Big Brother 16 Finale Date 2014 Announced By CBS

CBS has announced the Big Brother 16 season finale date set for September 2014 as the Big Brother Houseguests reach the summer’s midway point.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises
Julie Chen will host Big Brother 16 season finale – Source: CBS

In a schedule revision CBS has moved the Big Brother 16 finale to Wednesday, September 24th at 9:30PM ET/PT and running 90-minutes. The finale will follow the Survivor 2014 season premiere which airs starting at 8PM ET/PT that same night.

The BB16 has carried a lot of strength in its ratings this summer while winning key demos and drawing an average of nearly 7 million viewers. Without all the negative press this season like last year, CBS should be again anxious to renew our favorite reality series for 2015. Fingers crossed!

This finale date feels about a week late and could be a result of other schedule changes as CBS now notes this as a revised plan. We’ll have to get out our calendars and start counting, but with so much time left could there be a planned return of a Jury member for Big Brother 16? What do you think?

Source: CBS


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  1. They could skip a DE and play it out regularly. But if there is another program interrupting, maybe it won’t affect BB.

    • I think if they brought someone back it changes everything and that could only make for great tv….fighting, blaming, new alliances altogether, that would be the best move. Imagine Zach coming in back in after his boytoy voted him off…he is so sure of himself right now and will be shocked that his alliance votes him out.

      • From BB to Survivor. Guess he’ll have to wait till next Survivor. Maybe he’ll do Naked and Afraid in between or will the Bachelor be begging for him. He has so many choices.

      • OMG…that would be hilarious if he went and did Naked and Afraid, or even Dating Naked, but he stated on BB that he would not get naked with a girl until he got to know her first…hmmmm! But money probably talks louder, so who knows! I so hope he doesn’t do the Bachelor…he seems to have stalker tendencies…LOL

  2. I think CBS is keeping their options open if they want to bring back a jury member like Judd last year.

    • Obviously you havent been paying attention otherwise you wouldnt have made such a dumb comment. It was stated on Thursday night that Hayden or Jocasta would have the opportunity to come back into the house so obviously someone is coming back!

  3. wait, since the season is supposed to last 90 days like last year, we’re going a full 97 days? Wow, they’re a few days short of going a full hundred.

  4. Of course the show will be renewed. Julie Chen’s husband runs CBS. Why would he take his wifey out of prime time?

    • Looking at calender and counting this weeks already announced double eviction… Going one HG evicted per week my math is telling me 4th place will be voted out on sept.18th. So it seems to add up without anyone coming back and no more double evictions after this week. Of course they still could do both.

      • Yeah, I’m definitely thinking there will be another DE and someone will come back. They’re setting it up to be able to bring someone back in case 2 of the more popular players (Zach and Donny) get evicted Thursday night.

  5. I’m curious how/if, when they get to September, the evictions are going to change because of CBS carrying NFL games on Thursday night starting September 10, the last 2 Thursdays of the show.

  6. One of these scenarios will probably happen:
    A: Either a jury member will come back again
    B: There is only 1 Double Eviction this season (this thursday)
    C: There will actually be a final 2 finale night, instead of a final 3. Where the 3rd place finisher is evicted on Sept.18th.

    I’m hoping for C to be honest. I love me some double eviction and I would like to see it happen twice a season.

  7. I think it would have made more sense to have the BB finale lead into the Survivor premiere. But what do I know, I don’t run a TV network.

    • Of course the network does this to pull you into Survivor 2014 otherwise we may not watch the season premier.

      • Caleb could make it in time for this year’s Survivor if they hurry and evict him now! LOL

  8. Derrick and Frankie talking tonight about keeping Zach for Team America tasks. There’s hope for us Zach fans at least. With that rationale they could get Donny on board potentially also.

  9. I am going to be so mad if they vote out Zach…their are way other players that should be gone before him…If BB has any control this week they need make some magic happen with the America’s Vote and not vote out Zach…come on seriously guys

    • This is an awful comment. We never want production interference. And why do other people deserve to go before Zach? He’s terrible at this game and he’s deliberately mean to people.

      • Sadly it happens. Yes we all know that production cannot ”force” a vote to go the way they want, but they sadly have ”saved” players that they deem ratings grabbers over the past many seasons. It would be nice if reality shows like Big Brother were like they were 10yrs ago when they really did just let average people represent themselves and let the chips fall where they may, but sadly the days of ”reality” are done.

      • I think people overestimate the influence production has on the outcome of the game. I feel like any proof you need is the outcome from last year. Why would production have let the final three be Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer when they had Elissa, Helen, Judd, and McCrae all in the later part of the game?

      • I dont’t think there is any evidence that BB has ever “saved” a player – remember there is $500K at stake here and that would put the production company & CBS in a serious legal bind. However, as stated above, the diary room does provide the players with ideas, suggestions and probably recommendations in order to stir the pot. Why would CBS care who wins the money? By the time the money is handed out the game is over so there is nothing more to gain rating wise – and last season there wasn’t a popular person even making it to final 3. Through crafty editing the production team can make a hero or villain out of any player if they just want to boost the ratings.

      • He’s on the block, and he’s spent all day sleeping, playing billiards, and joking around. He’s so sure of himself that he’s not checking up with anyone on how the vote is going. And yet all the fans are trying to get #SaveZach trending, when he isn’t even attempting to save himself.

        I’ve enjoyed Zach’s antics, but if he continues to smugly assume that he is safe, I will also enjoy seeing him get kicked from his pedestal. And what’s more, I will enjoy watching #TeamZankie take to the internet to announce they are ragequitting the season, all because other HGs are doing what they’ve been demanding for weeks now: shifting power and playing the game.

      • Production always interferes – they don’t tell players what to do but they do make comments that might cause a player to second guess their own decision. “Survivor” does exactly the same thing – plant ideas to stir up the players in order to keep the game interesting. It’s part of the game and has been since season 2 when they altered the original premise. Do I like it? No, but I watch anyway knowing that CBS wrote the rules and that’s the way they think the game should be played.

  10. I think production is getting in derricks ear about keeping zach. Derrick now thinks nicole and hayden are setting him up. This makes no sense since both nicole and hayden want zach out. But derrick starts talking about this right after he leaves the dr.

    • I just watched bbad and Derrick, Cody and Frankie want Zach gone. Hes pitting Cody against Frankie and talking crap about Cody because he is jealouse of Frankie’s relationship with Cody! They all feel he, Zach is going to blow up their game because of his mouth!

  11. I would love it if Zach went to jury, only to come right back in…imagine how mad he would be at all of his alliance members…that would be ……..awesome!!!

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