Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 7 Battle Of The Block Results

We have your Big Brother spoilers for this week’s Battle of the Block competition where the latest nominees faced off for a chance to escape eviction.

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

The Nominations Ceremony was held earlier today, get those spoilers here or just keep reading on for all the details, and now we’ve got the results of which HoH remains and who escaped the Block.

I’ve got your Big Brother spoilers below so read on for more.

Big Brother Week 7 Battle of the Block Spoilers:

  • Frankie and Caleb won the Battle of the Block!
  • Zach and Donny remain on the block.
  • Christine is still the HoH

Caleb’s big plan going in to this was that he was going to sit down and refuse to participate thereby forcing a loss on Frankie. Too bad we didn’t get to see it all play out, but that should make great TV for Sunday’s show. Obviously, it didn’t work out according to plan.

From the sound of it, Caleb did not participate as planned, but Frankie won on his own. Supposedly a HG suggested the comp would be easier playing solo than with a partner, which is hard to understand without us seeing it first.

The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday and the Veto Ceremony arrives on Monday. Keep with us for your latest spoilers all week as this game keeps going crazy!

Want to watch the Live Feeds yourself? Grab the Free Trial right now and see what’s going on inside the BB16 house through the HD cameras and uncensored views of all the action. There’s already been plenty of conflict and drama brewing so you don’t want to miss this fun.


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  1. LOL, this is great. Should shake things up some. Good for Frankie. Now, if only Nicole does not win veto, whoever wins veto uses it, and Nicole is put up and voted out. That would be sweet. Or else Donny can go home. I am over him!

    • Frankie won by himself. Apparently this one didn’t require both people. Guess production gave frankie a way to stand a chance without help amiright lol

      • Frankie’s actually pretty good at comps, as shown by his 3 HOH victories. Wouldn’t surprise me if production had nothing to do with it, rather just got lucky that it worked out that way.

      • He’s even said that he won this BOB by himself. That alone proves production had something to do with it.

        Funny how BOB has been a team effort until miraculously Frankie was thrown on the block, now it’s an individual game? Hmm… must be a coincidence.

      • Actually the BOB in week two was the same kind of thing Brittany would have pulled it off on her own if Poala had just sat there but she buzzed in and answered wrong to throw it. My guess is Caleb did not do that he just sat there because that evening I believe it was Zach or Derrick that said to Caleb something along the lines of I don’t understand how you just sit there and watch him win and do nothing.

      • Yeah but two of those HoH comps were thrown to him by Amber and Derrick, and with the egg HoH he was basically the ONLY person with a half decent partner.

  2. BBAD Zach is calling Frankie out as a liar and backstabber..Awesome This is be a awesome season once Frankie and Christine are evicted. Go Nicole

    • Yeah Zach gave him heck but now they’re alone in the Fire Rm with Caleb, Derrick and Cody hashing things out. Frankie came ‘clean’ about being Ariana’s bro and that he is an entertainment “mogul”. Zach initially didn’t care who heard him, said he’d blow everything up in front of everyone but alas, they got him away in a room. Well see if they don’t get Zach back.

      • Did you hear Derrick yet again, cover and say he is not lying about who he is. What a rat.

      • Again, Derrick says I would like to think I know something true about all ya guys in the house. Really. Derrick maybe he is mobbed up? just saying. Is he a cop? or is he?

      • Welcome to the professionally trained world of real police officers. Go Derrick, I hope you win the whole game*. I hope that Cody and Caleb are in final 3. Too bad about Frankie. I like Frankie. But that’s what paranoia does to a person…

      • A little game of truth or dare, that all! Sometime it get boring in the BB House!

      • That’s what I mean about dirty playing. And everyone thinks Derrick doesn’t play dirty. Calling Frankie out about lying about who he was. Derrick saying all of us are who we say we are. He’s the dirtiest player I’ve ever seen.

      • Gotta love a man with brains though! hahaha He’s still getting away with lying…and no one calling him out on it! :-)

      • And I really liked him the first couple weeks. But as he got more control he started playing dirtier and dirtier. He’s like the dictator of the house. He bitches when he sees two people talking they have an alliance but he has alliances with everyone. Hypocrite!

