Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 3 Saturday Highlights

It was a stressful Saturday inside and outside the Big Brother house as Houseguests prepared for the Power of Veto competition while their plans hung in the balance.

Big Brother 16 - Live Feeds on Saturday, July 12th
Big Brother 16 – Live Feeds on Saturday, July 12th – Source: CBS

Did the Big Brother 16 HGs get the chips they needed drawn and what happened in the Veto competition? All the details are below in our summary report from yesterday’s Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 12, 2014:

9 AM BBT – HGs had their wake-up call, but most are still staying in bed.

9:35 AM BBT – Hayden with Donny in the Hive. Donny still pushing on the Bomb Squad questions. Donny tells Hayden he trusts him 100%. Hayden says the same.

10:45 AM BBT – Jocasta is still in very rough shape from dehydration. HGs keeping an eye on her.

11:45 AM BBT – Feeds have returned and the Veto Players were selected. Devin will be joining them in the competition along with Donny and Christine. Jocasta will not be participating. Turns out later she doesn’t even attend.

12:20 PM BBT – Caleb and Derrick discuss possible outcomes of the Veto comp. Caleb says he will go for cash and prizes over the Veto. Derrick tries to warn Caleb that’s a bad idea. Caleb is oblivious to his vulnerability on the block.

1:35 PM BBT – HGs plotting against Devin for how to win at various comp styles.

4:18 PM BBT – Feeds return and the house is happy. Donny won the Veto. Cody gives Jocasta a strip tease to make her feel better.

4:25 PM BBT – Guys are having a “hot bod” contest for the girls to judge. Lots of silliness.

5:00 PM BBT – Cody and Caleb plotting next evictions. Caleb wants Brittany out next and Cody wants Jocasta to go.

5:55 PM BBT – Have-Not food revealed: Offal Burritos. Hayden takes Christine’s spot because she can’t eat it. Other HNs are Amber, Devin, and Caleb.

6:20 PM BBT – Derrick and Nicole in HoH room. She’s worried about Donny and that he might nom her if he wins HoH. Derrick thinks Donny is causing trouble in the house and he’s been winning a lot of competitions.

7:40 PM BBT – Devin talks with Donny and again apologizes for having been suspicious of him early on. Sounds like Devin is giving it a shot at campaigning for that Veto.

8:10 PM BBT – Derrick starts on his Team America mission. He gets Victoria and tells her that Zach is Amanda’s (BB15) cousin and that Zach revealed it to Pao. Derrick wants Victoria to go ask Brittany about it. So the mission is to get the rumor to spread to another person and apparently Derrick is allowed to tell the HGs to spread it? What a cop out. (See what I did there?)

8:40 PM BBT – Victoria wants to know if there’s a big alliance in the house. Derrick immediately dismisses it as a conspiracy theory.

9:30 PM BBT – Frankie telling Christine that he’s worried about Brittany so he was trying to get others worried about her too.

11:00 PM BBT – Amber and Frankie discuss Devin getting voted out. Frankie is confident it’ll be a unanimous vote against Devin.

11:30 PM BBT – Frankie working Amber over about Brittany and why he doesn’t trust her. Amber asks if she can trust Frankie.

1:20 AM BBT – Nicole is very suspicious of Donny for telling her the Zach rumor and instructing her to tell one person. It was too precise and she thinks he’s part of a twist.

1:45 AM BBT – After talking to Zach about possibly voting out Caleb, Frankie goes to Derrick to discuss the idea. Derrick won’t try to influence the house. He wants to keep this idea hidden from Amber.

2:15 AM BBT – Zach joins Frankie and Derrick in the HoH room. They want to use Donny’s fear of “The Eight” to guarantee he’ll use the Veto to save Jocasta. Without that happening they can’t get Devin on the block.

2:25 AM BBT – Caleb and Amber talking about targets. Amber is worried about Donny while Caleb is more concerned about Brittany. Amber thinks Donny is targeting her.

3:20 AM BBT – Hayden and Cody agree that Brittany can’t be trusted. Cody says he took risks for her and she turned her trust against him. After that she lost his support. Cody thinks he could get Amber to side with them, but he’s worried about being around her when Caleb is too.

3:30 AM BBT – Caleb having a long, creepy talk with Amber. He wants a date with her and she’s not taking him up on the offer. Caleb says he risked his chance at this game and she still won’t. Clueless. Later she finally agrees to go to Chick-fil-A with Caleb.

5:00 AM BBT – Derrick talking with Cody and Zach. They’re confident Devin will go up and go home this week.

As long as Donny rescues Jocasta as she’s been repeatedly promised then Devin will be renom’d. Reminder: since Devin played in the Veto competition this is no longer a “backdoor” scenario. That only happens when the target does not have the chance at safety.

