Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 7 Eviction & HoH Live Recap

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the spoiler results for this week’s eviction and Head of Household competition will be revealed as one HG will be sent home and another two will take the top power.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

At the start of this week’s live eviction show, which will have to work hard to keep up with last week’s fantastic show, we’ll find Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel getting ready to face the vote. “But first,” before the HGs vote we’ll see some content from the HGs’ trip to an NFL event.

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CBS is finally getting to see the dual HoH twist work out to an HoH going from the top spot to the block. It only took seven weeks but here’s Nicole, the dethroned HoH, not only on the block but about to head out the door.

Christine, Caleb, and Frankie head outside the house for the NFL trip to the Cowboys training camp. Well, I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Julie doesn’t mention how NFL on CBS Thursday nights will impact another show also slated for Thursday nights…

Julie talks to the Houseguests and sets Victoria up for them to yet again plug Frankie having a famous sister. Julie asks Victoria what was the biggest surprise of the week for her. Instead of mentioning a Grande, Victoria says the stressful events were the biggest event. HAH! Well done, Victoria.

Big Brother 16 Week 7 Votes:

  • Caleb votes to evict: Nicole
  • Zach votes to evict: Nicole
  • Cody votes to evict: Nicole
  • Victoria votes to evict: Nicole
  • That’s it. She’s evicted.
  • Frankie votes to evict: Nicole
  • Derrick votes to evict: Nicole

By a vote of 6-0, Nicole Franzel has been evicted from Big Brother.

This week’s HoH comp is centered around zombie outbreak clues the HGs heard after they received scary visitors in the night.

Big Brother 16 Week 8 Head of Household Comp – “Dead of Household”:

Big Brother 16 HoH comp Week 8
Big Brother 16 HoH comp Week 8 – Source: CBS

  • Round 1: B – Caleb is eliminated
  • Round 2: A – all are correct
  • Round 3: B – Donny & Victoria are eliminated
  • Round 4: A – Zach is eliminated
  • Round 5: B – all correct
  • Round 6: A – all correct
  • Round 7: A – all wrong
  • Round 8: A – Cody eliminated

Derrick and Frankie are the new Heads of Household. Well, we probably won’t get anything unexpected with that.

Julie reveals several important events coming up. The Battle of the Block ends this week with one final round of the dual HoHs. Next week we’re back to just one HoH.

The returning Jury member will be between the first four Jurors and will be decided next week.

Zingbot will be part of Wednesday’s show and likely host the Power of Veto comp.

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Don’t stray too far because we’ll have a LOT more Big Brother updates very soon. Friday morning I’ll have an interview with tonight’s evicted HG. Then later on Friday we’ll get the nomination results and the Battle of the Block results. This is the game that never rests and neither does our coverage!


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  1. Should be an interesting night. If they still have the 2 HOH twist I’d like to see Donny and Zach win tonight. Certainly Donny is in trouble but I think Zach will be too soon if someone from Cody/Derrick/Frankie/Christine doesn’t go this week.

      • For sure. I haven’t posted regularly on this site but I’ve been reading it for years so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you put in to make this website run. It’s very helpful for this BB fan.

      • We can only hope. It is extremely boring when you have a 6 person alliance voting everyone else off one by one, week by week! No game, no strategy except vote out those not in your alliance! With that being the case, why has not Big Brother introduced a Pandora’s Box or a Diamond Power of Veto to change the dynamics in the house? Also, get rid of the double HOH, it only makes it worst by diluting the power of the HOH and makes that large alliance even stronger! Instead, they allow the 6 person alliance to run roughshod over whoever is left! Come on, let us have some game play. This is turning into a joke!

      • I agree. By the time they have Pandora’s box the only people left will be the big alliance.

      • I may be in the minority but I disagree. I’m fine with the current trends of the show. I don’t struggle with finding entertainment this season. I still question if you’d feel the same if your favourite players were in control. Sorry it’s not going well for you but you seem to often speak for the masses and use “we can only hope” a lot. Who is this we? I mentioned I may be in the minority but even that is purely speculation and guesswork at best. I’m probably far from the only person who’s fine with the show as is. You ask for Pandora’s box but if it actually happens, others will cry foul and rig if it significantly impacts the game, and it would unfairly ruin the game of somebody who’s earned getting this far. Can never please everyone, no matter what.

      • This whole season they were like a bunch of rats waiting for the 500,000 cheese. That’s all. No drama at all.

  2. Tonight is going to be good. I do hope the BB gods are listening. Please Donny for the HOH. If he fails, please Donny get theVeto. I would like Zack and Donny as HOH. Enough with the Fakie show. I am tired of him sucking up air time. Please let there be a power shift or mix up. I am still holding out for the twist of someone coming back into the game. I would like Hayden. I watched his exit interview and he knows what is going on in the house. Derrick and Cody running the show…with that said, I want Frankie to be a target. If he is not on the block, I will be yelling at my TV. If he win HOH I will yell at my TV. I guess I drew a line in the sand . LOL

  3. Donny should win hoh then put cody and Victoria up then win veto and put derrick up next to cody. :D That would be a good thing.

  4. It’s about time they’re showing how Christine is all over Cody. She always gets a good edit.

    • Derrick you pot kettle is black…he is the schermer. Who is Donny Scheming with…himself? Seriously.

  5. These house guest are so dumb, Donny is not scheming, Christine can’t trust Donny, but she will trust Frankie? These people are so dumb

    • exactly how can Donny scheme? When does he have time when he is not on the block. No one talks to him…pffft.

  6. I don’t like the Cowboys, I’m more of a Redskins kind of guy even though I haven’t watched American football for quite sometime now.

  7. Frankie even throws like a girl. Like he even know who the Cowboys are, or what football is.

  8. I’m from Dallas and a Cowboys fan (a fan that knows they suck and not one that will say they are good) this saddens me.

  9. Bwahaha to Frankie I’ve got work to do to get you to look football. You know he was thinking why are you wearing girls booty shorts.

  10. Why is Christine lying? She said on the feeds that this trip was so stupid and not a big deal.

      • She is the only one that has helped with the loneliness Donny feels in with all those other rude HGs around.

      • He put Mega in his place when he threw that food comp during the first week. The other HG’s thought he was strategic knowing when to not be on anyone’s bad side to avoid nominations and evictions and he was.

        Now I wonder how Eddie would have fared if he was cast in Will’s season.

      • Sorry to say but you really can’t count Eddie. He was playing a different game. One where being nice WAS how you got to the end, not the same game at all.

