off.

  3. Nicole is stupid to even tell Derrick and Cody anything. Has she not figured out that they betrayed her and Hayden? Not saying she should trust Christine either but, Nicole could get put on the block as replacement and sent home. She also, outed Zach. What she should be doing is just listening and using the information. I would not even trust Victoria who talks too much too. Now, because she provided information to Derrick, she is not being targeted for eviction! Dumb move all around. You are alone in the Big Brother House practically as Donny cannot help you and you blab what you know? That only puts the target on you. Had she kept her mouth shut, the Detonators can plot amongst themselves against each other! Not looking good for Nicole, if she gets put on the block, she could get sent to the jury house.

    • Exactly. Why did she tell Cody? Knee Jerk? Use that, get with Zach, Vic and Donny to strategize how to use this to flip the script. You don’t have the numbers to take them head on. And if it fails, Donny can take that info to Jury house so whomever returns, they have that info.

      • How can she get with Victoria? She runs and tells Derrick everything. Perfect example last night she was so mad at Derrick and by the end if the night Derrick makes it look like it’s Victorias fault. Donny will probably be gone. And Zach? Come on he’s such a loose cannon. She doesn’t have anyone she can completely trust. At least Cody trusts her. He’s always telling Derrick he trusts her. And Nicole is only telling Cody little things to get him to work with her.

      • Totally agree abt Vic but I don’t mean tell her everything…just pull her in to get her vote IF they can get Christine to renom Derrick. That’s it. They’d have 4 votes: Nic, Zach, Frankie, Christine. Be nice to have Vic ready to drop in their pocket esply with Derrick gone. Zach could convince Frankie’s ego that he’d run the entire house with Derrick gone, and who could beat Derrick? Cody would be helpless and would gun for Christine, etc. Strike first. Frankie is comfy with Donny staying because Caleb is his target. How sweet for Zach to take out Frankie next week!

    • Nic did the right thing. Now everything rests in the hands of Ratine and VapidVic. Now that VapidVic knows Derprick has been using her and lying to her she can flip the game. Nic gave NoB@lls a chance to change sides. If Ratine puts up Derprick then the vote will be CrazedCaleb, Fakie and maybe NoB@llsCody for Derprick and VapidVic, Nic and Zach for Donny. Then Ratine breaks the tie and Derprick goes home. Please Please Please!

      • I have a feeling Derrick still controls the house including Victoria. Most are scared stiff making any big moves thinking they will be safe. Ask Judd or Helen last season if their indecision over evicting Amanda help them. Christine could very well put Nicole as replacement nominee as that is what Derrick is asking Christine to do! Whether she puts up Victoria is anyone’s guess. Putting up Derrick and getting him evicted is the best move for Christine but, I do not see her doing it. Call me skeptical because I am!

      • I wish. But Derrick by the end of the night has Victoria believing she was wrong not to trust Derrick. Victoria doesn’t have a brain.

    • Cody trusts Nicole. He is always telling Derrick that he trusts her. She is trying to give just little bits of info to get them to trust her. Nicole does not trust anyone. But she needs to get further so she has to talk game to some people. Who else is there?

  4. Nicole should promise her jury vote to Christine if she keeps her safe this week. That would be a good incentive for Christine not to listen to Cody and Derrick. Nicole can play in the next HOH if she can survive this week.
    If she survives, she should be targeting Derrick and Cody who have been trying to get her evicted at every turn!

    • Derrick was talking to Christine last night and Christine said she was putting Victoria up. Then Frankie was trying to get Christine to put Nicole up and Christine said no she promised she wouldn’t backdoor her. But now Frankie and Caleb told Zach they were going to work on Christine while they’re out today to backdoor Nicole. I just hope she doesn’t buy their BS.

  5. Sorry but I am confused about 2 things above. What Derrick revelation and what trip? I thought I read everything but I must have missed something.

  6. My only guess with Nicole telling the different hgs what has been said is to stir up the pot. She knows her days could be numbered, so why not cause doubt and havoc between them?

    • But if you watch the feeds Nicole picks her words and what she tells very carefully.

      • I sure hope so. Sometimes I think Victoria is smarter than people give her credit for.

