Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 5 Friday Daytime Highlights


Things got a little crazy in the Big Brother 16 house today as Zach and Frankie made their nominations. Zach apparently went a little wild during the ceremony and there was plenty of all out following the ceremony. We’ve got all those highlights for you. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds so far today in the house.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 25, 2014:

8:14 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

8:43 AM BBT – Feeds return. Donny seems to be the only one up, though.

9:35 AM BBT – Donny, Derrick and Frankie have a Team America meeting. The plan is to get Zach and Christine to fight at the nomination ceremony.

9:45 AM BBT – Frankie and Zach are practicing their speeches. Zach’s plan is to call out Christine as being a worthless floater.

10:16 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Nomination ceremony time.

11:44 AM BBT – Feeds return. Victoria is visibly upset. She went on the block as one of Frankie’s nominees. Elsewhere, Nicole is crying. She went up as one of Zach’s nominees.

11:45 AM BBT – Christine and Cody are talking and she thinks Zach is a saboteur (he nominated her as well).

11:51 AM BBT – Victoria is upset because Jocasta isn’t good at competitions and will hinder her chances of winning BOTB. So the nominees are Victoria/Jocasta and Christine/Nicole.

11:52 AM BBT – Frankie wants Amber to ask Jocasta to throw the BOTB because it’s too risky for Zach to be HOH.

11:55 AM BBT – Nicole, Christine and Hayden are talking about Zach being the saboteur and say his game is over after this.

12:01 PM BBT – Frankie and Derrick say they will not tell anyone they knew about Zach’s speech before hand. Talk turns to damage control with Christine and Nicole.

12:13 PM BBT – Victoria is still crying. She thinks she could be going home this week. She’s pretty mad at Frankie for putting her up again.

12:30 PM BBT – Cody tells Zach he needs to stop being so mean to people now. Zach says he wants people to hate him, but Cody says he doesn’t want Nicole and Christine coming after him.

12:34 PM BBT – Frankie tells Zach that if Christine and Nicole don’t win BOTB and are still on the block at veto or after, the house will come after him. Zach is confused (because they should still have the alliance support). Frankie attempts to cover, but the feeds cut.

12:36 PM BBT – Zach leaves to go eat food in front of the have-nots and Cody and Frankie call him a mess. Cody compares him to Evel Dick. Cody then tells Frankie most people want him to backdoor Zach this week. Frankie says Zach needs to win POV, use it on Victoria and then Amber can be backdoored. Frankie seems confident his noms will lose BOTB.

12:42 PM BBT – Frankie and Cody FINALLY say something that makes sense. If Zach remains HOH and backdoors someone it won’t be them and that’s what matters.

12:52 PM BBT – Victoria and Jocasta talking about BOTB. Victoria tells her they can’t lose just because the house wants Zach out as HOH.

12:57 PM BBT – Despite all the things Frankie says about Zach, he tells him he’s falling in love with him as they’re spooning in the HOH bed.

1:00 PM BBT – Victoria says America must be so bored with the same people going up every week.

1:13 PM BBT – Cody says if he wins veto, he’s taking Christine off the block.

1:33 PM BBT – Amber is irritated and telling Cody he. Frankie and Derrick are sitting pretty and haven’t had to go on the block. He’s not responding.

1:45 PM BBT – Fun is over for now. All HGs napping and resting up for BOTB.

2:35 PM BBT – Battle of the Block has begun!

At this point, anything can happen. People are scrambling in the house. I wouldn’t dare say what I think is going to happen this week.You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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  1. “1:00 PM BBT – Victoria says America must be so bored with the same people going up every week.”
    The girl is not that dumb after all.

      • Only a little. Zack and Frankie said he’s safe that Caleb or Amber is the target and he’s fine with that.

    • I had actually started liking her a little till she spent all day crying to anybody who would listen. She’s just naïve. I think she has led a sheltered life in the US.

      • Sheltered you say ? She refer to herself as a Princess, who really does that ?

