‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

Ready to find out what happened in today’s Veto Ceremony for Big Brother 16? The Feeds have returned and the results are definitely going to shock the house, or at least its new target.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

After a very bumpy week coming off the Double Eviction the house has scrambled to settle on a target and the Veto competition didn’t help make that any easier for them. Not we’re looking to get an exciting few days as the final nominees will be fighting for votes to stay out of the Jury house.

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Zach, definitely used the Veto on himself and that should be no surprise, but what happened next was for a few HGs.

Christine renom’d Nicole in our very first HoH-to-Nominee scenario of the season and it won’t stop there either. If the vote were held right now then Nicole would be evicted and sent to Jury.

The final nominations for Week 7 on Big Brother 16 are Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel.

Okay, so maybe Nicole wasn’t shocked and started to see this coming, but what do you think of Christine going against Nicole? They had obviously been butting heads for over a week now, but how many people did Christine really have left? Cody and Derrick may keep Christine around as a pawn for Cody as Derrick has Victoria, but we shall see.

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  1. I think I’m just about done spending so much time watching this stuff. I’m not upset, but I’m just not entertained anymore. Paranoia is the reason Hayden is gone and Nicole is about to join him. Neither of them did anything wrong, which is the worst part of the whole thing.

    Derrick needs to be sent packing. Hopefully Donny and/or the person who comes back will be able to do that. That would be entertaining.

    • Nicole is the strongest female and that’s why she will be leaving. She made a mistake telling the guys of her backdoor Christine plan. Hopefully Hayden will be coming back. I like Derick and Cody, but I’m ready to see their game blow up as much as everyone elses. Ultimately, I’m still routing for Zach Attack!!

      • I agree, if nothing else when you go on BB you don’t tell “anyone” ANYTHING!! ever

      • The guys are the ones that were in her head. She should of talked to Christine and told her I did say I was going to backdoor you but that was right after I found out you betrayed me. After we talked I thought we squashed it.

      • I actually hope Nicole comes back after Hayden has a few minutes to force some sense into her. She’s by far the better competitor between herself and anyone else eligible to come back, and Hayden coming back’s not going to mean anything if he can’t win a competition in order to make that stuff happen.

      • I’m pretty sure the guys were all in on that plan. Then Frankie came off the block and blew his identity out of the water, while Christine remained on the block and allowed her decision to be influenced by the guys.

    • I agree. I don`t even care anymore also,
      I will just keep watching because I have nothing to do and there`s anything else to watch…

      I kind feel sorry for Christine, it might suck a lot to be so naive, stupid and clueless.

      Im sure the outside trip yesterday had something to do with it.

      • I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. I hope she goes next by a blindside. She deserves everything she gets. She’s been lying to Nicole since week one. And she’s married but lays in bed with Cody dry humping him. I hope her husband sees all of this.

      • Did you see where she said her husband was suppose to be weeding out all the negative comments on her account for her? He’s got to be one busy man, either he doesn’t have a job or he isn’t sleeping. If he is smart, he would be leaving some of his own negative comments.

    • Derrick’s been the smartest player, by far…totally manipulating the entire house. At this point, he deserves the win. That’s how you play the game. You get rid of votes against you.

      Zack’s been the only source of entertainment…+ a little Frankie.

    • I agree! I feel the same. I keep waiting for Pandora’s Box or a rewind! I think expecting the unexpected should mean that those options happen before the house guests have estimated that they will happen. They all knew that it was time for a double eviction last week.

    • BB is not a game for people who go in and try to play a clean game..which I think Nicole has been doing so far..and look where that has gotten her.

      • Well they don’t come much nicer than Donny and he’s still kicking around. I doubt he’ll be a finalist, but he certainly is closer to the front of the pack than the rear.. Let’s hope that this one time a nice person does prove you can be a good person and make it to the finalist spots.

      • On last nights episode of Big Brother Donny looked so defeated – The twinkle in his eye is gone – Me thinks that this game is weighing very heavily on him. I’m rooting for Donny and Zach

      • I’m with you on Donny, but in terms of who I feel ”deserves” (subjective I know) to be at the end, I’d say Derrick & Donny.

      • Nicole is sweet and naive. Not suited for Big Brother however, if she just used her head, she might still be in the Big Brother House. Somehow try as she may, she could not put the pieces together on who was lying to her and not to be trusted! Even Derrick warned her when Hayden was evicted in the kitchen. “This is a game. Do not trust anyone including me.” That speaks volumes but, Nicole ignored it just the same and trusted Derrick 100% saying he never lied to me! Wow! If she could not figure out that Derrick and Cody betrayed her and Hayden, then, nobody can help her!
        It is way too obvious of a lie when Derrick told her they did not have the votes. Yet, Donny, Hayden, Derrick and Cody would have been enough to evict Zach as it would be a 4-4 tie with Nicole having the tie breaking vote! It is just sad when Nicole cannot see what is clearly obvious! :(

      • agreed. This is just not the game for Nicole. She has been trying to be way to honest and as a super fan she should know better than to trust anyone totally like she does Derrick and to some extent Cody. She should also know that you can’t get near the end without an alliance of some kind that should have been made way earlier in the game.

