Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 8 Tuesday Daytime Highlights


It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 16 house mostly because Zach slept all day. But there was some interesting game talk going on that might give us a glimmer of hope that Cody isn’t playing the game completely blind. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house today.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 19, 2014:

9:45 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake up time.

9:52 AM BBT -Frankie up and back to bed. Donny is in the kitchen making cereal.

10:00 AM BBT – Caleb is up to turn in his activity tracker but then heads back to bed.

10:19 AM BBT – Cody and Donny are in the backyard talking about the game. Cody tells Donny to expect a lot of heated interactions between Zach and Victoria. He tells Donny what Victoria did to the pink hat.

10:30 AM BBT – Donny and Cody continue to talk. Donny tells Cody that Victoria is going to get carried to the end and outlast them both. Donny asks Cody if he wins HOH will he use it to help his game or waste it on Donny. Cody says he’ll use it to help his game (I think Cody is thinking Frankie over Donny). Donny is working Cody hard. He moves on to Derrick and tells Cody that Derrick has a final two with everyone, including himself.

11:00 AM BBT – Just before the talk between Cody and Donny breaks, they agree to keep each other safe next week.

11:58 AM BBT – Victoria got foil from the kitchen then goes into the bathroom and wraps the mutilated pink hat in it. She then puts it in a plastic bag and hides it in her storage bin.

1:05 PM BBT -Victoria and Christine are up getting ready. Victoria is talking about what she did to the pink hat. She says it’s like she took Zach’s identity away. She hopes Julie asks him about the hat Thursday. They talk about how mean Zach will be on Twitter.

1:37 PM BBT – Frankie gets his HOH camera.

2:26 PM BBT – Frankie and Christine are taking photos with the HOH camera. Not many others are involved at the moment.

2:34 PM BBT – Victoria continues her current Zach obsession and tells Derrick about the hat. But he already knows because “people talk in this house,” he says.

So as you can see not much has happened yet, today, but when Zach wakes up, you can expect some fun. So be sure to come back for our night time highlights. You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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  1. I wish Julie would just tell Frankie America can’t stand him LIVE. Talk about ratings. Frankie is living in his own delusional dream world. He thinks everyone just LOVES him. He should be very thankful CBS gave him a great edit for most of the show. I hope they start showing his TRUE COLORS in upcoming episodes. Also, I’m thinking Grande’ paid someone at CBS for all the mentions… CBS didn’t have to show the many times Frankie has mentioned his sister, but they made sure to include it 50x in each episode. I think Frankie believes HE is the star (not her)…that’s right! I forgot…he IS a star! A social media mogul!!!

    • If anything like that happened, CBS would get besieged by people claiming homophobia had something to do with it.

      • Probably. But then again we all tend to get bit defensive when we feel slighted (then we exaggerate the severity of it all and boom, next thing you know you got a ”whatever-a-phobe”!) Most tend to do it.

    • They always tend to give family members good edits. Remember Ellssa. She was heard on live feeds saying some not so nice things but I don’t believe they actually ever made it on air. Production couldn’t give Russell’s brother a good edit because he got himself thrown out of the game. I just wish production would stop putting family members of past contestants/ famous people in the house. They always come in with oh I’m so special because so and so is my sister/brother.

      • I agree. At least with Elissa & Russell’s brother they had some connection to BB…Frankie and his sister have no allegiance to BB. I’m just ready for Frankie to be in the jury house, lol!

      • Me too. Further, I hope Julie asks some pointed questions…not just fluff. But I doubt that will happen b/c Frankie will just fawn all over Julie & bat his eyes and ham it up for the cameras.

  2. Well, who said Donny doesn’t talk game? lol Most of the players that talk’s a little too much are gone

      • Wait till Donny has a 1 on 1 talk with Frankie and how he’ll mention Derrick in the conversation 2nite. I wanna see what Frankie does with that information and if he tells Derrick what Donnie said about him.

      • I think so too, Donny was hoping he would get Frankie to try and flip on Derrick but if he didn’t pull the trigger this week, he’ll be a sitting target come next week since he can’t compete for HOH.

  3. As I write this Zach and Donnie talking…Zach is telling Donny about the alliance of 6 soon to be 5 when he leaves…

  4. How long did it take Cody to run and tell Derrick everything that Donny was telling him earlier today?

      • I could see Donny’s face when he was talking to Zach when Zach told him that Cody and Derrick were was like he was thinking “uh-oh!” Donny is really going to be on Derrick’s hit list now.

      • Actually I think Cody has always wanted to keep Donny around as an ally (and vice-versa). The two of them have had several times now where they seem to get each other’s common interests & friendship.

    • Cody will tell Derrick everything AFTER he has a cuddling session with Christine … he can’t function without her magic touch!

