Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results – Not That It Matters

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results! Only five HGs remain so everyone was playing for the power of “not that it matters.” The HGs might not know it, but everything they’re doing this week will be nullified in just a few more days.

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results:

Frankie Grande won the Veto

  • Frankie won the Power of Veto!

Derrick came in second and was very, very close the HGs say. 20 seconds behind Frankie. Victoria took SEVENTEEN minutes to complete the challenge.

Feeds returned while the comp was still going since After Dark started before they could finish. Caleb explained it was the “BB Freak Show” competition which makes me assume it was the face morph-o-matic challenge. Too bad this one won’t count. Frankie’s entire week of wins and control will vanish on Wednesday. Ouch. That’ll be frustrating for him.

With less than six people in the house, everyone participated in today’s Veto comp. Players today were Frankie as HoH, Cody and Victoria as the noms, plus Caleb and Derrick as the remaining HGs.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. As a Derrick fan, all I can say is I’m glad he didn’t win. He would have had to tip his hand and reveal he’s working with both Victoria and Cody. Now, I’m guessing Frankie will keep the noms the same with the expectation that Victoria is going home, all to be incredibly disappointed come Wednesday.

    On a side note, props to Frankie. He might go down as the best competitor in Big Brother history. All this guy does is win challenges. It’s kind of refreshing to have a gay man not just whine, complain, float, and pretty much do nothing all season. The guy is a beast.

    • What is it now? 5 HOH’s, 3 POVs, and a BOB? They flat out can not let him keep going. If Caleb doesn’t like it, then too bad.

    • Totally agree! I am unhappy because I wanted to see what Derrick would do with the choice. The only hope now is what does he reveal to Caleb and Frankie leading up to the eviction that wont happen. Who will Derrick pick?

      • I don’t care. I like most people, want Frankie gone! He is so disgusting. He will actually think people are jealous of him, but it is because he is a Very Sick little man! I mean he talked about raping a fellow housemate and much worse! He is a small little horrible man-boy-pig! Bye bye bye Frankie don’t let the BB door hit you in the A-H*le haha he may like that)!!! Frankie has shown his True horrific true Colors, Period!

      • Best call the psyche ward ahead of time for Frankie…he’s going to need it come Wednesday once he knows this week didn’t count and he ends up going out the door because of it! :-)

      • plus if Frankie wins…..he supposedly is going to send the money to African Kids!! I am so sick of these celebrities sending they charity out of the USA! We have poor & starving kids here & they say that charity starts at home!! Frankie’s sister Ariana’s music should be banned & have no one buy any of it!! She is just as vile as her brother!! Remember how she said that someone was jealous because her brother got more SEX than the guy!!! That’s about all Frankie is….a gay guy who just wants to screw & screw even straight guys!!! Sick!! Gays wonder why some people are against them. Its because of the behavior!! Just being so inappropriate sexually. I have nothing against gays but I don’t like the nastiness!!!

    • Yeah, at this rate, if Frankie makes it to F2, he deserves to be there, especially alongside Derrick. Derrick’s the mastermind and Frankie’s the competitor.

      • On the show last night after the ball/shovel sea saw comp, Frankie went to Derrick and asked “are you proud of me”. Derrick didn’t just go right to him and tell him what a “great” job he did so Frankie sought him out and asked. My thought was Frankie was testing Derrick…but then I realized that Frankie is so self centered he probably just wanted to have Derrick praise him. Frankie needed validation and Derrick had to fake it.

    • Frankie “a beast”? As a Gay man, which I am, he has added to the, yet again, the stereotype that many, like myself, have fought against for decades. He is his own biggest fan; and honestly, it’s obnoxious! I am SO looking forward to him getting sent packing after the “Rewind”!
      -Joey Lee

      • You may not like him, and to be honest, I understand why, as I’m not to thrilled with him myself, but even you can’t deny that he has an impressive resume in the game as far as the comps are concerned.

      • I DO agree Saturn, however, there is winning a competition, and hosting your own “parade” afterwards. I stopped counting after he counted his own “achievements” after about 8 times. And that was just in ONE hour of After Dark!
        My Partner/Husband turns off the volume whhenever Frankie “speaks”.
        I also do not think he will have the Jury votes, as once aagain, “beating his own drum” isn’t the best strategy…

      • Hahahaha! That is so funny. I did the same thing this morning when Frankie was making one of his speeches (once again) all by himself in his room to the camera. It’s like he thinks he’s so entertaining….maybe to himself!

      • Did you hear what Frankie Said about Lesbians in the house? He said that Lesbians are Not born that way……he said a bunch of other rude vile things also! I can’t remember exactly how he worded it, but it was rude! If anyone can remember exactly how he said that please remind us! ♡♡♡

      • Well Frankie thinks Gay Men are Born Gay but Not Gay Woman……that is what I was trying to say about that One Way Mother F☆CK☆R Skankie Frankie! No, I don’t think you are Evil. …I think Frankie is an Entitled Idiot, he lives off his mommy’s money and now his sisters and now he lives off of her Fame!

      • So far, there is no scientific evidence that being gay is related to your genetics (no dna marker found common to gays, etc etc). It is more likely the product of upbringing, social settings and various different relationships formed in mid youth. Anything is possible but i think men and women become gay with the same mechanisms.

      • I knew early on (since 5 years old) my baby brother was gay…he was provided with the same social settings as my other 2 brothers who weren’t gay and provided the same relationships with both sexes. And he was also deaf!

      • Nature vs. nurture is still being debated. I doubt we’ll ever be able to truly define what is which. It’s more likely that it is a combination. But, I do believe that a good portion of preferences, including sexual, are nature, rather than nurture. For example, my niece is gay. She was nurtured in a strict environment. Her parents are homophobic. She grew up in a small town in the sticks. She grew up with very little TV and no internet. There was nothing to nurture her preference, yet she still has it.

      • I don’t agree with everything said here, but my appreciation for you backing up your opinion, unlike Nelson, had me give you an up-vote. You make good points.

      • No hate. I’m on your page. Glad there are people like us who can voice an opinion and not be afraid of backlash from people like Nelson and Kathy who just like to be unnecessarily rude and/or angry.

      • Are you serious! Dr. Know NOTHING!!! You are a product of your up bringing! You think that people CHOOSE to be BULLIED! RIDICULED, their lives threatened! Wake up NO PARENT WOULD CHOOSE THAT FOR THEIR CHILD!!! Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of, but with that being said they are not that way by CHOICE!!!

      • I agree that this issue is more human nature than personal choice. But we humans do “choose” to do a lot of stuff that is really bad for us. A lot of our choices do cause us much pain, aggravation and chastisement. So saying that a person wouldn’t do something on purpose that would bring them so much hurt is not necessarily correct. Just my opinion and this is the last comment I will make on the subject.

      • I can agree with that lol. Thank you for not unfairly thinking I’m evil (or a jackass) just for having an opinion that should never have been seen as offensive towards anybody. I can promise you I’m far from evil.

