Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 5 Saturday Highlights

Nicole gags as Caleb eats a fish head
Nicole gags as Caleb eats a fish head – Source: CBS

Saturdays are always tense days in the Big Brother house as HGs must prepare and plot ahead of the Veto Competition only to scramble with new plans when the results come back in. Today wasn’t much different but with the Detonators putting a stranglehold on decisions and power it was up to them to set the course for the rest of the week.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 26, 2014:

9:00 AM BBT – HGs getting out of bed and starting their busy day.

10:00 AM BBT – Up in the HoH room Frankie and Zach chatting about their plans for the week. Frankie wants Zach to play it cool so they can keep the target on Amber. Later they discuss target orders. Amber, Caleb, Jocasta, the Victoria.

11:40 AM BBT – Feeds return from picking Veto players. Christine, Hayden, and Donny were selected to join in on the competition.

12:22 PM BBT – Jocasta is crying to Amber in the Hive about Britt supposedly stealing a story of hers. She’s sobbing to Amber and then looks right in to the camera and rolls her eyes. Jocasta is possibly faking this whole event.

1:15 PM BBT – Victoria is very concerned about an itty-bitty cut on her finger. She holds it up to the camera and asks if it’s bad. Camera nods “yes.” HGs asks if Victoria is going to make it. The camera shakes “no.”

1:50 PM BBT – Some of the HGs downstairs playing fake nomination ceremonies. Lots of silliness as everyone takes turns putting people up. Hayden puts Cody up as both noms and promises it’s nothing game related, just entirely personal. Worth a watch for the entertainment.

4:20 PM BBT – Feeds return. Jocasta is in bed being attended to by Donny. She had another rough time in the competition. Hayden won the Veto. He’s immediately discussing plans with Frankie on how to get Amber backdoor’d this week. Also as a result of the competition, Jocasta now has to eat Slop. She may have taken that punishment to get an advantage in the comp.

4:40 PM BBT – Frankie confirms plan is to BD Amber. He’ll tell everyone on Sunday about the plan and see how it goes over. If Caleb blows up over the idea then Amber will stay and Caleb will be evicted instead.

4:50 PM BBT – Zach finally having his apology tour with Christine and Nicole. They’re not crazy about the way he apologizes, but it seems to have been smoothed over, at least on the surface.

4:55 PM BBT – Caleb interrupts the Detonators & is clueless as to what’s going on around him. Zach gets Caleb to fake a fight. They’re both yelling at full blast. Cody comes running upstairs to see what happened. He’s shocked and everyone laughs about it.

6:05 PM BBT – Feeds return after Have-Not food reveal. The HGs have Deep Fish Pizza this week. It’s fish and pizza crusts. HGs are stoked. They can eat sardines all week and Boboli pizza bread. Not bad really. Caleb of course has to make a spectacle so he bites the head off a fish.

6:10 PM BBT – Hayden tells Victoria in the bathroom that he’s going to use the Veto to save her. I have no idea why it’d be to his advantage to show his hand this early to such a weak player. Recruits.

7:40 PM BBT – Jocasta trying to get info from Nicole as to what Hayden is planning to do with his Veto win. Nicole pretends not to know.

7:45 PM BBT – Zach and Victoria in the Hive talking game. She’s confused by his game and tries to tell him how to be a better person. Zach seems to just be messing around with her.

8:10 PM BBT – Frankie telling Derrick his plan to talk with everyone in the house about going after Amber. He’ll talk with Caleb last to make sure he has the ammo he needs to support the BD argument. Long talk. Backup plan remains Caleb as the BD if he causes trouble with Frankie’s Amber plan.

9:10 PM BBT – Nicole thinks the house will be shocked when Hayden uses the Veto. Not if everyone keeps telling every single person in the house. Sheesh.

9:45 PM BBT – Derrick and Caleb talking. Derrick throwing out hints that Amber might be the target. Caleb starting to think the idea of BD’ing Amber is his idea.

10:15 PM BBT – Victoria telling Cody about the worst thing that ever happened in her life: her hair fell out. She won’t tell him why. She stopped going to school for months until they figured out a solution. Vic is very upset at Amber for asking if she had hair extensions. She wants to keep it a secret. Oops.

