‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Ceremony Results – Not That It Matters

We have this week’s Big Brother spoilers revealing what happened with the Veto this week. The Feeds have returned and the results have confirmed this week’s final nominees who will be on the block when the Big Brother Rewind twist hits this Wednesday night.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

The Houseguests don’t know for sure, but they expect something is going on with the button they pushed the other night. Frankie just hopes it doesn’t wipe out all his achievements this week. Oops.

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Frankie, decided not to use the PoV just as he promised Derrick last night. Frankie wanted to prove his loyalty to the guys.

The final nominations for Week 11 on Big Brother 16 are Cody Calafiore and Victoria Rafaeli.

In a VERY cool event we actually got to watch the whole Ceremony play out LIVE on the Feeds. Flashback to 12:02PM BBT 9/7 to see how it all went down.

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The guys are already patting themselves on the back for having made it to the F4. Of course it’s likely that they could all get back to this very same point, but Victoria will have a renewed chance on Wednesday to make it to the F4 whether it’s by her own hand or someone else dragging her to the end.

Jump on your Live Feeds now to watch the house react. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Get your Free Trial right now and see what other fans are watching right now.


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  1. Still hoping for a Victoria HOH win. She studied hard last week on the HOH’s, POV’s and BOBs so maybe the questions will have to do with and hopefully she retained that information. They if Derrick or Cody win POV and not Frankie, then Frankie will go up. She will put up Frankie and Cody.

  2. It appears Victoria doesn’t have a freaking clue,B
    ut I hope she pulls this off and wins it all, how cool would this be ?

      • Guess you didn’t see BB-Can Season 1 finale? Where Topaz decided to be her obnoxious spoiled child self and NOT listen to the final instructions on how the jury votes for the winner of the show?

        The season finale caused controversy due to the jury vote, which saw Jillian win over Gary. When Arisa was revealing whom the members of the jury had voted for, she announced that Topaz had cast her vote for Jillian to win. Topaz interrupted, claiming that she had voted for Gary, however camera footage revealed that she had indeed cast her vote for Jillian to win. Though Topaz pleaded for the producers to allow her to change her vote, the rules stated that this was not possible, thus Topaz’s vote officially went to Jillian. Due to Topaz’s vote, Jillian became the winner of the season in a vote of four to three. Gary later stated, “I’m happy for Jillian. She won fair and square if you think about the rules of the game.”

  3. I don’t like anyone left in the house, but I still want to watch the ending and see who will win.
    I believe Victoria and Cody are the only ones that should win in my opinion, just to rub it on everyone else’s face. Derrick should win, but I rather see Victoria or Cody 2 floaters win.

    • I dot really think of cody as a floater…he has won competitions! Victoria…definitely a floater! derrick should win, in my opinion, I just don’t want Frankie to win!

      • Have you ever watched Cody strategize with anyone in the house, even Derrick. Maybe he has in the feeds since I don’t watch that. On the show I have never seen it. He won a couple of comps, but even Donnie and Nicole played the game better than him. He goes along with anything Derrick says, that is a floater to me and so is Caleb. I don’t want Frankie going past this week.

  4. There’s all this interesting stuff going on and instead they waste time on a Jeff and Jordan engagement episode? I wish Jeff and Jordan all the happiness in the world, but I’m still suspect at the timing of this. They’ve been together for five years and she reportedly gave him an ultimatum, which was that he propose by this month. Then they come to the house for a “visit” and Jeff just happens to propose. Is this all set up by Big Brother, so the engagement and BB16 coincide? I just don’t see the reason for bringing them into the story. What’s next-the wedding on TV? Don’t mind me, I think I’m just frustrated that they’re wasting our BB air time on things that aren’t relevant to a lot of fans.

    • I agree with you…BB was behind it….My guess is they were paid..It just goes to show how bad this season has been…I find it to hard to believe anyone outside of their family and friends really care…

    • Obviously it was set up. Does anyone out there seriously think that BB didn’t have a hand in it? But I don’t care, it’s something extra to watch in the episode instead of a bunch of repetitive filler, and I like Jeff and Jordan. Anyone who doesn’t like it can just… change the channel!

      • Of course they had a hand in it..they were responsible for bringing the two of them together..so why not have them help pay for the wedding too???

      • CBS is probably tired of all the bitching going on about this season and decided to air something that most BB fans would not mind seeing. IMO much better than having to watch or listen to Frankie any longer than i have to

      • Amen! I had to cross my legs really tight, though, when I saw Frankie jumping up and down. LOL

    • I think because this season has been utterly boring so far, Big Brother is adding all sorts of gimmicks to try and drive up interest.
      The trouble is they waited so long to add this buzzer thing at the point where it does not matter because the house guests are forced to finally go after each other as nobody is left except, the alliance members. I will count Victoria as an alliance member and Caleb because they have both been treated as alliance members all this time! Much as I like Jeff and Jordan, this gimmick does nothing for me. I would rather the Detonators be evicting each other which is long overdue!