      • I’d rather be a Nelson Evans-believed jackass, than Nelson Evans himself who blindly calls people jackasses just for their opinions. Find me the scientific proof that being gay is part of geneology and thus you can factually be born with it. Find me proof that it’s not just gay people’s ways of coping with being gay when it first hits them and may be a little tough to deal with when they first realize it. I never once showed that I have any issue with gay people, as I don’t, and I said nothing homophobic whatsoever. Better yet, either back up your opinion with something, or don’t go calling others jackasses, when they’re the ones intelligently debating, unlike you.

        Have a nice day, jackass.

      • Don’t bother. Nelson is an idiot. It’s astounding and shameful that he received two upvotes for his inane, baseless garbage.

      • Find me the gene that explains why sibling A loves liver and onions and sibling B detests liver and onions.

      • We may never know the reasons for sure. However, I find it hard to understand how Frankie can think that the causes for homosexuality for men would be any different for women. I think it is set before birth personally but that stems from my personal experience- I knew from a young age I liked boys. Its been a fact since the beginning of time.

      • I knew I wanted to be a nun at the age of 8, but after getting a taste of sex later on, that was no longer an option for me! :-)

      • How can he prove it? It would stand to reason if Lesbians can’t be born gay, then neither can gay men…it’s not gender based at all…it’s human nature. Either you’re born gay or lesbian, or you’re not. He’s just blind seeing that because he’s so focused on himself and doesn’t care about others, unless it benefits only him.

      • I’d like to
        get back to BB instead of a debate of homosexuals whether they are born that way or not. Perhaps this is not the proper forum for that.

      • You’re right Cyd. I shouldn’t have said what I said because I admit that I knew, even before saying it, it had the potential to open up a can of worms. This site is for Big Brother discussion.

      • I think the discussion that was had in the house was fairly interesting. It gave me plenty to think about. My opinion is that regardless if it’s a choice or if one is born with gay tendencies, it matters NOT. Being gay isnt something one does because they are tired of relationships with the opposite sex and it’s not an illness or birth defect. By saying that someone is born gay, it leads you to believe there is a genetic componant that scientists could come up with a genetic based “cure” for. To say it is a choice would lead one to believe that the right psychiatrist or religion could reform someone who is making the choice. If it is neither, then would we be too far off for suggesting it may be a bit of each? Nature AND Nurture instead of Nature VS Nurture? Either way, there is a large segment of the population who face terrible judgement and persecution for simply loving someone of their own sex. I, for one, wish society would pull their collective noses out of other people’s bedrooms, lay off the gay folks, and find a cure for my fat ass, since diet and exercise hasnt helped at all! LOL

      • Hey “Shankie”, as much as I have come to Despise Frankie, although I did not hear the exact comment he made, there IS a bit of truth to the overall idea that “some” Lesbians were not “born gay”.
        Please, let me explain; as most people are aware, Women, as a whole, are much more affectionate with each other, and no one cares.
        Having said that, add in the abuse that many, MANY women go through at the hands, literally, of Men. I DO believe that with all of what I’ve said, there are SOME Women that are able to turn their affection to other Women due to the treatment they may have experienced from Men.
        I am sure that there may be very, VERY, few men that adhere to the same, but nowhere near what Women do.
        Again, I believe this as the Exception, and NOT at all the rule… IMHO
        -Joey Lee

      • I understand what you are saying but it was still rude. Can you imagine if a Lesbian said that about a gay man! I don’t like Frankie and it is because he is so mean and he is sooooo into himself! Also Frankie grew up Rich and he is also with 1.5 million dollars ( probably from his mommy’s business and his sister)! Anyways Frankie has Never lived in reality and he isn’t as great and famous as he thinks he is! Oh ya and why does he have to tell everyone his win would be for Charity. ??? A True Charity giver Doesn’t Brag about it! Frankie has a warped sense of self…..he Needs to Go and CBS Needs to let him get Boo’d, if he doesn’t get Boo’d then CBS fixed for him! On every thread All I have read horrible things that Frankie has done to himself! He actually thinks that he is a “Media Mogul”??? BWHAAAAAA……FRANKIE you are Not a Media Mogul or Anything Special At All!!! LMAO!! ♡♡♡♡

      • P.s. sorry I meant to write that Frankie is worth 1.5 million dollars! It has been pointed out on other websites/ thread’s!

      • From what was said, Frankie is NOT extremely wealthy. He has 1.5 million followers on all of the different Social platforms combined. After seeing his entire Family on the Today Show, they appear to be “quite comfortable”, but not filthy “rich”… and I don’t like him at all! FYI

      • He doesn’t have 1.5 million followers, even if you add all the different social media platforms together. Plus, a high percentage of his followers most likely follow him on multiple sites. That is the number that he lied that he had.

        Whereas, someone did estimate Frankie’s wealth at $1.5 million. I give the estimation the same chance of being real as a rag magazine estimating the wealth of a celebrity.

      • Wow, that was probably one of the most sexist things I have read on this site. Women can’t “turn” gay because men have mistreated them. You are born gay, straight, bisexual, etc.

      • @Philly; I am speaking from my own decades of being Gay. What I did NOT say, nor mean to say, is that “some women turn Gay”. Please re-read my comment. What I did mean is that there are some Women that, after years of being beaten, used, abused, and alone, are able to find the compassion and Yes, even Love, with another Female. It’s not a blanket statement. It’s a very small percentage, and it DOES happen!

      • Thank you, Joeylee! I have been extreamly interested in knowing what another gay man would think of Frankie Grande. Apparently, one’s sexual preference doest blind someone from recognising a nasty human being I am a straight Grandmother with four grown children. I own and ride a Harley. I came of age in the swinging 70s. I have met a wide variety of people from all kinds of places. Regardless of color, creed, sexual choice, body style, or any of the things people use to judge and measure….people like Frankie inspire disgust. Gay men, even the free spirited, flaming, queens (who can be alot of fun), should NEVER be lumped in with the “Frankies” of this world, simply because they are gay! I, for one, appreciate you weighing in. It makes me feel a little more normal for being so repulsed by a reality TV participant (I cannot refer to him as a “star”).

      • Thank You, JeanJ*!! Your very kind words are very much appreciated!
        My “Orientation” may not be what defines me, but it IS a huge part of Who I am, I have been with my “Life Partner”; someday soon, Husband, for 22 Years and 1 Month.
        Thank You, Again!

    • I think that’s very unfair to all the prior gay competitors. Frankie may “not “complaint, float, and pretty much do nothing”, but then neither did a lot of the other gay HGs. He does whine and is a creepy, thoroughly conceited groper. I acknowledge he’s a good competitor, but will still hate it if he wins, just based on his over-the-top, delusional, gross personality.

    • The thing is that someone’s sexual preference has nothing to with how well they do in competitions, nor does it have anything to with how they act as an individual in general. It only has to do with who they find attractive and whom they may chose as a partner in life. I can no more lump gay people into a stereo-type of they are expected to be this or that than I can lump people with similar physical traits or similar beliefs. While there are some of each population that match the “stereo-type”, whatever that stereo-type is doesn’t define the entire population of those with a similar trait.

