Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Hot Topic For Aug. 8: Zankie Is Dead


Things have gotten crazy in the Big Brother 16 house. Finally. If you don’t know yet, Nicole and Christine are the Heads of Household and they’ve nominated Zach/Donny and Caleb/Frankie respectively.

But there’s a big plan in motion that involves a throwing of the Battle of the Block so that Nicole stays HOH and Frankie can be backdoored. So that also means Zach is safe. Which leads me to today’s Live Feeds Hot Topic. And it’s sort of a two-for-one.

Without further delay, the hot topic is Zankie is dead and Zachole is alive.

It all sounds crazy, but as of today that’s what’s happening in the house. Zach knows that Frankie has betrayed him, so he’s done with him. And he knows that Cody and Derrick are each others’ priorities. Nicole is feeling alone after she and Hayden were blindsided in last night’s Double Eviction that sent Hayden packing. So it sounds like the perfect opportunity for them to team up. From adversaries to unlikely allies.

A lot of the day consisted of this talk, but if want to see the start of it, flashback to 11:52 AM BBT and you’ll see Frankie following Zach around asking him why he’s so mad at him. Zach says he does not have to explain it to him and that he should just know. Christine comes in also and Zach says he does not want to talk to either of them.

Flashback to 12:09 PM BBT for a conversation between Nicole and Zach in the HOH room:

“I honestly hate him. And the fact that my game was in his hands …” Zach says of Frankie.

Zach tells her that they have to work together and that she has him in the palm of her hand if she wants to. She agrees, but us apprehensive.

“Zach, how can I freaking trust you?” she asks, afraid Frankie will try to lie and manipulate him.  “I don’t want him to get in your mind. He’s good.”

Zach says he’s done. He tells her he told him he can’t even stay in the same room with him. He also asks her not to let Christine get in her head. She says she won’t but she has to stay cordial with her. They agree that working together is their best bet. They even bring up a final two idea. They hug on their new agreement.

Do you think Zach and Nicole can make this work?


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    • Me too. She’s a great player but the only thing is she needs to stop trusting Derrick. I think she still has some doubts about him though. I’d like to see her in the end.

      • I’m not sure she is a great player, but I do really like her :) I’m rooting for Nicole.

  1. Why is Zack upset at Frankie, everyone was going vote him off last night, until Caleb put his 2 cents in ?? Besides, he told everyone in the House that hated them all on numerous occasions … and, did not really care if he stayed or went, even volunteering to go on the block many times … Ha !!!

    Having said that, if this is the new Zach at play, along with the stable Caleb, along with Nicole … they could become quite a power house …

    Could they bring Donny into this Alliance? Or leave him and Victoria and presumably Christine on their own to be used as pawns, assuming that Derrick and Cody become Public Enemy Number 1 and 2??

    • Oooh I like that alliance. Never thought I would be wanting Nicole in an alliance with those two but it would be great. Caleb gets on my nerves with his bragging but I must admit he is loyal and that’s what you need to make it to the end. Everyone needs one person that they can completely trust and is loyal if they want to go far in the game. And that’s one thing that Derrick is not.

  2. You know if Zachole goes to the end, I think Nicole would be the first ever woman to beat a man in the final two.

  3. Correct me if I wrong but didn’t Zach know Nicole wanted to backdoor Frankie last time?

    • He wasn’t in the room when the detonators were talking about. He was sleeping. I don’t know if they ever told him during the week…lol.

      • Correct. When they told Christine that they were going to backdoor Frankie, Zach was sleeping through his death and resurrection.

  4. i can see caleb and frank winning botb and then its bye bye donny… the numbers are still there for this to happen.

  5. How come no one is talking about Cody??? Has he WON ANYTHING yet???…he’s never been nominated. ..will he continue to float like how Jacosta did???

    • He won a HoH. How is he floating? His alliance has won almost every single HoH competition. It’s not floating if your alliance is winning.

    • You absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Yes, Cody won an HoH and he technically won the second HoH but was later disqualified.

      And the fact that you think Cody is “floating” shows what little grasp you have on this game. He’s been one of the driving forces behind the alliance that has absolutely steamrolled through this whole season. The word “floater” on this site is quickly becoming a huge sign that the person writing has no idea what they’re talking about.

    • He did win one HOH. But the rest of the time he just sleeps and crawls all over the girls. He’s Derricks biatch.

  6. I want to see Caleb lose the Battle of the Block first then, see who wins POV if Frankie stays in the hot seat or if Christine is put in as replacement nominee. They way the Detonators change their minds depending on what Derrick tells them, it could be Caleb and Frankie on the hot seat and Caleb is the one evicted. These guys are a bunch of ninnies. They might as well hand the $500,000 check to Derrick or Frankie because they still are waiting for someone to tell them how to think! Like the saying goes, I have to see it to believe it.

