Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 9 Eviction & HoH Live Recap

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the spoiler results for this week’s eviction and Head of Household competition will be revealed as one HG will be sent home and another will take the top power.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

It’s been a hectic week with plotting and scheming inside the house. While some fans may feel the season is boring, the HGs have actually been up to a lot, it just hasn’t been all fireworks.

What looked like a set eviction started to shift last night before getting shut down. Then things came alive this afternoon at a time when we rarely see game talk action. The house was shifting and deals were made, but will it be enough to save Donny?

Along with the eviction and HoH comp we’ll get to see a first for the season when Julie Chen reveals the results of this week’s mission directly to Team America. While all other missions’ outcomes have remained a secret for TA, this one will not.

Watch for Julie to ask a Team America member for what sort of food they’d like to receive. When he says “apple pie” Julie was tell him “denied” if the mission failed, as I expect it did.

Join us tonight here for a live recap and discussion of the latest Big Brother show plus you can find us on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates as the game plays out in real-time on the Feeds.

Endurance competition tonight! Julie just confirmed and that means the only way to watch is on the Live Feeds. Get your Free Trial NOW and be ready!

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Julie asks Frankie what Have-Not food he’d want next week. He says apple pie. Julie responds with “overwhelming NO.” Frankie says “oh well.” Their Team America mission failed this week.

Big Brother 16 Week 9 Votes:

  • Christine votes to evict: Donny
  • Victoria votes to evict: Donny
  • Frankie votes to evict: Donny
  • That’s it. Donny has been evicted.
  • Caleb votes to evict: Donny
  • Derrick votes to evict: Donny

By a vote of 5-0, Donny Thompson has been evicted from Big Brother 16.

Now we get to prepare for the first real endurance competition of the season

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Head of Household Comp – “Sloppy the Snowman”:

Endurance competition time! We’re living blogging the competition as it plays out on the Feeds here on this separate post.

HGs must fill a bowl with liquid to get their piece of “coal” to be the next HoH. There is a smaller bowl with a $5K “temptation” prize as well.

Jump on your Live Feeds NOW or get the Free Trial & watch to find out what happens next!

Big Brother Live Feeds free trial

Julie tells us it’s another Double Eviction show coming up next Thursday. Woohoo!

Don’t stray too far because we’ll have a LOT more Big Brother updates very soon. Friday morning I’ll have an interview with tonight’s evicted HG. Then later on Friday we’ll get the nomination results so watch for those spoilers. This is the game that never rests and neither does our coverage!



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  1. I left this in the wrong place earlier!

    To those of you that come here to chat during tonight’s show:

    I’ve seen you all pass the vomit bucket. Tonight I leave you a giant box of tissues to pass around for the eviction segment.

  2. Ac-cent-uate the positive … e-lim-in-ate the negative ~ (anyone remember that catchy song?) I’m staying positive until the very last second!

  3. I hope Donny stays but something tells it ain’t going to happen. Damn that article about a last minute house flip it has me flip flopping on what I think is going to happen. Something tells me though that Derrick isn’t going to keep Donny

      • But, don’t you think Derrick was awfully quiet on this one? He didn’t get into any of the conversations today. Something smells fishy!!

      • I know, I was going to say “something smells fishy, and it ain’t Frankie’s cooking!”

      • Yes he did. He let them run around for over an hour and make a handshake deal with Donny before he had enough. He then gathered them all including Vic and told them they were all voting Donny out.

      • I know he got into it at the very end in the BH room I thought he stayed pretty much out of it until then.

      • Yep he did till he had enough of their talk going on “without him”. He mentioned that several times that he wasn’t included.

      • He knew where they were, he could have stepped in at anytime. He let it get to the point where they shook hands with Donny, leading him to think he had a real good chance of staying, Usually Derrick is in every conversation that goes on.

      • he’s thinking bout the end and the jury….
        that’s what he said, anyway. he’s trying to win

      • Yeah but if Frankie and Caleb want nicole out Cody might be able to get Christine to change her vote and keep Donny. Ok I know not very likely about a 1% chance Donny stays but I can hope and dream until Julie tells Donny he is evicted can’t I.