      • Gotta love that he’s gotten away with it so far, though! None of them suspect a thing like they do with others! I keep thinking Dan watching Derrick! Wonder why?

      • Well here you are. So what do you think? I’m fired up. Everyone loves Frankie again. Oh Emma I need the bucket.

      • Oh there it is. Now I need a cocktail. Cyril got any patron left or did you drink it all?

      • So sorry, but I was running out of that at my party and stole what was left from him! hahahaha

      • Neither does Zack. They complain about his smelly pits and not brushing his teeth all the time.

      • Sorry but I’ve watched since season one. Would you like to quiz me? But I bet you haven’t.

      • Tell me how many POV there was in the 16 seasons and how many times it was use? And all the name of the people who was not evicted cause of the POV? I’m waiting…

      • Your talking to the wrong person. Captain and I have been friends since last year. Tell it to someone else. He was having my back fool.

      • But I have. If Derrick is the dirtiest player you’ve ever seen you’re a liar.

      • No I didn’t skip last season. Wish I would of though. They were a bunch of disgusting human beings. I NEVER said Derrick was a disgusting human being. So you people that comment need to quit taking comments out of text. I even stated that I liked Derrick in the beginning but after a few weeks as he got more control he started playing dirtier and dirtier JMO. And I’m not talking about just hiding who he is. A lot of people do it. But don’t hide who you are and then call Frankie out about lying who he was. I don’t like his game play.

      • Yeah, Spencer from last year was the best! No dirty play and he still made it to he end! Hope he come back for BB all stars if it happens!

      • Damn him…but it sure made for some great T.V. as Frankie said after he revealed who he really was! :-)

      • They’re all still after him. They were all talking that Frankie thinks he’s Dan and even said his funeral b

      • And as I have seen so far, Derrick has not told the others that he was a cop, right? Probably borrowing a trick from Tony of Survivor keeping the fact he is a cop on the wraps except Sara who was also a cop.
        She kept the secret even though, Tony betrayed her.

      • What a wonderful player! he remind me of Dan Ghesling and Will but more subtle! Really the most deserving player to win so far!

      • I heard it loud and clear! It’s the celebrity status he doesn’t have that Frankie does, so that helped him keep his secret! :-)

      • what celebrity status? some little twit pretends to be an artist. most normal people have never heard of her. so that makes him a twit’s brother.

      • Evidently three of the players know of her (the women left)…the guys, not so much!

  3. This is Epic…all the boys except Donny in the fire room. Frankie just exposed who he really is, and Arianna Grandes brother. He is now explaining his game play, move and why. I am angry that Christine is still HOH…and Frankie won BoB. So, Donny has got to get the veto. The boys will keep Zack. I only other hope is TA sticks together and Donny is good? I know that Nicole is no dummy and Christine is a liar and can be re nom even though they agreed not to put each of up. I want Victoria as the re nom. She needs to go. Let Donny and Nicole stay, please. They are playing the game. Victoria is just sucking up air at this point and Derrick’s puppy dog.

    • With you on this one, Emma. Nicole’s one of my favs this season, and Donny’s a nice guy, so it would be awesome to see them go farther. Get rid of do-nothing Victoria. Least everyone else is actually playing this game. Vic’s just going wherever the wind blows her.

      • Maybe Christine will put up Cody. She wants Derrick and Cody gone but she might be afraid that she doesn’t have the numbers. Have to see who wins POV first.

    • I understand why Derrick kept her, as a vote, but game is shifting into the next phase so I’m ready for her to kick rocks. I’m just using the word Derrick in place of everyone’s name in the various incarnations of the alliances since he’s Big Papi.

      • LOL. I thought I only use the analogy of kick rocks. I hear Derrick use it too. I thought is was fun to hear.

      • It’s an east coast slang you won’t hear a lot in the mid-west or west coast! LOL

    • I love how you call Christine a liar and in the same sentence wish Nicole was HoH so she could go back on her word to Christine and put her up as a backdoor. The hypocrisy of some of these commenters is unreal.

