Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 8 Tuesday Night Highlights


Things are slowing down in the Big Brother 16 house as HGs dwindle, but after this week’s “Buyback” (anyone else hate that new BB term?) things should get crazy once again. Tonight the HGs were mostly relaxing, but Zach finally started his campaign trail. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 19, 2014:

3:50 PM BBT – BB gives the HG a dart board. It comes with a card, though, that explains the darts will need to be turned in after 24 hours, but the board will remain. They will be given the darts for 24 hours once a week. This all seems weird, so it will likely be competition related later.

4:45 PM BBT – Zach and Donny are talking. Zach tells Donny he’s due some luck. He says Donny is still in the house because he’s fought. He says it’s time for Donny to get some luck as well. Donny says he can’t wait for the big group in the house to turn on each other at the end. Donny also says he doesn’t think this season can be fun to watch at home because there has been almost no power shift.

5:00 PM BBT – Cody tells Derrick he needs to talk to him later about his talk with Donny (Donny did a lot of throwing Derrick under the bus earlier in the day).

6:50 PM BBT – Frankie and Derrick are talking about Donny and how they know he’d send them home despite Team America (these people are such hypocrites).

6:55 PM BBT – Talk turns to Victoria. Derrick says they can’t keep her the whole way to final three because someone could win final HOH and take her to final 2, screwing their chances (Interesting, because that seems to be Derrick’s plan, but maybe it’s not?).

7:40 PM BBT – Zach tells Donny he might threaten Christine for her vote. Says he’ll call her out on live television about her inappropriate relationship with Cody. Donny tells Zach to just work on Frankie now so he can sway others and then get to Christine Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

7:55 PM BBT – Caleb, Derrick and Frankie are talking about Cody and Christine. They’re still all over each other all the time. Caleb says if he was zinged by Zingbot about touching Christine, he’d stop.

8:30 PM BBT – Nothing going on in the house. Zach is in bed, others eating, playing pool, doing nothing.

9:37 PM BBT – HGs talking about how much longer they have. Derrick says maybe they’ve added an extra week and there will be a returning player.

9:43 PM BBT – Feeds cut. Apparently there was more yelling outside. HGs go on lockdown.

11:05 PM BBT – Lockdown is over.

11:30 PM BBT – Christine wonders if America hates her.

12:15 AM BBT – Zach and Frankie are playing pool and Zach asks why they want to keep Cody over him. Frankie tells him he’s sick of him throwing him under the bus to everyone under the planet. They go back and forth for awhile. Zach tells him it would benefit everyone’s game if Zach stayed. Frankie said he doesn’t disagree, but the house wants Zach out.

2:02 AM BBT – Cody and Frankie are talking about Zach. They say he can try all he wants, but he’s not going to change anyone’s mind this week. It seems like they’re faulting him for trying to stay. Frankie says once Zach goes, there will be no more backstabbing. He says there’ll be only front stabbing.

2:20 AM BBT – Zach goes to Derrick and asks if he has any chance of staying. Derrick says he does not. Zach considers putting Christine on blast about her Cody situation, but Derrick advises against it.

2:50 AM BBT- Derrick and Zach still talking, but not about strategy. Zach is glad to have made it this far after nearly going home so early in the season. He seems pleased to have earned fans to the point of someone yelling over the wall to him.

3:35 AM BBT – Derrick upstairs working on Caleb. Says they need to stick together to get to F4 with them, Frankie, and Cody then one step farther by sending home Cody. Derrick even discusses F2 with Caleb and says Caleb would have a very good chance against Derrick. Best part is when Derrick convinces Caleb that Dan beat Memphis 5-4 and how Caleb could shift that in his favor. Dan actually beat Memphis 7-0.

I don’t think there’s any hope for Zach staying, but you can probably count on him stirring stuff up from now until Thursday. You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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  1. Derrick can keep trying to spin his final two with that person and this person but his goal is to take Victoria to the final 2.

    • I think Derrick realizes people are catching on which is why he is saying he would dump Victoria before F2, but I sincerely doubt it. Taking Victoria means an easy 500k for him. Why would he risk that?

      • At this point Derrick can beat anybody. In order for Derrick to make to the final 2 whoever comes back from jury, Derrrick needs to pull a revolving door because that person can ruin Derrick’s game, especially if it’s Hayden or Nicole.

