Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

This week’s Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results and spoilers. A lot was riding on this competition as there is every week, but this one felt more pivotal with the house’s plans hanging in the balance.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results:

  • Donny won the Power of Veto!

Playing today were nominees Caleb & Jocasta and Derrick as HoH. Devin, Donny, and Christine were picked to join them. Since Devin participated, this is not a backdoor scenario, but a regular renom & eviction.

HGs told Jocasta, who was too sick to participate or attend, “you’re not going anywhere. We won it for you!” Donny will use the Veto on Jocasta & you can expect Devin to go up in her place next to Caleb. Cody came in and gave Jocasta a brief strip tease to make her feel better. Frankie said he was feeling dehydrated and needed a dance too. Flashback to 4:18PM BBT to watch.

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Talking with Donny, Derrick confirmed the plan remains to renom Devin and send him home.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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  1. They told Jocasta, “you’re not going anywhere. We won it for you!” Donny will use the Veto on Jocasta & you can expect Caleb to go up in her place.
    Not Caleb, Devin.
    I’m glad for Jocasta. Donny is solifying his place as a comp master.

  2. How can Caleb go in Jacosta’s place if Donny uses the Veto on Her? Isn’t Caleb already on the block with her?

  3. Devin x Caleb?? Hope Caleb goes.

    I just hope Derrick does not gets scared of big Devin and out Britanny up.

  4. If Donny uses it on Jacosta and Devin goes up, There’s 50/50 chance for Caleb to go home. I think Derrick will ask him to use it on Caleb…I hope not..

    • I don’t think that Derrick will ask Donny to do that, he knows that something is going on with him and Donny does not trust Derrick even though they are both on TA, he wouldn’t do jt even if Derrick did ask.

      • I really don’t see the big problem with Caleb. He’s playing the game. I rather between the 2, that Devin goes.

      • They should take out Devin while, they can! The biggest mistake of house guests is waiting on the right time like last season! Judd double dumb and Helen kept waiting till they got booted out! Judd got back in the game but, still got evicted again for his very bad game play! Take the threats out when you can! If you do not, you will be the one going home!

      • Well if you don’t see the problem I’ll tell you. Lol. All Caleb talks about is Amber. Today he’s pissed because she didn’t thank him for what he did for her. He has a big ego and really only won that first HOH. His head is bigger then the house. I’ll stop there for now.

      • I think this whole thing with Amber is a weakness for him…he is so distracted by her…I say leave Caleb in get rid of Devin…cant stand him.

      • Don’t think they can Caleb was the first to help Jocasta, even standing with the door cracked in case she passed out. She will vote to keep him.

      • There are factions within the group

        , and the eviction of Caleb is very tempting from some of the guys in the house….but we’ll see

    • I said it would be funny for Devin to go up next to Caleb. I want Devin to campaign to get Caleb all freaked out.

      • Ha ha ha, lol, that is so funny Lavendargirl, I would love to see that too…

  5. Lets see how long it takes Devin to say he threw the comp so he can go home.

  6. They should just put Devin up against her not Caleb if they for sure want him gone. I have a feeling if not…bye Caleb

    • They can’t. Donny has always said if he won POV BowTie comes down. Everyone understands this and they aren’t going to try and talk him out of it.

  7. Here’s the thing it’s Devin vs Caleb on the block now. Devin is resigned to going home but Caleb just lost ANOTHER comp, and in the POV he lost one round to Devin and one to Donny. He’s loosing his Queen and he’s not in control of anything anymore…could this be Caleb’s week for a meltdown? And how would that effect the vote?

  8. I hope Caleb goes home he is more of a threat then Devin. No one will vote for Devin on the Jury and keeping him will help whoever is on the final 2. They should keep him until the final 2.

      • Threat to the house. Keeping Devin would be the best thing to do. Everyone does not like him and he would not get enough votes on Final night to win,

      • Capt oh Capt. Are you going to tell me that the look on Caleb’s face when Julie tells him he’s evicted over Devin wouldn’t be a something you’d always remember?

      • @capt I agree with you totally. Every time I read anything about Devin, I think dejavou of BB15’s Amanda. Remember everyone wanted her gone but she stayed and stayed.

      • Exactly. Devin has shown himself a tough competitor. If they keep them, watch for the fools to get themselves voted out! Last year we saw Helen and Judd among others waiting for the right time! Well, they both got evicted because of that! Vote them out when you can! In Survivor, the strongest
        players are targeted first and you do not have to be a genius to figure that one out!

