Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 5 Monday Daytime Highlights


It was a crazy day in the Big Brother 16 house as Hayden used the veto and Frankie named Amber as the replacement nominee. Oh, and Zach blew up at the ceremony, helping Team America succeed in their mission for the week. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds so far today in the house.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 28, 2014:

8:38 AM BBT – Wake-up time.

8:52 AM BBT – Feeds return. HGs getting ready for the veto ceremony.

9:31 AM BBT – Amber is talking about someone hitting her with a pillow last night. Jocasta thinks it was Hayden, but it was Caleb.

9:43 AM BBT – Frankie telling Zach about Caleb hitting Amber with the pillow and say they “destroy” people. Zach calls Caleb scary.

10:30 AM BBT – Derrick pumping Zach up for his attack on Amber (so he won’t back out and Team America can accomplish their mission).

11:18 AM BBT – Feeds cut for veto ceremony.

12:12 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Amber has been nominated. Amber is upset. She’s telling Frankie, Derrick and Cody that she thinks this was all planned out. But somehow the guys are all focused on Zach, thinking he threw them under the bus to Amber.

12:15 PM BBT – Caleb is amused at how upset Amber is.

12:18 PM BBT – Frankie accusing Zach of telling Amber he can’t be trusted. Zach says Amber is making stuff up. They seem to be OK though and Frankie tells Zach to lay low for the rest of the week. Zach asks Frankie to keep in him check.

12:35 PM BBT – Amber asks Derrick and Cody why they aren’t getting rid of Zach this week. She then says if this is all because of Caleb’s obsession with her then it’s all really messed up. She says she just doesn’t want to be in a relationship and has never led Caleb to believe she does. She says there’s a reason she doesn’t want to be in a relationship and leaves crying.

12:50 PM BBT – Amber talking to Christine and Nicole now, telling them she hopes they didn’t know this was all going down. They cover and say they didn’t.

12:57 PM BBT – Hayden and Cody are talking about backdooring Zach over Caleb. Cody says he sees Zach as an empty soul.

1:05 PM BBT – Zach is acting silly and everyone acts like he’s trying to provoke Amber. It really doesn’t appear that way, but whatever.

1:10 PM BBT – Cody playing dumb to Amber about all this and saying how awful it is (even though he knew all about it). Amber tells him this is all Frankie, Zach and Caleb and that he and Derrick need to help her get out of this.

1:45 PM BBT – Derrick and Amber talking. Derrick is feeding her a lot of lies about her having their votes and that she isn’t going this week.

2:30 PM BBT – Caleb standing, watching Amber (I presume) through the back door. He’s putting off super creepy vibes.

2:33 PM BBT – Amber comes in and Caleb asks her to talk. He opens by saying “So obviously Frankie is the instigator.” He then moves on to Zach telling Nicole about Amber being the odd man out of the Bomb Squad. Caleb tells her that he doesn’t want her gone and that she’s on the block to find out where her trust is. Caleb and Amber are both upset with Frankie. Caleb wants to confront Frankie and Zach. Caleb says he’s sorry for assuming things about her that were obviously not true. He’s acting like he believes her over Frankie and Zach.

2:52 PM BBT – Frankie, Nicole and Christine are talking about Amber and Caleb. Nicole said she’ll tell Caleb that Amber wanted to start a girl’s alliance.

2:55 PM BBT – Frankie enters the beehive room and Caleb tells him he needs to talk to him. Amber decides to stay in the room. Caleb starts confronting Frankie right in front of Amber. Frankie asks her to leave. Frankie asks Caleb “have you lost your mind?” Caleb continues asking Frankie what is going on and if what people have been telling him about Amber are lies. Caleb isn’t making much sense, actually. He’s talking about how clear things are, but he’s not being very clear. He says the real problem in the alliance is Zach.

3:02 PM BBT – Caleb calls Nicole in. He asks her if Amber came to her to try to form an all-girls alliance. Nicole tells her that Amber said the girls need to stick together to go after the guys. Frankie asks Nicole if Amber told her anything about Caleb and Amber’s date. Nicole tells him that Amber said it wasn’t very good. Caleb keeps flip-flopping on whether he believes Amber or everyone else.

