Big Brother 16: Double Eviction Targets For Tonight’s Live Show – Nomination & Renom Scenarios – Update

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the next Double Eviction arrives and that means two more players will be knocked out of the race in a whirlwind competition. With little time to plan during the compressed schedule of events the HGs best have their plans ready. Lucky for them, they do.

Frankie & Christine in danger tonight on Big Brother
Frankie & Christine in danger tonight on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Derrick has spent the past few days planting and tending to his eviction seeds. Now it’s nearly time to harvest his yield. But hang on, it doesn’t look like everyone was quite on board with his ideas and that could give us something to watch for. Here’s what we can expect in tonight’s Big Brother DE.

Five Houseguests will be eligible to compete in the first HoH competition of the night. Here’s a breakdown of what is most likely to happen should each of them win the power tonight.

Christine: She’s on the outs with the “boys club” and knows it. Christine had a long, tearful talk with Cody yesterday and expressed her desire to get Frankie out the door. Watch for her to target Frankie with Victoria. Goodbye, Frankie, in that situation.

Should Frankie come down I think Caleb would go up as retaliation for her nomination this week. In that case Victoria could be out the door unless we get a surprise vote flip by Cody & Derrick.

Cody: Despite Derrick’s best efforts I think Cody will stick to his desire to target Frankie for eviction with Victoria as his pawn. Cody doesn’t trust Frankie and thinks Caleb would take Frankie farther in the game than he would the other guys.

Derrick pushed for Frankie to be a renom plan for Cody instead of a primary nomination, but I’d say Christine will be his alternative instead and she’d be evicted against Victoria.

Update: Cody tells Derrick (1:43PM BBT) that he wants to put up Christine & Frankie together to make sure one doesn’t save the other with the Veto.

Derrick: Christine is his main target here as he doesn’t trust her to do what he wants. A running theme of fatal behavior in the game this season. Oppose Derrick and you’re done. She’ll go up alongside Victoria as the first set of noms and out the door with the 3-count vote.

If Christine comes down then Frankie goes on up against Victoria then out to visit with Julie.

Frankie: He had a very close brush with a Backdoor this week and has said he wants to prove his loyalty to the guys. That’d mean Christine and Victoria going up on the block.

If Christine comes down then I’d expect Cody up in her place and Victoria goes out the door.

Victoria: She wants Christine outta here and will likely put her up against Cody. Should neither win the Veto then Christine heads on off to Jury.

If either comes down then Frankie likely goes up and that’d be interesting. If it’s Christine vs Frankie then Christine goes. If it’s Cody vs Frankie then Frankie goes. Should Victoria surprise me with a Caleb renom then same eliminations for both pairings, respectively.

Frankie and Christine are the top targets for the night across the board with a slight edge against Christine’s chances for survival. I think she’s the most likely eviction in the second round tonight, but Frankie is not far behind her in those odds.

Reading through all of those potential scenarios, do you notice anyone’s name missing from the list of targets? That’s right and that’s why I’d say he’s playing the best game in the house this season. I can not think of a Houseguest who would put Derrick on the block tonight.

Of course anything could happen and that’s what makes Double Eviction episodes so exciting. It’s the one event of the season that leaves us surprised! What do you think might happen?


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  1. Unless it’s Victoria, the house will be busy buzzing this weekend as the 2nd HoH will be predictable in his/her nominees and the most important POV so far, will be played by all. And everyone will have a good idea who everyone else is playing for, what the scenarios are and scampering to persuade and make deals. Should be an interesting weekend for the LF’ers.

  2. I know this might no be popular, but I really hope that Frankie lasts through the DE. Mainly because I want his demise to be long and painful as opposed to quick and sweet. I’d love to see an entire week of a Frankie meltdown.

    Risky? Sure, but at this point, it’s the only entertainment that we can really hope for, isn’t it?

    • Let’s see – 1. listen to Frankie cry and bitch all week or 2. listen to Christen whine and cry all week. Have to say I like neither choice.

    • After Nicole is gone, all I want is drama. I don’t care who goes, who wins, I can’t stand them all almost equally and for all different reasons.
      Victoria-dead weight, really shouldn’t be on
      Derrick-has crossed the boundary of manipulation.
      Frankie- it is what it is
      Caleb- too delusional, pumped up, in an insecure way
      Christine-just YUK
      Cody-same as Christine, just should have manned up with her

      • He was tough on both Nicole and Victoria this week. Plus his behavior during Saturday’s incident was deplorable. He crossed the line more than once, IMO.

      • True, but you don’t have to be so disrespectful to get your point across. I understand trash talking, some lying and back-stabbing. I don’t understand purposely hurting someone that you want to work with you or vote for you.

        That and there is NO excuse for what he said and did on Saturday. Did you see the clip? It’s available at Bustle, TMZ, youtube, TVGrapeVine and other locations.

