Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

The results are in for the Nomination Ceremony this week on Big Brother 16 and we have the latest spoilers on which Houseguests are now on the block.

Big Brother 16 Nominations
Big Brother 16 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

Last night’s show didn’t reveal the latest round of HoH winners, but overnight the competition was held and we have those results as well. Those two HoHs came together to set their plans with a promise of safety, but one HoH quickly discarded that promise and made new plans.

Read on for the latest nomination spoilers:

Big Brother 16 Week 7 Nominations:


  • Christine nominated: Donny & Zach
  • Nicole nominated: Caleb & Frankie

Frankie is the target for the week and Caleb has promised Nicole he’ll make sure they don’t win the Battle of the Block so Frankie is at least one step closer to possible eviction.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Christine promised each other they wouldn’t BD the other as a renom, but Nicole has since told Derrick she would go back on that deal if Frankie comes down with the Veto.

What do you think of the nomination picks for Big Brother 16 this week? We expect the Battle of the Block later today so keep an eye out and share the results soon!


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  1. YES! One step closer. Now we just need the BoB to go as planned and we’ll be set. I’m really proud of Nicole for sticking to her plan and can’t wait to see the drama that’s sure to follow if Frankie stays on the block! This week should be interesting. Donny and Zach win that BoB!

  2. Does Christine know that Caleb is going to throw the BoB or does she think she can get zach out?

  3. I hope Frankie wins veto! Nicole had better go home at that point. That would be ideal.

    • If Frankie has a chance to win veto to take himself off the block, it would mean Nicole is still HoH, so what you’re hoping for would be impossible this week.

      • Frankie could still win veto even if he’s not on the block as a replacement nom. He’d have to save either Zach or Donny and then Christine would put up Nicole. But that’s not happening.

      • I think the person meant CHRISTINE better go home if Caleb does indeed throw BotB, giving the win to Zolly and therefore dethroning CHRISTINE.

        I hope this happens too, because Nicole WILL BD Christine.

    • The whole house wants Frankie gone so if he wins veto he will still be a target. Skankie will be gone soon.

  4. Good for Nicole. Christine predictably put up Donny. She sucks so bad at this game. I hope if Frankie wins veto, she backdoors Derrick, but unfortunately that won’t happen. If Frankie goes home, i’ll be happy. Of course if Frankie is voted back in by America, then we’ll know for sure this game is fixed and i’m done with it.

    • It is going to be like last season where Judd won and got a 2nd chance. I am hoping Hayden can get a 2nd chance. He knows the crap that was pulled on him at least. He might do better 2nd time around. I just hope Nicole and Donny are still in the house when the 2nd chance comes for those in the jury house.

      • Right. But he knows it all NOW. He wasn’t smart enough to figure it out while he was in the house. For that reason, he shouldn’t be able to come back in the game. He got played.

      • Well, unless you are part of the Detonators, you do not know everything. In addition, you have Frankie and Christine spying on everything. There were like 6 people against Donny, Hayden and Nicole. Do the floaters in the Detonators if evicted, deserve a 2nd chance? I do not think so, I am referring to Christine, Cody, Zach. Only Frankie and Derrick has played the game. They have to fight and earn it if they wind up in the jury house nonetheless.

      • Just because they play a different style of game, doesn’t mean they’re not playing. Christine is a rat and was a pretty decent one until the past week or so. Zach is playing his game of annoying everyone. And well, he’s still there.

        Cody, he’s best buds with the guy controlling the house.

        Just think, if Cody would’ve gotten rid of Caleb like he wanted to when he was HoH. Then Caleb wouldn’t have been there to remind the house that Zach was a number for them and Zach would be gone.

        And Brittany would still be there (because Caleb would’ve left instead) and Amber probably would’ve still been there (since Caleb was gone.)

        Then Cody would’ve only had Derrick and 2 rats Christine and Frankie.

        So, I’m pretty sure Cody isn’t floating. This house would’ve been completely flipped and Cody would be on the losing side of things if it wasn’t for him!


