Big Brother 16: Caleb Reynolds Promises ‘Epic’ Battle Of The Block

After a frantic few days leading up to a house flip, double eviction, and an up-all night house one HG is looking to keep that wild streak alive.

Caleb Reynolds has 'Epic' plans for Big Brother 16
Caleb Reynolds has ‘Epic’ plans for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Caleb Reynolds came up with a big idea this morning when he learned that his former ally was throwing his name around and was even the source of lies surrounding Amber’s eviction. When the Battle of the Block arrives later today we could get some fireworks if his plan goes through.

While Derrick was working to get Zach on the block by Nicole’s hand in the early hours this morning Caleb came up to talk with them. Caleb had just heard that Frankie was telling her to put up Cody, Derrick, Caleb, and Zach. He was pissed already when Nicole added on that Frankie got her to lie to Caleb about Amber last week.

Caleb immediately told Nicole to put him up so he could throw the Battle of the Block while paired with Frankie and insure he’s one step closer to eviction.

Not only does Caleb want to throw the competition and force Frankie’s situation, but he wants to do it in grand fashion. “Epic” was even tossed around as he planned all the possibilities with Derrick.

Flashback to 6:40AM BBT 8/8 (get the Free Trial now to watch) and you’ll find Caleb and Derrick laughing at the idea of Frankie freaking out as Caleb throws the comp. Caleb says if there is a harness involved like the magic themed one then he could pull Frankie up in the air, hold him there, and tell him to watch as they lose.

Another option for Caleb is just to sit down when the competition starts and tell Frankie he did this to himself. The guys suggest Caleb take sunglasses with him so he can pretend to catch some rays instead of working on the comp. Caleb is very excited about the plan and thinks he’ll be remembered as “the who guy who sat down at the Battle of the Block.”

Caleb promises it’s going to be a sight to see when he takes Frankie down in this competition and it kills me that we can’t watch it all play out on the Live Feeds!

Do you think Caleb will go through with his plan or get cold feet and try to win the Battle after all? If he sticks to it then Frankie still has a shot at the Veto, but if Frankie comes down then Christine goes up. They just better hope Christine doesn’t win the Veto again and save Frankie!


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  1. God I can’t wait to watch the episode Sunday if Caleb sticks to this. I think I might possibly die from laughing too hard at Frankie’s reaction if Caleb just sat down and did nothing. Man the DE really reignited the game. Loving all of this!

  2. Caleb has been pretty loyal so far in this game…more so than anyone else put maybe Donnie. I really think Caleb’s gonna go through with it.

  3. “Caleb says if there is a harness involved like the magic themed one then he could pull Frankie up in the air, hold him there, and tell him to watch as they lose.”

    That could quite possibly be the best Big Brother moment in history if that happens. I really hope for the sake of entertainment that the Battle of the Block competition is something where you absolutely need both people to do well and be on the same page in order to win. If it’s something like the chess game, Frankie could still have a chance, but if it’s anything like the cake, wine, domino, or puzzle competition, Caleb is going to make TV gold.

    I can see Frankie flipping a lid if Caleb just sits there and sabotages the comp.

      • All the fans want him gone, so maybe production will not prevent it. He’s worse than Andy last year. The sad thing about Andy is that all of them really thought he was their friend, and at least everyone is seeing what a jerk Frankie is.
        I wanted Nicole to slap him last night after she won HOH and after he had talked about her so bad, he’s in there trying to buddy up to her and see what she is going to do. I wanted her to say “Get rid of you.”

    • Zach was saying maybe production will change things since they heard them talking about throwing it. I hope it’s not individual.

  4. loooooooooooooool Im dying now just thinking about the reaction he’s going to give, pure TV gold material. Unfortunately if production does get in the way of the veto, it’ll be witnessed not only by HG’s but by us viewers as well, I don’t think they’ll take that risk and loose whatever credibility they have left from last seasons chaos, remember the extra hand on Helen’s foot behind the wall, HG’s were talking about that already knowing production interfered. No matter which way you slice it, IMO I only see production having a shot for their golden boy Frankie to be saved is after his eviction he’s the one that gets voted back into the house, no other way I see it.

  5. If Caleb goes through with this then he would make big brother history. And great TV. Frankies reaction will be ‘Epic’. I am sure Frankie will over dramatize the tears. But at the same time these houeguests have to have Derrick on the radar. I am surprised know one has picked up on it yet. Or maybe they have. I guess time will tell.