      • Awwwwwwww…poor little girl victims, always being brutalized by the mean man. Somehow I think this has little to do with BB.

      • That’s my point. His railroading behavior doesn’t have anything to to with BB.

        I don’t care for “brutalizing” behavior by anyone to anyone, man, woman or child. And, yes, I defend victims.

      • What I’m seeing is people mistaking things happening in the game with the last time they were put down by their boyfriend. There isn’t any brutalization, maybe marginalization but they aren’t the same thing.

      • I used your word. You called it brutalized, so I used the same word. If you’ve never been on the receiving end of emotional _______ (whatever you want to call it), then you can’t understand.

      • That’s my point. You are personalizing something that is happening on a reality game show with by now neurotic people fighting for half a mil.

      • Their true personalities and behaviors are showing through. The longer they are in there, the harder it is to keep up a facade.

      • I don’t think so, as we have seen, only Rachel Riley is still like she was in the house. lol

      • You’re not going to convince me and I’m not going to convince you. So, I agree that our opinions are different and I’m going to leave it at that. I’ve got better things to do, than to go in circles. I’m done.

      • Agreed, but the facades go up when they enter the house and they are constantly stressed, some to the breaking point. I doubt if anybody comes out of the house totally satisfied and proud of their behavior.

      • Pay no attention to the troll. He’s probably a wife beater. I’m sure if he had a daughter, he’d be singing a different tune.

      • Thank you Dr. Freud for your thorough and cogent analysis. You got all that from a paragraph on a BB forum. Congrats.

      • Victims have actual crimes committed against them and as much as I hate Frankie because of his annoying over the top behavior yes what he said was WRONG but no one took him seriously which means no victim! And even Nicole said this time around she was more emotional and ooooooooooh he said your going to look pretty dumb when you watch the show back but no reaction from her when Caleb said your the target! She wants Derek to win he must have really treated her badly!!

      • So you don’t think that those suffering from bullying, emotional abuse, etc. – non-criminal acts – are not victims? Yeah, you tell that to them while they are in recovery or contemplating suicide.

      • If you’re a fan of BB, it’s not hard to tell if the action is game related or a character issue.

      • That’s the problem with shows like this, except I truly believe your true character surfaces when you’re under pressure in the house, cut off, 24/7. It’s just as clear-cut as when you’re playing something as simple as Monopoly. The throatcutters will go for the throat, the nice people will sit back, play nicely and let things develop, and the dishonest ones will be stealing the money when no one is looking! I’m of the mindset that Derrick isn’t a nice guy, but hope I’m proven wrong.

      • He wasn’t even in the room during one of the comments and wow he told Nicole he would make good food and be there for her and listen to her since she had no one else!! I should hope someone is that tough on me if I was in that situation!

      • Those are the situations I was talking about. The situations were both when Derrick was talking one-on-one. He was talking with Nicole in the backyard and made her cry. He was talking AT Victoria in the HOH room and railroaded her.

      • At least they are not acting like Cody & Christine–yuk!!! I think Victoria sees Derrick as a big brother ” pun intended”. Nothing physical….Frankie and Cody and Christine are just Nasty.

      • Why does Derrick position himself on the bed in the fire room so that his legs are almost in her lap ~ of course, she starts running her fingers up and down his calf. Totally inappropriate behavior for him AND her.

      • Because he wants to lay his legs out all the way and she’s in his way!! I didn’t know their were so many behavioral psychologist that watched big brother now I know! ! Let me guess you want beast mode sissy pants to win??

      • Derrick (the married man) continues to allow Victoria to touch him inappropriately ~ to me that’s crossing the line. Doesn’t matter that they’re ‘playing a game’.

      • But the nature of this who game is lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing… but flirting? That’s crossing the line? Don’t get me wrong, I think Derrick (and Christine) will each have to answer to their spouses for their indiscretions, but meh, it’s their life to do with whatever they want. I personally was more offended by Dan Ghesling lying on the Bible, on his wedding ring, and on his dead grandfather’s grave then I am with the men (and women let’s not forget) who go into the house trying to use sexual attraction as a tool. I’m not saying it’s right or moral, but I don’t see why it would be any more offensive than the other immoral things we see on this show…

      • Unlike Frankie and his non stop homage to the Dollar Store version of the Kama Sutra I’m not sure Derrick would recognize a lascivious thought even if it walked up to him and bit him directly in his left nut. Keeping Victoria in his bed ensures no one else gets the opportunity to gain her ear under the covers. It’s a control thing. If I were in the house I’d be targeting Victoria for my second in command in a bid for a palace shake up / coup. Derrick can’t let that happen. So he keeps her suffocatingly close and under his heavy handed thumb. No impure thoughts here, folks, just another day at the Office of the Supreme Strategizer.

