Big Brother 16: The Detonators Gets Blown Up Yet Again – Zach Attack!

How many times can one alliance get blown up on Big Brother 16? More than I would have expected and it seems to just keep happening. Last night Zach up’d the counter when he took Victoria in to the Hive and exposed The Detonators.

Zach Rance on Big Brother 16
Zach Rance on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Flashback to 10:13PM BBT 8/9 (get your Free Trial now) to watch as Zach sets off yet another chain of events. He tells Victoria about the Detonators alliance (10:17PM BBT) and how he has deals around the house including a F3 with Derrick and Cody.

Now that Zach has secured his safety this week with the Power of Veto win on Saturday he doesn’t seem nearly as worried about tripping over his own tongue.

The news of the Detonators and LTA is of course very upsetting and concerning for Victoria who thought she was tight with Derrick but is now learning that Derrick had a 5-HG alliance without her.

Victoria tells Zach he can’t trust Frankie and Zach agrees though he says he spent time trying to get Frankie thinking they were okay.

Zach and Victoria agree that they still trust Derrick and Cody while both want to see Nicole gone. They wrap up their talk and all seems well until Victoria goes sobbing to Nicole.

Flashback to 11:00PM BBT to find Victoria saying this is like she found out Derrick was cheating on her. “He’s a piece of s**t!” Victoria says. Victoria is very, very upset despite having been perfectly calm when she was with Zach just a few minutes before.

Is Victoria just putting on a show? Maybe, but what advantage is she gaining here? I’m not sure.

Now Nicole also knows about the Detonators in a different capacity from what was spread last week in the Det’s attempt to keep Zach from blowing them up if evicted. Nicole takes that knowledge back to Cody. There’s denials and explanations and everything runs around in a circle. Eventually things work their way back to Derrick who goes in to damage control mode. His specialty. I’ll have more on that later.

So what do you think of Zach spreading Detonators around even more? Will this help his game?



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  1. It is only Nicole, Caleb, Victoria and Donny who do not have a clue even if you tell them. Are these house guests really that dumb not to figure out who the members of the alliance are? Do they not see that all 4 of them are on the outside looking in because information is not shared to them?
    Also, do they not see they have been on the block multiple times and that the alliance put them there? These guys need a road map but, I doubt even that will help them find their way! What they should be doing is forming an alliance amongst themselves to last in the game as long as they can. Believing the alliance members, Christine, Frankie, Zach, Derrick and Cody does not help their game one tiny bit but, they still cannot figure it out.

    • Donny told Nicole yesterday that there are people running the house and he hasn’t said anything because it would get back to them and he would be gone sooner. When Nicole asked who he was talking about, he said he calls them the four horsemen, and they are Christine, Frankie, Derrick, Cody… Donny sees it… The others are blind! I think Donny told her because he’s said repeatedly that he knows he’s leaving this week. :-(

      • I honestly think Donny is one of the smartest people in the house. I also think that Zach is intelligent underneath that childish behavior. Donny sits back and watches and learns. Zach I think went around in the beginning telling everyone the truth as a ploy. Then when they needed the truth he could lie and they believed Zach. Donny is telling Nichole so that she will go after the 4 horseman when he leaves.

      • Last week, I thought Nicole was coming around not believing Christine’s lies. However, it seems she still trusts Derrick and Cody after being betrayed in the Jocasta eviction and being put on the block and Hayden evicted? What other proof does she need to find out that Derrick and Cody has been lying to her? Also, Victoria exposed the Detonators to Nicole, so what more info does she need to figure it out? I just hope that Christine does not put Nicole on the block as instructed to by Derrick. If so, she is gone and headed to the jury house.

      • Nicole doesn’t trust anyone. She’s trying to get further in the game so she’s going to tell them what they need to here to save herself. Christine went and told Nicole and Cody that Frankie is trying to get Nicole backdoored so I don’t think Christine will put her up. Also after Frankie left the HOH Christine was talking to herself and said he needs to go. She knows he’s hurting her game. But now their going on that outing and Frankie and Caleb said they’re going to work on Christine to backdoor Nicole so I’m sure they’re going to be telling all kind of lies.

    • Nicole and Donny are wise to all the alliances. Nicole is trying to save her game because everyone keeps throwing her under the bus. Last week it was Frankie saying blame everything on Zach. Well that backfired so now he’s saying let’s blame everything on Nicole. He’s such a weasel. And if I was one of the guys and he was rubbing and laying all over me I’d say get the eff off me.

