Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations

The results are in for the Nomination Ceremony this week on Big Brother 16 and we have the latest spoilers on which Houseguests are now on the block.

Big Brother 16 Nominations
Big Brother 16 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

The new Head of Household was crowned last night during the endurance competition and the nomination plans were quickly settled after whispers set off fears of a possible alliance. Not willing to risk the rise of a threat this pair was quickly targeted and sent to the chopping block.

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Nominations:

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Nominations

  • Caleb nominated: Christine & Nicole

The main target is Nicole, but you never know even if Nicole doesn’t win the Veto they could end up sending Christine home. Of course if Christine wins Veto then Victoria will go up and Nicole will probably go back to Jury following a brief return to the house. Or maybe we’ll get something crazy!

What do you think of the nomination picks for Big Brother 16 this week? We expect the Veto comp to be held on Saturday so keep an eye out and share the results soon!



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  1. How awesome would it be if Victoria won the veto and Derrick convinced her to use it to save Nicole or Christine. It’d be funny if Caleb was forced to put up one of the boys, preferably Frankie as a “pawn” of course, then Derrick, Cody, and Victoria vote him out. A guy can dream.

      • Why would Derrick be put up? Cody is HOH, Derrick is practically Cody’s political advisor. Frankie would most certainly be put up imo, if either nominee comes down.

      • but no guarantees though, and even derrick would not want to chance that!! this week caleb is HOH and even he said if vic won the POV he would threaten to put up derrick, (Christine won pov this week so neither scenario either week happened but was a possibility

  2. I hope Nicole is able to win POV and Caleb has to put up either Victoria or one of the guys. Time for the Detonators to be broken up. This is long past due! Viewers need to be able to watch some game play instead, of floating from the beginning to Final 2. It is getting ridiculous all these past weeks of no game play, no strategy but, floating along this big alliance. Enough already!

      • Eh, could be a blast but I doubt it. Nicole or Christine will be going next, regardless if one gets pulled off the block. Victoria will not be leaving next week, highly doubtful. I expect the 2nd HG to be sent home to be Frankie, since Caleb won’t be able to play. Cody or Derrick will be sending Frankie home I think. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but, what a better time to so you don’t have to hear that for a whole week.

        Cutting Frankie pulls clueless Caleb closer to Cody and Derrick. Derrick will control Victoria still and the only person they would have to compete against is Nicole for a week or have Christine lingering around to do their bidding. Nicole is pretty easily manipulated and Derrick will have no problem with her.

    • I’d be happy to see anything, that hasnt been carved in stone since week 2! I honestly believe the ant infestation was the most exciting event to happen this season!

    • Pretty much same way, I just don’t want Frankie to win– everything else is blah. Thankfully Football season will start so I will have something to watch that’s entertaining and competitive.

  3. Surprise, surprise! These guys need to grow some balls and start putting each up on the block! I’m so sick of this season already!

    • I’m new here didn’t know if I could say someone needs to grow a set lol glad you did I totally agree. I was sooo mad when Caleb put Nicole as have not again and only because of Frankie! I can’t stand to watch if he is in the shot I switch cameras and if he is in them all mute time and do something else.

      • Welcome to the group. Matt also does Survivor. We like to be respectful of each other’s opinions while allowing people to voice what they really feel about the HGs, production, etc. Sometimes you get flack for something but there are good people here who love the game.

    • But it was ok when the girls wanted to have an all-girls alliance early on and band together against the guys, right? (I’m talking about “El Quattro” when the girls were actually sounding on board. Not talking about the one Joey tried after and everyone went silent on her).

      • Only problem is Joey outed the group before it can do anything. That broke the group right there. You form an alliance, you keep your mouth shut except, to the alliance members.

      • Agreed. I was just pointing out how some have a problem now with the guys working to evict the girls, but I saw no problem when earlier this season there was a sentiment of girl power in wanting the girls to team up against the guys.

      • As in, I saw nobody voicing that they had a problem with that earlier girl power vibe. I personally didn’t like it and shook my head. Similar to race and sexuality, gender in this game (or really anywhere) shouldn’t matter. Play the game and align with the best players, regardless of what sex they are. If it’s too hard to tell that early who’s the best, then I guess go with instinct. Don’t go with gender as some form of cheap cop out.

      • Unfortunately the battle of the sexes long outdates anybody walking the earth. Doesn’t make it right just it has been there a long time

      • Ugh, go away MRA, guys win ALL. THE. TIME. Because BB likes to cast alpha males, floaters, and “decoration” instead of players.

      • Joey didn’t really out the group it was Derrick who has some kind of “sixth sense” about the formation of an alliance lead by Joey and he told Caleb. Yeah she told Devin but Devin wasn’t the one that told Caleb.

      • Joey did out the 4 house guest female alliance then, in plain few of the others, started to form an alliance
        with the other females. At that point, no one will trust her! Of course, no one bothered with her. Then, to compound problems, she confessed to Devin and the other guys that yes, she did try to form an alliance.

    • LOL. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing what the so-called men in the house consider threatening.