      • Dayum…that’s it, I’m calling my psychic now..she knows everything and has misunderstood me for wanting to be a decent, moral and upstanding citizen of society! Rock on all! :-)

    • He’s not that much of a ‘beast’ We have to remember that on most of the challenges 1 or more of the HG’s wanted to lose. This is why the house wants to keep Frankie. Frankie has his head in the BB clouds.

    • I’m not so sure…Frank from Season 14 did pretty darn good in comps too! His mistake was showing he could too early!

  2. Well now I don’t need to watch this week or any other weeks, this season just sucks and Fakie is the main reason of it.

  3. Derrick’s advantage is dwindling. I’ll bet the dinguses are second guessing their Big Baby decision not to bd Frankie. I do not like Frankie at all, but his superior BB comp skills cannot be denied.

  4. It’s that duck again? I was hoping someone’s hand will be exposed from this twist..Damn !…We have to have something. What about evicting Cody? lol I’m cool with that! haha

  5. fugly wins again…..just shows how repugnant all these hg’s really are….what a waste, i hope they ALL get booed… derricks gurgle voice, calebs boob lump, cody’s pining over his dumped witch, frankies lizard tongue, nose sniffing and stumpy hands all make me want to vomit…..puke, gag!

  6. Frankie had one foot out the door and they pulled him back from the abyss! Bad move, boys. Don’t be surprised if he is sitting in F2..I can’t stand the guy..but, the jury is not aware of alot of his vile behavior..they will look at his resume and may give him the win. It will be fun this week to watch him try and strategize..I am thinking he wants Cody out..only to have the rug pulled out from under his feet!!

  7. I hope derrick realizes how stupid he was to stop them from back dooring Frankie because he was afraid when Nicole told him he reminded her of dan, so he sent Nicole home instead.

    • That was mostly CBS’ edit. Yes, overall, I think that’s what went towards convincing Derrick, but Caleb was the one who wanted Nicole out before Frankie.

      • Caleb wants EVERYBODY out until someone else convinces him otherwise. He is so easily swayed – it’s pitiful. All BARK and no bite.

    • Derrick doesn’t ever look back, he always looks forward. He’s been fostering that all season to Victoria … in other words, “don’t cry over spilt milk”.

    • I think Derrick needs Cody and Victoria on the jury but he’s not going to be the one to send them out and get blood on his hands, so as long as Frankie or Caleb does it, then he’ll still have their votes.

      • But I also think Derrick thinks he can beat Cody if they’re final two, and I know for sure he thinks he can beat Victoria. I do think he would get over it, and probably pretty fast, if either was evicted (as long as it wasn’t by his hand, as you said) but I also do think Derrick legitimately wants to save both Cody and Victoria if he can. He wants to be final three with them. I hope he’s successful, even though I pretty much hate Victoria.

  8. I don’t care for any of them, but for my viewing pleasure, I want Derrick to work on saving Victoria and sending Cody’s a*s.

  9. I simply can’t wait to see the look on Frankie’s face, on Thursday, when the rug is pulled out from under his feet. He will have to pick his jaw up off of the floor. I can only pray that he goes from HOH to voted out of the house!!

      • Right? We can still commend how great a competitor he is while still despising him as a person.

      • Yes. Frankie will most likely be evicted this week because of the twist, which will be pretty funny to watch. Can you imagine that? Winning the HoH and the PoV that week and STILL be evicted? The only thing better than imagining that scenario is if it happened to Donny and how much people on this site would be foaming at the mouth at how unfair the twist would suddenly be.

        Hopefully at least this will put to rest ANY crazy conspiracy theories about production trying to save Frankie. Not that you can reason with those kinds of people anyway.

      • lol, don’t get me wrong, Cyril. I hate Frankie too. I just like to expose hypocrisy. A twist of this magnitude at the final 5 is way too powerful. What if Frankie hadn’t won HoH and the PoV and Frankie was actually saved by the twist instead? People would be outraged at the twist.

  10. Personally, I can’t wait to see the look on Frankie’s face when He learns of the “rewind”! I am also looking forward to Derrick’s, as he will have to somehow redo what he did the first time. In that scenario, there’s a BIG chance that a select few will FINALLY figure out just WHO the “Puppeteer” has been all Summer! I’m rooting for Cody; he’s the underdog in my Game “scenario”. I guess we shall see!

      • The men used Victoria all season. I think she deserves 2nd place, next to Derrick in 1st. If not Victoria, then Caleb. Cody needs to get to Christine in the Jury house.

      • Cody and Christine! Ugh! That’s a whole other story. I’m am SO glad that I don’t hear that incessant laughing anymore. I don’t know how the HG’s could stand it.

    • He’ll think it’s been him all along, though. We’ll expect this from Frankie. Christine even said Frankie’s the biggest manipulator of the house, which shows how much she knows…LOL

      • He may be in the final 2 based on Derricks lack of intelligence. Instead of focusing so much on his token female he should of been less fearful of manipulating bigger moves. Pretty scary when based on the players left Frankie is the only one who can win comps.

      • I hear ya..let’s pray that Frankie doesn’t do it all over again with the new comps that will count!

  11. stayed tuned for the private talk between Cody and Derrick . Gonna be interesting Am sure Cody wants to kick his own ass as well as Derricks for not back dooring Frankie this past week….Stupid is as stupid does…

    • When they’re out of the house, these guys are going to look at recordings of the show and be horrified at how Derrick manipulated them. They didn’t have a set of balls between them, so I guess it serves them right. All just too immature, trusting and caught up in the whole “we guys gotta stick together” mentality, They’ve completely forgotten it’s a competition, not a frat house.

      • If the girls had stuck together, as Joey tried to arrange, and as some others talked with no walk about wanting to do, would you have called it a sorority house mentality? By no means am I trying to be rude, or assume one way or another how you would interpret this hypothetical scenario, so please don’t read it that way. I’m actually just asking, honestly.

      • There weren’t enough strong women to overcome the strong guys as we witnessed so no, they shouldn’t have stuck together.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Julie’s saying that because they are young and somewhat inexperienced at life, they act like they would in a college dorm or something. They seem to innocent at life to compete at something like BB.

    • Derrick will probably tell Cody he should have gone with his gut and not listened to the others! It was all Cody’s doing! :-)

  12. According to my calculations (and Morty’s live feeds page backs me up on this), Frankie is now tied with Janelle’s record of competition wins, counting the 5 HOHs, 3 POVs, and 2 BOBs!!!

    • He was also Co-HoH for some of those so they don’t count.
      He’s still a competition wizard though.

    • And, after the Rewind, he is back to Wednesday, unless he wins it all again … Ha!!!

      and, yeah, Frankie was so into himselfittalking to the camera about how much of a Competition Beast he has been … pretty sure Production suggested he do that …

      eta: Don’t forget that Derrick gave him that HOH after he grandfather passed away .. also, according to Frankie, Derrick had won 3x HOH’s and a POV … is that true?