10:40 PM BBT – Caleb’s big plan now is for Amber to go up on the block but then just fake her out that she’s going to be evicted. He thinks scaring her will force her to respect and accept him. Why that’s totally sane and normal, Caleb. Frankie celebrates “Caleb’s plan” and how they’ll scare Amber. Caleb wants Frankie to tell Amber it his Caleb’s idea and only Caleb can save her. Caleb has no idea.

12:20 AM BBT – Amber talking with Hayden about the Veto. She doesn’t want him to use it. Hayden says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with it. Amber coaching him on how he can say that he won’t use it in deference to the HoH.

12:40 AM BBT – Victoria telling stories about how she wrecks her car and hits things and is a terrible driver. She flees the scene of a wreck and lies about drivers in another one. Basically she’s a danger to society, but is anyone surprised?

1:30 AM BBT – Zach and Amber having a talk in the Hive. Amber is campaigning for herself. Zach is just playing along. Amber hopes the Veto isn’t used and wants Victoria to be evicted next.

3:30 AM BBT – Frankie and Zach talk about how well their plan is working out so far. Frankie was able to promise Jocasta a deal earlier while Zach stirred up the conflict between Caleb and Amber. They’re very pleased with how it’s going.

Saturday set up Frankie’s plan to get Amber out but Cody and Derrick might still be hoping to course correct that BD to be aimed at Caleb instead. Without any real power other than their words, it’ll be a challenge for Derrick and Cody, but if they can get Caleb to flip out at Frankie then they just might get their way and we’ll get some exciting Feeds!

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  1. I don’t know. It seems that Amber would be so easy to get rid of at any time since practically no one likes her. Doesn’t Caleb make the more logical target ?

    • I agree. I’d definitely be going for Caleb right now over Amber. Frankie must think he can keep Caleb as his personal “beast mode” Frankenstein for later in the game.

      • the only reason I would consider getting rid of Caleb right now is to ease some of the social awkwardness he carries in the house. but that is something that can be tolerated for a week, maybe two. he has really proved that he is not any kind of threat in comps.

      • Yep, that’s just Frankie keeping his options open. Derrick/Cody may target Zach sooner than later once Caleb’s gone, leaving Frankie alone. And Frankie IS the Caleb-whisperer.

      • No, he won’t! He’ll just obsess over her even more! He’ll probably cry in the fetal position! Just saying!

      • Do you really think so Capt? This guy has serious issues and I don’t see them being resolved by Amber being evicted.

      • I partially agree with Captain555. He will cry and be mad and upset. As long as it’s not a dbl eviction they will have time to calm him down. They will sit him down and re-go over everything Amber said about him and tell him they were tired of her making him look like a fool on TV. They will convince him it was for him.

      • But Derrick is tight with Cody and he knows Cody wants him gone. And all the girls want him gone. And Donny wants him gone. He really doesn’t have anyone.

      • This bone of contention could possibly be the straw that breaks the camels back regarding Derrick and Cody. I think Cody was upset last week during his HOH when the guys, especially Derrick, didn’t agree with getting rid of Caleb. Caleb knowing and the others knowing that Cody was the very one that would be targeted by Caleb. I think he is still harboring some resentment and probably wishes he had went through with what he felt he needed to do for his game but he didn’t and may eventually regret it. I believe the first chance Caleb gets, he will vote for Cody to go. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks here for me, but Caleb was talking to (maybe Frankie)saying the problem wasn’t only Amber and if he got rid of Amber he would also have to get rid of Cody and (someone else).

      • I meant “Derrick” knowing and the others knowing….My hands and brain aren’t together today.

      • And Frankie knows he can get out of this with no blood on his hands. Like always someone else does his dirty work. He makes Caleb think it’s his idea to nominate Amber. Then when she’s voted out he acts shocked. Hands clean.

      • Like him or not, gotta give Frankie credit for being able to weasel his way out of everything with clean hands. He kinda fell into this one without an open vein with a little help from his friends and one ignorant cowboy.

    • At the same time, they could just as easily get Caleb out any time because pretty much everyone wants him out equally to Amber. And I doubt it’d be too difficult considering little Caleb truly excels in competitions.

      The key difference is that for the past week or so, Amber has been trying to launch an alliance against pretty much all of the males in the house.

      Caleb can be controlled at the moment, so should something come up, they could string him along another couple weeks, whereas Amber has proven on multiple occasions that she has outlived her usefulness.