      • Different season, different people. But I do agree that keeping him serves little purpose.

      • I know this sounds like good strategy, but think about it. You would choose to keep one person in the hopes THEY make it to the finals WITH you. Making it to the finals is hard enough, and you’re banking on a strategy where everyone helps you and Devin along? And what of Devin. Think he’ll keep the person who is most likely to beat him in the finals? Nope, he’s taking the next nastiest weasel (Zach or Frankie) with him – not Donny, not Amber, not anyone who doesn’t help him win. I’m afraid it’s a poor strategy unless the game started with only 4 contestants, then it’s a brilliant strategy.

    • Not the way he’s been losing. He didn’t throw BOB, Jocasta got dizzy I think and knocked some pieces down or they would’ve won.

      • True but 2 years ago Dan stabbed everyone in the back that is why he lost and keeping Devin would be a good thing. I don’t think he would get enough votes to win on final night. I really hope Donny wins Big brother.

      • Devin has been doing nothing but pouting in the living room chair or the kitchen chair.

  9. Wonder if Derrick & Co will gloat comfortably til Monday or patrol the house to make sure everyone goose steps to the tune: Evict Devin, no takesy-backsy’s?

  10. Zach and Caleb are in the HOH plotting next week and who they are going to evict. Zach said he would put up Vic and Donny. Seriously? Donny? Someone needs to hurt that boy!

  11. If Devin doesn’t walk out the door on Thursday, the remaining houseguests are quickly going to regret it.

  12. They would be much smarter to get Caleb out while they can, that way Amber would be alone and not know what the heck to do. They can always get Devin out in a week or two. Amber and Caleb need to be split up.

      • Let her run to Cody, since she has been flirting with him like crazy the last few days..Cody is only using her for game purposes right now and with Caleb gone..Derrick and Cody would have Amber in their back pocket.

      • LOL My point being doesn’t matter what guy it is, she does what’s she’s told to do. She can question but better vote how they tell her. Caleb said if she was on the block against 1 of the guys he would vote her out.

  13. Wow, looks like Donny is a comp beast with how much he’s been winning comps. Hopefully it’s not gonna make him more of a threat, because who said you have to be physically buff to win competitions?

  14. I have grown to dislike Derrick since he has become HoH. Somehow, I would not mind seeing Devin stay in the house. Is Jocasta too ill to stay in the house?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacosta leaves the game. She can barely walk through the house..she has to have someone hold her up. Not that she’s really been playing anyway.

  15. I hope Christine doesn’t have a jealous husband! She has Cody on her lap running her fingers through his hair, the other day she was tickling his arm..I think it’s cute..Cody is such a player! I love adorable! I think he could be a BB personality like Jeff S.

    • I like seeing the chemistry between Cody and Britt. Last night in the BH room was cute. When he was talking to Derrick and Derrick implied Britt didn’t trust him(Cody), he wanted to find out from her. When he spoke to her she basically said she only trusts Derrick and Cody. But then of course Vic comes in the BH room along with Zach. Does Cody trust Britt?

      • I remember in first show, Cody made a comment about Britt, how pretty etc. I think he has been crushing on her since then. At least he hasn’t gone overboard like Caleb and Devin.

      • Thanks yes I do remember him saying that. I don’t know about anyone else but Britt and Cody are two people I enjoy watching together. But they always seem to get interrupted. Lol.

  16. I have never heard the reasoning that since Devin played in the POV that this would NOT be a backdoor, I don’t know what you would now call it? I still consider it a backdoor, but can easily accept I am wrong with another explanation.

    • It’s normally all a BD if the HG doesn’t know it’s happening. ex: If Caleb gets voted out Thursday It would be BD because he thinks Devin going.

      • Caleb can’t be backdoord either if he got to play in the veto. If Caleb leaves than itsa blindside. If Devin leaves its just a regular eviction since he knew he would leave.
        Backdoor is when your target isn’t nominated during the nomination ceremony, doesn’t play in the veto, and gets nominated during the veto ceremony and leaves.

    • A backdoor is when your target is not nominated and their chances of playing PoV to save themselves is limited.. and when they are not chosen and don’t get to play, whoever wins the pov uses it and the target goes up.
      In the case that Brenda is describing about Caleb would actually be called a “blindside.”

    • Backdoor is when they are blocked from any opportunity to compete / save themselves. You sit on the sidelines until final noms time then are voted out without a chance to save yourself.