      As for the POV comp, with his training and experience as a Cop, I am pretty confident that he must have sandbagged another comp, unless he is not really that good of a cop in documenting crime scene and witness reports … Ha!! That, and him still believing it is some sort of a reset week twist ??

      was also funny with Caleb saying that if the twist was Production offeres him $25k on wednesday to self evict that he’d take it aling with his $13k stipend and whatever else he has won in addition to the $25K AFP prize … Ha !!!

  13. Here’s what I hope happens- and this is also the reason why I think it does matter. I hope Frankie uses the veto on Victoria, and this is what I think he will do. I think he will renom with Derrick, thus forcing a Cody elimination. Obviously it is rewind week, so it wont matter, but it will expose Frankie and his true plans. I just hope that if this does happen, Cody and Derrick don’t go throwing each other under the bus all week, and Frankie doesn’t re win the HOH on Weds.

  14. Slightly off topic here, but I read on an old post that each evicted HG gets to take a DVD of that week’s show to the jury. Does that mean that the jury room has a set of videos of the season from the first evicted HG to the last? That doesn’t make sense. Can someone correct me?

  15. By the way, anyone catch the live feeds where everyone is sitting on the couches in the living room and they’re talking abut the button twist this week and Cody tries to speak and Frankie keeps interrupting him with his stupid meaningless singing?

    Cody: Imagine if-
    Frankie: blah blah ….
    Cody: Imag-
    Frankie: blah blah blah…
    Cody: Imagine if w-
    Frankie: blah blah blah…
    Cody (visibly angry): Imagine if we-
    Frankie: blah blah…
    Cody (looks at Victoria and rolls his eyes; deep breath): IMAGINE IF WE


    It’s well worth a look. It happens around 10:58 pm on Saturday.

      • It’s sooooo awkward and it makes you wonder how these people can be locked up for 100 days with him without ripping his limbs off.

      • Took me awhile to find it,but it’s worth looking at it. 10:53PM CAM 3 to be exact. When Cody was able to finally talk,after so many attempts, the camera pans to Frankie’s face, and you just want to punch his face….I had to watch it three times though. LOL..They have to upload this scene on Youtube

      • I totally get “the troll face”……and in the mirror most of the time. Frankie would go CRAZY if they removed the mirrors! Now THAT would be a real twist for HIM!

    • Sounds like something Frankie would do. I can see why that would annoy Cody. It would annoy me too.

    • Isn’t singing against the rules? Did production interrupt with “Frankie, please stop singing”?

    • Ahhhhhh! That dang singing! Distraction techniques. I would NOT want to be anywhere around Frankie in the outside world. OH the DRAMA!

  16. So happy this week doesn’t count and am eagerly looking forward to Wednesday when Frankie learns his efforts have been in vain. I hope his winning streak is over and Caleb or Derrick wins HOH and puts up Frankie and Cody (I think Victoria deserves a rest). I would think Derrick would make sure Frankie gets evicted. Actually, I was hoping Frankie would make it to the final 3 (as I think Karen posted the other day) and be the last one evicted this season. It would mean he doesn’t get to the jury house and doesn’t win any $$$. He’ll leave only with the $20K or so that he gets for participating in TA. Poetic justice and all that!

  17. At the end of BBAD on TVGN tonite/this morning, they’re on the couches randomly talking and the subject of the hat Cody had been wearing most of the season comes up. They finally figured out that Nicole took it probably because Hayden asked her to get it back for him. It’s Hayden’s hat. Cody’s remark was ‘he’s so immature’ … Sorry pal, but you’re the immature one for keeping someone else’s property after they left the house.

    • Seriously? Do you not think that if Hayden really wanted it back, he would’ve told Cody that, and if Cody was asked he would have given it back? Remember, Hayden was quickly evicted, blindsided in a double eviction, tail end of it, where he didn’t even have time to pack his bags or take a bag out the door with him. This sounds much more like Victoria being weird to Zach after clearly letting him have her hat, suddenly saying “It’s my property” then destroying it. I would absolutely believe Cody on this one, being that Hayden upon heading to jury, suddenly didn’t like Derrick and Cody anymore, and even told Nicole “Derrick and Cody” as he hugged her (which was BS by the way) after Nicole won the juror battle to return. He’s probably continuing his dislike for Derrick’s manipulation and Cody’s “acting” (as he put it) and suddenly wants his hat back because of it. Hayden is 21 after all, it’s completely feasible. You’re making it sound like Cody was asked for the hat back and he pulled it close and said “No, mine now” by calling him “immature for keeping someone’s property after they left the house”. That’s really not likely at all if you think about it.

      • maybe it should have been packed with his other things and sent to the jury house since he was suddenly sent packing and by those that he ‘trusted’???

      • That was quick, bang-bang. I don’t see how one can justly fault Cody for not saying “Oh wait Hayden, your hat!” The immature thing would’ve been if Hayden wanted it back, Cody knew this, and didn’t give it to him. I’m sorry but Cody’s been wearing it pretty much all season. That to me is as good as Hayden giving it to him. Did he ever say to Cody, while he was still in the house, “You do know I want that back someday” or anything like that? Find me that footage, and maybe I’ll change my opinion.

      • i guess the same way lots of folks took sides when the pink hat was ‘taken’ back and destroyed by the original owner????? oh and I cant find that footage for me or you, wouldn’t if I could

      • Don’t waste your breath. It’s “cool” to whine about all of the houseguests here, even if it’s complete fiction like the post above. You can’t stick up for the houseguests here and expect to fit in.

      • Good point, that’s pretty much how it seems most of the time. Lucky for me, fitting in isn’t a priority of mine. If I believe in something, it won’t matter if a world-strong 6 billion others disagree with me. I’ll probably continue to stick up for houseguests who don’t deserve flack. I could be wrong, it’s a hunch, but I’m sensing a lot of people already not a fan of Cody, trying to find fuel to add to their own self-created fires.

      • The difference is that Victoria told Zach he could keep the hat. I don’t recall Hayden telling Cody that. In the first episode, we saw Hayden packing the hat and talking about how many flowered hats he should pack. Hayden’s hats meant something to him, while Victoria had just picked up the pink hat at Walmart for the show.

        In addition, many of them were wearing each others things all season. It doesn’t mean that they were given those things to keep for ever. Do you really think that Amber gave Caleb her bunny slippers?

        I agree that Cody’s comment about Hayden being immature for wanting his property back was out of line.

      • Cody has shown his maturity plenty of times so him calling someone else immature is pot calling kettle…. So far, he has “gone off” on all the other houseguests, he is not a “dumb kid”, afterall he graduated college with an IQ of “92”, he follkws anything his stepfather tells him without thought amd worries about what others think of him. If Hayden wants his hat back, it’s his, he can have it back. I am sure Tim is happy to have his wife back (or at least she is out of the house).

      • Is there any footage of Hayden asking Cody for it back during the entire time he’s in the house? Nevermind at the end when being evicted, because as I pointed out, that was a quickly-developing scenario. Did he ever say anything like “I want that back before I leave”? Not that I saw, or heard. He watched as we all did as Cody wore the hat all the time, and he didn’t say anything about it. Sounds like you guys have a bigger problem with this than Hayden ever did. Hayden didn’t seem to have a problem with Cody having/wearing his hat until Cody/Derrick betrayed him and saw Jocasta evicted instead of Zach and then saw himself evicted right after. You put it together and tell me what’s logical.

