Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Hot Topic For Aug. 12: Nicole And Donny Rank The HGs


It was another slow day in the Big Brother 16 house as production is letting them sleep all day. Donny and Nicole were the only people actually up most of the day, so they had a lot of time to talk about their fellow HGs. One by one, they gave us the rundown of what they think of them.

Here’s some of the standout conversations, that seem to reflect what a lot of fans are thinking:

2:45 PM BBT – Christine: Donny wonders if she and Cody are actually married because she can’t keep her hands off him. Nicole says she just thinks she’s really into Cody despite being married. She said Hayden was the first person to bring it up.

2:46 PM BBT – Zach: They both agree he’s a lot of fun and has a lot of heart, but he can’t be trusted.

2:48 PM BBT – Cody: Nicole says he’s nice, but he’s not entertaining at all. They both agree they’re very disappointed in Cody, but Donny thinks he’s been manipulated.

2:54 PM BBT – Caleb: Donny thinks Caleb isn’t very smart. He says he didn’t even know how to throw the Battle of the Block with Frankie. Instead of just sitting down, Caleb should have just played terribly to throw it, Donny suggests.

Talk of Frankie and Derrick was mixed in here and there. To summarize, they think people would be stupid to take Derrick to final two because he will beat them. And they think Frankie is a snake. Oh, and Victoria didn’t even come up.



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    • Lol! I was about to type the same thing. Victoria, who is that? Is she playing BB America?

      • I’m pretty sure she’s the person who was in the season opener talking about how she’s the best looking woman in the house (which ironically might come true after Christine & Nicole are gone – then she only has to compete with Frankie)… ba dum dum! ;)

      • Surely you are my queen… now could you please stop smudging my surface with all that dang hairspray?!!

      • Well, when Nicole is gone anyways. I don’t think Christine is much competition in the looks department.

      • I think Caleb and Cody are way prettier than Victoria….she looks like that lady from hocus pocus.

    • To be fair though, she’s stepped up her game a little bit over the past week. Is she still clueless? Sure. But she seems to be understanding what Big Brother is all about little by little. Although it helps when Derrick is telling her what to do every day.

      • I think she’s just figured out that this isn’t the trip to a new mall like her mom told her it was. Until now she couldn’t understand why her credit card didn’t work on purchasing an alliance.

  1. Sad they are now having this conversation while they are both up for eviction. They could have been a secret power alliance. Nicole was too trusting in Derrick and too verbal at the wrong time.

    • Too bad Donny broke her trust running around telling people what she was saying her first HoH.

  2. Donny should take his last week in the house to tell everyone about Team America and throw Derrick under the bus. But that’s not how he plays the game, so…

  3. Some HG’s keep saying that Nicole has made peace and she has apologized for everything..what in the heck has she done that she needs to apologize to everyone before she leaves on Thursday? She has played the game clean and not dirty like some people. If I were her, I would tell them to kiss my a**!!! But, she’s not like that so I guess she will walk out with her head up.

    • Nicole has been raised to know right from wrong and has a conscience. Her parents should be proud of their girl.

      • Agree. It’s a little sad that those kinds of players don’t win the game anymore.

      • Hey are you stealing lines from my script? There is one slight exception – Jordan won and she was probably the nicest person during her season. There’s a little bit of sass in her too (she went and got right in Russell’s face with a chest bump no less).

      • Because Natalie was such a genius gamer and was robbed? Or Kevin??
        The right person won out of that final 3.

      • Maybe because nice people generally don’t win in a game based around lying and backstabbing.

      • She has been put on the block by Christine. I don’t want to say much will have to watch the show tomorrow night!! If you want more spoilers, some of us live feeders will be glad to help you out!

      • Hello jello! (sorry couldn’t resist)… but yes as Hoosier said it is a spoiler site with one exception. Nobody ultimately knows what will happen at the live eviction. In theory the feeds could cut like they usually do a couple hours before the show airs and they could change their minds on who they’ll be voting for (which means that even the live feed people will be shocked when the results are opposite of what they thought).

      • yes… sorry was just trying to emphasize that the live vote was in fact live. But yes we kinda know how it works out ahead of time unless something happens outside of the video coverage.