      • Ironically, Caleb still believes it is the BS Alliance that he is the Founder and Leader of … even though it died when Devin left, with the formation of Detonators … Ha !!!

      • At the end of the day, does the ”title” of the alliance matter? Heck the country bumpkin actually has a valid shot at final 3 so I’m sure he could care less if it was the Detonators, the Bomb Squad, or the Manhattan Transfer (great opportunity for him to sing his way to the top). ;)

      • I think in Caleb’s mind, it does …
        He appears to be all about fame and making a lasting impression on Big Brother History, as the most dominant and successful Alliance ever … ans, only Victoria stands between that … and, if some miracle he should actually win this whole thing ….

        eta: was he ever part of the Detonators officially? Or, just the reincarnation of BS Alliance??

      • Still not sure if it’ll matter to him (that it’s not the Bomb Squad anymore) if he ends up with the cheque and the publicity tour + fame…

      • Gotcha, though, I think he still believe it to be, based on some of his comments, most recently …

      • Caleb just said in tonight’s show in the DR that his Bomb Squad that he created since Day2 is still standing .. Ha!!!

      • He was never part of the Detonators, even though he was told about Detonators..he just pushed that aside and goes with him forming BS on day 2.

      • Didnt the Bomb Squad turn into the Detonators and then morph AGAIN into the Hitmen? Not sure Caleb got the memo on any of the Alliances except the Bomb Squad…

    • My sentiment and feeling is the same as yours GMaG, but I do think CBS isn’t as wasteful of people’s time as you think. If they didn’t think people would watch it, they simply wouldn’t put it on. Do they sometimes miss the mark with their guesses and put a ”ratings flop” on tv? Sure. But for the most part, people will watch because there’s an expressed interest by a segment of the population and there’s a willingness to make it happen on the production side of things… At the end of the day, you & I may not appreciate or watch it (and yes it seems suspiciously planned), but sadly there are many more who will watch…

      • I hope so, I would hate to think that a lot of viewers will be as disinterested as I will. Although, as we’ve been told, we have the option to change channels for a while. Just like I do when it’s the Frankie show on BBAD. :)

      • Yes!!! I would rather see Jeff and Jordan then Silly Idiot Frankie Grande! I Hate Frankie, Frankie Needs to Go Now! Every one is Sick of Frankie Grande! BYE BYE BYE TO you Frankie Grande! We All Hate You Frankie Grande! !! Think he may have also may have hurt his Sisters career…..we know Mariah Carey isn’t happy about the comparison!

    • I could see Victoria actually winning the Rewind HOH this Wednesday … and Frankie winning the POV ….

  5. I think this twist may actually benefit Frankie, if he is able to win the POV on Wednesday, as it will allow him again to compete in next week’s HOH comp and secure a guaranteed F3, otherwise he would not be able to compete as outgoing HOH … not that I would suggest Production to make the POV in the Rewind Frankie friendly …. Ha !!!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if production did that. After all, it’s not called the Frankie Grande 16 show for nothing.

    • From what I understand, Derrick, as outgoing HOH, since this week doesn’t count, Frankie gets to play for HOH, Derrick does not. I think this stupid twist benefits Frankie. I guarantee Frankie will be in F2.

      • I think Production at CBS had something to do with giving Frankie Grande, a person that was Voted into Team America, ……I Do Not think America or Fans of Big Brother voted for him. ….it was either his sisters fans or CBS lied about Frankie Grande being voted as a member of team America, just CBS has been lying and helping Frankie ALL Along! No One likes Frankie and it has Nothing to do with him being Gay……that ( Frankie Grande ) being Gay is the Only thing that We like about Frankie Grande and that is it! And Everyone in the CBS production and the people that are getting Groped/ Molested Frankie Grande in the House are Afraid to Call out Frankie Grande cause they Do Not wanna be Called out as Homophobes! FRANKIE GRANDE…..we all hope you and your BS YouTube Channel Go Away!

      • P.s. I meant to say that anybody being Groped and also Molested by Frankie Grande, in the house, are Afraid to say or do anything about it and so is CBS production because they are afraid of being labeled a Homophobe!

    • Let’s hope nothing helps Frankie. The only person that likes Frankie is Frankie! Yuk! Everyone with a Brain Doesn’t Like Frankie! Lol! ;)

  6. Has anyone else noticed Frankie’s speech at the Veto ceremony?? “I have wielded a tremendous amount of power in this game….” I hope the rewind twist bites him in the ass and he leaves this week.