      • I think so too. Derrick has been able to verbally sway everyone in that house (minus Donny). If he is in the F2 he will again be able to sway everyone (convince) that he should win. Derrick will take the time to think about his speech – and make sure he points out the reasons he should win. Donny in the end everyone likes… but Derrick will argue the fact that he played a better game and I believe the HG’s will agree.

      • Agree. A lot of it the presentation to the jury. It was painful to watch GM give her F2 speech last year, or any speech. I remember her nomination speech where everyone was rolling. I really felt kind of bad for her.

      • Or, take them to the end since it should be impossible for that person to get any votes.

      • Also, remember that a Police Officer, Derrick should be well trained to present himself to the Jury, with all his experience in Criminal Court as a witness in front of a Judge and Jury …. And, has been able to, so far, maintain his emotions in the House ..
        Similar, to the time he convinced Victoria that she was wrong and feeling guilty when he lied to her about all his alliances, particular, when she had an F2 with him, but not part any of those he was in … Ha !!!
        While watching BBAD Friday morning, I remember seeing Derrick in the HOH room (??) and practicing his nomination speech in the mirror … And, appearing like an actor, in preparation of taking on a new role …

      • And based on his recent gameplay, he’s aiming for a unanimous jury vote which is rare but do-able, given Dan’s first go-round. He’ll target anyone he thinks is friends with some of the juror, and so far Donny’s the most likely to get jury votes from at least 1 of the jurors.

      • Because if Derrick, Victoria and some random HG are in the final 3, well…Derrick would have to win to get into the Final 2. Because let’s face it, Victoria isn’t winning and if random HG wins, they would take Victoria.

        If Victoria is gone, Derrick may feel he has a better shot at being taken to the Final 2 if he doesn’t win the final HoH.

      • I was in shock when I saw Vics interview. She told Jeff she was going to play dumb as part of her game. She said she would get close to the guys because girls are jealous of her!!! She would also fool them because she is physically fit and most people don’t think she is. She works out. She said she is a photographer, which she has a facebook site. Mostly advertisement, weddings, babies, and family and friends. My question for her is if she is such an experienced photographer, why was she changing in front of all those active cameras? My niece is a photographer like her. I think today, about everyone is with I-phones. I would expect a seasoned photographer would see cameras around and not undress in front of them.
        Victoria, kicking someone when they are down is not a good show of your character. The hat was part of Zach and obviously how he liked to look. You did give it to him. A hat enhanced his look. How would you feel if he took your long hairpiece and cut it up? It would destroy you and your vanity. Mean is mean.

      • I’m just replying to this comment because of the photographer thing. I find it funny, because I have 2 friends and my fiancee that are “real” photographers, however my fiancee pushed her passion for it to the side as a hobby and pursued nursing for a career choice.

        But it was always funny listening to those 3 over the past 10 years talk about how everyone with a digital camera (and now phones) thought they were photographers just because they took a picture with a sunset in the background. XD

  2. Donny is right how it’s boring. Yes Derrick is playing a great game but because of him everything is staying the same. He advises against everything he doesn’t want. But I hope Zach will blast Christine anyway on Thursday lol!

    • I wish Zach would use that zany brain of his to stir up so much stink that all the Febreze in the world couldn’t mask it.

    • In all the years of BB I have always wanted someone to just fly off the cuff on the live episode! If Julie asks a questions, I have always hoped someone would just ignore it and say what they want about a HG or the game…something! IF Zach says something about cody/christine on the live show – I will love it! Even though, I don’t think cody/christine are the ones who have treated Zach the worst…I just want something unpredictable to happen!!

      • I agree. However, I think they are warned that they are live and not to do anything too crazy or they will get penalties. For instance not receiving all of the jury money in the case of someone that is being evicted.

      • I agree w/ you! They are probably told to ‘stay in the box’… you def. don’t want to mess w/ Julie Chen! The week Donny cast his vote for eviction and mentioned something along the lines of “sorry america too risky…” (basically outing the decision team america made) I saw Daggers in Julie’s eyes. That is HER news to give, lol!

    • “Blasting” Christine will accomplish zip….I’m sure Christine’s husband watches the live feeds just like the other guests’ relatives and loved ones. He’s just being a bad loser (like I said in a previous post…a typical teenage punk).

  3. A part of me hopes we see a Donny/Derrick F2, because that would be awesome. Donny who played a sheer comp winning game in the style of Rachel Reilly (yes he couldn’t align with others even though he tried, but he played a strength game) and Derrick who played mind games the whole time in the style of Dan Gheesling. A F2 where the jury isn’t bitter against either party would be awesome.

