Big Brother 16: Rewound Veto Came Close To Big Reveals

This week’s Power of Veto comp is about to be rewound thanks to the latest twist to hit Big Brother. With all the week’s events being nullified we came close to seeing some hidden motives reveal to the House.

Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Viewers know the entire week’s efforts by HGs won’t matter for official results, but any of their actions could linger in their minds when it comes to the final steps of the season. Like watching another HG’s private DR sessions this twist could have given a sneak peek of looming betrayals.

The Veto competition on Saturday was decided by just 23 seconds and while the second place player in that comp regrets those results, I think he should be very grateful.

Derrick narrowly lost out to Frankie in the latest PoV battle who has already decided to not use the Veto on either Victoria or Cody. But what if Derrick had won that Veto? I think we could have seen a series of events which could have seriously damaged his chances to pull off the big win.

With Derrick and Caleb on the sidelines a Veto win and use by Derrick would have forced Frankie to renom the only other HG available: Caleb. Let’s say Derrick went so far as to use the Veto on Victoria, his handy sidekick pawn. That would have pitted Cody against Caleb with Derrick basically controlling the two deciding votes and avoiding a tie-breaker.

Derrick would have moved towards the next eviction thinking he had just secured what might be his best scenario for a F4: Cody, Frankie, and Victoria. I believe any of those three would take Derrick on the F2.

Obvious problem here though as that eviction vote wouldn’t have happened. Cody and Caleb would have come down off the block and Caleb would have likely been one very pissed off cowboy. A rerun of events that put Frankie or Caleb back in power might have resulted in Derrick going up and out once his hand was tipped and his cards shown.

With Frankie holding all the power and proving to remain loyal to the guys this week there won’t be a surprise betrayal for anyone.

Derrick doesn’t know it now, but I think he got very, very lucky by losing that Veto by just a few seconds in what could have been a seriously bad sequence of events for him come Wednesday.

Do you think Derrick would have used the Veto to protect his pawn or is he ready to send a vote in his pocket on to Jury?


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  1. This scenario would’ve been tricky for Derrick… I don’t think he would’ve risked it to save Victoria and made 3 enemies in the process… no shot!

    • Definitely a chance he might not have used it, but he wouldn’t have made 3 enemies. Cody wouldn’t have been mad & Derrick could have talked Frankie down saying Caleb was the one that was trying to get him out. Frankie knows Caleb threw the BotB that time & was just contemplating BD’ing him as Caleb told Frankie.

      Just some fun speculation either way.

  2. I think he wouldn’t have used the veto even if he had won it. While he’d like to keep Victoria around, he can’t afford to let the others know that right now.

    • Not much time left in the game. These HGs have been all about the “it’s too soon” this season, but they think finale could be next week as originally planned. Someone is going to have do something at some point. I hope so at least! :)

      • So glad they’ve not been clued in to another week long before Finale night! As a viewer I kept giggling about there only being 12 more days (from Sunday) when in fact I know it will be 14 days from this Wednesday! Glad Derrick kept his cool when he found out it was only 23 seconds between him and Frankie winning the Veto comp, which I’m sure DR most likely let him in on. Love this twist so much, more so with these HGs than past HGs! They needed their feathers ruffled a bit! :-)

  3. Derrick would have NOT used to veto anyways because the story of this season is : PLAY SAFE, MAKE NO MOVE and BE HAPPY TO FINISH 6th, 5th,…

    • Yes, but obviously, unless there’s some ridiculous turn of events (like this fake scenario), Derrick isn’t going to be happy to finish 5th or 6th. I think he would have taken Cody (not Victoria, to keep that relationship hidden) off the block and forced a Caleb renom. I think, had he won, he would have used it – he knows it’s time to do something, and it would have been the perfect time – he’s the ONLY one who knows when to make a move.

      If your comment was directed at any of the other houseguests, then I would agree.

  4. Victoria has basically sold her sould to the Devil this week, and would be a sure bet to give him her Jury vote … As for Jury Management, I believe that all but, Zach, would likely vote for Derrick, at this point .. while Christine had implied to Julie last week that she favours Caleb, and Zach indicated his devotion to Frankie, but all that may have changed, since entering the Jury House and hearing what his Alliance may have actually thought of Zach, especially from Christine ….
    Victoria, last week, even, told Derrick that, if she could, she would strike a deal to self-evict in order to save Derrick from leaving before her, as she would not be able to survive the rest of the game without him there .. Ha !!! Again, another smart move by Victoria in manipulating Derrick … Ha !!!!

    But, everyone is right, in that Derrick needs to get his hands bloodied and make a move that will guarantee to the Jury that he is/was a strong player, but sandbagged the comps until he had to make a move, to secure their votes ….