    • The only good thing that came out of this is Nicole can play for HOH next week. And I hope she wins it.

    • Another GRANDE move by Frankie. Get all the girls to love him so he can help get Zach out of the house now, once and for all. I believe that’s still his plan after this big catastrophe went down, brought about by Zach. And Nicole fails once more getting Frankie out, since Christine won’t renom him if he or someone else wins Veto.

  4. I’m so sick of seeing all of these comments calling people liars, or rats, or backstabbers. Why on earth are you watching Big Brother?

    • This is tame compared to last year. We were imploding and had names for the HGS, way more colorful post. My kind suggestion is, if this irritates you and is in your crawl…then maybe hanging out here or watching BB with us, is against your values. Sorry

      • That’s fair. I realize I’m way in the minority here. We’re all welcome to our own opinions. I may come across as aggressive, but I just love this game. I love the discussion and never mean to offend anyone.

      • I miss Aryn, Gina Marie and Spencer…The houseguest this year are far less entertaining. Would have love to see more controversial people like them instead of boring Donny!

      • What was so special about those useless players from last season… all losers, all boring.

      • Oh, you are on fire tonight. just the way we like you. Cyril better pour you a cocktail, stat.

      • I am on fire. And now I heard Derrick told Christine to backdoor Nicole if the POV gets used. I hope Nicole wins POV. I’m going to be so pissed if Nicole gets backdoored.

      • Me too, I will be yelling at the TV..torn again I it ends up Nicole and Donny.

      • Im getting off for awhile. I want to watch the feeds and I only have my IPad. My laptop crashed and I still haven’t gotten around to getting a new one. Maybe tomorrow.

      • Yeah yeah, Lavendargirl. I know the drill. I post and you comment that you disagree (which is totally fine) and when I read what you wrote and write back I’m a bully. You’ve threatened to never reply to my posts over and over again and I really hope one day you follow through.

      • Welll…I’ll be! It’s not like we don’t make statements about backstabbing in the past seasons! Right?? hahaha Maybe joethehobo can make it on BB so we can talk about him behind his back! hahaha

    • The same reason you watch which is see the game play. However, you have to realize people will hate some house guests over others because of the way they conduct themselves in the show. Like in real life, you have office mates, acquaintances you would rather not have anything to do with! And if other people’s comments bother you then, don’t read their posts or respond to them. Seems easy enough to do. Everyone has a right to post their opinions because this is a public forum. Now, if you have your own blog which you created, you can bar people from posing any opposing views although, if that were the case—-you will probably be all by your lonesome with no one responding to you. So, you wan to censor everyone’s views except your own?

      • I said nothing about censoring others. The “we all have a right to our own opinions” argument seems to be a common cop out on these threads. Yes, we all have a right to an opinion, and with that comes the right to disagree.

        My problem is that people seem to have a problem with people lying in the Big Brother house. And I repeat: If you have a problem with people lying then why on earth are you watching a show like Big Brother? You know who didn’t lie? Jocasta and Victoria. That’s the kind of game play you get when you have your way.

    • I’m with you on this one Joe. There is a little bunch of losers who monopolize the comments section here on BB Network. No life and spend all their summer here spitting their hate about some players. Always call rat or snake people who are good at this game but that they dont like. Hell, even Donny has tell lies in this game. Always like that in comment or forum, so easy to call names behind a computer screen like i just did :p

    • The houseguests are, for the most part, a bunch of liars and rats and backstabbers. Have YOU not been watching. These comments are fair.

      • You seem to have misread my post. IF Big Brother is indeed a game made up of liars, rats, and backstabbers, my question is: Why on earth are you still watching Big Brother?

  5. Too bad Frankie told everyone his whole life story even about his sister. Now everyone is up Frankie’s butt. Victoria is hugging him and All the guys are hugging him except Zach. Well that’s why BOTB was so late so production could switch things up to make it individual. They sure can’t let their precious Frankie go home.

  6. Frankie is Andy last season, that’s how and why he won because he played all sides just like Frankie did/does… did you not notice that?