      • That’s what I mean. Her family has always told her – she’s the prettiest, she’s better, she’s a princess. Probably went to private schools or was home-schooled. She seems socially awkward. Did you hear about her talk about her neighborhood. No animals outside. No cats or dogs unless they are on a leash. She has to have been sheltered to think this crap.

      • Usually I just lurk around here as you guys entertain the living daylights out of me but on this one I can’t resist stepping out of the shadows… you are clearly not Jewish. You’d know all about the phenomina of the Jewish princesses if you were, heck, you might even be married to one. For now though I think it’s safe to say Victoria refers to herself as Princess because that’s what she’s been told since she drew her first breath after the clipping of the umbilical cord. In her heart of hearts she truly does believe she descends directly through the bloodline of brave Queen Esther. She’s been cossetted and adored her entire life and will no doubt follow quite admirably in her mother’s kitten heeled footsteps as a high maitenance socialite until she herself gets married and her new husband picks up seamlessly where her daddy left off. The cycle will perpetuate itself when two and a half to three years later Victoria produces generation next of Jewish princess.

  2. I remember back when BB started and people got cast without being in their 20’s and bodies of models.It seemed more interesting when you had ALL ages from 20’s-60’s(remember crazy Rennie?).And now god forbid anybody be fat or not model perfect.I am addicted to BB but i hate this new double HOH thing and the BOTB.i think if Joey would have stayed longer it would have been better.Amber had to run and tell about Joey’s plan for an all girl alliance and that got Joey out fast.Now the girls have chatted a bit about needing an all girl alliance and Amber F’ed it up.And i can’t believe i am saying this but i love Donny.Even if he reminds me of those Duck Dynasty assholes.And i’m the one who would always be BFF’s with the gay guy(same thing in my real life)but damn Frankie quit being a little tattletale about every little thing,grr.

      • Yea she was a recruit and was there when Joey brought up the idea, and now look at her?? My how the tides turn and tears are falling down cheeks like it’s Niagara Falls on BB lol. As for Frankie, did he really try and ask Jacosta to try and ask Amber to throw away the BOTB? If he was smart he would know that Caleb threw him under the bus and that Amber already knows she can’t trust him as does people starting to figure him out. I thought he’d try and stay under the radar but it seems that he’s starting to stir things up. I’d like to see the person to tell Zach how Frankie really feels about him when he tried to campaign against him and then later found out he had the votes to stay, that would make for good BB TV IMO.

    • CBS has a pic of Donny without the beard. He was going to shave it and BB wouldn’t let him. If you check it out, they were smart to have him keep it. He looks like a serious threat. Frankie is only on the show to promote himself. Frankie’s biggest mistake is you can track him (unlike RatAndy last season) Frankie walks into a room and it’s all about Look at ME!! Hard to be stealth when everyone can track your movements.

    • Big Brother has turned into MTV’s The Challenge. Almost all the competitors are good looking, entitled, and somewhat young. The producers would rather have drama than actual game play.

      I was watching BBAD a few nights ago, and Caleb didn’t even know how a double eviction worked. Derrick had to walk him through that two people left in the same night. Caleb was all confused. How, as a Big Brother player 16 seasons in, do you not know how a double eviction works? Just shows that they now cast people who would make good TV, even if they don’t know how the game works…

      • Wiggy,that is exactly what i was saying.I do watch the Challenge on MTV and it is always the best looking ones that get chosen to come back.I didn’t see the BBAD where Caleb didn’t understand how a double eviction works.Yep,he must be a real fan,NOT.I just wish they would go back to casting on something other than looks and bodies.And you notice that BB is a summer thing,that way more chances of people in tiny swim wear.Sure i don’t mind seeing good looking bodies but i want good players who know the game.

    • Wonder if BB makes money from the appearances the former HGs make? I’m sure they didn’t when Brenchel was on the soap opera but the BB parties and things. Maybe even if they don’t make money from them, they have them contracted to do appearances. In that vein, as big a hoot as Rennie was, I don’t see her making that circuit. From that respect I guess they primarily want people without established homes so they can travel, party, etc. maybe?

