Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 3 Battle Of The Block Results

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

The latest Battle of the Block has been held for Big Brother 16 and once again there’s a plan to throw the competition, but unlike last round this one is set to work against Devin.

Earlier we learned of the official nominations and the stage was set for a great big backdoor effort with several nominees promised safety if they played their part. Of course nothing in the Big Brother house is guaranteed so did it work out like they hoped? I’ve got your Big Brother spoilers below so read on for more.

Big Brother Week 3 Battle of the Block Spoilers:

  • Donny & Amber won the Battle of the Block!
  • Caleb & Jocasta remain on the block, as planned.
  • Derrick is still the HoH
  • Nicole got a punishment. She has to wear a frog suit all week

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The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday and the Veto Ceremony arrives on Monday. Keep with us for your latest spoilers all week as this game keeps going crazy!

Want to watch the Live Feeds yourself? Grab the Free Trial right now and see what’s going on inside the BB16 house through the HD cameras and uncensored views of all the action. There’s already been plenty of conflict and drama brewing so you don’t want to miss this fun.


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  1. My head is spinning. Had to work all day and didn’t follow much what happens. I’m trying to catch up since I got home. So much info to process. Should be up-to-date sometimes tomorrow.

  2. Feeds are back and all I hear is Derrick..Blah.Blah…Blah..blah.blah blah !!

    • I know right. I used to like Derrick but he’s getting on my nerves now. He’s turning into Devin, Caleb Jr. Trying to run the house. Last night all his BS to Nicole and she doesn’t buy any of it. She’s knows he’s full of it. I really want her to go to the end.

      • Yeah !..He’s a good player, but I don’t like him that much, Plus I hate cops. haha (just kidding)…no I’m serious. lol I like Nicole too.

      • Sadly his dominant male side is coming out… This shouldn’t be too surprising… And yep Nicole & Donny in the end would be great!

      • Nicole and Donny are great because they’re kinda like two peas in a pod, in different ways, if that makes any sense. Each one of them is probably somewhat socially outcast/awkward, etc. and they’re just very likable people simply because they are what they appear to be, as opposed to wearing some kind of facade.

    • I like Derrick but now that he turned the votes against Devin and basically saved Zach, I feel like his ego grew..

      • Especially since saving Zach over a no-threat like Pao was stupid. Maybe not now, but it will be soon. Zach could be a threat. Pao could never be.

      • Amber, Caleb, Brittany, Victoria, and Frankie are dumb for saving Zach. They are all next in line to get evicted once Devin leaves.

    • I really hope he gets picked to play and wins. That would be awesome to watch! If he does, it’s bye-bye Caleb.which would not bother me at all.

      • Last week I can’t stand the guy. Now, because of what’s going on in the house, I actually want him to get picked on Veto and win. lol

      • Are you high? How about Brittany wins takes Jacosta off and Devin goes up next to Caleb?

      • NO! Now is the time to take Caleb out. It’s the ultimate back door and will end all the this throw the comp BS. Caleb won’t see it coming.

      • But wouldn’t it be funny to have Devin and Caleb on the block together? I think Caleb would go.

      • These people are vote with the house idiots. Don’t risk it and be Helen 2.0–its too soon. You have Caleb right where you want him so get him gone.

      • They need to blindside Caleb this week. Devin can always go within the next two weeks. If Caleb stays, anytime sweet little Amber is on the block, he will be her knight in shining armor and throw comps to save her..who wants to watch that all season? I don’t.

      • Hey that’s what I’ve been sayin’. It would be hilarious to watch them up against each other… I think Devin would still be going.

      • Caleb can’t be backdoored if he is playing in the veto. A backdoor is if your intended target is NOT playing in the veto and they go up after the veto meeting.

      • It’s a blindside if Jocasta wins Devin goes up but Caleb goes home. However none of these HG can keep their mouth shut. If they could Caleb would think Devin going but he goes.