      • It really depends on the circumstances so being nice alone was not a lone factor for him to survive noms and evictions.

        Interesting characters if they stay very long tend to flesh themselves out over the course of the season plus it takes a lot of social game for them to avoid getting nominated (which I managed to witness myself in one BB edition) or even avoid getting evicted.

        Plus, Chicken George had a lot of support outside the house so it would have been pretty clear that he was a clear frontrunner to win his season. He was from what I’ve seen in the episodes I’ve watched, the definition of “nice”. One would think that George’s second time on the block would have helped take out one of the other nominees but that clearly backfired.

      • Hopefully, she gets a 2nd chance and uses her head this time. Do not trust anyone. She should figure out that everyone is in the alliance except Donny and Victoria. She needs to win HOH outright because Derrick will target her and evict her first chance he gets again! Or POV at the minimum.

      • I wouldn’t say they’re rude. Donny spends an awful lot of his time sleeping while the others are hanging out. Could say he’s the rude, standoffish one. Maybe if he made more of an effort to spend time with them, they’d like him more.

      • He’s tried. Every time he walks up to a group of them they walk away one by one. They never ask him to do anything v

    • These people just dont get nice people. They were mean to amber for no reason, they shun Donny, they are just messed up as people.

      • The problem is the 6 person alliance is so tight, you need a crow bar to pry them apart! That is the reason, they never are threatened and this season has been a snooze fest. Who is not in the alliance that we are going to evict this week? Only ones voted off the alliance were Devin and Amber. If they did not vote the two out, there would have been 8 of them! Big Brother should not be encouraging these large alliances because the others do not have a chance. This is a numbers game and what Big Brother should be doing is adding twists to peel the alliance apart! They should be favoring 3-4 people alliances so that, there is more game play. And no more BOTB because it only makes the alliance stronger because the HOH’s power is diluted!

    • Maybe if they are down to 6 houseguests in a couple of weeks but hey, the house finally got to make most of the dual HOH.

  11. I might be naive as the whole house, but part of me really things Derrick wants Donny around for TA, because he really does not trust Frankie, but I know I am being naive on that point.

    • It’s better for Derrick’s game to keep Donny over Frankie when the situation calls for him to choose between the two. He’ll get Donny’s jury vote and he’ll have Frankie’s by default either way.

  12. That means only 2 people are safe. Maybe Derrick and Cody will finally get a taste of the block.

    • It would mean potentially only 3 HG to choose from. The 2 left on the block and the HOH dethroned and 1 of the 2. Because 1 of the 2 could win POV and take 1 off the block, then you would have the 1 left block the other and the former HOH.

  13. This makes me sad when they say the only person they will miss is Donny. I really want to hope these people are really not this bad outside the house.

    • Oh, Nicole is just hurt because the others worked to get her out–and obviously Donny didn’t, seeing that he didn’t vote this week. Of course they’re not bad people outside of the house–it’s wacky to assume that they are based on watching them during a competitive TV show.

  14. Well, now I feel bad for Nicole. She’s the eliminated contestant I’d most want to see come back (so far).

  15. Wow, I somehow was of the opinion that Donny was asleep during that info. I stand corrected.

      • That’s one good thing about it. If he doesn’t go this time, it should be too late to come back when he goes next time..fingers crossed.

      • Oh that’s right. Once he goes I don’t want him to have a chance to come back. So maybe they’ll target Christine.

  16. This could get interesting this week..with two TA members putting up nominations..they are not going to want to put up Donny..Derrick is not going to want to put up Victoria…HG’s may ask “why?”

    • seriously when are the hg’s going to as why not put Vic up, Caleb and Zach both mentioned it last night and Derrick and Cody both said NO! you would think that they would want to know why when they are now pretty much down to the alliance and she is not a part of it

  17. GO Frankie! I cannot wait to hear all the rigged and conspiracy theories start! Team Frankie!

      • Didn’t you just love Frankie’s little dance after he won? Skipping around the yard like a I dare say it…fairy!!!

      • I tried to keep my inside thoughts…but forget it. Frankie is open season. The media whore he is how can we not say such things. He is a horrible cartoon character.

      • No need for homophobia. He’s awful, I agree, but bashing him because he is gay is not cool.

      • Could you explain what about that is homophobic so that I can better understand your comment.

      • Well, I think it’s known by all that “fairy” is a derogatory term aimed at gay people. What did you mean when you used the term fairy?

      • Ask my grandchildren what they think a fairy is. What you think a fairy is and what I think a fairy is obviously are two different things so please don’t judge me for being homophobic when you have absolutely no idea of what I mean when I speak.That is as bad as being homophobic.

      • Why did you write “Dare I say it?” if you weren’t acknowledging his sexuality in the comment?

      • You have now accused me of something I did not say. Look, I can tell something here has offended you. You need to not be so quick to judge people. If Frankie hadn’t have thrown all of this out there in the disgustingly reprehensible way he has(vulgar innuendos, nasty words, to name a few) no one would be hating on him like they are. People don’t dislike him, or I’ll speak for me, because he is gay, I dislike the provocative way he is using his sexuality and his elitist, entitled attitude.He is getting a lot of flack for that and he deserves it. Just like people on here are giving Christine flack for her actions as a married woman, and other HGs have been in the frying pan also. It probably will not change until Frankie is gone because the longer he is around, it seems the worse he is getting. I can promise you, as far as anything I may say, it is in no way aimed toward anyone except Frankie and it isn’t because he is gay.

      • Unfortunately that’s the new way now to apply Political Correctness. You don’t like the message shoot the messenger, in a true Alinsky’s fashion. Just don’t argue with people like that. Complete waste of time.

      • Is the way he uses his sexuality different than Caleb being an alfa male parading around with his shirt off and trying to force Amber into liking him? I’m not trying to accuse you of something you didn’t say. By writing “dare I say” it appears that you know what you wrote is insinuating something that would upset people. What did you mean by writing that?

      • Thanks for coming to my rescue, KSJB…Some people take things way too seriously! I wasn’t trying to be mean at all.

      • I knew you weren’t and neither was anyone else. If I had an inclination that people were doing anything besides having a little fun at Frankie’s expense, that he very much invites, I would have not stayed and played.

      • KSJB. Sorry for the mix up. If you look at my first comment, it was meant for Hoosier. I didn’t pay attention to the difference in names when you responded back to my comment. I assumed you were the person I first responded to.

      • Certain word choices lead people to assume certain things. I’m done with this conversation. Take care.

      • Lighten up, it was a joke. I am not a homophobe. I have lots of gay friends. Get a life.