      • I have thought that for a while-she is like Donnie sits and listens a lot-Really hate that Derrick has used her so bad. She will take it very hard when she sees all the ways she has been used

  7. Is Derrick really good at this game, or is everyone else in the house just extremely gullible?? :) Probably a healthy combination of both.

      • If Donnie had a little help he could take Cody and Derrick down cause he has figured them out by not running his mouth and just watching and putting things together.

      • Donny can’t turn the table on Derrick and Cody because he would have to work with Christine and he doesn’t think very much of her.

      • What is not in this report is the conversation between Donny and Nicole in the living room. Donny was laying on the floor and Nicole was on the couch. He was talking to Nicole about the 5 guys and said Cody is the weakest link and you need to talk to him. He wanted Nicole to plant the seed that Derrick would take Victoria over all of them to the F2 so he could win.

    • I’ve been wondering this for weeks. He is definitely really good, but it definitely helps that everyone else is really bad.

    • Yes……Derrick is that good at this game. Hes.playing the best game in the hoise and ome of the best games Ive seen. Hes an undercover narc, so what did you expect? He does this for a living.

      • He’s not undercover anymore, was for 5yrs. Also he is pretty good. Saying that, it was only a matter of time before it caught up to him. It’s been 24/7 in there. Not like being on the street where he has lots of props and backup.

      • Derrick has been great, but i thinkhis downfall will be not getting, zach out when he had the opportunity in his hands. I cant fully comprehend why he distrust nicole so much. I think hes doomed with the final 5 hes setting up. Between zach an caleb he may not win another competition an everyone is slowly waking up to his antics. Hes going be kickin himself in the butt for not removing zach!

      • He doesn’t trust Nicole or Donny because those are the only two people in the house the Derrick doesn’t control.

      • Sure i understand that, but hes “so good”..he Has a nack for reading people, yet he is determined that nicole is lying about this an that, instead hes trusting his gut with a selet few he knows for a fact are lying, an its going to result in his demise. I think hes an exceptional player but ill give him so much more credit if he were to use nicole as an asset now, because im certin hes screwed come finale 5. (this whole plan, lets get there then go after one another) is not going to benefit him if he dosent bring someone whom he can have turn against his ‘close allies’ in order to get him to finale 3.

      • I hope he goes before final five. He’s turning into a dictator. Liked him the first week but now I think he’s disgusting. Especially after things he said last night about breaking every bone in Zachs face and putting his hands around his neck and choking him. Then he tells Zach, Caleb and Frankie that Victoria works for me with such hate on his face. Dirty player.

      • Sure i understand that, but hes “so good”..he Has a nack for reading people, yet he is determined that nicole is lying about this an that, instead hes trusting his gut with a selet few he knows for a fact are lying, an its going to result in his demise. I think hes an exceptional player but ill give him so much more credit if he were to use nicole as an asset now, because im certin hes screwed come finale 5. (this whole plan, lets get there then go after one another) is not going to benefit him if he dosent bring someone whom he can have turn against his ‘close allies’ in order to get him to finale 3.

      • That’s true, don’t know how he does it and I’m watching the feeds. He just “plays devil advocate” as he calls it and gets them to nomn the right people for him.

      • I don’t remember a single nomination that he wasn’t responsible, or at least play a part of it.

      • I don’t think this HOH he had control of. Nicole knew she wanted Frankie out and she got Caleb to try and throw BOTB by telling him about Amber. And Christine wants Donny out bad and knew who she wanted up. Now Derrick wants to keep Victoria safe and Christine is talking about putting her up. And if she does backdoor Nicole it’s because of Frankie and Caleb telling her a bunch of BS on their outing today.

      • He might as well just say “hey _________ I know you have the key to the HOH room and everything, but here’s what you’re going to do this week”

  8. Why can’t Frankie be put back up? is there a rule that once they win bob they are safe? I would love to see him go

  9. They know someone will return from Jury. Hayden is there along with Joc. If Donny goes, he fills in Hayden on The Detonators, etc, AND on Team America. If Hayden returns he will be all the wiser and can throw a couple of the big boys on the pyre and explain AFTER the fact why. If he spills in advance to Christine or Vic, she may tip them off and they go into damage control by fake “confessing” to get Hayden’s trust, etc. And they’ll be trying to re-evict him anyway. An argument to keep Donny that Frankie can make to Derrick. Meanwhile if Vic is renom’d Frankie gets to take out Derricks safety vote.