      • If its Donny v Derrick and Donny wins than its a travesty. Donnu deserves to win but Derrick definitely deserves it more.

      • No, that is not true. I have always said that Derrick has played a great strategical game. Even though I am not fond of some of his tactics, it wouldn’t bother me at all if he was the winner. I just wouldn’t vote for him over Donny.

      • Derrick is miles better at this game than Donny, in no way would Donny deserve to win the game over Derrick.

        Donny is a nice man, but Derrick’s social/strategic game has been infinitely better. So I don’t see how that’d be justice.

      • Justice for enduring all the disrespect, vulgarity, immaturity (to name a few)..that’s the short list.

      • Depends on your definition of “deserves it more”; I think they both would equally deserve it if they both got to that point. Derrick for manipulating his way there, and Donny for being capable of winning so many comps that it didn’t matter what everyone else wanted to do. Frankly Donny’s path is a lot harder to succeed in than Derrick’s (you have little control over comps/etc, whereas after the first few weeks you have enough knowledge of the HGs to figure out a social strategy), so I think he’d be just as deserving of the win if he does in fact succeed in getting that far.

      • I agree except when you said that you have enough knowledge of the HGs to figure out a social strategy. That’s not true. bc if that were the case, everyone would be playing Derrick’s game. It’s not easy to read ppl the way he has and cater to each individuals ego or needs. As mentioned in a DR session by Derrick… It’s been hard listening to Victoria cry about everything.

      • I’m not saying that reading people/a social game is easy; I’m saying that the people are a known and fixed quantity, while the competitions aren’t. You will (almost) always know who you’re playing against, but you won’t always know for sure what competitions are coming up, and what the rules will be, etc. Once you do get to know people, you have that knowledge at every comp, and every event afterwards; your performance in one comp doesn’t really inform the next one. Etc. You have more knowledge to work with when you choose a mental game than you have with a physical one.

      • Well, regardless if any of these two win, they will still get their respective prizes, depending on who will place first (500k+15k) and second (100k+15k).

      • Derrick has won competition (not competitions haha) too, so it’s not like he’s not participating. I think he deserves it more too.

      • Apples to oranges if we’re going to compare the two’s respective gameplay.

        Derrick had an advantage of numbers from the get go and thus was able to work his way into having the house do things without detection.

        Donny doesn’t and have lost potential allies along the way but have survived every week mostly through winning competitions and through sheer luck every few times. Thus far, being quiet most of the time allowed him to not give the house any reason to get him out but he knows that and seeding plants won’t work in the long-term.

        He’s aware he needs to get himself some power besides Veto to shake the house and target who he needs to take out which has remain elusive.

    • I agree. After last year, it would be nice to have 2 ppl at the end that played the game and didn’t glide by.

    • As painful as it is to say that would make for a great final 2 but I would prefer to se Derrick get booted as I personally dislike him but I respect his gameplay. Hard to say who would win between the 2. The odds would prob be in derricks favour but you never know what a jury will do. It would definetly make for excellent tv though and give us one heck of a show. It would take a lot for to happen though Donny would pretty much have to win either HOH or POV every week till the end to get there unless he can flip a few people to his side but anyone flipping to his side is unlikely. Seen as how the hypocrites Derrick and Frankie are pissed cause Donny would put them up if given the chance regardless of TA but yet that is exactly what they tried doing to him this week and he knows it. I have said it before the detonators/bomb squad have double standards it’s ok for them to play dirty and backstab and to them it is good game play but if someone does it to them then how dare they and that person is terrible for doing it. I hope zach comes back and him or Donny win hoh and put up Derrick and Frankie just to see the looks on their faces

  4. 6:55 PM BBT – Talk turns to Victoria. Derrick says they can’t keep her the whole way to final three because someone could win final HOH and take her to final 2, screwing their chances (Interesting, because that seems to be Derrick’s plan, but maybe it’s not?).

    Derrick is simply covering his tracks and playing a trust game with Frankie. The fact that Frankie trusts Derrick saved Derrick this week. A smart player would have nominated Derrick after the veto was used.

    Everyone can see how Victoria follows Derrick around like a puppy. Frankie just cut one of his “minions” (Zach), Derrick is telling Frankie he would do the same. However, saying you’ll do something and actually doing it are two different things.

    Cutting Victoria, like cutting Zach, would be a popular choice in the house. Frankie is playing to be popular, Derrick is playing for $500,000.