    • Or Nicole could backdoor Cody or Derrick if Frankie wins POV. Depends on what all she figures out before the POV. She kept saying last night I need to get to the bottom of this and I’m going to figure it out.

  7. I’m laughing at all the crying Zankie shippers who were dancing with joy after the eviction only to see Zach flat out dump Frankie and ignore him completely. Now they know how the rest of us have felt this season, getting our hopes up for something good only for it to fall apart.

    • Zankie was fun but I would love to see Zach drop frankie. America likes Zach more than frankie anyway. Screw that weasel

  8. Frankie is gonna be roasted during B.O.B. by both Caleb and Zack. Caleb will be just sitting on the ground telling Donny “take your time with that ankle, coz I’m not moving any muscle” and Zack said he’ll join the roast. LOL…can’t wait, this will be the first in BB

      • Feeds has been on, but they haven’t started BOB yet. Backyard has been busy. It will happen tonight though.

      • Ok thanks. I watched for a little while today. Guess I’ll be up late again tonight.

      •’re on the roll. What the hell are you doing arguing with that girl on the other thread? I was lmao…you’re crazy. lol

      • Sometimes I get too involved. One of my faults. When I’m passionate about something I show it. I’ll argue for awhile and then say hey I’m done. So where were you? You need to have my back. I’m going to behave from now on. Or at least I’ll try. Lol

      • Noooo.don’t do that ! He didn’t engage me, and you always handle them good…please don’t behave. lol

      • There’s a few comments on here I wanted to reply to but I’m holding back. I don’t want another argument. Lol. I don’t mind going back and forth when you disagree on something and you want to argue your point. What I get mad about is when someone starts with are you stupid or don’t you watch the show just because you don’t feel the same way. If the girl your referring to is the discussion over Derrick being a dirty player we ended it nicely. Lol

      • Yes it’s her. I mean, she wants to know why I want I Hayden back?..What kind of question is that? lol. So I said to get rid of your favorite player. Said that 2X

      • You should of said because I like blondes. Lol. I think from now on I’m going to reply with humor instead of an explanation.

    • I can’t wait to see this play out on Sunday. Hey did you see Frankie’s sister in the audience on Thursday for the live show. They made a point to show her.

      • No. I missed it. Is she the singer? I heard she millions of tweeter followers. I hope they don’t all vote for AFP Donny doesn’t even have an account. lol

      • Yes Arianna Grande. Not sure if that’s how you spell it but she was there. And what’s funny is that’s one of Victorias favorite singers. She was singing one of her songs the other day and of course they went to fish and when they came back she was saying she loves her.

      • Oh, so that’s why Frankie was telling Victoria earlier today that he is going to make a big reveal later tonight…trying to butter her up and get her on his side. Sneaky little thing, that Frankie!

      • I don’t think that’s what he was going to reveal to the house but maybe. I know he told Victoria if I go I have a surprise to tell you before I go. The thing he was talking about with Derrick telling everyone he said something about when they find out who and what I’m playing for. So I really don’t know. He said he was going to say after the BOB so have to wait and see.

      • Hey Lavendargirl what I would like to know is what in the world does Frankie hope to accomplish in his anticipated HG’s speech he has planned for them after the BOTB? They all know his lies but the saddest part is he doesn’t know that they know how much of a liar he is. The thing I laugh at the most is I knew he would try and use the “I’m Ariana Grande’s Brother” card sometime and he feels now is the perfect time to use it but really it’ll just show how vain and sad his character really is and might even tarnish his sister’s reputation as well by associating with him IMO.

      • I can’t wait for the feeds to come back to see what he has to say. I’m nervous about the BOTB. And I wonder if Caleb will blow up on him. Wow the last 3 nights have been drama on the feeds and I’m not getting any sleep. Lol

  9. Remember the Team America Mission – “Work together to convince someone to go on the block as a pawn and then get them evicted.” I say Caleb is being manipulated so all you Frankie haters, don’t get too excited.

    • Wow, I didn’t even realize that. Team America could pull this off , and I thought the task was nearly impossible at this point in the game, especially after last night.

    • I’ve been thinking about that too since Derrick has been fueling Caleb to do this. There’s a big possibility. I also wonder if Derrick is ready to dismantle TA.

      • I think they had to tell the DR who they’re trying to get put up because Derrick told Frankie they probably won’t be able to complete this one. Zach is up but he was nominated and didn’t volunteer. And Caleb volunteered on his own Derrick didn’t convince him. So task failed. At least that’s what I think. Could be wrong.

      • But Derrick wasn’t involved in that it was Zach and Nicole. Caleb volunteered before Derrick had a chance to mist Caleb.

      • Yep when Zach and Nicole were talking to him Nicole told him that Frankie made her lie about Amber and Caleb got mad and said put me up with him and I’ll throw it.