  4. I’m so tired of Derrick’s Game being so Damned predictable from one week to the next.

    • that may be so, but he is definatly the one in charge!! Other than keeping floaters, (all other players) he is the master of the game. So miss Donnie!! He was way to nice to be with these idiots!!! Honourable man!

      • I wouldn’t call him honourable by a long shot he lies to everyone and that ruins ones honor. He even lies to the audience forgetting that people have the live feeds and can see and hear everything says and does

      • I’ve been saying this all along. He’s one scary cop-manipulative, sneaky, dishonest. Hope his C.O. watches this show and takes it all in. Course, he probably has them all fooled too.

      • He technically could have, but he threw an HOH earlier this season to Frankie so he could see his Grandfather’s pics. You are correct however, but he is most likely coasting through this competition

    • Derrick’s game is so predictable in a large part due to the other HG’s game being so lackluster. Why should he change up the game when nobody has really changed theirs? I can’t hate on Derrick for that, I’m mostly disappointed with how bad others game has been.

  5. I so agree with you wiggy and you too Richie. I have been ready for Frankie to be voted out for several weeks. I can’t believe the guys haven’t taken the opportunities to get him out when they had the chance. Nichole almost succeeded and it came back to bite her in the butt. Actually, I think she has been the only one to try to make big moves. The guys are too chicken and listen way too much to Derrick. I guess they can’t think for themselves!! When they watch the show back, the guys are going to be shocked to see who was lying and who was actually telling the truth (like Nichole). They will also see what they look like with no back-bone! Frankie is totally paranoid and somehow manages to manipulate himself into staying, Caleb is a floater with no backbone and a lot of talk. He does what Derrick tells him to do (but thinks it’s his idea). Christine and Victoria are totally floaters and Cody, well he just about as much a floater as the rest of them. The only ones actually playing the game are Nichole and Derrick!!! Frankie or Christine need to go in the first eviction, then other one at the next eviction. After that, Caleb then Victoria. Then let it be Nichole, Cody and Derrick at the finish. I think they are scared of a little girl. She deserves to be at the end, she’s played a great game!! Sorry for the rant, but this season is ridiculous!!

    • Frankie is handling Caleb’s puppet strings. Last night he was a man and said it wouldn’t be right to put her up for 2nd week of have not. Frankie was vile about her feeling bad about it.

    • I think all of you are a bunch of “fag haters”. All you hear is Frankie this and Frankie that. Why don’t all of you stop the hate bashing and discrimination. Get over yourselves!

      • Don’t talk about things you don’t know about. Nobody cares that Frankie is gay it it is his attitude like I said to you before

      • I am a f a g therefore just like the African-American I can use that word ! You can’t buy bye

      • Get over yourself I would call out anybody bashing on him because he is gay and I have. Nobody cares about him being gay except a small minority if people and they need to get over it. I am tired of people like you and Frankie who if they get called out for their actions they automatically assume people are doing it because they are gay quit making excuses nobody deserves special treatment when they act they way Frankie has. Try watching the feeds and see the vile things he has done and said. Also in case you didn’t notice I didn’t use the word I used the asteroid because I disagree with it period wether it used by a gay or straight person if it is being used in a negative way which I wasn’t I was pointing out that it sounded like you were being the negative one

      • You’re an idiot. I love gay people. I don’t love fake celebrities who ride their sister’s coattails to get on TV, and then use it to win a game show against regular Joes.

      • Nick have you ever heard anyone on here ever mention the F word when Frankie gets mentioned? I don’t get this dude, where’s he even coming from?

      • I’ve haven’t seen the “f’ word anywhere on here, but the “c” word has been referenced many times, because FRANKIE used that vile word to describe Nicole. AidenLiemThornton..whoever he is, does need to do his BB homework!

      • Exactly same here thanks for that I appreciate you commenting on this, I just don’t get that guy and where he comes off.

      • Dude first off it’s an open forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion, Second no one has used the term “fag” or “fag haters” in this forum until you came so I don’t know what your agenda is but no one is hate bashing Frankie because of his sexuality or how he chooses to live his life. Hate is a strong word so I’d rather use “Dislike” Frankie’s behavior and his actions that he manifests. Most of the people here either have live feeds or read updates or actually read the articles on this site to know that Frankie is by far no upstanding individual in the house but rather his attitude in the house which he portrays himself as has gained him this much “Dislike” among the people who come on this site to discuss his behavior. If you have relevant information that tells us otherwise then by all means share but if your here just cause your ranting and you have no basis for your argument then maybe you should do your own research about Frankie on your own before you call everyone here an offensive term that we don’t even use on this site. You sound like a person who just signed up on Disqus, chose a name quick to sound distinguished (What you want to name your whole ancestry and forget to add “Esq” or something??) come here and try and rile up people on this site? To be honest though I actually feel bad for you that you don’t have all the information and like I said you should go and do research before you label anyone anything, then come back with a sound argument explaining why you think Frankie’s bashing doesn’t warrant his own faults in his own behavior and treatment towards others.

      • Correction hothead people have been hating on him because of his sexuality especially you “breeders ” so who now are you gonna hate on ? He was evicted

      • I don’t like Frankie because he has brown eyes, not because he’s gay. I also dislike Victoria.

