‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Ceremony Results

We have this week’s Big Brother spoilers revealing what happened with the Veto this week. The Feeds have returned and the results have confirmed this week’s final nominees who will face eviction on Thursday’s first round of the Double Eviction.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Over the weekend Caleb floated the idea of going after Frankie for a Backdoor and the plan built up steam overnight before it seemed to hang in the air not knowing if it’d survive or pop and fall to the ground. As the very last chance of the season for a Backdoor the pressure was on for the HGs to make the right move for their game.

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Christine, obviously used the Veto to save herself from the Block. Once she was down Caleb had to name a renom to fill the vacancy.

Caleb renom’d Victoria. He decided not to Backdoor Frankie after all that debate. What a let down for the potential drama factor we could have had. The guys were worried about keeping Nicole but with the DE on Thursday they very well could have gotten her out that same night anyway.

The final nominations for Week 10 on Big Brother 16 are Victoria Rafaeli and Nicole Franzel.

Only four votes are up for grabs this round which means Cody and Derrick can coordinate with Caleb as the tie-breaker, to do whatever they want. I don’t think it’ll come to that though. Nicole will be going home in Thursday’s round one, but who will go out second?

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  1. Well. I think Caleb just threw away his biggest piece of ammo if he went into the F2 with Derrick. It would’ve been pure gold to see Frankie having a hissy fit.

    • And I was so looking forward to Frankie’s swan song out the BB house doors too as he pirouetted over to Julie in his final act.

      • That exit interview would have been excruciating. Imagine him preening for the camera, clapping his hands and putting on his usual show. He’d NEVER let on how pissed off he was

    • I think this will go down as the worst season in BB history. It’s boring. And the characters remaining are unwatchable. Frankie makes me turn the channel. If I hear Beast Mode one more time, I may cancel cable altogether. Christine is ridiculous. Cody is an empty vessel. The only person likeable left is Derrick. Good if he wins, but I doubt by then I will care.

      • You call a guy that jokes about a robot raping a HG likeable? How about a guy that treats his only female ally like a piece of crap? Sorry, I find Derrick as unlikeable as the rest of the defecators.

      • He called Derrick likeable. My opinion is that Derrick is unlikeable, because of what I stated.

      • I dont think a person’s character is summed up by one statement they make. If he made such a comment it was in the context of adding onto the tripe that Frankie was spewing. The rape thing is clearly in Frankie’s column.

      • Did you see the clip? While, Frankie was the worst, Derrick suggesting that Zingbot do it and then thrusting his hips to simulate was all Derrick.

        My second question referred to multiple times that Derrick has treated Victoria poorly. The other night he railroaded over her again and again when it was just the 2 of them talking. Every time she started to speak, he wouldn’t let her. He also cusses about her regularly.

        There are other things that I don’t like about Derrick, but these two are the ones that really tick me off.

      • Actually, if you watch the clip closely, at around the one minute mark, you hear Frankie change the subject to him in full drag and Caleb with beer goggles on (meaning he is drunk). Derrick then says what if Caleb had Zingbot glasses on (meaning Caleb thinks he’s Zingbot) and performs sexual intercourse on Frankie in drag, not Victoria. The rest of the video is about ZIngbot having sex with Frankie. That’s why Frankie was on all fours at one point.

      • I went to that spot. Frankie suggested he could do it in full drag with the beer goggles on (meaning, if he didn’t have to see her clearly.) Derrick doesn’t mention Caleb, just the Zingbot with the goggles.

      • Derrick was talking about having sex with Frankie in drag. He didn’t need to mention Caleb everyone knew what he was tlaking about. Stop trying so hard to make Derrick look bad just cause you don’t like him as a player. Derrick even said if he was Victoria’s dad he would break the computer out of anger so he obviously didn’t like what Frankei said.

      • I did see the clip. Others went along but the inspiration was all Frankie. Only Frankie’s crassness could have started it.

      • I agree that Frankie started it and was the worst offender by far. But, I think all 5 are guilty. The only reason I was talking about Derrick was to give my view on his “likeability” or lack there of since the incident. Derrick, being a police sergeant, should have stopped it. He almost did, but then he added to it, which egged Frankie to go even farther. Derrick is trained, older, has a wife and a daughter. I hold him to a higher standard than the other 4. So, I think that his actions, words and laughter is that much worse.

      • Do you think that Derrick’s being a cop should make him a political correctness enforcer? I have never view cops that way.

      • No, but I think that Derrick being a cop shouldn’t be helping to instigate and joke about about a violent crime, like rape. Cops are supposed to stop crime, when they are presented with the opportunity. They are trained for that.

    • Oh sweet Lord, Victoria just told Nicole on BBAD that nobody respects Cody’s gameplay. While Cody is an empty headed underwear model, I would love to be there to see Victoria’s face when it dawns on her what a complete punchline she is in America’s eyes.

  2. Makes me mad I hope that Frankie is gone in DE and the next week Christine wins the HOH and sends home Derrick I can hope right

  3. This week waz just exactly like week 4 when Caleb could have got backdoored, but a pussy prevented a backdoor both weeks. I actually hope Victoria somehow wins the season now. :/

      • …..And Derrick has never won anything yet they worship the Puppet Zen Master Manipulator Control Guru whose only win will be in the end. Are they that stupid? He has never won anything. However, Victoria has never had a problem with any of the jury people.

  4. SMH. Don’t they realize they just lost their final opportunity to backdoor Frankie? Do these big all-powerful Detonators have no courage at all? If Frankie makes it to F2 they have no one to blame but themselves. What a bunch of wusses.

    • Yep, I think Derrick has made a huge mistake by not going after Frankie first. Frankie will do anything for camera time so I wouldn’t be surprised if next week during the DE he makes a big move first.

      • I’m certainly not rooting for Frankie by any means but the game could finally become exciting if Derrick is put on the block and has to scramble for his life. I think Frankie is the only person left who might do this.

