‘Big Brother 16’ Counting The Votes In Week 11

This week won’t matter when Wednesday night hits and everything rewinds, but what if it didn’t? And what if the House decided to finally make that mythical “big move” that’s eluded this entire season?

Derrick counting the votes
Derrick counting the votes on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Two votes are all that remain for the Final Five Houseguests. The HoH and two nominees won’t be voting either this week or in the Rewind portion of its conclusion, no matter how the mix plays out.

Since the HGs don’t know for certain they won’t be voting on this particular combination of events that means they’re still preparing to cast votes and have a plan.

Derrick and Caleb are the two voters after Frankie made the nominees final by announcing he would not use the Veto on either Victoria or Cody.

I still believe Derrick would have wanted to bring Victoria farther in the game (and we know he’ll have another chance), but considering the situation I don’t believe he will push to save her from the non-eviction on Wednesday.

If Derrick voted to keep Victoria while Caleb voted to evict her then the tie would have gone to Frankie who I believe would have kept Cody as a sign of loyalty to the guys.

Frankie says he has to win the comps at this point to stay in the game, but his back-up is a prayer that they guys would decide to keep him. Saving Victoria would make her owe him a favor, but does anyone really think she’ll have the chance to repay that? Not likely.

Frankie’s best bet would be to look good to the guys who will move on in the game and consider keeping him. He doesn’t know that they’ve all talked about getting him out next chance they have (because apparently the last two weeks were just “too soon”).

Victoria would have gone home 2-0 this week, but thanks to the Big Brother Rewind she’ll get another shot at safety.

So while this round of “Counting The Votes” is just an exercise, it’s still a set up for what we could see if things repeat themselves following the Rewind. Let’s just hope things get more exciting then a copy and paste round of this week.


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  1. Do we know for absolute fact who will and will not be able to compete in the rewind comp for HOH? I am questioning whether we know all the details and thinking it is possible that we the viewers could be in for as many surprises as the HGs. Am I the only one thinking there seems to be a whole lot of leeway here for production?

    • Derrick is still HOH, check the house guests tab on the cbs live feeds, Derrick cant play. This past week never happened, it rewinds to the point right after Christine gets boo’d and before the HOH comp starts

    • Yes they are rigging it for Frankie. that is how he won ALL of his comps or maybe the guy is really good at comps, but naaaaah it would be stupid of me think that.

      • I have done my share of speculating regarding production and Frankie. At first, I thought for sure they were manipulating a few things in his favor. But with the majority of viewers seeming to have the opinion that he is unbearable to watch, I’m not sure about them wanting to keep him, but you could be right.

    • Yes, we know for a fact. Julie Chen confirmed & clarified. Derrick is the outgoing HoH so he can NOT compete. It will rewind to the point of the HoH comp starting over.

      There is no leeway.

    • Julie Chen confirmed that Derrick will not be able to compete as they are rewinding the week.

  2. Did anyone notice Frankie’s response to what pushing the button meant? He said out right that it could be that he will no longer be HOH and the week would have to rewind…….sounds like he has been talking to production!

    • A thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters. The HGs have been guessing every possibility. Sometimes they get it right and then just keep on guessing. Rewinding/Resetting the week isn’t that crazy of an idea so it’s not surprising they eventually said the right thing.

      DR could have asked Frankie to rattle off every idea he had and then they used the one time he guessed the right thing.

  3. Darn! That sucks that Derrick can’t compete! GRRR! Now i am pulling for Cody to win and get Frankie this week.

      • The guys will turn on each other and Victoria will float right on to the $500,000. Serves them right. They wanted to keep her.

  4. Since there’s a complete rewind of the week, will TA still be able to keep the $5K they won during that time?

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