      • I seriously doubt that Hayden was thinking about his things during the couple of minutes between getting evicted and actually going to the jury house. That doesn’t mean that when the dust settled he didn’t want all of his property back. It’s safe to assume that he expected all of it to be in his bag when it arrived. Didn’t you ever have a roommate? I remember in college we borrowed each others things all of the time, but I can’t imagine if someone would have kept something that wasn’t theirs.

      • You contradict yourself in the begining by pointing out how quickly Hayden was evicted and that he didn’t get to pack his own stuff. If he had packed his own stuff how are any of us supposed to know if he would have asked Cody for his hat back. Cody called Hayden immature because he couldn’t keep the hat. I don’t recall Cody having ever asked Hayden if he could have the hat to keep. Hayden was just letting him use the hat. Most people who respect other people (I said respect not like) return items that they have borrowed. When the HGs were asked to pack Hayden’s stuff Cody should have put the hat in his stuff. This is where Cody showed his immaturity because he wanted to keep using the hat he kept it. Which is pretty close to the same thing you said that she was making it sound like. Cody being asked for the hat back and pulling it close and saying no it’s mine now and Cody not returning it when they were packing Hayden’s things pretty similar not the same but same principle. Hayden was also a little immature about it he never gave the hat to Cody and he wanted it back but the way he went about it was also immature. Having nicole grab it and sneak it out of the house yes it prob was cause he was a little bitter at Derrick and Cody. Although Cody calling Hayden immature is like Cody standing in the middle of a glass house and throwing boulders

      • Not trying to just make myself sound better here, and I’m not trying to create a fued, as from what I’ve seen of your posts Doug, you’re a good commenter.

        But I don’t see how anything I said was a contradiction. I didn’t just mean asking Cody for it back at or during the Double Eviction, because as I said that was a hurry-up scenario with not a lot of time to think. I more meant at any time while Hayden was in the house, did we ever see him telling Cody he wants his hat back? Hayden and Cody were in the house together a long time, and Hayden let Cody have/wear/”borrow” it very early on. Cody’s been wearing it almost all season, to the point that the TA mission Neighbourhood Watch had them select “the blue flowered hat” from Cody…from Cody, as if it might as well be his, and he loved it and wore it all the time. Hayden didn’t have a problem with this the entire time he’s in the house, but in the end, after eviction, now he wants it back. There’s the bitterness you and I agreed on. I’m sorry but let him use the hat? Borrow the hat? I only buy that if it’s a sunny day, somebody doesn’t have their own hat, and just wants it while they’re outside in the sun for protection. Otherwise, a hat isn’t something you borrow, let alone as mentioned Hayden willingly watched as Cody wore this hat all the time. Literally all the time, it was almost as glued to him as the pink hat or gator shirt was glued to Zach.

        He wanted it back in the end after he considered Derrick and Cody’s betrayal the biggest downfall for his game. It’s human, but it’s immature. I guarantee you Hayden made more than enough stipend money to just go buy a new one if he loved it so much. Or, he could have asked Nicole to ask Cody for it back, politely. He wasn’t interested in that. He was interested in bumming Cody out by suddenly not getting to wear the hat he loved wearing all Summer.

        And to the person pointing out differences between Victoria’s hat with Zach and Hayden’s hat with Cody; I can see a difference for sure. Victoria would rather destroy the hat instead of wear it herself, over letting Zach have it, when she knew Zach loved it.

        No wonder Hayden and Victoria were friends.

      • I respect your opinion and I think you are a great commenter as well. We may disagree about the circumstances surrounding the hat but we do agree the way he went about getting it back was wrong and immature on his part I agree whole heartedly that he should have had nicole just ask Cody for it back. It just goes to show how young and immature these people are. Respect to you

  18. Does anyone know much about Frankie’s charity. Apparently it’s called Broadway in South Africa, but when I go online it looks like that’s just a series of concerts, here and in Africa, aimed at a “cross-cultural exchange of the arts between American and South African artists”. Nothing about building schools. Is there another charity he supports?

    • I was skeptical that he was even being honest that he’s going to donate to charity if he wins. It would make sense being that his sister can just send him money anytime he needs/wants it, but I was still skeptical, and I think he thought of it as a ploy or a strategy to get people to keep him and/or get jury votes, somehow. I hope I’m wrong, because lying about donating to charity seems pretty bad.

      • Did you see the video he submitted when he was trying out for Survivor? He has a HUGE, beautiful house and a full-time housekeeper. Definitely not hurting for cash.

      • I think he’s totally lying, hoping that people would want to give him the money for being so “noble”.

    • The primary charity that Frankie supports is called BuildOn. From what I’ve read, he has supported it for years.

  19. Does anyone know much about Frankie’s charity? Apparently it’s called Broadway in South Africa, but when I go online it looks like that’s just a series of concerts, here and in Africa, aimed at a “cross-cultural exchange of the arts between American and South African artists”. Nothing about building schools. Is there another charity he supports?

    • I was skeptical that he was even being honest that he’s going to donate to charity if he wins. It would make sense being that his sister can just send him money anytime he needs/wants it, but I was still skeptical, and I think he thought of it as a ploy or a strategy to get people to keep him and/or get jury votes, somehow. I hope I’m wrong, because lying about donating to charity seems pretty bad.

    • Sorry some of my posts duplicate with the second one being shown as Guest. My computer is acting up, freezing, then taking on a mind of its own.

    • For a social media mogul, his website is out of date. I read somewhere else that the charity is called buildon. The seem like a legit charity and even do some work with kids in the states. Weeks ago on another thread, I posted the same thing you did. Broadway in South Africa just sounds like a real life Book of Mormon, the play.

  20. I think a lot of people on here are setting their hopes too high on Frankie going from HoH/POV winner, to evicted just because of the rewind. Believe me, I would love for that to happen, but I’m trying to be realistic. There are still only 4 other players for Frankie to compete with for HoH, 3 if you don’t count Victoria which I don’t. POV I give her a slightly higher chance so ok, let’s say 4 other competitors for POV. Either way, everybody plays, no chance of Frankie’s chip not being pulled, there are no chips with only 5 left in the game. How is everyone so sure that even if his week of wins is wiped out, he won’t just win HoH again? If he doesn’t, he still gets a shot of winning POV again, and lately, he’s on fire, winning just about everything. The only real shot I see for him to not win HoH OR Veto after the rewind is if he’s so mentally rattled by losing all his power due to a twist that he somehow can’t focus on the competitions, and then the hurry-up double-eviction style quick-competition night gets him flustered. But that’s not too likely, he’s focused lately. The last several competitions he’s had his game face on, not feeling totally safe unless the power was his, and he’s come up in the clutch.

    If you really want him out that bad (like I do) go ahead and hope for it, just don’t get your hopes up too high. I would hate for good faithful viewers like yourselves to be Earth-shatteringly disappointed and/or upset.

