Big Brother 16: Frankie Takes Over Christine’s HoH Room – Does He Deserve It?

The past several nights Feedsters have watched as Frankie Grande took over Christine Brecht’s Head of Household room entirely to himself. Does he deserve the HoH bed all for his own or is he overstepping his boundaries?

Frankie Grande sleeps in Christine Brecht's HoH room
Frankie Grande sleeps in Christine Brecht’s HoH room – Source: CBS

Now on his third night in the upstairs suite Frankie has been resting away in solitude while Christine slept downstairs in the Rock room. Why? Christine willing gave it up and Frankie says it’s justified.

Flashback to 4:00AM BBT 8/12 Cams 3/4 to listen in as Frankie talks to the cameras:

“I’m sleeping in Christine’s HoH room. Which I’m not too pissed off about because obviously… I don’t feel guilty about it is what I’m saying, because you saw. I am the only reason she’s HoH. So… *smacks lips*”

Frankie by no means forcefully kicked Christine out of her room, but why did she not stay up there? As fans pointed out, Christine admitted that she’s trying to avoid appearances of being too close with Frankie and when he insisted on sleeping in her room she had to move downstairs to avoid the optics of collaboration.

Update A reader adds another time to check. 10:35PM BBT 8/10 Cams 3/4. Christine tells Victoria Frankie demanded access to her room at night, so she left.

Stacking this on top of Frankie’s reveal that he’s related to someone famous which in turn makes him believe he is super famous & a tad elite too might not be the best of ideas. There’s a lot of value in playing a humble game in Big Brother and that’s definitely not Frankie’s method right now.

Of course you often only have what you can take in the Big Brother house as long as you’re willing to risk the consequences.

What do you think of Frankie taking over Christine’s HoH room? Did he deserve it or should he have reversed course when she wasn’t willing to stay there with him? Share your thoughts!


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  1. I would love to see BB make the HOH less available to other houseguests.
    Frankie has lived there all summer – but the other houseguests have let him.

    • Derrick never let him sleep there neither did Donny and I’m assuming Devin but I’m not really sure of the last one.

      • But then none of them were in a showmance either. So why is Frankie so special to Christine?? For all the PDA Cody and Christine are displaying, why would she not let Cody share the room? Oh yeh, because that would definitely be adultery on her part, which she’s already committed anyway in that room with him before Frankie took over it. And then of course there’s Victoria who never took a shower downstairs until she was a Have Not.

    • Yes, BB really does need to make the HOH less available to avoid the constant squatter problem with Frankie living in the HOH. Did they remove the lock from the door or something?
      How long is it going to take before Frankie starts to get the villain edit he so justly deserves? His prima donna antics are starting to become nauseating!

      • If he keeps acting the way he’s acting they’ll have no choice but to show the viewers who don’t have the live feeds his true colors and then you can start seeing Production having no choice but to show the villain edit he justly deserves.

      • Sometimes no matter how hard the producers try they just can’t forever ignore that their pet HG has become an obnoxious brat. Showing the new Diva Frankie in all his glory should make very interesting TV or else they are going to lose all credibility with the viewers.
        I can’t help but wonder now if Ariana is just like her big brother? I hope not!

      • From the way he acts, I have a feeling that his sisters PR group are probably telling her to try and clear herself from her brother’s actions and it’s a game of tug of war to see how far Frankie takes his Ego and from his actions of late it’s only a matter of time.

      • Especially after Frankie predicted that America would hate Nicole just because Frankie does.
        I guess any publicity for Arianne concerning her delusional brother is good publicity. She should send Nicole a signed copy of her new album :)

      • That would serve as a constant reminder of Frankie’s behavior on BB and I don’t think she’d want that.

      • Now I can’t help but wonder if Frankie is trying to subconsciously sabotage Ariana’s album debut out of jealously. I think I’m getting too involved in BB too – maybe I need to step away for awhile :)

    • Now that I will agree with…this all sharing the HoH room started last season with McCranda…hadn’t seen that before then unless they were in a showmance.