      • Correction, I mean to say HOW little Caleb excels at comps. Essentially saying that Caleb is not a great competitor despite what he thinks about himself.

    • Half of the alliance wants Amber gone because they know she’s after them or they don’t trust her. The other half wants Caleb gone. Cody is so mad that Frankie is not targeting Caleb. He was saying last night that he got rid of Brittany for the alliance when he really wanted Caleb gone and now this week they still won’t target Caleb.

  2. If Amber goes its another boring week where Derrick and Cody lose an ally again, Brittany last week.

  3. After watching the feeds and BBAD I have come to the conclusion, and this may sound a little harsh, that Caleb is a male chauvenist pig. The way he kept saying that Amber needs to be put in her place, that Amber needs to know what her place is in the house, that Amber needs to be scared back into knowing what her place is in the house. I truly was disgusted just listening to him. I hope that Derrick and Cody can get some people to understand that this jerk needs to go before Amber so that he will know HIS PLACE in the house.

    • And he kept saying she would come to him for help like he was the only one who could save her, he would be the one who decided her fate, her destiny was in his hands. It’s almost like a fairy tale gone wrong. He wants to be a knight in shining armour but he wants a woman to keep his armour shined. Rapunsel let down your golden hair and I’ll use it to drag you to my cave. He wants a woman to HAVE to depend on him. He wants her to feel indebted to him which makes him feel some kind of power over her. He wants to be dominant. He is a control freak.

      • Exactly! I am sure he is the same way in the real world..expecting women to do as he says..constantly say thank you to really opened my eyes last night as to what kind of person Caleb is. He is not hiding it in the game, so why hide it on the outside? He truly thinks that he is going to be a star after this, I think he is going to be very surprised to read the comments about him on social media. I don’t know if that giant size ego of his will be able to handle it. When he realizes on Thursday that he has been duped…that should be fun to watch!

      • When he realizes tomorrow that Hayden is using the veto on Victoria..wonder what good ole’ Caleb will be thinking!

      • I don’t know what he saw in Amber that gave him the impression that she would be that type woman. Or does he just find what appeals to him and then go to work trying to mold her to his liking? Since all the other females in the house surely see him for the control freak he is, I guess if Amber leaves, Captain Caveman will have to return to his roots and find him a local woman that will be the queen of his CLUB.

      • No offense meant to the local women. That statement was meant as a shoutout to beware of the impending arrival of the Caveman.

      • Last night he was telling the guys while they were shooting pool that he can’t wait to go home and have all the “ho’s” throwing themselves at him. Saying he goes to a bar and all the girls are all over him. Almost threw up.

      • I somehow missed that. I was watching BBAD last night but I was nodding off every now and then. Don’t have live feeds. Oh great, we have tornado warnings here in TN and they are showing local weather instead of BB. I hope someone is posting!

    • I felt exactly the same way!!!!! Can you imagine what being in a relationship with this guy would be like???? Made me think of the movie Burning Bed. Scary and disgusting!!!!

      • OMG! I thought I was being paranoid but my first thought was- that’s how a wife beater thinks! He is a DV statistic waiting to happen!

    • OMG, Thank you sooooooooooooo much for that comment Hoosier1158. Every time Caleb said that I’m thinking to myself, what does he think this is, the year 1856, “put her in her place”, really Caleb? On top of all that Caleb is just trippin and has been trippin because he has no control over Amber and never has. She’s not talking to him like she use to and it’s eating him up, so he’s going to teach her a lesson, REALLY Caleb. As well, he’s to dumb to see that Frankie and company wants Amber out, I mean something should have clicked with him when they agreed so fast with what he “thinks” is his plan to scare Amber. Poor dumb fool just don’t know that they are going to scare Amber FOR REAL BY BACK DOORING HER FOR REAL, unless Cody and Derrick can talk Frankie and company into back dooring Caleb which is what they want. Man oh man, wait until these chips fall where they may.

      • Caleb believes this is all his idea. That should tell us how delusional the guy is!

    • Caleb needs serious help. Any woman who gets involved with him will most likely eventually be abused whether it’s physical, mental, or both. Truly scary.