      • You do know that saying “I have lots of gay friends” is the first thing that a homophobe says when confronted. Because I’m offended, I have to get a life? It seems like you two have a lot in common.

      • Everyone on this site who is a loyal BB viewer/live feeder knows exactly what I am talking about when it come to Frankie. He plays the game on a daily basis using his sexuality to do so. His lewd behavior is not shown on the CBS show. He basically tries to molest every guy in the house..except for Donny and Derrick. I was making a joke. Nothing hateful was intended whatsoever. So, let’s not go there with this. Most of us on this site enjoy the comments and have a good time talking about the show and the HG’s.

      • I’ve been a loyal fan ob BB since season 1, and I love talking about it. If I see something offensive, I will say something about it. I watch the feeds, and I don’t like Frankie, but I don’t think it’s fair to bash him for using his sexuality when many other houseguest this year and in past years have used theirs. The way I perceive it is there is a double standard because he is gay. If he does something sexual it’s lewd, but it Caleb does something, he’s just a man. You don’t have to agree with me, but that’s how it comes across. Enjoy the remainder of the season, and hopefully Frankie will be evicted in two weeks, after a juror comes back, so we don’t have to deal with him any longer.

      • Sounds good to me..but you took this to a place it really didn’t need to go. I am done..have a nice day!

      • You mentioned double standards, so let me ask you this. Caleb was uncomfortably into Amber, who didn’t feel the same way. Frankie probably doesn’t have actual feelings for any guy in the house but is probably attracted to a few of them (I’d say Caleb. Zach, Cody). Why is it ok for Frankie to physically rub up and be all over these guys (other than Zach who seems to like it) when he knows they don’t want it and aren’t interested, but it’s so very clear to all of us that it’s absolutely not ok for Caleb to physically be all over Amber who’s not interested in Caleb? We all know that would be completely inappropriate, deemed sexual harassment, etc, but it’s ok for Frankie to do it? Because nobody says anything. They don’t because he’s gay and he can say oh it’s harmless? Then Caleb can touch Amber and say oh it’s harmless too, right? No, of course he can’t. The reason for disinterest may be different (Cody, Zach, Caleb heterosexual vs Amber just plain not interested in Caleb) but it’s still disinterest, and disinterest that is established and both parties are aware of. Seems like a double standard to me.

      • If Frankie is making people uncomfortable with his touching and cuddling, I do not agree with it. The one or two times I saw Cody and Frankie cuddling on the feeds, earlier in the season, Cody was laughing and overall seemed quite content. I generally watch the cameras that aren’t pointed at Frankie because he annoys me with his voices and bragging, so if he has made unwanted advances, I haven’t seen him do it. I think Caleb and Frankie are very similar, just on opposite ends of the spectrum. Caleb is an alpha male, and Frankie is flamboyantly effeminate. My issue is with people who say that because Frankie is flamboyant he is rubbing his sexuality in their faces but do not say the same thing about Caleb.

      • It’s ok…lets try and get him back doored. It would be a priceless move if Derrick did that. That is a game move. Why is everyone not understanding Frankie is loaded? Bunch of dummies. Frankie said his is a mogul million followers famous sister….come on people.

      • I am cheering to…..let the door hit you in your ugly ass booty shorts…the audience screams burn booty shorts burn, get some real shorts Frankie.

      • Anything hits him in the ass is pleasurable, Emma. Can we think of something he won’t enjoy..Please?

      • They are both dicks? is that what you are saying..Ha ha…No more pink hair or glitter.

      • You might need Frankie cream…be careful laughing your a$$ off.. Nah….laugh away..You didn’t rough ride the rocking horse like he did. Ewe.

      • Why do you feel the need to bring his sexuality into it? Yes, he’s annoying and I can’t stand him either, but what does him being gay have to do with anything?

      • I know respectable gay people that have a lot of dignity and class and would be embarrassed by his actions. He has rubbed it in our faces, been lewd and raunchy about his sexuality and you are asking me why I feel the need to bring it up? I didn’t. He did.

      • So were Hayden and Nicole “rubbing it in our faces” when they kissed and flirted? Was Cody being lewd when he tried to kiss Nicole? I’m gay, and he annoys me, but he should have every right to express his sexuality just like the straight people in the house do.

      • You are playing ignorant to his actions and comparing apples to oranges and you know it. Until you want to play it straight with me, there will be no further comments from me.

      • Can you explain how I am playing ignorant? Is he supposed to act asexual because some people don’t approve of him being gay? No need to respond, these are just questions I would like you to ponder. I realize you don’t have a valid argument for your side of the discussion and that’s why you are running away from it. Take care.

      • I didn’t run away. I was making a comment above to your other comment and just kinda’ combined them. I won’t run away if someone will be straight with me. Read my comment up above. You seem like a very nice person and I appreciate the sincere way with which you spoke.

      • Sounding like blind defense against what he’s perceiving to be negativity towards the gay community. No idea how a heterosexual man and woman who like each other and kiss away from the rest of the house is comparable to Frankie borderline making his houseguests uncomfortable with his behaviour and comments, forcing affection when it seems unwanted, etc. Just my observation though, I’m not pretending to know him or the basis of his comments.

      • That is kind of what I was meaning too. Frankie gets a pretty good edit. Most of his lewd behavior and inappropriate comments are not shown on CBS. The way Frankie acts towards the hetrosexual men is frankly uncomfortable to watch. I am in no way homophobic but I find this behavior kind of creepy. Would Frankie appreciate girls constantly rubbing all over him? If Frankie did what he does out in the real world he would likely get his butt kicked or be charged with sexual harassment. The fact that Frankie is gay does not excuse his behavior. If

      • From the second I started reading your post, I was agreeing. Well said. It wouldn’t be acceptable outside of the house, and rubbing up on straight men who he knows aren’t interested in that kind of contact from him should be the same as a woman giving him that type of contact when she knows he isn’t interested. He’s isolating himself when I thought equality was such a sticking point with the community. If this wasn’t in the house and fellow players weren’t trying to maintain a confrontation-free social game with him, I don’t think there’s any chance they don’t tell him “Hey can you back off a little please”. They might not even be that nice about it.

      • Trying to kiss a girl and outward flamboyancy aren’t the same thing. You said it yourself Frankie annoys you, so think about what he does that annoys you, because it’s probably the same thing that annoys most others, whether they’re gay or not. I think you can deduce his actions really aren’t comparable to Cody’s, nor to Hayden and Nicole kissing privately in a room (as private as they can with production cameras everywhere, but private from other houseguests). The only comparable to that possibly would be Frankie imposing his presence and awkwardly unwanted cuddling, and then once again, Frankie’s actions are worse.