  10. Frankie is lying about how much money he makes on Youtube, which is a really stupid game move. Just shows how insecure he is.

  11. Frankie and Caleb will probably convince Christine today while they are out of the house to renom Nicole tomorrow. I wish Nicole had not said anything about what Victoria told her about Derrick using her..I could see Nicole’s wheels turning as Victoria was telling her about Derrick last night…Nicole has to learn that she cannot tell Derrick or Cody anything.

    • That is what I do not understand. Hasn’t Nicole figured out that Derrick and Cody betrayed her and Hayden by now? That should be enough to keep your mouth shut and just nod your head to whatever they say. Do not give them any info. Let the Detonators take each other out while, staying in the sidelines. How hard is that?

      • LOL she kind of knows Derrick and Cody betrayed her, but they did a really good job misting her and acting like “they didn’t have the votes”. As soon as the double eviction was over, Derrick did some serious damage control with Nicole.

      • Is Nicole really that bad in math? The vote was 6-2 in the Jocasta vote. If Derrick and Cody voted to evict Zach, it would have been 4-4 with Nicole breaking the tie. So, how can she miss the obvious?

    • Derrick is the ONLY one who halfway keeps his mouth shut in these alliances. Everybody else (especially Zach) blabs and blabs. Donny has stayed because he keeps his trap shut, but it has also hurt him because nobody trust him to tell him anything.

      • Derrick is also the ONLY one who has 95 alliances and flips the script in his favor to anyone who may question him..Nicole has to see that..He is now working on Christine to get her to BD Nicole..Nicole needs to keep her mouth shut around Derrick.

      • Christine already told Derrick she’s not putting Nicole up. And she was thinking of putting Victoria up.

      • I do now because she was talking to herself in the HOH saying Frankie needs to go after Frankie was trying to get her to backdoor Nicole. Nobody was there and she was just talking under her breath. So I believe those were her true thoughts. But we will see after their outing today how much she believes Frankie’s lies. I wish the POV ceremony would of been before their outing.

      • I am sure that Frankie and Caleb will try to get Christine to put up Nicole by lying about her..let’s hope that when they get back today that Christine calls Nicole up to HOH and tells her what they tried to accomplish. I don’t like them having all of this away time to fill Christine’s head with a bunch of crap about Nicole.

      • But Derrick makes alliances with everyone. And everyone is eventually going to cross reference. It’s already starting. By Derrick not trusting Hayden and Nicole and they had his back one million percent it’s going to bite him. And I can’t wait. I want a front row seat.

      • Then now is the time to make the big move and get Derrick out of the house, but, I guarantee you it won’t happen this week!

      • I think if Christine was sure she had the votes she would make this move. But she would no
        way have the votes.

    • What if Frankie convinced Christine that this is the best time to turn the table around and back stab Derrick/Cody? (only what if) lol

      • I was thinking the same thing. Now is the time to get Derrick and or Cody way she would target Cody though..he is her man crush. This woman is married, right??

      • Frankie and Christine knows that Derrick is the “Godfather” I don’t understand what they’re waiting for. Do they really think they’ll win sitting beside him? Nobody knows who Derrick will take on F2, but I don’t think it’s them. Well, Derrick will take them, (OUT)

      • What the house guests should realize is play or get get played! Have they not watched enough Big Brother that indecision will get you evicted? Helen and Judd are very clear examples of that. So with Janelle, when Mike Boogie and Dan Gheesling evicted her. You make your move when you have your chance or you are the one getting evicted! Christine, if she had any brain cells still alive would be putting Derrick on the block and moving to get the votes to take him out now. One big threat eliminated as it should be and a very big move!

      • I really think this is the best time to rally the votes against him. Some HG’s are already seeing his cards.

      • I think if she was sure she had the votes she would put him up. She only needs 3 votes and she would be the tie breaker. She would have Nicole, Frankie and I think that would be all. Zach and Caleb would not vote him out. Victoria for sure wouldn’t. And his bestie Cody wouldn’t. You have to make sure you have secure votes before you make a big move. Otherwise Derrick would have the whole house after her.