    • Donny is a lot smarter than he plays it to be. He’s not stupid and he knows something is going on. I hope Donny stays and Victoria leaves. She is useless anyway.

      • Donny may know what is going on in the house but he has played a very poor game. Where is his alliance ? That’s right…. he doesn’t have one. You can’t go very far in the BB house as a loner. He waited too long to get his personal army formed and now its too late. I wouldn’t use Donny and smart in the same sentence anymore.

    • I totally agree with everything you said. I like Nicole, but seriously, if she can’t figure this out even after being told then she’s as good as gone. She was told about the alliance and then still talked to Cody about it while she should be trying to make her own alliance to save herself…as well as the others that are not part of the detenators. These people can’t be that clueless! It’s right in front of their faces!

    • Christine can change the course of this game if she has the courage to put Derrick on the block. I have yet heard any of the HG scheme of putting Derrick on the block. I know Donnie would but he has to win HOH. It might be too late.

      • I agree… Someone has to get past Cody’s lock down on Christine’s mind and convince her that getting rid of Derrick will cause the detonators to implode without their puppet master.. Cody would oppose it, but if Nicole, Zach, Victoria work together on her and Zach can smooth it over with Victoria and convince her that Derrick has lied to her all along, then the chances that Donnie would be saved are greater if Derrick is named as a replacement nominee when Zach pulls himself off. I think Zach could get Frankie aboard on voting Derrick out. Caleb is the wild card because he did think that Frankie is responsible for getting Amber out and would do the opposite of what Frankie wanted out of spite. Both Frankie and Zach are safe this week.

      • This is what I want to happen. I’m so glad Zack blew up Derrick’s game to Victoria.

      • But I think Derrick would have the votes to stay. He’s got Frankie, Cody, Zach, and he can convince Victoria or Christine not to evict him

      • Well, somebody has to try if they want to survive. They have to commit and work hard. Zack is the first HG I’ll work on, then Victoria. I see cracks on those two players. Frankie too. You’ll never know.

  2. So Zach can’t figure out why people want him out? In the BB Dictionary under “Loose cannon” is a picture of Zach.

    • Agreed. I love to watch intelligent play. Besides Derrick it is hard to find intelligent life forms of any kind this season.

    • Yes true they seems poorly chosen for this season, not wise enuff for the entertainment of this game..:( Very sad..!

    • Let me guess, Frankie??? hahaha Zach is a loose cannon, but we find him more entertaining when he explodes than we do Frankie, who loves to take to the stage!

  3. I think Caleb will buy into Frankie’s BS and try to be BFF with him to meet all the rich and famous that Frankie claims he can introduce him to. Bet money Bieber doesn’t ask for Caleb to stay in touch that is- if Frankie has ever met him . Get Frankie out.

      • Frankie is in love/lust with Caleb and cuddle buddies with Zach. Caleb is the alpha male of the BB house though. Notice how every other guy in the house is scared of him?

    • Frankie has met Justin Bieber. They have pics together on the internet. Do I think they are tight? No. All that being said, this is a game. Lies and deceit are what will get the 2 who are best at it to the end. Remember last season. He did not but float and lie to everyone in the house and won the money.

      • Justin is good friends with Ariana.. So of course Frankie would know him through his sister.. I made a comment earlier that I hope that Ariana does not ask Justin to interfere if Frankie is sent to the jury house and America is asked to vote a player back to the BB house.. BB Canada 1 did this with Gary Glitter who was evicted then the twist was announced that Canada gets to vote one player back into the house. The fan favorite was Gary.. This would not be fair to the other players if Ariana were to ask Justin to get his army of Beliebers to vote for her brother if it comes down to a America votes scenario to send back a player back into the BB house. I love Frankie despite his many faults but if he is evicted and sent to the jury house then he needs to earn his way back to the BB house on his own and not think Ariana & Justin are waiting to step in to help him win.

      • Not to mention, in BB canada1, Gary was brought back into the house AFTER it was already final FOUR… there was a huge outrage from the BB canada fans that this was just too much production interference, trying to get THEIR favorite player back into the game any which way they could. (Just change the rules , add a new twist, write a new script for the HG’s to follow).