      • Zach seems to like cuddling with Frankie. He even initiates it quite often. Would you say Caleb’s alfa male ways are equally off putting as Frankie’s flamboyance? Why isn’t it OK to be flamboyant? It’s not his flamboyance that bothers me it’s his delusions of grandeur and bloated sense of self importance that bother me.

      • I mentioned the flamboyance because he’s in a house where nobody else is gay and he sometimes directs it at them. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it in general, for example his reactions when competition time is announced. But sometimes he projects it onto others and gives them attention in the form of contact he should know they don’t want from him (outside of maybe Zach as you mentioned). Yes, I would say Caleb was off-putting while Amber was around, in a different way but off-putting nonetheless. You’re right though that the bigger annoyance would be this inflated head he has from being Ariana’s brother and his sense of phantom entitlement. I still disagree though that his unwanted affection/cuddling towards some can be compared to Cody trying to kiss Nicole or Nicole and Hayden consentually flirting and kissing. I’d like to point out that while I may not love Frankie, I don’t dislike him as much as most people on here seem to. I also think you were right about the one commenter who added “dare I say it” doing it intentionally. I discuss without bias in any direction.

      • Caleb tried too hard with Amber and he just couldn’t get that she wasn’t interested. But if he ever tried touching her the way Frankie does everybody else I don’t think he would still be in the house. So, even the Caleb Amber situation was different than what Frankie does with all the guys.

      • Thank you for taking the time to write an intelligent response and not telling me to shut up just because you might not agree with me on certain things. Enjoy the remainder of the season!

      • You’re welcome, and thank you also for the intelligent discussion. You enjoy the rest of the season as well.

      • I was thinking that. if Derrick stays in control, but that is a long shot, since day one he has had it in for Donny.

      • I think so. Derrick tonight in DR saying team America made me angry. Last week he threw Donny under the Bus….He and Frankie are in the game for themselves, period. Pffft to both of them talking smack about Donny not want to do one thing.

      • I get it, we all love Donny, but they’re not wrong about that. He’s been the reason they didn’t go for some tasks and thus missed out on money. I see why Donny didn’t want to, but they’re still not wrong about that. So pfft what? Just because you like him and this was a criticism against him?

        Let’s not speak with bias. Even your favourite players aren’t perfect and thus aren’t exempt from fault and criticism.

      • Keep in mind that Donny is not my favorite player when I say this. It seems to me that when Derrick and Frankie do not feel that it is good for their game to do a mission they have no problem with declining it. Yet when Donny did not what to do a mission because it would hurt only his game he was bashed by the other two. Yes the mission seemed simple enough and they would have probably got the money but Donny was right. It would have been totally out of character for him to do/say what was required.

      • I did say I why Donny declined and I don’t blame him, so I agree there. I guess them not being ok with it could either be a scapegoat situation (they didn’t really want to do it either but played it off as “oh damn Donny you’re the reason we didn’t do this) or it’s just a case of 2 vs 1. Easier to be ok with it when 2 of 3, aka majority, doesn’t want to do it, as opposed to just one person holding them back.

      • I think he’s in line, so it’s possible. At least we have something to cheer about this week, if he’s backdoored lol

      • maybe not this round Derrick likes to get rid of the strong and keep the weak FRANKIE is a strong player and if the opportunity arises I can see him getting Frankie out…And then again Frankie likes to run the show and if he saw an opportunity to get Derrick out it could get interesting… God knows we need a change from the same boring events and happenings…

      • Exactly. I am so tired of these evictions being so predictable this season..we have known every week who was going home..well, the live feeders have. I am ready for some drama…please!!!

      • The only problem is though, Frankie would have to make sure Derrick is sitting next to either Victoria or Cody, because those are for sure votes for Derrick to stay. And Caleb is still under the impression the Bomb Squad is together and for some odd reason, is VERY loyal to that alliance. He’d be a tough sell to evict Derrick too.

        I think Frankie is a more likely candidate to get backdoored. Derrick would have Cody, Victoria, Donny, and maybe even Zach/Christine on board with that plan.

  18. I was really hoping Donny and Victoria would win. Oh well! Donny, Victoria, Zach, and Christine will be up with Zach being the target. Hopefully not Donny the target. I don’t care if he is not really playing, he is a stand up guy and one for the good guy.

    • Good. They should have to earn a second chance via competition, not have it handed to them on account of popularity. Fan voting for almost anything is very often not a good thing.

  19. Am I the only one who forgot that Jocasta has a chance of returning to the game? Nice woman but really lacking in useful strategy. She’d be easy pickings if she does come back.

    • Although she told Jeff in her interview she only promised her mama to be nice when she first went in, not the time. She said she would lie and be mean. Who knows because I don’t see her beating Nicole or Hayden.

      • I wonder how good she’d be at lying and being mean? Plus she probably wouldn’t have any significant allies, and she hasn’t done well in competitions. So if she did get back in the house somehow (maybe thru a competition that basically just requires luck), I can’t really picture her winning much of anything against Derrick, Caleb, and the others.

    • If they don’t set up for Donny to be B/D’d and he wins Veto, could see Derrick settling for Christine if Frankie’s off limits. But with Derrick is anyone beyond his grasp (other than Donny)?

      • I think he would definitely target Frankie before Christine. Derrick just needs to convince Frankie that HE’S the one who gets to put up Donny. He being Derrick.

      • Frankie could be a target, but I do think he’s aware of his status in the house. What are they waiting for? I want to see these players go against each other…..What?….Donny again?

    • I don’t have ’em, but enjoy. I’m going to go wallow in my sorrow and eat a pint of ice cream.

      • Ben & Jerry’s. It’s my husbands and he won’t be happy. But I’m not happy so we can be unhappy together. That’s what marriage is for.

      • I called that one wrong, sorry, Alex. So being a woman, maybe you will help me with this.. I need to lose about 16 lbs, so says my Dr., to be at an ideal weight. Ice cream is not on my normal diet. When I am sad, it makes me happy. Does that mean it is a happy food or a sad food? Confusing.

      • Short answer, no. I just learned what LMAO meant and am having to use an online acronym dictionary to understand a lot of comments. I’m in a, we’ll say, learning phase, setting up an email account was first, then learned how to shop a little online, this blog was a step, maybe texting will be the next step. I honestly know zilch about Facebook. Due to my prior work schedule and other responsibilities, the tech world just never became a priority in my life; a girl has got to expand her horizons.

