Big Brother 16: Devin Aims To Control The House

Devin has been making waves in the Big Brother 16 house since he arrived and the latest round of competitions are setting him up for even more opportunities.

Devin Shepherd on Big Brother 16
Devin Shepherd on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Overnight the new Heads of Household made their nominations official, but of course that didn’t even happen without its own drama. Devin is new to Big Brother, as just about all the HGs seem to be this season, and that brings its own challenges. Devin didn’t know he couldn’t tell HGs they were going up on the block until he was informed of that rule. So what does Devin continue to do? Tell HGs they’re going up on the block.

Devin explicitly warned all of the pending nominations that they were going up on the block both after being told by production and reading the rules book that he couldn’t do it. Don’t look for any punishment though as this is not a rule often enforced. So let’s move on.

After nominations were settled Devin quickly made it known that his target, Brittany, would be the one going home and there wouldn’t be any discussion otherwise.

Shortly this morning’s Battle of the Block competition finished up we found Paola wound up over her desire for Victoria to be the one evicted, not Brittany. Flashback to 6:30AM BBT. Devin was quick to shut that down. Devin doesn’t want Victoria becoming the target and he doesn’t want Paola pushing that angle. Keep your eyes on Devin’s prize, folks. You came here to play his game, not yours.

Since Amber’s nominees: Hayden & Nicole, which Caleb and Devin basically picked for her, lost won the BotB comp only Devin will remain the Head of Household. Her reign as Head of Household lasted just a few hours. (Dang, I keep swapping the win/loss with these Double HoHs.)

Devin pulled Paola and Jocasta in to his HoH room and explained why Brittany had to go. She stresses him out. Devin can’t relax with Brittany here because she won’t stop talking game. Gasp!

Devin doesn’t want HGs talking game. He just wants to relax. Since Brittany is breaking that “rule” of Devin-law, she needs to go. Simple as that.

Unfortunately for Devin, some of the Houseguests have another plan. Derrick, Zach, Cody, and Christine all agreed that Britt should stay and Paola go home if those are their two choices. Flashback to 7:05AM BBT. They don’t want Devin getting his way and are worried about Paola being an anchor on future BotB challenges.

Paola threw this competition while intentionally poor performance in a bid to keep Brittany on the block per Devin’s wishes. HGs noted that Paola did not even put on the goggles they needed to complete the challenge.

Now their plan is to convince others that Pao should go and Brittany should stay. They’ve already talked with Hayden and then later Cody and Hayden talked with Donny on the same plan. These votes are coming together, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The Power of Veto competition is still out there along with the Ceremony (Saturday and Monday, respectively). A lot could change with those as we saw it change last week’s events and grand plans. Once we have the final noms of the week on Monday afternoon we can revisit these scenarios, but if the vote were held today Brittany would have a good chance at survival.

What do you think of Devin’s iron fist attempts at controlling the Big Brother house? Would you go against him or play along and target him when he least suspects it?


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  1. Devin… is an idiot.

    But besides that, I wouldn’t mind Paola going anyway. She hasn’t done anything yet, but for some reason, she gets on my nerves. Maybe because I knew someone in high school who was just like her and I couldn’t stand that girl?

    • lol – sometimes that’s all it takes for people to not like somebody else. But yeah I’m with you. She comes is with her ”I’m too fly” attitude and telling America she only thinks about herself outside of the house… who would like that? Not me.

  2. Can someone tell me why there is a rule that they can’t tell HGs who is going up? I’ve never understood this, especially when they frequently are telling the person going home that he/she is going home.

    Also, is Devin crazy or bossy? I kind of wish he would make up his mind.

      • For the house guests only, I guess, because we always pretty much know who it’s going to be. I’m sure they do too. Unless they are looking for that on camera gasp when the nominated find out.

      • Yup, and let’s be honest nobody knows what really happens off camera and how much production gets involved in the house – disclosure contracts are strictly enforced so we really only get an edited view (with a slightly better than edited view on the live feeds). Either way it’s still a ”show” until the very last drop…

    • Devin is crazy and bossy. Can’t stand the guy. I really hope that Cody, Zach, Derrick, Christine, Donny and Hayden can get their act together and vote to keep Brittney. Pow has shown that she will do whatever the one in power wants her to do. She needs to be the next to go.

      • I agree. They need to find one more vote though. Someone they can trust to vote there way. That’s if norms stay the same. The look on Devins face…priceless!

      • Like the look on Nick and Aaron’s face last season! I think they can trust Nicole to be that last vote. Devin would explode!

      • At this point in the game it looks like Brit is the next house guest to go. Its so unfortunated that Cody fell during the HOH comp. I believe if Cody were HOH the Bomb Squad would have broken up and the house would have backdoored devin. I cant take devins monotone voice and hes sooooo full of himself, its unbearable.

