Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 7 Tuesday Highlights


It’s that time of the season when we’re down to only a couple HGs and the feeds slow and the games show up in the storage room. WAIT. There are still nine houseguests left. Why are the feeds this slow and why do they already have Jenga? Luckily, Nicole did decide to start campaigning heavily, so the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds weren’t a total loss Tuesday.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 12, 2014:

9:13 AM BBT – Feeds cut for wake-up music.

9:30 AM BBT – Feeds return. HGs are getting up. Some move about but go back to bed.

10:30 AM BBT – Nothing at all going on.

11:30 AM BBT – Still no actual activity.

12:30 PM BBT – Christine has the HOH camera. She’s taking some pictures (mostly of herself and sleeping HGs).

1:15 PM BBT – More HGs up. Some taking pictures with the HOH camera.

1:50 PM BBT – Donny and Nicole are the only ones talking. They have  a long conversation about the others.

4:19 PM BBT – Frankie, not up long, is called to the storage room where he finds some games, including Jenga.

4:30 PM BBT – Nicole, Donny and Frankie play badminton.

6:36 PM BBT – Zach, Nicole, Cody and Caleb are now playing badminton.

7:15 PM BBT – Cody and Victoria are talking about Nicole being on the block. Victoria wants her to stay and says Donny is a bigger threat. Cody tells her Nicole this week, Donny next.

7:50 PM BBT – Nicole pulls Christine in the fire room. She says she has to do what she can to try to stay. She’s making her case and saying that Donny should go over her. She says that Donny will probably team up with Zach and Caleb to get Christine and Cody out. Christine tells her she’s fine with her staying, but she basically says she has no control over what the guys want.

8:15 PM BBT – Nicole continues her pitch. She says she can be used to get people out Christine wants out without getting the blood on her hands.

8:31 PM BBT – Christine is preceptive to the idea. So Nicole moves on to Derrick. She tells him that she thinks Donny and Zach are working together and they will probably have Caleb on their side too. He tells her if she has the votes, he’ll vote to keep her.

8:54 PM BBT – Derrick tells Christine that it doesn’t matter to him if Nicole stays. He says it’s her call. They decide it’s best she goes. Derrick plans to tell Nicole later tonight it’s a lost cause.

9:15 PM BBT – HGs are playing Jenga.

9:40 PM BBT – Cody is annoyed that Donny is still getting by. He says they send home all his allies but not him.

10:13 PM BBT – Nicole tells Cody that he and Christine are Donny’s main targets.

10:50 PM BBT – Cody taking part in his favorite pastime: Bashing Zach.

12:53 AM BBT – Nicole and Derrick are talking. She tells Derrick that Cody wants to keep her. He says he does too.

1:25 AM BBT – Nicole talks to the camera saying she knows she has little chance of staying, but a good player gets out of bad situations so that’s what she’s going to try to do.

1:50 AM BBT – Nicole is looking for a way to bait Donny in to saying he wants Frankie out so she can use it against him (Donny).

2:40 AM BBT – Nicole is working on Derrick for support, but it’s not going anywhere. He reminds her how many HoHs she’s won. Nicole says she hopes it’s Hayden that gets to come back in to the game instead of her.

3:10 AM BBT – Caleb and Frankie discuss how Christine and Cody are all over each other. They think it’s strange and inappropriate.

3:20 AM BBT – Nicole tackles Zach and gives him a major wedgie.

3:45 AM BBT – Zach is trying to get information out of Nicole in exchange for considering to keep her. He wants to know about the alliance Haycole made with Derrick and Cody, but she won’t name it. Nicole tells him it was Christine and Frankie’s idea to get him out.

4:05 AM BBT – Nicole and Zach continue to discuss the situation and if there’s a way to save her. Nicole says he won’t go much farther without him. He says he’ll think of a plan.

5:00 AM BBT – Nicole, Zach, and Victoria still having a strategy session in the Hive. He’s working to get her to spill the beans on everything she knows. Zach says he’ll help save her, but that’s yet to be seen.