      • Zach would take him out. He wants all of them out. It would be Vic and she’s seeing Derprick in a new light the way he treated her last night. I hope she still sees it in the light of day.

      • You think Zach would vote him out? If he would she’d have the votes. It would be a tie.

      • Fakie can’t go on the block so get Derprick out now and tell NoB@llsCody you can either be with them or us.

      • FRANKIE!!! “Hit the road, Jack and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more!”.

  12. What the hell is it with zach… at every opportunity he reveals all the secrets he has … and he wonders why no one trusts him. I think Zach is the biggest blabbermouth in bb history.

  13. The detonators (not Zach) should make doubly sure that they don’t let zach in on any information about anything at all except who they expect him to vote for. Letting zach hear anything important would be a huge mistake. He will definitely be leaving the house sooner than later.

    • wouldn’t be too sure about that. I hope zach gets rid of his fellow detonators. Anyone who takes out derrick should win the game at this point

      • Any move to evict Derrick should be enough for that house guest to win Big Brother if they make it to the Finals because that would be a very huge move! That said, I do not see any of these guys having the cojones to take out Derrick though, that is why he is closing in on that $500,000 prize.

      • But the other house guests don’t realize how big of a threat Derrick is right now. They might just see it as “oh cool we got Derrick out” when really every viewer would be like “DANG THEY GOT DERRICK OUT”. You know?

  14. I felt kind of bad for Victoria, watching Derrik flip all this to make it look like everything was her fault, that he was “extremely hurt” by not coming to him first. Not to mention, the long convo between Zach, Derrik, Frankie, and then Caleb felt a lot like Devin’s “I have a daughter” guilt trip routine. Does everyone just buy this??? Good game on his part I guess, but it’s frustrating that everyone just lets his go like that

    • I’ve been a Derrick fan until last night. He went too far berating Victoria and Nicole for that matter. I know his tactic was to make them feel guilt but they seemed to be intimidated. That is not good strategy. That’s dirty pool.

      • Just in case someone might have missed it, I’m referring to what happened on BBAD last night when Zach, yet again, ran his BIG mouth and told Victoria everything. When Zach found out that Victoria and Nicole had a discussion about it, he went and lied to Derrick and said that Nicole told Victoria about everything, not him. So Derrick, knowing that Zach was lying to him,confronted the women about speaking negatively about him. He went a bit overboard and should have taken a different approach than intimidation. Just my opinion.

      • But really listen to how she chooses her words and how much she tells them very carefully. She needs help in this game and is trying to work with them just a little to help her.

      • These females have let these guys buffalo them, intimidate them, outplay them; it’s painful to watch sometimes.

      • So true. Derrick is acting like a dictator now. I’ve been saying all along since week 3 he has been playing a dirty game. Did you see in the house meeting when there was just Derrick, Caleb and Zach there. Derrick saying Victoria “works” for me. He makes me sick.

      • His actions are making me think”He is the Don”.These intimidation factors are messing with my opinion of him. I don’t like that strategy. I wish Nicole would have stood up to him instead of cowering and saying she didn’t do anything. Not surprised that tactic worked on Victoria though.

    • I agree. Derrick telling Zach you’re taking food out of my daughters mouth. Give me a break. Everyone has family’s and could use the money. Well everyone except maybe Skankie.

  15. I’m pretty sure it’ll be Donny going home (jury house). I’m sad about it though, he had potential, and is pretty good at playing the ‘non-physical’ comps. But he IS the senior of the house, and the oldest person always gets evicted sooner than later. Derrick is the primo player here… he’s the master manipulator.

    • Actually, it depends. If Nicole gets put on the block by Christine then, it is Nicole going to the jury house. If it is Victoria on the block with Donny, I think it is going to be him going to the jury house. Victoria is Derrick’s spy. I do not see Derrick allowing Victoria to be evicted!

  16. Derrick has been playing a good game but his lies are catching up with him and fast. Nicole is the smartest one in that house. She will figure it all out really soon.

  17. This Team America thing is really starting to hinder Derrick’s progress in the game. It’s cool to see that the Donny worshipers now know that Donny is very willing to get Derrick and Frankie out, despite the fact they said it would be so awful for them to go after Donny. Not that they listen to anything negative about Donny.

      • That’s correct!!! You got something right, Lavendargirl!!!

        But what’s your point?

