‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

Ready to find out what happened in today’s Veto Ceremony for Big Brother 16? The Feeds have returned and the expected results were confirmed as the house continues to divide itself.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

No great mind tricks this week on Big Brother 16 in the build up to the Power of Veto Ceremony, but the results could disappoint a lot of fans and even more when the next eviction vote arrives.

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Christine, did not use the PoV on either Jocasta or Zach. For the first time this season the Veto went back in its box unused.

The final nominations for Week 6 on Big Brother 16 are Zach Rance and Jocasta Odom.

Do you think Christine made the right choice for the Veto? Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted? Zach better get it together because he is in real danger this week.

Jump on your Live Feeds now to watch the house react. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Get your Free Trial right now and see what other fans are watching right now.



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  1. The first time the veto wasn’t used last season was when Andy won it, no surprise this seasons rat does the same thing.

    • sigh. I’m still hoping people will respect this season for what it is. A NEW season with different people and different dynamics than last season or any other season. Christine isn’t playing (nor is Frankie playing) ”Andy’s game” anymore than Cody is playing Jun’s game from way back in season #4. They are who they are and each is playing it like themselves even if they have similarities to past contestants.

    • Joni Utter Anderson I’m with you. He thought he was all that and a box of chocolates. I’m not crazy about Zach.

      • I can’t stand Zach!He thinks he is better than Evil Dick as a super villain and he is nothing but a little annoying brat.I’d love to see him walk out that door.

  2. Matthew you know these HG can’t keep their mouths shut. I predict before the day is over (midnight) Zach will find out he’s going home. Let the fireworks begin then. Problem is to stay he would need to shut his loud mouth and talk reasonably with other HG. This is Zach, NOT HAPPENING. So bad as some may hate it Bye Zach.

  3. Thursday is a can’t miss episode. Action packed. Eviction, HOH, nominations, POV, Eviction, start of next HOH. Love it. When you have feeds you love DE night. Waiting to hear Julie say HG “you have all made jury”.

  4. It all rests in the hands of Cody…will he step-up & be a man & vote out Zack to tie the vote & let Nicole vote out Zack…AND will Donny, Victoria and Hayden trust Cody enough to still cast votes to evict Zack or will they not trust Cody & go along w/ “the pack” & keep Zack b/c they don’t trust Cody? (Notice I didn’t mention Derrick b/c I think there is ZERO chance he’d vote out Zack @ least @ this point.

      • Why not? She’s not a real threat. She thinks being HoH is all about getting photos and letters from home. She doesn’t realize the thinking the HoHs go through, the planning and plotting involved. She will simply rely on prayer.

      • Yeah, I know that’s what he SAYS but I don’t trust him one bit. It wouldn’t be the 1st time he agrees w/ something, bides his time, then goes back & says “Well you know….I’ve been thingking….” Maybe this time he won’t do that but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Caleb.
    Donny, Victoria, Hayden.

    It seems to be more beneficial to The Detonators to keep Zach around. Sure, he’s probably getting annoying, but he’s a bigger target. He’s going to be gunning after people not in your alliance. He would do no wrong to Frankie (even though Frankie throws him under the bus every chance he gets.)

    It would be stupid to get rid of him, but…they probably will, because…well…most of the people in that house are stupid :|

    • your exactly right. as long as Zach is in the game…targets will be off derrick, Frankie, cody….they should be fighting to get him the votes. PLUS, Zach keeps things interesting….jacosta not so much…just sayin

      • Frankie and Christine are going to target Derrick and Cody the first chance they get. And Zach will help them. Those 3 have a deal for final 3. So keeping Zach won’t help Derrick or Cody.

      • Cody thinks this for sure, but he has to make sure Derrick continues to agree with him. Derrick will change his mind several times especially after he comes out of the DR.

    • Could be as simple as a broadcast scheduling conflict. I’d like to ‘dream big’ and think it’s something like a returning player, for the sake of drama for the game, but I just highly doubt that’s the case. Maybe it’s just to allow more time to play the game without rush-antics like additional double evictions.

      • I don’t think it is that simple. I think CBS wants to keep options open in case one of their favorites is in jury and they want to bring him/her back like they did last year with Judd.

      • I’m thinking it could very well be a scheduling conflict with a new fall show they’re wanting to air at the same time.

