Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 2 Battle Of The Block Results

Hang on to your hat because Big Brother is tearing through the steps today inside the BB16 house and we have your latest spoilers. Late last night the HoHs made their nominations and now the Battle of the Block has been held. Make way for Fourth of July!

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

Overnight the Nomination Ceremony was held where HoHs Amber and Devin set Devin’s plan in to motion. He’s got a target and he wants her gone. With the other nominee agreeing to help through the Battle of the Block it seems like he could get his wish.

So how did the BotB turn out? I’ve got your Big Brother spoilers below so read on for more.

Big Brother Week 2 Battle of the Block Spoilers:

  • Hayden & Nicole won and are off the block.
  • Amber loses her HoH role
  • Devin remains HoH with Noms as Brittany & Paola

Brittany is Devin’s target and unless Veto throws a wrench in this plan then he’ll get what he wants. Devin has said Victoria is his renom option.

Adding to the drama, HGs discussing how Devin made a gun gesture and “pew pew” at Brittany after she lost the comp.

The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday and the Veto Ceremony arrives on Monday. Keep with us for your latest spoilers all week as this game keeps going crazy!

Want to watch the Live Feeds yourself? Grab the Free Trial right now and see what’s going on inside the BB16 house through the HD cameras and uncensored views of all the action. There’s already been plenty of conflict and drama brewing so you don’t want to miss this fun.


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  1. I really am disappointed in Amber (she back stabbed Joey, and is basically doing whatever Devin tells her to do)…she’s not an alliance member, she’s a free vote. I’m afraid Christine is our best gamble for a brain on the women’s side.

    • I’m for Christine to win this thing. The rest of this group all seem a bit more than stunned. Donny is second place would be nice, just because he’s a genuinely nice guy. Or so it seems, anyway.

    • I f you go back on the feeds to 10:20 last night, you will see how Devin basically bullied her in doind what he wanted.

      • I was watching and he definitely bullied his way right into who he wanted to nominate. I really can’t stand this guy..even his voice irritates me. Zach and Cody..pull the trigger!!!

      • Amber is allowing Devin and Caleb to run the game. She knows Caleb won’t put her up or vote her out so as long as she plays the They Bullied Me card she can look like a victim.

      • She is not doing it willingly. She is not standing up to Devin. But not many people would in the way Devin is going about it.

      • We didn’t see that on the feeds. but both wanted to put Paola, so they said whoever pick 1st get to put Paola. So it’s safe to assume Devin picked 1st.

      • So telling the other HOH to nominate somebody you want is being a bully? I guess everyone who ever played BB is a bully too.

      • Not the point. It’s the very aggressive way he did it that made him a bully in that situation.

      • The feeds show he isn’t a bully. The feeds show Devin is condescending and paranoid.

      • Then you’re missing something. Devin is such a bully. Why does everyone in the house except Caleb hate him? They are trying to get him backdoored. If Cody would of won HOH the plan was to backdoor the “Bully”.

      • No one is in any danger of physical violence while in the house (recall russell’s expulsion), that being said, Devin is nothing more that a loud voice. That is NOT bullying. People who are mentally weak and can’t take the verbal interactions that are normal in a game where conflict is the rule of the day, don’t deserve to stay.

    • Amber may be able to do well in physical comps, but, when it comes to intelligence in the house, she has no brain cells.

    • It is kinda sad to watch these girls have no clue how to play this game for themselves..except for Christine…maybe, Nicole. Once again, females in the house just can’t seem to get it together.

    • I agree with you

      But I think Christine is just like a Amber. Christine right is just a puppet for the Bomb Squad

  2. The only good thing about this week is that Devin will most definitely not be HoH next week and he could go home!

  3. Any chance to get Devin out this week just vanished. His ego trip continues.

    • Devin thinks Joey was the head of the snake? Joey had no followers whatsoever. Devin bullies women. He is so disgusting.

      • Devin’s isn’t a bully. Just because he is big and his presence is intimidating does not make him a bully. The way he talks and comes across is condescending which some people (including you) interpret as being a bully which he isn’t. In my opinion somebody who harasses a person on multiple occasions and causes intimidation is a bully. Not somebody who looks scary and intimidating.

      • People are way too soft. Devin has been called a bully a handful of times now. Relax. Just because he’s getting his way doesn’t make him a bully. Dr. Will and Dan always seemed to get people to do what they wanted. Did we label them as bullies?

        Big Brother is about manipulating people. The world “bully” is thrown around way too much…

      • Thank you!!! I really think that people need to learn the definition of a word before using it. Yes Devin is getting his way but he is not a bully what so ever.

      • Ok so he didn’t bully Amber about Caleb? He didn’t bully Joey? And he didn’t pretend to be pulling a trigger on a gun to Brittney? Maybe you need to rewatch the feeds!