    • Agreed that’s it’s not entertaining anymore. The first two weeks were super entertaining with Devin, but now it’s just eh. Occasionally Zach tries to bring in the drama, but the rest of the HGs are so lackluster, especially Victoria—seriously, can’t believe she’s still in the house.

  2. Pretty wild that despite tons of lying and throwing people under the bus 6 of the 8 bomb squad and all 5 detonators will make the top 8.

  3. Christine is foolish to think she’ll ever make it to the final 2. The girls should have grouped together a long time ago. I never saw Nicole winning and she did say she would put Christine up. That was a mistake on her part.

    • Shoulda kept that to herself…she only blurted that out because she was mad that Christine lied to her about not being in another alliance after the BS broke up (which still didn’t include her), breaking her trust when Nicole had her back the whole time.

      • The more that I think about it… the more I am ready for Nicole to go. As a person she seems super sweet and maybe that’s why I liked her so much, but as a “super fan” of the game, she has made some lousy moves. How did she not see that Cody and Derick played her? They didn’t need Victoria’s vote. Since Hayden left, she has shown all her cards.

      • You are right Jessalli! Hayden saw it. His exit interview he said he would go after Derrick and Cody. He knows who betrayed them. Nicole IS NOT a good player. Her anger gets the best of her. She was so focused on Frankie she did not look farther. Hayden did.

    • The other side of that is: Look who made it to the F2 last season. Most players want someone like that at the end with them for the win. And Christine’s probably a little smarter than whats-her-name…

  4. Christine and Frankie are some of the worst liars I have seen on the show. They are disgusting!

    • True…But they were also caught. It shouldn’t matter at this point. If the rest of the house is OK with them (and buying Frankie’s ridiculous excuses)…they deserve what they get.

      • Nicole even said last night that this was the stupidest season ever. Everyone makes alliances with everyone and they all throw each other under the bus. Like she said what happened to where you find a couple people you can trust and play the game with them. These people are idiots. I think Nicole played a great game. She had an alliance with Hayden then they joined up with Derrick and Cody who they thought they could trust. Those 4 could of went far except Derlick the dictator and his paranoia. I hope one of these times Cody just says no to Derlick.

      • Why would Cody say no to Derrick? he is probably going to ride Derricks back all the way to final 2 without having to make any moves at all

      • You don’t know a lot about this if you think she played a great game. She accomplished nothing in her time in the house, was blindsided by her showmance leaving, and then was likely evicted.

    • NO one compares to the sneaky cop. Like he said, he was trained to do that and it gives him an advantage.

    • When are people going to stop being shocked and upset about lying during Big Brother? What show do you think this is?

      • Like they think pple came on there to play checkers and sing kumbayah while holding hads then somehow 2 pple will end up in the finals with no lying backstabbing or deception??!!! Ummm, go watch something else if that what theyre looking for

  5. I hope Frankie or Christine goes next week then derrick goes the week after because i just to see a massive shakeup. Normally I love the best player in the house (favorite players are Dan and Will), but derrick is the exception. I don’t know why but I don’t find him entertaining. I’m very ready to see him walk out the door.

    • Because Derrick isn’t entertaining. He kills any drama that could possibly happen unless it’s a TA mission or he’s covering his tracks. That’s part of the reason why this season is so boring, there isn’t any drama. And it’s because Derrick has played such a dirty game that he knows as soon as there is a huge blowup, he’s screwed. Frankie/Christine were first, and Derrick will be outed sometime soon as well. Is he a good player? Obviously. But he’s a complete bore.

      • I wouldn’t describe Derrick’s game as dirty. Cunning & deceitful for sure (like all the others)…but ”dirty”? Frankie is a dirty player, Zach is a dirty player, Christine is a dirty player… they get giddy at the thought of betraying somebody’s trust and they have no inner voice that seems to say it’s not good sportsmanship to rub somebody’s nose in their defeat after you’ve duped them. I’d say I’m mostly impressed with Cody out of the Derrick/Cody combo, but Derrick’s game isn’t bad either.

      • How is Derrick different from, Frankie, Christine and Zach? The way he plays Victoria. Saying she works for him. She was mad at him and he turned it around to where she was the one apologizing and crying. He’s toying with her emotions until he can’t use her anymore. To me that’s worse than any of them.