  2. Maybe is has a fear of being alone? Or, it allows her to sleep with Cody in the same bed ??? Hmmmm ????

      • Ha your always welcome up here and I’m sure you’ll love the mountains where I am, Calgary, AB you should look it up, but don’t tell your husband lol

      • I don’t ski, but he has been skiing up there. You should be proud of me. I was so mean with all of that posting about Frankie that I honestly felt bad and had to repent so I’m trying to calm it down a little. But you’ve had some really good posts that I have had to tie my hands behind my back to keep from replying to, but I’m giving you thumbs up!

      • ha thanks I appreciate that, I know I should take it easy on the bashing Frankie but he doesn’t make it easy for me especially with how Matt portrayed him in this article. You should read the post I wrote about Christine and how I pointed her out as the worst married player in BB history.

      • Yep, just read it. Agree totally. Did you hear where Christine said her husband was suppose to be deleting all of the negative comments from her account. How will the man have time to work or sleep? I think if he is smart he would add a few of his own. You’re also correct about Victoria having a thing for Derrick. He needs to be careful with that one.

      • Yea I heard her say that, when he wrote in the letter to her to “not forget him” I actually felt terrible for the guy to be watching that and think she’s doing it for the money. I really hope she has a good enough explanation for not only herself but for him when she gets out. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt but her actions speak otherwise and the person that gets hurt is him and unfortunately I’ve been there so I know it hurts.

      • So there are THOSE type of women in Canada,too, not just the BB house? Kidding.. What explanation ? …. $500,000 and her self-respect, if she has any? I don’t think there is a good enough explanation for the behaviour she has exhibited. I would say a lot of people on this site have been on the receiving end of that. Me, also, and it definitely is not something you would wish on anyone. I can’t say there is actually inappropriate under the cover stuff going on since I’m not under there, but there is enough rubbing and innuendos for me to feel bad for her husband and would be ashamed if I were her.

      • Yes, but let’s remember that it’s her husband who will be judge of this all. You & I are just viewers of a tv reality (lacking in reality) show.

      • As usual, you are the voice of reason. Doesn’t it get old being politically correct all the time? Thanks for keeping it real in this world of non-reality.

      • Oh? Not judging is politically correct? lol. It’s funny cause in my little segment of the world judgement on people’s morality (telling them who they can or who they can’t have certain opinions of) is what is considered as politically correct (the ”Nanny State”). For me I actually see it as counter-culture to NOT judge people and let natural consequence be the judge… But now that you’ve pointed it out, I think you’re right – it could also easily come across as politically correct (and heady/elitist even?) if people didn’t know my desire to actually free us from political correctness (which as I see it is also a judgement on others so I don’t know why people buy into it)…

      • Truly was not meant as an insult and I don’t think you took it that way. I do understand your sentiments.

      • If your going to visit Matt you might run into my son and his wife he’s going to visit him too. Right Matt? Lol

      • Well thank you Lavendar, not sure if my beautiful family agrees, but its nice to have some people think I’m stable enough. ;)

      • No kidding. That’s why she wants Nicole gone so she can have Cody all to herself. Wonder what Tim thinks. Maybe he won’t be waiting for her when she gets out.

    • She wants to feel up Cody all she can before she has Togo back to her husband. I little sickening. Hubby must be a whimp.

  3. I think Christine is weak as hell for giving up her HOH room, and letting the boys talk her into getting rid of another girl, claiming she was scared to go against the guys. She is setting herself to end up like Britney from Season 12.

    • I don’t like Christine being compared to Britney. It makes Britney look bad for her name to be used in the same sentence as Christine’s.

      • Britney was waaay too trusting of the guys in her season, as is Christine. Sticking with the guys never works for the girl if all the guys are working together, which should be obvious by now seeing as how the girls are dropping like flies.

      • Britney did not know. The Brigade kept their alliance a secret. Christine knows. I honestly believe that Lane would have been loyal to Britney. If he would have been the one voting, she would have stayed. She was not as naive as everyone says.