        Donny worshipers have been saying for weeks that if Derrick and Frankie got Donny out it would be shameful because he’s their fellow Team America member, but Donny is trying to get Derrick and Frankie out then it’s suddenly okay. I like Donny and I think he’s playing a good game. I don’t like Frankie and I think he’s playing a bad game. But the rationality of commenters on these threads is really testing me.

      • My comment and point to you was because it’s two sided. Oh and I’m always right. Just ask Cyril.

  18. So all you Derlick fans did you hear Derrick saying to Cody that he wants to wrap his hands around Zachs neck and choke him? Maybe you heard him also say I want to punch Zach in the face and break every bone in his jaw. Oh did you also hear him telling Zach you’re taking food out of my daughters mouth. He’s such an upstanding guy. NOT!!!

    • I am not a fan of Derrick’s, but I think he has been playing a great game, and I kind of understand how Zach outing his alliances would push him over the edge. Derrick’s carefully constructed house of straw is getting blown over by the big bad wolf Zach! I don’t doubt for a minute that these players: Frankie, Caleb, Amber, Zach and Cody are playing BB just for the TV exposure. If they win anything, that’s just a bonus. But, Nicole, Christine, Donny and Derrick are playing to win the big bucks. Hayden and Victoria were just there to be on vacation or something…. Anyway, Derrick has made it THIS FAR without really blowing up at anyone. I am not surprised that when he did blow up, he blew up hard! Living in the house messes with people. The frat type boys seem to handle it better than anyone else, because they don’t take themselves too seriously and they don’t really know how to make a solid commitment to anyone. It will be interesting to see how much they show of Derrick’s meltdown. If they were smart they’d backdoor him ASAP.

      • I hope they show all of it. Half of these Derrick fans probably don’t have the feeds. I think Derrick is getting one of the best edits aside from Skankie.

      • Are you trolling? You’ve described Donny to a T. Heck, even when you get corrected when you say something incorrect on these forums you don’t admit it.

      • I think you’re the troll. I’ve been on this site for a long, long time. And how can you correct an opinion? Which by the way every one is entitled to. I don’t come back at someone unless they make it personal like you always do. I comment and may either agree or disagree but it’s JMO. I don’t like Derricks game play and I will comment on it but I don’t bring name calling into it like you seem to always do. You may say something I disagree with and I will comment back my opinion. Have a nice life.

      • I have 5 notifications, all from you. 5. Who is the aggressor here?

        Opinions are different than facts. Your opinion is that Derrick is not playing a good game. That is your opinion, which you are entitled to. (Again, the “everyone is entitled to their own opinion” is becoming a cop out) but when you say Derrick is going after Frankie that is NOT your opinion. We can use reason from the things we learn on the feeds and in the diary room to make a reasonable conjecture. A conjecture is not an opinion. You are certainly able to write what you want on these forums and I certainly have a right to disagree, and vice versa. (Again, 5 notifications all from you and you say I’m the aggressor).

        You have been commenting on every single one of my posts on this site (a little obsessive, but certainly your right to do) and they are always disagreeing with me. That’s fine. But when I disagree with you all of the sudden I am “name calling” or being mean. I will repeat YET AGAIN for like the 5th time this season. You have threatened to never reply to me again when I correct you. PLEASE please please please please follow through on that. I have FIVE notifications from you. You can not stalk my posts and then get defensive when I disagree with you.

      • And I have 500 from you. Every time I post something you comment. I was just commenting back. You are over loading my email. And by the way you said I’m wrong about Derrick wanting Frankie out? Did you happen to see Derlicks DR. I believe he said he wants Frankie out.

      • I stand corrected!! Derrick did say he wants Frankie out in the DR. Interesting. I apologize for saying you were wrong about Derrick wanting Frankie out. I’m sorry, Lavendargirl.

      • I have FIVE notifications. ALL from you. FIVE. How is it possible to reply to the same person FIVE times within a few hours?

        And you say I’m the one name calling? What I have I ever said to you?

      • Excuse me. My email is overloaded from you. Look back you get notifications from me after you comment to one of my posts. Perfect example right here. I posted a comment and what did you do? Commented with another smart ass comment. Don’t bother commenting anymore because I’m blocking you from my email and won’t be responding.

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