  6. This is off topic, but I’ve been watching BB2 Canada, and
    here is my opinion of the difference between BB16 US and BB2 CA…

    What I like least about BB16: America’s involvement has been all about
    hurting the players and isn’t fun to watch.

    What I like best about BB2 Canada: Canada’s involvement has
    been all about helping/toying with players and is hilarious to watch.

    • (spoilers for BB can 2)
      You know except when they blatantly interfered to screw over the first five alliance because they were making the season boring, BB Canada has done really well in casting so far but they go too far with production interfearance too keep fan favorites around, BB shouldn’t become American idol.

    • So allow me to take it back a step and talk about BBCanada in the first season. I personally found it a bit dry, but very telling of how us Canadians ”think”. Coincidentally even the most off the wall contestants managed to conform to the will of the pack and little by little the power couple plucked everyone off because they all thought they were on the ”inside” of the alliance only to realize they’re on the outside. What is ironic however is that since that moment in time I’ve seen the same scenario played out in BBUSA and in other reality shows moreso. Why are people less willing to try and form a coup that overthrows the major alliance? Because those within the alliance are now using the strategy of recruiting ”outsiders” to feel like they are ”insiders”. It’s a strategy that creates a pack mentality and quite frankly it works for those 2 or 3 people who truly are the dominant players (this season being Derrick, Cody & Frankie so far)…

  7. Zach should pack his bags…… the fun part of all of this is I don’t think Zach has any idea he will be going, I think he believes he will stay and Jocasta will be voted out unanimously… those are my favorite kind of evictions!

  8. Christine is so unbelievably bad at this game. I’ve said that about so many people this season it’s ridiculous. They need to do something to fix the casting process and to prevent this.

    And I hope Derrick decides to keep Zach so he can stay and Jocasta goes home.

    • So…you complain about HGs being bad players, yet you want Derrick to make a bad game move?

      Yes, Zach’s eviction makes this season more boring, but as far as I can see, the only person whose game gets seriously damaged in the short term by his eviction is Frankie. Everyone else either immediately benefits from his departure or can work around it.

      • Derrick’s got Zach on a leash without issue, and Zach will seemingly always be more of a target to be nominated than himself. He’s been able to use Zach to his advantage thus far without issue; I see no reason why he couldn’t still in the future. Keeping Zach is just another number for him

  9. Any player with sense would vote out Zach…omitting his arrogance and how annoying he is…it is better to keep a weak player that you can beat! Jacosta is a floater and is not any good in any competitions. At this point even Victoria has stepped her game up more than Jacosta. Get rid of Zach as he would be harder to beat than Jacosta and it’s time to break up these alliances. Christine did what she thought would keep blood off her hands. She too…is a floater.

    • Agree that keeping Jocasta & Victoria are good for non-Detonators because if and when they are in power, there is another vote and, worst case scenario – a sacrifice.
      For the Detonators, it’s just business to whittle down the numbers of the non-Detonators to keep control of the house. Derrick isn’t worried about going to F2 with any of them. It’s his to lose. He just has to last.

    • well again context is everything – not everyone has the same reasons for keeping one player or another. For Derrick, Frankie & Cody, it would be insane to drop Zach at this point in time. He is by far the easiest person to keep in the alliance and then turn their backs on him when they need to. Right now they don’t need to. They can just put him in their back pocket like Caleb, Hayden & Christine… Donny, Victoria & Nicole on the other hand really need Jocasta to stay because they FINALLY are starting to see that they need to get one of the 4 detonator guys out.

    • She was walking in that BoB competition with Zach…walking…she was WALKING!…I’m sorry to keep repeating but that’s how emphatically disapproving and borderline disgusted I am with her gameplay. She and Zach needed that competition, and even Victoria on the other side was jogging/running, and she was walking. There’s just absolutely no excuse. She shouldn’t be there if that’s the effort she wants to put into competitions she needs to win.

      • Zach lost the BoB because he ignored the extra domino needed for the turn. He even admitted it was his fault.

      • I know, but not walking can only help. Maybe that saves enough time for them to have enough time to fix the mistake and still win. All time adds up. As it was they weren’t far behind Caleb/Victoria even after the mistake, because Caleb/Victoria also made a mistake. I’m sorry but no result will excuse walking in that competition. Caleb and Zach were running, and even Victoria at least jogged.