    • Zach, Cody and Derreck are talking about keeping Britt and voting Paola out. I don’t know if that will stick.

      • I don’t think it will, at least not this week. But, I hope they get their acts together and realize that they need to play their game and not Caleb and Devin’s game.

      • If they are smart they will keep Britanny, because there`s a chance britanny will win HOH next week and go after Devin.

        The right now Devin is running the house and everybody is just his puppets and will do what he wants

      • Actually Caleb and PowPow are the only two who wouldn’t want to back door Devin. Doubt she’ll win HOH so even if Caleb wins again, someone else will also win (who would back door Devin).
        Like I said, set it up so Caleb’s noms win/dethrone him and use POV wisely to b/d Devin. The house would work together on that. Caleb’s would be too outnumbered to wield any real threats and he’d still need “his” BS posse. He can’t survive as a lone wolf. He’ll have to eat it. Better now than after he and Devin bond more.

      • I hope if nominations stay the same they keep Britt and show Devin he doesn’t run the house.

      • I think Cody is trying to bring in Hayden and Donny, along with Zach, Christine and Derrick. They really want to keep Brittney and send Pow packing.

      • Well why not let two play that game? With PowPow the Pawn? If they keep PowPow this week, they can nom her next week, yaddayaddayadda, have her sitting next to Devin on the nom seats. Evict Devin next week. P
        Run the same game on him that he’s running on Brittany thus week.

      • The culmination of Joeys/Alex’s words, Devins bizarre/sometimes scary behavior, the obvious PowPow factor, Devins big mouth blustering/taking credit about kicking the puppy (targeting sweet Donny) and “gunning” for Brittany/controlling Amber (cuz he’ll take credit like he’s the Mastermind) – will NOT be a problem to evict him next week. Have to nominate PowPow, too, though, cause she has guaranteed safety being BS’s stooge right now. If she thinks others will protect her when she throws comps, she won’t mind to help send Devin out.

  4. So once again, Devin bullies his way to getting what he wants. Amber has no clue how to play this really is embarrassing for her. Last night she said that all she really wanted was to see pics of her family..she didn’t want to do all of the other HOH stuff. Good Lord. Devin bullied her into putting up Nicole..she wanted Pow Pow..I really wish Cody and Zach would pull the trigger sooner rather than later and get this egotistical arrogant bully out of the house. Frankie is this seasons Andy.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Frankie. As I was watching the feeds last night and he was going from room to room I thought you’re just like that snake Andy!

  5. With the double HoH, there is huge potential for some interesting new strategy in this game, both on the parts of the HoH’s and on the parts of the nominated. I just hope they really start to use that opportunity. So far, it seems a bit like they are just walking through this game. Of course, it is early and they are still feeling out the twist, but maybe down the road ….. Just imagine what Dan would have done with this twist!

  6. I hope just to spite Devin that Victoria wins veto and takes Brittany off. Hahahaa

    • i did not even tough about that, Because Britanny and Victoria are my favorites.
      I just dont know if they are that close?

      • “I just don’t know if they are that close?”.
        Is that a question?

  7. At some point, PP has to go home. You can only use her as a pawn so long. If they get rid of Brittney, who is going to do the cooking and cleaning?? Devin will be on the chopping block next week unless some unforeseen twist happens. How are they going to reconcile breaking up the alliance if that happens?

  8. If I have to endure a week of watching Devin as HOH, it will be worth it if they turn around and vote him out next week. He’s as bad a player, if not worse, than Joey was…

  9. It Brit wins POV and takes herself off the block, then the ” house” talks Devin into replacing her with Amber and she gets voted out.

  10. I really worry that Donny will tell his “friend” Devin about Team America and that will make him so paranoid he will try to send him packing. Donny please lay low!

    • Joey should have told everybody right before she left about Team america. That would shake things up inside the house

    • It could be the opposite. Devin wants to please the viewers, but Devin is a whack job that he should just stay away from him.

  11. The only thing more entertaining then watching someone play a really good game in big brother is watching someone play a truly terrible one, I for one hope Devin lasts at least until Jury as he’s extremely entertaining in a so bad its funny kind of way, He’s like a really big Phillip Sheppard.

  12. The only good thing about this outcome is that Devin can’t play in HOH next week, meaning he’s completely vulnerable and even some of his fellow Bomb Squad members are starting to get fed up with him.

    Here’s hoping Brit can pull out another comp win in the POV.

  13. This is going to be a boring season. The jocks are just going to pick off every single girl then eventually the two girls in their alliance then battle each other for the win. *yawn*
    Disappointing season so far.

  14. Amber was a waste of an HOH, no game play no nothing just a waste of a spot. I am very very disappointed in her. Brittney better stay this week shes the only person actually playing the game.

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