Big Brother 16 Episode 22 Recap: Game Shifts Into Overdrive


Big Brother 16 has been chugging along at a decent pace, but this week the game has picked up some speed and is now going full throttle.

Alliances have crumbled, secrets have been revealed and emotions are high. And we got a look at all of that during Sunday’s episode. The episode picked up right after Frankie won the Battle of the Block by himself. He decides he has to play his “Ace card,” the truth, to get people back on his side.

But first, it’s time for some major “Zankie” fallout. Zach and Frankie go at it for awhile, calling each other liars and this and that. Then Caleb chimes in to let Frankie know that they know he went to Christine and Nicole about putting up the guys he’s been working with all season.

In steps Derrick, the voice of reason, and everyone calms and goes behind closed doors to talk this all out. But unfortunately, it all just leads to Frankie letting everyone know that he’s a multi-media “mogul.” Oh and he tells them that his sister is Ariana Grande, but no one knows who she is. Derrick though it was Amanda Grande and Cody thought “Ari” was a dude. No one in that room cares. So Frankie takes his news to the girls for a different reaction.

Victoria and the others think it’s great that he’s Ariana’s sister and yeah. I’d rather just stop watching the show altogether at this point, but I have this job to do. But at least Christine knows he’s boasting and even Victoria thinks he’s using it as an “escape goat.” So maybe this won’t work out as he planned.

The only person it’s really effecting is Zach, whom Frankie has claimed is his closest friend in the house. Zach is in tears at the possibility that no one else will stand a chance against Frankie now.

So Operation Grande is a bust. Sorry, Frankie.

Now back to the game. Donny and Zach will be joined in the veto competition by Derrick, Caleb and Nicole (and Christine as HOH). And the veto competition is OTEV!

Donny is the first person out of the competition. Nicole is out next. Christine is the next person out. Derrick is out after Nicole and that leaves Caleb and Zach. Zach bests Caleb in the final round and wins the Power of Veto.


Christine is the most upset because she wanted Zach out and now she has to get more blood on her hands by naming a replacement nominee.

And with the veto in his hand, Zach decides this week’s safety is a good enough reason for him to start spilling all of his secrets. He starts with Victoria and all she hears is that Zach was in an alliance with Derrick and that breaks her heart, she says. That’s because she thought Derrick was on her side and her side only.

Zach didn’t realize what he did, so he tries to clean up the mess with Victoria. But she’s too hysterical to really listen. So he tries to cover his missteps with Derrick. Zach decides to blame that on Nicole. But Derrick doesn’t buy it. He knows Zach is lying. But Derrick is more concerned about getting Victoria back on his side. And along the way, he decides it’s not a bad idea to make Zach look bad again, which has been the theme of this season (especially with Derrick and Team America).

Speaking of Team America, the mission this week was another horrible choice (good work, again, America), so they can’t do it.

Back to the game again. Derrick, Caleb and Cody are talking about what’s going to happen when Zach uses the veto. They don’t want Cody or Derrick going up and Derrick doesn’t want VIctoria going up. So they decide Nicole should go up. So Caleb decides to go to Christine and work toward getting Nicole on the block.

Caleb tells her that Nicole said “Caleb, if you throw (the BOTB), I will backdoor Christine.”

So at the Veto ceremony, Zach uses it on himself and Christine does decide to put Nicole up in his place. So either Nicole or Donny will be evicted Thursday night.


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  1. wow. the worst season ever!!!!!! At first I was really excited as a BB fan, yet am seriously disappointed with how things are rigged and the outcome already planned. Shame on you BB.

      • More and more it sounds like it may have been rigged for Frankie to win. I think Zach called it right on the DR.

    • The only thing that has seemed remotely rigged was this weeks BOB being able to be won by one person.

      It is a weak season, but it seems like they’ve been trying to create a horrible season. They’ve done EVERYTHING that BB fans hate. Recruiting cast members, giving America an impact on the game, bringing back evicted houseguests, and making HOH more useless than it already was (due to the BOB twist). These are all things that people hate, and they decided it was a good idea to do all of them. There were also some weird casting choices with Christine, Victoria, and Jocasta, among others.

      But, the saving grace for this season has been Derrick, who is emerging as possibly one of the all-time great players of the game.

      • The only requirement for casting this season seems to have been that they were more likable than last year’s cast. Well, mission successful, but at what cost???

        The Team America twist is horrible, the dual HOHs and BOB should’ve ended with the DE like every single other twist for all seasons, these have both more than worn out their welcome.

