Big Brother 16 Episode 33 Recap: HGs Make The Week Pointless And Jeff Proposes to Jordan


The Big Brother 16 house guests had a surprise visit from Jeff and Jordan and helped them celebrate after Jeff popped the question. Oh, and the HGs hit the button that will rewind the game this week. Did someone tell Jeff the rewind doesn’t cancel out his proposal?

The episode picked up right after Christine was evicted and the house guests heard all the boos. They immediately decide they all hated Christine all along, basically. It’s pretty hilarious. Luckily, we don’t get to hear many of their delusions because the rewind button pops up on the screen. They don’t know what it means, but they start speculating right away.

Then they go to search for it. They go into the Have-Not room and there it is, along with a TV screen that says “The Choice is Yours.” Right now they can’t even get the glass box open. So more speculating. Frankie says he doesn’t think it would be a good result. And Derrick is afraid it will mess up his flawless game. Caleb is the only one who thinks it might be something good.

They start talking about Christine’s boos again. Frankie decides it has to be that America wasn’t OK with how close Christine, as a married woman, was with Cody. Frankie and Caleb think Christine really had something for him. But they all tell Cody they know he just wanted to be her friend.

As soon as Victoria leaves the room, the guys celebrate on making it to the final five and likely the final four. But there might be some other options for a few of the guys and most of them are aware of the options.


It’s HOH time. The HOHs have to transfer seeds (balls) across a giant teetering shovel. They have to collect all their seeds without letting them fall out of the end of the giant shovel. In the end, Frankie wins the Head of Household because no one else in this season other than Frankie can ever win anything physical.

As soon as the HOH is over, the HGs run into the button room and see that they are now free to push the button. They are still debating, but Frankie insists they must push the button, but they have to be prepared for the worst. The push it and a timer pops on the screen. Something happens in 5 days and 20 some hours.

Victoria is upset about losing the game but Derrick tells her that he thinks the button is going to change everything, so there’s no reason to worry. He then tells her that she’s the best girl from Big Brother 16. And we all try not to laugh.

Frankie now has to start talking about tough choices. He has to figure out who to nominate of the other final five. Derrick and Caleb of course push for Cody. So that seems like the easy choice.


And now for Big Brother’s attempt at competing with Utopia’s premiere. The HGs are sitting around and the doorbell rings. And in comes Jeff and Jordan. And it’s fun to watch all the people who have never seen the show pretend like they’ve loved Jeff and Jordan they’re entire lives.

The HGs and Jordan think they’re there to host a luxury competition, but it’s really just the ploy for Jeff to finally pop the question. Their families pop up as do country music artist Brett Eldridge.

OK, back to the game. It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Frankie goes with the most expected scenario and nominates Victoria and Cody. Of course we all know that the HGs pushing the rewind button means the nominations as of now mean nothing.

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      • It’s not rude, it’s a matter of taste, and I’d much rather watch what’s going on in the house than watch something that could be handled by a press release. If they brought everyone back when they got engaged, married or had a baby, we’d never get to see anything else.

      • THAT was rude? Which part? The part where I pointed out that no one should care about two random people they have never met, and that have zero impact on their lives, getting engaged?
        Seriously? There are literally millions of people getting engaged every day. I am sure many of them are nice and sweet people. I don’t really care to waste half an hour of my life watching them get engaged. If I did, I would be watching something other than Big Brother. I can’t seriously be the first person to point out to you that giving two cents worth of a crap about people on reality TV is seriously unhealthy.

        My goodness… Your “rudeness” threshold is WAY too sensitive. Especially since the people I was supposedly rude to don’t care enough about what any of us think to be reading it. Rude… lol… right…

        Would people care so much if they didn’t look like Ken and Barbie? NOPE! All this talk about them being “sweet” is bogus. People like them because people are shallow.

    • On the West Coast, it will be on in twenty minutes, and I’ll be fast forwarding through that whole part. Wish them well, lovely couple, but staged and booooooooooooooring.

    • I kind of agree. jeff and Jordan have always seemed to be a “forced” relationship, with jeff waaaaaaay more into it than Jordan.

      • Jordan has been after Jeff to pop the question. Just because she doesn’t show her emotions as much as Jeff does doesn’t mean that she isn’t as much into him as he is into her. Plus it’s been 5 years. If she wasn’t that into him, she has had plenty of time to call it off. The bachelor/bachelorette is way more forced than a BB showmance.

      • At the end of the segment, Jordan clearly said, “When I first met Jeff, I knew he was the One for me.” This is probably paraphrased, but the point is the same – Jordan has known for a long time that Jeff is the only man she wants to be with. And, as redroses said, she’s been after him to propose for a while now.