  7. Hey guys, since I was already asleep by then when this took place, can anyone describe to me how the Veto Ceremony played out live? Was the part where they all have to look at the memory wall for an awfully long-time seem all rehearsed and all?

    • I believe that it was another lockdown, where all HGs were kept separated in different rooms until it was over, from what I have read ???

    • It was called BB Freakshow where they had to figure out who all were the morphed features on each image shown…and since they only had this one set up, all had to individually go out there and guess in a certain amount of time. Others had to be sequestered separately in the house while each did so!

  8. I’ll be there to pat you on the back for all your achievements Frankie…hope you can feel my hand caressing you through the t.v. screen!

    • Matt has the commenting rules posted. I’ve had entire conversations that I was in deleted. When I look at what was deleted and think about it, I understand and agree. I believe that Matt is fair in his decisions. And it is his site!

  9. Well, what a waste of a week. I hope Big Brother will STOP trying to manipulate the game and let them play. CBS cheated with Janelle way back when and CBS still tries to determine the outcome. Make it a REALITY show and quit scripting it.

    • sounds like production told Frankie that the veto ceremony was going to be on the live feeds.

      • I agree, Frankie is too Much in the Loop…..the viewers Hate Skankie Frankie and want him Gone! This may horribly effect his sisters career and many are OK with that!

    • Which is why they also need to stop casting models, actors, and lesser known celebs… Let’s go back to cheering for everyday people who actually need this money to pay for their mortgages, their rent, their hospital bills and/or their kids education… Yes we like the eye candy (at least I admit I like it), but I’d be even happier if we could just see some reality in our reality shows once again.

      • And there’s definitely eye candy out there in the millions of everyday people. Want I want next year is players with brains and balls., who realize they’re playing against each other.

      • Definitely! I find the eye candy of hidden sweethearts like Jordan, or Nicole, or even Michelle (the brainy but cute physicist) far more appealing than the Amber’s, Rachel’s, and Paola’s of the world anyways….

      • And, they put Donny in the house with a bunch of immature kids. They could have, at least, selected another person in Donny’s age range.

  10. i remember when victoria said on one of the earlier episodes that frankie is dead to her and i always said she would be the one to get him out got a feeling she will win hoh and solidify. but that just specualtion so who knows. i just wish and want frankie to get the same treatment as christine but honestly last year was worse and neevr recived that kind of boos

  11. i remember when victoria said on one of the earlier episodes that frankie is dead to her and i always said she would be the one to get him out got a feeling she will win hoh and solidify. but that just specualtion so who knows. i just wish and want frankie to get the same treatment as christine but honestly last year was worse and neevr recived that kind of boos

  12. I love big brother and have watched most seasons..not all but most from the beginning and enjoyed it very much. But in the last two years I have followed them online and I have noticed a trend..no matter what happens..the people complain..last year everyone complained about all of the drama..(racist comments, bulling and so on) this year there is no drama and guess what..people are complaining..I admit it bothers me because I look forward to this show every year and if people keep on complaining..I am afraid they are going to cancel the show..and I would hate to see that happen. I have truly enjoyed the HG this year..The only exception would be Frankie and that is just because he turned out to be an arrogant prick..but I love how things have turned out. The only complaints I have are the lack of challenging comps..and the absence of things like HN comps, Pandora’s box and Diamond POV..but the season isn’t over yet…but for the most part it has been great..I would much rather watch a non eventful season..or even a drama filled season then no season at all.

    • I hated Pandora’s box. The show won’t get canceled because people complain, it gets canceled when people don’t watch. As long as people are watching the show and the ratings are great for CBS, they will keep it in the summer schedule. It is a summer show so the ratings don’t have to be as high as the programs that start in the fall.

      • Very true – a show wouldn’t be cancelled because of complaints providing the complaints don’t interfere with the overall objectives of CBS. So take for example, if Big Brother had another season where they accidentally had some very outspoken racists in the cast, I believe they would cancel the show because back to back seasons of poor casting choices of that nature will damage corporate sponsors which is far more valuable than ratings of a summer show… If the complaints are of the type we generally see on here however: “I don’t like that person!” or ”Why does this have to be this way” (or my personal rant) ”Why don’t they get real people on this show instead of models & actors?!” Then truly the show won’t be cancelled anytime soon. They might make changes to the show from this type of feedback (oh God I hope so!) but as they say in the biz: ”The show must go on!”