      • Thank you for saying this! Derrick is no better than the rest of the players and does not deserve the pedestal fans place him on. He lost me when he proclaimed that if he did’t win that the other players would be taking food out of his daughter’s mouth – Ridiculous!

      • I think what you described is a perception of his motives (that he’s playing their emotions intentionally). For me I don’t see him necessarily taking any joy in being deceptive – whereas Frankie, Zach & Christine have repeatedly laughed, clapped, and even jumped with glee when deceiving others. For me there is a difference that is clear.

      • I, too, think Derrick has played a more so strategic game and wouldn’t have used the word dirty until the other night when he berated Victoria and Nicole to the point of intimidation. That bothered me and I lost a lot of respect for his gameplay. The show of poor sportsmanship by some does not add in any way to gameplay, but in my opinion does say something about character. I may have misunderstood your comment about Cody, but I think without Derrick, Cody would have no gameplay except for the rubbing which is rubbing me the wrong way.

      • So using the same standards you guys are using to judge Derrick, you all must absolutely hate Evil Dick, Dan, Dr. Will. Evel Dick used bullying and intidimation to win. Dan swore on his own religion, and his grandfathers watch, promises in which he broke. Dr. Will bragged about using showmances and using girls and toying with them to get farther in the game. Everything you guys are berating Derrick for, the legends of Big Brother did the same thing, so either you personally hate (not talking about choosing not to root for someone) Dr.Will, Dan, Evel Dick, and Derrick for playing “dirty”, or you are just a hypocrite.

      • Well I definitely don’t feel the need to bash my fellow commentators, but I’m glad you agree with my point – Derrick is no more ”dirty” (and probably even less so) than the players you mentioned… It’s funny how perception of a person is easily constructed by circumstance and editing.

      • Oh ugh, I didn’t know about his incident with Victoria & Nicole. I’m sorry to hear that this happened. If it happened a couple more times to establish a pattern I suppose I’d agree that he is indeed a shady character.

      • Wait..Zach is a dirty player? He has actually been probably the most honest person in the house. I’m not joking, he tells the truth TOO openly. Derrick is absolutely a dirty player, but Dan was the dirtiest player of all time in season 14 but I absolutely loved it. His manipulation was something I had never seen before. I think everyone is right, Derrick is just a bore. How are you impressed with Cody? He is just Derrick’s b***. No mind of his own, and has no balls

      • Oh please, Amanda was honest too… Amanda was a better game player and had a better strategy then ANYONE in the house now, she didn’t even have to win anything to stay in the house, until Andy turned on her… Amanda made some stupid remarks yes, but she even told Elissa, Helen was going home the week Helen got send to jury, Zach is a douchebag, ass and hopefully will be the next one to go…

      • So true. He’s very boring. He’s a snake and I don’t like the way he plays on Victorias feelings. Saying she works for him. Give me a break. He’s acting like a dictator.

    • You know who’s going to go next week? Whoever Derrick wants to go!! Probably Donny. Sighs

      • Yep. And the week after that and the week after that and so on and so on. They should just write Derrick a check and end it. Pretty boring knowing exactly what’s going to happen week after week.

      • True… but I think there’s a potential twist in the realm of possibility. Imagine this… we’re down to Caleb, Frankie, Cody & Derrick as we all know but in comes Donny who’s voted back by America. Now what will happen when an outsider like Donny comes back in? My guess is that either Frankie or Derrick try to knock off the other kingpin with Donny’s help.

  6. If Nicole leaves I will not care about this season that much anymore. I’ll still watch every episode, but I don’t know if I’ll be watching the live feeds as much. This cast is very predictable and boring. Hopefully Nicole comes back from the jury house. Let’s face it it’s pretty much guaranteed that she is being evicted. I find it hilarious that last week they were about to make a big move but then chickened out and made a boring move getting Jocasta out.

    • Very predictable. Yep Nicole had it all set up to get Zach out and what do they do vote out a floater. Poor big bad Derrick was afraid of Jocasta.

    • I couldn’t watch the feeds today, and watch her cry. I know it’s bb. However, production has had such a heavy hand in this season, this horrible season.

    • Nicole should’ve never put Jocasta up….that was her first mistake. She should’ve put up 2 guys that way one was guaranteed to leave and Jocasta was still there for a vote. I really like Nicole and was rooting for her, but she’s been told all about the detenators and still trusts Derrick and Cody. That’s just not smart. It sucks this season that the detenators have picked everyone else off one by one. I wish Nicole and Hayden, Donnie, Jocasta and Victoria would’ve made an alliance a few weeks ago. At least that would be something to try to do to get a big player out.