    • When they started doing the montage, I cringed so hard. Being a viewer of Big Brother, you get used to cheesy stuff, but that was just too much for me. I had to skip it.

    • I care – Jeff and Jordan were the main reasons I ever started liking BB in the first place.

    • I cared that Jeff and Jordan had to share this moment with family and “HG” that they probably would have rather not have there. It seemed to be very short and sweet.

  1. I think it was wonderful that he popped the question at the place where they met…but that’s just me…and it’s more a girl thing than a guy’s! ;-)

    • I loved it, too! I had a huge smile the entire segment and wasn’t happy when it ended. IMO, it was the best thing all season! Then again, this has been my least favorite season.

      • I think the Jeff/Jordan proposal and montage of how they met and their times on bb, was the best of bb so far this season. For those who don’t care, don’t watch. I can not imagine any bb fan not really enjoying seeing that. Of course they could have filled the time with more Frankie. Belch.

  2. I love Cody’s reaction when the reset button popped up on the screen. He wasn’t excited or scared, he just said “What is that?” in a bored fashion.

  3. Seems a bit cheesy to ‘pop’ the question on a fake backyard set like this. CBS is really grasping at straws to save this woeful season. Thank goodness for game player Derrick otherwise this would be the all time worst season of all time.

    • as much as i respect derrick’s game, he is huge part of what makes this season boring. He is keeping everyone in line, holding his alliance in tact, and preventing anyone from making big moves.

      • He is not preventing anyone from doing things. The idiots of the house allow him to manipulate them. They are grown men and should have a mind of their own. They just don’t use it.

      • Let’s face it, the show is in decline. CBS and the BB production team have not innovated. It is stale. How would it hurt to have a house dog or personal pets? What about celebrity walk throughs or even a house concert with a name artist? How about flying them overnight to Niagara Falls or Key West for a comp on the beach?
        Maybe Utopia will fill the reality void.

      • Ratings this year are lower than last year according to the ratings chart that was posted online.

      • I agree. They had so many chances to ‘out’ Frankie, and now he’s still there and it’s probably way too late. In a sense, because Frankie’s still there, he deserves to win as much as Derrick does.

      • Most of the guys, except Derrick are rather weak in the spine and brain. Even Caleb who served in the military puts on a tough show, but really is rather like jelly. Frankie is like an adolescent with his silly behavior. A bunch of woosy guys….

      • But it takes 2 or 3 or 6 to tangle with him to make it that way as well…he can only keep those wanting to stay in line if they’re willing…seems they were all appreciative of his guidance! LOL

    • That is where they met. It was a perfect place and their fans got to see it.
      They should go to Survivor next.

    • Oh yeah, Derrick no blood on his hands, puppet master cop that laughs at rape comments thank god ….whatever

    • Of course it’s cheesy… it’s the place they met and fell in love… I met my husband at work. How romantic is that?!

  4. I love Jeff and Jordan and thought is was very romantic of Jeff to pop the question in the Big Brother backyard! Kudos to Jeff!

  5. I’m shocked the montage didn’t get a mention. I started crying watching it. This was definitely the most emotional episode this season.

    Congratulations again to Jeff and Jordan. Best wishes to the happy couple!

  6. I really miss Chill Town at times like this. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie had me laughing the whole summer. Its all been downhill since then. I stopped watching two weeks ago…really disappointed

  7. The whole house is dumb. Dr. Will would have had a field day, playing these fools. I still go to youtube to watch how Chill Town totally dessimated the competition. Big Brother all stars season 7

  8. Think about it. Was there a better season than 7? No, there wasn’t. Chill Town set the bar really high and nobodys been able to cross it

    • You’re absolutely right. I’d forgotten about those guys. But see, they were grown men not immature kids like season 16, and 100% smarter. They’d chew this season out and use it to fertilize the fake grass.

  9. As long as skankie doesn’t win, I cant stand him. Especially after his rape comments. What a fricking pig

  10. First time in a while I missed a show. Ended up watching utopia. Don’t know where BB went the wrong direction but finding it hard to watch

  11. I found an article showing Frankie’s true colours on Tamara tattles. It is called Frankie j grande is a despicable human being. It’s worth checking out. It also clarifies that his charity is broadway in South Africa not build on like he claims. It is about a Facebook post about his trip to africa to help build a school. Frankie belonged on bb15 with his racist buddies. Read the article and you will see what I mean

    tamaratattles dot com/2014/09/06/frankie-j-grande-is-a-despicable-human-being/
    You know how to make the link work

    • This has nothing to do with the episode. Don’t you have better things to do than scan the internet for anti-Frankie stuff?