      • I think Frankie actually trusts Derrick, hell I think everyone trusts Derrick

        Bringing Frankie to the final 2 might be a smart move because I don’t think they would vote to give him the money as his family is already wealthy/famous

      • I think Frankie trusts Derrick too but I’m hoping Caleb has opened his eyes to the truth. Not very likely but I’m hoping.

      • I don’t think Frankie has a shot at 500k maybe the 50k but I don’t think the jury will vote for him no matter who he is with

      • Derrick wasbon board with it, I thought. It was Cakeb who changed his mind-although I really don’t think he was truly agreeable to backdooring his “good” friend-he’ll regret this move-it’s a game, safter all!

      • First it was Caleb and Cody that wanted to get Frankie out and Derrick played against it. Then Derrick and Cody were on board with it. Then DR changed Caleb’s mind and he became against it.

      • If Derrick had been on board with it last week when Cody considered it, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

      • At least it was good to see Caleb being able to resist Derrick’s mist and put up Victoria instead. Derrick should have let Cody backdoor Frankie when Cody was ready to make a big mood.
        I wonder if Frankie will now be gunning for Derrick and Cody?
        Hope so!

  5. I can’t stand Frankie but then again I can’t stand any of them so I hope Frankie wins HOH and Caleb, Derrick or Cody is gone with Nicole on Thursday

    • ha ha thank you Scott for saying all they do is talk big for camera and don’t follow thru!!

    • A repeat of last week. I’ve never seen such wimpy guys who are so afraid of getting blood on their hands, stupid excuse that it is.

      • Derrick doesn’t seem to be able to make a full frontal attack preferring to backstab instead. I’m hoping that fact will seal Derricks fate next week.

  6. Without a doubt Caleb just screwed his game. His mistake – telling Frankie he thought about BDn him. Look for Caleb to go in DE (or at least nomn) if Frankie wins HOH.

  7. The legacy of Helen continues, for the fans that are in the house why haven’t they figured this out yet? Maybe they can vote for Frankie to win because we all know they won’t be there until the end.

    • That is the sheer stupidity of these guys. They actually believe that they can float all the way to Final 2 without evicting someone from the Detonators! Dumb sticks that they all are! Well, someone is going to make a move, because they will be forced to. Looking more likely Frankie will win the next HOH and put up Cody and Derrick. Serves these guys right. A trip to the jury house is what they deserve!

  8. this has been the safest played game ever…no big moves at all….bring back the old days!

  9. All the people in KY have hung their heads in shame as to what morons Caleb makes them look like.

  10. Look for Vic to win if she makes F2 against ANYBODY else. Nicole will talk to other jurors about how everyone played. When asked abut comps she will say she didn’t have to and that was her plan and she won when she had to

    • I hope in that scenario Victoria does win. Never thought I’d say that. I guess that is a prime example of why the expression “never say never” was coined.

    • Good to know that Nicole will probably turn the jury against Derrick and prevent him from winning. Isn’t she the only one left in the house who realizes Derrick mastermind role?

      • She will vote for Derrick if he makes it to the end. She thinks he tried to save her and he’s on her side. She even said last night I want you to win and I’ll convince the jury.

      • I’m not sure if she’s just pretending to like Derrick Lav and is just trying to stay on his good side. It’s hard to tell unless you can see the DR conversations how someone really feels. She’s also extending olive branches to Caleb and Frankie so I’m a little confused as to where she really stands.

      • I agree their DR sessions is how you can tell what they really mean. I wish they would show those on the feeds.

      • I think she is doing that because the final vote is not in yet, can’t blame her for trying

  11. This years Big Brother has really sucked, no one will make huge moves, EVERYONE votes the same…Worst season ever

    • Even last season with the racists had a lot of game play, like the evictions of Judd, Helen, Amanda and not counting the paranoia of Amanda being nominated by the viewing public to boot! Even when Frankie wins HOH and puts Derrick and Cody on the block, you can see it coming from a mile as there is no one left to nominate! Some excitement that is! Only thing exciting is seeing the dummies get sent to the jury house!

  12. Oh come on. VICTORIA would have backdoor’d Frankie. At least she would have the balls to other than all the guys in the house!


      • Yes but this needs to be repeated over and over until something is done. And I don’t find all caps screaming? Can you really hear the words as you read them? That would be a super amazing power. I only use caps when I am excited but am not really offended by them. I am more offended by disgusting pigs who think it is funny to suggest double teaming a virgin, and then going about the motions of doing so. Calebs comments about the blood mess they would make by ruining her makes me lose more faith in mankind.

  14. House full of moronic sheep…hand the money to Frankie now so I can stop watching this crap season…

  15. Kinda an oxymoron…Frankie will be the only one “man” enough to get rid of one of the guys….I’m thinking he will go after Derrick…..sigh….

  16. No balls at all, none of these guys have a brain…I hope some how Vic would win the HOH and send one of these guys home..wouldn’t that be a hoot I know she hasn’t done anything this whole game,but it would serve them all right..Wow what a brainless move..I hope next year they pick people who really want to play the game you know like it was in the beginning…

      • Yeah I miss when they had more comps. I dont like the whole “have not” idea. At least when they first started it, they had a competition for it. Now the HOH just picks people. I liked the earlier seasons where they competed together to get different food items and had to compete together to get luxuries. The show has just gone downhill with nothing interesting to ever watch.

    • Really? What was she saying? I haven’t had the feeds on yet today. Was up too late last night with them scheming to backdoor Frankie. This staying up all night takes a toll on me. I’m too old.

  17. Caleb will end up regretting that non move.

    Frankie will be the first one to turn on the group once he is given the chance.

  18. Big Deal. Nicole gets evicted as planned and the ninnies still thinking about who to put up next! Well, there is no one left except Victoria. The 2nd eviction should be more interesting. I think Frankie has a good chance to win HOH and will put up Cody and Derrick on the block. Serves these ninnies right! What would even be funnier is if Derrick instead, of Cody is the one sent to the jury house. Now, I will be laughing my head off!

    • If there is a hanging on the wall type of endurance comp I believe Frankie could outlast all the guys.