  7. Frankie just bared his soul to the entire house…told them he was Ariana’s brother, said he is a you-tube personality with millions of followers. The guys were a little ticked off..the girls loved it..especially Victoria. Guys figure he is just using this as a “Frankie’s funeral” type thing..which I think he is too. He is safe for this week, but, maybe he thinks this could help along the way…who knows! Derrick has already mentioned asking Christine if she would consider BD’ing Nicole. if Zach or Donny come off the block. Cody said he shouldn’t do that.

    • Are you kidding. I turned the feeds off so I could get on here for a few. What did Christine say when Derrick said to backdoor Nicole? I hope Christine tells Nicole.

      • Knowing Christine, she will probably backdoor Nicole as she has been lying and betraying her since, the very start.
        I don’t see Christine changing.

      • Derrick will put her out soon enough. She is not that smart which should serve her right! Only Derrick and Frankie has been playing the game so far. All the others have been floating all this time. That is ending soon enough!

      • He hadn’t said anything yet…now with all of this backstabbing and stuff going on…what I think may happen if Derrick does say anything to Christine about possibly renom’ing Nicole..Christine may say we promised not to do that to each other, which they did, then Derrick would tell Christine that Nicole was saying that she would renom Christine if someone came off the block, which Nicole did say.

      • When I turned the feeds back on Derrick was telling the guys let’s tell Christine that Nicole was going to backdoor her. Then Christine promised Nicole she wouldn’t put her up and they would work together. But then Frankie told Christine let’s blame everything on Nicole. So who knows what’s going to happen. I watched until 5 am so what happened after I don’t know. I know one thing I’m tired. This only getting a few hours sleep is weighing on me. Lol

  8. Attn: Big Brother Network… Your web site has become un-readable with all the pop ups from Ads by AllDaySaving. It overloads the site and makes navigating a nightmare! It has taken me 30 min to complete this simple comment. Before I throw my computer out the window, I will just no longer visit this site. It WAS my favorite BB site for spoilers… not any more ;-(

    • Ugh, the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists are at it again. Wouldn’t you want to bet that production has more of an interest in saving, oh I don’t know… DONNY rather than Frankie seeing as Donny is on the block and is most likely going home this week? Frankie is universally despised.

      Frankie saved himself and it sucks. We all want him to go home. But accusing production doesn’t help anything.

      • That is complete garbage, Frankie has a huge following involving Ariana, he’s hated by BB fans, but not universally, so let’s not kid ourselves.

        This isn’t a tin foil hat conspiracy, this was the BOB and Frankie himself said that he won the thing by himself. Since when was the BOB an individual comp?

        BB has never flat out kept someone from going home, I’m not saying that the game is totally rigged, I’m saying that Grodner does what she can to keep the people who get ratings. IE: Coup de Tat, Diamond POV, MVP, voting houseguests back in.

        This BOB was turned into an individual comp because production knew that Caleb was going to throw it and Frankie would go out the door, if you think that this wasn’t a calculated decision, you’re blind.

      • Like the controversy about a hand pushing Helen’s foot off the step she was standing on last season? Also, some of the spraying water was hitting some house guests stronger than others? It is hard to believe all the contests are played in an kosher manner. There is probably efforts to favor some players over others and yeah, depending on who is more popular. Remember too last season that Amanda was wanted by majority of fans to be evicted but, never got evicted till the very end. In Storage Wars, Dave Hester sued A & E claiming that precious items were deliberately being put on the lockers. The judge ruled that A & E had creative rights to steer the show they way they saw fit! Using the same ruling, I can see that Big Brother can say the same thing if someone were to question whether it has done things to influence the results of HOH, BOTB or even POV. I am skeptical and have a right to be knowing what I know about these reality shows. It is entertainment and nothing else! I would not even discount a script like the WWE! Of course, in wrestling the wrestlers already know ahead of time who is going to lose the match although, pretend they are trying to win it!

      • Also, you’re probably right, they’d rather keep Donny over Frankie when it comes down to it. Hence why they are bringing a HG back in the house, because they know that Frankie and Donny don’t have the support in the house, so production needs to have their backs should one of them get evicted before like the F6 for example.

  9. “Victoria to Nicole: If you let this change your game play (talking about Frankie revealing who he’s related to), then he won because you’re giving him exactly what he wanted.”