3:06 PM BBT – Nicole leaves the room and Frankie is visibly upset over Caleb believing Amber over him. Frankie tells him that Amber is just throwing people under the bus and Caleb is being blinded by his feelings for her. Frankie is working hard to make it sound like Amber has now ruined her game and might go home this week (even though that was the plan all along).

A lot went down today and the plan to get Amber out is falling into place. Caleb keeps flip-flopping on how to feel about Amber, but between Frankie and Zach, Caleb should be on board with the plan by Thursday.

At this point, anything can happen. People are scrambling in the house. I wouldn’t dare say what I think is going to happen this week. You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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  1. sigh so many bad players this season:
    Joey, devin, paulo, victoria, jocasta, zach, amber, caleb are all pretty self explanatory
    I’d like to think donny and brittany are only bad because of circumstances, but are still meh.
    Christine also pretty dumb wanting to go to the end with all guys
    Hayden while in a pretty good position really hasn’t done anything and is lucky this is a pick off the weak season
    Nicole is ok but still not that likely to win
    Frankie is playing a pretty good game, but is exposed as a rat

    Really only good players i see are derrick and cody

    • Only guys playing are Derrick, Cody and Frankie. It this continues, I think Derrick will win this season. The others have their chances. Why doesn’t Donny strike up an alliance? Christine ditch the Detonators as she is lowest on totem pole, Duh! Floaters are being picked off one by one till only the Detonators are left. Do they not see that?

      • Seriously. Everyone would go tell Derrick that Donny is trying to start an alliance and one of Derrick’s minions would put Donny on the block and they would all vote him out.

      • Christine is obviously the snitch. Unless you put her on the block and evict her, yes, she will blab about any plans. Maybe, better is to spread lies and disinformation and pit the alliance members against
        each other. Create paranoia for them to go after each other.

      • Christine is pathetic. She’s so stupid thinking she’s going to get anywhere in that alliance. All the guys will get rid of her. If she was smart she would keep her mouth shut and work with the outsiders getting those guys out.

      • Unless her & another alliance member flip at some point which is possible… She has Nicole & Hayden as backup plans which might work nicely

      • Christine is doing well by being in that alliance so she can eventually tell Nichole and the other outsiders about the more important moves…to do so any earlier will go badly for her game…so far the guys are trusting her blindly because she’s not made any huge waves yet!

      • Yes, Christine is one of my least favorite. I wish I could push a button that edited her off my screen. If Frankie was being honest(???) when he was talking to Zach, his plans are to get rid of Derrick and Cody before her. I’m not sure if Frankie is serious about he and Zach being the last two or not. I’m sure he thinks he would beat Zach in that scenario. But I wonder how many other guys are thinking the same thing about getting rid of the other guys before Christine. If they are, she may be there until the bitter end if the guys keep the power over noms until all are out except the Detonators. I definitely hope she goes before then.

      • I agree…creating paranoia will definitely do some damage and make for great BB entertainment! I’ve basically been yawning through most of the moves so far! Next week should improve exponentially and the perfect time to strike up lots of lies! :-)

      • The only ones left is Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole and Hayden. They have put Donny on the block multiple
        times and if not for the Team America and the $5000 for each task, he would have been evicted by now! He has nothing to lose. Strike an alliance but, zip it! Keep it on the down low and do not tell the whole house about it! Donny tends to blab too much!

      • I disagree they’re the only ones playing the game. I think there’s enough ‘middle people’ still who could easily use the detonators to a certain point then flip on them when the time is right. Why do it before that time and jeopardize a secure standing? Christiine & Hayden are sitting pretty in my opinion.. they have knowledge of what the alliance is doing, but together they could flip and join 3 other people and take down Cody, Frankie & Derrick…

      • I’d say they are sitting decent.
        Christine is running out of people she can beat at comps and people she would beat at the end. Weak girl going to end with bunch of muscular bros usually doesn’t work well.
        Hayden is doing ok, but besides nicole and christine he really doesn’t got much going for him

      • Not sure Cody is even really playing. He seems to be more riding along. Derrick and Frankie for sure though. I’d be ok with them in the final two.

      • Cody is playing a good social game though before he really needs to step it up later! Zach is the one that really needs to go before him…100%. He’s just all over the place in a different way than Caleb is. Next week should prove most interesting this season!

    • Cody used to be my favorite but all he does now is lay all over the girls and cry to Derrick about Zack. I don’t know how he’s a good player. He’s only won an HOH. That’s all.