      • She had to have been naive, otherwise she would have figured it out before they evicted her. No offense to Britney, but nobody on that season knew how to put 2 and 2 together. The guys weren’t even that discreet about the alliance. She even said they were always hanging out together. And the girls kept being evicted, so that should have been the tell-tale sign.

      • Who knows? Christine could get very lucky if the guys begin to cannibalize each other too soon.
        So Christine survives yet another week.

      • The way Christine acts around Cody makes me sick to my stomach. When I am watching feeds and they come on a camera, I go to another one. It’s gotten to be way too much. Cody is just as bad as she is..he hangs all over her constantly.

      • I haven’t been able to watch the feeds as much as I would like. I have heard, but I didn’t know how bad it was. I haven’t too much of it on after dark. Maybe she knows for sure that her hubby watches that. idk. Ultimately, she will have to answer to him.

      • It ridiculous the way these two act around each other. Someone posted on BBN the other day that they were dry humping in one of the beds. I didn’t see it, but, I don’t doubt it at all..I blame both of them.

      • Now now it’s their life to do with as they wish. I don’t approve of their morality or discernment, but it is their choice and if they end up in a relationship, all the better for them I suppose.

      • These two are for sure not going to end up in a relationship..Cody is playing her and she is so consumed with Cody and his hair and his abs that I think she actually thinks he likes her. Believe me, she is not Cody’s type!

      • Not outside the house, but when you’re locked inside a house sometimes people view other people differently. Yes of course once he gets out and realizes he’s the next ”hot comodity” to thousands of women Christine won’t be all that attractive anymore, but for now she seems to have his interest…

      • Did you see the underwear ads Cody did??? He is not straight, really not straight. Likes to act straight but some of my Gaydar is picking up some obvious actions coupled with the ads and you might look at him differently. Because he likes to pretend he is straight does not mean he is straight.

      • That’s why she worked to get out Brit and Amber. She was so jealous. Let’s forget what a Ratine she was before they left.

      • Yeah she was which I’m not surprised, she sees now that she doesn’t have to hide the alliance and that she can do what she likes without someone batting a lash. It’s sad really, I never saw anyone that was married in BB history act the she acts on the show. Season 14 Dan had a bond with Danielle and he was married yet you never seen him act like she does and disrespect the sanctity of his marriage for the game, ask yourself if he didn’t do that and he did a lot of dirty moves which I don’t have anything against yet he never pulled that. Again I can name how many examples, Britney, Joe, Hell look at Derrick this season, Victoria has a school crush on him and yet he stays loyal to the sanctity of marriage. By far IMO the worst example of a married player in BB history and that’s what she will be remembered.

      • it is no more ok for Cody/Christine to be all touchy feely than it is ok for Derrick/Victoria… …I guess it might be ok IF the $500K comes home in a check!

      • If $500k is worth your marriage then you might as well expect flood of viewers judging you on morals and respect but to me that’s not a tactic or excuse in my mind to try and win the money at all. If your single then fair game but if Dan didn’t pull that and he loved his wife more then anything then that should set the bar. He swore on everything, the Bible, his dead Grandfather’s cross, even his wife, but he never once made a move on a girl in the house and that should be a reminder for the person who goes into that house with a ring otherwise she should never mentioned she was married or even brought the ring plain and simple.

      • I should clarify, I do not think it is OK, but must be ok to those that are doing it for all of America to see?!?!

      • But there’s the tricky thing about judging other people’s morality – it’s subjective. Personally I am more offended that Dan swore on the Bible and his cross (symbolic of God Himself) and was ”ok” with that. The fact that most people seem to also be ”ok” with it because they loved Dan so much says something about how our society has changed in just a matter of a few decades. Don’t get me wrong though, both actions are going to lead to serious consequences to which I am not their judge, but somebody else will be (namely Christine’s husband in this case)… I personally just don’t feel the need to judge other people’s morality. I’ll let the people it impacts be the judge.

      • I don’t know. What do you think, I sense you have a strong opinion on Zach? I actually have no large opinions on him one way or the other. I just observed that he does tend to laugh (and clap) a lot when people are voted out which doesn’t bode well for him.