      • So funny and so true. “Dollar Store version of the Kama Sutra”-you understand Frankie’s supreme tackiness perfectly, girl! And Derrick- hysterical! Keep it up. :)

      • Yes exactly but no sexual physical petting hand holding head rubbing has gone on between Derek and Victoria. Just a lot of seed planting! The interview with Christine cracked me up as she lived in the house and thinks Frankie is running it and will win! Plus she said there was no way she could have worked with Nicole because she had betrayed her too many times hahaha uh hmm I think you are delusional it’s the other way around!

      • I agree 100%! That’s definitely why Dan lost the game. If married people choose to disrespect their marriage or use that as a strategy that’s between them and their spouse. But for a Catholic school teacher to swear on the Bible and everything else sacred in his life knowing that his student’s are watching is despicable. I don’t understand how people still respect him. That alone is offensive to Christians, Catholics or anybody who believes in God or the Bible. That’s why I don’t get why so many people are offended by somebody maybe hurting their spouse and not by somebody disrespecting an entire religion. Maybe that’s what started the curse of all of the vile HouseGuests the last two seasons. Hopefully next year’s cast is better.

  3. UNLESS! Nicole balls up! make that FINAL big move she’s been whining about no one taking, tells all the HG in her speech about Derrick, his plan to take Victoria to the end, save me and I will promise to help you who are his next victims. Would it SAVE her? No, but I guarantee going into the next comp for DE, she will have planted a seed that NONE of them will be able to shake from their little pea brains!

  4. Basically, at the end of the day, anyone left in the house with Derrick is considered stupid. If anyone has a brain and can catch onto what he is doing then they are gone. So we are left with the stupid people in the house. Reminescent of last years final weeks.

  5. Why doesn’t Derrik use Nicole? She can be his way of getting rid of his alliance without getting the blood on his hands. She’s more useful than that dead weight he started dragging! I’m also pretty sure the jury will vote derrick over nicole once the rest of his alliance is in there. Frankie, caleb, cody, victoria, christine- Derrick; jocosta, hayden, donnie- Nicole. Zach could go either way but at that point is wouldn’t matter.

    • Derrick tried to save Nicole, but not at the risk of losing Victoria. He worked hard on first getting Christine up as the target and then trying to get Frankie as the renom/target. Nicole made the mistake of paying him the compliment of being similar to Dan. Derrick now knows Nicole is on to his game plan, so in his mind she has to go now.

  6. Feeds have been down for a long time…Frankie must be going nuts…(he can’t prance for his zillions of fans)….(unless he somehow got into the refurbished HN room and can’t get out)….one can only hope!

    • I was just going to comment on that! Previous seasons various HGs have asked for hair dye repeatedly and were always turned down, if they weren’t HOH.

    • Exactly..from what I remember, GinaMarie had to wait and get hairdye when she was HOH..that is all she talked about when her and McCrae were trying to make a deal while walking on the log..she said, I’m not falling, I want my hair dye. I also heard Nicole and Victoria talking last night about how BB took alot of Vic’s clothing because it had sequins on them..they then said that Frankie got to keep all of his clothes with sequins. Does BB think we are stupid…it has been so obvious all season that they want Frankie in this game as long as possible.

  7. Did BBN have to post those pics of Frankie and Christine? They are so awful! That one of Christine on the right is just hard to look at!

  8. I am going to miss these posts when the show is over. You’ve all been amazing, funny, and filled me in on all the details I missed. Thank you! Keep it coming until the very end and then we can bitch about whoever wins!!

  9. Derrick could sell beach balls to Eskimos – he has been that good. I don’t understand why NO ONE in the house has brought up the fact that Derrick has never been on the block. Did he borrow the invisible cloaking device from the Klingons on Star Trek series? What the heck!

    • As i have said before, because they are all imbeciles! Caleb and Frankie had a conversation about Derrick last night, i think. They both think that he is a weak player and they both want to take him to final because they KNOW that they can win against him, because the only one that Derrick can beat is Vic. This is what they came up with after running the scenarios.

    • Caleb mentioned it the other day, and Frankie is well on to Derrick’s strategy – Frankie just doesn’t care, or so he’s said to Derrick.

  10. Derrick is easily playing the best game of the season. He’s easily playing one of the best games of all time; both Big Brother and Survivor included.

  11. What’s scary about Derrick is, he’s never even had to sweat being possibly nominated! I know he’s been compared to Dan, but IMO he’s the better manipulator (I just realized the parallel between Dan/Danielle and Derrick/Victoria, so maybe he’s copying Dan’s formula?) ! And what’s this about him having eidetic memory? Just glad he’s a cop and using his powers for good, not evil. Imagine if he were a slumlord or something…!

  12. My perfect eviction order assuming Nicole is evicted
    6th place: Frankie
    5th place: Christine
    4th place: Caleb
    3rd place: Cody
    Runner up: Victoria ( she deserves something since the whole entire house was basically against her for the entire game )
    Winner: Derrick ( duh )

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