  3. If Devin can’t get dethroned, I would LOVE for Paola and Britt to stay on the block and see Devin’s face on Thursday when the vote doesn’t go his way. Priceless.

    Oh. and I’d also like to see that simply because it wouldn’t be another week of “vote with the house”, which I feel like we haven’t seen in ages.

  4. Crazy is as crazy does. And Devin does crazy quite well. Sooner or later this dictator will fall. He’s forgetting one of the cardinal rules of BB. Power shifts. And as soon as it does you can kiss your kingdom goodbye.

    • Exactly! Just as queen amanda last season was shown the door, devin’s day is coming.

  5. It always irritates me when I hear HG’s say I am just going to lay low this week and do what the house wants…remember last season there were two blindsides with the first two evictions. C’mon guys!

    • It’s like the runners doing the one mile race.

      Everyone (the winner) starts off slowly and picks up speed later.

      If you start out at 100%, you will lose the race.

      • Good analogy! If a runner sprints, they use all of their energy at the start and lose – but if they ‘jog’ until the last couple meters then run they’re results are much better. The balance of course is that you need to be aware of what’s happening so that while you’re ”jogging” you don’t get run over by the pack of cars that decided to race before you did. ;)

  6. Agree with most of the comments and yet no one will step up because they are scared basically …. sheep like last year ~ maybe just maybe there will be some that finally can think and use the numbers against Devin and take a stand ~ how boring it will be that “house or rather HOH rules ~ Devin has got on my last nerve showing one that he is ignorant and dares anyone to cross him ~ second how he dismisses any female in that house ~ pffft

    • It’s early. The ”big group” early opening has been the norm for the past few seasons of most reality shows…

  7. Brittnay seems to be trying to play the game while PowPow seems to be hiding under the radar and doing whatever anybody tells her to do. I want a PLAYER not a FOLLOWER

  8. I just hope Britanny wins POV. Or if Victoria could win and save Britanny.

    Because I would not trust these chickens ( Cody, Christiane, Zack etc in keeping Britanny).

    If Britanny stays on the block Devin will MAKE everybody vote her out.

    Everybody is scared of Devin and Caleb

  9. Devin is a ticking time bomb that will explode the minute after he is “backdoored”.

    Sooner or later, “the house” is going to get Devin but he will not be one of the first up “on the block”.

    Devin will be backdoored as the replacement nominee and he is going to freak out.

    • Thank you! I have been trying to think of a word to describe him.

  10. Why is Caleb crying? Frankie is really irritating. He is your classic floater..wherever the power is, Frankie is. He has been sleeping in the HOH room ever since he came into the house.

    • I can see why you say this, but I’d describe him as a schemer not a floater. He is actively playing people’s power to his advantage, but it’s not like he’s doing nothing and going along with the pack… So far that role is Amber & Christine’s

  11. Hey, what’s going on with Caleb? I’m not watching the feeds now, because I’m not home, but I checked out Morty’s live feed update and I know he’s upset about something.

  12. Personally I like Paola, BUT if she really threw the comp then she absolutely should be tossed. There should always be consequences to those kinds of BS moves and the women are just brainless this season. Likeable but brainless.

    • She threw the comp because Devin told her to. They have a deal that if Britt wins Veto..Devin will put Victoria up..Pow can’t stand her.

    • Well she basically may be tossed anyway since the other HG’s figured out she threw it.. revealing that she may have an alliance with Devin..

  13. When I first saw Devin,I didn’t like him. His mouth was 2 wide. Not knocking on his features.It just made me think he would talk 2 much. He needs 2 GO, A Mess! On A side note I’m kinda hoping Caleb & Amber get together. He really likes her & Love Love..Fingers R crossed..

    • I thought the same in his regards to his smile.. kinda Jokerish..

      I really hope Amber uses his infatuation with her as an advantage to help her game… most times, relationships made within the house hardly last outside BB anyway..

      • Not sure I like the idea of anyone being used, but meh, I guess it is Big Brother and poople discard other people’s feelings all the time… I laughed when Devin felt like a genius saying that Donny was faking his cry. Oh Devin, you truly are up for the world’s biggest jerk award.

    • i was just the opposite regarding Devin in the beginning.In his interview, he was the nice guy.He stated he wanted to be with good and honest people. What a joke.But i do agree I hope for a Amber
      Caleb romance

  14. I don’t really dislike Paola, but anyone who throws a comp in her situation deserves to go home.

  15. I’m guessing Paola was actually doing well in the comp? Stating that she threw it tends to mean that she was doing well. Cause so far, she’s not much of a competitor. And on that note, based on what I’ve been reading, of course the other HGs realized she threw it! If she didn’t even grab protective goggles, of course she wasn’t planning on winning. A toddler could’ve figured that out.

  16. When the house finally gets their crap together, Devin will be back door’d. He will flip out so bad no one will need to vote…production will have to remove him! He really needs to go!!!

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