    • Seems production won this for Frankie and Caleb’s epic throw down became a mist.

  6. This is probably the first time in a long time I’m hoping the weekend will hurry up and end just so I can see Sunday night’s episode. XD

  7. Better watch out, if things are that vulnerable to interference by production, the comp may be changed to something that insures Caleb’s participation if that is possible.

    • I thought the same thing.They will throw something in there to mess his plan up.We know they have done it other seasons.Gues it’s the way of this game now.

  8. Holy Moly! I would love to really be a “fly on the wall” for this comp!!!

  9. Something some of you are not paying attention to. What is TA’s mission this week? Get a pawn put up and voted out. Think about that for one second and you should be able to see the wheels in Derricks head turning

    • It won’t happen. Even the almighty Derrick couldn’t pull that one off plus it would not benefit him in any way.

      • $5000 would benefit him

        All it would take is to point out Frankie would be damaged goods and a easy out at anytime and Caleb is better at comps. Doesn’t matter if that’s true or not.

        Then what happens when Caleb finds out we were all in on the Amber deal…

        will he flip on us and make sure we stay on the block. Cody is a puppet and so is Victoria. Zack will think it is good TV. Donny would be a harder sale but he would be getting 5k also and a player out who put him up twice.

      • You are correct about the $5000 and I was wrong to say it wouldn’t benefit him in any way. I was thinking about benefiting him to get to F2. But what you said is definitely something to think about.

    • Absolutely agree! And Derrick is the Andy rat. Unfortunately the HGs are suckers like last year.
      Caleb may be the pawn

      • Caleb volunteered on his own. The task was for Derrick to convince a player to go up and Derrick did not convince him. When Zach and Nicole were telling Caleb that Frankie had Nicole lie about Amber Caleb got mad and told Nicole put me up with Frankie and I’ll throw the BOTB. Therefor the task failed.

    • As somebody pointed out earlier/above, if Caleb would get evicted it would NOT count for the TA mission b/c the mission said that TA had to be the reason the pawn nominated and Caleb volunteered ON HIS OWN b/c of what he found out about Frankie from Nicole and NOT b/c TA got him to volunteer. So if Caleb is evicted NO 5K!

      • Think about what you said..why is Caleb going up? Because of Frankie and if not for Frankie no way does he volunteer to go up. So technically Caleb is going up because of a member of TA and Derrick was also in the room egging Caleb on. Below is the mission and they should pass the first part of it. Also Donny was talking to Caleb before he went on the block reinforcing it was a good ideal because Frankie wasn’t to be trusted…something to that affect

        Work together to convince someone to go on the block as a pawn and then get them evicted.

      • No he’s not going up because of TA. The task was for one if them to CONVINCE a player to go up as a pawn. Derrick tried to get Zach to volunteer and he said no. He was nominated but not because he wanted to. Caleb volunteered to go up on his own. TA did not CONVINCE him. Mission FAILED.

      • Doesn’t say anything about getting someone to volunteer…below is the actual statement

        “Work together to convince someone to go on the block as a pawn and then get them evicted”

        Caleb went up as the pawn, that’s a fact and he went up because of Frankie’s actions. Also Derrick was in there when Caleb came in to talk to Nicole. Caleb asked Derrick about it along with Nicole. So Derick actually played a part in Caleb learning about Frankie. While I can’t say for a fact what Derrick said. Does anyone believe Derrick wasn’t telling Caleb that;s a great ideal.

        3:15 AM BBT – Caleb comes up and talks with Nicole and Derrick. Nicole
        tells Caleb that Frankie got her to lie to him about the Amber
        situation. Caleb volunteers to go up on the block to get Frankie out. He
        says he’ll throw the Battle of the Block by sitting on the ground
        during it to sink Frankie.

        If they vote Caleb out I bet BB gives them 5k each and I think production will set this in motion by letting it out in the DR TA passed the first part.

      • But all three members have to push for that. Caleb talked about volunteering when he was with Nicole and Derrick. It seemed ver clear that they all have to take part or else they will fail.

      • Till Caleb was nominate he was not on the block. We all watched this game long enough to know things can change with in minutes. So while I agree they technically didn’t “work together” all three played a role. Frankie with his lies. Derrick being in there and having a part in Caleb finding out. And Donny this morning telling Caleb it was a good ideal and what took you so long to figure Frankie out.

