Big Brother 16 Eviction Prediction – Counting The Vote In Week 12.5 [POLL]

Eviction prediction time for Big Brother 16 this week’s second eviction arrives and this one could catch its target in quite the blindside. There’s only one vote up for grabs so there isn’t much to consider.

I’ll be discussing the latest spoilers ahead including Veto results which have not been revealed on the show yet, so if you’re keeping tonight a surprise then stop reading now.

Cody Calafiore prepares for tonight's eviction
Cody Calafiore prepares for tonight’s eviction – Source: CBS

Tonight’s eviction would hinge on who won the last Power of Veto of BB16. Derrick already had safety to the F3 and if anyone else won it the Veto would do the same for them. Those spoilers are in and while things now look set for the next elimination, there’s always room for a surprise.

Cody won the Veto yesterday which means he will be deciding which of Derrick’s two nominees, Caleb or Victoria, will be cut just shy of making it to the season finale.

The plan since this was weekend for the Hitmen to cut Caleb at Final Four. Cody has said he’d feel terrible about doing so but he also understands it’s the best move for his game. With Caleb out of the F3 HoH comps his odds are better against Victoria instead.

Will Cody pull the trigger on their plan and send Caleb out the door tonight? Yes, I believe he will, but his worries over doing it appear to give him enough pause that I’d say there is a small chance he might not.

Caleb made a bad move for his game by supporting sending Frankie out the door. With Frankie no longer there Caleb became the top target for Cody and Derrick and with that he had to go.

A Final 3 endurance comp with these three guys would have likely been much more exciting and competitive, but I wouldn’t expect to see it play out that way on tonight’s show.

Who do you think will be voted off Big Brother tonight? Cast your vote in the poll & share your thoughts.

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  1. If Cody fails to pull the trigger this time, he will go down as one of the all-time greatest p#$$ies ever to play BB. If he does what he’s supposed to, then he has a decent shot at winning the whole thing. . .not necessarily against Derrick, but against Victoria.

    • Even against Derrick I think Cody has a shot at winning. Derrick may be the master manipulator, but Cody took challenges on and won them, and there’s something to be said for that.

      • but with those comps he did nothing with them. Both his HOH he sent people home who wernt going after him. If I was a jury I wouldn’t vote for Cody. If Derrick takes Victoria I think the vote would be unanimous. If Cody takes Victoria then he would Win. Derrick bottom line is the winner.

      • That’s true. Every alliance needs “muscle”. If not for Cody, Derrick wouldn’t have been able to make the moves he did. And vice versa, without Derrick’s strategic play, Cody wouldn’t have made it this far. Cody actually got lucky that he didn’t win the HOH during the double eviction because he told Derrick he would have nominated Frankie, who ultimately won the POV.

        Cody won a huge HOH and POV the week Donny got evicted, he won the Freak Show POV to get Frankie out, and this week’s POV to send Caleb packing. You can call the guy scared and a chicken all you want, but every move he’s made has got him to this point. He never struck to early at one of the big players, and he won HUGE comps when he needed to. Cody’s played a very nice social game, and came up big down the stretch. He’d be a very deserving winner…. if he weren’t up against Derrick that is. Against anyone else, I’d say he deserves to win.

      • I think Derrick didn’t really try to win a lot of challenges, because he didn’t want blood on his hands. I know he tried some and just didn’t win, but I also think that he threw some.
        It was a good thing that Caleb was in the seed/shovel contest, because I just don’t think Derrick has that much balance.

    • exactly… he’s in a great spot right now if he only realizes. He stands a good chance of beating Derrick for the next Hoh which would help set up the final two of him vs. Victoria and blammo a win for Cody!

  2. Since both Caleb and Victoria plan on taking Derrick to the F2 does it even matter who Cody evicts? I’m glad to see that Cody has a little bit of a conscience about evicting Caleb though.

    • I think they all have conscience on evictions and especially this late in the game. None of these people are callous, they are playing a game that can potentially change their lives.

      • The only one without a conscience (thankfully now gone) was Frankie. His vicious attitude towards women and the way he flung himself all over the men shows a clear lack of respect for anyone except himself (and maybe he doesn’t even respect himself, who knows).

      • Frankie annoyed me and as a gay man, his drama and flamboyance REALLY annoyed me… that being said, I would never agree that he has no conscience. He may be self serving and full of himself, but I think he genuinely did and does care about his housemates.

      • I’m inclined to agree with you not because Frankie is a nice guy, but moreso because everyone is forgetting that he isn’t a ”monster” either. Hitler, Osama, ISIS, they’re monsters…

      • Are you sure? I could have sworn he was kin to the “one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater”. LOL…The definition of a monster is”one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character.” Hmmm

      • I’m sure you’ll like this one more:

        “Inhumanly or outrageously evil or wrong” (look it has your favourite word for describing people you don’t like). lol. ;)

      • Mind you I don’t thnk he’s ”evil” so I wouldn’t call him a monster… Not a nice person, and downright unlikeable yes… but evil? No. I’ve seen evil and he ain’t it.

