Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

In what looks like the start of another wild week on Big Brother 16 the Nominations Ceremony is over and we have the latest Big Brother spoilers on which four Houseguests are now on the block.

Big Brother 16 Nominations
Big Brother 16 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

With more time than we saw last week with the holiday rushed schedule the new HoHs, Derrick and Nicole, worked overnight to set up their noms. It’s an intricate plan but one that has a lot of moving parts, but if everyone plays their role just right then I think they just might pull it off. Then again, this is Big Brother where things rarely go to plan.

Read on for the latest nomination spoilers:

Big Brother 16 Week 3 Nominations:

Big Brother 16 - Week 3 Nominations

  • Derrick nominated Caleb & Jocosta
  • Nicole nominated Amber & Donny

Devin is definitely the backdoor target. This move is so Devin isn’t guaranteed a chance to play in the Veto comp on Saturday.

Instead the plan is for Caleb to throw the comp so Amber & Donny can come down off the block and Derrick remains HoH. Then Caleb will compete to win the Veto. Whoever wins it will use it and Devin goes up, as long as it isn’t Devin who wins the Veto.

What do you think of the nomination picks for Big Brother 16 this week? We expect the Battle of the Block later today so keep an eye out and share the results soon!



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  1. Tell me this doesn’t have BD written all over it? If Devin doesn’t see this then he deserves to go home.

    • In the words of Devin’s twin brother, The Rock… IT DOESN’T MATTER IF DEVIN REALIZES IT’S A BACKDOOR. That’s the whole point of a backdoor. Whether you realize what’s going on or not, you still have no chance to save yourself from the block

    • How’d he take it? It’s probably still just simmering. Wait for it to sink in and then, kaboom!

      • Yup, poor Devin really does think he’s smarter than the rest. He could have easily turned this game in his favour from early on –> He clearly had the physical advantage and was well protected within an alliance if only he could’ve kept his yapper closed and not outplay himself. The worst part of all (like most BB contestants) is his inability to clearly see himself for who he is.

  2. If the plan was to backdoor Devin, he gets picked on Veto and win, as long as he doesn’t save Caleb, the drama continues and Caleb’s a*s will be out the door…..I have no problem with that. I actually prefer for him to be evicted first.

      • That would be crazy because Donny and Amber would be safe. Then Caleb and Devin that’s 4 votes against Jocasta. No Devin would keep her unless it’s Brittany.

      • Could be but if Dev/Cal had a “plan”..with Brittany… She could suck it up and take one for the team and ensure she gets back in Derrick’s good graces before then so that 1. Derrick isn’t suspicious and 2. Derrick wants her to stay. Since some people don’t like Brittany, maybe he puts up a “sure thing” vs Jocasta like Hayden (doubt he’ll risk Cody or Christine)?

      • I hope Devin wins the POV. I think he realized how stupid he has acted. I hope he gets a chance to redeem himself.

    • What if Brittany wins and takes Jacosta down and Devin goes up and him and Caleb fight to stay. I would love it. Who would go Caleb or Devin?

      • It would be funny to see the two meatheads bury each other some more wouldn’t it? ;)

  3. A Fantasy Sequence of how it could go wrong:
    Nicole nominates Amber/Donny who win BoB and Nic is dethroned
    Derrick nominate Caleb/Jocasta throws BoB and Derrick remains HoH

    POV Devin wins. Does not plan to use it cause he’s mad at everyone but Frankie.
    Derrick is ok if he doesn’t cause he wants to evict Caleb anyway. But shhh – don’t tell Caleb or Amber (or Devin). Let’s let Caleb be surprised when the votes are 10:1 that Jocasta stays and Caleb, you’re roadkill (from friendly fire). Ok. Everyone hush hush now.