      • I also feel Jocasta was wanting to throw in the towel and what better person to throw it in with than Zach…JMO! Don’t throw tomatoes at me! LOL

      • If one views BB as a game, then Jacosta is a loser. She does not play. I like her as a person, but she does not play. Zach plays. Zach deserves to stay

      • Agreed. I don’t really care for the person Jocasta appears to be either lol, but I agree with everything else you said.

  10. Christine’s loyalty to the Detonators is misguided. She is not part of the alliance of Derrick and Cody and Frankie and Zach. Is she really that dumb? Odd woman out and the 5th wheel? And her own alliance member put her on the block? And now that she lost her alliance with Nicole and Hayden and Donny knows about her duplicity, who is left in her corner? Victoria? Caleb? I do not even know what game she is playing but, Big Brother it is not! That is if you are trying to win that $500,000.

      • And surprisingly Caleb has it with two others…him, himself and him! LOL

      • Yes, we learned last week it he is king of the house…at the end of the day…

      • He took the shaving his hair off like a champ….what is funny is him walking around with the crown on his head.

      • While complaining all the while just like King Henry VIII did in his time! :-)

      • hey, we warned u…. u r going to hell for saying that.. uh oh, I wouldn’t pick up the phone….Jocasta phoning u and speak in tongues. Kidding

      • easy now there Emma… She is odd (even by the standards of those in the faith) but being weird is definitely something that isn’t restricted to those with faith. ;)

      • My dear Matt. I was meant as a running joke with Cyril. I read you have been out of town. I see that my wry joke fell way flat and is offensive. I am sorry to the faith/odd community. I am now just tip toeing around. I am almost to the point of no longer commenting. Plenty of people will be so happy. I had a guy call me the c word and tell Lavendar to hang herself. I have been accused of being a back peddler, unprofessional to can not hold a job to go collect my welfare check. So, if is sound or reads as such, that I am a back peddler, I can do nothing. I was raised in a conservative religious house hold, I went to private school, my be hind was in the pew every Sunday. For a time I was heavily involved in the church. I am not here to offend faith. I do enjoy Jocasta and the telephone bit she does in the DR. I like that she is strong in her faith and talks in tongues. I find her to be someone fun to watch. I am very sorry Matt…really..I give up. I had a major personal trauma this weekend and just wanted to escape and chat.

      • lol Hey Emma, You would never offend me I got you’re joke. I just couldn’t come up with another one fast enough. …don’t stop now , It’s always in good fun.

      • Oh Emma, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I was hoping you of all people would understand I wasn’t intending to be anything more than playful in my comments. We’ve known each other for a few seasons now and I know full well that you are NOT offensive nor mean spirited. Please accept my full and complete apology for adding to the chorus of nutjobs who take this stuff way too seriously and said hurtful things to you. I feel horrible for making you sad. And I hope you stay around and freely express yourself knowing that you have my full support & friendship!

      • Really! You can do that? Wouldn’t that be unfair?
        That takes all the fun out of the game. Now we know jaMosta will win! And if she does, sign me up for her religion.

      • And Zach has a Final 2 with Frankie too. Those two are stuck on each other like a fly to fly paper trap. lol

      • Christine has no idea what’s she’s gotten herself into and is scrambling to find a safe place…which unbeknownst to her is nowhere to be found! I’m liking that a LOT!

      • Yeah, I was playin’ with you because of the name spelling thing from yesterday and I was waiting to get blasted for that one. I figured you would tell me to kiss it.

      • I will settle with a swap with Jocasta. When Jocasta is about to leave the Big Brother House, Zach pushes Christine instead, out the door. Now, that would be hilarious. And Julie telling Christine, since, you left the Big Brother House, you have been disqualified! Zing! Oh, at least, I can dream can’t I?

    • We see players change their alliances once they see the finish line. None of the other detonators will want to go against frankie or derrick in the end. Don’t be suprised if final four includes christine and/or victoria since both would be beatable in the end.

    • Christine is a rather homely woman who probably never has had a lot of male attention. Suddenly, all these hot guys are paying her a lot of attention and treating her like an equal and she’s too smitten or dumb to realize she’s being played. What good is it to get to final four? You get jury money but not the big prize. My hope is that Derrick and hopefully Donny make it to the end–that would be a good outcome.