  7. Nicole is going to the jury house because she did not use her head. She had multiple chances to make good moves but, she blew it each time! What is worst is until this time of her eviction, she still trusts Derrick 100% How stupid can you be? For a geek and a nursing graduate, she probably is book smart but, not smart enough for the real world. There is no excuse for her to be so, in the dark as not to see thru Derrick’s multiple lies! All the info she needed was given to her from multiple sources and worst of all, she has no one in the Big Brother House and yet, blabs every little bit of information she gets to everyone! So, draw attention to yourself and make yourself an even bigger target! Another not so smart move. Adios. :(

    • And yet she tells Christine that it was Caleb that doesn’t see what’s going on when all along Christine knows and doesn’t say a word to Nicole! hahahahaha

      • Caleb also is on the outside looking in but, Nicole is behind Caleb so, sees even less! Atleast, Caleb they let into some of their plans to use as a pawn and for his vote to maintain the appearance that he is still good with the alliance. The fact that he has been put on the block numerous times including his lady love Amber being blindsided and evicted should tell him he is near the edge too. To a small degree, Nicole is right but, Nicole is clearly lost as she does not see that a shark is about to devour her and she still says, what a cute shark! So sad, really. :(

      • There was even one point on the feeds where Nicole and Victoria were talking and nic tells Victoria that she can’t say anything to anyone, and then Nicole turns right around talking to Cody about game even she found out about the detenators. It is pretty sad seeing her go down like that, but she should’ve been smarter than that.

    • she is a little lacking on common sense AND she SO does not want America to see her as BAD!!

    • Richie you and I are very much in agreement about Nicole.

      I want to share two quotes from the great Maya Angelou that are very pertinent to this season.

      “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

      On at least some level Derrick understands this better than anyone else is the house.

      “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

      This greatly contributed to Nicole’s downfall

  8. Although Nicole missed a number of opportunities–I still wonder why Donny’s not the target. He’s a big threat; and who would want to be in the F2 with him??

    • I think they think he is an easy target for later as he is ‘alone’ in the house!

    • Think Derrick said: 1. with her gone, she & Christine won’t work together, 2. she’s been talking with Donny alot – with her gone, Donny will have no one as he can’t work with Christine or Victoria, 3. knowing someone is returning – probably Hayden – looking for blood, it’s better that Nicole isn’t there for him to team up with.

  9. All this does is gives us a few more shows to enjoy the real fan favorite Donny, before he goes unless he wins anything!

  10. Nicole should have seen this coming. More Christine should see what’s coming next. I said before Derrick deserves to win because even though he talks all the time he doesn’t tell them anything except what he wants them to know, otherwise he generalizes it.

  11. Was it a mistake for Nicole to reveal her plan to Christine? Yea. But remember that Frankie and Christine were public enemies #1 at the time of the HoH this week. EVERYONE wanted them gone. Nicole was 100% alone when she won HoH (besides Donny, but he’s not that helpful), why wouldn’t she try and get people on her side by telling them what they want to hear? “Frankie’s my #1, and if he wins PoV Christine is my #2”. Although she shouldn’t have said anything, it makes sense.

    • Silence is golden and that phrase describes it pretty much. Nicole should be hawing and hedging not giving a straight answer, well, I have to think about it, blah blah blah. That would have been a better response. Whatever they say to you, nod your head in agreement. She already knew she was alone in the Big Brother House. When Hayden was evicted, she was crying her eyes out to Donny saying all of them are liars. Derrick prior to that in the kitchen told Nicole when she was asking if that was the plan, said.
      “This is a game. Do not trust anyone including me.” And yet, she is in the HOH with Derrick and she tells him everything that Zach and Victoria told her about the alliance! Not so smart because that made the target on her back larger. And she says to herself. I trust Derrick 100% because he has not lied to me. Really? The Jocasta eviction and the fact Nicole, Donny and Hayden all got put in the hot seat did not mean anything? That nobody lied to her and set her and Hayden up? Obviously, she is not thinking but, listening to everything that Derrick tells her to do. What a waste!

  12. You would think the HG’s would be thinking about the jury. As Julie mentioned, there might be a way to get back in the game. If one of the remaining HG’s goes out after that possibility, there might not be a way to get back into the game. Just thinking . . . .

    • Derick has them convinced that “there won’t be a buyback this season” bc their aren’t enough weeks left. But they almost have to bring someone back since the season has been extended. I’m positive there will be. I think next week, after the eviction, julie will announce it and the jury will go back in like last season and compete. Someone coming back will be an hoh and someone left in the house will be an hoh. and then hopefully this twist will be over..

    • Whoever comes back will be targeted immediately as in Survivor and even past Big Brother seasons. Brendon was targeted by Danielle immediately and evicted. They have to play hard to win HOH when they come back and if they do one thing right—-do not trust those who evicted you! Judd did that last season and wasted his 2nd chance! Had he worked with Elissa then, he might have had a chance 2nd time around but, he evicted Elissa or voted her out as I recall it! Assume the alliances are still intact which is the safest assumption you can make. Don’t trust anyone! If you do not win HOH, try to win the POV if you get to play. That is your only chance! If you still fail, accept the fact you will be evicted a 2nd time for good!