    • I posted the definition straight off the Webster’s site – but it looks like there’s a lot of interpretation on useage of the phrase…

      • I trust Webster’s LOL and you. Just never thought of it that way… whatever the case, HOPEFULLY if the BB god’s are with us, Devin will be talking to Julie in person on Thursday night!

      • Yep. It doesn’t matter to me how the definition of backdoor is used…what matters is that Devin needs to use the FRONT door (and not let it hit him in the arse on the way out)!

  17. I want Devin gone but I feel a little sorry for him because people aren’t talking to him. They cooked the trite fish but didn’t offer him a taste. However he’s making me nervous sitting and staring at people.

  18. They should just excuse Jacosta from BB, or take her to the hospital. I don’t know her problem but it looks so severe that she has to be assisted by two people and open the door for her. It is a show and as a cast member she has to play her part.

    • I heard that she was dehydrated and has severe stomach issues. If this keeps up for a couple more days..she probably should self-evict. She’s not really playing the game anyway. I feel bad for her. She is really sick.

    • She said she’s feeling better. She had heat exhaustion and was dehydrated. The BOTB comp they had to wear a lot of clothes I guess and it was really hot out.

    • That’s what I said – I really think reality shows go too far when they play fast & loose with people’s health. She needs rest and possibly an IV drip by the sounds of it. Missing 48hrs isn’t the end of the world, but keeping her in there most likely slows her recovery…

      • I caught a convo on the feeds last night and Jocasta was saying that they offered her an IV, but that she had to stay in the DR for it. So she choose to drink stuff they gave her in water bottle, that full of electrolytes.

  19. Derrick is digging himself a hole so big he’s not going to be able to climb out. Especially once people get together and talk. He’s made a final 2 with Cody, final 2 with Nicole, final 2 with Victoria tonight, final 2 with Brittany. I liked him up until a few days ago. He goes on and on when he talks and he’s getting too cocky. And I don’t like players that make final 2 deals with everyone in the house.

  20. I was watching walking tall earlier with the Rock as the main character. OMG all I could see was Devin’s face. Then I thought they should start a rumor that Devin is related to the rock. Now that would be believable.

  21. Once again, there is a perfect scenarioto remove a potential strong player. Instead of overall weakling Pao, possibly dangerous Zach could have easily been voted out after Devin inexplicably put him up. The house decide to save a strong player, instead of a weak one. Derrick’s rationale at the time, stupidly, was that Zach would go after Devin. Duh — the WHOLE house was after Devin, so no need for keeping Zach for that! Now, who is more of a threat — Devin, who everybody is against, or Caleb, who is a strong competitor and player??!! Of course Caleb is a much stronger player than Devin…but guess what? this dumb house will vote out the weak and keep the strong, once again! Bad play that will come back to haunt many. Get the powerful out when you have the chance! Weaklings can always be purged (just watched that movie on HBO!) later on!

  22. Just watching yesterday’s feeds between Frankie and Derrick. What did Frankie tell Derrick what employment is? Was Frankie being truthful? Also what is Frankie’s medical reason for not being on slop?

  23. devins go to go , I thought at first he would be an awsome but was wrong, I have never seen someone who can sit there and lie and then lie again trying to justify each lie with another.
    And what is up with this throwing comps , these people need to keep that between two not everyone in the group, It will bit them in the butt latter , look at devin fool.
    But what is funny is that derrick is not too stupid , he kept the two up on the block for a reason it is perfect for getting rid of caleb, if devin won POV,
    If they do not get rid of devin they will regret it, and as far as caleb , he is becoming pussy whipped as brendy did and his game is going to crap. He needs to stop trying to form a showmance and focus on game, he is a strong comp.
    I have not even got a fav, this year yet , but am leaning toward christine and donny, they both are playing a good game of deception, Donny is not as dumb as people think or weak, And he does have courage , he went against his TA and the house and voted to save POW, He is not afraid of the house ,
    lets see with devin gone , the house will be back to who do we put up this time and not too many with targets since they seem to all be locked on devin,

  24. I must be missing something…why is everybody gunning for Brittney? I wouldn’t mind seeing Victoria go home (who you say?…..exactly…. this girl never talks or does anything I always forget she is even there) I tried watching after dark last night and had to turn it off because she must have had her mic inside her mouth because all I heard was her chewing and swallowing her apple it was so gross….she is so boring I want her gone…AND she was dressed like she was on the red carpet last eviction…wth!!! cant stand that one.

  25. Oh no, not again, another RAT in the house Frankie just like Andy, gathering information’s from other HG’s, when are these HG’s going to smell him out?

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