        Not to mention, the stupidity that the BOB holds just as much power as the POV. Yes, this wasn’t an issue back in the first couple of weeks, but now that they’re running out of players to nominate, this particular rule means that there are less and less options for renomination after the Veto is played (unless, you know, the Detonators finally decide to PLAY this game and allow themselves to go up on the block). BB either needs to drop the twist and shake up the game again, or just send all these HGs home now and just write Derrick the check, because I really think he’s just gonna win it all.

      • The only twist that I like is when they can bring back a person from the jury house, that is when it gets good…did they ever do it where America votes who they want to bring back? I have watched every season but I can never remember things that happen from year to year. Also was last season the first time they did this, with Judd coming back in the house?

      • They’ve brought people back before, but yeah last year was the first time it was a juror.

        I despise people being brought back into games after losing. It’s completely unfair to the people who didn’t lose, and it’s utterly pointless. It’s pointless because the person brought back absolutely cannot win, because anyone they sit next to at the end can bring up that the returning player lost, and they didn’t. With that being the case, why bother bringing them back? And if they do win somehow, it’d be a complete injustice and would invalidate the entire season; pretty much making the entire game meaningless.

  2. Just finished Sunday’s episode. Wow, that was one intense BOB. And Caleb really did throw the comp but it didn’t work. Shame but at least we got some drama inside the house. :)

    • Want to know how bad it was rigged, As soon as Caleb saw that Frankie was gaining momentum against Zach and Donny, he stood up to try and take one of the chains and Production stopped him and told him to sit down, there’s evidence of this if you pay attention to the conversation Cody and Derrick were having till 7am before Production cut off the feeds so we couldn’t hear the rest of the details but from how it sounded before Production cut it off it was baaad. I guess that’s why Caleb didn’t want to throw this veto comp cause Production gave him some sort of threat.

      • Punishment I guess for Caleb for completely not partaking in the competition but it’d be difficult nonetheless to do that kind of comp that’s easier with two people helping each other out.

        But who knows? We would only know what really happened one year from now after the cast are officially released from their contracts post-show so all we can do at the moment is speculate and gather we can get from the feeds.

      • What’s the big secret you think is going to be revealed when the cast are released from their contracts? The producers rigged the BoB so that it would play better on TV – SHOCKER

      • Or at least a confirmation. So far, none of the past alumni went as far as saying “YES, IT WAS RIGGED FROM THE START!” with hard testimonies from the others to support that.

        Remember last year? Someone who claims to be an insider from production said “she” has evidence that proves Amanda was a predestined winner for BB15 and she’ll show it for the world to see on finale night. Fast-forward, it didn’t happen and Amanda was evicted weeks prior.

        The comp itself could not be possibly reconfigured in time to benefit a single player especially when it’s difficult enough to create balance on that beam while carrying a ball to fill a hole. Donny and Zach could have won it as well as they were already neck to neck with Frankie playing solo.

        ATS, BB’s partner company who’s behind the design and construction of comps for the show, would have find themselves in a logistics nightmare if they are told at the eleventh hour to change/redesign a comp they’ve already been working on midway and testing them for safety reasons and the like. They don’t have the benefit of time to do so on top of having to construct for another comp the next day.

        So there’s a lot of factors to consider before simply settling with a conclusion of a competition being rigged to favor someone beyond just being advantageous to people who have a sense of control and balance.


      • Jesus, wow!!! Makes sense too, b/c when we saw the dynamics of the POV I kept yelling “Caleb get up… Yank the chain away”….. It would have been so easy to sabotage had he played…. I’m wondering if that was the night that BBAD started REALLY late… and when it finally aired, Caleb was alone in the kitchen….. It was bizzare!

      • This is a TV show not the Olympics – Of course the producers are going to manipulate events for entertainment value

  3. I think what could really shake things up would be the person that wins in the jury should get to evict one person when they go in and will come back in the game as the only HOH that week!

  4. I’m enjoying this season a hell of a lot more than the last, but they need to get back to basics. Get rid of all these stupid ‘twists’. I don’t recall a single one that’s been worthwhile except perhaps the introduction of the POV in season 3.

    • Do you want Season 10=level back to basics or something along the lines of Season 2 or even Season 1?

      • season 10 but without america’s player would be perfect for this guy :). IMO the cast is what makes BB interesting, not the twists. If you have poor ratings, it shouldn’t be taken as an indicator that more twists are needed.

