Big Brother 16: Big Plans Rest On Little Chips In Week 3 – Update: Players Picked

The Power of Veto competition is coming up soon in the Big Brother 16 house and a lot rides on this competition, but even more rests on the players being picked.

Devin Shepherd and Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother
Devin Shepherd and Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother

All part of Derrick’s and Nicole’s shared plan as the Heads of Household this week on Big Brother was to target Devin for eviction, but to avoid him having the opportunity to escape the vote they’d have to plan wisely and rely on some luck along the way.

To help keep Devin out of Veto’s reach Derrick and Nicole agreed to not put him up on the block as part of the first round of nominees before the Battle of the Block. Then from there the goal was for Caleb and Jocasta to stay on the block and prepare for the Veto.

Derrick’s concern was Jocasta might not be willing to use the Veto to free up a spot for Devin if she wasn’t on the block, but he knew Caleb would either way. Putting Caleb on the block was a back up plan so he’d be a strong contender should Devin luck in to the competition by draw.

Later this morning the Big Brother 16 HGs will get up and gather in the living room to pick players in the Veto Competition. If Devin’s name is not drawn and no HGs select him from a “HG’s Choice” chip then things will look pretty dim for Devin, but still no guarantee just yet.

For anyone worried that production might stuff the box with “Devin” chips, Big Brother winner Ian Terry pointed out how the process actually works in response to Branden’s joke:

twitter-tweet" lang="en">

@branden628 One. The box is emptied and chips are counted on the living room table in front everyone. #BB16

— Ian Terry (@TulaneTerry) July 12, 2014

That’s interesting to know and surprising that Big Brother doesn’t ever show that on the episodes as it would calm a lot of “rigged!” cries from upset fans.

Devin’s chances are still not that bad to be picked. If we ignore the chance of someone using “HG’s Choice” on him then he’ll have a 1:13 chance on first draw, 1:12 on the second, and a 1:11 on the third draw. (There are 2 “HGs Choice” chips in the mix.) Not too shabby and gives him a decent shot at competing today.

Worst case scenario in all this from Derrick’s perspective? Devin is drawn to play, wins the Veto, and saves Caleb just to screw with the house. Devin would not be eligible for renom and the backup eviction target would be safe.

Should all that happen, then watch out Brittany because I’d expect her to quickly become Plan C.

Veto players should be drawn before too long and then the PoV Competition is expected be held later this afternoon. I’ll keep you posted on all the results and Big Brother spoilers today so join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email to get the latest news.

Update: Results are back from the players being picked. Devin was picked! On top of that, Jocasta is out of the competition, according to Caleb. Caleb explained Devin now had a 1:5 chance so it sounds like Jocasta will not be involved or replaced as she is very sick from dehydration.

Christine and Donny were also selected to play in the Veto later today. Cody will host.

Do you want to see Devin pull off the Veto win and stay to wreck more havoc on the house?



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  1. Fingers crossed Devin wins and pulls Caleb off and watch the house freak out.

    Though, I doubt anyone would use their HG choice on Devin, since no one wants to be the next Devin and enemy # 1 for the house.

    • I still think it would be better if Jocasta won the PoV, and took herself off the block. Then if possible it’d be great to see Devin go up and have Devin & Caleb exchange barbs all week.

      • Jocasta isn’t playing…she is sick and Donny was picked to take her place.

      • Yup… saw that as I followed along the comments – what happened? Is it a virus or some form of physical injury?

      • Dehydration and heat exhaustion after yesterday’s BoB competition. Not really surprising, given that she was taking laxatives to try to help with the constipation problems she’d been having for several days.

      • Oh my that can be quite serious if it is indeed heat exhaustion… And you’re right, the combination of laxatives with it only adds to a potentially dangerous situation… Hope she’s able to recover or at the minimum remember that this is ONLY a game (a once in a lifetime game yes, but still only a game) and not worth risking her health…

  2. Hm I also heard Hayden saying if he won he wouldn’t use it, so they could get out Caleb.

    • if a player wins veto and doesn’t use it to free up a seat for devin, then that person would be painting a HUGE target on their own back… not gonna happen.