Veto Ceremonies are held on Mondays so get ready for that big news tomorrow and we’ll keep you posted on all the results.

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  1. “since Devin played in the Veto competition this is no longer a
    “backdoor” scenario. That only happens when the does not have the
    chance at safety.”

    I don’t see the distinction. Why is it different because he played for the Veto?

    • As noted, “that only happens when the target does not have the chance at safety.” Devin had that chance and didn’t win it.

      Backdoor is when the HG is shutout from the process.

      • The way I see it, he still does not have a chance at safety. To me, it follows the saying “a difference that makes no difference is no difference.”

      • He did have a chance, though. In fact, the hardest thing for him would be getting his name drawn for veto. Once that was over he had a pretty good track record, winning both the HoH and the PoV last week.

      • Yeah, I’m not sure how you’re missing this, but you saw that Devin competed in the Veto competition, right? That was his chance at safety. Otherwise every single nominee who is a target, but loses Veto would be a backdoor, according to your description. Every renom would also be a backdoor in your approach.

        Backdoor qualifiers: original target, not an original nominee, & does not participate in Veto comp.

        Devin fails on the 3rd parameter. He is not a backdoor.

      • History and definition: BB5 Nakomi’s 6 finger plan.
        1, HG must not compete in the Power of Veto
        2, HG must be nominated as a replacement nominee
        3 HG must be evicted that week.

        I think I just repeated Matthew’s definition. It’s not complicated….that’s it !!

      • All of this discussion about what is a “backdoor” and what is a “blindside,” if you are a TRUE BB fan, you already know! No need to explain..some people will just never get it!

      • Does the definition really matter? I posted the Webster’s definition of backdoor (which is opposite of what people are arguing here), but either way, it’s not really a big deal is it? We all agree that Devin is most likely going home period (and he’s taking the FRONT door to get there)! ;)

      • In a normal, non twisted season, the first 2 people on the block have a chance at winning the veto as the only way to save themselves. Since Devin played in this weeks veto, he had just as much of a chance as if he’d been nominated. A backdoor is when you get re-nommed without having an opportunity to win Veto.

      • No offense, but that saying makes no sense! Still, I want Caleb to go on Thursday! His obsession with Amber is creeping me out!

    • A backdoor is when the evicted houseguest was not put on the block with initial nominations and didn’t get the chance to play in the veto, thus completely eliminating any chance of saving themselves.

      Since Devin was lucky and was able to play in the veto from the random draw it’s no longer a backdoor because he had the chance to save himself with the veto. Had he not been one of the names drawn for the veto competition and subsequently voted out on Thursday then it would be a backdoor.

    • Yeah, I don’t understand that either! Whatever the outcome, I hope the Veto isn’t used & Caleb goes home on Thursday!

  2. Ugh Frankie needs to go after Devin, can’t stand him always targetting Brittany. If she goes the season will end up like last season where everyone votes what the house wants.

  3. A true BB Backdoor is really hard to do now. After Nakomis did it to Jace, BB changed the way players are picked for veto. There’s always a chance the targets name will be drawn.

  4. I wonder how long CBS is going to be able to keep up the “Zach is a genius edit” for the casual viewers. Last night’s/this morning’s live feeds just showed over and over again what kind of player he is. I counted 7 (seven!!) times in a 20 minute conversation with his closest allies that he whined about the constant strategy talk and asked them “why do we have to talk about this?” with them reacting kind of confused and explaining “This is Big Brother. You have to talk about strategy.” With him being a lose cannon, making rash game decisions without thinking of the consequences, burning bridges with his closest alliance members, whining when he’s on the block and asking people to vote him out because he “doesn’t want to be here anymore” I think it will get harder and harder for CBS to edit him as positively as they have been. Just this morning on the life feeds he said that production was promising him a “smart edit” and the feeds immediately cut.

    I think it’s unfair that someone like Zach has been getting such a strategic edit whereas someone like Cody isn’t. I think Cody is playing the second-best game, second to Derrick, but you wouldn’t know it unless you watch the live feeds.

    • Cody is playing a much smarter game than Zach. Zach is a loose cannon and will explode again soon. I, personally, don’t care for him.

    • In fairness, I’m sure the casting team determined that Zach’s image would be one of a lying, scheming puppet master. Unfortunately as sometimes happens, people portray themselves different for the purposes of getting on the show – and in this case Zach really is coming across as little more than a mouthy, frat party boy. He didn’t live up to the ”role” they cast him in.