    Frankie is concerned for Frankie and right now is super paranoid, thanks to the Zach Attack. If Caleb goes, he’s left with only Devin to protect him from the house gunning for him as Plan B if they can’t get to Devin.
    So Frankie tiptoes to Devin and fills him in that the REAL plan is to blindside Caleb!!! And in typical over-the-top Frankie style, tell him that the BS has turned on Caleb/Amber and Devin. Then advise him that maybe he should use POV on Caleb since Amber’s safe and he and Caleb take back the house TOGETHER!!!
    Of course, once he get Devin’s buy-in, Frankie goes to Caleb and fills him in that he is set up for heartache and that was the plan all along. But work with Devin and they can win next 2 HoHs and evict 2 of the strong BS’ers (Cody/Zach) and decimate their alliance. Cripple them and watch the others come crawling back to the altar.

    Devin and Caleb shake – like in a buddy cop movie – and it’s on! Caleb will be out for blood. Devin uses the POV to save Caleb (again, secretly (surprise!) POV to save Caleb (Amber is safe, Devin is safe, Caleb is so no one is wise to Frankie…otherwise, Derrick would put up Frankie as the renom for being a rat!). Then as soon as Devin uses the safe), then Derrick has to scramble for a replacement nominee versus Jocasta. What he won’t realize at the time is….

    Devin, Caleb, Amber, Frankie – recruit their own secret alliance (Brittany, Nicole, Victoria) – all of whom can vote, making 7 votes. Yes, Frankie must pledge allegiance (finally) to the Monster Squad!

    Brittany will be back in Derrick’s good graces then (as are Frankie and Nicole) so Derrick has to send home Jocasta. How better than to put up Hayden, whom everyone is cool with. Who would vote him out? Well, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…7 of Devin’s people will. 7 votes to 4 (Cody, Zach, Donny, Christine) and Hayden goes home. Top Cop and his gang are flabbergasted – WTH just happened???? They count “4” who voted their way (Cod, Zac, Don, Chr) – they’re solid for sure!
    FRANKIE!!! NICOLE!!! BRITTANY!!! What are you doing??? Mayhem!!!!

    Then it is ON! Next week, Derrick can’t be HoH so it’s up to:
    Cody – Donny – Zach – Christine!!!!
    Versus Caleb – Devin – Amber – Brittany – for HoH!!!!
    Battle Royale:
    Top Cop (Jaegers) vs the Kaiju
    The Brat Pack vs The Rat Pack
    Weeks 4 & 5 – a slip & slide is probably coming up (doesn’t favor the big boys)… probably some puzzle/mental comp (no endurance til cull the HGs more…my guess). What people say they want? No. Not popular. But fiery, interesting, all out with their chest out? Oh yeah, baby!

  4. Guys I really dislike Devin but I am hoping Amber/Donny win BoB and Devins POV saving Caleb, and then there are serious fireworks.

    All the drama in the first two weeks has made me greedy.

    • Don’t count on that because Caleb is going to throw it. Hopefully, Jacosta will go this alone and try for the win, but, I doubt it..Jacosta is not the best BB player.

  5. I done with Nicole. She got to nom 1st and she wimped out and let Derrick and Caleb take over her HOH. She’s supposed to be a superfan but what did we hear from her…its too early!! Okay Helen…err…Nicole.

    • The guys are outplaying the girls and have been since the show started. Nicole kept saying last night that she wasn’t going to be told what to do with her HOH..well..I think Derrick won this round.

      • Wrong. She controlled her own nominations. Derrick tried to get her to put up Brittany and she said no. He wanted her to put up Victoria and she said no. She’s after Caleb and Devin and she’s playing one of the smartest games. Derrick and all his lies didn’t get him anywhere with Nicole. Nicole just doesn’t run her mouth like most of the guys.

    • Before she even won HoH nicole said her 3 targets are Caleb, amber, and Devin. I don’t see how anyone can think this isn’t her playing game. She has all three of them in the line of fire and no matter what happens one of them is likely going home.

      • Exactly! She’s playing one of the smartest games. She doesn’t run her mouth and watches what’s going on.