      • Would of, should of, could of. That’s the past and you can’t do anything about it none of it happened.

      • The guy called Cody a floater. That was my response. Basically saying it was Cody that single handedly kept their alliance in tact this far.

      • I kind of agree with him. All Cody basically does is sleep and lay all over girls. Oh wait he does follow King Derricks orders. My point is Cody didn’t get rid of Caleb because he’s just a follower and did what Derrick wanted him to do. So his HOH meant nothing. And he hasn’t won anything else.

      • You mean, Cody did what he had to do to get further in the game, and his lack of competition wins has hindered that?

        BUT WAIT…Derrick…has done the same thing. BWAHAHHA.

      • All Derrick does is make 500 alliances and throw everyone under the bus including his best buddy. He can’t win anything either. He’s just a dirty player. JMO

      • So you’re saying that the only people deserving of a win are the people that win as many competitions as possible and tell the truth?


      • I don’t believe I said that anywhere. Maybe you are reading someone else’s comments.

      • You’re constantly saying “So and so hasn’t won anything” You said Cody can’t win anything, you said Derrick can’t win anything.

        Then you’re calling them all dirty. (Which would be anyone not telling the truth.)

        Are you drunk?

      • Like I said did I say only people that win everything are deserving of the win? NO. I said they haven’t won anything. Christine has won a few things did I say she deserves to win? NO. Learn how to read and then get back to me.

        Are you high?

      • But he’s a great dirty player that’s getting away with manipulation!!!

      • Why shouldn’t he? He’s going to be sequestered just like the others. He has every right to get back in. He doesn’t know what is going on in the house from the minute he left.

      • Nicole is trusting King Derrick again. And Derrick is throwing her under the bus. When is the house going to wake up and realize what a rat Derrick is? Oh and he made a final 2 with Caleb last night. Or I should say early this morning. He was throwing his bestie Cody under the bus to Caleb. I can’t stand Derricks dirty game play.

      • I think Derrick at present has led Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Nicole, Victoria all to believe he has intentions of going to the F2 with them. He’s good. I know you hate him, but HE IS GOOD!

      • He’s been up front with all of them except who he really is…that’s he’s in this for his daughter! I do like how smart he is, but I’m still rooting for Zach!!! I think once Frankie is gone (hopefully soon) that Cody will be able to find out all about Derrick! LOL

      • I have to disagree. I don’t think Derrick is playing a dirty game. He has lied but that’s part of the game. If they choose to trust him anyway that’s not his fault. Dr Will told everyone he wouldn’t win comps, and never tell the truth but they didn’t believe him. Derrick is good at reading people and saying little and letting them come to their own conclusion. That’s not dirty in my opinion.

      • Derrick is by far the best player in this game and he deserves to win. What do you expect from Big Brother? You think he’s going to tell the truth to everyone? Everyone knows that telling the truth gets you one place and that in the interview seat with Julie Chen. Why do people hate “dirty” gameplay in a game that is all about lies?

      • I love “dirty”…but not shady…which is how Frankie and Christine are playing! :-)

    • You’re right America won’t vote him, back production might. I just don’t think they will since most of American does not care for him at this point (not sure anyone ever did).

      • I did too…he’s been a bit sour lately, though! It’s Zach who’s now growing on me again! :-)

      • Oh i loved Zach since i saw his interview with Matt. He’s not scared of anyone. That’s what I like about him. Plus, he’s entertaining. He cares about making good speeches (not just shout outs to his fam/friends) He is going on my list of all time favorites.

      • You and me seem to have similar views on this cast. Zach is definitely one of my favorites this year. My all time favorite is between Dan and Dr. Will and I think I’d lean towards Dan.

      • Me too! We’re big brother soul mates.
        I like players that are bold. I would love to see Zach win it all. I definitely think he will be considered for another season should former players ever return.