      • Well Victoria and Donny are FOR SURE going on the block. That’s non-negotiable. Now who puts them up… that’s another story. The only way I see conflict is if Frankie makes Derrick put up Victoria, and we all know Derrick doesn’t want to do that. But I’m sure Derrick will find a way to mist Frankie into him being the one to put her up.

        Could you imagine though if Frankie gets first pick, and puts up both Victoria and Donny?? LOL!! Derrick would HAVE to put up two alliance members. That would be hilarious.

      • Why not? She won’t get mad, I think she expects it now. Derrick should nominate Christine and Zach. Frankie should nominate Caleb and Victoria. If Derrick stays hoh evict Zach, and if Zach wins veto backdoor Frankie.

      • I want Frankie to go home as much as the next person, but I do not what him to have a chance to come back. Let’s face it Donny is more that likely not going to make it to the end. If he gets evicted next at least he will have a chance to get back in the game. Although I hope it is Nicole who gets to come back.

      • Donny already feels defeated, so if he gets evicted now I don’t think he’ll beat Hayden to get back in. If Frankie gets evicted now Hayden could still beat him in an endurance comp and Donny would still be in the house for Hayden or Nichole to work with. I still think they need to get Frankie out now because whoever comes back in will be alone without Donny then go right back out the next week.

      • Crazy. I’m genuinely surprised that at least Frankie isn’t putting her up. He’s done it I think twice before. Maybe they’re worried she can’t win the BOtB assuming whoever they pair with Donny is going to try and throw it.

      • When Derrick voted to evict Nichole he said team America. He obviously knows Donny is a fan favorite and doesn’t want to go against America by evicting or nominating Donny yet. I hope they get the mission before nominations so they’re focused on getting the mission done and decide to keep Donny safe this week.

      • I saw that but I didn’t understand what he meant at the time. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  20. Just got home. HOHs suck. I can’t believe Derrick didn’t throw this. He’s going to have to put up an alliance member. Is the actual show worth watching?

    • Hi Matt – These people were on fire tonight-Had a lot of good laughs. I don’t think anyone is a Frankie fan tonight.

      • Sadly his popularity will switch from fans who like him for being famous, to fans who will like him for being infamous. People sometimes like who they like without any rational reason.. But, let’s hope that the type of followers Frankie has will make him pause for reflection and question his motivations in life…

      • He has “his people” to remove all the negative comments from Instagram and such accounts. How is anyone ever suppose to improve or evolve in reality if they are unable to face the bad along with the good? These HGs can say they were putting on an act, putting up a front, and not being real the entire time they were in the BB house. To an extent that has to be true. Afterall, living in the BB house isn’t living in reality. They feel they have the right to ignore and never even hear the negativity from the viewers. And they absolutely do have that right. But there are REAL positive and negative characteristics that come through loud and clear while playing this game. We’re only human and love positive reinforcement. In my life, I have found, that while some of the negative things that were brought to light about my nature and personality hurt me to the core to hear and then, with time, acknowledge, they became the reason for some of the most positive changes in my life. I just hope some of these HGs are willing to at listen and hear the viewers. ..good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative.

  21. I am so damn pissed that Nicole was eliminated – Christine has got to be next!

      • Don’t remember the hit list? Donny, then Frankie (in the revised version) then the 2 girls, then….?

      • I heard that after Donny goes to bed early tonight they’re having a meeting to decide collectively who the other 3 are who’re going up. Looks like whomever draws first will nom Donny and Zach. Derrick said no Victoria; should be 3 Detonators to ensure Donny goes. Brave words from a Detonator when he’s safe. Caleb said he’s volunteered 3 times already, let someone else….but….if he has to, he has to. Other names I heard are Christine and Frankie said why can’t Cody go up? He’s never been. Meow. Kitty has claws.

      • Only reason I asked was because I wasn’t sure if TA was still alive and kicking. so I didn’t know if Donny was still the target this week. ..I want a week where we don’t already know what the outcome is going to be on Thursday night. Boring. Maybe next week the fun will begin!!

      • Well they “say” they don’t care who stays HoH but I don’t buy it. This is Frankie and Derrick. They both want control this week and safety. Too tempting a B/D opportunity in case Donny wins yet another Veto.

      • True. I heard that…I also heard Derrick when he was talking to the camera in the fire room telling the feeders to make sure and watch later because it is going to get crazy can it get??

      • I think he has every intention of staying HoH. Surely Derrick left nothing to chance; surely he told the wife NOT to send a pic of him in his uniform….???

      • Derrick want be letting Frankie sleep in bed with him. What will Frankie do without “his” HOH bed if Derrick’s noms wins BOTB? He’s “entitled” to that bed dang it!

      • Derrick is sure in the sweet spot to back door Frankie. Only need 3 votes and he has Vic and Cody on standby and I’m sure Donny would salivate at the thought. Zach would seem easy to get on board, as an insurance plan. Not sure Cody has the moves to get Christine’s heart in it but this week they could actually threaten her, the way she told Nicole they did this week.

      • It is Donny obviously. He is not part of the alliance. Only time the alliance will turn on each other is when everyone else is gone! Of if Donny wins the BOTB but, they already fixed it with Christine to throw the competition. I just hope she decides to try and win it and get both her and Donny off then, one of the alliance members will be sent home! Or maybe, they will evict Victoria but, I do not see Derrick allowing that!

      • Yea, those pesky alliance members. Screw them for playing the game and making things interesting.

        I really don’t get this mentality and I never will. I hate Christine and I’m not a fan of Frankie but at least they’re doing more than Victoria. Everyone in the alliance is doing more than her. Zach’s pink hat is doing more than her. Aside from a few competition wins Donny isn’t doing much game playing lately either.

        But yes, everyone wants those players gone. Makes prefect sense…

  22. While waiting for the HOH room reveal I checked back in here. Matthew thanks again for your and Branden’s updates. Totally on point with the majority of the fans here, which is hard to do. I notice these things believe it or not. I think we were all disappointed in the new HOH’s. Donny has to win BOB or POV. Nicole or Hayden need him when they come back. I would love to see whichever one hook up with Donny and maybe crazy Zach. Love Derricks game play but I don’t think he would work with either of them. The only way would be if Cody is evicted this week.

      • I do not think Zack will. My reason Zach has not forgotten they have already tried to turn on him. He is a firecracker and like to keep people thinking. Zack is competitive. Zack is just waiting for a win, and evicts Frankie. Zack is playing Frankie right now. I hope Zack and Donny get some more bonding time being on the block together. Remember Zack did try to save Nicole.