  4. It sucks that every time Donny gets aligned in some way with someone, they get evicted. Better everyone else than Donny but still. I hope for Donny’s sake that Hayden comes back rather than Nicole since Nicole is just stupid enough to trust Derrick/Cody again.

    • Donny aches for some intelligent,unadulterated conversation. He is craving something to read. I hope the Jenga game they just got came in a box so he will have something new to read.

    • No no no the coming back privilege is reserved for our man Donny when he sadly gets voted out next week. BUT… it’s not too bad, because I think they’ll place him back into the house when the time is right for him to be a swing vote. There’s hope yet!

      • I’m helping them as we speak, watching Nicole trying to talk her way out of eviction. At least she hasn’t given up. Good for her.

      • Good for Nicole! And good for you to – heck if there’s one cause we can all rally around it’s the need to bring more ratings to this fine fine reality show where the people are real, the circumstances are real, and the money the execs get from us shcmucks is definitely real!

      • You are really funny tonight, Matt, or either I’m just really tired. I’m giggling. I don’t usually giggle.

      • Oh don’t worry it’s because every now and then I lace my comments with laughing gas… ;)

      • Wait, does CBS own TVGN? I don’t have live feeds. I’m watching BBAD. Either way I’m sure CBS owns rights to it all, right?

      • Lionsgate owns TVGN but is in a partnership with CBS, which has a minority yet significant stake which allows them to provide programming to the channel. They’re airing repeats of Y&R, and B&B and coming soon syndicated repeats of Beverly Hills 90210 which they own. :)

      • Yes CBS owns TVGN.That is why AD is not on Showtime anymore. They assume people will pay for live feeds. Not me though.

      • I don’t either, Jenny, but I don’t have the time to watch it that much…grandkids..apples of my eye! Thanks for info.

    • I really like Nicole and was rooting for her, but you’re right. It’s hard to root for her when she keeps trusting Derrick and Cody time and time again even after finding out about the detenators. I just can’t fathom how she is not seeing through their lies. I’d like whoever comes back in to try to turn the house upside down, although it seems kinda impossible at this point. My fingers are still crossed lol.

      • I know right? she should align herself with Donny and what is that other girls name? oh right Victoria…..that one ….and maybe even Zach if she could ….trusting Cody and Derrick was her first mistake….

  5. Yeah, I was watching at that time. It was pretty funny to watch them make all the same comments America’s been making all along. Now if only some of this conversation makes it into the eviction speeches, maybe more Nicole’s rather than Donny’s, as she seems to be leaving as of this moment.

  6. Is this one of those newfangled “twists”, where they bring in a new HouseGuest in the middle of the season? Cause I had no idea this “Victoria” girl was inside the house.

  7. I am going to laugh my butt off if Donnie and Vic got hoh that would be hilarious and they would all be screwed

  8. Watching After Dark and Christine and Cody bug the heck out of me right now! They’re talking like they are so good at this game, when in reality Derrick has carried them. Cody is saying Donny doesn’t deserve to stay because he scheming against his side? Okay so you deserve to stay because you do nothing but talk crap?

  9. I just heard Cody and Derrick say that Nicole is leaving because of all the lies that Frankie has put out there…what a lame excuse to send her home. Frankie has taken over Christine’s HOH room, although she is letting him do it, He puts outright lies out in the air and uses that as his excuse to send someone home..Nicole put Frankie on the block,,you would think that she tried to have him executed! He is such an irritating person. Frankie saying that Nicole needed to apologize to him is a bunch of BS!!

  10. As bad as Victoria isat play and she makes it to F3 with Derrick and Cody and she managesto get Derrick out and only her and Cody are left sheshould get the500k over those two.

    • Though I do agree that Victoria isn’t as stupid as people think she is I think there’s no way she can or should win over Cody. Cody has been playing the game since day 1, not day 40 or so like Victoria, and he’s worked hard to create bonds with every single person in the house. He’s always been in on what’s happening in the house and Victoria just asks Derrick who to vote for 5 minutes before eviction. While it’s a great strategy to get to the end (and I predict she will) she won’t be able to win the game on it unless she’s up against someone who is absolutely despised by the jury. Even Frankie and Christine have a better shot at winning the 500k than Victoria. Just my 2 cents. And by the way, Victoria’s laughing all the way to the bank. 50k is nothing to scoff at and it’s basically hers to lose right now.

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