    • 3 other competitors. According to EW’s interview with Julie Chen, she said that only those that competed in the last HOH could compete in the rewind HOH competition. So, Derrick can’t compete. It will be Frankie, Cody, Caleb and Victoria competing.

    • Well, if the next comp is different it could be the wall, favoring Caleb, whom Frankie protects this week…seeing as to how even if Frankie used the POV, he’d likely put up Derrick, not Caleb. Caleb is the only one who Frankie thinks would take him to F2. Frankie’s aware that Derricks close to both Vic and Cody

      • It can’t be the wall. They have to fit an HOH, noms, POV, possible renom and eviction into 1 hour. The wall takes too long. It might be the wall after Wednesday’s show.

  21. Let’s say Frankie uses the POV to save Victorial Renominating Derrick! So Derrick and Cody on the block. Caleb votes for Cody while Victoria votes for Derrick, making the tie breaker Frankie. Now that would be a move!

    • If I recall the Rewind will be stoppjng the live eviction before the votes are casted?? But, would be nice if we got to see the actual voting first … Ha!!!

    • That would be awesome! And since this week really doesn’t matter, the look on Frankie’s face would be awesome! Derrick and his stepson Cody would see how silly there were for keeping Frankie.

    • There isn’t going to be a vote.

      Although if he did put up Derrick it sure would make Wed. very interesting because Frankie would be playing for his life in the HOH or veto comp.

      Because if he put up Derrick and didn’t win either the HOH or veto he is toast.

  22. So, since everything will be nullified, then Frankie WILL get to compete in the “real” HOH??

    • Yes. It will be Frankie, Cody, Caleb and Victoria competing in the rewind HOH competition. Derrick, as the last real outgoing HOH, won’t be eligible to compete. (According to Julie Chen.)

  23. Ha! Derrick and Cody are probably kicking themselves in the behind for wasting three chances to get rid of him. Hopefully they use this chance to win the HOH and veto to get him out!

  24. While, I dislike Frankie, I am rooting for him to win the HOH after the reset.
    These ninnies who will not make the big moves this late in the game deserve to be sent to the jury house where they belong! I am referring to Cody, Derrick and Caleb. Cody and Caleb can go first to the jury house and at least, we do not have to see them talking about the big moves that they will make but, never get around to making! Enough of that nonsense.
    That has gone way too long. Go Frankie and evict these ninnies and show them what utter fools they are!

    • Frankie already had a chance to make a big move this week and put up Cody & Derrick but he put up Victoria with the expectation that she was going to go to jury.

      If he won HOH again why do you think that he would do anything different?

      Frankie is the one who should be very worried once he finds out about the reset because if he doesn’t win the HOH or veto he very well could be headed out the door.

      • How many times has Cody passed up chances to backdoor Frankie? Don’t care either way because nobody wants to play the game and would rather float even this late in the game! What makes you sure Cody and not Victoria will go home? There would just be Derrick and Caleb voting assuming it stays the same. Derrick might see this as an opportunity to get Cody out and if they split the vote then, it is Victoria going home!

      • Frankie is all set on getting a all guy final four and Caleb still doesn’t realize that the Bomb Squad isn’t actually together so neither would vote Cody out.

        There is no way in hell that Derrick would vote Cody out and be left only with Victoria to go up against Caleb & Frankie when it could be him & Cody instead.

        Cody is the only one that Derrick will keep over Victoria when it comes to who goes to the final four, he would dump Caleb or Frankie in a heartbeat because then it would be three against one.

        Not that hard to figure that out.

  25. Did anybody else notice that since Jeff and Jordan visited the house and Jeff made his comment about the house being smelly and disgusting that now all of a sudden they are cleaning the house constantly. Well except for Frankie as he must think cleaning is beneath him

    • Now, now. That’s one thing Frankie did participate in all season. It’s Victoria that thinks cleaning is beneath her! I’ve only noticed she wiped a counter top off and that’s it! Same goes for Christine, who didn’t pick up after herself at all!

    • Frankie also thinks being a “have not” is beneath him as well. Did you see him looking at his hands when Caleb was deciding who was going to be a “have not”? He was giving the message that he can’t be a have not again because of his “circulation problem”??? Everyone else had to do it, problem or not! Ugh. He has only been a have not 1 time when others have had to do it for weeks at a time. Sissy sissy sissy.

      • I read that the other HG’s said that Frankie’s “cleaning” of the dishes was disgusting as well. They had to go back and rewash things in order to use them. No proof of that though, just something I read.

  26. Like almost everyone else who has been watching the lack of gameplay this season, I also dislike Mr. Grande. He is a Bigheaded overweening lil prick. However, I do respect him as a game player. I hope CBS makes not of the formula they used to cast this season and burn it! What a waste of summer, and most importantly what a waste of anticipation on my part. I wait year long for BB to start, and out of all seasons this by far has been the lamest, slowest, and most disappointing of them all. I think they owe it to people like Nicole, Hayden, Joey, and Donny to bring them back for another round, they were the only ones willing to make moves (poor joey thought too fast lol) and they were stuck in a house full of people who were there to make friends. Derrick props to you man, although i cant stand you, you’ve played well my friend. Rant over.

    • They should cast the best players from Survivor in Big Brother. You do not need to tell them to make their moves like the ninnies this season! Even last season with the racists on it, had more game play and backdoors. This bunch has to be the ultimate worst ever to play Big Brother!

      • I’d have to disagree with you…Season 9 was the worst because most were soo drunk most the season! Big Brother started rationing the alcohol after that season! LOL

      • I agree 100% with you Richie!…. That would be the ultimate season of bb I think, CBS take notes. Last season i found myself questioning whether I would continue watching BB or not, and slowly but surely that turned around as those HG’s began making it interesting. This season however, has been lacking in many departments.

      • OMG! that is a recipe for the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME!!!… I think I smell a petition starting? by a show of likes/comments who is with us on getting this started?!! But wait! Phil Sheppard must be part of this cast too!

      • This is a recipe for the GREAT SHOW OF ALL TIME!!!! I think I smell a petition… hmmm by a show of likes/comments whose with me on getting this started??? But wait!… Phil Sheppard must be part of the cast also!!

      • I would like Kim Spradlin to be in the mix. She was a beast in immunity challenges and got all the guys voted out! Her social game is the best I have seen on Survivor too! Also, add in Parvati, she is also very good in competitions and her social game is good enough.

      • Add Colton in there. He couldn’t survive outside. I’d love to see his back-stabbing was in an indoor environment. (As long as he doesn’t start whining and crying again.)

      • Colton quit last time remember? I would rather have Cochran who won Survivor on his 2nd try. He was good in competitions too and a very likable geek too!