      • You’re an idiot. People dislike Frankie because he is intolerable, and treats other HG’s like dirt unless they serve a purpose to him. Recently, he encouraged the other HG’s to treat Nicole like the help until she leaves, and yesterday said “I don’t care if America hates me. I’m rich.” Does that sound like a nice person to you? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        I know it’s a game, but his cruelty goes above and beyond the game of Big Brother. His true colors are that of a mean, selfish, two-faced, entitled person, and THAT’S why viewers can’t stand him. His sexuality has nothing to do with it, but he does not get a “pass” because he is gay.

      • Has nothing to do with discrimination; people just hate his ugly ass. He makes you sick to watch and listen to him. All you have to do is watch the show and you will understand. He thinks it is the Frankie Show, he is so jealous of his sister he will do anything to get attention and America IS NOT INTERESTED! Boo

      • Obviously America was interested in him , since everyone good or bad was talking about him. And I didn’t hear any boos on his eviction

      • You didn’t hear any boos because it was all production staff in the audience! Do you not follow this show? It was a taped show. America was talking about how disgusting he was. He thought it was the Frankie show and America hated the Frankie show. Just sayin

      • Not a “hater” and would never use the word “fag” to describe a gay man. I have a lot of gay friends, but Frankie is just flat out irritating. If he didn’t run around being so phoney, or handing all over and cuddling the straight guys, I probably wouldn’t have a problem with him. He should have more respect for them and not impose himself on them that way. It’s possible that it makes the other guys a little uncomfortable, but they’re not going to say anything, because they don’t want to make waves and make themselves a target. I’m just saying, respect is a two way thing. And using his sister’s fame was seriously distasteful. Had he not pulled out that card, he would have gone home for sure that week. Instead, he used her fame to further himself because he knew everyone would be so in to his sister and their relationship, they’d forget all about his being a deceptive lier!! And he’s really good at it! So, I am not a hater, just don’t care for Frankie. And if it’s any concellation, I don’t care much for Caleb either. He and Frankie are both way to into themselves for my taste!!

      • You sound a little jealous . I guess you want gays in their place as in hanging with the girls . Not all gay men want to hang with breeders (male or female ). Frankie is simply playing big brother . As a viewer you should know this , but I’m betting if the gay in the house had of been ..let’s say Amber and she was hanging all over the female HG’s you and all the other “gay haters ” would not have a problem and this is where the double standard plays. It’s ok to be gay but only if your a dike . I’m gay and I can tell you I’d use any method available to stay in the house. And like Franke, I’d have to win as many comps as possible to stay .
        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Not jealous at all. And as for gays in their place, I don’t care if it’s men or women, no one should ever impose themselves on anyone, especially when in a situation like these guys are in. It’s difficult trying to play the game and tell someone not to hang all over you without it sounding like you have a problem with that person. Playing the game is one thing, but going to the point of ridiculous is a totally other matter entirely. As I said earlier, I have quite a few friends that are gay, both men and women, and none of them at like Frankie is acting. And as for your dike comment, I really don’t get why a woman wants to be a man, or a man wants to me a woman. Just saying…. I’m definitely not a “hater,” and I am certainly entitled to my view point. It was funny and cute at first, but now he’s taken it too far. I am absolutely repulsed with I hear things in the news about a gay person being attacked and/or bullied because of his/her sexual preference. That’s a horrible thing for anyone to have to endure, but Frankie is not helping the perception of many people about the gay community. I’m just saying, I really don’t enjoy seeing a man hanging all over, or trying to “cuddle” with another man. You don’t mind, because you can relate, but many of us can’t. Where’s the middle ground? Anyway, I have no ill feelings toward him as a person, I just wish I didn’t have to be imposed upon to have to watch him, just to be able to watch BB.

      • Sent from AOL Mobile Mail
        First of all I’m getting sick and tired of people like you ! Do you honestly think that we the gay community wanna see all you breeders all over yourselves. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and if Frankie was really sexually harrassing any of these guys then production would step in immediately! I as a gay viewer am really pissed at people like you and Matt, your the phonies and fakes of the world. I’m really at the point where I’m gonna really go off on the next people with these name calling at Frankie . The “she”, “sissy”, “tinkerbell ” and even in your msg “her” needs to STOP NOW !Frankie is a man and needs to be addressed as one that is common courtesy and respectful yes he’s a gay man but because he doesn’t act like the gays of BB past like hanging with the girls instead of the guys doesn’t make him a,sexual predator. In real life most gay men don’t hang with the girls. I for one don’t and I have equal straight and gay male friends .

      • Then that’s where they as men should have stepped up ! If it was that bad BB would have stepped in and removed him . They have removed people before .

  6. Not much of a surprise there. Every week we say maybe something will happen and every week it does not. Surely these guys know that not all of them will make finale. So who will make a move first?

  7. I*’m scanning the BB house for signs of intelligent life and a pair of balls,but there is no intelligence and Nobody has any BALLS to make any BIG moves…

    • the only one that will eventually and unfortunately have the balls to make a big move will be Frankie, once is only the guys left.