  19. Although I hate Frankie as a person in this game, I would love to see him win this double eviction HOH, just to show the detonators what they did wrong.

    • I am rooting for Frankie now to win HOH and put Cody and Derrick on the block. Someone has to make a big move despite, all the efforts of these ninnies to try an float to Final 2. Ain’t happening jacks!

    • It was good to see Frankie squirm on live TV last week when informed about his TA task failing.
      Now I want to see Derrick squirm on live TV by finally being put on the block.

  20. Well, it’s settled…Caleb is an idiot!!! Obviously, they all feel Frankie will win the 2nd HOH on Thursday, or die trying!!! It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he wins & puts up Caleb and Derick. His paranoia will take over…as usual!!

  21. The only person who realized that Derrick was running the house was Donny. Derrick wants to be the one to get Frankie out, that is why he makes sure no one else does it. F2 will be Derrick and Victoria and no one will ever know that it was Derrick who got them out of the house. He will win because of his daughter, not to mention he has played one of the best social games possible.

    • False. Derrick was on board with getting Frankie out. He made that clear last night to Cody and Caleb.

    • They will all know, Hayden knows and has been in jury and he told Nicole who to go after. Donny absolutely knows and is in jury now. Then Nicole will be there so they will all know

  22. What an idiot. That might b Derricks downfall for not convincing Caleb to backdoor Frankie(as much as Frankie wishes Caleb would lol.) Well it should be another boring rest of the week in the house until the double evict. Yawn

    • Well, Big Brother is going to tell these ninnies to talk about flip flopping their votes to take out Victoria instead, because she is the biggest threat in the game. Then, on Thursday, they will decide to evict Nicole. We already know the “scripted” drill. This season is so bad, they have to resort to gimmicks to try to sell the gullible public that these ninnies are actually making a big move! Enough already!
      Let us go to eviction number 2 and take Derrick out because he deserves to get evicted by Frankie due to his stupidity!

  23. Today marks the day I officially stop watching BB16. We all know Derrick is going to win, anyway.

  24. It pains me to say this, but I now hope that Victoria wins it all. If I was in in jury, I wouldn’t vote for any of those idiots. So they can win comps. So what. They didn’t do anything with them. It will be interesting to hear what they say when the jury members as them what their biggest move was in the game. Bet you will hear crickets.

    • Their biggest move was when the moved from the HOH room(when they were not even HOH) to the hammock outside.

  25. Come on! LET us give Nicole the diamond power of veto or the coup e ta! YOU obviously must be reading these comments. Live up to the most twisted summer yet!

    • I’m kind of new at this show! Can someone please tell me what the diamond power of veto and coupe e ta entails? Has it happened before? I want ANY sign of hope for something worth watching, otherwise, I don’t see what all the hooplah about this show is.
      Thanks in advance!

      • DPOV: The wearer can override one of the HOH nomination and appoint whoever they want for eviction.
        Coup d’ etat: The holder has the ability to Veto any nominations moments before the live eviction ceremony, and has the power to nominate new HG’s for eviction.

      • The DPOV is only brought out when players like Jeff or Jordan are in danger of elimination. I wouldn’t mind seeing it used this week either so that Victoria will be evicted instead of Nicole.

      • The Diamond power of Veto allows the user to remove one nominee off the block and they get to replace that nominee. The Coupe e ta allows the user to completely take off both (or one) people from the block and change the nominees. It was used during the live eviction show so there was no time for campaigning.

      • If CBS should happen to use one of these twists, (ANYTHING to make this watchable!) would this be shown on the live feed, would we know ahead of time?

      • They wouldn’t show the comp on the feeds but if the feeds went to trivia we would know something is going on. Then when the feeds came back you usually can figure out what happened by listening to them talk about it.

      • Thanks everyone. I googled those two scenarios and it sounded like they were kept secret until eviction night, ie: Nicole gets the DPOV, she can’t let anyone know until it’s time. Is this correct? That got me wondering how it could show up on live feed if so. So would everyone compete for the DPOV, or how is the person picked? I can’t find those answers!

      • Before they would have some kind of contest and the first to get the correct answer would win. They would tell the winner what it’s for and they can’t tell anyone. So everyone in the house would know there’s a special power but wouldn’t know what kind of power. They’ve changed up the different kind of power in different seasons.

      • I say let’s have the coup de ta and let America vote on who gets the power! Wonder how far ahead of time they would have to put out the vote? Didn’t seem like an extended time with the TA challenges!

  26. I think it’s really funny that Caleb wants to be on Survivor next (since he was accepted to that show too…according to him). They will chew him up and vote him out first. Especially, if they saw any of this season of BB!!!

    • Actually a smart player would make a deal with him in the 1st 5min. Saw you on BB and know you are loyal. Caleb is good at comps and puzzles. He is loyal without a doubt. You get one other person. Caleb gets you there and you dump him F4 or F3.

      • That’s all well and good…if he can keep his damn mouth shut and not blow your game too!

      • Or not. It won’t happen till this time next year because Jan Survivor is All-stars AGAIN.

      • January , this one starting in 3 wks is all new. But was pretty sure Matt reported the on after is all-stars. I’ve been wrong before and sure I will again.

      • Actually you’re not wrong but … Indeed Ben, it’s S29 that starts in 3 weeks that is an all new cast. S30 (next fall) is “rumored” to be an All-Stars. It hasn’t been confirmed anywhere YET.

      • Right? Caleb, if nothing else, is very loyal. And on top of that, I think Caleb would do great in the Survivor competitions. They don’t call him Beast Mode Cowboy for nothing. Jokes aside, the Survivor comps would suit him well.

      • All this loyalty talk, I don’t see it. The guy just put up an alliance member for no reason at all. If he tried to claim loyalty if he makes it to F2, he’s going to get ripped apart by the jury. F2 with fakey, derrick and cody, cant stay loyal to everyone…

      • No more spineless than Will or Dan. The seething disdain for people in the house for acting juvenile is absurd. It doesn’t define anything; people attribute Big Brother to Facebook vis a vis its relationship to ‘real life’. Just because social media has been integrated into serious life consequences now if you say something inappropriate, does not apply to Big Brother. The first thing any legend will tell you is to check your morals at the door.

