Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 11 Saturday Highlights

Houseguests watch the clock countdown
Houseguests watch the clock countdown – Source: CBS

Saturdays in the Big Brother house are usually tense with anxious HGs awaiting the game impacting Power of Veto. This week wasn’t so tense as HGs slept the day away as the guys felt assured they could stomp out their female competitor.

Later the next Team America mission went in to effect as Derrick and Frankie worked to keep HGs awake until 6AM looking for a mouse. Considering they slept all day and said they’d stay up until sunrise anyway this was a bit silly.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 6, 2014:

9:45 AM BBT – HGs got their wake-up call, but most are staying in bed.

10:20 AM BBT – Caleb has transformed in to a dancing machine listening to music in the HoH room.

11:00 AM BBT – HGs discussing Big Brother Canada. Frankie, the BB SuperFan, wonders if they film BBCAN in the summer. He’s also concerned about the HGs’ ability to tan if the backyard is covered.

11:20 AM BBT – HGs going down memory lane about the season’s evicted HGs. Who they liked and who they didn’t.

2:30 PM BBT – Everyone is back to bed.

4:45 PM BBT – Derrick reminds everyone that since they slept all day, they should stay up all night. This is a lead up to his Team America mission.

5:05 PM BBT – Caleb tells Derrick that Victoria was trying to listen in on their conversations in the HoH room by pausing her music but continuing to dance. They knew she had paused it because they could hear the music had stopped.

5:20 PM BBT – HGs think they now have a termite infestation.

5:35 PM BBT – HGs cheering that the mysterious countdown timer has reached 4 days, 0 hours.

6:10 PM BBT – HGs heard a dog bark along with another “Holla!” This could be a tease of the Feedsters vote for giving the HGs a pet for a day.

6:40 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Fish and the Veto comp is underway.

9:05 PM BBT – Feeds are back but the competition isn’t over so HGs are trapped in separate rooms while the rest of them finish up.

9:45 PM BBT – PoV comp is over. Frankie won the Veto.

10:05 PM BBT – Frankie says he’ll cry if pushing the button has wiped out both his HoH and Veto wins this week. (Oops.)

10:10 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick that he will not use the Veto and that will prove his loyalty to the guys.

10:20 PM BBT – Frankie talking to himself and says he knows he is a big target with so many wins and they’ll come for him next week if he doesn’t win that Veto.

11:50 PM BBT – HGs going through ideas of what the Rewind button will do when the counter hits zero.

1:45 AM BBT – Backyard is open again.

1:50 AM BBT – Frankie wants to give Victoria the Britney’d speech at the Veto Ceremony, but the guys remind him they don’t know what will happen with the “button.”

2:50 AM BBT – Derrick and Frankie discuss starting the TA “mouse” mission at 3AM. They just have to keep people awake until 6AM.

3:22 AM BBT – “A mouse!” The mission has begun in the kitchen. Frankie says he saw it run by.

3:35 AM BBT – Everyone still running around looking for it. Caleb says it was huge. Cody is standing on a chair because he is afraid of rats.

4:45 AM BBT – Victoria almost fell asleep, but Derrick got her back awake.

4:50 AM BBT – Victoria warns Derrick that Caleb had previously said he’d take Cody to F2.

5:10 AM BBT – Derrick says he’s a mall cop in real life. He’s joking about being on the mouse hunt.

6:00 AM BBT – Team America has achieved its goal to keep everyone up until 6AM looking for a mouse. Derrick, Caleb, and Victoria all go in to the DR together.

The Houseguests continue to speculate about the button they all pushed together but none of them know for sure this whole week was for nothing.

Now with Frankie promising not to use the Veto there won’t even be drama about showing his hand toward who he’d consider taking farther in the game. Ah well.

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  1. Boo boo team America accomplished their piece of cake mission. Derrick and Frankie don’t deserve any more money for team America other than what they already won. That’s questionable for Frankie even.

    • I voted for the other one because I wanted them to lose. No way could they have kept Caleb from eating or 24 hours. He’s always eating so is Victoria but she has fasted before.

      • I think America might be a little peoed (if my guess is right) because most BB fans would have voted for the fasting, but production more than likely cancelled that one out…..unless many voted many times on the rodent just so they could hear Victoria scream! Geesh!

      • Caleb was on slop for 4 weeks don’t forget. He fasted too for the most part during those weeks.

      • Me too!! I wanted them to lose also & it would have been great for Derrick & Frankie to get caught sneaking food. That “might” have put a target on them!

    • While I don’t like seeing Frankie get more money, I have no issues giving another 5k to a good cop.

      • I do that’s my opinion I don’t think a good cop would laugh it up about a joke about rape then contribute by suggesting zingbot (robot) do it instead. Just my opinion everyone is free to agree or disagree in part or in whole

  2. Well that gives them 20k apiece. Donny got 15k. So with their 1k a week in the house and 750 a week in jury they won’t do bad. Really hoping for questions and Vic winning HOH Wed.