    • Did you hear Cody say that he doesn’t know why Donny is still there? Said he is just skating by. I was so pissed

      • That’s probably why Derrick wants to take him to the end…. everyone knows he’s a weak player! Although he is certainly working the female juror votes…. SMH

      • Well, he has all these showmances with the women to mess their game like Amber, Brittany, Victoria, Christine. None of the women are even interested in playing the game. All they want is the showmance.
        In that case, he did his job per Derrick’s instruction although, I would not consider that to be game play.

      • Cody has won an HOH which he was in the leading role for, and has competed well in a handful of other competitions, came close, and was frustrated when he lost, showing he’s trying to win without any DR confessions of acting later. He’s not even been able/selected to compete in most competitions.

      • Me too. Skating by hmm. Donny has been on the block almost every week, either straight up nominated or as a replacement. He has been by himself since day one. He has to win POV to save himself, He was kind and saved Jocasta. Pssst not doing anything smh.

  23. Christine could be a target too. She got busy serving the guys and had forgotten to play her own game. She’ll end up like Britney from the Brigade minus the personality

    • The way the Brigade told Britney about the alliance was a joke. She was their friend and they all sat there laughing like idiots while she’s in tears. Enzo was a total joke altogether. The other day somebody said his name for another all-star season and I wanted to throw up.

  24. Seriously..why is this season of Big Brother so bloody boring??? Team America thing is a complete fail. Double HOH would’ve been interesting for just one week! Most of the houseguest left are not very interesting. I keep watching each week hoping that production will throw something crazy in, to shake the house up more than what we have seen. Not even sure what the rules are, because so many things happened that people should’ve been penalized for. Anyway, just my opinion!! They should call Canadian production team and get some ideas for next season. Worst season ever!!!!!

  25. Cody is already panicking. He does not want to go on the block? He has the nerve to say Donny is skating by? What planet is Cody from? Caleb and Zack are smelling that Cody is not pulling his share and should volunteer. Derrick is going to make Cody go up or Frankie will flat out just put him up. I think Donny will have a chance will Zack on the block with him. Hopefully, Cody keeps losing his mind and Christine is next to him…both will be a mess together…for BoB.

    • It’s the least he can do now that he’s down to 2 women. Like seeing him sweat a little. Getcha some of what Donny’s been tasting nearly every week.

      • Cody has a right to want to stay off the block when it’s Derrick as HOH. It’s late in the game, keeping up appearances and masking alliances means less as time goes on and the numbers lower. It’d be different if Frankie wanted to put him up but Cody should absolutely not want to be put up by Derrick. If he’s just a pawn anyway then he can put up an ally who isn’t as close, who he doesn’t have a firm final two deal with. But oh, right, don’t put up Victoria, because she’s an emotional train wreck who cries at the sight of her ice cubes melting in her drink. Put up Cody because he can take it, aka handle it mentally better than Victoria. If you were Cody that would annoy you too.

      • Derrick isn’t putting up Cody. Frankie is. But my point about Cody going up was more because he says Donny “skates” by….even though Donny has had to fight all but one week to survive or he would have been sent packing. Cody’s never been up.

      • My mistake then. I don’t have the feeds and I was perceiving comments as Derrick was going to put him up. Guess I misread. Thanks for the correction.

      • I would think Cody more said that about Donny to try to enforce that Donny is the target this week, as I think Cody also is weary about him, more than it was to actually legitimately criticize Donny or his game. But again I don’t have the feeds so I can only speculate blindly what the context of it was when Cody said that. If he truly meant it, truly feels that way inside and/or was seriously criticizing Donny’s game, then yea I question that too. Donny’s been quiet but he’s won important competitions and been nominated often.

      • Awesome. Cody and Christine are a duo that is not hiding and in everyone’s face. Good choice for them to go up together. Hayden and Nicole got broken up…works for me.

      • Funny you compare Hayden and Nicole to Cody and Christine. Hayden and Nicole liked each other to the point of kissing. I’m aware of what people talk about Cody and Christine doing, but I’m confident he’s using her to further his game, and knows that she’s into him so he’s rolling with it.

        It’s not the same thing. At all. Cody likes Christine as much as Derrick likes Victoria. Both just using them as back-pocket support, that’s all.

    • I used to like Cody, but when he promised Donny not to nominate him and chickened out on the last minute, that’s when I lost my respect. He acts like he’s in a Bachelor Pad. I think he should be EVICTED.

      • The promise and the hand shake by Cody…so wrong. It is not fun see crusty Christine and no balls Cody all over each other. Yes, Evicted sounds nice.

  26. Does anyone else think Julie was hinting at Frankie’s HALF sister tonight when she asked Victoria the question about something she learned this week. I died laughing when she started talking about herself and not Frankie. His face was priceless

    • On Jokers and Twitter they said Frankie was explaining to Victoria that the answer Julie was looking for was Ariana being his sister. Lol. Someone said the best zing that Zingbot could do to Frankie would be to ignore him.

      • lol I watched his reaction and it put a smile on my face, he was mad and he tried to hide it, Victoria gets a huge plus in my book for that.

      • LMAO, completely agree…. I zoned out during the voting and questions tonight, the outcome was completely predictable…. Just so annoyed that Frankie won HOH :(

    • I can hear Victoria in the DR now saying [with her nasal voice] “oh so that was when I was supposed to say ariana grande’s name” shoot now I missed that chance and on live TV’ lol

  27. I’ve been thinking more about what I want to go down this week. While on the surface it’d be nice if Derrick/Cody or Frankie/Christine were to go this week, upon further thought I think I’d like to see Victoria go home somehow. My reason for this is we know whoever gets voted out this week will be competing against Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole. I’d hate to see someone like Frankie or Derrick get another chance if the house finallllly pulled the trigger on evicting them. Also having Victoria and Jocasta in the 4 person challenge almost assures we’ll get either Hayden or Nicole back in the game. Then with only ONE HOH FINALLY, we’ll have a chance for power to truly change hands and THEN Donny, Zach, Nicole/Hayden could maybe make a move.

    • Only thing I agree with here is wanting Victoria gone, but I agree so hard that I up-voted your post anyway…

    • Can I ask you why it would be nice if Derrick left? He’s been the best player in the game this season, so I don’t get why almost nobody wants him to win. I’m glad you thought further and landed on wanting Victoria gone, she’s the type of player that should leave. Derrick is not.

      You’d hate to see Derrick get another chance when he’s playing the best game. Interesting. $500,000 is a lot of money to give to somebody because they’re nice, or popular. That kind of money should be earned and deserved.