  27. Not sure what the “big” twists were in this season….unless the twist was on the viewers….how long would the viewers continue to watch a non-game?

  28. Caleb is a pussy. He had the best chance of getting rid of that perverted queer, and didn’t. This season sucks.

      • Very true, but the man is a pervert and a predator. He has sexually harassed every man in that house by intentionally groping their crotches (there’s ample video evidence of this). Gay nor not, this mans actions should not be praised.

      • “Queer” is NOT an homosexual slur. LBGTQ is used all the time to identify that population with “Q” standing for Queer.

  29. I guess it’s a good thing Raycom Media took CBS off my Directv lineup because I’m sick of watching the house guests coming up with these great plans for a backdoor just to change their minds before the veto ceremony. It’s like Helen all over again; they are going to be wishing they got Frankie out when they are in the jury house next week.

  30. I didn’t hear or read the letter Caleb got from home but I heard Nicole talking about it and she mentioned it said put your big boy pants on. Anyone hear or read it?

  31. I mean, I get it and if I were playing the game this season I would want to ensure my safety too….but this season had the potential to be so good and completely flopped because of how safe everyone is playing. #Disappointed

  32. I’ll say it again, HATE Frankie,but hope he catches wind of the BD plan, wins the first HoH gets rid of either Caleb or Derrick, then we will see who will regret getting Frankie out. Also, Frankie would have more “big moves” than anybody. Not saying I want him to win it all, but oh the irony if he strikes first.

    • Totally agree with you Eric. When they are in the Jury House, they are going to be saying at least Frankie had the balls to put up the big guys. I hate Frankie also, but he will be the one to strike first…

    • As much as I hate Fakey as well, we know he’s not an idiot. It’s obvious to him what went on last night. The guys are absolute idiots to not send him packing after how they acted toward him.

    • Gets wind of? Someone in here with live feeds said Caleb told him all about it and put the blame on Derrick and Cody. What crap. It was Caleb’s idea and initially Derrick wanted nothing to do with it.

  33. does anyone left in this game have a brain besides Nicole and Derrick? not sure we’ve ever seen such spineless, stupid play in BB.

  34. I see cancellation in BB future this show has run it course.Could it be more boring and worse HG’s. I would fire the whole production crew. Has anyone else noticed how much they talk about production. This is the Joe Schmo Show. The whole thing is fixed and it is still terrible.

    • They really need to take a page from BB in other countries. Their twists, turns, secrets, etc. puts the US BB to shame.

      • They need to go back to how they ran BB in the early seasons… where do you think BB in other countries got their ideas from?

    • The HG’s have figured out almost every move BB is going to take, time for AG and the gang to start coming up for new comp ideas at least. That obnoxious trend Andy started last season of barging in and interrupting every conversation is shutting down all gameplay this season as many this season are using the same tactics.

  35. Caleb is all tied up with making this the biggest baddest alliance ever on BB instead of actually winning the game. Even the Brigade cut Matt. Screw history, show me the money. Another HOH, probably the most important, squandered on small fry. Feet of clay.

  36. These guys are the biggest bunch of morons to ever play this game — you have a chance to backdoor a HUGE threat and you put up the weakest player in the house? And they think they’re gonna be known as the best players ever?!!?!? Caleb is a dolt … I believe this is productions work somehow

      • I don’t think production wants Frankie to stay. They already know all the negativity they’re getting about his actions in the house. It’s the same as last year about the racism.

      • I would have thought that they wanted Frankie out too after his embarrassing actions over the weekend but apparently it might help with the ratings so they don’t want him out just yet.

      • I hope you’re right! I just don’t have another explanation for Caleb set on getting Frankie out, going to DR and immediately set on getting Nicole out, instead.

        I was thinking that CBS doesn’t want to tick off Ariana, because they’re planning on making big $ off of her.

  37. While it certainly would be very entertaining for Frankie to be backdoored this week, I think this was a great move on Caleb’s part. The fact that Cody and Derrick want Frankie out so badly means it’s better for Caleb to have Frankie remain in the game as long as possible. As long as Frankie is still in the game Caleb isn’t their target.

    • I agree it does make more sense for Caleb to keep Frankie and it’s probably good for his game to let Frankie know about Derrick and Cody plotting against him.

      • Caleb was the first to suggest the bd on fakey this week. Telling him it was Cody and Derr would blow up in his face. Besides, Fakey already knows those three were discussing it, he’s not stupid.

      • Thanks for the info I’m not caught up with the updates yet. But surely Frankie should realize that Derrick and Cody also have Vic and Chris on their side and probably Caleb too?
        I’m pretty sure that Derrick will come out of this smelling like a rose as usual though.

      • Yea, Cody and Derrick were dropping hints to Caleb the past few days, but never said backdoor until Caleb suggested it. I think Fakey has caught on to whats going on, but who knows…

  38. At least Caleb still thinks he may have an opportunity to meet and sing a duer with Frankie’s siater, for another week …. Ha!!!

  39. If Frankie and Caleb are now in cahoots for an F2, would it now be smart for them to strike a deal with Nicole for safety if they save her and evict Victoria? Leaving juat Derrick and Cody ??

    • Frankie will never save Nic. He has an unreasonable hatred for her.Not only that, she is a female

    • They could do that, sure… but they don’t have the votes to keep her so its absolutely pointless.

      • Frankie and Christine with Caleb as a tie breaker ..

        an unlikely trio I know, but would make a heck of a blindside …

      • yea, I just dont think youd ever get Christine to agree to keeping Nicole. Or Frankie actually, lol

      • She’s clueless, although I think that Caleb putting her on the block when Victoria was available may have opened her eyes a bit. Not banking on it though

    • YES! I’m so glad that Nicole has been trying to reconcile with Frankie and Caleb even though it probably made her sick to have to do that.
      Now with a little help from the DR there might be hope for Nicole yet.