      • For me as one involved in the field of personality profiling I actually think it’s hilarious when we ”fail” in not seeing a person’s true colours. I mean last year was epic in how many wrong image roles the show casted. They thought Aaryn would be the gorgeous hot model that is a good texas gal with nothing but sweet in her heart and sexy in her image. What they got was a spoiled child who’s been raised with some character values that don’t jive with an open minded society. And that’s just one of the fails by the casting team – there were at least 3 more!

      • That is very interesting. I’m sure the casting directors start to panic when someone like Zach doesn’t turn out to be the super genius that they were all expecting. But on the same token, when they cast for a Jordan-like southern belle and get an Aaryn or when they cast for a teddy bear ex-baseball player sensitive father and get a Devin it’s like winning the lottery.

      • You got it! Sometimes a fail on one person’s part is a big time score in the ratings! ;)

    • When he was first introduced on second night of BB16, he said ” everything that comes out of my mouth will be a lie” I immediately didn’t like him. Then the first thing he does is get into trouble with Devin because he was honest and said no one liked him and was going after him. Frankie asked him why didn’t he lie? So Zach did a complete 180*. I am not saying I don’t want people to lie, just lie when need be.

  5. If the houseguests were smart, they would keep Devin. Only because he will always be a target over them. They evicted Paola because they thought that everyone would go after Devin. Now that they have Devin where they want him. Why not keep Devin longer?

    • I’m a huge huge fan of the “keep the threats” strategy and I’m really not sure why it’s not used more often in this game. I guess since we’re not actually living in the house we’re underestimating just how annoying Devin is. It’s easy for us to make a strategic opinion because a) we don’t have to deal with Devin’s antics and b) we don’t have to be afraid of the backlash that the rest of the house would throw at them if they kept Devin.

      • Have you watched the way Devin will sit at the table or in the chair in the living room and just stare at people? Creepy stare, I would get nervous about that.

  6. Sigh I really hate all the Donny hate. Besides saying he is a threat and creepy, people like Frankie and Christine have been calling him a pervert and other mean things and I find that really bad.

    • Agree. I get so tired of them asking “do you think he is who he says he is?” Enough already.

    • If you were playing this game you wouldn’t want a nice person sitting beside you for eviction. The nice house guest always becomes a target pretty early in the game because they are a POSITIVE threat to others. I have also been frustrated with the negativity aimed at him this weekend. I almost wish he hadn’t won the POV because it now gives the others an excuse to want him out. Wins too many games, likable, etc…

      • Well said – he is a super nice guy which is ironically his greatest strength and his greatest threat to others… I am sad that ”fact” is often decided by the masses and not based on observation and reason. If Donny gets evicted it will be because the masses have chosen to believe he is what they say he is.

    • Not only is he a social threat, he’s a competition threat. There was absolutely NO reason for Donny to win this PoV. None. Jocasta was never going home and there were plenty of people the house wanted out if Devin won the PoV. Him winning the PoV this week really just widened the target on his back that was already hovering over him. He needed to lay low this week and he did the opposite. The HG’s also just don’t trust him. It seems like even if he keeps his word and takes Jocasta off the block they still won’t trust him.

  7. Why does everyone see Brittany as a threat? I don’t see the threat there. Donny he is just nice…sad that they would say he is a pervert. Frankie was my favorite going in..I hope he tones down the Andyness

    • He won’t because he said he was playing Andy’s game. Which is why he wants Brittany out. She’s on to him.

    • I know exactly why they want Brittany out. She’s a rogue house guest. She does exactly what SHE wants to do and doesn’t let anybody coerce her. That becomes a big threat to other people so they naturally want her out.

  8. Derrick was my favorite house guest until yesterday. He’s gone down the same path Devin did last week. He’s drunk on power and trying to juggle every person in the house. Prior to this HOH I thought Derrick was playing a very good game by observing and less talk than most. Now he can’t quit talking. A couple of others already suspect he lied about his employment due to how “smart” he’s appearing in these discussions. The dude needs to chill.

    I think it would be a good move to evict Caleb this week. Devin no longer has anybody in his corner so he’s a lame duck. Caleb on the other hand is still in small alliances plus he’s using Amber to persuade her to vote the way he wants her to vote. She refuses to stand up for herself. These weak-minded women drive me a little crazy. lol

    • I agree. Nicole is the only girl who won’t be strong armed by anyone. Amber is weak..She only has Caleb. They really need to blindside Caleb this week. Devin can always go in the next two weeks.

  9. I loved it this morning when Cody said that Amber’s face reminded him of a lion!

  10. Caleb needs to get his head out of his ass & realize that Amber’s not romantically interested in him! She only wants a friendship! I really hope Donny doesn’t use the Veto & Caleb goes home on Thursday! The sooner, the better, if you ask me!

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