  4. Another week of sliding by courtesy of Jocasta and Victoria.
    Honestly, terrible casting for the girls this year (both competitions-wise and game-wise)
    Last year’s had terrible personalities, but at least the girls were great at competitions.

      • Ya think! They went from bigots and bullys to everybody loves everybody. They need to go back to picking normal people (they have a few this year) of varying ages.

    • It’s because BB would rather have “drama” and “entertainment” than actual game play. I’ve been saying this for the past few seasons. They don’t give a rip if you actually know the game. They just want a pretty face.

      It’s not even the girls. A week ago or so, Caleb was asking Derrick how double evictions worked. 16 seasons in, and Caleb still didn’t understand that two people left in the same night. I mean come on… You should have to pass a Big Brother test in order to be on the show.

      • Right there are literally hundreds of fans who would love to be on the show. I know thousands would but most can’t take off 3 months.

      • I love the drama but I agree you should have to pass some kind of test about BB to get on the show.

  5. But Caleb is BeastMode Cowboy and he is the most fierce competitor in the house. He said so hawks. Lol. Caleb is dangerous and needs to go now. Amber is easily controlled vote. They should keep for now.

  6. Watching Caleb talk with Frankie about putting up Amber to scare her is hilarious. You want to talk about a guy who’s lost all discernment and perspective…

    Here’s what I see happening though – Amber will get evicted this week, much to the chagrin of Caleb. He’s going to realize that the house played him and that Amber was everyone’s target from the start. BUT, and here’s the fun part, next week’s HOH competition will be an endurance comp. Caleb killed it in the first endurance comp, and there’s really no reason to think he won’t win another one.

    Caleb wins HOH, and then we’re going to see sh*t hit the fan. People (Frankie, Zach and possibly even Cody and Derrick) will be scrambling, and with good reason. The Detonators are going to realize they might have just made a terrible mistake. I’ll be very surprised if no one brings up the possibility of an endurance HOH which may bring some hesitation because they don’t want to piss off Caleb… Just a thought.

    • I agree. Caleb is going to be pissed and he will feel like he has been duped, which he has, and that giant ego of his will kick in..he will win HOH..he will put up Cody and Zach. I hope it doesn’t play out that way, I can’t stand the jerk..I want him gone before Amber.

    • That’s why Derprick and Cody want to backdoor Caleb instead of Amber. But Frankie is determined it’s Amber that goes first because he thinks he can control Caleb.

    • I’d rather Caleb go first before Amber, on the other hand it would be interesting to watch Caleb build his own army and fight the “status quo”

    • It’s been proven in the past that all the muscle guys are the first ones out in an endurance comp. Caleb will probably be first out. Well maybe after Jocasta. But just have to wait and see.

  7. I watched the first week and haven’t since! I can’t get into this group, their the same old, same old!! It’s time to stop big brother!!!

    • Here’s an idea for you… If you don’t like BB, then don’t watch it and don’t read the blogs. There are things to watch and do.

    • Do you not have something else to do?? Go read a book or walk your dog, do some gardening! Just stop wasting time coming on to a site that has no need for someone who doesn’t like the show! Plain and simple, it’s not that hard to do really, go live your life, period.

  8. I really hope Derrick & Cody accomplish this mission & get Caleb to fight with Frankie so Frankie can backdoor him & send him packing! If they do that, I’ll be one happy camper!

    • Frankie can’t be a part of the fight. It has to be with 2 other HG’s so maybe Caleb/Amber, Caleb/Zach, Caleb/Cody Amber/Zach or Amber/Cody. Those are about the only options. I think their best bet is to have Zach make a smarta@@ remark about Amber at the POV ceremony.

  9. getting a little tired of Boyer constantly hating on victoria and caleb. why do you think they are the way they are, people like you, boyer. you’re kicking a dead horse, if you must provide us with opinions, let us know is a BB16 move may be harmful to their game.

    • I have definitely noticed this blog puts Caleb in a much worse light than other BB blogs do. Other ones seem to not find him very crazy at all, but this one is ALL about that. I dont have the live feeds, so I cant know for sure either way, but theres definitely a big discrepancy. From the show itself, it seems like he is a pretty chill guy who had a big crush on a girl who was leading him on while at the same time not being into him. I think she is really the cause for Calebs actions. She has been very weird in how she relates to him. But yeah, as a whole, not sure what to think of caleb, this blog makes him sound like a complete idiot, others not at all.

