Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 2 Eviction & HoH Live Recap

Big Brother 16 is sure to be exciting and wild tonight and that’s before we even get to the live eviction portion of the episode! Picking up off last night’s cliffhanger the Veto Ceremony will play out with what’s sure to be great chaos.

Big Brother 16 Episode 8
Big Brother 16 Episode 8 – Source: CBS

Houseguests have been reeling from Zach’s decision to expose his alliance and the effects have been wide reaching since these events took place on Monday. Now we’ll see if it was a brilliant move to scatter forces and regroup them to support him or if it will have shaken the house’s confidence in their former ally. Either Zach or Paola will be evicted tonight.

Along the way we’ll find out what Big Brother’s Team America will be tasked to complete: sibling rumor or a kiss & tell rumor? The results of your votes will be revealed tonight.

Here we go as the Veto Ceremony kicks off. Brittany calls out Paola for throwing the comp which makes Paola call out Devin for his broken promise to her. Now it’s time for the Zach Attack! Zach calls out Devin for being a two-faced liar to everyone including his alliance.

To get the full details of the hours and hours of fallout from that meeting. The house went crazy and it was fantastic to watch! Zach and Paola went at it while Frankie immediately freaked and threw Zach under the bus over and over. He actively campaigned to get Zach evicted that afternoon.

As part of the fallout Derrick went around played clean up for Zach while convincing the HGs to keep him. Derrick has a silver tongue and it was magical to see him work them over. Frankie is sure to sink his game just a little farther by taking the news of Zach’s safety to Devin. Sheesh, Frankie.

Now we’re coming up on the speeches & live eviction vote. Let’s see what happens!

Big Brother 16 Week 2 Votes:

  • Jocasta votes to evict: Zach
  • Brittany votes to evict: Paola
  • Derrick votes to evict: Paola
  • Donny votes to evict: Zach
  • Caleb votes to evict: Paola
  • Amber votes to evict: Paola
  • Hayden votes to evict: Paola
  • Cody votes to evict: Paola
  • Frankie votes to evict: Paola
  • That’s it. Paola has been evicted.
  • Nicole votes to evict: Paola
  • Christine votes to evict: Paola
  • Victoria votes to evict: Paola

Paola Shea was evicted 10-2 tonight on Big Brother!

One competition tonight for the 2 HoHs picked. Two players with the highest scores will win.

Big Brother 16 Week 2 HoH “Underwater Polo”:

  • Amber: 17
  • Cody: 17
  • Caleb: 21
  • Frankie: 24
  • Christine: 4
  • Nicole: 29 (highest #!)
  • Victoria: 12
  • Brittany: 16
  • Zach: 8
  • Donny: 20
  • Hayden: 17
  • Jocasta: 22
  • Derrick: 28!

Nicole & Derrick are the New HOHs! Congrats to both. Watch out, Devin!

On Sunday we’ll find out which Team America mission was selected along with the noms and Battle of the Block competition.

The Live Feeds are back and the Houseguest are scrambling! Who will Derrick and Nicole put up? I think we all know who they’re going after. Derrick is already talking about putting Devin on Slop if he gets the chance. Grab your Free Trial and watch!


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  1. If it wasn’t for the HOH comp and the evection vote nobody would know that Jocasta is actually on the show.

      • Yes, I listened to her “poopy problems” on “After Dark” last night. Please girl, TMI!

      • Well in fairness, there’s not much that contestants are allowed to talk about – they’re constantly being told by production to refrain from political, cultural, or legal matters. That only leaves personal stuff.

    • Same with Victoria. I haven’t seen Jacosta or Victoria since the first episode

  2. Yay For Nicole! :) Hopefully she can stay HOH backdoor devin and get rid of him! I am pretty sure that everyone in that house wants Devin out. If I was there. . Id want Devin out too.

    • Donny got in her ear. Told her he thought the new HOHs should put up Devin with Amber, and then Caleb with Christine (with Christine being a pawn). That way they’d be sure to break Caleb’s alliances (Donny prefers Caleb go before Devin). He said that would break up his alliance with Amber and his alliance with the “Core 4” (Cal/Devin/Amb/Fran). Donny’s a gamer.

      • Oh I don’t know about that. Back dooring is effective but it often ticks off more people than just straight nominating them.. I’d put Devin and the next weakest player (now that Pau Pau is gone – maybe Jocasta?). Then hopefully Nicole/Derrick can agree to put a strong team against them which means one of them will have to forfeit their HoH..

      • I would favor putting up Frankie/Amber and Caleb/Jocasta
        on the block. Either Derrick or Nicole can then, backdoor
        Devin as replacement nominee!

      • That’s a good plan but the should keep the backdoor on the DL and don’t tell Frankie either

      • I am changing my mind about Devin going first. If it was later in the game I would say “Yes, Definitely”, because he is so strong in the competitions. BUT, I think Caleb is the bigger threat, and should go first. Devin will not stop being a target, he such an arse-hole he pisses everyone off!