      • At some point the alliance is going to have to break in 2 and no matter how much he hates Nicole he should at least realize he might potentially need her next week, especially since Vic is obviously playing with Derrick and can’t be used to his benefit.

  40. This is why our country is in a mess. No one can make up their own mind. They follow the leader, rather or not they are right. Why can’t they play their own game. Celeb and Frankie are there for the fame. I do not like either of them.

  41. this season is soooooo lame. It’s been the same people in power every week! There has been no shocking evictions or nominations. This alliance completely bores me. I cannot wait until next season already!

  42. Caleb just wasted the last opportunity for a backdoor. If the hgs this season knew anything about playing the game, fakey would be going home on Thurs. This would have been the biggest move of the game and Calewb would have gotten a lot of respect from the jury. Instead, he sticks to his ‘loyalty’ game that will blow up on him becuase he has been anything but. Dumb move.

  43. That’s it for me for this season……..nothing but air sound traveling thru their heads……..don’t want to listen to that the rest of the season. Goodbye BB til next season.

  44. Last week, Frankie and Christine had a convoy. They decided that it would be in their interest to strike first. Caleb made a huge mistake. This one will come back to bite either him, Cody, and/or Derrick right in the behind! Anyone who goes to the end with Frankie will probably win!

  45. The final strategy Caleb, Derrick and Cody came up with last night was this: Let’s just wait until Fakey makes the first move, then we can scramble to try and save ourselves and then go after him. What a bunch of dummies

  46. This page shouldn’t be called a spoilers page. It should be a “You already know what’s going to happen page.” These house guests have played it easy all year. No big moves. No big surprises. Nothing.

  47. I’m so done with Big Brother this year. Worst year ever. I hope CBS is watching and listening to all the viewers.

    • Actually, I think the best part is yet to come as te the Alliance self implodes .. no sympathy for those remaining, as they all deserve what they will get … Karma is a B*tch !!!

  48. what a bunch of bafoons Have the girls realized yet that they are at the bottom of the list?I have never seen such stupidity in playing this game They have lost an opportunity but it seems that Caleb loves more the be famous by association the a half million $$$$$

    • I’m pretty sure Nicole has realized this and Christine shouldn’t be too far behind since she was put on the block against Nicole.

  49. I probably won’t get much of a chance to watch the feeds this week, so I guess it’s fortunate for me that things won’t really be going down – still disappointed, though. All that left for this week now is the drama that comes from a DE night.

  50. Of the house guests left I would like to see Derrick win. Derrick has run this game since day 1 and he has done it with brains and not nastiness. Cody has played ok, but flirting with Christine is in bad taste. Victoria has been the ultimate floater. Christine has been slimy. I feel bad for her husband. Frankie has been arrogant and nasty. Caleb, well, he’s a bit scary with his stalker tendncies. JMO

    • agree. and it seems the fewer people in the house the more vile Frankie gets at least to me it does

    • Umm, suggesting Zingbot have sex with Vic is not disgusting? That was Derricks contribution.

      • Watched it again (TMZ) and the name is beeped out, it could have been you, his wifes name, or anyone elses. . But not sure. It is beeped out. Derrick says “Do you think I could f*** “Beeped out word” with the zinbot glasses on the beer googles on? Then laughs, while we hear Cody is the background saying Dude thats….overlapping talk. Has anyone seen or know where this could be verified? It seems that the content was so vile that things are getting thrown around and with something like this I want to be sure of what I am hearing before I make anymore comments. Why they would beep out a name instead of the f word?

  51. This season is disgusting, as are most of the houseguests. While Frankie is suggesting a gang rape for Victoria, Derrick the cop with the daughter justs laughs right along with him! Shame on every one of them in that room who didn’t shut Frankie down. Frankie should be removed, Nicole stays because of it, and every one of the douches in the room with Frankie do not get to play in the next HOH…come on CBS gang raping women is NOT entertainment…stand up for something!! I can’t believe anything could be worse than last season…so I guess in that pretext you have successfully delivered your expect the unexpected motto. So disappointed…AGAIN!!!

  52. SOOOO what is taking place in the house at this moment is what we have to look forward to for the next 3 weeks????
    In short ” Nothing”

  53. Derrick and Frankie had a conversation earlier.. I could not /did not get the entire conversation but it appeared that Derrick was letting Frankie believe that Cody was the mastermind of the “backdoor Frankie” plan. I may be wrong but I don’t think soooo

    • Why am I not surprised? If only Frankie would enlighten Cody of this maybe something exciting would finally happen.

  54. As much as I dislike Fakey, I hope he wins HOH during the DE and boots one of the three guys who spent hours discussing his potential backdoor yesterday. Will serve them right for not making the first move. I hate to say it, but Fakey has more balls than those three put together. He’s not afraid to make the big move like you girls are.

    • This is just becoming so irritating to watch. I just want to scream at these spineless wonders to DO SOMETHING.

      • I hope you are right, Ellablue, but when something like the Frankie/Zingbot show regarding Victoria occurs, it goes out all over the media. Sometimes even though people are repulsed by it, the ratings may rise because it peaks interest and people want to see what the fuss is all about. I hope ratings go down because I am disgusted. Am I going to watch? I have quit BBAD. I never had live feeds. But, I am still going to finish watching the show as of now. So I definitely am not one helping to lower the ratings and I’m not proud of that.

  55. Thank GOD Caleb didn’t go through with it. Frankie survives again! You
    go Frankie! All the haters can suck it. Bye-bye you stupid whiny bitch,
    Nicole. Don’t let the door hit you on the way back out! And don’t come
    back this time, you useless idiot.

  56. Caleb is an idiot. Why did he not put up Frankie? Frankie is manipulating the show and they are to blind to see it.

  57. Well, anyways, I can dream. But, I was hoping Caleb would put Frankie on the block and have him evicted. Then, Nicole win HOH, laughing and say “Guys, its time to play Big Brother”! And put up Derrick & Cody.