      • Lol in that case here’s a coke! (Just happened to have a coke with their new name promotion and this one says share a coke with your soulmate. Certainly if they bring others back he’d be a candidate and if he happens to still be unemployed I’m sure he’d want to return haha. I’d like him to win but he needs to get rid of Frankie and stop trusting the detonators if he wants to make it to the end.

      • I agree that Dr Will and Dan are the 2 best players to have played BB. I have to say that Dr Will is the best of all time. Derrick is right up there in my opinion and who I want to win.

      • I sooo hope Donny and Zach win the BoB and Nicole stays in power and then see Caleb win Veto and leave Frankie on the block replacing him with Christine so she can get rid of him for good!

      • I like everything you said except the last part. If Caleb comes down she needs to nominate Christine so that we’re guaranteed to evict one of them. If Victoria goes up and the house flips again to send her home… That’s just too depressing to think about right now.

      • That’s what I said…renom Christine if Caleb wins Veto so that it leaves Christine and Frankie on the block and they vote Frankie out! But voting Christine out will be okay too!

      • PLUS, Frankie has an unfair advantage in “America Votes” that nobody else has b/c his sissy’s fans wil all vote for him…IMO, that is a BIG reason he was voted onto the “Team America”!!! Nobody else has a famous relative w/ a pre-BB16 fan base! Not right/fair but still true.

      • It is an unfair advantage when it comes to America voting. No more relatives of public people should be allowed to play this game. It is a definite compromise to the voting ethics that should be distributed fairly across the board.

      • And also unfair that Frankie will probably win america’s favorite player because his celebrity sister is begging for his votes. Not ok CBS!!!!!

      • That’s 100%correct. The only reason he won team America is his celebrity sister. Not fair at all.

  5. Is Frankie the sole target or there is a backdoor plan?..also, Is the mission still in play?

    • The plan as of late last night anyway is that if Frankie saves himself Christine would go up as a replacement, which would be the first time we’d see HOH to evicted this summer so that has its on intrigue.

  6. Hold your ground, Nicole! The guys think they have you under their thumb…show them they don’t!!

    • I agree. Why is she trusting Derrick again? I’m so glad Zach spilled his guts to her about everything last night. You’d think after that and Derrick betraying her with the vote she wouldn’t trust him.

  7. Tbh I think Nicole has bigger fish to fry if Frankie wins veto. Again Cody/Derrick screwed you why not go after them.. or take a shot at Caleb.

    • Caleb is trying to help Nicole backdoor Frankie. The reason to backdoor Christine is because she has betrayed and lied to Nicole multiple times that she was supposed to be in an alliance with her and Hayden. I am fine with her putting up Derrick up instead of Frankie because he is brains. Anything to break the Detonators up!

      • I was hoping Christine would of put up Derrick and Cody. They talked about it. Christine wants Cody gone.

  8. I do hope that Caleb keeps his word – would be a shame for Nicole to be blindsided twice in a row … I want Frankie gone too … not a good time for poor old Donny to have to do a comp given he’s recovering from the last one and has a bum foot.

    • Donny is not going to have to work too hard because even though there seems to be a lot of negative attributes to our good ole BMC, he is loyal and has proven that repeatedly. He’ll do what he said he would do.

      • Unless someone puts a bug in his ear! No one has really talked “game” with him at all since Amber left.

      • They are beginning to a little more, but, yes, usually, they have everything all worked out and take the final decision to him and just tell him. It shocks me that he allows that to happen so easily.

      • It does me too…and I can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out that the Bomb Squad exploded into the Detonators without his knowledge, thereby playing him!

      • Before this season is over, I think it is safe to say that everyone is going to be played.

      • True, but it was Caleb that was played by his not finding out about the alliance he thought was still on and he was included in it! LOL I think Caleb should be glad for it too, since that also helped him go further in the game!

    • Well, Caleb has shown that he’s loyal to a fault thus far. So unless there is some type of fatal attraction between him and Nicole over the next few days that makes him determine that Nicole should be removed as HOH so that Christine can re-nom her and he can prove that he’s king of the house and save her… I trust that he’ll follow through as discussed.

