Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations

In a surprise overnight Nomination Ceremony the latest Big Brother 16 spoilers have arrived and bring four more players to the chopping block. With a mega-alliance controlling the house the options were slim this week.

Big Brother 16 Nominations
Big Brother 16 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

Last night we saw Amber and Devin take power after Cody was disqualified from the Head of Household competition. Devin’s choices were immediately clear and well known throughout the house. In fact, he went around telling everyone multiple times including the nominees themselves even after being told that’s against the rules.

So despite the flagrant rules violation, no penalty noms were handed out, sorry Devin “fans.” Instead both he and Amber revealed their nomination picks in a late night ceremony ahead of today’s Battle of the Block competition.

Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers:

Big Brother 16 Week 2 Nominations:

  • Amber nominated Hayden & Nicole
  • Devin nominated Brittany & Paola

Hayden and Nicole are on the short list of HGs not in the Bomb Squad so this isn’t surprising. Devin had immediately told everyone in the house he wanted Brittany up and no kidding. They’ve been at each other for days and everyone saw this coming after he won.

Similarly Paola seems to be the obvious comp losing pawn choice. She’s already said she’ll throw the comp so Brittany can stay on the block and be evicted.

What do you think of the nomination picks for Big Brother 16 this week? We expect the Battle of the Block later today so keep an eye out and have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Update: Feeds went to Fishies just before 5AM BBT. BotB time!



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  1. I think Devin’s short-sightedness could (hopefully) be his undoing! I think Hayden & Nicole could be the stronger Battle of the Block team & if Pow Pow (historically bad w/comps already) is talking about throwing it, that not only means she & Brittany stay up, but Amber becomes sole HOH! Backdoor Devin asap HG!!!!!!!

    • Yep, that’s Paola’s plan. She wants to stay up so Brittany would get evicted. Hang though. If Paola & Brittany lose, then Devin would remain HoH and can not be BD’d.

      • That is exactly what she is. Devin and Caleb know that when they put her up against anyone, she will they have a better shot at BOTB, veto, and HOH with her around. I was just watching the feeds and I think Cody has pulled in Hayden and Donny along with Zach and Derrick. They are slowly starting another alliance to take out Devin and Caleb.

      • As much as I don`t like Devin and would hate see him winning. I still prefer him over Derrick, Zack, Frankie and Donny .. because we have seams these players before in the game and they don`t bring anything new for the show

  2. I was bummed that Devin got HoH. But, this is only week two, there’s still plenty of time to boot his odd butt out. Just sit back another couple of weeks, he’s digging his own grave deeper and deeper.
    There is one good thing I can say about him from last nights episode, his reaction to Alex was too funny.

    • Agreed – eventually he & Caleb will become a threat to the other guys. Zach & Frankie are schemers so they’ll backdoor Caleb & Devin when the time is right to do so…

  3. WOW so the only way the guys are gonna get voted out is through being backdoored. I can’t believe this group has put themselves in a corner so early on. This will be an interesting season for sure.

    • Give it time. Say the unexpected happens and Britta + Pao win. Then Hayden could still be on the block come Thurs. But yeah, women seem to have a tough time teaming up together on BB in general.

      • Yeah but his season is worse than past. I love all the hg’s this season but the women just don’t seem to be getting it together. If I had to bet money, I’d say we’re definitely going to see an all male f3. As pretty as Amber is, she’s turning out to just be a tool (I mean game play wise guys, you Amber lovers out there don’t crucify me).

      • The worst part is Amber knows she’s just a tool and is allowing it to happen. She’ll let it all happen because she thinks Caleb will take her to the F2.

      • Is that it or is she just the personality type that goes along with whatever the most popular boy in the school tells her to do? Seems to me that there’s a lot of Barbie girl inside of Amber.

      • I already can see Cody, Derrick and Zack final 3.

        If I guy wins this season again. I don`t think I will be watching BB anymore…,unless they do a all girls season

      • Nope, have to say I agree with you. Amber is pretty, and she seems fairly nice, but my gut and observations point to a girl that’s used to being on the arm of the most popular boy in school and following whatever he says…

      • The girls had an opportunity to team up when Joey asked them for an alliance, but they were too stupid to take the offer.

      • Didn’t Joey out the 4 girl alliance they had at the start? Trust is a valuable commodity in this types of
        games. You trust the wrong person and you are gone! Joey made that mistake! She should have shown loyalty and earn people’s trust! That is what
        people miss!

      • I dont really know what happen to El Cuatro but from what I understand Joey tried to start an all girls alliance but they girls rejected her so Joey just said “I tried to start an alliance”. I dont think she outed El Cuatro.