    • Very good post. The fact that the attention means more to Frankie than the money speaks volumes. He should never have been cast for BB.

    • Apparently, these house guests some of whom claim to be super fans have been watching some other show. How can they miss past Big Brother seasons where the house guests talked about making big moves but, when it came to making those big moves chickened out? Last season, we saw Helen and Judd kept saying now is not the right week to take out Amanda. And as we already saw, Amanda evicted both of them way before she was eventually booted out! I am sure there are other examples. Either you make your big move when you have the chance or be prepared to be evicted yourself! Frankie is such a person. If he thinks Derrick will toy with him and let him stay if given the chance—-he will be sorely disappointed because Derrick is playing for keeps. He is also, a cop so, he has nerves of steel! He is used to facing tough criminals with guns so, evicting Frankie, will be simply chewing him to tiny bits and spitting him out right after! What I would like to see is if Derrick puts Frankie on the block, the look on poor Frankie’s face.

      • One could say that Pizza Boy was playing Derrick’s game last season, while Amanda was more like Frankie this season …
        In the end, Pizza Boy won, then, literally dumped Amanda after the Season ended …

      • Richie, I highly doubt Derick will be the one to put Frankie on the block.

        He will subtly convince someone else to do it, keeping his hands clean. It may be why he has been saying in his diary sessions that he wants Donny to stay in the game (one more person that would put Frankie up).

        From Derrick’s perspective, a vindictive Frankie in jury could taint it against Derrick. Unless it’s absolutely necessary (final 3 or 4), Derrick will not be the HOH that evicts Frankie.

        That being said, I think Derrick may subtly convince the HOH, as early as next week, to put Frankie up.

      • I am in agreement with what u saying…Hes not gonna put Frankie up He will let somebody else do it…

      • He better hope Victoria or Cody wins, then; I can’t see Donny gunning for Frankie more than Derrick. Or even Caleb (who would probably go for Donny or Christine).

      • minuialear you very well may be right about Donny’s target being Derrick.

        At this point in the game, Donny would appear to be Derrick’s biggest stumbling block. If Derrick really does want Donny to stay, like he claims in his diary room sessions, do you think it’s because of overconfidence (that he could manipulate Donny) or that Derrick is “playing” the audience?

      • Probably part playing the audience, part making Cody (who seems to want to keep Donny around) happy up until Cody no longer has to be made happy.

      • He could be playing the viewers, but at the same time, Donny is a lone soldier. Wherein he has to knock out pairs, Frankie/Caleb, Cody/Christine while keeping Victoria safe. What is his pecking order? Who is his F2? We’re on the finish line and I can see Derrick adjusting his strategy as the game progress.

      • Still rooting for a Nicole comeback. Hopefully, she is wiser this time around and does not trust anyone but, Donny. It could be her that puts both Derrick and Frankie on the block. That would be awesome!
        I want to see how each one will campaign to save themselves when they know one of them is going home! Derrick will do a better job more than likely which mean Frankie gets evicted if that were to happen.

      • I too would be interested to see them both on the block together, however I want Nicole back about as much as I want Jacosta back.

        Nicole’s focus will be, as it was the first go around, completely irrational and completely personal. I’m afraid her target would be Christine.

        We all have favorites and players we don’t like. Nicole is my least favorite house guest this season. Her two week run of HOHs was a disaster of unprecedented proportion that resulted in the evictions of three house guests playing on HER side!

  5. So, when did Zach decide to having to ask Derrick for permission to play his game?
    Even Zach has not really clued-in that Derrick is the Jedi Mind Master …
    What would blowing Cody/Christine out of the water do ? Why not take his parting Rap Speech towards Frankie? Afterall, he has been the one supposedly tormenting him …

    • I would love for Zach to call Frankie out. Frankie with his high school girl behavior is sickening. Talking to Z’s face like they are BFF’s then literally, the next second Frankie’s talking to Victoria (or whoever!) laughing about Z and talking crap. I get it’s a ‘game’ every lies… manipulates..blah blah… but Frankie knows Zach is going home and that behavior is just cruel. Frankie is a clown. I can’t stand, couldn’t from the beginning. Tried to give him a chance and just can’t! He’s a drama queen who is there to put on a show for himself and the cameras. Oh, and to drum up fans for his sister, lol.

  6. how about big brother changing things up next year by just having all older middleclass people that worked hard there whole life not just young people or some secert rich person who don’t need the money.