    • She’s playing one of the smartest games. All of the BS Derrick fed her last night she told Hayden she didn’t believe one word. Everyone wants to back door Devin including her so of course she’s going to put up people that won’t be pissed at her. They’re not her target. She chose her own nominations. Derrick wanted her to put Brittany up and she said no. She told him who she wasn’t putting up. She controlled her own HOH. She did Amber because Amber put her up.

      • Yup and even if she was influenced, she comes out of this looking MUCH better to her fellow houseguests than Derrick does.

    • I disagree – who comes out of this looking better Nicole or Derrick from the house’s perspective? That’s all that matters, not yours, not mine, it’s the fellow housemates who vote and control her fate.

  6. I LOVE that DONNY, he has to be the nicest guy BB has ever had. Team DONNY all the way!!!

  7. Why are some HG’s upset with Donny right now? Did he say something before or after noms?

    • Derrick has been trashing Donny for days. He’s been lying about Donny and so did Hayden and Christine.

      • I heard Nicole say that Donny said something to her before noms and that’s why she put him up instead of Victoria.

      • No..I just read it from Joker’s It was Amber that gave some information about Donny..What information?..I don’t know

      • It’s funny how few people truly trust one another nowadays. What has Donny done (I mean truly done) that would give people the impression he’s backstabbing them? He’s been the nicest floater the game has ever seen, and ironically, that’s his strength. It’s only going to kill Derrick in the end when Donny talks openly about how hurt he is that Derrick has done this to him (I mean who would any of us believe and want to support if we saw Donny upset that somebody lied about him? Donny or the other person?)

  8. Derrick is a good strategist, but man !..Can he just shut the F up for a minute..He talks forever and it’s annoying me.

      • Or Caleb. I wonder if he has some secret plan. Derrick has been spot on till now.

      • Well, I sure hate to hear that. Derrick has been my champ up til now. I like a HG who plays smart. If he goes from smart to cocky, there will only be Cody and Hayden who are strong competitors physically without being a–holes.

      • Well try to understand that he is a dominant male like most of the guys in there. What’s kept him quiet this long is his position in the house to observe and play in the background. But for the past week he’s had to come out and be active by intentionally influencing people to keep Zach (while trying to control Zach’s mouth which hasn’t been easy)… So his ‘dominant leader’ side is starting to emerge and now that it’s coming out it will be hard to put away…

      • So his ‘dominant leader’ side is starting to emerge and now that it’s coming out it will be hard to put away…

        well put.

    • He does need to reel it in a bit…I am getting a little tired of his constant talking about game.

      • He started that last night to Nicole but I don’t think she’s totally buying it

      • If Nicole had her way, she was really gunning for Caleb. Unfortunately and understandably she had to compromise with Derrick. She seems to be a good player… I hope she doesn’t disappoint us.

      • If she was really gunning for Caleb she would have been the one to put him up. Derrick told her it would be alright with him if she did. Then she would have kept HOH and kept the power. She had the chance to make a big move but its too early so said Helen 2.0

      • No Nicole played smart. She wanted to put Amber up and didn’t want Caleb and Amber up together. And she wouldn’t of kept HOH because Caleb would of tried to win it if he was up with Amber. The main target is to back door Devin and if Nicole can keep her hands clean then that’s good for her. She is after Caleb, Amber and Devin and as long as one goes she’s happy.

      • No, Nicole was totally brain washed by Derrick and gave in to him on her nomination of Donny. She had complete trust in Donny until all Derrick’s lies about him and he added a little bit of truth about the Double D alliance that she was aware of. Everything else he said about him were just lies.

      • Sorry but she wasn’t. She told Derrick who she wasn’t putting up. He wanted her to put up Brittany and she said no. Then he told her Victoria and after she talked to Victoria she decided not to put her up. Derrick had no idea until he went to pick the keys and Donny’s was gone. She even told Hayden she doesn’t believe a word Derrick says. Derrick even told the guys she’s a tough cookie and knows this game. He told them she’s not backing down. That sure doesn’t sound like someone being controlled.