      We get it. You don’t like him.

      • Then don’t read it if you feel that way I clearly stated what it was about in my post. If you wish to debate the point that it is relevant then come back when you have a valid argument.

      • Doug, once again you have provided me with a wealth of information. Thank you.
        Frankie is an asswhole. Not going to cut him a bit of slack any longer. I started to feel sorry for him, because dicks like him are usually miserable people. He once again has proved himself to be a bigot; a sexist; an entitled brat; and to say that lesbians aren’t born that way is a blow to LGBTs everywhere. He’s given the right wing conservatives another reason to believe that the LGBT lifestyle is a choice. Way to go, camera whore.
        Now, back to BB, It would have been a better show last night had they spent some time in the jury house, rather than do the Jeff and Jordan thing—nothing against them. CBS, there aren’t enough words to express my disdain with production…y’all should have performed an intervention to curb Frankie’s actions and words long ago. Good luck with smoothing things over with Victoria’s incensed family.

      • It’s not relevant to the topic of the article.
        Also it’s pathetic that you guys are searching his facebook page for reasons to hate him. There must be something better to occupy your time with.

      • I didn’t search his Facebook page thank u very much I was looking at another site I found that I happen to like that had this article. I think it’s pathetic you are defending Frankie. Don’t you have something better to do than seek out confrontations here and insult people here. Don’t bother replying to anymore posts of mine I don’t have time for arguing with you

      • It just gets tiring seeing the exact same post over and over in every article, usually from you. But whatever dude. If googling reasons to hate someone you don’t know is your forte, do your thing. I still reserve that it’s pathetic behavior for an adult.

      • They aren’t the same thing over and over. If you actually read what I said or read the article you would know that. I have already stated I didn’t google Frankie I was checking a site I happen to like. As far as saying my behaviour is pathetic well don’t mean much coming from you. I’m wasting my time typing this as you only acknowledge what fits with your ideas hence why I have had to tell you twice I wasn’t looking for articles on Frankie. But you know what is what if I was did you ever think that maybe somebody would do that trying to give him the benefit of the doubt maybe trying to find something likeable about the guy which I did do a while back but not last night. I guess according to you trying to give somebody the benefit of the doubt and trying to find something likeable about them is pathetic. Rationale people would disagree.

      • You’re full of it dude. You don’t search for Frankie hate to give him the benefit of the doubt. Clearly there’s some kind of agenda there. Don’t try and spin this with “what if’s” that aren’t true. I know how you feel about Frankie, and you weren’t searching for reasons to like him.

        And come on, I’m not stupid. You don’t regularly go on a relatively unknown tabloid celeb gossip site. Don’t even.

        You’re searching for more reasons to hate someone you don’t know, and it’s pathetic. Sorry.

      • Your right you don’t search for Frankie hate to give him the benefit of the doubt you look for any redeemable qualities something good he did. Problem is the only things out there are negative. When I found the first article I posted I was looking for something positive. Oh wait I forgot you know what I was doing better than I do. LOL. You are right that I don’t like Frankie because of his behaviour the nasty things he has said and because of how he has treated everyone else on the show. To cut you off before you accuse me no it’s not because of just how he treated my favorite HG that is a factor but it is how he has treated everyone plus everything he has done and said. Oh and guess what you are stupid because since I found the site when searching for any kind of redeemable quality in Frankie. Just quoting you back I don’t know if you are stupid or not. I do know that you think you know it all by what you say to me. The fact that you think you know what I do, think, or feel because you have read my posts about a tv show and about a public personality that is PATHETIC.

      • You’re lying and it’s so obvious. If you were looking for redeemable qualities and only came across that article, why would you post it here?
        I don’t want to sound redundant, but that lie is pathetic too. I’m not an idiot, dude….

      • I posted it here because I couldn’t find anything good and as I have stated I don’t like Frankie so I said why not. As far as calling me a liar and pathetic look in the mirror people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Besides I don’t really care what you think. Do you have anything better to do other than keep repeating yourself and trying to start an argument. your actions trying to start an argument with me sound pretty pathetic to me. So go think whatever you want and leave me out of it.

      • Hahaha oh my god dude you’re caught up in a lie. You weren’t trying to find redeeming qualities man, come on…
        Also, I’m not the one repeating myself haha. I’m not on every comment section basically saying the same thing about Frankie.
        So. History of events. You googled reasons to hate a houseguest that you already hate, found an article bashing Frankie, posted it here to further drive home the fact that you hate Frankie, and then lied about your motives when someone called you out. Clearly you aren’t proud of the whole thing.
        If there’s one thing we can learn from this, it’s to step away from Big Brother if you care more about hating a houseguest than you care about the show itself.