      • Lines will be drawn. It’s a gutsy move, but a player would only do that if it was backup by some allies in the house.

      • That’s why Hayden tested the waters with Derrick and Cody last night. Telling them it would not only get rid of Caleb but would help with the lie that the BS Squad is not working together anymore.
        So if he wins and gets Derrick’s approval not to use it then Hayden is even more solid in the game.

    • The tides are turning in the house. I think a very good case can be made for booting Caleb. IMO, it would not be that big a deal.

      • True, but being honest, I wouldn’t want to be the person (if I were a houseguest) to suggest not voting Devin this week. His fate is sealed – the whole house would celebrate – and yes, the biggest remaining threat (to the “Odd-Squad” and Donny) would be Caleb & Amber.

  3. Only dumbass big brother fans will scream ‘RIGGED!” When things don’t their way.

      • The game is neither pure nor rigged. It is well known that it is producer-manipulated game. That is very different from a rigged game. The houseguests agree to this before they ever put a toe into the house.

      • Well said and yep, disclosure and disclaimer contracts are strictly enforced. They can edit, manipulate, portray or abstain anything and anyway they want – but – the one thing they can’t do is force somebody to win/lose.

      • THANK YOU Matt S! Somebody with a brain. Big Brother is far from rigged. But production can do whatever they want because it’s their show.

      • which if you think about it… is scary close to all media outlets – it’s their product to portray with whatever spin they desire, and the rest of us simply take it as ‘fact’. I mean theoretically Devin “could” (strong emphasis on ”could”) be a super nice guy who has been portrayed horribly. If the show (and live feeds) only revealed his times of having heart to hearts with Donny, or his DR clips of how much he loves his daughter, or other emotional times, the viewing public would think he’s a perfect gentleman… but as already stated by kplozai, being portrayed however the producers want is their right if you want your 15min of fame.

    • not so fast their buddy, the game has always been steered (rigged) by production. The D.R. sessions has given past houseguests insider info. Also the game is not static… whenever they want, production can introduce any twist to help or hinder whichever players they want. Do you not remember that fiasco with the coaches twist where they were allowed to enter the game… that was nothing more that a way for production to put their favourite past players into the game with the huge advantage of having been privy to gametalk by the unsuspecting newbies………

      • The newbies should have never been unsuspecting, that was their fault. They know they are signing on to a producer-manipulated game.

      • The coaches entered the game because they needed more players in the game. The game was already down to 8 people with nearly 50 days left. It has nothing to do with production rigging.

  4. I am not a Devin fan at all, but I so hope he is picked and wins PoV. I want the drama! Also, I want him evicted the week before jury.

  5. Hayden’s talking about Caleb’s plan to pick him in the POV and if he wins not taking Hayden off so they can get him out. Derrick and Cody were talking about it yesterday and Hayden just threw out the idea to them. Nicole said that would be a good idea.
    That would be so cool if Caleb got blindsided. Amber would vote him out. She’s been brushing him off and flirting with Cody. So if someone could get Amber to start flirting with Cody just before the POV maybe that would throw Caleb’s game off.

  6. Crossing fingers for the plan to work and see dumbass Devin walking out the door on Thursday.

  7. I think Caleb pulled Devin’s chip to play POV and now Caleb is pissed. BowTie chose Donny which is a safe pick for both of them–BowTie can’t play in the POV due to medical

  8. Maybe I’m the exception but I don’t want Devin to win. I want Donny to win and take Jocasta off. Then Devin and Caleb would be against each other. I believe it would be close. Devin would stay I think because they know people would vote him later. They would see only chance to get Caleb. Would love to see Caleb sweat.