      • I just want him to stay for 4 reasons.
        1. I want him to troll all these houseguest by winning POV & the next HOH.
        2. Devin is basically the star of the season. He is such a train wreck it’s entertaining to watch.
        3. I am probably the minority of the viewers who actually like Devin.
        4. He has a daughter

      • I feel like Devin being on the block is probably hazardous for all of the house guests. I can see him now going on a rampage that ends in property damage and possible violence towards another houseguest.

      • Perhaps if provoked, but I really think he’s more passive aggressive than anything else. No need to worry my friend, he’s entertaining enough as it is without worrying about him pulling a Hantz family meltdown…

      • I actually hope Jocasta wins POV then takes herself off so that it’s Devin vs. Caleb. Having a week of those two meatheads turn on each other publicly would be hilarious.

    • I hate to say it, but I kinda do, too. In the end, whoever wins BB has no effect on my life. But, good, juicy, backstabbing and low down BB drama makes me happy. And we all know if Devin does play PoV and wins some chaos will ensue. WEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  3. I really cant figure out why Derrick needs to pretend to Nicole that he wasnt in an alliance. He thinks he is being clever, but IF she believes him, he wont fool her for long. Then she will have another reason not to trust him. It was a dumb move.

  4. Quick question, folks. why does everyone on BB keep saying “100%” all the time? I dont know anyone who talks this way in real life. Pax

  5. Did they have Have Nots Already? Did Britt become a have not for the third week in a row?

  6. Oh boy, now they can get Devin out! They just HAVE to get rid of the most hated person in the house because he has nobody on his side! He’s just so dangerous with NOBODY on his side. ugh. I hate dumb gameplay.

  7. Yes, keeping Devin would be entertaining but I couldn’t stand watching him run that house again for another week. He’s so freaking annoying. Also, this would be the best opportunity to get him out instead of later on in the game. There is no doubt he’s a strong player. If someone unexpected wins Veto and things don’t go as planned, Caleb should go (based on game play). Personally, Jocasta needs to go. Such a floater. I watched BBAD and saw her conversation with Cody and Brittney talking about what happened last week. When Cody asked her if she knew what went on she was beating around the bush being annoying.. “Well what do you think I know??” Stupid answers like that. Like what are you trying to hide. She probably doesn’t even know what happened lol She looked confused in the Diary Room who to evict between Pow and Zach.

    • That’s her plan. She told Donny and Nicole (I think N) that you let them talk and not give any info out. I forgot the word she used. She thinks that will work. All it does is make her look stupid.

    • At this point in the game, I think they should let the floaters stay, and take out the more powerful players.

      • I know it is more strategic to always get the strong players out, but it makes the game boring. You end up with a ship of wimps, captained by someone like Andy. To me, that is very sad to watch. I am rooting for

  8. Here’s a fun hypothetical: Devin wins POV and next HOH… Who are his noms? I’m guessing not Brit, Jo, Donny, Caleb or Amber. Most likely Derrick and Victoria, eh?

      • Did they actually tell him they were going to BC him? What idiots, if they did. Can no one in this house keep a secret? In my book the best kill is the one you have lured into complacency. Besides, surprise makes for good TV. Am still pissed that Frankie spoiled the shock for Derrick. Oy.

  9. okay BB fans this is why we can’t stop watching:
    Devin went up to the HOH where Derrick/Frankie/Caleb/Zach are hanging out and peace is made between the males. All laughing and having a good old time.
    Meanwhile, Zach leaves and meets Cody in the beehive and plot to take out Caleb this week and get Christine and Nicole to do a F4 deal and get rid of the others.

  10. This season only makes me miss Joey that much more. Every girl that has won HOH has given it away to the guy who also won.

  11. Phew! Happy Donny is off. Jocasta, Caleb, Devin, either could go. I see Derrick getting himself in trouble, you have to know when to pull back. The plan was set in motion now shut up and let it play out.

    It would be really funny if Devin won the POV and take Caleb off, who would go up? Who would they vote out then? If that happens, hopefully throwing comps ends.

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