      • Zack has no game plan, acts out continually and is opinionated to where he is obnoxious. Your actions in the house do mirror your actions outside the house. Zack can not keep a secret and basically is not to be trusted. Why do most of the house members feel you need to keep a tight rein on him? He is just an out of control child.

      • I agree. Victoria follows Derrick everywhere and is always jumping up into his arms, laying in bed with him she can’t keep her hands off of him. Are these married people so desperate to have a “number” that they forget their spouses are watching.

    • There are Victims and volunteers. Brittney was a victim to the boys plan. Christine is a volunteer to the boys. She knows better. She even says they are using her.

  4. The Queen has risen to his nest! There is a pecking order and when the queen talks the worker bees do what she wants. The HOH room was only for the HOH in the early years. Christine may want to cheat on her husband and play chicken with the boy toys and let Queen F set up in stairs but we all know who the king and queens are in the house.

    • True. Although I don’t approve of the morality of her choice, I do think she is in a better position than Frankie right now because she’s sleeping with the enemy…

  5. Part of me agrees that it’s Christine’s choice since she is the HoH. I also agree that she definitely wanted to be closer to Cody without drawing the kind of attention that him sleeping in the HoH room WITH her would have surely brought.
    The other part of me is livid if, indeed, Frankie did demand constant access (I only question the validity of this because we all know that Christine is a liar, too)!

    The ONLY thing he is entitled to this week is SAFETY (since he already went on the prize trip)! He’s utterly insufferable at this point & I have been switching Cameras on the feeds whenever he’s on because I can’t even DEAL with his arrogance & obnoxiousness anymore!!

    • I’ve been switching cameras when he’s on, too. I can’t take him. Every word out of his mouth is completely disingenuous… “Miss you! Hug me! LI-TER-A-LY!” When he revealed to everyone that he was a “social media mogul,” I thought my eyes were going to get stuck in the back of my head… especially BEFORE the “big reveal” when he was trying to make sure the cameras were paying attention. I don’t think this kind of stuff is funny, or dramatic, or interesting to watch. Drama queens and prima donnas are annoying, not funny or clever.

      • They all are drama queens and divas or they would not agree to put their respective lives on national TV 24/7!!!! The tears from Caleb over Amber, Frankie, Zach, Victoria, Nicole, etc. All are over the top.

    • isn’t there a lock on the hoh door any more? when Frankie was hoh he never took it off from around his neck-every shot of him showed he was wearing it, and last year Elyssa locked her self in when Amanda was terrorizing her. imo it is just a matter of locking the door whether you are in there or out.

  6. At this point, what does Frankie have to lose? Perhaps, he feels that his days are numbered and by being who Frankie is … a ” @$##453 ” and, unlikely to get the Jury Votes, quite possibly a good F2 choice to bring ?? Hmmm …. Afterall, he is playing for his charity … gotta save those children .. ya know !!!

    • I seriously can not stand this guy. He definitely has entitlement issues. I loved that half the house didn’t even know who Ariana was.

  7. Count me among those people who don’t quite understand when sharing the HOH bed became an expected thing. Hanging out and talking is one thing, but the point of being HOH is to have a place of your own. Not move Romper Room to the upstairs level.

    But if Christine wants to let Frankie have the HOH room to himself, fine. Makes it easier for me to know which cams to avoid on the live feeds.

    • It’s not an irrelevant, trivial post dude if you think about it. In all the BB seasons this is the only season and I’ve been watching since season 1 that the HOH room turn into this and the way this guy is acting its live on the feeds and is also gonna be talked about in the jury house especially when he stabs christine and sends her to jury house. He definitely has entitlement issues and to me is showing narcissistic traits that will make him public enemy #1 in the jury house. Regardless of what anyone thinks and this is proven in BB history, if you are the most hated individual in the house sitting next someone who played a better and cleaner game in terms of less blood on your hands and more strategic, the hated one looses. Look at how Dan lost in season 14 to Ian and how the jury voted and I see the same thing happening in this season hands down. If Frankie is in that F2 chair somehow which I hope he doesn’t end up there he will loose to whoever is sitting next to them. Again I hope it doesn’t come to that cause I actually want him blindsided and kicked out way before F3 IMO.