      • Im always rooting for the girls. But this season seams like we have the wrost girls ever

      • All eye candy and extreme characters that’s why… We need to get back to getting some very intelligent women who would kick this group of men in the butt! ;)

      • They should have invited Kim Spradlin Survivor Winner to play but, I can see people objecting to it!
        She would have probably been able to unify the girls and booted the guys off! Then, again she would have a big target on her back seeing how she played on Survivor! The guys knowing who she is probably will move to evict her first! The women can
        learn how to play the social game better from her

      • Oh I would prefer Parvati or Laura M because they both are fierce in competitions *and* they know how to manipulate the power men until they no longer serve their purposes…

      • Joey should have told everybody about American`s player alliance.
        If she had done that everybody would be going crazy right now, especially Devin, Frankie and Caleb because they think people are loving them

    • Just wait. Women always seem to be an easy target early because they play a little more tentatively than some of the men. But after a few weeks the guys will see each other as the bigger threats. I can already see caleb and devin facing off.

      • If they don’t make their move now there won’t be any women to make a move later. The BS Squad want all the women gone except Amber and Christine. And Caleb won’t allow Amber to go up so Christine will be the first of the BS Squad to go. I think Christine is finally ready to end this BS.

      • where did you get that?

        Both Amber and Christiane said they want the Bomb Squad to get ride of all the women, and they will be the only 2 left.

        Christiane has not even told Nicole about Bomb Squad. and Christiane said she would go after Britanny and PowPow if she had won HOH

        Christianne is just a Puppet of the Bomb Squad.

      • Yeah, but I don`t see any of the guys having balls to go after DEvin or Caleb. But this week will tell.

        If Britanny stays on the block and they vote her out. It means Devin and Caleb will run this season

      • True, but that probably won’t happen until most (or all) of the women are gone and it becomes the ”jocks” vs. the ”schemers” like is usually does. Either way, I’m hoping that Big Brother gets somebody like Parvati form Survivor one season who was not only great at comps, she was brilliant in her ability to manipulate people. Instead of focussing on which woman has the best body to put on tv, let’s get somebody in there with the best brains!

  4. Has this BS Squad lost their minds? Amber has given away any and all power to Devin/Caleb. Devin won’t put up or vote for Donny and Caleb won’t put up or vote for Hayden. Even if they manage to get rid of everyone else who do they think will be running the final 8. It’ll be Devin/Caleb/Amber in control.

      • She’s ”safe” by virtue of her connection to the BS and to Caleb isn’t she? I think she’s doing this more out of a character habit (to say ”yes” to the dominant person calling the shots)…

      • Could be, we certainly don’t know her enough (yet). But I can see why she wouldn’t want to rock the boat at this point. Nothing to gain (at this point).

  5. ARG!! Hayden and Nicole won BotB. So I guess this house full of sheep is going to vote the way the house wants (Devin wants) and Brit is going home.

    • You are exactly right, I was just watching the feeds, a few HG’s are up, I don’t think they have even been to bed yet..they said they are voting with the house. I hate that…play your own game. Cody and Derrick really do not want to get rid of Brittany and I don’t know why they would, she is on their side and an ally. Devin and Caleb, who think they are running the house, want Pow to stay because they know they can control her..they can’t control Brittney. I would love for Brittney to win POV.

      • They keep them up to do nominations and play the BofB so the crew could go home and celebrate 4th July.

  6. JULIE CHEN…part of the voting rule CHANGES that I Had was not to let the LIVE VOTE be known to the HOUSEGUEST… The viewing TV audience sees the LIVE VOTE……..This 13-0 vote by my rule would not be known……Then the real action could begin….Now everyone knows how everybody voted… Keep it simple…..”THE VOTES ARE IN and ( you ) have been voted out of the BIG BROTHER HOUSE”…Period over and done was the vote 7 to 6? As you know Julie I would have the HOH vote first with the use of a Possible TWO_VOTE in play again the HOUSEGUEST would never know if the HOH was the tie breaking VOTE….My VOTING rule changes would also bring these NEW twists to the next LEVEL

  7. If Cody was penalized for touching the ground in the HOH comp, then Devin should be given a penalty nom whenever he is nominated, which I hope is very very soon. EVERYONE needs to follow the production afraid of this guy too?

      • He blasted the name of who he was nominating before the actual ceremony. So he was reprimanded by production but not penalized.

      • Oh my… Yeah that’s a pretty flagrant foul – but BB almost never penalizes these things ”in game” so I think they’re consistent. Maybe he should’ve been on slop for the week, seems fair.

      • That could be a good penalty. But since it’s his first trangression they gave him a break. <—sarcasm

  8. There should be a monetary penalty for people flagrantly bucking the rules like Devin and Paola, this is not the social study it was once purported to be, it has become just a game of lying and deception. How can these people go back to their lives with heads held high?

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