    • seems like casting has chosen to pick specific types and ages of people to play. They seem to have personality / age types already selected and then just slot them in as they are found. This really sucks. I think the game would be way better with real ordinary people … throw a large hoop around 16 people in a field of applicants and take whatever you get !!!

  3. so sick of hearing jacosta speak about the bible, she is a horrible competitor, constantly hurting herself, she seems like a good person, maybe she is too good to be in BB, wouldnt mind seeing her voted out, sometimes you have to do some nasty things or be nasty to win the game, and how many times can they show victoria just starring at nothing and talking to no one, she looks lost, her crying to everyone once she was put up was just about the most annoying thing ever

    • So many houseguests this year are religious. To believe in the bible / god, when there is absolutely ZERO proof that god exists is ludicrous. In this day and age, anyone with a computer can research the bible and find out that most of the biblical stories are false and scientifically wrong. The meaning of FAITH when it refers to believing in God / bible, is to believe regardless of contradictary facts… in other words FAITH = Gullibility…. a trait that will assure you will lose on BB.

      • Agreed. Lack of proof that something exists does not equal proof that something does NOT exist. The bible may be BS (and I agree that it is) but just because it is so doesn’t mean there isn’t some divine being yet to be proven. However in truth this has zero to do with big brother. Maybe instead of making baseless assumptions about people who choose to be religious we can focus on their words and actions instead. Crazy idea, huh?

  4. Zach is Evel Dick without the homophobic slurs, the threats of violence against women, and the two-pack-a-day habit.

    • Lots of people think Zach is all for show. He puzzles me. Being a female, I cringe at the nonchalant way in which he shows, by his speech and actions, his attitude toward women. I’m sure that makes his Mother so proud. I can’t figure out if it is immaturity, because he doesn’t act like he is old enough to wipe his own butt, or if he is THAT person. If it is immaturity, hopefully, he will grow up and change his wicked ways.

      • A lot of stuff he does is for show. He plays to the feed cameras, though he isn’t as obvious about it as Frankie. On the other hand, though, everything he does in the DR is a complete act. He even said on the feeds (before they cut to fish), that production wanted him to make his goodbye message to Brittany as mean as possible.

        I definitely hate him, but unlike Dick, who was/is a loathsome cretin that would have gotten the same treatment as last year’s cast from the fans had Twitter been popular in 2007, Zach is a villain that’s fun to hate. Maybe this is callous, but I don’t get why Nicole was crying about him. How can you take seriously a guy that calls you a “frootloop dingus”?

      • Everytime I hear that or read that I absolutely have to laugh even though I don’t think he would have ever said that to a man unless, of course, he said it in an obviously joking way.

      • Froot loop dingus is funny!!! And if he had called me that, I would have laughed so hard I’d have been crying.

  5. I really don’t see Frankie getting rid of Caleb right now. For one, he can’t stand Amber, For two, he’s pretty sure that he can count on Caleb not gunning for him or putting him up on the block .And lastly, he doesn’t want any blood on his hands!!! At this point, it’s a total coin toss as to who will win the POV and next person to be either backed door or sent home. Zach has pretty much burned his bridges with Caroline, Nicole, Hayden and Cody. I want to at least see Caleb make it jury. I know the guy doesn’t have snow-ball chance in HELL making to the end, but Caleb finally got my respect last night when he was talking to Jacosta about finally waking up and smelling the coffee where Amber is concerned. Caleb gave her an “heads up” in regards as to whom she could really trust in that house And what thanks does he gets for it?? That girl pretty much spit in his eye for it!!! And then she makes the stupid mistake of telling other people in the alliance that she’s done with speaking to all any of them!!! News flash Amber, loners don’t make it far in the BBH!!! So, I will have no sympathy for her if she gets backdoor next week!!

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