Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Hot Topic For Aug. 13: Nicole’s Fate



Nicole almost had reversed her fate in the Big Brother 16 house last night. She worked hard on Cody and Derrick, but they were just giving her false hope. She then got Zach thinking and he decided to present it to Derrick. Things were sounding good for Nicole, but as soon as everyone went different ways it became clear she had more work to do.

Jump to today and we’ve got Derrick, Frankie and Christine sealing her fate: she’s a goner.

10:32 AM BBT – Derrick is telling Frankie and Christine that Nicole was working hard to stay. “It wasn’t like a big thing,” Derrick  said. “It was suggested but me and Cody squabbled it quick.”

Here’s what went down earlier that morning: Zach was ready to campaign for Nicole and pulled Derrick into the lounge with Nicole. She goes into why Donny should go over her. She says Donny is coming after Derrick and she’s not.

Jump back to later that morning. They all think Nicole is just talking in circles and saying anything she can to stay. Frankie says the more she campaigns, the more she has to go. Derrick says there’s nothing to worry about. Nicole is going home. Derrick explains to them that they convinced Zach that Nicole needs to go, so if the campaigning continues, it’ll be her on her own.

Derrick say this is all why he wanted to flat-out tell Nicole she’s not going to stay. He wants all this campaigning and potential flipping to stop.

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  1. I was hoping she could flip it. BB has gotten too male dominant in the seasons since the competitions have become more physical. This year will make 8 out of the last 10 won by men and often, like in BB12, nearly all the women are gone at the halfway point, and the two that are left are just carried around as pawns. There’s usually a group of dominant men running the house. The women should form an all-girl alliance from Day 1 next season. If not, they will be quickly be picked off again, as the men seem not to respect the women enough to play the game with them.

    • The comps aren’t very physical at all… it’s just men generally do a better job of working together culturally than women do. I’m not intending to offend anyone, and of course there are exceptions, but that’s pretty true.

    • All girls woulda been interesting and, foolishly, I held out hope this season but no. Maybe if they cast only BB fans (not even super fans, just fans), they’d come in knowing better (enough of them anyway) and be prepared not to be swayed. Would be interesting but not holding my breath.

    • I don’t think it has anything to with competition. The guys have been more mentally involved. They have definitely outplayed the girls this year. Also pretty much every time a girl has won HOH she has let a guy tell her exactly who to put up and who is going home. Christine is stupid if she thinks all those guys are going to keep her after they get rid of Nicole, Donny, and Victoria.

    • I agree they should’ve made an all girls alliance early on. Joey had the right idea. In the beginning more often than not you need the numbers. All the girls kept saying was it’s too soon. And Nicole waited all the way up until now to make big moves…and now she doesn’t or didn’t have the numbers. I really hope next season the girls are better.

    • It wouldn’t have to be male dominated if only the women could get their act together and actually work with one another. They always fall into the same trap season after season.

  2. Unfortunately, this season we have a very large alliance of 6 which pretty much can roll over the others who have not made any effort to play the game. Not counting Joey, Amber and Brittany got hung up on the showmance including Victoria and Christine to this day. That is all it takes to take out the women. One good looking guy like Cody and these women are ready to give up everything including that check for $500,000. If so, why even be in the Big Brother House if you just want the showmance. It is the women’s fault because they allow guys like Cody to manipulate them so, whose fault is it but, their own. If they were playing the game, they will try and pry Cody with what info he has and not fall prey to his charms. Until women focus on the game instead, of the showmances—-they will never win Big Brother because they will always be played by the guys. Good looking guys like Cody will take advantage when women are ga ga over them. Happens in real life so, it happening in Big Brother is no surprise!

  3. Ok, I am really getting annoyed with this Fakie show. The coming out was a manipulated plan…I and tired of seeing him suck up the feeds and TVGN. Frankie can not be out this week. I do hope next week people pull the trigger and get him evicted. He is manipulating a few in the house currently, ugh.

  4. Nicole has gotten a raw deal the past week. Why isn’t it okay if she wants to campaign? These people act as though she has no right to do so. They totally lied to Christine about the reason for getting her nominated. You have to campaign if you want to try and stay. I don’t like the way Derrick has absolutely ran this game from almost day one.

    • I really like Nicole too, but keeps trusting Cody and Derrick which is not smart….even after she found out about the detenators. Her biggest mistake was putting up Jocasta with Zach. Even if she didn’t know about the detenators yet, she had to know the guys were aligned. She should’ve put 2 of them, that way one was guaranteed to go. It’s like the same few people kept going up week after week bc no one wanted blood on their hands. Nicole should’ve known they were going to come after her anyway and just did it. And as for whoever comes back in the house….I feel like it’s going to be too late to do any damage…maybe not though. I bet they wait till Donnie is evicted. So let’s just say Hayden, Nicole or Donnie come back in, they would have to win HOH or else whoever it is, they’ll be going right back out the door. I really wish that Nicole, Hayden, Donnie, Joey, Amber, Vic, and Jocasta would’ve made an alliance earlier on and took some of these guys out. That would’ve been great.

  5. Well there goes my favorite. Poor Nicole, I hope she can win her way back into the house or come back for an all-stars season.
    I was so happy last week when I thought her and Hayden were going to flip the house and take control, but of course Derrick just ruined everything and got my TWO FAVORITES out (Hayden & Nicole). She’s the only girl left actually playing the game and it sucks that the same people running the house in week 1 are still in control. Nice try Nicole, sad to see my favorite gone.

    • I really, really want two players to come back in. Just like two HOH’s this season we should have two buy backs. I would hope Hayden and Nicole come back. We would see really scrambling of the four guys going against Zach, Hayden, Donny and Nicole. That would be some real entertainment.

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