      • You need to stop your discrimination . Don’t hate him cause he probably can take better care of a man than you ever could !

      • It’s not discrimination it is well earned by Frankie by the way he acts like a girl. It has nothing to do with his orientation. At least that is how I read it.

      • I guess you think all gay guys act like girls …lmfao idiot he’s just feminine not a girl

      • Now who’s the idiot like I said it has nothing to do with him being gay I said he acts like a girl. In other wards feminine as you put it. Him being gay is irrelevant it was simply a comment about him acting that way if he was straight the comment would stand. And no I don’t think all gay guys act in any particular way other than like the person they are whatever that might be or whatever form it might take.

      • You are an idiot ! Your a homophobe and too stupid to realize it …get over your dumb self

      • Listen you fruit loop dingus . At least I show my picture I don’t hide behind a computer . The reason you hide is obvious…your just an old ugly fat slob who can’t get a woman and is paranoid that gays want you. Which let me ease you on that …none would ever want you ! Fat asz

      • Delusional buddy I could care less about gay people get a life and quit projecting your issues on other people. You are switch the being afraid gay people want you to being afraid women want you. FYI I have a woman your the lonely one

      • He is only one of the girls when he is not scared that he will get put up on the block. He was more manly than Zack.

    • I keep waiting and waiting for someone to make a big move. That’s how you win the game. This year it’s all about voting as a house and not wanting to get blood on their hands. One the questions that is asked every year by the jury is What was the biggest move you made in the house. How is anyone going to answer that? The only moves they make is when they move from the outside couch to the inside couch. I think they have all forgotten that this a game and there is 500k on the line.

  8. I read a tweet a little while ago…Frankie was asking Derrick if Nicole was upset about being a HN again..Derrick told him yes..Frankie’s response was..”well she better not come crying to me b/c I will punch her in the face.” This narcissitic a-hole has already called Nicole a “bitch,” “c***,” and now he is threatening to punch her in the face..I love this game, I have watched for 16 seasons..I honestly can sit here and say that I have never had a reaction towards a player as I have Frankie Grande. He is vile, he is rude, he is nasty, he is demeaning to women. He is a horrible person in this game. Production needs to call him into the DR, tell him to stop talking about her like he has been..there is no need for that kind of behavior in this game, it is not necessary, plenty of people have played and won this game without having to resort to this kind of horrible behavior. I can’t stand him. Nicole was a HN last night, she had one hour to go until she could eat. what does Frankie do? He fixes a big meal for everyone before her hour was up, That was cold and calculated behavior. So mean. Why? In past seasons, I would get on my feeds, excited to see what was going on in the BB house. I would sit for hours at times and watch. This year, not so much. It doesn’t bother me if I can’t get on and watch..and the main reason I don’t care to watch is because I can’t stomach Frankie Grande any longer. Sorry for the long post, but, as a fan of this show, I am so disheartened by this season and some of the people that were put in this house. We need an all-star season soon, WITHOUT FRANKIE GRANDE!

    • I totally agree with you! Grande thinks he’s God’s gift to everybody including himself! I can’t wait until he sits next to Julie and he gets booed!!!!

      • I agree but you know what Frankie will say don’t you. America wasn’t ready for a gay man to be a superstar like I am in my own head

      • I think the real wake up call for Fakie will be when he gets out and his sister’s people won’t let his name be associated with her in any way. She was all over tv after the VMAs and she didn’t mention his name once. So combine that with what he’ll see on the web and he may just crawl back under the rock he came from.

      • I hope he goes. And I hope they boo but I don’t think they’re allowed to. Matt got to sit in the audience hey Matt if you’re reading this don’t they go over things with the audience before the show starts? They could just stay silent. No applause.

      • I went to Lopez Tonight while it was still on the air. Granted not the same show, but I would imagine things would be done the same way (and also done in Burbank, CA lol) as it’s a live audience at the time although (most likely) a taping of the show when you actually see it at 9 pm Thursday nights. They do indeed go over things at the beginning the show, and in general they encourage enthusiastic clapping, smiling, and even standing + clapping where appropriate. I would easily bet they’re going to ask the audience to do the same here, and regardless of who’s evicted and walking through that door. I know you were probably being sarcastic, and I don’t mean to burst any bubbles because I agree it’d be nice if Frankie was booed or given the silent treatment.

      • He won’t get the roar of applause like Donny did, which BTW, drove him crazy! He will probably get the “oh, I guess we will clap because we have to” applause, with hopefully a few boos too!!

      • Hey Cheryl here. Do you guys remember Aaryn and Amanda barley got applause last season when they were evicted from the house. And if you also recall Amanda making a comment towards the audience when she heard the dislike towards her. I think she said something like thanks a lot or something like that. Julie Chen and production knows how BB fans feel about certain houseguest every season, including the fans in the audience. So sure they can tell them what and what not to do before the show starts, but once it’s live there’s not too much they can say when the audience expresses their true feelings towards certain houseguest when they come through that door. And most times ‘those’ certain houseguest coming out of the house get just what they deserve, and Julie and company already knows that.