    • I love Derrick. He’s a decent human being. He respects people. He respects women. He gave away his win to Frankie when Frankie’s Grandfather died. Such a huge heart. He has NEVER disrespected anyone in the house unlike Frankie. He has played the game from a very different prospective than any other HG on BB because of his detective skills. We shouldn’t fault him for that. Donny was a decent human being, so was Nicole, Hayden, Jocosta, Caleb, and Victoria. I cannot say the same for Frankie. Frankie is ALL about Frankie. He has an ego as big as a house, his antics are getting old, his fakeness and bossiness is REALLY showing now (he hid it before), his persona is changing the closer it gets to the end. And last of all…….gang raping Victoria!!!???!!! Come on BB! Get your act together! He does not deserve to be on the show after that. A racist comment would not have been tolerated, and for SURE this gang raping thing should not either. I was COMPLETELY DISGUSTED BY THAT. He is just plain old NASTY and disrespectful. His loving up to all of the houseguests was sweet at first, but the longer the show goes on, the more of his TRUE COLORS come out. He is a great game player, but pretty disgusting as a human being. Not okay.

      • Derrick has disrespected Donny, Nicole and Victoria multiple times. Also, how can you be completely disgusted by the horrific rape talk incident, but be OK with Derrick suggesting and simulating Zingbot raping Victoria and with him laughing throughout the incident? As a police sergeant, husband, father and human being, he should have put a stop to it and walked out, instead he participated and helped instigate further joking after it had died down.

        ETA: He has also disrespected the BB viewers by lying to us regularly.

      • That’s debatable. Caleb is the only one that put a stop to it and never talked about it since.

      • He could have walked out without blowing his cover. It was his choice to participate and instigate.

      • Even walking out would have blown his cover. When you’re undercover, you have to make them believe that you are one of them. It’s definitely a fine line.

      • Ok, maybe you’re not understanding my point, but that’s ok. We’re all allowed to have an opinion right?

      • agree. It would not have affected him at all if he would have said something such as that is not very nice, or watch what you are saying we are on national TV. etc.

      • Don’t forget how paranoid these people are at this point over every single thing that is said and even HOW it is said as well.

      • Absolutely, Derrick was equally bad in the whole sexcapade, but Frankie is the only one taking heat for it. You can’t just blame one, blame them all.

      • I do blame all 5. I think the offenders from worst to least are: Frankie, Derrick, Caleb, Christine and Cody. Although, Caleb and Christine are almost equal in blame.

      • LOL Derrick never “disrespected” Donny. Just because he didn’t let him ride his coattails and carry him to the end that’s disrespect??? I’m certain you can ask everyone who’s been in the house if they’ve felt disrespected by Derrick, and they’d all say “no”. Please give specifics when there was a time he disrespected anyone??? Keep in mind, saying they need to go home or actually working out a plan to send them home isn’t disrespect. He’s built a lot of his game around purposely being respectful to people to secure their jury vote…and seems like he’s ALSO very respectable in his real life as well.

      • Richie, I saw that the comment that is now from “mandi” was from you and the reply “I like it!” was from you. Why are you changing names and commenting on your own posts? I’m just curious.

      • Refresh all the time Redroses. to get the right names. This problem has been going on for years on this site…like you’re not talking to Richie lol..and he’s not changing names…always refresh

      • GM, Cyril! I was refreshing and looking at my replies/upvotes. It was originally Richie (signed in) and then 30 minutes or so later all of Richie’s comments changed to “Cyd” (not signed in) in this thread. Then the one above changed from Cyd to mandi. Very strange.

      • IDK maybe part of it is the changes that Disqus installed. I’ve been having problems viewing replies/upvotes when the count is 9+ sometimes. Or more like I’m just getting old and seeing things! LOL

      • He disrespected Donny multiple times by treating him like an idiot. Donny even said that Derrick disrespected him. He disrespected Nicole multiple times by annihilating her character. He called her a liar and untrustworthy, when she was the opposite. He even did it to her face. He disrespected Victoria by suggesting and simulating Zingbot rape her, plus railroading her when they were talking one on one and the things he said behind her back. He disrespected the viewers by lying to us about Donny repeatedly. He has disrespected his wife by letting Victoria hang all over him and cuddle with him. Do you need me to continue?

      • Donny would probably have won, or maybe not. I think Derrick believes he would have put him up if he won HOH. He would have been right.

      • how does he lie to us, we know exactly what he is doing. The house shouldn’t know because that is part of the game. I don’t think Derrick wants to say anything that will jeopardize his game, but he should’ve said something to Frankie about it.

      • He lied to the viewers, because Derrick was working to get Donny evicted. He then turned to the cameras and in DR told viewers he was trying to save Donny. It can’t be both, so either his actions or his words were a lie.

      • He was, but not in a way that would have saved him. He mentioned that maybe Donny should stay but did not press on because he didn’t want the HG to suspect him on being on Donny’s side.

      • I was just talking about that ,how derrick plays right along with everyone and he does not even say anything about all those comments he is just as bad as the rest for not telling the truth about who he is ,, what is he afraid of ? just come out and tell them your a cop for heavens sake , derrick has lied this wole time about who and what he does ,,

      • No one HAS to say their occupation outside of the house. They do the same thing on Survivor so that they are not easy targets based on peoples opinions of their occupation. They should be evaluate on “game play” not their occupations.

      • I believe it was last season that someone, I forgot who was making racist jokes, especially about Asians. I think doing the accents and the eyes. I know she was blond, don’t remember her name. Julie only said something once she got voted out. The same will probably happen with Frankie. She should embarrass him.

    • Are you nuts? Nicole, hayden, joey, donny all had equal chances to play the game, form alliances, relationships, compete in comps… just because “other” players play a certain way shouldn’t be a consideration to bring back a returning player. They lost, too bad for them. As for a boring season… i’m liking it … maybe BB just isn’t the show for your !!! Personally I am against any form of returning players, all-stars seasons, coaches, evicted hg’s getting back in… hey, millions want to play this game, the cast needs to be totally changed up every season, dump the current casting formula: gay man, gay woman, black man , black woman, big muscle bound men, pretty woman…. all in their twenties and thirtys.

      • Karen, you may be one of the 5% of viewers who thinks this season hasn’t been boring. I’ve been watching BB since season 1, and I think I have enough reason for saying what I did, and I am sure I’m not the only person to think so. They might as well call this season a soap opera, maybe you watch lots of them so maybe that’s why you like this season.

      • I have watched since season 1 as well, and with no big moves being made the game is boring. This season was a bore, I just want it to end already. If the producers think keeping Frankie will make people watch they are wrong, it will make many long time fans of the show stop watching the next seasons to come. Amanda and Mcrane made the season fun and as a viewer wanting someone to get them out, or at least getting her out was fun to watch. she played a good game and I hated her and I am glad that she didn’t win. The same with Dr will and Boogie, too bad they won though. I loved Danielle towards the end.

      • Majority will agree this season, the house guests were pretty much floating right from the beginning even till now when there are just 5 house guests left in the Big Brother House. The only reason, Christine got evicted is they have run out of house guests to evict who is not part of their alliance! Who wants to watch that? Also, these house guests are being paid a weekly stipend to play the game. If you did not do your job—-you will be fired from your job!
        And yet, these house guests have the luxury of not being fired because they are part of the game. Next season, bring the Survivor players in, the game play will be 10 times better!

    • Seriously????? lol Nicole already got another chance and nobody else played their game well. Just stop.