  58. I see everyone wanted Frankie to go and I did too but that’s not the game move. Its a personal move because we don;t like Frankie. The guys have to get Nicole out first. Once she is gone all that is left are 6 people who vote as a block. Then they can go after each other with the 3-some of Caleb, Derrick and Cody taking down Victoria, Christine and Frankie. If Frankie wins HOH this week, they are safe. Frankie will nom Victoria and Christine and Christine will go home. If anyone else wins HOH, they can get Frankie out keeping the target off themselves. In fact, they should let Christine win HOH this week and have her put up Frankie.

    • duh!!!!! It would have been a big “game move” on Calebs part. While we don’t like Frankie and some other HGs we want to see some action have some excitement.
      The show is crappy Its boring
      We keep waiting for somebody to wake up and make moves play the game but they don’t…

      • well one of them will surely be put up as we are have no one but the alliance with the exception of Victoria.

      • Nicole, Christine , Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Victoria, Winner will be Derrick. Not sure about final two. Could be cody or Victoria with Derrick.

      • I think it will be Nicole, Christine, Frankie, Caleb, and Victoria with Cody and Derrick in the final two because no one wants to put them up.

  59. Well Caleb I hope you’re sitting with Julie after Nicole. Then Julie can say I thought you’re Beast Mode Cowboy why did you wimp out? What were you waiting for him to get you out first? Oh wait he did. Ziiiing!

  60. It would serve them all right if Christine and Frankie split the vote and vote out Victoria to weaken Derricks alliance, then Caleb would break the tie. But I really doubt Christine will side with Frankie against Cody, though he definitely will.

  61. I was hoping that Frankie would be sent to jury so they could shun him like he does the ones targeted most times

  62. The recent multiple occurrences of despicable, vilifying behavior of BBHG Frankie Grande is over the top. Why hasn’t CBS taken immediate steps to curtail and/or punish FG’s abhorrent behavior? His eagerly repeated graphic descriptions of houseguests raping a houseguest and his animated portrayal of the act of rape are NOT okay.
    What the hell is wrong with CBS? Where is the BB production staff? BB is supposed to be “expect the unexpected” which it no longer is–do what is morally expected and expel FG for his despicable, low life behavior on behalf of every female victim. The first time, FG was encouraging HG to attack another HG; the second occurrence was the rape of women in general, all the while laughing as those it is funny.
    Around the world, little girls, young ladies, wives, and mothers are subjected to the unforgettable horror of rape…and you condone it?
    Why would L Moonves humiliate his wife and have her interview this degenerate on his way out? Where is the Moral Compass?

    • I agree with you and I just hope CBS realizes all the negative feedback they’re getting.

    • Agree, but Caleb, Cody and Derrick are just as disgusting. However, this is mild compared to last year and CBS didn’t do anything except to cut them loose at the end of the show and not invite them back for anything.

      • Mild? Men discussing rape scenarios, an aggressive, sexually inappropriate gay male (who gives most guy men a bad name)? I don’t think so.

      • Mild? Men discussing rape scenarios, an aggressive, sexually inappropriate gay male (who gives most gay men a bad name)? I don’t think so.

    • They don’t care and can’t do anything about it. Last year it was racism and Julie, who’s race was attacked, had to interview those low life’s. Freedom of speech = freedom to hate in America. I am not saying it is right. I was disgusted last year and feel the same this year. CBS doing anything against Frankie’s freedom of speech, no matter how vile, would not hold up in court. A question Julie might pose to him as he is evicted and call him out is how he would feel watching someone saying those things about his nonna, mother, or sister. Caleb’s stalking of Amber was just as vile and scary. They did nothing about that either. Now, if something were written into the game rules against this kind of thing, then they could do something and eject someone. The houseguests would have known the rules going in and breaking the rules of the game would give CBS that power. Until then, without physical assult, no power.

      • There shouldn’t have to be rules, it’s called being a decent human being which sadly this house is lacking

    • There is very little moral compass these days where money/reality shows are concerned. I can remember past reality shows where threats were made and inappropriate sexual behavior took place, and the offending house guest was removed. There’s not a chance of that any more. Bad behavior=high ratings=$$$.

  63. If I was a lawyer, I would run TV commercials with an 800 number for you to call if you or a loved one got narcolepsy from watching BB16, I’m serious and I wouldn’t even charge, I’d do it Pro Bono just cause I’m a victim too.

      • lol Thanks it just pisses me off really, here I had hopes until Production came in and did their magic and poof everything disappears like they want it this way which obviously they do.

      • lol Hey there, yeah it’s just been frustrating as of late and want this thing to be over sooner rather then later. Believe it or not I’m counting down to Survivor and know that will make up for the frustration we BB fans all have been suffering with all summer. The only things I’m looking forward to are when Frankie, Caleb, and Christine face Julie and catch their reactions that and finale night and all the interviews Jeff will give at the end especially with Caleb since supposedly he wants to break up Jeff and Jordan and take Jordan away from him, should be interesting to hear what he says to cover himself up when he actually meant it to be serious and not a joke.

      • Oh, really. I haven’t heard about that. Caleb’s a stud. I’m sure Jeff will hammer a few nails into him. I love Survivor. Tina Wesson is from my state and I think she represented it well and I’m glad she won. Those people really starved. Things have changed; some for the better and others for the worse, but I’m truthfully happy that they get a little more food now. It was brutal. This IS a very frustrating BB season. I agree about getting it. ..over and out..good buddy! Whew, it’s past my bedtime. Night, Canman.

  64. Well at least Bachelor in Paradise and the Real Housewives is on tonight. More drama then BB. Haha

  65. At this point, instead of complaining about how boring BB16 is, I’m going to start cheering on V to win the $500k. I hope she makes it to the F2 with Derrick and the jury votes for her

    • Wow, just shows how awful this season is. Did anyone ever think we’d agree with a statement like that? Well put.