      • You are exactly right. I blame Christine just as much for letting him take it over. No way in heck is Frankie J. Grande winning this game if he is in that other chair..HG’s can’t stand him. But, he is so clueless, he thinks he actually has a shot. He has gotten progressively worse each day since he did his big reveal!!

      • His Ego is as big as a Goodyear Blimp and when it gets shot down watch him go into a mental breakdown like no other. That will be the biggest wakeup call of his life to see everything he’s done only hurts him in the end. To me that’s the best social experiment that can be done on someone, to fuel an egomaniac with his own medicine and have him be sick of himself when he gets out. That’s what I call a rude awakening regardless of how many of his sisters fans come to support him he will get boos from the audience for his actions.

      • My dear ksjb, I agree with your heart & sentiment, but sadly I think Frankie (like all other past hated guests on BB whom we all hoped would ”fail” in life) end up just fine. Remember, even bad publicity is good publicity in our culture today… My hope is that the guys will take Christine one week further than they take Frankie. He won’t be destroyed from this decision, but at least he won’t be able to gloat all the more at the people he’s fooled, and even moreso he’ll be the victim of Christine & Zach gloating over him being evicted before they are.

      • Hi Matt, is someone using my sign-in only not CAPS? If they did they are playing the name change game again. If you thought you were posting to me, just thought I’d let you know it wasn’t me, but I always look forward to hearing from you.

      • lol… no no my above comment was directed to the CAPS version of you (that you made to Hoosier)

      • Ummm… then this is bizarre because there’s a whole conversation thread between yourself and Hoosier

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      • Hey I’m back, KSJB I just did what you said Captain555 suggested for you to do and signed up to Discus and I’m telling you it takes less then a sec, you don’t fill up anything. Just fill in your email, name and password and your done, you should go do that now before this imposter beats you to it.

      • Yeah! Maybe that will stop the poser. We’ll see. Thanks,BBFanUpNorth,I’m gonna call you Canman if that’s OK…easier to type and I’m SLOW!

      • ha its fine with me cause I get it, and it’s smart so please refrain from referring yourself as Slow thank you.

      • I found out your imposter’s name, “ALLHGLIE”. I was scrolling down and read the post and as soon as you took your rightful name you revealed the impostor for who they were. Great move btw and because of you I did the same thing and took the advice Captain555 gave you.

      • But I am very slow at typing, so the fewer letters I have to type the better. I don’t know all of these abbreviations that are used either, but I’ve learned a few of them…. trying to catch on…slowly but surely hopefully.

      • Unfortunately I can see Frankie returning again and again to play BB as an All Star or coach.

      • I hope I’m wrong too but unless Frankie starts getting the edit he so vastly deserves we might be stuck with him for years.

      • Yup… like I’ve been trying to say, a lack of discernment or morality doesn’t mean less chance of success outside the house. We live in a society (in North America at least) where bad publicity is changed into celebrity building material…

      • Frankie and Zack will be in lots of other BB episodes. They are theatre while most of the others are boring and nondescript.

      • True, when they get out of the house and return to the real world and reality sets back in..he may get a clue..but, I doubt it. He is so full of himself he won’t be able to see or admit that people don’t care who he is at all.

      • Yeah your probably right, it’s still nice to hope that if he hears boos from the audience depending on if production doesn’t interfere that he would break down and ask why they don’t like him and have him go figure it out on his own.

      • Actually he will clean-up on YouTube and make a bundle off of his “stardom”. they can make a fortune on YouTube by being a vlogger.

      • They all play for time. Each week nets them $1000 and for Frankie, Donny and Derrick, they can bankroll another 5 K per week if they are successful.

      • That is because now he can play as himself. lol I think himself is worse than whoever he was before the big reveal

      • It sickened me when he told Zach that everyone should want him in final 2 so that someone else will have a shot at fan favorite since the final 2 aren’t in that. I wanted to slap the pink out of his hair!