    • Who all knows about Caleb offering to the throw this comp? I’m hoping this is not a plan for a strong player to be next to Frankie to help him win? I wasn’t able to watch the feeds much last night or afterdark. I plan on watching as soon as i get off work.

  9. So, excited with Nicole’s nomination’s. Frankie is nominated. I’m singing Pharrell’s Happy. Now, Caleb stick to the plan. keep the for Amber violin playing. Sit out. Please Donny and Zack win. So, angry at Christine, really twisted ankle Donny, nominated again.Ugh. I really want Nicole to stay HOH, and if one of the two guys win veto…yes, Christine sounds like a fun re nom, but Cody or Derrick would be a dream re nom.

    • I wonder how surprised Christine acted when Frankie’s name was called? Can’t wait to see the expressions during that nom.

      • No, she threw him aside in a heartbeat to Nicole. She is trying to distance herself right now from him.

      • I’ll be anxious to see how that plays out. I think it will be according to who has power. She won’t be able to keep changing course at the drop of a hat. I don’t even believe she is still here. I want to watch BB but I really don’t want to watch her or Frankie at all.

    • Why is Nicole trusting Derrick again? Especially after Zach told her everything.

  10. I like Caleb and he should be kept for a while. I hope they get rid of Frankie and Christine first!

    • One thing is Caleb is loyal…but is wavering a little because of Frankie being the one getting his precious Amber out.

  11. I loved BBAD when Frankie said to Nicole, “I know you don’t trust me, but you have no choice but to anymore!” hahahahaha I never laughed so hard!

  12. I just want it to be acknowledged that Cody and Derrick were on board to backdoor Frankie and they are doing just as much behind the scenes as Frankie and Christine are, it’s just not as noticeable, Cody has wanted Zach out for several weeks. Derrick has said that he has Zachs back to the end, he talks to Victoria like they are final two, Cody final two, Frankie, he was talking to Caleb about going to the end with him during all the Amber stuff, who does that leave, Donny (I think Donny is kind of on to Derrick being the mastermind behind the scene), Christine. I like Derrick but I don’t think Frankie or Christine should be taking all the heat.

    • Rational thoughts like that don’t belong on this site. We’ve been told to hate Frankie and Christine so that’s exactly what we’ll do. This is Big Brother. We don’t like strategy or scheming, otherwise we’d just watch the more popular Survivor. We don’t like people who win competitions or play the game either.

      Yes, this post is dripping with sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell over the internet.

      • I’m someone who only watches BB because of strategy and gameplay, but I’ve finally accepted that we’re not going to get any of that this year. This season is a race to the bottom. Players make good moves, destroy their progress with idiotic decisions, but then get saved from being punished for those bad moves by either someone doing something even dumber or by someone’s act of mercy. The winner of this season won’t be the one with the best strategy; it will be the one with the fewest mistakes, and that’s Derrick. But even his strategy is very untidy, though he makes it up with strong social skills. Either he wins or one of the mooks he drags with him wins final HOH and boots him last.

        So if we’re not going to get good gameplay, why not take consolation in seeing idiots get punished for their dumb gameplay? Why not watch Frankie get caught up in his lies? Why not watch the Detonators sit in horror as their fears of Zach blowing up their good position come to fruition and they are left wondering why they didn’t stick to evicting him? Why not watch that little snot Christine, who was snickering about how Nicole would react when she got blindsided and how she couldn’t wait to see Zach torture Nicole, instead tremble in fear of Zach and potentially even get blindsided by her former BFF if Nicole stays HOH and the veto gets used?

        And for the record, who told us to hate Frankie? Certainly not the show with its golden edit for him.