    Wow. Pretty wise words from Victoria here. She seems to be one of the biggest Ariana Grande fans out there, but props to her for not letting it cloud her judgement.

    • Victoria is a parrot, she said that because Derrick said it to her first. She was not being insightful, but just meerly repeated what someone said to her earlier.

  10. Why is Derrick always saying he’s loyal to TA but he is only loyal to Frankie not Donny, even before Donny chose not to do a mission?

    • Maybe, because Donny is not part of the Detonators? All of them are loyal to the Detonators which is the huge problem because only Hayden, Nicole and Donny were playing against Derrick, Cody , Frankie, Zach, Christine. In addition, they had the votes of Caleb and Victoria. Hayden is already out so, you know they are going after Nicole and Donny then, Victoria and Caleb. It is like watching paint dry. They might as well evict Nicole, Donny, Victoria and Caleb now so that, we can get to the good stuff. You know the Detonators finally moving to take each other out?

      • They are only loyal to themselves. Detonators were just for a safety in numbers situation. They all turned the second they didn’t hold all the power. Which was funny because they could have still controlled the game even with nicole as one of the hohs.

      • Nicole’s big mistake was nominating Jocasta and Victoria. She already had the 4 votes she need to evict anyone she wanted. The votes would have been Jocasta, Victoria, Donny and Hayden. The Detonators will have 4 votes but, Nicole breaks the tie sending a Detonator home! That is why you play your game and decide on what is best for you. Listening to others is a recipe for disaster. If she just put up Derrick and Frankie on the block, she guaranteed, a Detonator to go home! If one gets off thru POV, put up as replacement, Cody, Zach, Christine or Caleb, whoever did not win POV. One of the Detonators would have been evicted and they would have had to pick and choose which probably would have split the Detonators.

      • I completely agree. Nicole and donny were both foolish to nominate victoria and jocosta. That was boneheaded of both of them.

      • At the time Nicole thought she was in an alliance with Hayden, Derrick and Cody. She nominated Zach and Jocosta and the plan was to evict Zach.

      • She should have not made deals with Cody and Derrick because she did not need to. If she just went after the guys like Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Zach and Christine, that would have been enough to do the job.

  11. I hope Nicole wins POV and takes off Donny. That would be the best option for the two of them. They would be safe at least, this week. Christine would have to put up one other house guest.

  12. I hope Donny wins the POV!! I don’t want to see him go! I was hoping Frankie would go this week!

  13. I’m okay with how this played out. Donny doesn’t really have a good shot of staying this week without pov. I would rather him get evicted and have a chance to come back than frankie. Especially if frankie went home this week and it was america voting someone back in, he would have been the one coming back because of his sisters fans. And for all the tin foil hat crew, was the chessboard bob comp earlierthis summer rigged? Didn’t you think at sometime another individual bob would happen?

  14. The posts on this thread really make for interesting reading. Do we really know for sure at this point that the BOB contest was rigged? How do we know that Caleb didn’t just change his mind? I am not saying that he did, only that as far as anyone has said we really don’t know what happened for sure. Let’s just assume that production has rigged things. This is the time of the season where I like to point out that the term “Big Brother” comes from the George Orwell novel “1984” where everything in society was tightly controlled and scripted. Anyone who has ever watched the show from season one knows what they are going to get. For all the Derrick haters—I don’t really see him “playing dirty” anymore than most successful players. Anyone who doesn’t lie and deny is usually a loser. He just happens to be better at it than most. I have a suspicion that a lot of people don’t like him because he is a cop. And why should he tell the others something that would hurt his chances of winning?

    • I agree. From what I’ve seen and heard, derrick is actually playing a pretty respectable game. I don’t see any of the other guys telling zach not to be so mean about what he says personally about victoria, but derrick has told him to knock it off and if zach said that about derricks daughter he would break his jaw. I think that some viewers just like to root for an underdog and derrick doesn’t fit that desciption.