      • Yeah I know it made me sick too that he would use that tactic, but what’s even more sad is he convinced Zach that it’s his only way of winning America’s favorite when he doesn’t realize that he still does have a shot at it because its between him, Donny, and Nicole.

      • I loved Zach’s response “#$#@ you!” I feel so bad for Zach. He clearly is playing for fan favorite, and I hope he wins.

      • Yeah me too it was funny how he reacted but I hope he wins and if and I hope if Frankie gets booted right after they bring back the HG’s that returns that Zach wins it purely on votes from fans who actually like him compared to Frankie regardless of how many teenie bopper fans he has backing him up through his sister.

      • I think it’s clear that BB fans do not like Frankie. I will be seriously pissed if he does win it. Honestly, I don’t think he will. I do see why the houseguests think this.

    • Relevance is relative… I mean at the end of the day, how relevant is a reality show that doesn’t even have everyday contestants and literally sends out casting calls to acting & modelling agencies? So yes it is relevant so long as people are willing to talk about it, but is it important to anyone’s lives on here? Gosh I hope not.

  8. Why in the hell does this narcissist think that he can just barge into Christine’s HOH room..I am not a big fan of Christine’s but for her to let him just take over her room is ridiculous. Please vote this buffoon out soon, please!!

    • I agree, I want him out as bad as you, read my comment at the bottom and tell me what you think.

  9. Christine gave him her HOH room so she could cuddle Cody. Let’s get real people. If you are going to bring up all the bad of Frankie bring up all the bad of Christine as well.

    • KSJB your right, she’s just as bad to complain about as he his. In her mind she thinks she has a final 3 deal with Derrick and Cody and she wants to distance herself from Frankie so in her mind she feels she can sacrifice her HOH just she can get close to Cody.

      • Try emailing Matt and let him know someone is on here faking the funk and needs to get flagged asap, Hey imposter KSJB find another name and come with the real, this is a “NO Imposters Allowed” forum

      • It was going on the other day, also. I did try to email Matt. If it went through, he never responded.

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      • I’m pretty sure that what foxfire said is actually what is happening… when threads get long with our comments sometimes they get displaced and the wrong names in the wrong places come up… Pretty sure it’s been you ksjb all along but we’ve been responding to other placeholders… ;)

      • Oh it doesn’t. Not sure if you saw all my threads, but even I get displaced (wrong comment in wrong spot, or I see something like I did yesterday where it looks like you made a comment but it actually belongs to somebody else because your name got displaced into their comment credits… Firefox reminded me that if you comment a lot on this site you need to keep refreshing the page otherwise you can run into the problem… ;)

      • Yes, I’ve seen this happening on other sites as well so there appears to be some sort of glitch going on where people seem to be talking to themselves.

  10. She should kick his ass out & lock her door. IMO…
    Christine just doesn’t want to make waves. Easier to
    leave than to have to stay with there with him or confront

      • Good back-handed sarcastic remarks are hard to come by on this site. I’ve been using “vomitous” at leisure. Been waiting on another juicy word to add to my diction.

      • Hey I’m proud of you, now your name is legit and that imposter can go crawl under a rock for trying steal your name.

      • BTW I found out the name of your imposter, they use the name “ALLHGLIE” go figure so do imposters what’s the point, they go from using your name to that.

      • There are more names used than ALLHGLIE if that is one. The other day, I saw at least seven or eight of them change.

      • Wow talk about Copyright Infringement, TM that B***H and let em know there’s only 1 KSJB up in this S**T lol I got bored of the live feeds so I took a break and found this movie I’m watching now, “Crawl or Die” that’s got me glued in for some reason, walked into by accident.

      • Never heard of it. Let me know if it is good. I love movies like the Bourne movies, The Departed, Lucky # Slevin and anything funny.

      • I actually think it’s been a displaced commenting issue – it happened to me quite a bit last season and I completely forgot about it this season. When threads get long or if we input a lot of comments, then the author holding spots are displaced onto other comments made by other authors… this is why there’s been confusion.