Nicole has her work cut out for her if she wants to stay. At this point last week, Zach was a goner and he got his miracle in the 11th hour. Can Nicole?

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  1. It may be too late for Nicole. What she hasn’t tried yet which might work is to promise her jury vote. She can also tell Derrick that she will convince the others in the jury house to vote for him if she stays safe for a couple of weeks. If she gets evicted then, she will campaign against him! Use the carrot and stick strategy. First, entice him with her vote but, if he refuses, give him the stick or adverse consequence of refusing. That is having a very hostile jury even if he makes it to Final 2. Derrick then, has to decide if he wants to chance it. In reality, giving Nicole a few extra weeks is not going to matter much to Derrick because he is safe. Unfortunately, Donny is the casualty if she succeeds in staying somehow. Donny has not really played the game other than win POV or BOTB when he needs to survive.
    I like both of them but, like Nicole more because she at least, is trying to play the game. I am hoping she wises up if she ends up staying.

    • Donny has not been included when it comes to “playing the game”. He has been shunned and shoved aside. Example Yesterday Christine was taking HOH photos…Donny was not included in the photos but he was asked to “take” a photo of the others. They think they are better than he is and that really pisses me off….

      • Like it or not, the house guests have to play under the conditions they find themselves in the Big Brother House. What I am saying is Donny has not made any moves to form alliances when he had the chance when Jocasta was still there. What about Victoria? Donny could have formed a strong alliance with them and Nicole and Hayden. Problem is when Nicole tells him about he plan to put up Amber and Caleb, he told Jocasta and Victoria in the living room for everyone to see him doing it! Also, he has a habit of talking to Derrick and the other guys and telling them things when he should be playing low key and keeping his mouth shut. The same goes for Nicole, if she was not blabbing her mouth to Derrick and Cody, she probably would not be considered a threat before she even put her plan to action. The trick is to nod your head in agreement to whatever they say but, do not say anything verbal. Or if they ask, who are you going to put up if you are HOH, don’t know yet. Let them talk and use that against them when the time is right.

      • But he also knows how everyone feels towards him, yet hes never tried to sway them. He a bump on a log. I like him, but not as a player. He makes no deals, he only speaks to the 2 or 3 that speak to him an he doesn’t even try to use them to his advantage.

    • I don’t think the guys are going to vote for her to stay at this point. She is a threat if she makes it to the end and has a number of HOH wins. Also, and I’m sure this is in the back of their minds, if Hayden comes back she has another ally and they will definitely work together. Donny will probably be voted out soon, but he’s not playing the game as hard. Only when he needs to. I think Derrick is keeping him because of Team America. As “off the handle” as Zach is, I’m hoping for him to win HOH this week or next. It will make things more exciting!

      • That is true. Nicole is giving it a try nonetheless. I was thinking the jury vote as a bribe might work with Derrick but, it has not come up yet, in the discussions. There is still time though, till tomorrow so, it could come up for discussion. I am real curious as to what Derrick will say if she does offer him her vote.

      • It would be worth a try. Derrick is one of the few that could be reasoned with, and with him basically in charge he’s the one to talk to.

      • I don’t know if he would expose himself by saving her. He has worked so hard to paint her as a liar to the rest of the house. So if Derrick worked to help her, that might make the other houseguests realize who is actually pulling all the strings and lying to everyone.

      • With Nicole and Donny (planned for next week) gone Derrick will be surrounded by the weakest and dim wittedest group of people that were sent to him through prayer. Even Frankie is on his way out unless somebody steps up and breaks up the team of Cody and Derrick. Why they are not seeing this I don’t understand…

  2. “3:20 AM BBT – Nicole tackles Zach and gives him a major wedgie.”
    Excuse my euphemismistic profanity, but WHAT THE TRUCK IS THAT?

  3. Sad Nicole, too late.. Trying 2 get Donny Out, Really Nicoless… She’s just finding out some where against her,the whole time !!!! So Clueless!!! Donny is Old School, he’s knows the game of Life period.. Christiana the duck..isn’t she married? Relax ur self girl!! I think 4 the 1st time there is no type of attraction with the males/females! All the Pretty women R gone..(Palbo, joey, Brittiany, & Amber) all gone!! That’s Y the men R hugging each other(LOL).. A Mess…What do U guys think, If I’m wrong let me know, but this BB season is something else & these remaining girls R Messy!!