    • Don’t Try to Reason with Unreasonable People! Specially in a comments section on the internet. Yourw wasting ur time. There are some Derrick haters and will say nasty thing just cause they dont like him. Those people would not last the time he did on BB, damn, they would never be choose to go on BB. They just love to whine and bitch, there are watching the show just for that like many people do with Reality TV shows. Derrick is playing a good game, Frankie too! Lot of good players this year and curious to see how it gonna play out!

  15. Matt, Thank you (all) so much for the reply and explanation. I did first look for this in programs but it is not listed? That is why I thought it was site specific as it does not appear on other sites? I am not the most savvy when it comes to computers. I’ll reach out to the geek squad for assistance. Very surprised anyone would even care about my comment and impressed with the level of customer service! Back on board with BBN! Now just need to rid these FOOLS from my computer!

  16. Cody is such an idiot. He might be the most spineless, most gullible person on earth. I can’t take anymore. First of all, Derrick has some weird victoria fetish that is strange for a married man, and in about 20 minutes he convinced Cody to pick up his fetish. Now, they want zak out. Really? They call him “the biggest liar with Christine and Frankie”. Are they out of their minds???? If anything, Zak has actually been brutally honest, honest to a fault. He also has Derrick and Cody’s back. Even worse, they are talking about taking Caleb to final 4?? Over Zak?? These people are idiots. Zak would be a much smarter pick because he is weaker in competitions than Caleb. Cody does not have a mind of his own. He talks the talk, but is really just a little b****. I want him gone this week. Make derrick sweat it out. Something about Derrick is not likable. He seems like a decent guy (except for his iffy relationship with victoria), but there is something about him I see as smug. He also lacks the charisma of the past great manipulators (will and dan)

    • I understand Derrick being nice to Victoria to get her vote, but he is taking it WAY too far. There is a video on YouTube called Victoria and Derrick BB 16 tribute. Watch it to make your skin crawl. If I were his wife, his bags would be packed when he returned to MY house.

      • LOL Derrick would not want u as his wife anyway! Stop dreaming! Will and Boogie did far worst and are known as BB legends! Wake up philly Cat

      • But not in a good way. I personally didn’t like either of them. But if you admire someone who is unfaithful to his wife, that’s on you.

      • This has to be the worst comment ever. I respect opinions, except opinions that support Frankie and Christine. Derrick, fine. Fair enough. Frankie might just be the most narcissistic houseguest I’ve ever seen. Seriously. The way he talked about himself today…it was like he was so much better than everyone, because he has a famous sister. Then, he went on to brag about his twitter followers (BTW, he does NOT have 1.5 million followers, keep dreaming Frankie) and meeting Justin Bieber and borderline bribing the other houseguests to be included in Frankie’s wonderful life. Christine is just an unlikable liar and her husband should leave her a** for the way she has been with
        Cody. Disgusting. Zack is entertaining and is now Anti Frankie/Christine. Please keep him. Derrick/Cody would be IDIOTS to get rid of him over someone like Donny who is against them.

    • Why wouldn’t you want to take victoria to the end. She is a slam dunk win for whoever is next to her. I think even if jocosta came back, she would beat victoria.

      • While I agree with you, it’s more of the weird way that he INSISTS on protecting her. I would take her too, but damn man. Meal ticket. I just don’t like something about derrick and I LOVEEEE the manipulator type reality show contestants. Derrick has actually some very erratic thinking sometimes though and makes some terrible decisions, aka every time he wants to pick off a number in zach over an enemy in someone like donny. Then, he’d watch as Frankie/Christine pull in Donny and maybe Nicole, then he’d have a problem. A big problem.

      • Derrick has commented about wanting to look out for victoria because he would want someone to help his daughter if she were in a game like this. But I do think he is starting to over play his hand.

  17. Now, I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist but I believe production had a hand in this.

    • For sure because they didn’t play until late in the evening. That gave them time to pick a game that Frankie could win on his own. My only problem with that is Donny will probably get evicted. :(

    • Everybody know the BB black table! They reunite all the production in a dark room with almost no light. No camera and no mic, you see the irony, here? And then they conspire to make somebody go far in the game and even decide the winner. Yup, and this year, it’s gonna be Frankie. Ya sir! It’s pretty incredible that a TV Show make some interventions to keep their ratings ups, dont u think? I mean, what the points? It’s like there doing that to make money…

  18. Stop screaming rigged. You guys haven’t even seen the competition yet. Just because you don’t like Frankie and you want him gone doesn’t mean it’s rigged.