      • He’s only been good because he’s had the help of “Coach Derrick” on his side. He didn’t even know how a double eviction worked.

      • True derrick has helped, but he has made good alliances and isn’t on anyone’s’ radar

      • If only he could have made the big move most of us viewers were counting on…backdooring Caleb when he had the chance. That guy is getting on my last nerve…all over a girl who has no romantic interest in him! Bad to have even started early on in the BB house where you basically have nowhere to escape to.

    • I agree…Derrick or Cody should be the ones left standing…Frankie will go because he doesn’t stand a chance against D & C when there’s no one else to fall back on. Hayden may even make it before Frankie is evicted. I just like his smooth, drama-free demeanor throughout this whole season. Like he’s sort of a dark horse this year that no one ever expected to make it as far as he has/did! :-)

  2. I really don’t foresee a way amber could stay this week. The guys (Cody/Hayden) are actually being legit mean about her behind her back. I have never understood the need to make it personal, vote people out or don’t but it is just a game. Helen from last season seemed to get that, I wish more of these contestants did as well.

    • I for one won’t be sorry to see Amber leave, she is not” all that” she thinks she is, and while I think Caleb is a weirdo dweeb, she could have at least tried to me nice on their date. Yes Amber you do have a bug on you, it’s up your ass.

      • She could have tried to be nice on a date that she was basically forced to go to in order to avoid retaliation from a player who is obsessed with her?

        How many people can actually say that they would be able to manage nice and pleasant on a date with a borderline stalker?

      • Victim blaming at it’s finest. When a woman says no, it’s not to be respected . When a woman is harassed even after she says no, it’s because she is a b*tch. When a woman is harassed she was asking for it. *slow clap for your views*

      • She made a bad move by promising him a date if he ate a pickle which she knew he hated eating…all it did was backfire on her. Who’s not ever done something they wished they hadn’t??

      • Ummm… I don’t think she was forced as you say. She was pressured from the houseguests who thought it was hilarious what she was going through (once again proving that if you’re hoping to find people who truly have your back, you’ve applied to the wrong show)…

      • She was letting him down in the same polite way she did the first time she told him “no”. He just wouldn’t allow her to give up on him that easily…he was creepy about it all too..she was just trying to survive as best she could while being trapped with nowhere to escape. She could have easily gone bat chit crazy on his butt without using violence, but that’s not the persona she wants to portray. I’m of the belief she’s never been exposed to someone that won’t take “no” for an answer. I’m sure she’s spoken in the DR about it that if it got to where she couldn’t handle it anymore, production would have put a stop to it. They’ve probably told him to tone it down, which he did…and that brought on all the paranoia which led to his now seeing the irrationality of it all and spewing on about his regrets in it.

      • Amber is a nice Southern girl, I don’t think I have ever heard her say a cuss word in the house, I have the feeds and I haven’t heard any from her. She is very timid and doesn’t go crazy when she is upset. I feel bad for her this week..she didn’t deserve any of this creepy chauvenistic behavior from wacko Caleb. I hope he implodes after she leaves and asks to self evict. He needs to leave.

      • No she didn’t, but the other players are using her as the pawn to set fire to Caleb once she’s gone.

    • I think the mean factor comes in as a hedge against campaigning by the person on the block. Social isolation can help prevent the person from changing minds at the last minute.

    • I don’t think Cody and Hayden have been nearly as mean to her as sweet, sweet Frankie has, while batting his eyes – in other words Frankie is mean by playing her without her knowledge of doing so…mostly because he can and because he knows he’s safe doing so since he can’t vote her out unless it’s a tie – it’ll be too late by then if that’s how it ends up! :-) Hopefully he won’t have to and Caleb won’t come after him – which is what Frankie is hoping for because Caleb won’t have his head in the game due to his “grieving” over Amber going home! All Caleb will be doing is complaining over a regret he believes he helped bring about when really he just played right into the Detonator’s hands…what he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him, right?

  3. Can’t stand Frankie but he did the best job he could running damage control, and since Caleb is such a simpleton he might pull it off.

    Still, it’s not a good sign for Frankie’s game that he’s scrambling on day 39. It makes me wonder how many bullets he can dodge. A target is slowly forming on his back.