    • Actually, the women, Amber, Brittany, Victoria, Christine have gone gaga over Cody! And look where they are now. Amber, Brittany gone, Victoria and Christine are more interested in a showmance with Cody than that $500,000. Even Nicole is friendly towards Cody and her downfall is because she trusted both Derrick and Cody.
      They used her to try and get Frankie out but, when it failed—-they put the blame on her! That women this season was played for fools by the guys because they lost their focus once, the guys got them thinking about having a showmance. Even now, Victoria and Christine are still gaga over Cody and not paying attention to the game! Other than Caleb, the other guys are focused on the game and never were serious with the showmance. Hayden might be seriously interested in Nicole but, still tried to play the game.

      • Christine has been playing the classic”Mean Girls”game, start the gossip and jealousy among the girls until they don’t like each other, then pick them off, She was helped by the fact that most of the ladies that were cast this year were not BB fans, they were easy pickins. This tactic doesn’t work as well with guys and she doesn’t have the charm or the wit to schmooze them. I predict she’ll be the 5th member of the jury, if she is lucky.

      • Christine wants Nicole gone so she can have Cody all to herself. The constant touching, the arm and back scratching, running her fingers thru his hair, Cody instigates 99% of it, but, once he does Christine is more than happy to oblige.

      • Cody was told by Derrick to smooze with Christine She is gonna realize how stupid she has been when voted out in the next 2 weeks…She is a tool and when not needed any longer she gets sent packing..

      • When Nicole and Donny goes, who is going to be left? I imagine they will keep Victoria and Caleb who are under Derrick’s control which means Frankie and Christine is probably going out next! Zach is a non entity who should be safe.

      • With Frankie in the house hitting on the single men the females don’t have a chance….

      • We’ll,Nicole is just plain annoying…..her voice and accent combined cause mucho whining. And let’s face it, Frankiie is more attractive than Victoria!

      • and u evidently believe that Frankie is entertaining with his constant references to sex and talks about nothing but himself and his sister… u have a lot of free time on ur hands don’t u???

    • Please save your “shortcuts to spelling” for texts. The rest of us know how to write complete sentences…and so should you.

      • What’s the matter Nonnie? If that’s your REAL Name.Are You having difficult understanding the read? Or are you some scholar who has just received there doctrine and wants to vent online!? Whatever the case may be , this is a site for enjoyment. Most of the true heads of BB know exactly what I am talking or in my generation texting about. So Nonnie( Real Name/Yeah) get a drink ,read a book , grab your cane and relax , it’s not that serious! Jeez!

  4. I think …..If I was in Nicoles position and knew that there was no way in hell that I could stay I would start throwing people under the bus right and left…Nicole has nothing to lose if she does that Shes all but out the door anyway….

    • I think the only reason she’s not throwing Derick and Cody under the bus is bc she’d have tell Zach. And she doesn’t trust him. Plus she still needs their votes. Her best bet is to get Cody and Derick to flip and then Christine could break the tie. She is smart for not telling Zach this information.

      • Read my post again….She is not staying She don’t need to go to one certain HG to rat out the others She needs to tell all she knows in an unannounced house meeting with everybody present…again she has nothing to lose…She is not smart for keeping her mouth at this point.. If she is going out make sure she makes it hard on the ones left behind

      • She also knows at this point who ever is evicted has a chance of returning… Juile told them so. If she has a shot at coming back why would you make every single HG your enemy?

      • They are already ur enemy if they gonna vote u out…they ain’t gonna welcome u back with open arms no matter what u have said or done..

      • It probably does not make a difference because whoever comes back will be targeted immediately. Whether it is Hayden, Nicole, Donny or Jocasta, they will be targeted and sent home the same week.
        What they need to do is win HOH that week and hopefully, the Battle of the Block would be over by that time. If not, win POV if they are nominated. They will not get too many chances so, have to make it count. If they win HOH, put up Derrick and Cody outright, if one gets off, put up Frankie or Christine as replacement nominee and one of them will go to the jury house finally.