    • No,it’s that we have watched this happen season after season.never fails,when things don’t go in productions favor they switch it up.That’s how these game shows go.Reality,I don’t think so.

      • How do you know that production likes Frankie? Most of the BOTB competitions this season didn’t really require partnership. Again people are only screaming rigged because they don’t like Frankie. Just like last season when people screamed rigged when Amanda won POV.

    • IT WAS RIGGED (; Please dear Lord keep Zach in, preferably at least kick out Frankie and christine first. Zach gets my vote for favorite HG. Sorry Donny, you haven’t done crap and your way is gettin old.

      • So your complaining that it was rigged for Frankie but.. you won’t complain if it’s rigged for Zach. Hmmmm….

    • The people crying “rigged” are probably the same ones who whine whenever their football team gets a penalty and complain that it’s always their team that gets nailed with negative yardage and never the opponent.

  19. I read these post and I have to laugh.Many i agree with many I wonder what game are they watching.This is Big Brother the show of many liars,backstabbing anything they can do to get to the end.We can sit here and say I would do this and I would do that but till we experience what its actually like to be in there we should just enjoy the game.I do get frustrated and yell at the tv but this is why this show is so big because it brings all kinds of people in.I have been watching bb since season 6 and I am so hooked.When the show is over I go directly to my comp to see what everyone is posting.You see this show is very entertaining.Do I have my favorites You bet I do,and there are some I hope go soon,Till then I will keep looking forward to the next show.

  20. How can you say production was involved to rig the game when you haven’t even seen the game yet!? With how elaborate the props are for every competition I highly doubt production would have the time to change anything. It’s only been 1 day! Settle down people. It’s a

    • People say it because it took FOREVER to start the comp. Production told derrick they like the idea of Caleb throwing the comp. Every comp has been team oriented but apparently this one frankie could win by himself. No other BOTB could they do that. There was probably production manipulation, but who cares. That is to be expected quite honestly. Get on their good side.

  21. Production can do what they want as long as Frankie, Derrick or Christine win! Yeah I love this year BB, full of action! Almost as good as seeing Andy win last yea4!

  22. Yes! Yes! Yes! So happy Frankie won despite Caleb being a two year old! Now it’s time to backdoor Nicole. Get her whiney ass out!

  23. Oh lord!! Now we have Christine wanting to meet justin bieber, Vicky squealing over meeting Ariana, beast mode cowboy dreaming of being a countr music star. Of course Frankie playing all that up. Whew. And be making b.o.b. a singular game. A new low for bb.

    • Some of these people are just so easily manipulated. It made me cringe that all 3 girls would be so easily impressed with a pop singers brother. And btw frankie has less than 700k followers on twitter, still a lot but not nearly the million and a half he claims.

  24. THAT’S FRACKIN’ IT, I’M DONE W/ BB FOR FRACKIN’ GOOD, FOREVER, “D-U-N” DONE, I am COMPLETELY CONVINCED that AG ETC changed what the BOTB was going to be/how it worked so that even if Caleb threw the comp that it would NOT DOOM Frankie & that’s why the BOTB was done way, way later than it should have been. Screw, AG/BB.

  25. My friends say that the chess board upstairs in the BB house represents how the BB game is played, and I agree with them to an extent. I just don’t believe the cast are the players, that role goes to production and the cast is actually their pieces.

  26. Attn:BBN I saw some odd things on the site this am with Names changing as far as who was posting. Maybe that kind of stuff happens a lot, I don’t know, this is the first blog site of this type that I have posted to. If you would like to know what happened,I think you have my email available to you when I post. If it is something that is not a big deal,sorry for wasting your time.