      • Yes, for those following we’re playfully just jabbing… She thinks I’m a pacifist nutjob and I think she’s a hatemongering extremist. lol. ;)

      • I love you, Matt. You have helped keep me on my toes while also entertaining me at times. I’m going to miss the interaction.

      • IMHO Frankie should have been booed by the live audience last nite … instead they cheered him! By now he’s wreaking havoc in the jury house!

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing Frankie with a black eye at the finale if he continues groping the guys in the jury house. Will Frankie be able to contain his lust much longer?

      • And please wear some decent clothes for the finale.
        I got so sick of him wearing the short shorts and walking like he had a stick up his butt.

      • Frankie put on a little weight during the show I couldn’t help but notice since none of his clothes fit anymore.

      • Don’t be so dramatic. Groping is an exaggeration and you know it. Those guys all have the ability to decline any physical contact. They also know that big brother has always presented a diverse set of house guests.

      • But the guys shouldn’t have even had to tell Frankie to stop the inappropriate touching in the first place. So now it’s ok for guys to grope all the girls in the BB house or is Frankie just privileged in your world?

      • You weren’t being dramatic, nor were you exaggerating. And in my opinion, there is no need to explain yourself. Frankie thinks he is entitled and has appalling behavior. Anyone with common sense and is an accountable person would see this and admit it.

      • That’s just the point. It wasn’t a “live” audience. It was an audience full of CBS employees and their families. In other words, puppets following the company line.

      • IMHO Frankie should have been booed by the live audience last nite … instead they cheered him! By now he’s wreaking havoc in the jury house!

      • I have many friends who are gay and the were insulted by his behavior. 2 are well respected Doctors and enjoy meeting other people. They don’t compare class (Fakie does) or look down on someone because they are not as educated or well off as they are. Its a pleasure to call them friend. Fakie I think is used to maybe “fake friends”; whatever it is I’m glad he’s gone.

      • Absolutely. People are trying to act like it’s a sporting competition. It is a game with enough money that can help you and your family. Derrick is not my favorite player, but I do respect that he wants to win for his wife and little girl. He was so sweet talking last night about his little girl being a Daddy’s girl, and how if he has another child, he wouldn’t mind having another little girl.
        All of this is hard for these single guys to understand. They will just think that he put a knife in their back, but he had to do what he had to do to try and win that money to change his life. Maybe he can go to law school or something and get off the force and quit putting his life in danger. I’m sure his wife was glad that he was at BB instead of working and putting his life on the line, at least for a couple of months.

      • That’s why it’s so refreshing to see Cody has a conscience about evicting Caleb after witnessing Derrick’s more ruthless behavior all season.

      • It kind of bugs me that people feel the hgs have to have a good and valid reason for wanting to win. Honestly, I don’t care what they do with their winnings.

    • No body in that house is in a better position for final 2 than Derrick. I believe that all three of the remaining house guests would take him to the finale with them. Victoria & Cody for sure and Caleb most likely as he believes he could be Derrick over Cody (but he would probably be wrong on both counts although his chances are probably better against Cody).

      • Oh I disagree. I think Cody is actually in the best position as he has shown the best results in competitions over Derrick. If Cody plays this right, he could very well evict Derrick next and go to the finals with Victoria and win this whole thing!

      • I think you are right. Funny thing is Caleb wouldn’t pick her over one of them but Cody and Derrick will surprise me if they don’t pick her.

      • I only disagree because Cody has no intention of taking Victoria to the end. Taking her is best idea but Cody hasn’t even considered doing it. That is exactly why I say Derrick is in the best position – both Victoria & Cody will take him to the end and lose to him. If I’m wrong I’ll gladly apologize but I honestly don’t see Cody not taking Derrick if the decision is left up to him.

      • I don’t watch the feeds but I would love to see what Derrick is saying to Cody to make sure he follows D’s wishes yet again.

      • Hey, Foxfire, you ever checked out Jokers? If not, it keeps updating very frequently and I have found it to be very helpful this season.

      • I stopped reading Jokers after Derrick’s complete domination made the show so boring. I did just recently check over there and it seems Derrick is working hard to make sure Cody evicts Caleb.
        Where is Caleb? Shouldn’t he be in Cody’s ear nonstop at this point? ARRGHHH! this year has been so frustrating to watch.

      • I completely agree…horribly frustrating. Last I read Caleb was going to talk to Cody about him deserving to be there more than V. From what I’ve read, he hasn’t made a whole lot of effort as of yet.

      • I’m disappointed to hear this but not surprised. It’s not that I want Vic to go so much as Caleb has a chance to get to the end and would be more exciting to watch than Victoria.

    • It very much matters. Cody can beat Derrick in part 1 of 3 of the HoH leaving himself vs. Victoria or Derrick (both of them being tired) for the 3rd HoH battle… Looks good for Cody if you ask me. His only downfall might be his loyalty to Derrick and not do the smart thing by taking Victoria instead.