      Anybody can walk into that house and be loveable. Not anybody could play the game Derrick is playing.

      • I think it is more of a ‘popular guys’ thing against the nonpopular guy thing that gets most people, Donny figured things out by observing and being the outcast, derrick had the ‘in’ and didn’t have to figure anything out, just my opinion though

      • I unfortunately think a lot of people want Donny to win because he’s a nice, sweet man and a stand-up guy. That’s great, it makes you respect him, and I myself like Donny, but this is Big Brother, so I want someone to win who’s played the best game, not who my favourite is or who’s the best person. Reminder to all that the person you see on camera isn’t guaranteed to be the same person outside of the house. I would bet Donny is still a good guy at home, but for all we know Derrick, Cody and just about anyone else could be awesome as well, moreso than they appear on TV. I heard in a pre-show video that someone who interviewed Cody thought he was “really sweet” as well. We as viewers don’t know these things for sure, so let’s not go with what we don’t know for sure, let’s go on what we so know which is how they’re playing the game, how well they’re playing, and which player deserves to win the game.

      • Where to begin. First off you make some very valid points and I want to take the time to try and answer your questions. First let me state that I don’t dislike Derrick. Pesonality wise I’m neutral towards him. I will agree that he has by far played the best game up to this point. He’s never been nominated, he’s covered by virtually everyone, he’s won HOH when he’s needed to, and every week he gets people to do what he wants without them realizing it. I have mad respect for his game. I think what seperates him from say a Dan or Will in the whole lovability aspect is he’s in a majority alliance that has absolutely controlled the game from day one with little to no drama, no back and forth, whereas Dan and Will were constantly in danger and you get that underdog mentality. If Derrick were to win I wouldn’t mind. Now with all that being said the game is not over, yes he’s played the best up till now, but that can change. I personally enjoy watching Zach and he gives me that underdog mentality so I naturally want to root for him. Derrick is bad for Zach’s game which is my primary reason for wanting him to go. Hope that answers your questions and thanks for the comment.

      • That’s actually a great answer, makes a ton of sense and I’m with you on liking Zach. I definitely see what you mean about the underdog tone to him and I’m on board with it. I was glad Derrick won HOH but I also really hope Zach isn’t his target and I’m a bit worried he is. I also of course agree with all of your points about the strengths of Derricks game and how he differs from Dan and Will, and it’s good to see you say you don’t mind if he wins. I’d personally like to see a final three of Derrick, Cody, Zach but I know how unlikely it is I get my wish. Imagine Zach wins the final HOH? Splits up Derrick and Cody and if he’s smart he makes Derrick the final juror.

        Thanks for your response.

  28. Donny is probably going to get evicted next. He better win the BOTB or POV because he will 100% get evicted if he is still on the block. Not looking good because Derrick and Frankie are HOH and you know Derrick will dictate who goes home and more likely it is Donny!

    • Nah Donny will be the fall back option, I have a huge feeling that Derrick is gonna go for the kill on Frankie and he’ll do it better then Nicole did regardless of Production interference.

      • I hope you’re right… but my fear is that Derrick may keep Frankie around simply because he knows he is a target, and also a vote for him to stay in the future… Derrick wants to get as little blood on his hands as possible, and maintain a “peaceful” appearance in the household… JMO…

      • Derrick doesn’t have a lot of options though. He’s not targeting Cody of course, Frankie only an option if he’s dethroned but he’s also Team America. Christine won’t be targeted because Cody wouldn’t want that. Victoria is someone Derrick wants to keep because he’s got her in his back pocket. He’s got good control of Caleb too. Zach isn’t likely to go after Derrick so why target him.

        I think he’ll consider Donny his smartest move because he doesn’t fully trust him, even if he is also Team America. I really think Derrick wanting more TA mission money is Donny’s only chance to not be targeted.

        I predict he’ll see Donny, Frankie and Zach as his only options. I personally hope it isn’t Zach, even though I like Donny.

      • Edit: or Caleb. Don, Frank, Zach, Caleb…maybe he does have a few choices after all lol. My bad.

      • Agreed! I think he will maintain his position of “no drama” in the house and go with the status quo. However if he has the opportunity to get rid of Frank via a BOB win, I wish he would do it!! Victoria/Donnie should be the one leaving this week, but you know how this game flips on a dime!

  29. I do believe that if Derrick stays HOH and there is an opportunity to back door Frankie he will do it He is up to more than wanting Donny out

    • yep agree cause Donny will be easier to get up and vote out later, IF given the opportunity to get rid of Frankie he will take it, and I also feel like IF he can get Victoria to the final 3 he will take her as he knows hands down she will not get the money

  30. Watching the feeds and Derrick needs to grow a pair. He’s saying to Zach we are having a meeting and you guys work it out who’s going up. Or you can draw straws. Man up Derrick and nominate two people. Otherwise you’re the last person that deserves to be at the end. You’re just as bad as Victoria.

    • Work it out on who’s going up or draw strings? What is this? A new game? I’ve never heard anything like this before in BB. Have you? This is unprecedented.

      • I know. Come on Derrick prove that you’re the player you think you are and nominate someone. Even Caleb said when they couldn’t agree you’re the HOH just nominate two people.

      • I don’t think he can continue this strategy any much longer. He’s already showing his cards. Slowly but surely.

    • It seems to me that you are looking at it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t like Derrick. From his point of view it is smart because he doesn’t get blood on his hands if someone gets evicted.

      • But it depends still on who will nominate first between them and Frankie. With the deadpool getting smaller by the week, he will have to choose who he’ll put up.

      • I understand it’s a strategy, and if they all agree, fine. From a viewers perspective, “skittle draw” doesn’t add excitement to the game, and I hope it doesn’t get repeated.

    • Don’t kid yourself, it will go pretty much the way Derrick wants it and everybody will think it’s their idea.

    • Nobody’s as bad as Victoria. She didn’t even have an HOH to tell others to draw straws. Derrick has had 2 now and does his heavy lifting internally, mentally dictating the game. I know you’re just saying he will be as bad if he keeps doing things like this, but I still feel that’s a stretch. I don’t think there’s anything he can do from now until finale night to be as bad as Victoria, and that includes even if he gets evicted before her. Her ship has sailed on that, she locked it down when Jocasta left. Really hoping she’s gone soon. Christine too.