    • But the thing with Victoria is that she wasn’t actually manipulating Derrick…she meant it (because she’s clueless about how the game is played)! She didn’t want her one and only protection heading out that door and I don’t blame her in the least!

      • Absolutely, which is why, more than likely, that Derrick would not want to expose himself this week, in an attempt to make a last minute effort to save her, by flipping the House … he has all but secured her vote in the Jury …
        As for trying to figure out Victoria … I swear that she has multiple personalities in this game … when she is vindictive and happy, she has a big grin, like when she cut Zach’s (err, her) hat .. then, next minute she just sits there and stares and is quiet … making me/us wonder, what is turning inside that brain of hers???

    • Do you read the exit interviews on here? Zach is rooting for Derrick, Donny is rooting for Cody & Caleb, Nicole is rooting for Derrick & Caleb, and Christine is rooting for Caleb.

      • True, though things tend to change after a week or two in Jury House when they start talking to one another …
        And, who is Hayden rooting for? Jocasta??
        During Zach’s interview with Julie, he had told her that he still supported / luved Frankie as a person, even though he was the butt of his joke in the House … So, who knows what Zach or any of them think now …
        Always, enjoy the jury round table as they talk amongst themselves on who they think deserved or do not deserve to win … and, if they plan to give the HG the $$$ for their play in the game, whether they respected them as a person, or be spiteful ?? Hmmm

      • Nicole changed her mind about Caleb in 2nd exit interview..she says she thinks either Derrick or Frankie could win one because Frankie wins comps and secondly because Derrick is well liked by all.

      • Nicole did change her mind about Caleb. She wasn’t rooting for him the first time she was eliminated but she is now.

  5. I wish it would of happened. Even though out of the remaining players I’d like to see Derrick and Victoria at the end. I wanted this twist to shake the game up more then just a rewind. I wanted it to reveal who would of kept who in the game. Victoria already told Derrick don’t vote for her and ruin his game. So even if Julie reveals the twist after the vote it’s not screwing up anything except Frankie has to start over. And I’m praying this time he doesn’t win. I’d love for Victoria to win. Hey it could happen. If it’s a pure luck comp she has a chance.

    • wouldn’t that be a hoot!! a comp that is the luck of the draw…..where no skill or brains are needed!! just luck!

  6. Derrick really hasn’t played such a smooth game, it’s just that the rest of these HG’s are somewhat dull to not have cought on to his game right away. I believe that Victoria is very aware of derricks game, as well as her position in his game, and she’ll likely ride this out to F2. Good for her, being underestimated can be a good thing and if that is her game and she played it well

    • Yep, remember Caleb commenting on Donny having “gangrene” in his brain, as he just stared and looked all the times with eyes rolling and flickering constantly, with thoughts spinning inside his head, thinking and strategizing on his next move(s) … Victoria actually offers that same look … must be that former Spook past of hers in the military… Ha !!!!

      • Watching Caleb and Victoria “think” is definitely entertaining. Caleb actually scares me, he looks like he could totally go off at any second. Future murderer crazy.

    • I think Victoria soaks up and believes every single word Derrick utters, and I’m not sure she knows what a terrible player she is. That would be the only reason anyone took her to F2. If I’m wrong, then she’s the best actress in the world and deserves an Oscar!

  7. Matt you’re absolutely right that Derrick dodged a huge bullet. I figured he would throw the competition, but after what I’ve read, he appeared real close to winning. He’ll be incredibly thankful he didn’t win because there’s no doubt in my mind he would’ve had used it on either Victoria or Cody to force Caleb going up.

    Then in Derrick’s mind, all you gotta do is win a veto and Frankie is gone, since he can’t compete in the HOH. Derrick would have tipped his hand and probably would’ve been evicted on Wednesday.

    As a fan of Derrick, I was relieved he didn’t win.

  8. On BBAD last night I heard Caleb say probably the smartest thing ever that came from him and that was “what good is it to win $500k if nobody likes you?” He hit the nail on the head and didn’t drop names of any HG that was geared for. He kept it as a “general” statement. Good on him!!!

  9. But if the rewind happens after the eviction and derrick votes to save Victoria then Cody will know Derricks true intentions….and I hope this happens. I want to see Derrick on the block at least once before possibly winning.

  10. I was thinking the same thing. If Derrick had won the veto and taken Cody down securing Cody’s vote in the process, Caleb would be evicted. Frankie would be powerless to do anything about it since he cannot play for the HOH next week. Unless Frankie wins the POV the next week, he would be gone after Caleb.

    However, if Frankie did win the POV he would surely send Derrick or Cody packing.

    I would suggest this though. If Cody wins the final HOH, are we certain he would take Derrick to the final 2 and risk losing $450,000? I am not so certain. With Victoria sitting there in the final 3 either of the other 2 would have to be nuts not to take her to the end.

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