    • No drama? 1) Frankie is nothing but drama, 2) joking about rape is drama, 3) threatening to slap women is drama, 4)stalking/harassing/unwelcome sexual attention is drama, 5) the extent of their egos is drama. I don’t think there even a small chance that the show will be cancelled. The networks love the uproar from the fans, it makes for high ratings. The thing I have noticed is how this season’s HG’s are always talking to the camera. They’re always ‘on’. Prior season’s competitors seemed more ‘real’ and they were either nice or obnoxious, but they weren’t constantly selling themselves and their so-called mastery of the game.

    • My first year to watch and really have enjoyed the show,think they had a great mix of house guests but do admit can’t stand that backstabbing liar Frankie,he is a pathetic person..really liked Zach and Hayden..Brittney could had been a strong player if she hadn’t been so lazy and Amber allowed Cable to derail her game,be prepared to play this game or you are going home fast.

    • I can appreciate your complain why every year people complain. I don’t think BB will be cancel because we complain.

  13. They were saying on the live feeds chat last night that Frankie had been in DR for a long time. Production was probably schooling him for Wednesday’s comp. maybe for the Veto today. That would be easy to tell him who is who

  14. I also saw that the button wasn’t pushed until after Frankie won HoH! So it looks like Frankie won’t get to play but Derrick will…that’s why it won’t kick in until the first 1/2 hour of the show!

    • Julie clarified it and said everyone that played in the hoh Frankie won will play again on Wednesday so Derrick won’t be able to. I wish Frankie couldnt!

      • So why won’t the clock stop until 1/2 hour into the show? That would mean it rewinds then…right? I think Julie clarified that if the button was pushed before HoH. But since it was pushed after HoH comp then whoever won it would not get to play at the time it rewinds…right? That would make more sense considering the delay of when it was pushed.

      • no she said it after he won I can’t remember what article it was in now. I thought it went to 5 o’clock Wednesday.

      • I just remember they figured by the time it ran out it would be 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday BB time!

      • Looks like the time was reset to 5:00 p.m. I found after looking…oh well. I was praying that Frankie wouldn’t get to play…but seems he will after all. Dayum! Not sure if watching on Tuesday will even be worth my time now..LOL

      • oh watching it to see his face is going to be worth it. he was like don’t push it I’ll kill you in your sleep if you push it until he won then it was if you are a true super fan you have to push it

      • Well..let’s see who he blames when he finds out it didn’t benefit him by doing so! :-) But watching Tuesday night will be a waste of time…but Wednesday…wouldn’t miss it!

  15. It would be funny if Victoria wins the game just by being a floater!!!! CBS could of left Jeff and Jordan engagement out, really didn’t care to see them.

  16. DAMNIT! Frankie didn’t show any cards, and now I DON’T want the button pushed. Derrick could vote out Victoria and get Caleb to do the same thing. Ugh.

    I realize some are going to tell me that Victoria would be saved by Derrick, over Cody, but I have a feeling Derrick doesn’t want that massive amount of blood on his hands. If Cody was evicted, especially 2-0, Derrick destroys the solid final two “Hitmen” deal with him. Derrick should also know he can beat both Victoria and Cody in jury votes at the end.

  17. So, what would have happened if the button wasn’t pushed until tomorrow or even Wednesday? I can almost say with 100% confidence that the DR is giving Frankie alot more info than they are giving other HG’s. He gets to play for HOH again, Derrick does not. Frankie pushed so hard for that button to be pushed…I don’t know, doesn’t pass the smell test with me, hasn’t all season as far as Grande is concerned.

  18. On Canada Big Brother, near the beginning of the season Canada got to vote who won the HOH which changed the flow of the whole season. They should have done this which would have had Donny and the game would have gone so different.

  19. Derrick hands and away deserves to win this season. He has manipulated, managed never to have been put up on the block, won some challenges, he has done it all.

    That being said, whoever wins the final HOH (assuming it is not Victoria) would be absolutely stupid not to take Victoria with them to the final. There is not a single reason she should get any votes from anybody.

    For that matter, any of the guys who don’t realize that Victoria should not be sent packing this week, are morons. Whether it’s this week or next week, they’re going to have to boot one of the guys off, so this is the week to start it.

  20. I absolutely agree, Derrick has been the master manipulater. He’s very good at it and has kept himself off the block….
    Please someone grow a pair , and get freaky Frankie out…
    He may leave on his own after the twist….lol
    CBS as I said before have that straight jacket and some Valium on hand.

    • Even if they did she won’t win. She does not seem to put too much effort when it comes to physical things. She says she will do it, but ends up wanting to give up.
      I do wish for her to win HOH. It will be a miracle, but Derrick will tell her to put up Frankie and she will.

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