    Future contestants, heed this warning: Don’t win HOH until jury!

    • Nicole is mad at him because he threw her under the bus. He’s going to be a target for a few people. At least I hope so. Would love to see Caleb and Frankie or Christine get nominated.

      • Well I hope Nicole is smart enough to know she still needs Hayden & Christine. I think Hayden is securely in her favour, but she needs to rebuild the alliance with Christine and then add Jocasta & Donny… The Odd Squad could end up being the final 5.

      • One can hope it works out that way, but the strongest contenders will prove to be difficult to outmaneuver – Derrick and Cody – when push comes to shove !

      • She doesn’t need Christine because she runs and tells Derrick and company everything Hayden and Nicole tell her. I hope she catches on fast that Christine is ratting her out to them.

      • you can’t win the game without allies even if they are backstabbing allies, you need them…

      • We definitely got a little taste of the “real” Christine when she was put on the block with Nichole by Zach, who’s part of the Detonators…not trusting an erratic person that he is to save her if she had failed at the competition without throwing it! But she and Nichole won it so it’s a moot point to argue anymore!

    • nah you can win hoh and be fine early on (derrick+many previous contestants). but winning 3 times before jury and talking a lot behind ppls back will get u in trouble

      • Not in recent years. There are loads of people who won HOH early on and quickly became big targets. There’s Jessie (both seasons), Ronnie, Rachel (S12), Matt, Frank, and Aaryn. Rachel in BB13 is an anomaly because she came in to the game with a pre-made alliance of veterans to fall back on.

        If you win HOH early, it has to be in a week where the target is so solid that there’s no chance of backlash, like Derrick becoming HOH when everyone wanted Devin out or Russell becoming HOH when almost the whole house wanted Ronnie gone. When Derrick threw the comp this week to

      • *When Derrick threw the comp this week to Frankie, you better believe it wasn’t just so he could see pics of his grandpa.

      • Just some quick counter examples off top of my head:
        Mccrae, hayden. Also frank was already target cause of willie blow up and being huge threat. Aaryn half cause challenge beast and half because of personality.

      • That seemed to have worked out just fine for Andy last year, though…talking behind people’s backs that is! Frankie at least aligned himself with strong players early on – Andy was basically flip flopping the whole way through in my opinion!

  4. I really really hope this whole thing backfires and Amber manages to get the votes to stay. I highly doubt it though.

    • She just doesn’t have the support. Christine and Nicole honestly don’t like her and I definitely think it’s because they think the guys think she is hotter. It’s not that Amber thinks she is hotter, it’s the girls have attributed guys’ preference for her as something she should be hated for.

      The guys are too busy blaming her for Caleb being obsessive, and are in full victim blame mode.

      Amber is going to head out the door a la Brittany.

      • I don’t think Nicole has much to be jealous about does she? She’s pretty cute herself and she’s the only female with a showmance going on… Christine is merely an opportunist who would cheer if her own mother were voted out. This isn’t all that new for people on Big Brother either.

    • Pretty sure he will be the next one to go. That’s the good thing that came out of this mess today.

  5. Thanks for the update Branden, I have been going back and forth between camera’s and missing stuff. Still stuff going on. The only thing I mention is now they say they will not lie to Amber about Thursday. They said they are going to tell her they are voting her out. So drama should be over today sometime later.

  6. they should make a BB drinking game and you should have to drink everytime you hear caleb say the phrase” at the end of the day” you will be plastered within in a hour

    • You’ll be plastered within 10 minutes if you change it to anyone saying the phrase “blood on my hands”

      • would be close, i ve heard caleb say “at the end of the day” about 10 times in the last 10 minutes

      • “literally” used incorrectly
        “oh, for sure”

  7. The way they are throwing Amber under the bus just seems truly malicious. I wasn’t so turned off by what was done to Caleb given his behavior but the way these people are trying around with Amber, who I haven’t heard do anything truly horrible, is kind of disgusting.

  8. I hate how everyone is treating Amber like crap behind her back when she is the only nice girl in the house besides Jocasta and Brittany who was evicted. If I was her I wouldn’t forgive any of them after the show who talk crap about her because they are all jealous ( Nicotine). I hope Brit won’t forgive them either.

    • I hope she let’s loose on them on her way out of the door on Thursday! Call out Caleb for the jerk that he is.