  11. How does giving someone your HoH room prove to everyone else that you’re not trying to work with that person? Not sure I get the logic there.

    • Me either. If she wanted to distance herself from him, the distance is the same with her sleeping in the HOH and him sleeping in the “dungeon”.

    • I don’t get it either. It looks more like she feels like she owes him and is letting him do whatever he wants.

  12. And people used to complain about about Amanda hanging around the HOH room. Christine might have gained a little respect from the other HG if she had kicked his scrawny butt out of there. Frankie’s sense of entitlement and self-aggrandizing is almost as sickening as all the voguing and flitting around molesting all the guys. If he’d been copping all those cheap feels on the girls he would have been thrown out long ago. But then, he said this is the first time he’s been around ‘real people’ in 3 years.

    • I know I wish someone would just tell him off. The way he comes into a room every time people are trying to talk, why doesn’t anyone ever say what they think?

  13. Frankie needs to go home and I hope someone takes him off his high horse. He makes me so sick. If he was my brother I would keep him in the closet. Pink hair and potty mouth too. All that makes him look stupid.

  14. From day one I thought Frankie was so fake and phony … every interaction he has (whether in the DR with just the camera or with someone else), after everything he says it’s like he listens to internal applause. You can totally tell that he’s spent hours and hours in front of a mirror practicing his “surprised,” “concerned,” etc. expressions. The fact that he takes so much stock in his sister’s fame (never heard of her) or in his “career” is quite sad.

    As to whether he is “owed” the BB room, absolutely not. If he wins or even comes in second this season, it might be enough to cure me of my secret BB addiction. Jun and Alison almost succeeded, but Frankie would be 100 times worse.

    • I agree- last night on BBAD when the camera went on Donny he had to lean into the picture and block out Donny with that pink stuff on his head-Can’t even call it hair it is so ugly.

  15. I just hope when Fakie leaves the house he gets massive boos. His ego can’t handle it. When they drove by the house and yelled they loved Zach he just couldn’t believe it. Once he sees that even with a good edit we know what a fame Ho he is and will be very happy never to hear the name Frankie Grande again!

    • But you know this actually won’t happen right? The bad publicity (if people even see it that way) he gets from this show will sadly make him even more of a popular minor celebrity…

      • You are so right and he will make the show circuit and the money trail coupled with his sisters name. the more unlikable the more successful…Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Kayne West, Lindsey Lohan, etc, etc, etc.

      • I’m not so sure. Fakie is always telling himself how wonderful he is along with telling everyone else. He lives in his sister’s shadow and I think on his family food chain he may be at the bottom. He really NEEDS people to love him.

      • Sadly no, I’m pretty certain his popularity will only increase JacinJax. Like I said, our society isn’t based on ”morality” like it used to be, it’s based on consumerism now and even bad publicity is good publicity. He might be a narcissist but he’ll gain in fame as a result of this show.

    • I was wondering about that because when Matt went to the show they said no booing but people in the audience last year booed.What happens if you do it?

      • Yeah I know but they can’t control everyone and I’m sure they won’t risk kicking you the person out cause look how that makes them look.

  16. does Frankie deserve to stay there? hell no. is Christine to blame for it? hell yes. She should have told him to get out.

    Would be nice if BB said only the HOH gets to stay in the room at night. Anyone else get the f out.

  17. Guys, just a warning: Always “refresh” because you might be talking to the wrong person.

    • Yes, it leaves people thinking you said some things you didn’t say as a result of it. There is someone having a lot of fun posting with a lot of different names.

      • It’s been going on for years. (minor glitz in their program. Sometimes you’ll see a poster responding to his/her own comment. lol..until you “refresh” to get the correct names.

  18. Why is this even an issue? Christine is letting him sleep there! If she really doesn’t want him to, all she has to do is tell him to leave. Talk about making a mountain our of a molehill. This entire discussion is ridiculous and petty.