      • I’m just being sarcastic with the Victoria comment. Nobody is as bad as Victoria. Oh I forgot abot Jocasta. But he needs to man up and be HOH. Which means nominating two people. Don’t pick skittles like a child. And I really want Christine gone too. But not until after this week because I don’t want her to have the chance to get back in. I would love for Nicole to get back in and evict Christine.

  31. I am starting think they have already determine the winner. Derrick and Cody never go on the block. That is strange!

    • Because they’re playing good games, not because of some conspiracy. Derrick is playing the more obvious good game, but Cody is playing quietly. I love how people call him a floater, no, he actually tries in competitions. He’s come close a few times and he’s frustrated when he’s eliminated. He won an HOH where he was guiding Frankie aka he took the lead role, and there’s been several competitions he wasn’t even competing in that I think he would’ve done well in. If he’s in the final three, I’d bet money he wins 1 of the 3 parts of the final HOH, and then anything can happen, and his social game will help when part 3 is guessing how a houseguest finished a sentence.

      • The game is manipulated, that’s no secret. Ratings are their priority, not integrity of the game. But people say what you’re saying every year. Last season everybody was convinced it was rigged for Amanda because they didn’t like her and she took forever to get evicted, but she didn’t end up winning. Andy won and nobody “saw that coming” when the conspiracy talk went around.

        Why don’t you back up your opinion? With something better than just because they (Derrick and Cody) haven’t been on the block yet. If that’s all you’ve got, it doesn’t hold much weight.

      • Um, there’s no argument here. I was just asking you to back up your opinion, because that’s how discussion is created. All you’ve done is said you think the games winner is already determined, but you won’t explain why other than just because Cody and Derrick haven’t been nominated yet. I have backed up what I’ve said and used facts from past seasons. Most of what I’ve said hasn’t even been opinion.

        Do you have any other reason for thinking the winner has already been determined? Ask others who have seen me post here, I don’t argue with people and I definitely don’t look for arguments. I’m trying to discuss your original comment.

      • You seem to want to debate with me. You are entitled to your opinion. So giving you my opinion will only lead to debating.

      • Debate is a bad thing now? They have debate teams in schools, do you think they see it as a bad thing? I was just wanting to discuss. I was curious if you had more reason to think the winner is already determined. If you don’t want to talk, and discuss, that’s up to you. Never thought I’d have to try this hard just to talk about something on a comment board. You thinking I want to argue is completely baseless.

        Have a nice day and remind me to avoid your comments from now on, I would hate to see you say something interesting that I want to comment on only to have you turn around and assume that I’m trying to argue, or “debate” when you really don’t know my intentions.

        Take care.

      • RQ88, Keith probably just has nothing to back it up with. No opinion or backing for what he said originally. You’ve politely asked him and he keeps dodging the question with the justification that you’re apparently “trying to argue” and pinning phantom negativity on it. So don’t even bother, it’s pointless. He’ll just keep dancing around it to avoid admitting he’s got nothing.

      • I said you are entitled to your opinion. Your opinion differs then mind. That is okay not everyone is going to agree with me. Debating and discussing is fine but you already gave me your opinion so debating or discussing is probably going to end up arguing. I would rather not do that and to me it is how the question is asked. You take care too and have a great weekend!

      • I’m completely capable of discussing without it leading to arguing. I do it all the time because I keep a level head and I respect opinion as long as it’s backed up. I don’t know who you’ve spoken to on here who lets discussion turn into argument, but kindly don’t lump me in with them. I’m not guilty by association. You keep saying “probably” lead to argument when I keep saying it won’t. Anyway, it’s fine. Code D is probably right in his assessment.

        Thanks. You have a great weekend too.

      • Derrick is playing a great game. I do understand this game is about lying. The reason I said because it just does not make sense. I could careless who wins.

  32. Devin was not a blindside. Devin seem to be very disliked by HG and that is why he was evicted. A blindside is Derrick or Cody!

  33. I love how so many people want Derrick evicted. Yes, let’s ditch the best player this season. Much rather have someone win who doesn’t deserve it after not playing half as well as Derrick. Let’s see a favourite win who’s a nice person because that’s what winning this game should be based on, popularity. Bad bad Derrick, how dare you play Big Brother well, you must leave for this.

    Give me a break. Ridiculous.

  34. To me this season has been far from exciting. The people they picked, don’t even think for themselves.The women just follow what the guys say and even the guys seem be Derricks followers. And don’t get me started in regards to Zach. He claims to be unemployed. After BB, if I were a potential employer, I wouldn’t hire him just on the basis on how he acts.

  35. Donny! Donny! Donny! I love Donny! I hope he wins Fan Favorite. Who cares about Frankie. His sister is famous not him.

  36. anyone else wanted to slap Frankie with his over the top reaction to the zombie in the mirror?
    Mr. Jerry Jones – that was the best zing anyone has ever given!!! even better than zing bot. damn near spit my coke and busted a gut laughing when he said he had some work to make Frankie look like a football player. Kudos to you as well…. didn’t think it would be possible but you did make him look manly!
    Now, being a guy I know I can have a dirty mind. But, did anyone else think that zombie in the yard that was shaking so hard when they first started showing the HOH comp was wacking off? thank god I didn’t have my coke in hand…… hate to waste more of it.

    • also did anyone notice what Frankie said on the bus when they saw the billboard for the Cowboys training camp?

      Frankie said, “Oh! I love country people!”

      such an idiot.

  37. I am going to put a challenge out there to production…since they know that HG’s are targeting Donny this week and that whoever he is nominated with is going to throw the BotB, which by the way, I have hated so far this season..let’s see if they make this comp one that one person can win like they did for Frankie…..let’s just see. They have to know that Donny is leading in the fan favorite if they think they are losing their fan favorite and it looks like Donny is being picked on..let’s see what they do..I am very curious! They sit around plotting his demise…like they are so much more worthy to be there than he is. I am starting to really not like these people.

    • A comp about groundskeeping, maybe grass types, mower parts, names of plants and trees, which kind of manure stinks the most…I think they would smell it a mile away, but we’ve all been smelling it almost all season.

      • SInce they know Christine is going to throw it..let’s see how they go about letting her either play or not play. This really wouldn’t be an issue if we didn’t all know that the last BotB was a fix for was a comp that he could win all by himself..let’s see if they do the same for their fan favorite, Donny…I highly doubt they will.

      • Who knows? Maybe with copious hints from the DR Christine might be persuaded to make a final 2 deal with Donnie and win the BOB instead of throwing it. No one would ever suspect these 2 are working together and when the jury HG returns to the game there’s a 3rd person to add to the alliance.
        Oh well, a person can hope anyway.

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