    • This is the guy that’s asleep when they’re awake and awake when they’re all asleep, but everything that he told Cody was spot on. It was amazing how he laid it all out to Cody. Even how Victoria is being kept for F2. You know what? Cody is hopeless. BLIND BLIND BLIND…he deserves to be evicted…btw Donny is YODA lol

      • Good that Donny told him but would have been better that he was talking to Caleb . Donny was talking to a guy that thought somebody hit him while he was asleep so the info didn’t register…Now if it was Caleb that he had of conversed with Caleb would not have processed it immediately but would have took time to think it over.. That is what hes doing with the info Zach gave him that is why he has been so quite all day…

      • But Caleb is loyal to a fault and probably would have reported back to Derrick about it. And then would allow himself to get tossed out of the house rather than turning on his alliance, despite any reasonable explanations for doing anything else.

      • Unfortunately, you tell any Detonator member and it goes right back to Derrick and now you are on the bullseye. Nicole did the exact same thing and she of course, got called a liar and nobody would believe her! These guys are an absolute bunch of ninnies because they will never believe what you tell them about Derrick even if Derrick put them on the block himself! The only smart play now for Nicole or Hayden if they get back in is align with Donny and not tell anyone of their nominations if they happen to win HOH! Go for the big threats like Derrick and Frankie with Christine, Cody or Caleb as replacement nominees! Try to win HOH back to back and send two Detonators to the jury house for good! Until the Detonators are broken apart, any move to form alliances with them is a high risk low reward
        game play. They will just betray you when you turn your back!

      • Donny knows his days are numbered. Derrick is aware of what he’s doing. Does he wanna to take out Donny next?…. I’m not even sure now.

      • I don’t know the answer to the question , but I think that Donny is the biggest threat to Derrick’s game.

      • Yes, he is. Derrick has never been able to control Donny. Even Zach, after the Frankie blindside, then Donny and now Zach, and Caleb telling Zach that the whole house wanted them out, Zach nor Frankie got it. Zach still said, Derrick still had his back!! Poor Donny, he could not get through to Hayden, Nichol, Caleb, Frankie nor Zach. They all are controlled by Derrick. Hayden got after evicted, that’s why I want him to come back. Give Donny a chance.

      • My admiration for Donny went sky high when he basically drew a road map for Cody on everything that is going on in the house. My disgust with Cody is sky high as well when that idiot can’t even understand that there may be some truth in what Donny is saying … and at the very least he should keep that info to himself. But of course he goes in the kitchen and mutters to himself”Donny, Donny, Donny, you’ve got it all wrong.” Of course Donny got it all right. Now Cody is telling Derrick he needs to talk to him about his conversation with Donny. You freakin’ pea-brained idiot. Derrick will no doubt realize he now needs to get Donny out as quickly as possible since he is wise to his game.

  5. It would appear that Derrick needs Donny to help get Frankie and Christine out and possibly the returning HG He may say he wants Donny out to his alliance but I don’t think he actually does at this point..

    • I would like to see Derrick-Cody-Donny and whoever comes back in on Thursday against Frankie-Christine-Caleb. Victoria is out there floating around somewhere!

      • Victoria may go next cause Derrick is nervous about the Cody/Christine backlash from zingbot.. He does not want that kind of comments about him & Victoria.

      • Agree – ironically those 3 have been my picks from the beginning… I’d like to see it happen!

    • Both Derrick & Cody are smart enough to keep Donny around hoping that he’ll be the number they need to get to final 4… then they bump him (and/or Victoria) out.

  6. Honestly I think I am most disappointed with how Derrick is handling all this Zach hate in the house. He can get everybody to do what he wants every week but he can’t get them to be civil. This is first time this game where I think Derrick is starting to mess up.

    • Derrick is being civil, did you not catch the late night early morning conversation he had with Zach, They were the only ones up and Derrick was the only one on his side telling him he believed him and that he should ignore the others and be happy with what he accomplished this summer.

      • I understand Derrick is being civil. He showed great sportsmanship himself. But I am just saying by not getting Frankie and Victoria to calm themselves the game might start to get away from him.

      • Not at all. In fact what Derrick is doing is perfect. He wants to be the nice guy sending people off to the jury house. Let everyone else be the jerk. Brilliant moves (once again) by Derrick!

    • He’s making sure Zach remembers that everyone else wasn’t civil, yet he still was. He wants to make sure he has Zach’s vote over anyone else

  7. Cody has turned out to be dumb as a box of rocks. I know I make fun of Caleb for being a little dumb, but Cody is right there with him.

    What Donny said to Cody about see where you are in the alliance given that Frankie saved Caleb, should have made him think but nope Cody will not use his brain unless Derrick tells him to.

  8. Does anybody know if cranky fakie is still shadowing zach around I don’t have live feeds

    • Nope not tonite…its Derricks turn to watch Zach…but hes tooo late cause Zach done spilled his guts in a nice talk with Donny..