    • She sadly outplayed herself which isn’t all that uncommon in this game… It is confusing how some people don’t understand that they are not on the ”inside” but then again, if you were on the inside looking for outsiders to dupe into believing they’re insiders wouldn’t you also pick Christine? She has sadly been everything the Detonators thought she would be – a perfect outside supporter until it’s too late for her (Hayden & Caleb the same).

  11. Remember…Double Eviction this week!! I love those because the HGs scramble and it is clear who’s ready for the pressure and who isn’t. The winner has to earn the prize money!!

    • I think Zach would be ready to deal with that, but unfortunately, he may not be around to have to deal with it.

      • But what fun to find Frankie won’t be ready to deal with that at all..he tends to need time to overthink!!! :-)

  12. at least Zach doesn’t tiptoe around the house, like that mouse Nicole, and the “rat” Christine. He makes the show interesting. What does Victoria do? Jacosta? Hayden? They do nothing. I know this is ultimately a game show to win $500,000, so keeping quiet has its benefits. But without interesting players, I am going to stop watching. In fact, if Zach goes home this week, I am done. No more BB. I don’t feel like listening to Nicole drone on and on, saying “I don’t know what to do.” Have your own brain, for God’s sake. And enough of putting up Jacosta (she was featured on The Soup last week) and Victoria (God forbid she be seen without lipstick). Donny and Nicole should have put up Derrick (douchebag), Cody (frat boy), Caleb (his nickname escapes me), and Frankie (Entertaining Weasel who needs $500,000 like he needs a hole in the head). Zach is somewhat young and immature and he’s not a villain. I miss Joey – she had it right at the beginning. The females needed to band together to get the meathead guys out.

      • Zack has already outperformed the outrageously overrated Evil Dick already. Had it not been for America’s Player voting completely against the way he wanted to in his season because america told him too, Dick would have been sent packing week 4 and probably a few more times after that. Dick deserves no credit for his shenanigans whatsoever, despite what, and his fanboys like to believe. The real credit should go to Eric’s master use of America’s Player, and of course america and production

    • Joey is a very bad player. Didn’t she out her own 4 female alliance? Then, asks in public who wants to form a new all female alliance? Dumb moves all around. She deserved to be evicted!

    • Hayden’s been front and center on the feeds this week. What do you mean he does nothing?

      • Hayden was biding his time, laying low until now. I love seeing him come alive!!!

    • It sounds like you’re not going to watch the full season. You don’t like any of the HG’s…well, except Joey, the first evictee…oh and Zack, that’s going home Thursday….I don’t blame you.

      • I’m not placing bets on his halt to watching it after this week…people say this a lot on other reality shows and ooops there they are again! :-)

    • I tune in cause its BB, not for Zach eating cereal with his mouth open, like a slurping dog, disgusting. You are in denial, you’ll get over it. You love BB too!! Admit it!!

      “Hey Zach, take your meds before bed”

    • Swampthing Zach needs to Gator Chomp his way out the door.
      Please ppl stop insulting rats, mice, weasels etc by associating their names w/ some of these HG’s…now picking on Gators is another matter… :)-

      • He will show his @$$ before leaving, probably drop a F bomb in the chair with Julie. Would luv 2 see that. “F#%@, I left my meds in the house, can I go back and get them Julie?” “F#%@ OMG!”

  13. Well at least with Zach going out there is the silver lining that Frankie and Christine are now big targets.

  14. If Zach gets evicted, BB better come up with plans for a previously evicted HouseGuest, otherwise ratings are gonna take a hit.

    • everyone seems to say that about the people they like leaving. I’m fairly certain the major hits in viewership will only happen when Derrick, Donny or Frankie leave… They were voted as the ”popular Team America” choice afterall…

      • I remember in BB14 that was said about Danielle leaving, even though Jeff was still there (of course he was HoH and backdoor’d her). Then it was said again after Jeff left.

        Lots of times favourites of both fans and probably production as well leave what is perceived to be “too soon”, and the show survives. If production was pulling strings as badly as some think they are, I don’t think Amber would be gone as early as before jury.