      • Not sure of what to think of Caleb?…get the live feeds, while he’s still in the house.

      • If you had the feeds, you would understand. Most guys I know would never act like he has because they have a crush on a girl. He has been this way about Amber since day one. It’s ridiculous and pathetic.

      • I’m not sure what other sites you’re reading if this is the only one that’s relaying Caleb’s behavior. I can’t make things up when it’s on the Feeds. I can only report what happens.

      • Matt you do Amber a great job Amber of relaying Amber Caleb’s obsession with ?Guess Who? In fact you seem to show more sympathy than some sites do. Keep up the good work.

      • Well maybe you should get the feeds because then you would completely agree with this site. He’s full of himself, delusional, immature and need I go on?

    • I’m the reason Caleb is delusional and Victoria is a bump on a log? Okay.

      If you don’t want opinions with events reporting, maybe just stick to CBS shows or Fan sites written by fans are going to include opinions. As for when they’re making bad moves, that’s always included.

      • Don’t know where this person is from, but I think you do a spot on reporting of the events Matt. Anybody that has the feeds knows this. Caleb has spoken about what 20 TV ideas, all starring him of course. The guy is delusional. Also Victoria is a bump on the log. She spends hours putting on make-up and doesn’t look any different. She knows nothing about the game (Caleb either) and follows Derrick around like a puppy dog. If I was Jana (Derricks wife) I would slap her face at finale for the way she has acted around Derrick.

      • Love this site Matt you do a great job! I’ve also met some really nice people on this site that I’ve kept in touch with on FB. Thank you for keeping this going.

      • thanks for putting words in my mouth. i obviously visit here frequently and appreciate your effort. i simply pointed out what you were doing that was making your page unreadable and even offered a suggestion of how to fix it. i don’t surf the web to argue, site admin.

  10. Zach is a tool but is absolute gold on the feeds. Caleb on the other hand, can’t walk out the front door fast enough.

    • I stay so confounded by Zach but also entertained. I actually get upset at myself for laughing at him sometimes. He has me very much disliking his constant woman bashing and then he says something like froot loop dingus to a female and it makes me laugh every time I read it or repeat it. I like him and dislike him at the same time. And his not gay/ gay relationship with Frankie keeps me in stitches. Like you said, gold for the feeds. Caleb, on the other hand, is not amusing to me in the least. Some people find the Amber/Caleb relationship entertaining, but I am not one of those and I wish people wouldn’t play around with it.

      • Matt keep up the good work, Ignore that dude earlier about Caleb. He’s more delusional then Caleb himself if he can’t see the guy for how we see him and how you’ve accurately reported about him in your blog. I also like your comments and how you respond back to our questions, much thanks dude!

  11. Caleb has it in his warped little mind that this will be the kick in the pants that Amber needs to come crawling back to him by saying she’s sorry for flipping him off. And honestly, I really don’t see that happening. IMO, I see her totally going off on everyone in the house and that my friends will be the only thing that will keep Caleb in the house for another week and Amber out the door. It can’t happen soon enough for me because at this point I am beyond sick of the Camber (Caleb/Amber) drama!!!

  12. Matt, you crack me up. I love reading your posts. I don’t have the live feeds or watch BBAD (way past my bedtime), so I get most of my info about HGs here. Thanks to everyone for posting what happens. I wouldn’t know Caleb was nuts if not for you.

  13. LMAO Victoria is a hot mess. She basically admitted to being a hit and run driver

  14. wouldnt be surprised that during this ceromony that jacosta is speaking at that somehow she hurts herself someway, she has got to be the worst competitor ever, when ever she does a comp she ends up hurt or overheated or something goes wrong, when she ask to speak to people about the game and whats going on she absolutely talks about the most stupid stuff and makes no since, she is just taking up space, she may be a worse player than victoria, who basically spends all day putting on makeup and then sitting around starring into space and saying nothing, unless she just got put up on the block she spends most of the day crying to whoever will listen to her

  15. 1:15 PM BBT – Victoria is very concerned about an itty-bitty cut on her
    finger. She holds it up to the camera and asks if it’s bad. Camera nods
    “yes.” HGs asks if Victoria is going to make it. The camera shakes “no.”

    I lol’d more than I probably should have.

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