  27. You must remember that prod. does what they want. every reallity show is like this, on the apprentice the same thing happens , like when a player toatly forgets to put the product name in, they are spared and the least popular player goes home.
    same as big brother, someone made a comment on the last weeks show and how Derrick and caleb were both summoned into the dr and derrick made a comment ok america when he left the dr. , and frankie was saved along with zach It is in the interest of the show. and with all shows like this , all the guest sign a contract not to disclose what goes on behind the scenes , And the shows do not play around they take those contracts seriously.

    I think they may have a thing against donny since he went against what america wanted ,
    These shows are not a free for all. they are produced and staged. They do some comps that are geared for certain people to win, If they did not it could make for some really bad tv or really good tv, they do not want to take a chance, so they want the shows to go the way they want. even if it is means an unfair advantage.

    • Don’t make the mistake of calling BB a reality show. Under the rules of the FCC guidelines, Big Brother does not qualify to be either a reality show or a gameshow. The reason for this is that there are no definitive rules or game format that is followed. Because the producers retain the right to “change” the game and / or rules at anytime after it has started, the show is considered to be “scripted” and as such is classified as a situation comedy.

      • Much like the Storage Wars case wherein Dave Hester filed suit against A & E alleging they planted precious objects inside the lockers. The judge ruled that A & E had creative
        rights to do as they please! So, more similar to the WWE Wrestling which is scripted. They know which wrestler is going to win the match before it starts. Of course, the wrestlers act like they are trying to win it.

    • I think Frankie planned all along that when he felt unsafe,he would pull the celebrity sister card. This would change people’s opinion. From what I am reading,it seems to be working,sort of. It seems to be working with the girls. But the guys are saying he doesn’t need the money. Did Frankie tell the HG last night he was “donating” his winnings to charity?

      • Yes he did…hopefully they’ll reveal this conversation Sunday night “live”!

      • It for sure will not work with the guys..I don’t think it will with the girls either..that’s why I don’t like this. When you bring the personal stuff out and try to manipulate…I don’t like that..same thing for Matt when played the “sick wife” card. Just go in and play the game..lie and manipulate..but not on a personal basis. Didn’t work for Matt, so hopefully, it won’t work for Frankie..I think he will be gone in the next 2-3 weeks.

  28. There is no way he is playing for charity. Hes all about himself,but production would rather have a flamboyant fruit cake win then some nice person like Donny, who might actually need the money. Frankie is a media whore who is all about himself and no one else

  29. Ugg, this is total bs. Both Christine and Frankie are safe now. Can’t help but think production catered the BOB towards one person winning after hearing Caleb’s plan.

    • I think that is why they played the comp so late yesterday. They probably had it set up one way and when they realized everything that was going to happen..they redone the set so Frankie could go it alone since Caleb was going to sit.

    • She is. But there always one like that they keep, because they are not threatening and easily manipulated.

  30. Lol, production rigged this again. I thought BB13 was obvious, but this is terribly obvious. I knew from the moment they said Frankie was in the cast and was Ariana’s brother, that they would try everything in their power to keep him. Come on. Last week, they were going to backdoor him and Zach, but all of a sudden, Caleb just had a change of heart? Since when has his opinion mattered to anyone? And this happened after he came out of the DR. Now, the production knew Caleb would throw it, and all of a sudden, it’s individual and Frankie knew the answers? Wow.

  31. first Caleb was going to sit down during BofB. I don’t think he did only because DR probably pulled him into the dr with the rule book and showed him something like “all players picked for competition must participate” anyone who breaks the rules, risks penalties. So after hearing of Caleb’s plan, they showed him the rule and he was forced to participate. Now if this is the case, why wasn’t Derrick and Christine penalized for talking and giving vote talk during Hayden’s eviction

  32. Capt 555, That link requires a 39.99 purchase after they scan for adware. Thanks for replying though… I just dropped computer off at the Geek Squad as I have the service plan. Go Vikings!

    BB… Why is Derrick so high and mighty? Has he revealed he is a cop? He came down on Frankie hard which he deserved but I lost all respect for all who think they are above being played. Come on its BB! I do believe some games are rigged… show me all the bins had 3 ducks in them, don’t buy it!

    • If you have a service plan then use it.
      I fix PCs for a living. I use Bleeping Computer everyday, there are no charge to pay.

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