Big Brother 16: Popularity Poll – Week 7

Big Brother 16 Cast
Big Brother 16 Cast – Source: CBS

We’re hitting the Jury stage of the Big Brother 16 season and while any HG is eligible for the America’s Favorite Player award with its $25,000 purse I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go to someone who sticks around on the show longer. With that being the case at this point of the summer I thought it’d be interesting to see where readers are sending their support as of now.

Which Big Brother Houseguest is your favorite? Cast your vote now & tell us why you think he or she is the best of the season. I’ll run this each week for the rest of the season for fun.

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  1. Hey Matt does BB monitor your polls? If so I believe they be rethinking The Fakie Show.

    • You are so right, Donny is boring, if derrick doesn’t win he should win 25,000$ he has played a flawless game so far but you have to give credit to Donny for the only person in the house to find out what derrick is doing. and if you are talking about most entertaining HG it should most likely be Zach easy

    • Donny has been playing the game hard. The difference is he doesn’t talk to much, he listens. He has for the most part played by himself, not aligned with anyone, this is why Derrick doesn’t want him around. None of the players have anything on Donny they can use against him.

      • In order to play a game… you have to play with people. BB is not a solitary game. And he sleeps when most are awake.

      • Donny has played poorly. He has nothing that anyone else wants, so they have no interest in keeping him around. Nice guy, awful player.

      • I think Donny knows he couldn’t make F2, so he is going for the 50k, which is smart.

      • If playing the game hard means not forming alliances, or not talking any game, or sleeping while everyone else is up, then yes he has been playing really hard.
        Everyone seems to have fallen for Donny the person, when really his gameplay is reminiscent of Victoria. Donny is an awful player.

  2. The Poll is “Who is your favorite HG?” It’s who they have more of a connection with. I can’t explain the psychology behind this, but if the question is “Who is playing the best game?” we may have a different result.

  3. Even though I don’t agree with his gameplay, I think Zach has done a great job keeping us entertained.

  4. Derrick is playing the best game I’ve ever seen. Donny is like everyone’s eccentric uncle and only plays the game when he is forced to. Zach is like your ADHD little brother. It’s no surprise that he had to get his face rebuilt because his mouth is constantly writing checks that he can’t cash. Maybe BB is doing south Florida a favor by keeping him off the streets all summer.

  5. I know I’m alone in the boat but I can’t stand Donny and that “country gentleman”act is, IMO, fake. Yes, he has won comps but other than that, he does nothing in the house to warrant being “favorite”. My favorite is Derrick because he plays everyone like a fiddle and he is a master of this game.

    • So how does that warrant him being fake?? You make no sense at all, who you see in that house is who he is and should be an example for since by the tone of attitude you have no decency or appreciation for a genuine heart of a humble, likeable, and kind individual. If Donny is your definition of being fake, I’d hate to know what your definition of “Real” is?

  6. LEAVE DONNY AND NICOLE ALONE, THEY ARE WHAT MAKES THE SHOW WORTH WATCHING. IF ANY OF THOSE TWO GET EVICTED, THEN THE SHOW ISEN’T WOTH WATCHING. The freak who is making me sick to watch is the immature chicken head Frankie who does not know how to act nor talk right, I cannot stand that chicken head eewwwwww

    • Donny And Nicole hahahahahahahahahahaha, that is crazy if you talking who makes the show worth watching Zach and Derrick, Yes Zach may be a fruit-loop but he is fun to watch, and derrick is play one of the best game I have ever seen and I 100 % think people think the same thing, But if derrick don’t win Beast Mode Cowboy will easyy

  7. Based on game play: Derrick is my favorite
    Based on likability: It’s a toss up between Donny, Hayden, and Nicole

  8. As long as Frankie doesn’t get A F I don’t care any more.. Boring season by far the worst season..

  9. OMG! Was watching Beavis and Butt-Head. Maybe it’s just me but
    They look exactly like Derrick and Frankie. Especially the resemblance
    Of Butt-Head and Frankie is remarkable!

  10. I like both Donnie and Nicole but, will give it to Nicole because she at least, tried to make a big move. She is bad in strategy but, other than Donny and Nicole, who is left to like? That $25,000 will probably help her in the real world.

  11. I can’t understand why anyone in the world would vote for Frankie. He is probably my least favorite houseguest of all time.

  12. I dont understand all the love for Donny. I hope he goes home next week. I dk why people dont see how phony he is.

  13. Donny – will most likely win fan favorite.
    Frankie – will be most hated.
    Christine – would win most likely to stab you in the back. 2nd most hated.
    Caleb – would win most gullible or persistant.
    Derrick – win most likely win the game
    Amber – will probably be ask to marry by Caleb at the finale.
    Brittany – most stubborn cause she didn’t give up.
    Cody – the cute coaster guy.
    Devin – Mr Scary.
    Joey – Ms Clueless.
    Paola – Nice girl.
    Hayden – dude…. most likely to hit the pool afterwards.
    Jacosta – Holy Roller…
    Nicole – most cutest girl, especially with all those costumes.
    Zach – most interesting, funny at times.
    Victoria – who??????

    prediction – Derrick wins. Victoria takes 2nd place thanks to Derrick tossing her a floatie. Donny gets fan fav. Frankie loses followers on twitter, instagram etc etc.

    • After the show:
      Amber – Most likely to get a restraining order if she decides to continue to live in the USA
      Caleb – Most likely to stalk Amber and professing his undying love for her (and how they are meant to be together). Most likely to have a restraining order against him.
      Christine – Most likely to be on Marriage Boot Camp
      Hayden – May end up with a real car for his taxi business
      Cody – Most likely to kick his own butt after seeing himself on tv, for his game play
      Donny – WINS!!! Okay, maybe not but fan favorite and marry his girlfriend. And invited to other shows (because people like him).
      Victoria – will continue crying.
      Jacosta – Will get a stylist to help her to get rid of the bow-ties.
      Paola – still a DJ
      Derrick – becomes a private investigator

    • Most if your thing seem about right but I think Victoria wont stand a chance in a endurance comp versus Caleb,Cody or Zach, Derrick Wins Caleb takes 2nd place, Nicole wins fan favorite( idk why ppl like her soo much) but she will win 25,000$

  14. Finding a likeable HG this season is TOUGH! I would have said Caleb “the crying cowboy” had I not been watching BBAD and realized how self absorbed he is…. Frankie, least favorite BY FAR, followed closely by Christine…. Derrick gets the “Captain Obvious” award, since he gives away ZERO and is generally a snooze fest…. Zach in his Manic UP phase is ok, but only by comparison to the others….. IDK?!

  15. Zach’s by far the most popular. Poll seems off from every other poll . donny fans stacked it?

  16. Nice edit for derrick last night, did you see zach up in the HOH room before caleb came up? Zach had already thought of what derrick puppeteered caleb to do. But editing by cbs made it look otherwise.

  17. I like Donny, but voted for Zach, because he has such a big mouth and keeps everyone on their toes.

  18. I love Donny and Zach!! I wouldn’t mind if Nicole won it either! These are my fave players. I’m not saying they are playing the best game but they are by far my fave people on the show. O and Hayden. :)

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