      • Well said! Alongside of this they really need to consider: STOP recruiting actors, models, athletes & minor celebrities for the TNA factor! There are plenty of good looking people who need this money for important things like their mortgages, or their medical bills, or their debts… there’s no need to defile the spirit of reality tv by recruiting instead of taking those who actually auditioned! A wider range of ages, cultures, and walks of life would also be nice. I’d also like to see people with some form of connection to each other but they don’t know it (long lost brother/sister combinations, or mother/daughter, or…etc) Imagine how interesting it would be to watch a sibling battle to get the other person out of the house not knowing it was their own relative!

      • I just hope next season they actually try to recruit some girls/etc who can play, rather than just getting a bunch of pretty girls who have no idea what they’re in for.

      • no I hope they don’t recruit anyone! Just get back to accepting and going through the 1000’s of people who actually apply to be on the show! No more models who are looking to make a name for themselves!

      • I know why did they start doing recruiting people? Did they always do this?
        You would think that among the people that want to actually be on the show they could find 16 suitable people…I get it that they want people who look good on camera and all that nonsense but they have to be interesting and these two things do not always go hand in hand….oh and they need to be at least a little intelligent as well.

      • I believe they always have whenever they’re not able to get the right combo of people from the auditions alone. We know for certain Seasons 4-6, 8 were the ones filled with recruits to accomodate those seasons’ twists (X-Factor, Project DNA, Summer of Secrets, Enemies from the Past).

      • I’d like to see a back-to-basics format combining elements of BB1 (rewards-based tasks, no discussion of nominations, basic rations/staples, America either vote to evict/save a houseguest for the first 3-4 weeks, an interactively talking Big Brother) and BB2 (Head of Household, no POV, jury choose the winner).

  5. So can America keeping picking the worse things for TA to do once Donnie is gone so Frankie and Derrick get no more money.

    • I think the next TA member to go (since Jody was 1st) then it will end. Having said that I think the idea of TA was a good one (with 2 players) but the choices of task were crazy. I liked the old stuff where they like put a lock on the storage room or hiding peoples clothes or just moving stuff around. That crazy chainsaw would have been a great thing to move and it would have taken at least 2 people. They could have cut the money amount to maybe 1k instead of 5k.

  6. Love the updates Branden. LOVE BB. Sure there are things disappointing this year. There is every year. The biggest thing fans forget “It’s a GAME”. People really need to remember that. Everybody plays differently. BB could help by giving them more to do, more game stuff. this staying up all night is definitely old. Go to bed people, at least by 2 or 3 their time. Derrick and Cody were up till 7am. That’s ridiculous. I think because they had such racist last year they ended up with a few boring people this yr. There is a happy medium in there so hopefully they find it for next year. Derrick is playing the best game and Donny is the fan favorite IMO.

  7. I hope Christine goes next for listening to those lies told to her you might as well give the money to Derrick he’s calling all the shots. I can’t wait till they have to turn on each other then well see who really has who’s back.

    • yes me too, that is when it will get really interesting when Cody and Caleb and Donny have to actually start lying and manipulating things too….and they might even have to go against…..Derrick…dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..

  8. So sick of those commenting that this is the “worst season ever” and these are “weak houseguests.” Stop watching if you choose, but don’t ruin the party for the rest of us suckers. I like the season. I like the changes to the game. I think Derrick is a great player and deserves to win.

    • I agree!!! I’m tired of people writing how its rigged, or how it’s boring, etc. If you hate the show that much, why are you watching it? I’ve watched every season and I always find it entertaining. :)

      • Pixie I’ve been watching BB since it began also and your right I always find it entertaining, minus last year which for the first time I chose to stop and found CBS’s actions inexcusable. As far as rigging goes they’ve only started blatantly doing it in front of our eyes cause they feel in their minds after last year if they pulled off the most controversial season and still gained audience then in their eyes they feel they can push the envelope but it’s only going to catch up to them if they continue this route. Your right about the entertainment part but at what price and do you feel they can blatantly devalue it and tarnish the reputation it built since it started.

      • I agree with all of you….I love BB and I look forward to it every summer as there is usually nothing else on. Every year I hate all the people the first few episodes thinking that they are not as good as last year or the year before or whatever…but I inevitably end up being obsessed with it and loving the people just like I would imagine everybody who reads and posts comments here. As far as the comps being rigged or the production getting involved…I really try not to think too too hard about that nonsense and go through just watching it and knowing that it is just entertainment…its not that deep….just watch and enjoy….

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