      • Sometimes dream come true. In this season of BB maybe not but sometimes they do. I’m in denial if you didn’t notice

  4. I hope Donny makes a comment on his way out that the house guest all hear such as, too bad we didn’t go with my idea on the mission and the houseguest over hear him…they will know something is up but Donny shouldn’t be punished just making a personal comment to one of his TA Team members and it just so happens that he is “over heard”….

  5. CBS is talking to Christine’s husband tonight. Can see why she’s all over Cody. Whoops that wasn’t nice. Don’t give me a hard time I take it back.

  6. I have tissues in hand, planning Donny’s Funeral and the eulogy for him passing on to jury. I know, ( I am having the sniffles, full of sadness) Donny will be going to a better place, He will be loved and welcomed. I have great respect for a BB player such as he. All alone in a house of predator wolves, and zombies, he played his heart out, with dignity and grace. He will be rewarded be America’s favorite player.

  7. This game is not good for my mental health. I have been sad all day. :( sniff, sniff. Oh well, time to break out the Pappy Van Winkle.

  8. OF COURSE it’s an endurance competition. Probably the wall so a tiny one like Nicole will have a great shot of winning. So predictable. And if production knew Donny was staying, it would’ve been a mental comp. Funny.

  9. Oh my….Christine’s husband is a perfect match for Frankie…now I understand why she is cuddling with Cody….I almost feel sorry for her….almost, but not quite…..

  10. Ya’ll suck! Donny you ROCK! Y’all made Donny cry, I am so sad. That’s because they are stoopid, have no reason to dislike him. How is he dangerous.

  11. Stfu Christine. Oh. No. Derrick. Didn’t! Sucka! That’s why Donny is about to be a star-a. Take that!

  12. Donny is already getting work before he leaves the stage a guest star role. I wonder where else Donny might turn up with guest star roles. Wait till Frankie finds out about that one

  13. When Julie said let’s hear what your HGs say about you, Donny said, “I hope they’re not mean.” So sad.

    • Did you see how Christine changed her DR message for Donny cause if you listen to her on the live feeds she was bragging how she was gonna leave a nasty message for Donny unless Production told her to tone it down or else and then she got scared? I don’t get that at all.

  14. Donny already won! In more ways than one and more than winning the game. Caleb and the media mogul are going to be so jealous. Tee hee.

  15. Christine is ugly on the inside and dog ugly on the outside. She is so full of herself, since Cody.

      • Hard to say, but everybody on twitter seems to think Caleb is way ahead. He seems to have a pretty good grasp of how to do this.

      • He’s army trained. He knows how to ignore the pain and the fatigue. That give him an advantage near the end.

      • Gee, how’d I miss your above post until now? I get such a kick out of his antics Captain. But sometimes I don’t know whether to believe some of the experiences he talks about.

    • He is. Every time Vic does one trip, Caleb has the time to do 2. His scoop is full all the time and Nicole only get there half a scoop. It look like closest behind Caleb is Derrick.

    • Frankie and Christine are doing pretty good, they don’t look very far behind Caleb and Derrick.

    • Because those who are left in the house know that the BIG move has to come soon… Well, everyone but Victoria & Christine seem to know that. Christine is wondering about the big move she’ll put on Cody (Zzzzing!) and Victoria is wondering about the big move she’ll put on her credit card debt when she gets out of the house! ;)

  16. ya know I gotta give props to Victoria she keeps going for the HOH with her couple drops of water each time. lol

      • My Captain oh Captain. Yes on the one hand our mythical bird abductee is always entertaining… On the other hand, can we please get serious and let this poor child leave the house so the adults can play now?

      • She only understands a couple phrases when involving money: ”Mommy can you buy this for me?” and ”Charge it!” ;)

  17. Quit being a bunch of freaking crybabies! It’s a game get over Donnie leaving we knew it was going to happen and if you were in the house you would have sent him home too! Derek deserves to win they are All playing his game except for Nicole! His video from home is the only one that made me cry!