      • Nicole hasn’t outed Derrick and Cody……CAUSE SHE’S CLUELESS!!! Even if she held a house meeting….she would out everyone but them.

    • Every time she shares damning information with the rest of the house, Derrick and Cody just say she is lying and everyone believes them. So sharing information with Zach or Victoria gets her nowhere.

  5. Nicole put some very good ideas out there last night when she started campaigning. Makes total sense. Donny is coming after Christine, for sure, maybe Cody..Derrick won’t be up there because he is TA..that’s money for them both….Why is Christine playing the game with the guys threatening her? That is ridiculous…why is Frankie holding the whole house hostage because he was put on the’s like he know thinks the HG’s owe him something..they don’t owe him a thing…he took over the HOH room…if Derrick and Cody don’t agree to keep Nicole..then they deserve what is coming if Donny wins HOH…one of them will for sure go up. Nicole would have been a number for them, like she said, 5-4..their favor. I really can’t figure out if Derrick, Frankie and Donny are really making TA a true alliance.

    • Derrick is playing too much of a game like Helen from last season. It was even mentioned that he was the Helen of this season. Did he not watch what happened to Helen. It would be so funny if Frankie and Zach won HOH and sent Derrick or Cody packing.

  6. So this will be a little rant. Let me get his straight, Cody has won only one HoH and it worked to get out Brittany? Victoria has won only ONE veto, and that was given to her because Caleb wanted the money. So really no wins. Donny, has won 3 vetos and one HoH, yes that would make him a big threat, but hes at least playing the game. Victoria is not threat at all, Cody rides the coattails; honestly Donny is not a big physical threat in an endurance comp, but again nice guys finish last. End of rant!

    • Not sure what the rant is. Are you mad because people that haven’t won many competitions are still in the house? Isn’t that kind of the point…to be able to get by unscathed and not having to get blood on your hands?

      Hell, that was Zach’s plan to go into the game [I’m going to throw every competition if I know I’m safe with the people still in it. Unless my back is against the wall and I have to win it to stay.]

    • BB is all about alliances, Donny isn’t part of the big alliance in the house, therefore his chances of going much farther are next to nil. Accumulating “wins” while on the “other” side of the house will only assure you an earlier exit. I don’t think any of the remaining HG’s on the weak side “donny, victoria, nicole”, pose much of a threat.

  7. I am wondering if Donny will rat out Frankie and Derrick being on team america? They have already won 10,000 dollars?

    • If Frankie or Derrick were in Donny’s position, I think they would, but Donny might be too much of a stand up guy to do that. In my opinion, he should have done it weeks ago.

      • You are right but he knows he is going if he does not win Hoh or POV. He could have told Nicole about team america too. I know the game is being deceitful and lying but I don’t think Donny does not want to be a part of that kind of a game.

      • I just think Donny wants to be true to himself and be happy with playing an upright game. But I’m with you, he should tell everyone. But would it really help him or hurt him. Not to mention, Derrick’s end game plan is that anyone who tells the truth, just convince the rest of the house they are lying. Both Zach and Nicole told and reconfirmed Derrick’s various alliances to Victoria, and he convinced Zach to say he was lying and accused Nicole of being the biggest liar in the house.

      • Donny, Victoria and I say Caleb are on the hit list. All you want to do is plant seeds, Probably will get 4 on the jury then 1 will come back in the game. Will have the 4 jury members have a competition. Then the one gets back into the game, If Donny tells Nicole all he has to say is I heard Derrick and Frankie were on team america.

      • But once Nicole shares that info with anyone else, Derrick will tell everyone she is a liar and they will believe him. I know it makes no sense to us that they blindly believe him, but he is using that and its working.