      • Although they are warned not to boo, there’s always some booing. It happens all the time…there’s no guaranty about audience behavior.

    • totally agree the season Rachel won you came to this site and there was over 1,200 posts last year there was about 200 to 300 because the HG were vile and this year its gone down more so I think it would be the same with ratings and Frankie neede to go long time agoWhat happened to Caleb he refused to play veto with him and now he kisses his ass

    • u must have missed last season when Elissa and Candice were being treated like dirt….that was bad…and production never stepped in even when the racist comments kept coming..

      • I said I have watched every season, so I watched last season. Aaryn, Spencer, GM, Jeremy and Kaitlin..I didn’t like them either because of their behavior, Frankie is just a little more repulsive than they were, IMO. Any man who calls a young lady the “c” word is vile and disgusting..I believe Spencer belongs in that category also.

      • I Totally agree, his behavior sickens me to the point I wonder what it will take for him to get a reality check when in his head he’s trying to cash a reality cheque. To be honest if Aaryn got booed and chewed up by the audience when she got evicted, there is no way CBS will try and silence the audience if people understand in no way is it appropriate to threaten a girl or call her a “C**T” by any means, especially a sweet girl like Nicole who actually cares for people and doesn’t fake it for TV like he does.

    • Totally agree!! I haven’t watched the feeds in days and If Frankie is not gone in the next week, I’m done with BBUSA forever. These past 2 years have been bad. I can’t stand watching Frankie. Others things to do and stations to watch. I’m really starting to hate CBS

    • We always agree. I came here to rant but you said everything I would of said. I felt so bad when Caleb made Nicole a have not because Skankie told him to. Give me a break. Even Nicole said that wasn’t strategic that was just being mean. And wow Frankie sure knows how to stroke Caleb’s ……Ego. My only hope is Pandora’s Box if Nicole doesn’t win Veto. How I’d love to see the look on Skankies face if she wins veto and is safe. Then win HOH for DE. He’d be shaking.

      • We can only hope Nicole is able to win POV then, the next HOH. Then, finally, the Detonators can be broken up!

      • Sorry I was about to post something but then realized how dumb it sounded but I hit the post button by mistake. If Frankie does try to punch Nicole in the face I hope one of the guys punches him in the face. I also hope he fails at trying to hurt Nicole

      • I hope he punches her and then she knees him in the groin and they both get expelled and then the game is too ahead of itself and instead of trying to slow down the game they have another juror battle and Zach returns.

        Alright no I don’t mean that, I don’t hope for anyone to get hurt lol.

      • If he does try to punch, it’s automatic eviction. Remember Russel Hantz’s brother? So, I’m hoping he tries and misses. ;)

      • Oh he’d piss in his pants and run to the bathroom and hide, I totally see that happening and I have this gut feeling that Nicole will pull it off and win the Veto and get her wish to shake the house.

      • I don’t know…Nicole is so mentally weak right now…this house is beating her down. She is totally alone..she knows it..I hope you are right…I want her to find some fight and win the veto today..I am just afraid the renom will be Victoria..she is the only one who is truly being nice to Nicole right now.

    • 100% agree. We need someone like Rachel next time. She was volatile and kept things stirred up. Made watching BBAD worthwhile.

    • I agree 100%. They should have someone like Rachel Reilly from BB12. She was either bitchy and argumentative or crying pathetically, but she was rarely dull. This bunch of guys are too close in age and outlook, that’s why they’ve bonded with this gung-ho “one for all and all for one” mentality. That’s also why Derrick, being a little older and being trained in interrogation and interview techniques, can manipulate them like the little puppets they are.

  9. everyone always gets on derrick for being the puppetmaster but isn’t that part of playing to win do anything you can? go derrick:)

    • Your right bro it is part of the game and I actually support you on that cause I’m actually rooting for Derrick been since the beginning. I just agree with most of the people here that the game this season has been his alone to maneuver and actually his to lose but that it’s been too predictable and HG’s easily manipulated to do his every bidding he brings down though personally I’d like to see some sort of shake up just to keep things interesting since I been following BB since season 2 and agree with a lot of people on this site that it has been a boring season.

  10. I was hopping Donny would have stayed. Everyone listens to Derick. I hope Nicole wins the POV and Frankie gets evicted,

  11. Instead of getting frustrated, I am just going to sit and finish watching this game. I know that Caleb is too stupid to figure out he is not in the alliance, but he will once he get voted off. He of course will not vote for any of them at the finale if he has a brain no matter how small it is.

    • He is in the alliance… The name doesn’t matter. If you’ve been watching the live feeds… or even just the show for that matter, you’d know he’s very much in the alliance.

      • Actually, Frankie is at the bottom of the original all-guy’s alliance. Cody and Derrick just act like Frankie is the leader, and Frankie thinks he’s better than everybody.

      • He has no contingency plan. He’s doing other people’s work. He should start looking after himself.

  12. Nicole is on the block?!!..I didn’t see that coming. Every week it’s so unpredictable.!…can’t wait for next week’s shocker.