    • Did you see on the feeds Frankie saying to Victoria that Nicole told him he used his sister to get Victoria. But then says Nicole will pay for it when she gets out from all Ariana’s fans. Give me a break. Frankie is just as delusional as Caleb.

    • Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber are good friends, in fact she has gone out of her way to publicly defend him while all his negative publicity was out in the open.. Frankie would know him through his sister. Who knows if Justin would help Caleb or not, he certainly has the connections in the music industry to help him if he wanted. I actually looked up videos of Caleb singing on YouTube, he is not that bad actually signing country music. But that is only my opinion.. LOL

      • I don’t think Bieber would be able to tolerate Caleb’s habit of constantly talking about himself either.

  4. So is it pretty much a done deal that Frankie and Derrick are not going to try and keep Donny for Team America? I wish that those two would realize that only one person can win, and it is in their best interest to earn as much money as they can before the final four. I also think that Zach’s tactics could get him to the final. No one will vote for him to win.

    • I think Zach knows this. I think he is smarter than people give him credit for. He constantly talks about how he has no shot at winning. He talks with frankie about winning 50,000 (the second place prize). He is playing that card. I actually strongly disagree with you about no one voting for him. Nicole and Donny are talked about yesterday how they’d definitely vote for Zach even over the other guys. Zach is actually very popular in the house and in the jury. He is also being smart in that he is becoming much more 1 on 1 closer with all potential jury members. He has spent individual time with Nicole, Victoria, and Donny and has made them all like him better because of it. Don’t underestimate him. I think he’d be a lock to win if he ends up with someone like Christine/Victoria or even potentially Frankie (who NO ONE wants to vote for) or caleb

      • And that is what explains why Zach has grown on me since 3 weeks ago than before then! :-)

      • If Zach was smart, which I think he is even though he comes across as a wild cannon at times, he would want to go final two with Frankie, chances are that Zach would get the majority of votes to win or it could turn out to be a monumental screw up moment like BB Canada 1 when Topaz screwed up her vote and voted for Jillian to win instead of Gary breaking the tie. I could see Caleb being this years version of Topaz… LOL

  5. I think Frankie thinks this is the “Frankie Show”. He is soooooo self-absorbed. He lives off of his sister’s fame. He really thinks his shi* does not stink. I am sooooo sick of watching this narcisist. If all the mirrors in the BB house disappeared, he and Victoria would wither away and die. I would hope that Derrick and Cody would side with Nicole, Caleb, Donny and Victoria and kick Frankie and Christine out. Then a new game would begin!

    • Frankie’s delusions of grandeur after he announced he was Ariana’s brother are absolutely disgusting. He even announced that America was going to hate Nicole for trying to evict him and seemed to be hoping that would happen.

  6. So let’s see—-Victoria was crying because when she found out that Derrick had lied to her she felt like he had been cheating on her—-give me a break and welcome to Big Brother Victoria.

    • She couldn’t believe someone would play her like that. But she keeps forgetting she’s in the BB house sometimes too! LOL

      • Remember that it wasn’t all that long ago that she figured out that there were cameras everywhere. I am sure that she is a nice person, but really naive.

  7. Ya’ll need to go check out Frankie’s Youtube channel and you’ll see that all he’s been doing on BB is acting. I’ve come to the opinion that if left alone, he would go crazy because he doesn’t have an audience to perform to. He doesn’t seem to know how to comfortable in his own skin and form any kind of logical thinking that it takes to survive in the BB house!

    • Gag me with a spoon! Are you serious? LOL I see way too much of him. If I actually made a choice to watch more of Frankie, just know that would be evidence of dementia and you might as well call for the straight jacket.

      • Plus I was only able to last through one vid, before I told myself that was too much!! :-)

      • I can’t imagine and don’t want to take a chance on getting something like that stuck in my head before bedtime. I’m sure it is very entertaining to some people. It’s nice to be able to express an opinion and have a little fun with it.

  8. I think Zach is trying to find out who the mastermind is behind the Detonators by exposing them, however I think he suspects that Derrick is the one pulling the strings now. Christine will be influenced by Cody so a Zach/Nicole/Donny and possibly Frankie alliance will have to convince Christine to put up Derrick.. Victoria could be on board which will leave Cody vulnerable unless he is told if he does not agree he will be put up instead.

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