      • IMO, I think Nicole wants to get evicted. She knows she wants to be on jury and see Hayden. IMO she just wants to plant seeds for people still in the game. She just graduated did she? Also, someone gets back in the game? It could be voting?,

      • I do not know if Hayden can knock some sense into her but, maybe, just maybe, he can tell her that Derrick and Cody was lying to them repeatedly. If she can get her head wrapped around that and not trust anyone if she gets a 2nd chance then, we might be in for a new, smarter Nicole the 2nd time around. Let us hope so!

      • Donny has tried to tell Nicole and others but they don’t wanna hear it….that’s why they keep going out the door

      • These guys are pretty dull tools if you get what I mean. Caleb and Victoria should have figured out that they are expendable by now. The same goes for Zach who has wound up on the block nominated by a Detonator, Christine. Frankie only sees that Nicole nominated him. He doesn’t question why Caleb tried to make him lose? Who is behind that?
        And Christine is so gaga over Cody, she has forgotten she is even in the Big Brother House. All she is interested is the showmance? Nobody can help these guys. They will find out in the end when Derrick wins that $500,000. Shocker! As Danielle Donato likes to say.

      • yep pretty dull! U r right about that. Will just see if whoever comes back if it is physical or mental. Or the fans voting. At least Zach makes it interesting.

  8. .Was so nice to watch BBAD last night as Frankie was asleep. Wow the camera let us see and hear some of the players. As soon as the “prince” climbed out of the HOH bed SNAP there he was in our face. Get Frankie out.

    • In truth I have stopped watching BB because of Frankie and his antics…I get my info as to what is going on from this site and Jokers..
      People are sooo concerned over Christine being touchy feely with Cody Victoria and Derricks “alliance” if u will should have Derricks wife questioning his true reasons for his actions. While Frankie is all over every man in the house (minus Derrick) and I chose not to watch Frankie begging for sex….

      • Julie I wrote the same thing but did not post because I would hate to see people defending Frankie

    • It took me awhile to realize why I was enjoying last nights episode of BBAD, and then Frankie woke up and I realized it was because he was sleeping. He is in for a rude awakening when he leaves the house and he isn’t beloved as he thinks he is.

  9. I was just wondering if one of TA gets voted out will the remaining 2 still have tasks ? Or is TA done ?

  10. I love Donny as much as the next person, but my main problem with his game is not enough offense. It’s all been defense, winning comps to save his skin, and I’ve been waiting for the sleeping giant to wake up and start playing like we know he can. Without that, I cannot really root for him even though I want to. I think the key to taking down Derrick is Cody, but he is so caught up in Derrick’s net that it might be impossible to break through to him. If someone can convince Cody that putting up Derrick could save his game (no one can doubt it would be a major move) then there could be some exciting times to come!

    • BB never really gave him a good chance to be in this game. He is the oldest person and because of that has very little in common with the rest of the house. So in the first few days when people are forming relationships, he was already on the outside. Not to mention anyone who was willing to play the game was already in a big alliance.
      And last night, Derrick and Cody were talking about who to take to the final two and Derrick said he didn’t think he could beat Caleb in the end, yet Cody still thinks that he has a shot with Derrick. If Derrick won’t take someone he can’t beat, but is willing to take you, Cody, then that means he can beat you. I can’t decide who is more into Derrick, Victoria or Cody.

      • I completely agree with you! Derrick must have some serious mojo to be doing what he his doing, and still have them panting after him for approval.
        As for Donny, I agree, perhaps with a few more persons in there that would align with him, not just in the game but socially, he could be a different player. I think he still might have a chance if he wins the next HOH, sticks there, and has an ally come in the following week. He has the knowledge of everyone’s game, and all he needs now the opportunity to use it.

      • I fear his allegiance to TA will prevent him from making a big move. I think that it would be awesome if the next TA mission is to keep all the members safe. Not sure if $5k would convince Frankie and Derrick to save Donny if he doesn’t win HOH or POV.

      • I’m sadly sure it won’t, Derrick wouldn’t do anything to alter his current path this side short of a semi truck knocking him into next week. All Donny needs is one moment to shake it up enough to wedge his way in. MAybe Derrick will keep talking himself into a tough spot and he’ll have to reveal his cards too early. But then again, as you said, Cody would never catch onto it. Maybe our hope lies in the fickle duo of Christine and Frankie. They could be scared into flipping (and should since they’ll lose to him)

      • Derrick’s tactic of accusing anyone against him or with damning information about him of being a liar is really working in this house. Anytime someone exposes him, even remotely, he just says they are the biggest manipulator and liar in the house, and the rest of the houseguests believe him.