  13. Why Nicole again? It should have been Christine and Cody ~ While sitting in the 2 chairs in the living room, they could have held hands, and ran their fingers up and down each other’s arms. What a missed opportunity!

  14. Very boring. Nothing changes. Same old boring stuff. Derrick need to go. He tells everyone what to do but doesn’t win much himself. He’s useless Taking yhe money in HOH comp. what a jerk!!!!!

  15. If Nicole go, I don’t care who wins… Maybe Frankie, only because he’s open about donating some to charity. Rather or not he’ll do it, I don’t know, but he’s the only one who mentions it.

  16. Its scary to think that at some point in time Caleb was walking around with guns/ knives/ and grenades and that he was working to keep America safe. His IQ has to be low and his sense of reasoning and ability to misread people and situations is pathetic. Makes u wonder how he got accepted into the military.

    • You don’t have to be smart to be in the military, just good at following directions.
      I am in no way saying that everyone in the military is unintelligent. I know from experience, you take a test before you enlist and that determines what area they train you for.

      • OK I undertand… Calebs intelligence test suggested he would be good at being “a ninja”???

      • LOL
        Caleb mentioned he was front-line infantry. So based on his test they decided he would be good at being shot at.
        Imagine if he made it to final 2 with Derrick and then found out he was a cop!

    • Cheap shot. Thank him for his services.

      Caleb has really only been girl crazy. He was a mess with Amber and lost all perspective. Once she left, he’s actually shown to be pretty normal. He’s grown on me. Is he way too into himself? Sure, but he’s really not that bad.

      • nooo was not a cheap shot It was in no way demeaning all soldiers. It was a statement about Caleb and Caleb only . And just so u know a lot of viewers don’t consider Caleb “normal”.

  17. Well, with Donny gone and Nicole now on the block, the ENTIRE integrity of this season rides on the Power of Veto. With that being said, I HATE EVERY PERSON INSIDE THAT HOUSE (minus Derrick and Nicole)

  18. I was gonna ask where are the week 10 Friday daytime highlights then I realized now that Donny is gone everybody sleeps all day. So there aren’t any Daytime highlights at least none that are worth mentioning

      • Sometimes yes but what I meant was at least when Donny was up it prompted the others to get up and sometimes gave some interesting conversations between him and other houseguests. Or it it would get a few HGs up and give some entertainment. Save it I know you hate Donny but I don’t and I am entitled to my opinion

      • Thanks for the assumption. I don’t hate Donny, not even close. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. I was only discussing, which is the point of these boards. I wanted Donny in the final three, so yeah, I must hate him…

      • I apologize then I must be mistaking you for someone else then as I thought I had read several posts where you were bashing him. You are right though I shouldn’t have assumed anything. I just didn’t want to listen to Donny bashing. I am sorry I mixed you up I don’t pay attention to names of people that are hating on Donny and for some reason either I misinterpreted a post of yours or I thought you wrote something you didn’t.

      • Fair enough, mistakes happen. Forgiven and forgotten. For what it’s worth, I agree with most of your posts (if it’s the same Doug, but I’m sure it is…) and you seem like a good, intelligent commenter. Cheers.

      • I now know why I mistook your posts for someone else’s I hadn’t refreshed my browser in a while and it was showing your name as someone else’s.

      • I’ve seen that happen before, and I hate when that happens. It’s annoying and confusing.

      • Doug and Code D…Thank you both for the respect you’ve shown each other. We wish this season had more of what the two of you bring to the table then the slop we’ve watched so far. Thanks

      • I personally preferred watching or listening to Donny rather than listening to the things coming out of the other players mouths

      • Doug and Code D…Thank you both for the respect you’ve shown each other. We wish this season had more of what the two of you bring to the table then the slop we’ve watched so far.

      • It’s always nice to watch when there are two sides in the house. Now it’s almost one big alliance. It may take at least another two weeks for the show to be exciting… know what I mean?

  19. In season 10, when they got down to seven houseguests, Dan as HOH backdoor’d Michelle, then his ally, Keesha won HOH for the double eviction and evicted Ollie. This was the major turning point in the game that put Dan & Memphis in front.

    So I’m hoping Caleb backdoor’s Frankie, and then the next HOH evicts Christine at the double eviction.

    Then we’ll have Derrick, Cody, Nicole, Caleb and Victoria.

    After that it will get interesting because Derrick is genuinely loved by all of them. No one will want to vote him out. I will be surprised if “the hitmen” make it to the end together. I hope it’s Derrick & Nicole in the finale. It would be cool to see Nicole make it to the end. I don’t think the jury would vote for her to win though, because she got evicted just like the rest of them.

    • I’d also like it if that happened, Caleb ousts Frankie, next HoH evicts Christine at double eviction. I would like Derrick and Cody in the final two but I agree it’ll be a little surprising if that actually pans out for them. If Nicole is up against Derrick, I can’t call it anything but a bad decision if Nicole gets 5 juror votes and wins, but who knows what’ll happen. She can claim she did well in competitions, even though Derrick didn’t do a lot worse than her and also ran the house internally. If Derrick is the final HoH though, I don’t see him choosing Nicole to sit with, not unless the other option is considerably ‘worse’ for his chances of winning.