    • Hopefully, Donny will be paid a nice chunk of change for his Bold and the Beautiful gig! Wait until Frankie hears that news! Plus, there is no doubt that he will be that’s another 25K for Donny!

      • Soaps pay very little, and if he speaks under five lines of dialogue, he’s an under-five. As of 2009, minimum pay for an under-five on a half-hour soap was around $350 an episode. Donny will probably make a bit more than that, but he’s not getting rich off of it. If he gets more than five lines, he might earn $800 or so. The show could also choose to pay him more than the minimum, but I’m not sure how likely that is.

      • I guess we need to ask Eddie McGee (BB1 winner) about how much he made when he had a guest appearance in a CBS soap soon after he won (although I do think he was already embarking an acting/directing career by that time).

      • No lines. They even let Rachel go on with Elyssa. Its nothing. The only one I actually saw was Malcom from survivor. He actually was a delivery guy. He said a couple of words.

      • I’m hoping to see Donny in Pop Tart commercials. He could have a nice side income from being their spokesman.

      • If Frankie should win, he’ll have the money to “buy” himself a few acting jobs, he can pay them! lol

      • If Frankie wins, God forbid, Victoria’s parents should sue him for slander and take it all away!! Justice would be served!

      • According to Frankie, if Frankie wins his money will go to “charity”… he has contradicted himself a couple of time on which charity, however, he just won’t have any money for buying (“producing”) acting jobs.

      • I mentioned it before. That lie was part of his strategy to get them to trust them and like him. BB16 a bunch of idiots. No charity will get all from Frankie, probably a few hundreds or a grand if he wants his fans to continue and support him.

      • I doubt donny will win AFP, his game was lame. No social interaction with most of the hg’s. He could win for “nice guy” but certainly not as an outstanding player.

      • its a crap 30 second stand in the background gig! They did it last season for Elyssa, Howard and Candy pants. CBS is blowing smoke up Donny’s shorts. I even watched and didn’t see them last season.

    • Where did you learn $750/week of jury? I’ve also read that the stipend is a flat $13K for everyone making it to jury, regardless of when. Any way to find out what the actual stipend is? I’m curious, because I have no idea.

    • OK, I finally googled it. The last reported earnings that were verified were in 2007. At that time it was $750 week for both the house and the jury. Therefore, all HGs that made it to jury got the exact same stipend.

      I also found the application for BB. It said that there was a stipend for being in the house, but it didn’t mention the jury. It also talked about F2 getting prize money and not the stipend.

      I’ve read $1,000/week several places. It would make sense that they would up it from $750 to $1K in the past 7 years. However, I can’t find any verification.

      • Yep, F1 and F2 only gets grand prize …

        which is sorta kinda why Caleb has be yacking about that hewould rather get F3 plus stipend and AFP than F2 … both Derrick and Cody had convinced him at one point that they would be happy to split it up between themselves …

        While Frankie had propised a F2 with him, plus a duet with his sister and that Frankie himself would give him the $25k if he did not win AFP and Frankie won it all … Ha!!!

  3. Worst.Season.Ever. So boring..I can’t remember a season that was as boring as this one. Everyone was basically united all the way thru the game..that’s no fun for the viewer. Awful.

  4. Simply put, Frankie did not watch Big Brother Canada. PERIOD!

    Derrick’s probably the only who watched BBCAN, at least the most recent season last winter.

  5. This is exactly what my prediction was…not hard to do when HGs sleep the day away. I’ve not voted for any of TA missions…thought they were lame for the most part and wouldn’t work well with this bunch of characters playing this season. Just proved Donny was right all along!

  6. Amusing mission, I enjoyed it. My favorite part was when Derrick cracked up after Frankie said the rat had a fat a$$.

  7. So, what is the poop this week with Frankie insisting everyone sleeping together in the HOH Room / Bed?

    Is this Frankie’s attempt to continue insist that everyone sleeping together the rest of the season?

    My theory is that Frankie will win not win the HOH in the Rewind Twist, but win the POV to save himself, assuming he is nominated, then win the following HOH to security his safety in the House til F3….. not that Production is rigging the game for Frankie’s advantage .. Ha!!!

    • If any man acted this way towards woman on the show, there would be sexual harassment lawsuits, etc…. Some of the things that has come out of the mouth of that pervert is disturbing and grounds for harassment. Hope he gets sued.

  8. The funniest comments on the last bit of BBAD was them speculating further in the consequences of pressing the button, when Caleb hoped it was a offer by Production for $25k to self evict …. Ha!! Caleb said for $25k he’d be out the door so fast, in particular if he were to keep the $13k stipend to make it $43k including his $5k from an earlier comp… and, his AFP win of $25k …. Ha!!

    the best part was Derrick and Cody egging him on about him having AFP in the bag … Ha!!!

  9. Someone on Facebook make a comment about the button room…the word “GAME” is in reverse in some places on the wall.

  10. The sleeziness of Frankie make this season of Big Brother unwatchable. It’s the first time I’ve missed episodes or just fast forward to the end. It’s a shame but one can only take so much of that kind of disgusting behavior.

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