    • I’m ok with that too. As long as I can see Caleb still sitting there feeling defeated

    • If that happens we know how the week will go. Devin will remain humble and quiet as he has been. And Caleb will be so full of himself strutting around. He could very quickly sink his own ship especially since Amber is playing mind games with him right now.

  9. So Jocasta remains on the block? I would have thought they would like let a girl play for her. Doesn’t seem fair. Go Donny! Comp on I think.

  10. Wow last week everyone commented about how they hated Devin and want him out. Now everyone wants him to win POV. WTF? Everyone is just as psycho as him!

    • Devin has been humbled and he’s handling it with class. Caleb has always been a target so the chance to get him out now is just too good.

      • I dunno… I think there’s enough ”characters” to stick around in Devin’s absence. Here’s just a few things we could see happen: Caleb goes really nutty and thinks he’s coupled with Amber who is just using him… Donny actually starts to shed some of the ”nice guy” persona and we see a bonafied strategist… Zach & Frankie (the two schemers) try to get alliances and friendships broken… Derrick simply can’t hold back his domineering side anymore and becomes the next ”mob boss” that everyone wants to boot… The “Odd Squad” (Christine, Nicole & Hayden) actually become the power alliance in the house… There’s lots and lots to look forward to! :)

      • That season is crazy. Most of the cast member are on meds. You should watch it and check out Amanda.

      • To me worst season of BB. Hated the attitudes of HG. Didn’t think I would like this season. But all the comps are fun. Not crazy about all the HG but much better than last year. Caleb and Devin are a little bullying but not bad like last year. I’m starting to really love this year.

      • I agree with you. I hate that season. This season, who knows it could turn out to be one of the best. I’m enjoying it so far.

      • I so agree.. last year was the worst. This season is 100% better. (sorry ’bout that)

      • Yep. BB9 and BB15 were the utter abominations of the series. Absolutely horrid casts. There was nobody I could cheer for in either of those seasons. I wanted them all to lose. This season is definitely good redemption. Very good casting. I like a lot of the people and despise some of them (perfect BB combo)

      • If you watch any BB15 understand those were vile people. And that is being nice. They were also filthy–flies breeding in the shower drains, bloody sheets left for others to sleep on, etc. And if you don’t want to hear about the parade of men, women and objects going into Amanda fast forward. Every time she speaks it’s either about her sex life or something racist.

      • There will still be plenty of drama without psycho boy. Caleb is jealous of Cody and Amber. Amber thinks Cody is creepy. All the muscle heads wanting each other out and then there’s Frankie. I think that will be enough drama for a few weeks.

    • It’s all for the drama’s sake.. nothing more, nothing less. Devin staying will for sure cause drama.

      • Please get rid of Devin! He is a control freak who cannot keep his mouth closed and want to suck up to everyone who he previously put up. I can not stand this moron!!!

  11. Everybody talking about Caleb but he was super with Jocasta yesterday. He half carried her to the bathroom. Stayed right there with door cracked in case she passed out and half carried her to bed when she was through. She almost had heat stroke. Donny’s also taking care of her (not surprised).

      • No I heard Donny tell her his name was drawn to play for her. Only Donny, Derrick, Caleb, Devin and Christine playing since Jocasta couldn’t pull a name out. Doc said she couldn’t play so BB let Derrick pull somebody for her and it was Donny. He old her he’s taking her off (told Caleb and Derrick too), so could be Devin and Caleb on block. Yeah!

  12. Why can’t they just wait a day or so to hold the veto comp?? We don’t even see the comp until Wednesday… How is it fair that Jocasta has no chance to take herself off the block…

      • Yeah…n who Victoria? I heard something about a girl named Victoria playing but I haven’t seen her.

      • Lol yes these two women have probably had the least amount of camera time. I think it has to do with the guys this year dominating the drama.

      • Lol I’m not a big fan of hers (She is the minister who wears bowties all the time). I’m just a fan of the game and I don’t get why they can’t just wait a day or so until she has recovered from dehydration and can compete for her safety in the house. I really don’t think she needs to win or will win, just stated this a matter of fact for if this ever happened to a favorite player of mine, I’d be really annoyed!