      • you raise a good point Kim. The house might want to consider that Caleb/Amber are a formidable team and could very well win most comps together.

  3. Thank you BB Gods for answering my caleb or amber in the HOH room!!! Happy that Derrick and Nicole won!! Caleb will not be able to strong arm Derrick!!

  4. I know Zach begged Devin to go up initially but gotta admit I’m glad Pao is out of the house. She’s a human being but she got on my nerves.

    • Definitely hoping she & Donny (the nicest two people in the house I think) deserve to make it into the final 5 players.

    • I was happy to see Nicole win, too. I am rooting for the Nicole, Christine, Hayden alliance to make it to at least the Final 5.

  5. Caleb already has Derrick in the beehive room giving Derrick his two cents. I dislike Caleb just as much as I dislike Devin. He just lied to Derrick and told him that it was Frankie’s idea to go up and tell Devin about the vote, when it was Caleb who told Frankie to go up and tell Devin. i wouldn’t mind if Caleb or Devin left. Did anyone else notice Amber and Caleb heading straight toward the bathroom or beehive room once Pao’s picture went to black and white? These two are a pair.

      • Or like a lot of people who enter the BB House, they come in already dating somebody but don’t tell anyone about it and they try their best to keep the ”showmance” hidden. (Somehow forgetting that they live in a freakin’ fishbowl and everyone will see their subtle movements!)

      • Isn’t she the person that’s always in the background or standing off to the side? I thought she was maybe part of the construction crew who stick around to make sure nothing falls apart.

      • She must be the foreman though, since she always wears a tie.
        Does anyone know the reason for that little fashion accessory?

      • Not sure specifically but as a generality, there is a bit of ”showmanship” that happens with a lot of preachers from the charismatic movement. Not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing, but as somebody who is used to attracting attention in front of an audience, Jocasta probably has some ”signature” things that stand out (and a bow tie is a good one to have… it worked for Dr.Who)! ;)

  6. Not sure why Derrick and nicole won, they both were sitting pretty now they unnecessarily have to get blood on their hands.

    LOL at Amber telling Paulo to close her legs.

    Jocasta and Victoria nowhere to be found

    • Jocasta and Amber are in the Bee Hive engrossed in a long conversation. Don’t know where Victoria went??

  7. Frankie is a mess. I don’t understand why he was so mad at Zach when even before that went down Frankie was campaigning to Devin to get Zach out and then flip flopped on keeping or evicting Zach the rest of the week.

    I know BB is an individual game but he really doesn’t care much about his closest friend in the house.

    • Because Frankie is all about Frankie, paranoid because when Zack said Frankie’s name after he was nominated. he is just using that, still. Frankie is just a rat.

  8. Derrick and Nicole need to put up Caleb and a pawn then Amber and a pawn. After BoB, depending who’s left, they let POV play out. If Caleb/Amber come off, they put up Devin. If anyone else wins, they take off the pawn and put up Devin. If noms stay the same, Caleb/Amber goes home.

    If I was them, my pawns would be Christine and Jocasta. Christine has the numbers and Jocasta wouldn’t go home over a bigger target, and even if she did, it wouldn’t cause a huge effect.

    • Bad move imo By putting up caleb and amber you tick off 2 strong ppl that could come after you. Also by putting up Christine you alienate an ally

      • You can tell Caleb/Amber that you want them up so they win BoB/PoV and that you can backdoor Devin. Both of them are already trying to drop him anyway, so they’ll go with it. Christine would probably be worried, but the HoH’s are Derrick and Nicole, and she can trust them both 100% at this point, so even if they had to do any type of “damage control”, it’d be very easy to reel her back in. But, according to OnlineBigBrother, Derrick is going to try to put 4 pawns up.

      • Honestly no matter who it is, if some1 tells me they want me on the block I instantly distrust them. Much safer to just put up, Jocasta, Victoria, Brittany, Donny

      • The only thing is though, all 4 of them are numbers for the people trying to go against Devin/Caleb/Amber. Also, I’d be extremely skeptical if none of the actual targets were on the block. What happens if 4 pawns are put up, then in PoV, Devin/Caleb/Amber gets picked to play and wins and keeps nominations the same?

      • Then you send home someone no one cares about. Get no blood on your hands, Be safe next week, and have someone else get out your real target.

      • I see where you’re coming from, don’t get me wrong. What you’re saying makes sense completely. I guess if I was in the house, I’d rather try to be the house hero by getting out who everyone else wants out, and then start lying low until jury and then continue to build up my resume for the finale. Although it seems so far away, whoever does get out Devin/Caleb are going to be given major props at the end game.