      • I can see your point about not feeling great about the season if you don’t see good gameplay happening but I think there IS good gameplay happening. It’s important to note that just because something isn’t going a certain player’s way doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t good at playing the game. Donny is a great example of this. Nicole is also an example of this. She was in tears last night because of how blown up her game was and now she’s sitting with the group with the cool kids and they’re laughing about how Frankie and Christine are done. I also think your assessment of Derrick is unfair. He’s not playing a good game. He’s playing a near perfect game. It may not be the most theatrical game like Zach, but you can’t take it away from him.

        I was saying that this site tells us to hate Frankie. Just look at the write-ups. Frankie is in 90% of them and there’s usually snarky comment in parenthesis following a statement about him. Look, I am not a fan of Frankie either, but this witch hunt this has become for Frankie’s head is completely unwarranted. The fact is that he is a flamboyant, gay broadway chorus dancer and he was able to hold is own with the macho guys and find common ground. Most of the general public has no idea how hard that is to accomplish. I didn’t mean for this to become an “in defense of Frankie” post, because again, I’m not a fan of his.

        You are certainly entitled to your own opinion about the game, but I do think it’s a little unfair when people complain about the show being boring yet they crucify the few people actually making moves and playing the game.

    • They are taking heat because they are just not as good at it and don’t cover their tracks as well. Gotta give the guy credit. It is a class on how to be a great manipulator, but I just can’t keep up. You would have to have a specific demeanor about you to be able to do what Derrick does so well. Me personally, it isn’t in my DNA, I’d give myself away in a heartbeat, no matter how much training I had. But he has the “IT” factor when it comes to this type of gameplay and as aggravating as it is at times, it is amazing to see. It will come to an end soon.

      • I hope it comes to an end. I think he plays a dirty game. I don’t like that kind of player. But hey that’s just my opinion. And the icing on the cake was him throwing his best pal Cody under the bus last night while he was making his 100th final two with Caleb. Dirty game play!

      • Sometimes I wish I could hear your voice when I read your posts. As much as you make me LOL reading them, I’d probably pee my self if I heard them.

      • Lol. Sometimes I must admit I get a little too sarcastic. But it’s really all in good fun. I just get very passionate.

      • You kind of scared me when I first started posting. I see the words of this female who is showing a sarcastic, hard exterior, but as I read more and more, I hear and feel the fun in it and can tell you would be a hoot to be around.

      • I really am a softy. I was even crying last night watching the feeds when Nicole was sobbing to Christine. Lol.

    • Derrick plays a dirty game. Last night he made a final two with Caleb and was throwing his bestie Cody UTB. After Zach told Nicole everything I don’t know why she still trusts Derrick. Derrick covering his ass with her last night and still saying them two until the end. What a rat.

  13. This has nothing to do with this post, but did anyone else think that Zach threw the veto comp last night? I think he found the duck and let Donny win. Or am I crazy?

  14. I thought maybe Derrick would get more exposure last night when Nicole ask Christine if Derrick wanted whatever it was when she told Nicloe about Cody but neither wanted to say his name so it didn’t go very far. If Zach, Caleb, Christine, Donny? only knew. Now that would be interesting to watch. There’s so little direct confrontation because everyone comes back with a twisted version of what really went on.

  15. I think that Nicole maybe lying to both sides about her actual target, to avoid a repeat of last week’s double blindsides ….

  16. Why is Nicole still trustng Derrick???. If Caleb intentionally is saying to both HOH’S that he will “SIT DOWN” to ensure Frankie stays on the block, I hope he gets a slop penalty the entire season!!! Hearing say I am the ” BEAST MODE COWBOY” one more time…….Any lady he meets; lets just pray for her!!!

  17. THAT’S FRACKIN’ IT, I’M DONE W/ BB FOR FRACKIN’ GOOD, FOREVER, “D-U-N” DONE, I am COMPLETELY CONVINCED that AG ETC changed what the BOTB was going to be/how it worked so that even if Caleb threw the comp that it would NOT DOOM Frankie & that’s why the BOTB was done way, way later than it should have been. Screw, AG/BB.
    I’m so tired of interference by “the powers that be”!!!

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