  13. Out of curiosity, what has Cody done this season? He’s kind of floating along. Right? Or am I forgetting something

      • Cody was the person who Christine, Hayden, and Nicole trusted for the first 5 or so weeks in the game. He was able to keep tabs on them and what they were thinking (yes, for Derrick) and they certainly gave him information and insight that Derrick didn’t have access to. Cody also stayed up all night for the first few weeks in the game and forged relationships with Zach and then Brittany and his relationship with Zach really paid off and made him a loyal member of Derrick’s entourage.

        I think that while everyone certainly trusts and respects Derrick he’s kind of intimidating and Cody was much more approachable for the other houseguests.

        Look, I’m probably the biggest Derrick fan out there, but I have to say second to Derrick, Cody is playing the best game so far.

      • LOL!!!! Sure Cody did Derrick’s bidding & reported back to his boss. So?

        I don’t think EVERYONE “trusts and respects Derrick”. I, for one, wouldn’t want him, in any capacity, on my town’s police force. The sooner he’s gone the better.

      • What do you mean? Whether Derrick benefited from it or not, Cody was the one who they trusted more and he was the one with the intel.

        As to your second paragraph, I’m not even going to address that with a response. That’s completely irrelevant for many reasons. The houseguests see only a part of Derrick’s game and they are completely falling for it with no end in sight. Why in the world do you think your opinion of the edited show’s version of Derrick has anything to do with how trustworthy he is to the houseguests?

      • Cody has contributed a lot this season. Between being Derricks little snitch bitch and rubbing around on Christine. lol

      • LOL! I like your ‘term of endearment’ for Cody. Yeah, what’s with him and Christine ‘rubbing around’ on each other? Disgusting.

      • Honestly, I thought he and Nicole had a thing before CBS shoved Hayden and Nicole down our throats. I think Cody’s strategy was to flirt with all the girls and be in good with all the guys. He’s doing a great job bc he’s not anyone’s target (or ever has been) which is hard to do, but I agree, he hasn’t done much to justify winning $500,000. Maybe $50,000

    • Cody has been playing one the best games in the house. He’s incredibly trustworthy and well liked, and he has yet to be a target despite the fact that he is well liked and is so physically fit.

  14. It’s funny how the only person that has a clear picture on who to target is not in the house.

      • Nicole said she would, but chances are pretty big that she never would have. she considered her a friend, and Nic is too worried about what people will think of her for bding her friends. Like she told Frankie that she never would have put him up if she had known he was famous, and she worried what his sister’s fans were thinking of her

      • I don’t know. Nicole had zero trust in Christine. Something tells me Christine was the one who really wanted to renew their friendship and Nicole just wasn’t having it, so Christine did what the other side of the house wanted.

        You’re right, though, we can’t be sure since it was ultimately Christine’s decision to make and not Nicole’s. But I just wanted to inform people who might not have been aware that Nicole at least publicly said she was planning on backdooring Christine.

        P.S. Completely unbiased conjecture. I love Nicole. :(

  15. Let the fun begin once Nicole is evicted … each remaining house gueat will eventually be beteayed by their once closest Alliance / Friends in the House, and likely in tears and angered and queationing how much of a Fruitloop Dingus that they were for trusting Derrick and their respective alliances … Ha !!!

  16. I just don’t get why these HGs hear about all of these alliances and Derrick and Cody are in all of them. Yet every HG thinks he/she is safe from Derrick and Cody! Nicole thinking she could trust Derrick after Hayden went home is about the dumbest thing all season. Donny see’s what’s going on but does nothing about it. He seems to be afraid to make any alliance at all. He doesn’t realizing going home this week or next make so little difference.

    • totally agree about the alliances and the trusting those that are in them, BUT who is left to make an alliance with?? Victoria is in Derricks back pocket, Nicole is worried about what America will think of her is she says or does ‘something bad’ and neither can keep a secret from one room to the next, lol,

  17. Christine strikes me as the kid of girl that would have never been able to run in the same circle as the guys in the Bomb Squad, if she were outside of the house. She probably doesn’t have many girlfriends either. I think she just feels powerful and popular being a part of a group and is making really dumb decisions. I can’t believe that she thinks that these guys would take her to the final.

  18. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Christine is going to regret this when she’s in the Jury house and there are 2 guys sitting pretty at the end. She needs to play her own game.

    • Wow, what a coincidence. You are also Nicole. Good you are not in the Big Brother House otherwise, they might have a fight with two Nicoles. :)

      • I would love to be that person who goes in and doesn’t fall for all the BS, but that’s just not me, haha. It probably wouldn’t be much of a fight if I were in there.

