Diary Room: Adam Poch Looks Ahead To Week 10 On Big Brother 16

For the second straight week, a fan favorite got sent packing out of the Big Brother house. This time it was the competition beast 42 year old Donny Thompson. There was some last minute scrambling and we are finally seeing cracks in the Detonators. But once again, the person that Derrick wanted gone was the one evicted by another unanimous vote.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

For weeks the Houseguests have been wondering when an endurance challenge would happen, and they finally got it. It was the famous slip & slide challenge, this year with a snowman theme. This is one of my favorite ones to watch because people wipe out all the time. If you remember back to my season, I took a pretty nasty spill, and I even said at the time, I cannot wait to watch and rewind over and over.

During the challenge Nicole & Derrick both had pretty rewind-worthy falls. But, at the end of the day (or in this case the end of the challenge) Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb won his 3rd HoH of the season. Yeah, all hope of a HUGE shakeup this week is just about gone as Caleb has been the lapdog of Frankie & Derrick all season. They have been able to manipulate him so well, to the point where all of their decisions have been passed off as his decisions.

All signs point to Caleb nominating Nicole, but who Caleb will put next to her is up in the air, a little. The obvious choice would be Victoria since she is the only other non-Bomb Squad member left in the house. But Caleb and Christine have never been super close, and his paranoia may get him thinking that Christine could save Nicole if she wins the Veto.

Frankie & Derrick, I am sure, would be fine with Christine going up as well, because she has been dragged along by them all year – controlling her HoH last time to get her to flip on Nicole. The only wrinkle to this plan will be Nicole winning the Veto – and forcing Caleb to put up a re-nom.

Again, Victoria would be the obvious choice, but depending on who gets in his ear and can twist Caleb’s brain the most – there is a chance for an epic backdoor. Remember just a few weeks ago Frankie was blamed for lying to Caleb about the whole Amber thing – leading Beast Mode to go after his crush and vote her out. So perhaps that little bit of doubt could grow into something bigger.

If not, Nicole will make her second exit of the season, but she will quickly be followed by someone else in the 2nd Double Eviction next week. That will be must see TV as the alliance will have to make a quick decision on what to do and not have time to think things through. The ripple effects of whatever happens in the Double Eviction will (hopefully) be the catalyst for the bloodbath I keep talking about each week.

Derrick has been awesome at thinking on his toes and making good decisions for his game – but in the DE things go so fast, and with everyone now becoming targets – no one is safe. Will they use that to finally get rid of Victoria? Everyone has been saying they would be devastated if they went home before Vic, yet they have been keeping her around as an insurance policy – and guarantee they would win 500K if they are sitting next to her at the F2.

Lastly – Julie announced this is the last week of Have-Nots, but since we just had an endurance comp that will take up part of the Sunday show – we have gone the whole season without a Have/Have Not challenge which sucks! I always love those challenges as they are usually very silly & sloppy, and make for entertaining TV. This season could use it, as a one sided steamroll by a powerful alliance has made it very predictable each week. But, at the end of the day – predictable Big Brother is better than no Big Brother. From outside the Big Brother house, I am Adam Poch – good night!

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  1. This is probably the worst season of Big Brother I have seen so far. No game play other than from Derrick, Nicole and Donny. Even last season with the racists was better game play wise. Next season I know better. I will not bother watching till it is down to 5 house guests. Chances are pretty good we will have another huge alliance floating from beginning till the last few weeks of the game. Looking forward to the double eviction because that is the only excitement we can look to this week. Unless, Nicole wins POV then, there might be a chance to send 2 Detonators to the jury house!

    • The 2 HoH / BotB twist failed to do what they wanted it to do because there was never a divide in the house. Too many players playing it safe – that’s what has made the season tough to watch – but as I said in my last line – I’d rather have this season- than no Big Brother.

      • Had there not been a big alliance this year, I believe the two HOH’s and Botb would have been a huge success. Try it again next year and hopefully CBS can restrict the number of players in an alliance. Truthfully more than four or five is a waste of BB space and the viewer’s time.

      • If the 2 sets of 8 HGs were “tribes” and were only allowed to nominate the other tribes it would have worked so much better

      • The huge reason Survivor is the success it is is because the twists makes it hard to form large alliances. Not that it has not been tried but, the twists force people to move from one tribe to another making huge alliances not practical. May be time for Big Brother to make changes including dividing house guests into two teams. You have to be in one team and cannot move to the other team only in a random draw. That way, no one can feel secure in one large alliance! Also, the two nominees should come from the opposing team. Then, mix them up by drawing colored balls to determine which team you know belong if one team gets decimated. If they did that, these huge alliances will be a thing of the past.

      • I made a comment about this previously. Like a mix of season 6 and 16 with the opposing teams being loved ones or friends. Love the idea. Blood vs water seems to be a huge success on survivor.

    • I am so glad that i did not do live feeds this year. IMO it would have been a waste of money.

  2. “…there is a chance for an epic backdoor.” Not gonna happen. I am NOT on the “this season stinks” bandwagon, but Cody, Caleb, and Christine have had NO backbone to make big moves like these. The only way Nicole doesn’t go home this week is if she wins the veto.

    • Caleb has a backbone and has made risky moves. He is starting to be a fav of mine considering what we are left with. He is easily manipulated, so with that being said it all depends on what Derrick can persuade him to do.

    • Nicole has a way of coming up with some pretty rational arguments. Christine is so disliked by everyone that maybe something she says will stick this time. (I’m an optimist when comes to Nicole.)

  3. Adam if Donny or any of ur favs had won HOH u would have given Caleb more credit then just calling him a lapdog. He did amazing, a true competitor and deserved that win. I love your blogs but u name call a lot when someone is not ur fav. Sad.

    • Well you know if you don’t like the name calling don’t read the article. A lot of people happen to agree with Adam.

      • caleb should have been gone a long time ago when he was stalking amber ,he virtually stole her slippers and should have been kicked off the show for stealing peoples personal property.i can understand doing it for game play ,but give them back to the owners,i sgree with Adam too.

  4. Adam the logic of your game startegies players should do would only benefit your favs. You are talking about this show like a popularity contest. Oh unless it’s Cody who is looking good cause even though he has played Derrick’s game the most Caleb is the lapdog get real bro. U want Nicole to stay even if she had 4 opportunities to stay 2 HOH and 2 POV if she doesn’t win this one. It’s on her.

    • Do you read all my posts or just this one? I am rooting for Cody but called him out during my week 9 player rankings. Yes I write these from a fan’s point of view of what I want to see but I still try to be objective as to how people are playing. Thanks for the feedback. I like discussing the game with fans in a civil manner.

      • I read all your posts. I do, I don’t mind Cody being ur fav. But give Credit where credit is due. This endurance comp was huge and I think Caleb deserved more then one line in your blog and it was basically calling him a lapdog. I like your posts and usually can’t wait for your ranking. Just asking for a little fairness.

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