    • As a Kentucky boy, i hate to say it, but you are right! Caleb is a great guy but he is too loyal in this game. He was too loyal to Amber and too blind to see she didn’t care about him. He is too loyal to the alliance members from the bomb squad (which there is no bomb squad anymore). His loyalty is why Zach is still in the game.

    • I think they said last night they won’t be able to complete this task. They were trying to get Zach to volunteer.

    • I guess we will all know for sure next Thursday after all this is played out. I try to catch play by play on Joker’s updates but it seems like Derrick is in DR alot and I wouldn’t put it past TA to quietly play this out while stirring up the rest of the house.

      • Caleb volunteered before Derrick could suggest it to him. So I believe the task failed.

  10. Are yall sure that this is not fake “we hate each other” ploy with Frankie & Zach playing the house??? It would be something they would pull …

  11. Zankie is bullshit, do you really think Frankie cared Zach? the universe in which Frankie attends and lives ,there is no room for someone like Zach or any of the other program participants, Franke is in the show just to appear, inflate your ego, already inflated by his environment and wealth and entertainment stars, certainly when he it is eliminated, will take comfort, spending thousands of dollars on designer clothes and other luxuries

  12. Don’t get me wrong, Nicole is my favorite, but they made a stupid move keeping her last night. She has the ability to win competitions when she needs to (as evidenced by her HOH win), she’s playing a good social game and Hayden was just kind of following her around like a lost puppy. Within a day Nicole, has gone from out the door next to in power and making strong moves. That’s someone who you should be afraid to be sitting next to on finale night

    • Nicole and Hayden worked together. He wasn’t just following her around. They used to talk game a lot and Hayden would tell her what to do.

  13. Zach is an idiot and only now is realizing (after volunteering twice to be OTB) and being saved by his alliance, that he must actually start to play the game. Half way through the season he now figures Frankie is playing him.. well yeah (idiot) that is because you were a vote for him and if you are going to be a stupid player and not know anything, why not befriend (the idiot) as Frankie had done.. Frankie was well aware the war was about to begin and that he would not be safe for much longer, that is what a good player will realize when you are actually playing the game. The biggest problem I have with BB in general, although it seems more so in BB USA, is how D/R “persuades” these HG’s in one direction when it doesn’t work for their numbers. Of course Zach was the number maker for the season and Zankie was probably a close 2nd so even though you see all these so-called ‘twists’ starting to take shape, I am not convinced there is anything special happening so far. In fact if anything, it is Caleb that is making the plays, even though he is a puppet and so easily manipulated if you simply bring up “amber” in any conversation. Most of these HG don’t realize it is Derrick that is running the house and anyone that says or thinks differently simply doesn’t know the game all that well. Me personally, I have watched live feeds since the beginning, never missed a network episode including BB Can and the last 3 seasons of BB UK.

  14. What I would like to know is what in the world does Frankie hope to accomplish in his anticipated HG’s speech he has planned for them after the BOTB? They all know his lies but the saddest part is he doesn’t know that they know how much of a liar he is. The thing I laugh at the most is I knew he would try and use the “I’m Ariana Grande’s Brother” card sometime and he feels now is the perfect time to use it but really it’ll just show how vain and sad his character really is and might even tarnish his sister’s reputation as well by associating with him IMO.

  15. isn’t it obvious that Derrick pland to get Caleb, not Frankie, voted out in order to fulfill the Team America challenge AND to keep TA intact? He’s just waiting until after veto to put this plan into action.

  16. YAY!!!! Zankie is over!!!!! I just want Frankie to get further than Zach at this point.

  17. I would like to punch derrick in the face for having the nerve to blame Frankie for lying. He’s a cop big woop nothing to hide but he obviously thinks he’s cool not. I just hope he doesn’t make it too the end he has no integrity.

    • Dude do you forget what game it is, it’s Big Brother, if you think integrity is involved and your fav player Frankie has that then in the words of Mike Boogie, “Someone needs to get these Frankie fool followers a blindfold, cause their in the dark” lool Guy if you don’t know Big Brother by now, there is no room for integrity in the Big Brother house, you should check your facts also, Frankie is a liar, the biggest one of all, Derrick is just playing the game just like some of the greats of BB and he’ll be placed among them like Dr. Will and Dan hands down.

  18. but it isn’t just frankie…..DERICK is running the show and frankie follows the flow! need to dispose of Derick

  19. I seriously think that Zack is everal bricks shy of a load. I cant believe he made up and is letting Frankie crawl all over him again. Frankie is playing him like a fiddle.

  20. I already knows who is going to win this Derek is running the house . Is going to win it because the person that runs the house runs the game

  21. She should not trust Zack or any of the guys from that alliance. She should stick with Donnie and Victoria. Even if they are weak.

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