  66. What I found funny about Frankie is wondering why they havent gotten anew TA mission. TA was over when he threw Americas favorite out of the house and said he was the worst one of TA and floated through

    • I remember when they were throwing the rumor around that Zach was related to Amanda Frankie’s role was to “listen” to people talk about the rumor. Yet Donny is the one that they carried. It was part of Donny’s plan you dingus

  67. If Christine fails to win HoH thursday, then she will be evicted if she wins Victoria is next or Caleb.

  68. Is everyone afraid of Frankie? Just because he has a sister that is famous, big deal, get rid of him. He thinks he owns everyone.

  69. Caleb you have no balls. Nicole has more balls that you do. Now I hope Victoria wins HOH and put Frankie which I can’t stand Caleb.

    • Caleb couldn’t make a decision if he was standing on one. All he does is sit and stare. When he does talk its a whole lot of drawled rambling. He thinks women will be tripping over themselves to be with him but hes proving what a loser he is on national tv.

  70. Derrick or Nicole are the only two which deserve 500,000 and if I were to vote it would be Derrick to win.

  71. I hope Cody wins HoH thursday and put Frankie on the block to be evicted.First time watching BB America and I have to say that I’m little disappointment how the season went.The “expect the unexpected” didnt appeal to me cause I found this season a slow burn summer.Zach was one of a few surprises that I enjoyed watching but his bad mouthing turned on him.Derrick is playing the best game so far.What I see now is that F2 will be Frankie and Derrick.

  72. well time for me to mute the feeds …that stupid annoying Frankie is trying to take center stage as usual….

  73. well well to little to late….Cody said he knew they should have sent Frankie home this week…. Derrick and Cody regrouping cause Caleb (unintentionally) ratted them out to Frankie

    • How did Caleb (unintentionally) rat Derrick and Cody out? Why do you think it wasn’t intentional? Can someone fill me in?

      • u don’t tell a supposed to be alliance member or possible final 2 partner that u and other members of the so called alliance were gonna backdoor him/her. Caleb just blabbed his guts out to Frankie and included Cody and Derrick.. u don’t drag down others in ur alliance if u are true to them..Caleb has no idea how the game is played…He has a really big mouth
        big mistake as he put a small target on Derrick but a huge one on Cody…

      • Whoa! Well, we’ve never accused Caleb of having a brain. I guess he thinks it makes him look like he’s running things. Still, so stupid……………

  74. I guess the good news is for the jury. They have escaped Frankie dry humping them till season’s end. Looks like Frankie taught Caleb the REAL meaning of “beast mode”……he just got rode like a broke down mule!

  75. I like Frankie’s game play so I don”t want him to go for that reason. With this double eviction on Thursday it’s still a possibility that Frankie may go home because he may not win HOH or the POV on Thursday night. So for now we just have to wait and see.

  76. and that idiot Caleb still talking about the bomb squad. Telling Chris that Nic was never part of it. God how i wish someone would tell him that the bomb squad has been defunct since before Amber went home. I am already muting Frankie on BBAD and the regular show, now i might have to do the same with Caleb. I just can’t handle these IDIOTS anymore

  77. What’s bad is now all the good people are in the jury house and they are going to have to pick a winner from either a floater Vic or Crusty, no balls, Caleb or Cody, a snake charmer, Derrick, or a snake Frankie.

  78. Way to go Beast-Mode-Coward!! Hope Frankie wins HOH and puts you up! Stupid decision not to BD him…See you in jury house real soon!!

  79. I found this to be a little strange. Frankie is outside by himself, he looks into the camera and starts to talk and then all cameras go to inside. How come we couldn’t hear what he said..they never did come back on him.

      • Maybe production is avoiding Frankie alone time when he plays to the camera … there’s a lot of negative public opinion + his senseless remark the other day/night about taking “all of Victoria’s virginities”. The less I see of him, the better!

  80. This is totally off topic but does anyone like the way they do the nomination ceremony? I thought once they finished with the 2 HOH’s that they would go back to pulling keys. It doesn’t have the same suspense factor when all they do is turn 2 keys it was much more fun the other way. Not to say we didn’t have a good idea who was being nominated but the fear everyone felt as the keys got pulled was kind of fun, I wish they’d switch back.

    • I didn’t like it at all. I did not like dual HOH’s, BotB. or TA. They were all terrible twists. BB needs to do alot of soul searching after this season and bring back some old favorites..Diamond Power of Veto, Pandora’s Box, Coup’d tat, Luxury Comps, Have-Not Comps..I missed all of that. This season was one of the most boring I can ever remember.

      • I absolutely agree with you it’s been so predictable and no one has really done anything. I’ve watched every season and this is the first one I find myself fast forwarding through. No one has done anbig moves Nicole tried I guess but with BotB it made it near impossible to pull anything off. It’s been a lot of “don’t want to get blood on my hands” this is big brother you’re supposed to get blood on your hands for cryin’ out loud you idiots.

      • I agree whole heartedly. Maybe they should let America vote on the twists for next year.

  81. Just about ready to turn BBAD off for the night/morning: Christine is really getting on my nerves with her ridiculous laugh. They’re focusing on her and Cody cause nothing else is happening in the house.

  82. I am SO disappointed in Caleb! Vic instead of Frankie! C’mon! Pathetic. Weak. Weasel. What a farce!

  83. So bummed that I returned from my weekend away to find out that Caleb won HOH, Christine and Nicole nominated to go on the block and Christine wins Veto. Then Caleb puts Victoria up next to Nicole. What a wuss he didn’t backdoor Frankie. I can only hope Frankie gets the boot during DE…so looks like I didn’t miss any great upset after all, huh?

    • Likewise, I was away this weekend too and happened to check updates from my phone on the way back, and I almost threw my phone out the car window when I saw they Caleb didn’t backdoor Frankie. This has got to be the most boring and predictable season ever in BB history. Almost not even worth watching anymore.

    • You missed what happened on Saturday, then. Check out “Frankie Grande” on TMZ, Bustle, TVGrapeVine, etc. Warning: It will make you sick, but it shows what kind of people the defactors are. Frankie is the worst with Derrick not far behind.