      • Yeah, Nicole did get another chance, but under the circumstances (you know, the unified bunch of wussies left in the house) there was no way she, or anyone else for that matter, would’ve survived. As far as no one playing their game well I wont argue with you on that one!…

      • Nicole could’ve played more aggressively and tried harder to win HOH or veto, that was her only chance and she failed. She was one of my faves and I hate that she is gone, but she didn’t play well after she came back to the house. Too much whining from her part.

      • Nicole should not have trusted Christine and Victoria. They both played a huge part in her eviction by being immature tattle tales.

    • I agree that Derrick played well. I can’t stand Derrick in the house playing the game. All of my faves are out because of him, but I am sure that outside the house he is a loving husband and father. So my hatred for him is not personal since I don’t know him just not my favorite this season.

  27. Is BB going to let Frankie get away with those comments about Victoria and then mimicking the actual sex acts toward her??? That is just foul, offensive, and disgusting. You know if someone had said something racist, BB would be ALL OVER THAT ONE. This is SICK!!!

    • From what I can tell, CBS is supporting Frankie and is ignoring/sweeping under the rug the negative and vile things he says and does. Julie Chen gave Frankie praise in her interview with EW 2 days ago.

      • That’s so WRONG! WHAT? Are they blind?!? Are ratings really THAT important that CBS would let him degrade women like that? CBS does NOT get my vote.

      • She used the words “real”, “genuine” and “adorable.” Regardless of whether she was referring to Frankie’s compliments or him in general, it was still praise.

      • I’ll give you that..yep! I’m sure when he sees that, he’ll eat it up too, and wipe the slate clean of everything else! Which proves to me she doesn’t watch the live feeds.

      • I’m sure she has people that do that for her. I can’t imagine that she isn’t updated on what’s happening, though, especially something being reported on TMZ and other sites.

  28. I think it’s kinda funny that we’re all commenting (myself included) on game play that we only have partial info about (due to editing as someone pointed out down in the feed below.

    • No different than being in a jury pool. A judge tells you to pretend not hearing evidence that is deemed not acceptable. Although, you have heard or seen it, you remove it from the facts you would need to make a decision either way. I am sure that the feeds are edited in some way as they show fish at times. Nothing is is cut and dried even if you have a video tape of an incident. Interpretation could still vary depending on what watched that video tape. You make your best call based on what you have before you!

  29. this year so far is somewhat blah, but the BoB was interesting, maybe next time around , the noms have no contact with anyone and play , this way no deals or noone throwing comps. Same as with the double eviction , the new hoh goes straight to the hoh room selects noms from there, no talking it over, that would be a good twist, let them think on their own.
    I think they already told frankie his HOH is going to wiped out. this way it wont shock the poor baby and he wont have a fit on the floor, And they porbably told him not to win this one since the next one will get him to the final three.
    Still all anyone has to do to throw frankies game off is to tell him , you really are not that good looking and not very sexy, that would throw him for a loop. Attack his ego , that is one thing a queen cannot handle. the big one . you look allot older than you are,
    this year is about over , when rachel won and Ian and jordan they were good years. those were on your seat comps. and some really good game plays. they seemed to pour their true game spirit in, When ian got his buddy out and told to get steppin, that was priceless, but nobody this year has any real risky game plays, nic for as small as she is had some balls, same as donny,
    Derrick is the smoothest so far but he will have to make a big move if not be gone,
    this hoh is very important and same as the next , if they get rid of vic, they are screwed and it will screw everyones game play, She is the only weak target left and is the only one that can secure someone in the final three. becuase she is expendable, with no regrets
    It could very well be that they do not want frankie to be hoh, because the next hoh will be the one to be voted out since they cant play yet. when you get to this hoh you damned if you do win and damned if you dont. the best hoh to have is when four left then you are going to the final three,
    Lets see I say that caleb will win hoh and save frankie again, and cody goes home. then frankie wins the next one and derrick or caleb goes, They will not vote vic out. this time around, it would make no sense to do so. She cannot win and in the final three the two against her will be one of the final two. of both, will be , she has a pretty set up right now. It would be great to see her win hoh , now that would be something to salute.

    • oh yes the good old years where fun I never missed an episode this year I come here to read the updates and just watch the eviction show

  30. I want to see Frankie’s face when he finds out about the “reset”. I hope he wins nothing and is put up on the block. if they don’t get rid of him he could be in the F2 with Victoria of all people. Victoria des not deserve 50K as Frankie does not deserve the 500K . I’m pulling for derrick at this point. they better get rid of Frankie. he was gonna push that button regardless of what anyone said or voted. ha ha and a raspberry for Frankie!!

  31. Frankie for sure needs to go!! They’ve had a couple of chances and blew it, thanks to Derrick being in charge of who should go…even though the other HG’s don’t realize he’s the “pupet master.” Christine got pounded with booooo’s, and I’m really hoping the same for Frankie when he finally goes, that if they can keep him from winning the next HOH and Veto (we can only hope). His ego is way out of control and his using his sister as a way to move forward is really sad. Seems he likes riding on the coat-tails of her fame!! I’d really love it if Victoria could win the next HOH. It would be her first and it would come at a very strategic time! I don’t want her to win the whole game, just this next HOH. That would put all the other guys in fear mode. Now that would make for good television!!!!

  32. You know what? I think that Frankie WANTS to be controversial in the house. He just thrives on attention…….of ANY kind.

  33. I’m still waiting for someone to start playing big brother . So, best case scenario Frankie uses the power of veto pulls Vic down and puts up Derrick . Now we’re playing BB.

  34. Derrick better take notice of all the comps. Frankie is winning, and start thinking about getting rid of him, he may not be welled like but the jury may just give him the win because of all his comp. wins.

    • I would bet anything Derrick is nervous about sitting with Frankie at the end, because of all the competition wins. Frankie will undoubtedly even mention how he “won a two-person competition all by himself”. Derrick would much rather sit with Victoria or Cody, and he’ll be looking to get Caleb and Frankie out as soon as he can.

  35. It’s so funny sometimes watching. Derrick really is the only one with a brain of this bunch.

  36. I think somebody should set up a petition no better yet a Frankie intervention page that way maybe he will fall off his twig and seek help the only show he needs to be invited on at this point is DR, PHIL!!!!!!! he would seat him on his stage chew him up and spit him out for the foul things he has tossed out his mouth !!!!

  37. I’m going to laugh when Frankie wins every competition for the rest of the season and sits next to Victoria at the end. As much as I want him to get off my TV and go away, and as much as I would hate for him to win the money, the house guests deserve to lose to him. They should have dumped him a long time ago, and they only have themselves to blame for keeping him around. Too bad none of them could man up and actually play this game.

  38. Frankie is so dumb. When he leaves the BB house, he won’t even recognize insults as insults. He will “act” like he likes either one, and spin it. As long as he keeps the attention on himself, he doesn’t really seem to care whether it’s negative OR positive. He just keeps feeding his OWN ego, whether others do it for him or not. Very strange sick individual. Needs serious mental help in my opinion.

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