Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Round 1? 09-17-2014

Following the Big Brother 16 live eviction on Wednesday night where the F4 became the Final Three we saw those HGs head outside for the always fun final endurance comp of the season and oh yes, it was the much feared “Wall” competition.

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Julie Chen has the Big Brother spoilers – Source: CBS

Since there’s no “outgoing HoH” at this point Derrick was able to compete in their very slick looking hang gliding themed comp. All three were perched up on a small foot platform with a hand rail above them.

The entire wall behind them would tilt forward dipping them toward the ground. Plus, there was lots of nice cold water thrown at them. See a full recap with pics & times from the endurance comp.

So who pulled off the first round win? Read on for the spoilers.

Big Brother 16 – Week 13 Final HoH:

Cody won Round 1 endurance competition!

Big Brother 16 Final HoH comp

Cody will now face off against either Derrick or Victoria in Round 3, depending on which of them wins the second round. We’ll keep an eye out for hints as to when the second round will be held, but it could be as soon as Thursday. We don’t know yet.

Keep watching your Feeds to find out who starts making crazy “you better take me” F2 threats as the pressure continues to mount ahead of next week’s season finale on the 24th.


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  1. Ugh Derrick needs to step it up. How loyal is Cody to Derek? I have a feeling he might take Victoria to final 2

    • Cody would be dumb to take Derrick to the end. BB Can’s Jon did the right thing by taking Sabrina to the end and not Neda! These are the smart moves one has to make. Derrick wasn’t loyal to anyone so why should Cody be?

      • I don’t believe Cody has a chance to get to the final two, never mind taking Vicki along. Derrick will win part two, and go head to head with Cody in the final winning and taking Victoria to the F2

  2. If it’s Cody sitting next to Derrick, I think it will be very close. Cody has won a lot of competitions – although the pool is watered down later in the game – but I feel that’s what Caleb will be weighing his vote on.

    • Based on the jury comments from the show that aired the jury house I think Derrick is a lock to win. Yes, I agree Cody will get Caleb’s vote cased on the comps he’s won, especially if he wins the last HOH, but Victoria, Christine, Nicole, Hayden, Donny and probably Jocasta will all vote for Derrick over Cody.

      But I firmly believe Cody is going to send Derrick packing if he wins the last HOH. And I know Derrick is going to send Cody packing is he wins.

      • Christine vote for Derrick over Cody? Really? I can’t see that. If Victoria is in F2, I think that Christine would vote for whoever was next her at F2. If it’s D&C, she’s going to pick her boy toy.

    • That is a case that he can make but as Prince posted the jurors know how great of a game that Derrick has played.

      Cody would get a vote for one person (Christine) but I don’t see him getting more than two or three.

  3. Well this is going to be interesting. Still think either of them would take Vic to the finals (they would be crazy not to). It’s a toss-up! I feel Cody would take Derrick to the end, but there’s a little part of me that says he may go with Vic to secure a solid win…………

  4. I really don’t care who win, no matter what Victoria is not going to be the winner, this poor girl was used like a bean bag by Derrick, I hope Cody is smart enough to know that Derrick will not take him to the F2, Derrick has used and abused all the HGs mentally by out smarting every one of them socially, this guy was never nominated one time for eviction, he always push for someone else to take one for the team and they foolishly did without him volunteering to do so one time and when any one suggest for him to take one for the team he threatens them by saying he will come after that person and they back down. Kudos to him for making these HGs look like wimps, which to some extent they are, smart people like Boogie and Dan would have figured Derrick out and send him packing. If I were Christine, I will start looking for another coffee shop somewhere in Alaska or move to Canada to rehab her life, because she has served too many coffee in the house with Cody and none of the other HGs even care about her. It’s amazing how some of these HGs forget why they signed for the show and blow their morals and brains away, the later assuming they have one. Thank God this season is almost over. Next Season, please!

    • Very well put! I too am ready for the next season, hopefully you won’t have just one person running the whole house like Derrick did this season.

  5. Cody could make the move of the year if he won the final HOH and took Victoria to the final 2 but I would be shocked if he did, he seems like he will be loyal to the end.

    I am not sure if Derrick would do the same.

  6. Good luck to the winner which I’m hoping it will be Derrick as he has control of this game from the beginning . And I do think he would take Victoria and Cody taking Derrick if he won but locality didn’t mean anything to Cody when telling Caleb bye bye !

  7. It’s B B people.. Derrick clearly should win. He has been
    playing like it’s a chess game. And if he really wants the money he should take victoria. Sorry but that’s how the game works. Your there for the money.

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