      • It is maybe, both of you are sweet and nice. Hard to get mixed in with the Beast Mode Cowboy and Zach’s Attack’s crazy antics. Too much craziness to deal with! If you also like Survivor, may I suggest Season 24 wherein Kim Spradlin was the winner.
        Last 5 tribe members were all women as all the men were voted out! I thoroughly enjoyed that season of Survivor. Definitely, one of the best.

      • Thanks! I saw that season. One of the only times an all girl alliance has worked! It’s possible! I’ve watched every season of survivor. The last few haven’t been very exciting, though. (At least in my opinion)

  19. I think they are butting heads because of Christine’s actions but she will never accept she’s responsible and will continue to make dumb decisions until as the token girl member on the BS alliance they don’t need her and get rid of her. At least when Brittany was the token girl of an all guy alliance she was funny and you could root for her. Who roots for Christine? Donny and Nicole are my favs so I am just bummed. Whoever goes it sucks since I want them both to stay which is impossible.

    • I’m with you. I’m not one of these people that says I’m not watching anymore. I LOVE this show and have watched since season one. I have all the seasons on DVD (except last year) but now I’m sure Donny will go next so I really could care less which of the remaining idiots wins it as long as it’s not Derlick or Skankie. The good thing is I can sit back and relax and enjoy them turning on each other.

      • I should stop rooting for people since they almost always leave on this show and Survivor. Maybe I am a curse lol. Anyway I won’t stop watching. I mean I made it through last year so I guess I can this year.

      • Me too. I think the last one I can remember that won BB that I wanted was Jordan. I loved her and Jeff.

      • What you say I am always thinking along the same lines. Maybe Hayden can come back and he and Donny hook up with -wait now- Zack or Caleb. That is the only two that may stray and help get them to the final . This is the only hope I have left. Just to hell get Frankie out. I need someone good to win after such a disaster last year.

  20. I call an all guy final 5 now Nicole is going this week with Christine going next. Great Nicole goes when I start rooting for her again :/.

    • Can’t wait for Christine to get brigaded. If you can’t do math, you shouldn’t expect to win, much less surpass Final 5. I doubt she breaks Final 6.

      • She’s made it too far already and riding on coattails at that. All she needs is a broom…maybe a wart and a hat.

  21. I am ready for Christine to go and ready for Frankie to go. After watching Caleb confront the “media” mogul with a “famous” sister I have a whole new appreciation for him! Christine is a liar on every count.

      • What do you think of this backdoor move. I’m so ticked off. I just hope either Hayden or Nicole get back in the game.

      • As soon as Christine was convinced to backdoor Nicole, I turned of my feeds and when to sleep disappointed.

      • I did too. And I didn’t turn them on again until after the POV because I wanted to see who was up. I know it’s game but I felt so bad for Nicole when she was talking to Christine and crying. Oh well if Donny goes then I can relax and just watch them all backstab each other. In fact I thought I would never say this but if Hayden doesn’t get back in and Donny goes I hope Zach wins.

      • Which annoys me. On one hand Caleb is he doesn’t deserve the money, next he is in love with said “media mogul.” plus Caleb has famous contacts already in his phone and could hook em up…LOL Victoria with what few brain cells she has, is sticking to Frankie needs to go I need the money, my family credit is shot and all credit is in my name.

    • Umm…arent they all technically liars???Its a freaking game get over the pettiness and appreciate it for what it is…a game

  22. Nicole’s downfall is not keeping her mouth shut. Everyone this season likes to expose valuable information to people in order to throw them under the bus or expose people. She needed to keep quiet and not mention her plans.

  23. Have to admit this is the best BB ever. Frankie is the biggest Narcissist. I liked him at first, now he makes me gag. He is sooooo in love with himself, yuck. My mind has changed on many people like Caleb the stalker. I like him now, and I love Zach . . . he makes me laugh so hard. Ummm he always made me laugh hard . . . he’s hilarious and smarter than Frankie (even though he may not think so). I do not want to see Nichole to go home. Why do they think she is so crazy? I can’t believe I even like Victoria too. I want Frankie Out . . . if I see him “pose” one more time, I’m going to throw up. I can’t believe “the guys” are buying his “act.”

    • Does it make me look out of touch to admit I’ve never heard of his sister till this show? LOL
      I liked Frankie at first, but didn’t last long. Talk about 2-faced.
      Although I will admit I was impressed when he won the BOB all by himself.