      • I can see Hayden, Donnie, and Christine voting for Nicole.
        Frankie, Caleb, and Jocasta would vote Derrick.

        Cody would depend on how he was evicted, and if he holds a grudge – but he doesn’t seem like the type, so I see him voting for Derrick. Cody is the only one that knows that every single eviction went the way Derrick wanted (so far).

        Victoria is hard to predict because she really trusts Derrick, but has become close with Nicole lately. If she feels betrayed by Derrick from her eviction then she’ll vote Nicole.

        Then there’s Zack-attack. I have no idea who he’d side with. I think he hung out with Derrick playing pool a lot. And he never spent time with Nicole in the jury house. He’s kinda a “bro’s before ho’s” fooligan.

      • I would predict Zach to vote for Derrick because he’s shown praise and respect for his gameplay at times. Cody I agree him not being angry would be key, but I do still think he’d vote for Derrick, and I would bet Derrick even directly addresses him on finale night to try to smooth it over with him. Jocasta I see voting for Nicole unfortunately. Caleb and Frankie I agree vote for Derrick. Hayden and Donny I’d say for Nicole and yeah, would probably agree, Christine also. If things went this way it’d be 5-4 and one of the closest votes in the show’s history. If Christine and Jocasta vote what I feel is “the right way” (for the best player, all things personal cast aside) then Derrick has an easier finish, 7-2.

      • I totally forgot Victoria. Kind of funny/ironic since I think she’s been such a non-factor. That actually is a tough call though, I can see her being more personal about it, and I can see her getting head-shake reactions from her vote as a “throw away”. She could be the reason Nicole wins 5-4 instead of loses 5-4. I hope she uses her head but I fear that’s asking too much.

      • I think keeping Victoria as the final two is a smarter move for any of the house guests. Victoria will never win it.

      • Jocasta won’t vote for Derprick and he knows it. She now knows he was playing her when he prayed with her in the evenings. And the night before her eviction he prayed with her and told her she was safe. That’s not something she’s going to forget.

    • If Nicole somehow survives and makes it to Final 2, I would be happy with that. Outside, of Donny and Derrick, the others just floated from the very beginning till now. Atleast, Donny, Nicole and Derrick played the game.

      • Frankie didn’t float at all. He played the game just like Derrick except that Frankie is more obnoxious. If Frankie stays with Derrick at the finals, either of them two could win. I want them both gone, but everyone else is so stupid that they will probably stay to the end. Derrick may vote Frankie out first since he wants to stay with Veronica. I think Cody is a floater and he will leave soon.

      • I agree with Derrick probably booting Frankie very soon (maybe even a backdoor if Nicole wins PoV this week)… Cody is staying for a while unless Victoria or Frankie become HoH.

    • Derrick wouldn’t be loved if they knew the truth about him and how he has quietly manipulated and fooled them all.

  20. Man, this season has been a lot like watching a baseball game that you already know the final score to..

  21. More lackluster nominations. This season is so freaking boring. Someone grow a pair and make a big move already. Big Brother Canada 2 was may more exciting then this season of suck.

  22. Ive come to expect NOTHING exciting from the cast this season. No one is ballsy enough to play the game without Derricks consent. Its getting ridiculously boring, last week Cody had the chance to make a big move and he just let it go. Unfortunately the only person who seems to have wanted to PLAY the game and make BIG MOVES is Nicole… and shes got very little chance at staying in the house. This sucks.

  23. really people…..Derrick the puppet master??….got rid of Donny??….go ahead and believe what CBS wants you to believe….P.S…did you know that Cody is actually playing this game and, is the headliner of the livefeeds??

    • Glad to see someone finally say this, ie the truth, about Cody. He’s absolutely playing, and he’s far from stupid.

      • Hey I’ve been arguing that all along. Now do I think he’s playing better than Derrick? No. He’s using the same strategy in fact (trying to bring Christine to the final 4 so that he can use her to get past Derrick, same as Derrick is doing with Victoria).

      • I think the difference in the way they are bringing them along is the issue. It’s the groping, pawing and constant touching with a married woman that gets the attention not game play.

      • But don’t you find it funny that we as fans get upset by this flirtatious behaviour, but we’re fine with Dan Ghesling swearing an oath on his wedding ring, his bible, and his dead grandfather’s grave (then of course breaking those oaths)? I find it odd that we’re outraged with the possibility of adultery but we’re ok with extreme dishonesty, blasphemy, and disloyalty… Both men are using their ”strengths” to get them to the end.

  24. Check out this script, tell me what you guys think, dedicated to Donny don’t have a name for it yet but so far I came up with “Man Looks into a Bar” maybe you guys can come up with a better name for it who knows.

    Derrick goes undercover as a bartender at ….”The Blue Oyster Bar”, to catch the owner (Frankie The Mogul) in a sexual harassment sting operation. As Caleb and Cody are leaving the bar Derrick sighs, relieved that his former Big Brother 16 housemates didn’t recognize him.

    Derrick (Undercover as a Bartender): And guys, next time don’t bring that thing back with you! (Christine)

    Cody: Ok bro!