  18. Derrick is no fool … we all know that. He knows he can’t win HOH, so why not go for the 5k?

  19. I was surprised Derrick was even trying for HOH. His role is the puppet master. I sure hope he doesn’t get that 5k.

  20. Oh dam Caleb wins and its another week of watching Frankie bath naked…ho hum hum hum same old same old boring!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Well, sadly, with Donny gone, this is now who I’m rooting for (in order) to win the game:

    1. Frankie
    2. Nicole
    3. Christine
    4. Victoria
    5. Caleb
    6. Derrick
    7. Cody

    • Frankie? Seriously? I doubt all of his winnings will go to charity. Can’t wait until he finds out how popular Donny is! He said Donny was delusional if he thinks he has fans! Can’t stand when Frankie talks to Julie – like the world is in love with him-NOT!!

    • You should read the blogs online and you would realize how terrible Frankie and Christine are. CBS paints them all as they want them to be seen. Frankie and Christine are malicious for no reason at all. Derrick is probably playing the best game but Nicole isn’t definitely the best person left in the house.
      Go read this and you will see how cruel and undeserving Frankie and Christine both are.

    • How can you possibly cheer for Victoria to win the game over anybody? Likeability can’t be such a factor when you talk about someone who’s done so little. Your “bottom three” are all decisively more deserving. Your bottom three are my top three, but that’s not even the point here, because that’s just my opinion vs. yours, but what I actually can’t understand is bringing yourself to cheer for Victoria to win the game, and win $500,000, for doing so little.

  22. It would really be nice of Cody to give Nicole a few more words of encouragement like he is everyone else..what a jerk! Just about everytime she comes to get more water..he looks away.

  23. Christine is slightly ahead of Frankie. They are not showing Caleb but from the talk he seems to be ahead.

  24. Last week the person who returned should have automatically been the HOH. It would have helped to break up this gang of spineless buffoons.

  25. Victoria still there..Last time I saw her, she was doing Luge style, her face was on the floor.

  26. So long as Caleb doesn’t put up Frankie, as either a nomination or a re-nomination, I’m fine with this. Any of the others can go for all I care.

  27. Since America’s Favorite Vote has always been a $25,000 prize, I think after 15 years of BB it’s time to raise it to $50,000….with inflation and all……:)

  28. of all these idiots left, except for Nic, Caleb was actually not the worst one to win. Now, wouldn’t it be refreshing if he did what he wanted to do?

  29. So Caleb is already talking how he cheated. He was saying he dug down in and there was like a jello in the bottom he used to fill his head up faster. And who’s the first person in Caleb’s face, Skankie telling Caleb to make Nicole a have not. What an ass. She is not even off being a have not until midnight and he’s telling Caleb to make her one. Skankie needs to go.

  30. I can’t stand to look at Skankies face on the feeds. Nicole gets to eat in an hour and what does that pig do? Fixes food for everyone and says dinner time and everyone is eating around the table except Nicole. He couldn’t wait an hour? OMG if he doesn’t go on the DE night I’m going to need a Xanax to watch the feeds.

    • I’m not really a Nicole fan, and not a Frankie fan, so this is definitely said without bias; I definitely agree that was a dick move on his part, to not even wait an hour til Nicole is allowed to eat.

      • Yea that’s really not cool, and I’m not a fan of either player either (Nicole over Frankie though if I had to choose who I like better). Frankie doing this to her is disrespectful and unnecessary.

    • Nice people would have said lets wait an hour for Nicole. So not sure you can just blame Frankie if no one else stood up for her. But hes a jerk for doing it since I am sure he did it on purpose.

  31. You know bb’s moto is Expect the unexpected- WELL surprise surprise-America votes winner not jury members!!! Donnie wins BB!!

    • That would be great. The expect the unexpected and most twisted summer ever crap gets old. It is normally not much of a surprise. Only a tiny twist at best.

      • If I shake my head any longer I might strain my neck. That would be great? That would be a major joke. Stop with the bias. I would never say that even if Donny was my favourite. A huge part of the game is the impact you have on your fellow players, aka the jury who votes on the winner. Without that, the social aspect is dead, and that was a major driving point of the game in the first place. Come on.

  32. So hearing what Donny said about how he is not sure why he was considered such a target, I want to know too. Why did they always want him out? What did they say behind his back?

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