      • OMG! I knew there was a reason I did not like Frankie (and Derrick too even though he and Cody were just going along with Frankie’s convo). Have never really liked Cody anyway. The only one that wasn’t saying anything and shaking his head back and forth was Caleb. Liking him more and more now, even if he’s a still a bit delusional..then again, I cried when I saw his HoH room and items he received. Truly noteworthy knowing he fought for our country and I salute him now! I believe Vic’s family should get an apology from Frankie, but one from Ariana? No, she is probably feeling quite sad Frankie is related to him after this. It’s not Ariana’s fault her brother behaved like that. She shouldn’t have to owe Vic’s family that apology. Frankie is a grown-a** man and responsible for only his actions.

      • OMG! I knew there was a reason I did not like Frankie (and Derrick too
        even though he and Cody were just going along with Frankie’s convo).
        Have never really liked Cody anyway. The only one that wasn’t saying
        anything and shaking his head back and forth was Caleb. Liking him more
        and more now, even if he’s a still a bit delusional..then again, I
        cried when I saw his HoH room and items he received. Truly noteworthy
        knowing he fought for our country and I salute him now! I believe Vic’s
        family should get an apology from Frankie, but one from Ariana? No,
        she is probably feeling quite sad Frankie is related to her after this.
        It’s not Ariana’s fault her brother behaved like that. She shouldn’t
        have to owe Vic’s family that apology. Frankie is a grown-a** man and
        responsible for only his actions.

  84. They missed a opportunity… I think Frankie will take a shot in the double eviction if he nabs HOH.

  85. Watching BBAD. Will someone please tell Frankie that he’s irritating as hell when he talks in that pseudo-English accent? I’m English, and I can tell you it’s a third-rate effort. Bloody hell, Frankie, will you shut the f**k up? Well, at least something’s going on-they just called for a lockdown. Let’s hope something interesting is happening. Probably not.

  86. BBAD was on from 11pm to 2am … watched it all. Caleb must be in hiding. He wasn’t on at all. He should be so ashamed of himself. So sad.

  87. I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of Derrick. However, I’d like to see him as HOH for the DE, just to see what kind of ‘sensible’ choices he’d make. I wish there were 3 chairs for those nominated for eviction: Cody, Caleb and Frankie should occupy them and 2 of them should be evicted!

    • He’d actually be a good choice for HOH during a DE – grace under pressure and all that.

  88. Beast Mode Chicken Sh*t. Once that pink haired asshat leaves, the show will be so much better. I was looking forward to him being sent right after Donny so he could feel the karma queen smacking him right in the face. Fakie is so mean and nasty, just like Amanda from last year, and his hatred for Donny and Nicole is laughable. When Caleb had the plan in motion to send Fakie home, I actually watched all of AD, but now I’m back to not watching a bunch of sad sacks of crap. One can only hope Fakie goes DE, then I will watch again. I didn’t watch at all last week, only tuned in for HoH, because I knew Donny was going, and now Nicole is going…won’t be watching until Thursday….BB will just build up steam for Fakie going home, only for it to be Nicole. I’ll watch Thursday for who gets sent packing for DE though. Your cast of characters stink BB.

  89. Wow! On West Coast BBAD Victoria is crying and sniffling almost uncontrollably. Nicole told Victoria she just wanted her to “get her head in the game” and face the possibility Derrick might go home before Victoria. Victoria kept muttering, “he can’t go, he can’t go” and told Nicole that she and Derrick had a bond from day one. Nicole reminded her again he could go first. Victoria’s reaction is way over the top. Poor girl looks mentally unstable like the reality of the show is too much for her.
    Now she’s telling Derrick she can’t stay in the game without him.

  90. Victoria is a sorry mess. BB need to pick candidates who can think for themselves and not lose sight of the objective of the game. She is willing to make a deal (to whom????) to get evicted before Derrick. What a sad excuse of a participant.

  91. I just thought of good money maker for cbs. Create a button on live feeds that tells Frankie to shut up and say every x number of times pushed the message plays in the house. Charge people say. 25-50 cents every time you click it. Bet the average person would spend a couple bucks each time they went on them

  92. Wow, Derrick does appear to sorta-kinda care for Victoria, I think …
    During BBAD while consoling her, while she was crying away, etc … and her declaring how should could not continue without her main supporter in the House … blah, blah, blah … Derrick, indicated that, it is just a game, it’s not like anybody is going to die once they are evicted from the House, etc .. and, that Victoria has to realize it is just a game for $$$ and that when she leaves the House and watches and reads what was actually said and done in the House, to not take it personally … That is, he sorta kinda used her for his game, and may not doing some sort of Jury Maintenance, I am sure the Jury will enlighten her on how much of a douche he was in the game … Ha !!!

    • Derrick has played the other house guests more than he’s played the game. I know it’s not mandatory to be honest in this game, a puppet master doesn’t deserve to be called a winner the stupid puppets did all about the work. This has to be the most disappointing season ever. Lemmings are worse than floaters at least the floaters made the choice to float.

  93. This was the DUMBEST move ever. Victoria is not a threat. They should have backdoored Frankie. Ugh. These ppl play with so much fear. Frankie going home wouldnt ruffle anyone’s feathers. Derrick is a beast! He STILL has not gone up on the block. He deserves to win.

  94. Caleb and Cody have no guts in this game, that’s two weeks in a row there’s been a backdoor Frankie plan and the HoH hasnt had the balls to do it! Fair enough if this was pre-jury, but, I mean it’s already at the point where they should be making power plays and huge moves if they wanna win. Caleb/Cody in the Final 2 “Um, well, uh, I thought about backdooring someone, but, um, uh, I didn’t because, uh, well, um, it was final 3 and it just seemed, um uh, too risky” Pfft, I hope next season (if there is a next season) they cast houseguests who actually have the balls to make big moves.

  95. What a bunch of wimps. Victoria said it best. Frankie is a despicable person and extremely manipulative. My favorite episode will be the one when that low life gets his walking papers. And I hope the door hits him in the ass.

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