      • I do think production tries to manipulate – afterall the whole show is a contrived series of tasks, challenges and scenarios that clearly favour different people in different ways – but yes, the show lives on even if production (and us as fans) don’t get their way. :)

      • Agreed they manipulate, for sure they do. Just saying not “as badly” as some believe. Some think they outright have people evicted or saved. Maybe that has happened a time or two in the entire show’s history, I’m not sure enough to say one way or the other. But for the most part that doesn’t happen, and they nudge a certain way or their assistance is more subtle. For example, suiting a competition to someone’s strengths, but still can’t guarantee they actually execute. They can pass that off as subtle.

      • After like the first and second week they were voted that. Frankie is hated by america. Donny is still liked and pleasant. Derrick is a smooth gamer but boring and stale. Also, Frankie had some help from his sisters fanbase and youtube fanbase..Don’t let “team america” fool you into actually believing they are america’s favorite.

  15. Ok I’ve been out of town and away from the media for the past 4-5 days and sounds like I need some of my fellow regulars to catch me up here… Sounds like some people are thinking Zach is gone, but that doesn’t seem to jive with what other observers are saying (and what has been the pattern so far)…. Wouldn’t the pack just send Jocasta home and wait for another week or two until they turn on each other?

    • Actually, I don’t believe anyone is sure about what to think. It has went back and forth. It isn’t just one person, there are a few that are confusing me about what they are going to do. I don’t think they have their final decisions with everything I have read and seen. But I don’t have the live feeds so there may be more to this story that your buddies can fill you in on and me to for that matter. That wasn’t very helpful was it?

    • Just basing it on what Derrick and Cody communicated at 11 p.m. on the live feeds last night…but as we all know, they change their minds as fast as they do their underwear!

      • oh so this is more of a passing thought and potential – which probably tells me that they will use common sense and vote out Jocasta until they really need to turn on each other.

      • You gotta admit it might be boring tv, but it makes for very good strategy. People are using the ”outside circle & inside circle” strategy where only the inside circle knows everything and the outside circle (which includes most of the house) feels like they are on the inside… it’s boring but it works.

    • Here’s what you missed in a nutshell. Nichole wanted to BD Frankie by putting up Jocasta & Zach, with Zach as the back-up eviction. Derrick & Cody aligned with Hayden/Nichole (“Rationale”), but it’s real when talking to that side of the house and just fake when talking to the other side. So we don’t know if it is real or not. Nichole found out what a rat Christine is. Christine didn’t use the veto, so no BD. Now we know that Donny & Hayden are voting Zach out and Frankie & Christine are voting Jocasta out. What we don’t know is where Derrick & Cody’s flip-flopping will land or where Caleb & Victoria stand (most likely where ever Derrick tells them to stand.)

    • You’re right, the pattern suggests Jocasta will be evicted. I hope Zach goes. so Nicole & Donny have better weeks ahead.

      • yeah I was kinda excited at the possibility of Zach going (which would only be good news for my fave 3 of Hayden, Donny & Nicole)… But unless something dramatic happens it doesn’t look good.

    • Much as I would like Zach to be the first evictee this week, it looks like he is 99.9% sure to be safe. They have the 5 votes which means Jocasta is going home. Well, she was crying about missing her kids so, maybe, it is for all the best!

  16. What’s up with Christine, why did she not use the Veto on Jocasta, Oh, I forgot she is in an alliance with Zach called the Detonators, Nicole better wake up and smell the rat Christine out before she is shown the door. Christine has been lying to Nicole so is Hayden, Nicole so far is turning out to be one the smartest house guest in the house, so is Donny, Frankie is save now because he can not be backdoor, thanks to Christine

  17. I really wish Amber would’ve made it to jury. Then I would’ve conspired with the rest of the house to send Caleb right after her…muhahaha

  18. No I think she made a horrible decision. I think she should have used it and then Nicole could have put Frankie up or whoever so there were 2 strong players up on the block with a guarantee 1 would go. Christine is just not a good player. I know people like Zach but I am ready for him to go. Don’t get me wrong I don’t care for Jacosta either but I think Zach is a jerk. If they vote out Jacosta its a waste so I am hoping there is no mind changing moves and Zach does go.

    • Doesn’t any of the outsiders see who is hanging out with who? Also if they would get together they could be strong. Please just get rid of Frankie and Christine Donnie can handle the rest

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