    • It would make for a better game, but the show would tank because most viewers are just looking for drama and eye candy. I don’t think most of the general viewers actually care about strategy/etc.

      • Just like having Survivors in Canada and/or South / North Pole during the winter months .. Ha !!!

      • There are middle class Americans that are attractive. I hate the models and wanna be actors. and all recruits in general. Although, I love the idea of recruits if I’m ever on the show. I mean look at the first half of houseguest to go.. MOstly recruits. Fans play a better game.

  7. Imagined, if Zach pulled a Zach Attach on Thursday during his eviction speech on Derrick, and exposing to all the HG’s on all his F2 agreements … Ha !!!
    That would be an epic “kodak moment” on Derrick’s face … Ha !!!

    • I hope we see some form of Zach Attack. I love his speeches this year. ( & Nicole had a good nomination speech ) Hate when house guest shout out to families during plea speeches. That’s not what its for.. but seems to have become more about that the last few seasons. I miss great speeches.

  8. While watching the last bit of BBAD this morning, my ears were hurting, with both Frankie and Cody talking to one another in their screeching alter-ego voices, seemingly like forever .. and, inbetween, with the odd Christine laugh …
    Almost, as bad, if not worse than finger nails on the chalkboard …

    • OMG! It is soooo annoying. I have really taken a turn for dislike with Frankie/Cody/Christine. They act like immature little tweens.

  9. Oh how i sure do hope Zach calls out Cody and Christine on live television Thursday. That would make my day, month, year LOL!
    Also, Is anyone else sick of Frankie’s alter-ego voices?!?! Please, please, please let his karma come back to bite him next week!

    • I guess when King Derrick advises against, it’s not going to happen. I am so tired of him running this house. What a boring season!

      • bc Derrick is that good. He’s put himself in a position to where everyone seeks his advise and approval.

      • The show has become a snooze fest – The other players go to Derrick for permission and validation – I truly hope the returning house guest this week puts Derrick on blast – Something needs to happen to spice up the show

  10. I better hear that Cody/Christine zing tonight!! Derrick telling her or Cody to go to DR and ask them not to air it…if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen! They still have their hands all over each other even after Christine was so distraught over it the other day!

    • Interesting that Derrick thinks the house guests can dictate to the DR what they can and cannot air – LMAO – Derrick might be able to control and manipulate the other players like a champ but no way he or any other player has sway over production – Seems like he might have caught a case of Oedipus Complex

      • You might be right, but there is also the possibility that he was playing Christine by appearing to be supportive.

    • I asked that yesterday and was told it has something to do with a returning player. I had never heard the term “buyback” used on BB.

      • Sounds dirty politics-like like when you hear it, the first thing that comes to mind is “kickbacks” and “under the table deals”.

  11. So were there more people last night shouting “We love you Zach” over the fence?

  12. Derrick planted the idea in Calebs small brain of a Frankie /Derrick/Caleb final 3 last nite with plans to vote out Cody. Mind u he did not offer or make a deal for a final 3 he just led Caleb to believe there could be one. Its hard to say who (if he made final 2) he would want to sit next to. We know from what he said to Caleb that its not Cody. I don’t believe its Victoria (way to easy) and I really don’t see him wanting to sit next to Frankie. Its surely not Christine which minus the returning player leaves Donny or Caleb…Just have to keep watching and se where his schemes lead.

    • I think he meant to write Zach’s name to go home, not Cody but I am tryining to get that cleared up

  13. Wonder no more Christine. America hates you. Cody didn’t even go near her until all the pretty girls were out of the house. Hardly worth making a fool of her husband in front of millions of people.

  14. Is Derrick’s F4 with Frankie? He and Cody were worried about a Caleb and Frankie F2 so they were going to vote him out next week, and why did Derrick say they were sending Cody home?

    • Well, as I see it after Thursday they have 7 + 1 still in the house. If Zach gets evicted their is Donny, Derrick. Frankie, Cody, Christine, Caleb and Victoria. Plus who ever comes back from the jury.

  15. Recorded BBAD last night and Just finished watching it. I can’t stand Frankie’s voice anymore he is so annoying. I was so hoping Cody and caleb would get into a big blow out just for some excitement they kind of started then fizzled.

  16. Derrick has played a really, really good game, however, it was just too easy for him with so many weak fruit loop dinguses in the house … just takes away from his game and I can’t really cheer for him. Wish Donny would win and Zach second and Zach most popular.

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