        Did they all get together to say we want so and so up? No. But the words I got from CBS doesn’t say they have to. So if production wants Frankie to stay

        TA will get their money because that’s about the only way Frankie is standing. Other than winning the POV.

      • But Caleb thought about it himself, no one from TA came up to him with the idea of volunteering himself.

      • Why don’t you get it? Read what you just said. Work together to CONVINCE someone. Caleb volunteered before Derrick had the chance to convince him. Derrick did not CONVINCE Caleb. And also read what you wrote Nicole who is not part of TA told Cakeb that Frankie made her lie about Amber then Cakeb volunteered. Derrick had no part in Caleb going up. In fact Derrick already said to Frankie were not going to be able to complete this mission. If you don’t get it now I’m done trying to explain it.

    • The task already failed. Derrick had to convince someone to be a pawn. Caleb volunteered on his own before Derrick had the chance. Derrick was trying to convince Zach and he said no. So it failed.

  10. What would be even better, if he does go though with this; then Veto happens and they have to build something, or grab things, go around and knock Frankie’s down..haha

  11. I hope you all know this a game. Embarrassing anyone like that on national TV is mean and wrong.

  12. Ok is it just me or was Frankie right? Caleb is playing the game again and this time it’s for himself. Even though he is really mad at Frankie for it I think he just saved Caleb’s game. Caleb is also less annoying with Amber gone (although that is NOT Amber’s fault). For all the talking Frankie does about Caleb playing his game for Amber I think Frankie’s move to get rid of Amber will send him out the door and save Caleb Oops!

    • Caleb is actually pretty cool now that Amber is gone. Is he still way too into himself? Yup. But he’s got a personality and seems to have a clearer state of mind now. He may not be the brightest guy in the game, but he is loyal. He’s grown on me.

    • I’ve always said that they need to get rid of Caleb. TOO bad. Too late. Caleb may know he looks like a fool. DR may have toned him down. He’s better taken in small doses. Ego is to big.

  13. I hope Caleb does this… and then gets sent packing. It’s the dumbest move in BB to throw comps

  14. I’m confused Frankie has played a great game, and because he’s tries to make a big move without power he’s a back stabber. Just last week Derrick and Cody were teamed up with Nicole and Hayden to back door Frankie. Two key people in this convo is Derrick and Cody who have not been in power since week 2 and 3.

  15. Caleb won’t be able to not play hard. the beast mode cowboy won’t be able to do it… caleb and frankie will win and donny will be evicted.

  16. Come on big brother, u need to let this happen!!It would revise my spirit for this cast and season!!It has been pretty lame thus far..

  17. I can picture it now……..Frankie held up in the air like he is about to do a freefall ride at the Jersey Shore while Caleb yawns. This has to happen!

    • Hey Trev K, Cheryl here. I too would love to see Frankie hanging in the air, you’re right..THIS HAS TO HAPPEN…LOL…LOL…LOL. Besides, Frankie looks like a cute little Pixie anyway. Caleb would be doing him a favor, and Frankie could be discovered to be the next Peter Pan or something like that. lol. I like Frankie, but he has to go.

      • If he’s several years younger than he is now, he would probably be a good choice (although I read girls tend to be the primary choice to be Peter Pan in the musical).

        I’m thinking maybe West Side Story, Grease, Miss Saigon.

      • I know, right. BBAD just started, they are showing the fish. I guess BOTB is still going on. Picture Frankie right now dangling in the air cursing Caleb out, gosh, I crack me up… I hope it is that kind of comp.

  18. Feeds just went to Jeff…time for BOTB. Can’t hardly wait until the feeds come back.

  19. If Caleb pulls this off he will likely go all the way to the end and win this dang contest. So long as production don’t peenalize’m for throwin the comp !

  20. I hope it does happen and Frankie wins it by himself, then kicks the **** out of Caleb, Zach, Derrick and even Nicole! They’re all 4 back flipping ********!!!!!

  21. THAT’S FRACKIN’ IT, I’M DONE W/ BB FOR FRACKIN’ GOOD, FOREVER, “D-U-N” DONE, I am COMPLETELY CONVINCED that AG ETC changed what the BOTB was going to be/how it worked so that even if Caleb threw the comp that it would NOT DOOM Frankie & that’s why the BOTB was done way, way later than it should have been. Screw, AG/BB.

  22. You know that production made it a comp that one person could win as soon as they heard this plan–they are so far up Frankie’s butt. Caleb should have tried to sabotage it rather than just sit it out.

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