    Caleb: Beast Mode Cowboy out!

    Cody: Dude, I totally SMASHED those Shirley Temples! I’m literally smashed!

    Derrick: Idiots!

    Frankie comes back behind the bar with Derrick.

    Frankie: Hey, those guys looked familiar…

    Derrick: They said they were on some kinda game show.

    Frankie: I was the star of a Reality show a while back, everyone loved me! My sister is famous too. I have millions of fans and followers!

    Derrick: Really. I didn’t know that….Hey, stop humping my leg!

    Frankie: I’m a media Mogul, my hair is pink, and I wear makeup!

    Derrick (looking into the hidden camera): You know what you’re doing is illegal, you can be arrested for sexual harassment?

    Frankie: Nobody is going to believe you, my sister is famous and everyone loves me! And…what are you looking at?

    Derrick (still looking into the hidden camera): That’s where you’re wrong, because I got you on camera.

    Victoria comes in the bar.

    Victoria: Derrick, is that you? I’ve been looking all over for you. How do my legs look? How does my hair look?

    Frankie: Derrick! That IS you (still humping Derrick’s leg)! What the hell?

    Derrick (looking at another hidden camera): Well, I guess I’ve been busted, busting Frankie.

    Voice comes in Derricks ear piece…. You are not allowed to talk about Production.

    Victoria… Distracted by the mirror behind the bar, forgets about everybody else, and stares at herself.

    Frankie….still humping Derrick’s leg.

    Derrick….still looking into the camera, Man I wish just signed up for Survivor, that Tony and he’s from Jersey Blue Blood baby!

    Frankie…. Your a Cop?

    Derrick…. Yea and your under arrest!

    Frankie…. I want my lawyer!!! Get me my sister she’ll save me, Production where are you?

    Victoria…..sill looking at herself in the mirror

    Donny passes by outside and looks in the window.

    Donny: Looks like the BB16 House in there!

    Man I miss Donny, his wit and intelligence on these HG’s no wonder they were afraid of him .

  25. Weak noms from Caleb! He could have done soo much more with his reign as HOH! Is anyone surprised? Not this girl!

  26. It would be more beneficial for cody and derrick’s game to knock off christine at this point.

    • Not sure if you’ve been following, but Cody needs Christine to balance his power against Derrick right (Derrick has Victoria as his follower). Each is trying to get their follower to the end…

      • My bad, I meant it was better for Derrick’s games, I guess I threw cody in there because I think he’s playing derrick’s game aswell.


  28. So this is the most twisted summer right? (although I feel the coup d’état was the best twist yet) So I think after this double eviction, have the next HOH comp, then have them make their nominations, (and this is a fantasy of mine) and have the jury members (or a select few that are voted by America) ring the doorbell and return to the game for a week to compete for veto. Then on eviction they all go back to the jury house. Wouldn’t that be nuts? I wonder what would happen. I honestly doubt that’ll happen but I think that would make this summer really twisted.

  29. Cabel really shocked us with those noms. It’s so funny to see a bunch of little pansy boys be afraid of 1 woman (Nicole). None of these wussy guys deserve the money. Instead of being a behind the scenes man, Derrick, why don’t you stop throwing comps, with your fake falls, man up and make a big move, at least so you can say so at the end. What merit do these boys have to stand on at the end? Frankie will say, “I took out Amber.” Lmao

  30. Did anybody else know that Frankie’s sister was an actress who starred in a kids show called victorious. I didn’t I asked my friends daughter about Ariana grande the singer and she told me she did tv as well. No wonder Frankie has delusions of being famous he can’t stand that his little sister surpassed him by miles at age 17 maybe 16 I figured that out by searching the show and found out it started in 2010 and knowing she is now 21 by the cast page.

  31. I tell you that Victoria will end up winning BB16 and if she does she won’t even know it because she is so dumb. I can hear her now once she figures out she is the winner. “People say I do not deserve to win. But I am still here in the BB house so I must be doing something right.” By the way Victoria in case you might ever read this your not beautiful or even pretty your nose is so big it looks like a elephants trunk.

  32. Yet another BBN comment section where 90% of comments are about frankie hate…

    What’s new guys?

  33. Out of all the girl’s left in the house, am I crazy to think Victoria has the best shot to win/outlast the 3 remaining? Her coming in 2nd is looking more probable every passing day, which is a tell-all for this season.

    Imagine Zach’s face if he has to vote between Victoria and (?) in the F2… What could Victoria possibly say when a juror asks her why she deserves the 500k?

  34. I hope that being on the soaps is only the start of something great for Donny. Please let us view face shots of the clan when they find out. Oh what a sweet revenge!!!! Big brother, I have to say this was the most disappointing season ever. Hope next year is better!

    • I hope Julie says something to everyone that Donny is going to be on the soap opera at finale!!! I want to see Frankie’s face!!

  35. The Bold and the Beautiful is trying to get Donny fans or? I don’t think a lot of Bold fans watch Duck Dynasty. I don’t know if that will effect the house guests very much. People get more viewers on You Tube.

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