      • Whatever dude. Like I said I don’t care what you think. You don’t know me you don’t know what I was doing. Quit trying to make it sound like you know everything about my motives and reasons and thoughts and feelings. You know nothing about me except some comments made about a tv show and a person on the show. I can state my opinion however and whenever I want. I disagree with a lot of your posts so I simply ignore and skip over think you could learn something from that

    • Wow, thanks Doug. Just went to tamaratattles. Love that website-didn’t know about it. Fantastic article-blows the lid off his claims of helping children and building schools. I looked up Broadway in South Africa and it referred to a bunch of concerts designed to bring together American and South African performers. No mention of schools for needy children, only references to the concerts-no statements that any money would at all would go to African children, unless they were involved in theatre arts.

      • That post was from 3 years ago. How do you know what he’s going to be donating to now? Also, who are you to decide what charity is legit or not?
        You people are rediculous sometimes.

    • And that could be the reason he’s not been on a stage in years! He probably said those things out loud than in writing…it’s a shame he doesn’t hire an editor for these entries to cut out stuff like he does with his videos of his self-importance! :-)

    • To those millions who can’t stand Frankie, go to this web site and read the comments, especially one from “Urethra Franklin”. So well written. To Frankie fans, don’t bother, it will upset you.

    • Omg I knew he was a self important egotistical jerk but wow. Thanks for sharing that. And yes I read it all but that part about the ointment and going to cook in the comments, how nasty of a person to do that. I just hope all the people saying he wont get booed if he gets evicted are wrong. he deserves it.

  12. It amazes me that Caleb thinks he has a date with Amber after the show. Hes so delusional. He actually thinks skankie will help launch his country music career…wtf?

    • It amazes me that Caleb thinks the Bomb Squad is still an alliance and that he is running the house….

    • I find Caleb’s delusions to be the most entertaining thing of the season. Everyone talks about how entertaining Zach was, but personally, I thought every word out of Zach’s mouth was bad acting… plus I have no patience for a person who can dish it out, but can’t take it himself. Caleb seems to really live on another planet. I know the whole Amber thing has come off extremely stalkery, and my intentions aren’t to make light of stalker situations, but I really don’t think that his intentions were malicious in any way. He’s just so…out there! I love the CBS cuts of him talking about his amazingness with a cut to his ninja moves. It makes me cringe and laugh all at the same time.

  13. These idiots make Derrick look like a genius. Only the BB fans that have watched for years know Derrick wouldn’t stand a chance against other players. However with these people he deserves the win as nobody else has really played that’s still there.

  14. every time I look at the feeds Victoria is either eating or sleeping. Eating more I think then sleeping lol

  15. Just watched the episode with Jeff and Jordan. Have to admit it wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be-the producers showed plenty of video of the HG’s interacting and kept the J&J section tasteful and fairly short. Jeff and Jordan are a precious couple, and I hope they’re happy and healthy together. Still don’t know why they were brought into the house, but I’ll give BB a pass this time. Hope all the J&J fans enjoyed the show.

  16. Hey guys I know this maybe a stupid question, but since his is a week of nothing, does this means no one goes this week. Does this mean we have another week of Frankie?

    • It means that on Wednesday all bets are off and they do the HOH, Veto and single eviction for real this time!

      • Do you think anything will change? I have a terrible feeling that Frankie wins HOH, veto, sends Vic home. Then he wins veto. Down to the final 3, Frankie wins 1 and third rounds then chooses Caleb over Derrick. Then freaky Frankie wins bb and comes out to a rousing state of boos first time in bb history.

  17. That was a very touching segment about Jeff and Jordan. They are the sweetest couple and watching the clips of when they were on the show, priceless. Way more interesting than the contestants this season.

  18. huh even remembers this jeff an jordan , i don’t they must have been very boring people when they were in the house just some showmance , i didn’t care about, unless there some big fight in the closing weeks of this season they’ll be long forgotten people from this year’s show, from big boring!

  19. I just want Frankie to win. But I know his odds aren’t good. But you know what? He could easily win his way to the end. He’s a competition beast, and even though the rewind will erase all of his wins this week, I think he can still win again and again. His only problem is the week AFTER he’s HOH, bc then the HGs will definitely go after him. Just gotta hope he wins POV, which is a strong possibility.

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