  9. Has anybody else noticed that unless you were into Frankie’s sisters kind of music you had never heard of her and now that fakie is on big brother you hear about Arianna everywhere and now she is performing at the mva’s or maybe it is just me maybe I am getting old

  10. PleaZzz don’t Evict Zach!! Or it will be A
    Frankie 24/7 show! Him and Christine
    Think they are hillarious! Both so

  11. CrazedCaleb just said “I’m not the brightest bulb in the electrical box” No Beast Mode Cowgirl you aren’t.

    • Taking a break from feeds so don’t know. Would I be surprised absolutely not. It was the Frankie show – all 4 cameras in HOH

  12. Don’t understand the Cody/Christine thing?!?!
    Like what? He’s very attractive and well she’s you know not.
    Plus married…… Just bad character on both their parts.
    Frankie is an attention whore, so fake.
    Caleb dumber than a box of hair, lol his hair.
    Victoria is irrelevant. Derrick has got everyone fooled which is no fun to watch.
    Zach, just immature……talk zach talk.
    Donny, only like able one …. And no one gives him time of the day which is sad. I know big brother tries get diverse houseguest but come on! The age diversity is not there!!!! Why can’t have an older gay, or older jock, older weirdo, older slut, just mix up the ages!!!! Be far more interesting and honestly more intelligent moves.

    • Donny has Derrick figured out and if Derrick doesn’t get him out soon he is going to be in trouble.

      • I wish Donny would blow Derrick out of the water. (I like Derrick’s game though). Donny has been ‘on to’ Derrick for a while, he should have been spreading those seeds around!! Donny’s only chance is to flip the house & get them to realize that Derrick has been undercover calling the shots since Devin got evicted.

    • My opinion of the whole Cody/Christine situation is Cody found someone who was willing to flirt back/give that flirty attention. Nicole had hayden, britt wasn’t an option b/c she had kids, pow pow out too early, amber was, um… ‘with’ Caleb…Cody had to find someone to give him attention (he’s a young guy & might be used to female attention). Christine will look like the ultimate fool come the end. She is married & putting her relationship on the line with all the touchy feely nonsense. Oh I forgot Victoria, lol! Well, b/c she’s useless – I guess Cody figured that out too ;) They can talk/flirt all they want – but touching each other constantly like that IS crossing a line…it’s called boundaries. I don’t know if Cody realizes the disrespect b/c he is young and it’s probably all in ‘good fun’ but Christine just has to be well aware that it’s not appropriate.

  13. CBS should kick Frankie off the show for sexually harassing and groping the male contestants.

  14. Watching BBAD and caleb Frankie and Derrick are so conceited they are already planning next week maybe they should wait till they see who is hoh and little do they know BotB is over

  15. O.K I agree Victoria is not the brightest crayon in the box, but about the hat, Well Zack took it being obnoxious and after the guy has worn it sweated in it and any number of things a guy will do to their stuff or theproperty of someone they are not fond of would you want the hat back or would you sarcastically tell the jerk to keep it? As also stated she got DR permission first so I think that says Zack took the hat and Victoria being Victoria went off on her property. I have the feeling she will use it as confetti for Zack leaving the house.

    • Victoria is such a child, i can’t believe that her parents let her cross the street by herself

  16. I know ppl are talking all about Cody and Christine. Since then (mostly zingbot) I have noticed the Derrick and Victoria thing has cooled down. You don’t see them interacting like they used to maybe they noticed how bad C and C look. But I do notice Victoria wearing Derricks pants (not 100% sure they are his but look like it seeing that they are ten sizes to big for her). So to the last person who commented about Zach wearing her hat and it being so gross she wouldn’t want to wear it funny to see her wearing a different married mans pants.

  17. During BBAD this morning (err, last night, whatever) while Zach was sleeping, I think Frankie was starting to hit on Caleb and is now his BoyToy … Frankie literally put his head/face on Caleb’s crotch and hands between his legs, while Caleb was smiling and caressing Frankies head … think, I guess Caleb was starting to get a “boner” before asking the guys to throw him a pillow for Frankie to rest his head on over his crotch ..
    Nothing wrong with that, if you are into that .. but, it seems that Frankie has hit and “copped a feel” on more guys in the House than all the girls together (other than Christine) this Season … Ha !!! :)
    And, Frankie is definitely using his Sister as a carrot with Caleb, apparently … As Frankie had also commented about changing his mind about introducing his Sister to Caleb and Cody .. and, the look and expression on Caleb’s face was “shocked” then he asked why … etc … At least Frankie may a bit of morality, in keeping his Sister away from the Beast Mode Cowboy .. Ha !!!

    So, yeah, perhaps, likely why Caleb has become Frankies new BFF since the Cowboys road trip last week ????

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