Big Brother 16 Week 3 Eviction Votes Go Rogue

Later tonight on Big Brother eleven Houseguests will head inside the Diary Room to cast their vote against the house’s agreed target, but all of them might not stick to that plan.

Nicole & Christine plan some chaos on Big Brother 16
Nicole & Christine plan some chaos on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

This week’s evicted HG will require only six votes to get a ticket to meet Julie Chen on the chairs out front and there’s little chance it won’t be Devin Shepherd, but two Houseguests are looking to have a little fun with what should be an overwhelmingly solid vote.

Christine and Nicole have decided it’d be fun to toss in some “hinky votes” and despite their interest in Devin’s departure they will vote to keep him. They know it won’t stop his eviction, but is rather intended to do what hinky votes do: raise suspicion.

Their planned patsies are Donny and Jocasta, the same two HGs who went against the house majority last week too. Both had said they’d vote out Devin, so this would go against that agreement.

Could something go wrong with this plan and end up sending Caleb out instead? Ehh, it’s unlikely. Say Donny & Jocasta really did decide to vote to keep Devin plus two votes from Nicole & Christine would still not be enough to make it happen. They’re still two more votes shy, but it would still make sparks fly to end up with more than two votes against Caleb who has been blindly confident from the onset of the week that he was never in danger.

What do you think of Nicotine’s plan? Should they go rogue to cause some chaos or stick to the plan and send Devin home with overwhelming support?


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  1. Made for good feeds but I wished they could pin it to someone else other than Jocasta and Donny if they’re really going for it.

    • They can’t really pin it on anyone without getting the finger pointed right back at them. I always said if I ever got on Big Brother, I would do this every week just to mess with the people in the house. bwahhaha. I hope they do it. I don’t care who gets blamed for it.

  2. I’m ok with it as long as it backfires on them and, instead, throws a wrench into Christine’s alliance. Derrick can probably tell from talking with D & J that they are truthful when they say they didn’t do it. But knowing this may not mean he stands up for them. Derrick is playing his game so, even if he believes D & J, he may use that as a reason to campaign against Donny.
    If Donny gets too fired up (frustrated with Frankie, Derrick, etc) he may just do it to protest if he can get Victoria to do it (since she hates Caleb) and Amber (who may be tired of Caleb) and Brittany to do it (thinking Devin’s def going but just to make a statement which she would denydenydeny). One in a million shot but with Production in their ear, all things are possible.
    And “if they did” get 6 accidental votes to save Devin – Derrick & Co know that that’s not just J&D…so maybe Brit & Vic – that’s 4…maybe Amber – 5…maybe Frankie?? Derrick & Co may not figure out correctly who it was but they’ll know they don’t have FULL control of the votes/house like they thought. But who is the kingpin – Devin – Donny – Brittany – Frankie???
    Does Frankie deserve an Oscar for his “this is my surprised face!”?
    IS the Double D alliance for reals ya’ll?
    Is Brittany over and done?
    Subsequent HoH Challenge will leave nothing on the field.
    Guilty consciences will shift gears into turbo.

  3. I hope it’s a 6-5 vote. That would be fun.
    Nicole, Christine, Donny, Jocasta, Brittany.

    Maybe Nicole and Christine could get Hayden to vote with them as well and Caleb gets evicted. Huehuehue.

    Of course, everyone seems to be uncomfortable around Devin, so I don’t see it happening.

    Anyone else tired of hearing Caleb refer to himself as Beastmode Cowboy? The first time was okay, even let it slide the second time, but hearing it a couple times each episode is quite annoying. Doesn’t even have a good ring to it, imo.

    • I think Caleb is creepy and I am so okay with him leaving and Devin staying even tho he is a loose cannon . They could always get him out

  4. I can see Caleb believing it was Cody and Amber trying to get rid of him so they can have a relationship.

  5. Seems crazy to me that they would try and pin the rogue votes on Donny and Jacosta..two of the most truthful people in the house. If they do this, I do hope it backfires on them. Why all of this picking on Donny? I guess they figure they don’t want him at the end because he is so darn nice and has won comps..he would win the money.

    • It should backfire and cause a lot of friction at the time. Caleb and Derrick were talking yesterday and they said it always comes out who did the rouge votes. Donny and Jocasta ARE the 2 most truthful, just like you said. So I see Amber and Cody being blamed first, but I see Nicole and Christine talking and somebody overhearing the conversation.

  6. I personally say f-it, and vote out caleb anyway, since you have him on the block. I think 6 people need to get together, sit devin down, explain how BIG he owes them, and get rid of caleb before he gets to jury. then his psycho ass won’t have a grudge against anyone!

    • That’s all fine and good, and I think it would work with most people in the house. The problem is that you have to try and explain something to Devin, which seems to be pretty much like talking to a brick.

  7. I think this is a great idea. I would always give rouge votes just to stir up the game. This group is so paranoid that they will assume someone different made these votes every 10 minutes. BOOM.

  8. If I was Nicole I wouldn’t risk it. Christine talks too much and I could see her throwing Nicole under the bus.

  9. Don’t think this would be a good move for Nicotine.. This kind of thing would come back to bite them, but it would make great tv..Ha!

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