    • Alex everyone is entitled to their opinion and technically she is right cause if you think about it, through the history of BB and I’ve watched since Season 1, she’s the only person to let someone else take over her HOH room completely, history Alex that says something, I’m sure someone is gonna ask her that question in her exit interview cause this entire discussion makes total sense regardless of your opinion IMO lol

      • Would people quit saying “everyone is entitled to their opinion”? It’s just a cop out for “I don’t know what I’m talking about” and it also means that people have a right to disagree with you.

      • Hey Joe you ok? looks like someone stuck the wrong stick up your hole lol again IMO and you can agree to disagree but if you don’t like hearing what someone has to say then maybe this isn’t the right forum for you, food for thought.

    • I think maybe it’s not so much of an issue as it once again goes to illustrating the nature of Frankie and Christine’s character – Frankie’s attitude of entitlement and Christine always ready, willing and able to talk smack about the other houseguests just so long as it’s behind their back and not face to face. In the highly unlikely event she does somehow finagle and thread her way through to the end it’ll be interesting so see how she defends her game when she can’t even defend her bed from the invasion of the puny pissant Frankie.

  19. 2:30-2:55pm
    Donny asks have you ever seen a married woman touch so many guys!?! Nicole says nope, that’s what Hayden and I questioned. I wondered if she was even married. Christine is on top of so many more people than I am and I’m single!

    lol Wow even Donny is saying it, if that’s not clear enough for the people in here to see Christine doing dirt then I might as well need to get my eyes checked cause that’s Dirt!

  20. Frankie Grande has grandiose delusions of grandeur (yes double grand). I hope to see him get his just desserts before the final four…

  21. i kind of liked frankie at first, but now i feel that he’s no better than Andy Herren. he’s a nasty little rat who thinks he’s better than he really is. this year is such a shame

    • I liked him at first, also, even kinda’ got a kick out of his and Zachs’ relationship. But his real inner self became more apparent as time passed and his presence on the scene actually gives me cold chills sometimes.

  22. well Ariana is only his half sister. So does that only make him half famous and half a media mogul? Just a thought. Open for discussion. Also, I don’t care that Christine does not have a problem with it, he should have to sleep down there with everyone else.

  23. I have been sick of Frankie since DAY 1, the first time I saw the Pink Skunk hairdo I thought it was time for him to go, but since production saw fit to give him a BOB game he could win all on his own, I knew the fix was in for this year. He can do what he wants and nobody is going to stop him, especially not production. When the HG’s get sick of him and vote him out, Grodner will just put him back in. So, if you are like me and can’t stand Frankie, stop watching the show, because HE ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE

  24. Omg, so sick of Frankie….get a clue, no one cares who yr related to…if yr sister has a brain, she should get way far away from u….he is so gross.
    I would hate to be Zach outside this house….wow

  25. Frankie makes me sick. He thinks he should win, just because of who his sister is. Someone needs to stick up to him and tell him who he really is. Kick him out the HOH room and sleep in the ice room like he should be doing. He is no better than anyone else. He is holding the spot for someone that deserves it, unless the show is fixed. I will continue to turn off the TV when he comes on. He chomps his food with his mouth open, making loud noises, always putting his hands on people except Donny, knowing Donny would sack him. Frankie is a loud mouth ad they need to take the mirrors down knowing e can not pass one without looking at himself in it.

    • He’s a Have Not sleeping in a HOH room, if that’s not a rule that Production is clearly breaking then I completely forgot all the rules to BB after watching it for 16 years or that’s clearly telling us viewers that Production does not care what we think and that their Golden Boy can do whatever he wants. Do you remember when he himself was HOH and Zach was up there with him and Production would yell over the speakers to tell Zach to go back downstairs and sleep in his room and was not allowed to sleep in the HOH room if he wasn’t HOH. Now it’s ok for a Have Not to sleep in the HOH? Clearly the definition of tampering and corruption with no disregard for the rules.

  26. At this point I could care less who got to take over the HOH room besides Christine, justified or not. Of the eight left, who have you seen do the dishes or clean the kitchen ever besides Frankie, Zach, Victoria and Donny? Has Nicole, Derrick, Cody or Christine done this? If so, when??

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