      • Nice…too early Helen :P plus, after Derrick and Nicole’s 40 something minute convo, about who to put up, neither would pull the trigger on Frankie! Ugh. No blood, he is in everyone’s business, uh no do not want him to come after us. Geez. Hand him the money then, just like “the andy rat” won. I can see it happening. Grr

      • Not sure a comparison to last year’s cast is apt here. Completely different demographic, mindset, and players.

  9. They are Not safe just because they are part of the Team America. Jo went home first.

  10. I think they are getting ready for the BOTB..wonder how this is going to go..she said sarcastically!

  11. I’m not Iiking this trend of throwing comps. Why does it matter who wins? A back door is a back door—or does Nicole not want Devin out?

    • The goal is to get Caleb a guaranteed spot in the Veto comp, as he has a good chance to win physical challenges. A backdoor would fail if by random pick, someone not in the plan gets chosen for veto comp, wins, and keeps noms the same.

      • the brilliant part of it is if the plan to BD Devin fails. Caleb or amber will stay on the block and go home.,,,exactly like Nicole wants. all of this while Amber and caleb aren’t mad at her for putting them on the block…. who ever says she’s letting derrick control her HOH is sourly mistaken

    • Don’t worry, eventually everyone will realize that once the common enemies (Devin, Caleb & Amber) are gone people will have to start eating each other again…

  12. I may have to stop watching the feeds. Derrick is driving me crazy saying 100% 100%.

  13. Throwing a comp is just wrong…I mean if you want to though yourself under the bus fine. But, when you have another person on the block fighting for their life in something so important like BoB, you should be ashamed and sent packing. Own up, don’t lie, Not be praised and cocky for doing it.

    • Exactly…Jacosta has no say at all. I hate that this is turning into “Throwing the Battle of the Block.”

    • There are times that no one will want or need to throw a comp, throwing BotB at this point in the game is merely a strategy to achieve a particular team goal.

  14. What do you all think about the next time they do this double HOH they put a rule:
    If you talk about putting up certain noms to throw the BotB and you put those nom’s key in the box the wall shows the new noms are the 2 HOH winners? And then they could say the other noms are off the block and there will not be a POV this week.

    That’s how you stop this throw the comp crap!!!

  15. So, the house logic is that Devin is evil for getting Paola to throw the comp and Paolo deserves to go home for throwing the comp but Caleb throws a comp and is praised. Ok.

  16. Just another weak move. EVERYONE hates Devin…Devin is on the bottom of the totem pole…if Devin were somehow to end up in the final 2 (never) — everyone wins against him because he’s hated. So, why the rush to remove him (like Pao), when they have no power??!! You remove the strong, not the weak. You leave the weak in the house. Another dumb move.

    • I think it is good game to remove the strong. But, it is terrible television and makes for a dull season. In what sport do we cheer on the mediocre? I think this is why the show introduced the double HoH this year–to make it harder to get a strong competitor out. I’d rather watch a house of Zachs than a house of Paos. I would lose interest and stop watching. Last year I got to where I was just lurking on the spoiler pages.

    • Still not sure where the advantage is (for the Hoh or the people leading the campaign vote) to take out an ally of somebody rather than a common enemy of everyone… Like you said EVERYONE hates Devin. This is the perfect week to remove one player and get one step closer to the end without having anyone turn on you for doing so. The old English expression is apt here: ”Never look a gift horse in the mouth!” (what a weird expression)!

      • I’ve come upon a new quote, that now is one of my favorites. ‘It ain’t fun when the Rabbit’s got the gun!’

  17. Brilliant! I like that Caleb is in on this. I hope the HoH’s have told Caleb they will throw the Veto comp to further help Caleb come down?

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