  9. Please, please let Thursday come quickly this week…I hate the way that Amber is being treated right now with this whole “let’s put her on the block and scare her into knowing what her place is in this house,” crap…I cannot stomach listening to Caleb go on and on and on and on about this girl any longer! I pray to the BB gods that once she is gone..he let’s this obsession go and then he is the next one out the door! I have had enough!!!

    • I am so with you on this. I wanted Caleb gone before Amber. I kind of feel bad for her.

      • Me too. She was doomed from the beginning when Caleb Reynolds set his sights on her..he ruined her game.

      • do you truly believe that? I think she had done a very good job as a result of him being around. She kept him happy enough to follow her, but she also kept Cody happy enough to keep her. It’s unfortunate that Frankie & Zach got to her first…

      • Yep, I truly believe it! He has had a hand in just about every aspect of her game.

      • Well… I mean there’s no reason for the detonators to play it this way (apart from taking joy in their deception), but then again, the show casts people for this reason don’t they? On the one hand we love seeing power-shifts through sneaky and deceptive means when it’s the ‘good guys’ doing it – but we sneer and say ”booo!” when it’s the ‘bad guys’. Having said that, I was also hoping for Caleb to go first because Amber quite frankly has played a better game thus far.

      • Good or bad guys I love seeing the drama. But I don’t like being so mean to someone.

      • We would love to see a power shift. There hasn’t been any since the game started. Put Derprick and Fakie on the block with Cody as the replacement if the POV is played and then we’d see a power shift.

      • there hasn’t been a powershift? Oh my did you miss the first 2-weeks of the show where everything was about what Caleb & Devin wanted? Where are they now? Devin is with his daughter and Caleb is the lame duck being used by the detonators… Pretty big shift if you ask me. I’m with you however that I’d like to see another power shift towards Nicole, Hayden & Donny somehow.

      • Devin and Caleb had no power without Derprick and the fratbrats. Who still has the power?

  10. Usually production will really get the booze flowing to get more showmances started. this cast is very wooden.

  11. The season appears to be going flat As every week its predictable whats going to happen But as fewer players are left it could get good again Please get rid of the two hohs and battle of the block Please!

  12. Zach is controlling this game. He is getting what he wants and not what the house wants. He has to leave soon. From watching, I really don’t think that Amber is a threat. Why in the world did Hayden use the veto on Victoria? She is basically the biggest floater in the game right now. She has no activity besides looking pretty. I just want either Zach or Victoria to leave next week.

    • If you could see her on the feeds right now..she is so desperate to talk to someone in the house..she has Derrick in the beehive room talking to him about Hayden and Cody and Nicole possibly being jealous of her. You can tell Derrick is sitting there thinking “somebody please shoot me now!” This girl is off in la-la land as far as knowing how to play this game…she has no clue!

      • Amen to that. And as much as Derrick talks to her, you would think that she might learn something from the guy about this game.

    • Vic is not pretty, that’s her problem now. She came into the house thinking that she was the prettiest girl there until she finally noticed that none of the guys where interest in her for a showmance. That is the main reason Vicky does not like Amber, Nicole, and Brittany who’s not even there anymore.

  13. Zach says, “Caleb is Scary,” then proceeds to be “pumped up for his attack on Amber.” ?????? So, does that not make Zach scary? Caleb is being manipulated from 5 angles while Zach knows exactly what’s going down this week. Caleb is confused (purposely by people) while Zach isn’t. Caleb is a stupidly immature schoolboy, but Zach is a jerk.

  14. I don’t know how the whole TA went down but the thought of the evil Derrick and Frankie behind two people who easily explodes scare me. It would have been nice if it had backed fired and Zach went off on Frankie.

  15. I am tired of all the drama, I want to see some action. I would say the only one making moves is Derrick. The rest of the HG just have their hands in their pocket.

  16. I don’t feel sorry for Amber. Ok she is not interested in Caleb, so what does she do is go running in the arms of Cody. She was never serious about winning the 500K. Maybe Amber did like Cody, but liking Cody is going to get her evicted from the house.

  17. TEAM AMERICA should be called Team Failed , that’s 2 weeks in a row CBS has given TEAM AMERICA for doing nothing , just hand them the 5 grand for next week already CBS ,whatever the mission is you’ll make it easier to get.

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