  24. I’m hoping for Donny to come back once he’s voted out…
    Having said that, I get a good laugh at those who were on these same message boards saying they loved Derrick at the beginning of the season because his covert tactics would make him great. Now that he’s situated himself as the of the dominant alliance everyone wants him gone because it’s either boring or he’s not ”nice” or…etc, etc, etc. I’m impressed with his & Cody’s game. It’s not as exciting to watch, but they’re not playing that game for my (or anyone else’s) adoration. Heck compared to some of the remaining houseguests I even think they’re nicer people especially Cody who has shown a great amount of care for some of his other houseguests (even the ones who were sent packing)…

    • Cody is just Derricks minion. Derrick is the brains in the alliance, Cody just goes along

      • Oh I agree he lets Derrick take the lead, but he still has my respect because he seems to have a bigger heart for the people around him – this could end up being his end game strength if he makes it into one of the finalist spots. Poor game in getting to the end, but brilliant use of ”no blood on my hands” end game strategy. I’d like to see him a bit more competitive from here on out…

  25. I have come to the conclusion that Nicole is not cutthroat enough to play this game..Donny isn’t either and unless TA saves him, he will be next on he chopping block. I think all it would have taken for Nicole to not be put up was for her to tell Christine that the guys had the idea of BD her this week. She said “yes” to keep them happy…Communication is key, girls! Hate to see her crying and so upset now……..

    • Definitely agree. Presentation and timing of what you say (and of course who you say it to) is everything. And yes, Nicole & Donny are very sweet & kind people. Too good for what the show has become but I’m still foolishly hoping that somebody can prove that good character can lead to a BB finalist!

      • I sure hope so. Maybe Nicole or Hayden will get to come back in, but, unless they win HOH they will probably get voted right back out again.

      • I’m not so convinced. If one of them comes back at the right time (key being the ”right” time) they could become the swing vote.

      • Jordan won. And she was sweet. Loved her and Jeff. In fact they’re two of my favorites out of all the seasons.

      • Ah a very good point! But, she was a ”couple” before people were smart enough to get rid of couples early in these reality shows… Having said that, there was a bit of nasty side to Jordan, I’ll never forget her physically chest bumping Russell and getting right in his face – she’s both sweet and sassy…

    • I agree but I don’t think she had the chance. I wish Christine would of talked to Nicole after the guys spilled their guts.

  26. I still don’t see why Derrick and Cody approve of this move. Nicole actually trusts Derrick (not sure why, but she said she trusts him the most in the house), while Donny on the other hand wants Derrick out of the house.

    Derrick would be evicting someone who’s on his side in Nicole, and keeping the only person in the house coming after him. Doesn’t make sense.

    • Nicole told Christine that at this point the only person she’d consider voting for is Donny. Bad move. Christine has no love for him anyway and will run tell the boys what Nicole said which may send Donny to the top of the hit list next week.

      • Oh Donny is definitely next on the chopping block. He’ll probably be the initial target, unless he wins HOH, with Frankie and Christine being backdoor options if Donny wins a POV.

        If Donny wins HOH though, I fully expect him to nominate Derrick and Cody. Nicole wouldn’t have.

  27. UGH! Christine, anybody, can they do what’s best for their own game? Derrick has absolutely no challenge with these house-guests. Christine could have made a big move. Is she Helen of this season, always waiting to make a big move? Nicole talks too much but Christine could have easily put up a Detonator or the Detonator’s groupie, Victoria and align with Zach, Donny, and Nicole against Cody/Derrick. Problem is this group talk so much.

  28. Bad move for Christine. But she’s so far up Cody’s butt it’s no surprise. Wait until she finds out he’s just using her. Wonder what her husband thinks of all this dry humping Cody.

      • I agree. remember in Christine’s video when she was coming in to the house she said her husband was not here type? All she is proving is she is dirty, a dirty cheater. Her husband should file for divorce so he can split her winnings. That will teach her.

  29. These bb competitors are playing one of the worst games so far. I don’t like Victoria but would love the irony in her winning the whole thing. Christine and Frankie definitely need to go!!

    • I never favor a floater. She’s done absolutely nothing which is why she’s still there. Zero threat. Derrick’s been playing an excellent game…so has Donny for that matter.

  30. I love Derrick! He has Caleb thinking he is in control, gets Christine and Frankie to do all his biding. Love Dinny too!

  31. Feel so bad for Nicole. First she gets HOH last week. The house was flipped so not only did it become a wasted eviction, but her only apply walks out the door. She pulls it together and wins HOH. She was finally being able to play the game and had support from 99% of the house till the “poor me franks” and his backstage alliance. So she is dethroned and then remomed. This girl has done more in 2 weeks then some have done in 7 weeks. Somewhere I read two people coming back. Is this true. The people who have played hard and fought end out the door.