      • I couldn’t agree more about things looking good for Cody. I think Cody could beat Caleb in the F2 and I would like to see that happen. Not sure what’s going on in the house at present but I do hope that Caleb is noticing something isn’t quite right and takes Cody aside to talk. They both need to start comparing notes.

      • I’m still so undecided and even though I like Victoria I think the finale would be more exciting if the 3 guys are vying against each other.
        Plus, if Vic leaves it would make Derrick have to work harder for his win.

      • It’s almost sad to watch Cody and Victoria acting like Derrick’s groupies – like they are mesmerized by him. Like Derrick is daddy and they are little kids needing his approval. It would be great to see Cody take either Caleb or Victoria to the end, but it just seems like that won’t happen.

      • I’ve said it before, Derrick has a ‘Memphis’ AND a ‘Danielle’ in his back pocket this season.

  3. Does Victoria have the record for being up on the block? Isn’t this like 10 or 11 times? I know Frank was up a lot in his season but not sure.

    • Good grief, it certainly does seem that Victoria has been on the block a lot from the very beginning. I wouldn’t be surprised either if she broke the record.

      • Which would be a more impressive argument to the Jury? Not having been nominated on the block, due to being part of a huge Alliance and a bit of extra protection as part of TA, as well or surviving 9x on the eviction chair/ block, without having had an alliance ???

    • From what she said yesterday either in the show or BBAD, I believe that this would be her 9th time on the eviction block .. though, I thought it was more … perhaps, not including the times she came off via BOTB and or POV removals??

    • Victoria being on the block a huge number of times and still not being evicted is probably a Big Brother record in itself! To escape the chopping block so many times sure is one incredible record!

      • I think this is Vic’s 7th or 8th time on the block. Anyone think she deserves (for gracefully sitting in that seat so many times) that additional $50,000 CBS is throwing Derrick’s way if he wins?

      • The ONLY reason she was never evicted is Derrick campaigned to keep her. She did nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing and tonight Nothing.

      • Sometimes less is more. How many pawns have we seen go home because they imploded throughout the week while on the block? Give Victoria sooooome credit.

      • They’re only throwing that extra $50K at Derrick if he wins because he was part of TA. Even if she won, she wouldn’t qualify for the extra $$.

      • I know it’s for TA only. I was trying to say why not throw 50K Vic’s way for sitting in that chair (now 9X). It has NOTHING to do with TA.

      • Well, with the BOB twist this season, she went up a lot, but she’s only been there a couple times on actual eviction night. 2 vetos used, 2 times eviction night, 3 or 4 bob wins?

  4. I have never seen anyone dominate Big Brother like Derrick. Has anyone ever gone the entire game without ever being nominated at all in any country where there’s a Big Brother show?! That’s insane! All he’d have to do at the finale is stand up & say something like, “I am the 1st person in Big Brother history to have never ever been nominated for eviction.” BOOM! How could you not vote for him? How can you argue he is not the best player in Big Brother history?! I don’t wanna hear, “well he’s manipulating weak people.” I think that’s a weak argument. Several times, Derrick has had to change his game or scramble to cover his game depending on how situations changed. I have no doubt he would be capable of doing the same with different &/or more intelligent people (he probably would’ve made sure they were evicted by now like he’s already done with the intelligent people from this season). Sure, it’s made the season rather boring, but wow, his control over everything is just stunning.

    • To answer your question, Dan was never on the nomination block in season 10. He went through the whole season without being nominated and won with a 7-0 vote. That might happen with derrick this season.

      As it stands, Derrick the third greatest player ever (assuming he wins). Dan and Will are better as they both won and then dominated a second time (Dan should be a 2x winner).

      As for entertainment, Derrick is not even a top 20 player in that. Dan and Will were both extremely entertaining and Derrick is definitely a very flat person.

      I highly doubt derrick would be able to do what he did against an all star cast. He’d probably be able to make it decently far, but I think someone like Will would want derrick out immediately. I would love to see derrick and dan team up in an all star season and just try to out smart everyone that would be quite a spectacle

    • I have to disagree with you Derrick couldn’t have done as well with intelligent players, anybody can lead lemmings.

  5. Caleb got caught in his own ego planning the final two,he really is not that smart of a player,Frankie told him this is what next week looks like and anyone who reaches this point has to make big moves and that is not sending Victoria home…poor clueless Caleb,he never ran this house for one second,Derrick has been control from day one.

  6. Does anyone else think Frankie looked like Richard Simmons in those short-shorts as he was running on his tip-toes while throwing fairy dust on his way to meet Julie?

  7. I will have absolutely NO RESPECT for anyone that brings Victoria to the finals. Bringing along the most pathetic player in the game is the biggest coward move ever made in Big Brother. If I was on the jury I would purposefully vote for Victoria to win if she makes it to the end because she played pathetic so well, she managed to convince someone to haul her to victory. If someone wants to prove they are the BEST Big Brother player, then bring your REAL partner in crime to the end (they deserve to be there!) and convince the jury you are the winner….that’s a REAL Big Brother winner in my books.

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