      • Lol I know who she is. I was being a little sarcastic because she’s not even playing the game. Too bad she’s sick though.

    • If caleb comes off regardless as to who replaces him, why not bounce Joscata?

      • I think someone else already said. If Jocasta was saved and Devin went up it would be very interesting to see who the house would out. Always about making the game more interesting…

    • Rules are rules.. even in sports, if half the team is injured and cant play, the game goes on.

      • I understand that but we all know that big brother is produced and the veto comp isn’t before a live studio audience or anything so production could have easily decided to reschedule the comp. I’m just glad it’s not one of my favorites or someone in danger of going home.

  13. I am not surprised Devin was picked for veto comp he will also win said comp and take Caleb off its a shame but Brittney will be leaving this week. This is my opinion

  14. I bet Devin wins.. Caleb convinces him to pull off him and the whole plan has back fired.

    • Yes, I see that happening cause Devin will be rebuilding with Caleb and Amber for sure. Ugh. what a nightmare. Frankie will snake his way in too. Grr

  15. Devin, Christine, Donny, Derrick, Caleb and Jocosta (who is sick). hmm. not surprised Devin is playing. Curious if he takes Caleb off the block? Why is it, remind me again Devin then just goes up? Why is he canceled out from that? Why is he safe too?

      • I understand…but I am still confused. I thought the whole point of winning is to save yourself. but, if you take someone else off then you made a bad move and then you can go up. did the rules change?

      • the rules have always been that the pov holder is safe from being a nom

      • I was thinking along those same lines, like, let’s say “Joe” and “Jane” are on the block and Jane wins POV. She’s not going to give the POV to Joe ’cause then she could still go home.

  16. I am having the best time watching Caleb on the feeds right now! He is in beast mode and cracking me up…I kinda want Devin to pull out the win! The drama that follows would be awesome to watch!

  17. Lets all take a moment and pray to the BB Gods that Devin and Caleb suck at this comp and both end up on the block- For all the people that wanted Devin gone last week, and now want him to stay, do me a favor and next week if Devin is still here and goes back to being the psycho he was, do not get on here and cry about how he needs to leave-A bunch of FLIP FLOPPERS…

    • I don’t think people want Devin to stay because they actually like him. I think they just want him to stir up the house and cause problems

  18. Not to be ugly but does this mean Jocasta gets a pass to remain in the house regardless? I think she ought to pick a HG to play for her in her stead like a proxy…

    • I don’t think so.. she will remain on the block (unless veto winner uses it on her) and can be evicted.

  19. I really hope that the comp involves using ur brain, this way Caleb and Devin are on the block together-This would make for an interesting week..

  20. It’s amazing that whenever some is the target to be backdoored they still end up in the veto comp.

  21. So Nicole said she wanted Amber out before Devin this week. What is her beef with Amber ? Is it just the BS alliance because her buddy Christine was in that as well…

    Nicole seems to really dislike Amber and she doesn’t really have a reason to.

    • Listening to Christine, Nicole & Victoria talking 2 nights ago in the HoH room, none of them can stand Amber.

      • All I heard was how Amber would use their stuff without asking. Of course Victoria has conplained about others for the same reason. Any game related reasons they do not like her?

      • Amber is your classic BB player who doesn’t really know much about the game..she is using the guys to carry her along.especially Caleb and Cody..she thinks they both love her..well, Caleb does, Cody doesn’t..he is just using her right now to make Caleb jealous. Plus, she is just annoying.

  22. Britt was just called to the DR..veto comp getting ready to begin. I have a feeling this comp is going to be very intense!

    • Did you hear Donny when Derrick was telling him about what he’s going to say in the POV speech? Donny said sure if they’ll let you do it. He wasn’t talking about production. I think Derrick just totally missed the fact Donny just told him he knows he’s still in the BS. But Derrick is so busy talking he’s not listening.

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