  32. Nicole being on the block is not the worst case scenario. wait…read on. If she does go home she has a lot of info to tell the jury. Two days, the Frankie reveal she was in the living room with Donny. She explains I know everything about Frankie, no one will give him a vote, I know about all the alliances thanks to Zack, Christine her days are numbered. Donny planted the seed in Nicole’s head about Cody and Derrick not being the block ever? why? So, we do have a girl who is down right now, but she is a fighter. If she does go, she has the chance to reenter to game. So, if it were Nicole or Hayden at this point to reenter, would be awesome for Donny.

    • I will not be pleased to see Nicole leave the house, but I am not surprised. Nicole is not as smart or as savvy a game player as I originally thought her to be. All the signs of Derrick & Cody’s manipulations have been obvious for quite some time, and especially for her not to see it after Hayden’s ouster is proof that she should be gone.
      PS – I only hope that Christine “The Gash” follows her out next week!

      • You guys have to understand that we know about Cody and Derrick’s manipulations because we see them do this. The houseguests do not see everything as we viewers do. The private room is only for us and when they are alone, only we can see them. Nicole can’t see any of this.

  33. For all the conspiracy theorists and the people that doesn’t believe of Production meddling, Will Hauser of BB 14 and a You tube personality is the guest of Rob has a website dot com. Although he’s still under contract with CBS, he had said enough and you can decide for yourself….his take on Frankie/Ariana Grande is funny.

  34. For anyone who says Nicole didn’t do anything, she wanted to backdoor Frankie and get him out of the house before he threw his alliance members under the bus. She told that to some of his alliance members with warning they could tell the other detonators. They decided to use that information, and they went after her. Nicole should be in danger anyway

  35. OMG!! 3:27 BBT Donny is all alone in the backyard on the lounge chair. The Aholes are all back in bed. Donny is crying. The tears aren’t falling. He keeps blinking them away but they keep coming back. He knows he’s stuck in this house another week with these people with no chance to play the game. At their whim. On slop and will probably be on slop next week as they try to physically weaken him even more. I just can’t take it. This is a kind honorable man and they just keep kicking him when he’s down. Derprick and Fakie you SU@K!!!!

    • I kinda wish the show had made it so TA had to work together and when 1 left it was over. He’s been depressed for awhile complaining about the immature people there. I feel so badly for him. When he leaves after the show he will see just how much people love him.

    • I love Donny, too. He IS an honorable man. But, this is what happens when you sign up to play and game, but then dont play it.

      • Once Devin outted the DD’s and Derprick found out he really was a groundskeeper so would quickly know that Derprick wasn’t there was no way for him to play the game. Remember how everyone was saying he was a Navy Seal or CIA or other nonsense. He came to play and no one would talk with him the whole game. And if they did they became a target.

  36. I know most of you guys are not on twitter. They just announce Robin Williams was found dead today in his house. Apparent suicide.

    • Mork has gone to Ork and I say that with the utmost respect. Absolutely loved to watch the guy transform into a character. One of the best ever.

  37. All the girls this year deserve to leave. They’ve done nothing but run and tell all the guys every bit of info the have, and turn on each other(girls) at the mere suggestion from one of the boys. Couldn’t BB have found some strong minded women to be in that house.

    • Britney and Amber i think would have been more stronger minded. Too bad. I’d love to see britney take victoria’s place (:

      • I think if the girls wouldn’t have been so stupid, Joey would have been the one running the house with some of the other girls.

    • Joey was and Brittany and Amber had started to realize but they all had execution problems in how they handled the info and their talks of an alliance

  38. I don’t enjoy Christine and haven’t since day one. Isn’t she a superfan? Does she not know from past seasons that the boys recruit the girls for numbers and votes and then pick the last girl standing off first? I hate to say it but even after all the lies the boys have played a great game and Christine has played right into their hand.

  39. Game Players of the week without doubt: DERRICK & FRANKIE.
    FRANKIE: How he got out of that mess to be back in his alliances good graces and cuddling with Zach, IDK. This kids game was over, Caleb threw BOB but somehow he won, got off the block. Again backed up against the wall, used Ariana and his grandpas death to explain his irrational behavior. Brilliant!
    DERRICK: He was the one behind it all and while frankie got all the blame no one turned to him. He is so good at manipulation its scary. Even frankie believed that getting Zach out was his idea when in fact it was Derrick (and his minion Cody) who planted the idea and let frankie run wild with it. Again, he planned the whole backdoor Hayden scheme and no one even acknowledges this. WOW, WOW.
    I dont know what you all are talking about, im entertained. Cant wait for the final five when they have to turn on each other!

  40. The Team America twist had so much potential but wasso badly executed IMO. They should have been forced to work together. i.e. not ever nominate each other or vote against each other. That would have been interesting to watch!!!Donny needs to get his act together and approach someone with a deal of some sort. He shouldnt go down without a fight.
    After all this is big brother, what was he expecting?

  41. I wonder if on Thursday Julie will announce to the houseguests that Robin Williams committed suicide?

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