      • He’s a pretty genius emotional manipulator, just look at the day in which he got Victoria to apologize for something that was his fault anyhow. It’s his to lose, though I can’t get behind him, there is something unsavory about his approach even it it works. I think if he’s not too careful, he might turn off the jury, maybe. Could this be the year we have a cop win survivor and big brother?

    • Donny’s best shot is to try and win the next HOH. I am hoping the Battle of the Block finally ends. Then, put up outright Derrick and Cody. If one gets off via POV, put up Christine or Frankie. That will send one of the Detonators home. I am sure Donny will be targeted no matter what and Derrick will lie thru his teeth like in Nicole’s case that she was lying when she was not! Then, whoever comes back from the jury be it Nicole, Hayden, Donny or Jocasta has one Detonator less to contend with. That is the best they can hope for.
      If the one coming back can win HOH again that week, rinse and repeat and target whoever was no evicted from Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Zach or Christine. I would not even bother with Caleb as he is there mainly as a pawn or a vote. Evict one more Detonator and maybe, that starts a crack which cannot be repaired! However, do not trust anyone.

  11. Wait Cody is upset that Donny is getting by? Did he take a look in the mirror to see who is REALLY getting by? Donny has done waaay more than Donny. He may not talk game with anyone but he sure isn’t playing sidekick or hiding behind anyone. Heck, even when Cody was HOH, he let others control his game. I am annoyed that Cody has big game talk and no play!

    • Its funny…I said the samething last week and some guy on the message board chewed me out cause called Cody a floater…I guess I offended his friend ..but it is true…CODY IS A FLOATER!!

  12. I can’t believe that everyone runs to Derrick to ask his permission or for his help, yet no one realizes that he is in charge and is running the game. Nicole and Donny can’t do anything to get anyone to work with them, because everytime they tell the truth to someone like Zach or Caleb, Derrick and Cody just accuse them of lying and the other buy it. Its amazing how Nicole still can’t figure out that if Derrick and Cody kept their word to vote out Zach, it wouldn’t have mattered that Victoria, Frankie or Christine changed their vote. The vote would have been 4(Derrick, Cody, Donny and Hayden) to 4, and Nicole would have broken the tie.

  13. It would make a lot of peoples day if Cody & Derrick went on the block Cody would be chopped liver with Derrick making deals and lying his ass off to stay in the game. Loyalty is one thing but another when ur ass is up That would be a week worth watching..

  14. It was kinda funny watching BBAD this morning in a way, with Derrick, Cody and Christine talking about the way some of the other houseguests remaining have played, re: floating, lying, etc .. Ha !!!
    Then talking about scenarios about what could happen if none of their remaining Alliance members are able to win HOH for next week .. That is, somehow both Donny and Victoria win …
    Derrick kinda floats scenarios where Cody and Nicole were to be nominated and not him … and, neither of them really blinked … Ha !!
    Then, he attempted to hit a home run about, having not won any comps yet, as compared to Cody and Christine .. and, that he was not much of a comp threat, but hopes to step it up a notch or two over the coming weeks, and win at least one, etc …
    So, the question is .. has he really been throwing comps, and/or s*cks that badly, either way, he is not shown to be a Comp Threat and not really a target ???
    Interesting that people keep saying to Derrick, that they would prefer to see Victoria gone next week, then Donny the following, but Derrick always, and I mean always respond with an emphatic “No”, we get Donny out next week (or whomever) then Victoria the week after …. Hmm, ya think this would set off some alarm bells to someone ??

  15. I’m ready for a Diamond Power of Veto, a Coup’d tat (not sure if that’s how you spell it) something exciting. Have not liked the BotB or 2 HOH twist this season..I miss HG’s getting their keys on nomination day..HOH bringing out the big wheel…IMO..if if ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!

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