      • Oh definitely, but you don’t want to be making unnecessary waves. Often the “hero” comes off annoying and as a threat. Also Amber/Caleb prob win BotB, so you get 2 ppl coming after you for nothing

      • nah i gotta say backdoor is the way to go. BotB and POV gives him too many chances to stay

      • Very true, but backdooring usually makes too many enemies if the house isn’t united… People may not like Devin, but not everyone is on board with Derrick and/or Nicole yet so there’s also danger in doing it that way… Either way it should be interesting. :)

      • Yeah I agree with Mike on this one. You might even end up pushing Caleb/Amber/Brittney/Devin/Frankie closer together by doing it this way. That’s 5 people I’d rather not have going against me this early in the game… I do think Devin & the next weakest pawn is best to do instead of trying to backdoor him.

  9. Why do people want Devin out…..Bigbrother need drama…… especially the early weeks.

    • Big Brother never lacks in drama my friend. That’s why they cast the people they do. Back in the first few seasons of the show there would only be 3 or 4 people who had ”extremist” characteristics, but nowadays there’s only 3 or 4 people who don’t…

  10. Derrick needs to remember that he is not sole HOH. He’s already talking like Nicole is going to do what he wants. Haven’t we seen this before? Nicole better listen to Donny and do what she wants and not give in to Derrick.

  11. What about Victoria’s GOWN tonight?
    Am I the only one who thought it was “a little over the top?”
    (Plus, those white shoes totally clashed!)

  12. About the 2 HoH’s, does anyone else thing there is chance that they will change the rules, and make the losing HoH eligible for nomination?
    Can you imagine the chaos that would create?

      • I don’t think so. I am talking about the situation where someone uses the Power of Veto. At this point, I don’t think the losing HoH is eligible to be nominated/

      • Are you sure? I thought they were. At the time the PoV is played there should only be 3 safe people (the PoV winner and the two people pulled off the block during the BotB)…

      • Julie said at the beginning of the season that being HOH doesn’t mean you’re safe. A dethroned HOH can be put up for eviction with the POV.

      • Nope the losing HOH is eligible. Julie said it at the beginning of the season. So you’ve already gotten your wish! No rule change required

    • Do yoy mean nomination or re-nomination? They can’t for nomination because obviously that happens before the BotB… but I do believe they are eligible for renomination…

    • That losing HOH can be put up depending on the Veto comp. I suggested to JULIE CHEN that the HOH should vote first ..VOTING RULE CHANGE # 1 and that vote would only be used as a tie-breker #2 the live vote should not be given to the HOUSEGUEST

    • I hit something Rule #3 before you vote you draw a ping pong ball from a bag …only one has the number 2 on it ..To make sure the HOH always votes first the player who draws the 2 ball can save it or vote with it….A player with a 2-ball and draws another MUST play one at the live voting ..A player can not have more than one 2-ball outside the voting area Tese voting rules make the HOH vote first and nobody would know either the vote or first the HOH cast the tie-breaking vote

  13. Call me crazy, but, I would rather see Caleb out next week than Devin, He has already told Amber that she is safe and that if Nicole puts her up..she is his next target..Amber is scrambling right now. She has that little Southern Belle charm going on right now. The arrogance just drips from Caleb. Can’t stand the guy. I know Devin has been a jerk, and that’s a nice word, but, I really think he has learned his lesson….I think!

    • I don’t know about Devin having learned his lesson, but I totally agree that Caleb should go first. He is definitely the bigger threat!

      • I’m starting to come around to your thinking Kim. Not that Caleb himself is the bigger threat, but that his relationship with Amber of all people (the strongest female player in physical comps) is dangerous. So yes, maybe Caleb (or even Amber?) first, then Devin.

  14. Really bad play by the houseguests. Racing to evict a lousy social player and a worse competitor in any competition. Why? Pao had zero power and was easily manipulated because of that. Zach is an ADHD manic manipulator who goes 100 mph on comps and goes in overdrive to save his ass and get into people’s heads. And youre worried about Pao? Makes no sense. Because Zach wants to get out Devin? Big deal… the WHOLE house wants to do that! You need Zach around to get out Devin?! Really dumb.

    • Some will live to regret that as Zach teams to get people out. Who was Pao going to team with? Donnie?! lol

    • You’re acting as if Zach is some power house. He doesn’t get into people’s heads. What are you talking about? Zach sucks. He was literally 100% responsible for getting on the block in the first place and he says the worst things. At first, I thought he was gonna be like a Dr. Will type manipulator but now it’s become evident that he’s just a frat douche with an inflated ego

  15. Derrick should consider backdooring Caleb. Promise him he’s safe and send his a*s home. I would like to see a good blindside.He’s a double threat……..Devin, I could still tolerate him for another week….he’s nuts !

  16. Well Devin has got to go he is a loose cannon can’t nobody trust him and he is just awful mean while trying to Act all smart and nice hahahaha! What a joke my list in order of needs to go is Devin,Victoria,caleb,jocasta,frankie,Brittany I’d have to think and watch to see who should be next lol. So glad powwow is outa there.

  17. Devin has a tone in his voice that is like fingernails on a chalk board so that mixed with the words that come out of his mouth eeeekkk he has gotta go. I kinda like him the first episode but than No. He made an alliance with Donnie than jumped into the bombsquad very shortly after pretendinding to have Donnie’s back .just saying

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